Saturday, March 7, 2015

5.03.02 Chronological Observations and Notes: Notebook 4 (continued): Backwards & Forwards from 7th March 2015

March 7, 2015
This is a continuation of Notebook 4. I am working backwards from todays date (March 7, 2015) so that the notes are mostly verbatim of my original. I have been adding notes infrequently to a fraudulently SKNF forged with SKNF insertions Notebook-4.

It is probable that the SKNF will make fraudulent changes to this report and to the originating Notebook-4. I am unable to prevent this however the secret service does maintain a record of my original notes anyway. They have this from the original notebook(s) as well as electronically derived records from the pervasive swarming microbots included in page and in the ink as well as elsewhere.

-Everything that is noted about the SKNF is also reflected and performed in other countries by the SKNF of those countries and not only the SKNF in the USA in the USA.
-Summarized is the state of affairs. Telepathic broadcast ensures that this has reached everyone on the planet. President Obama has also agreed that this is the current state of affairs.
1.Security services and Government are heavily infected with the SKNF contaminant. This has proven by disobedience to lords and the President's orders as well as SKNF attacks.
2.Family has command and control of advanced technologies and weapons and have valid, legitimate and rightful reasons to defend themselves. They have to be responsible for themselves and their family - a fundamental.
3.SKNF are also found in advanced technology. This is seen by the continual leaking of technology secrets at the highest levels of security.
4.The United Nations is corrupted and controlled by the SKNF.
5.Lords and Family were attacked and have been continuously attacked by the SKNF with the objective of holding them hostage and committing atrocity on them.
6.Perth continues to suffer without good cause.
7.There is no reason for the delay in resolving the SKNF threat unless the SKNF are the cause of the delay.
8.Reason why I am being held hostage is that the heavy SKNF contamination of the security services and Government is holding me hostage.
9.SKNF is trying to cause global atrocities and chaos etc etc
10.President Obama, the lords and the Executive of other countries provided Government and the security services very complete, comprehensive, clear and precise instructions. These instructions were written by very competent and capable people and it covered all possible scenarios regarding the SKNF threat.
11.The SKNF have attempted on many occasions to cause a nuclear holocaust and destroy the lord's foundations. They have also attempted to create a global catastrophe using other advanced weapons.
-There are 2 possible scenarios
Scenario-1: Family is organizing to respond to the SKNF threat. I believe that this is the likely scenario however the fact that Perth is not being saved undermines this belief. It costs nothing and does not take long considering the capabilities of the advanced weapons. I cannot explain the delay. Same goes for my being held hostage. I cannot use my telepathy to find out the truth, neither do I know how big wheels really work. My basis for this assumption is that it is in Family's best interest.
Scenario-2: All or part of Family are also SKNF and this is a elaborate scheme to make it appear that there is a good side and bad side. The bad side are given every opportunity to create an offensive weaponry and devastate Earth. This the must do as they are already dead. The good side then comes to the rescue, hides the truth and everyone is fooled into thinking that Family are good. This is a possible scenario that explains the tolerance for the horrors in Perth, the unnecessary delay and my being held hostage. I think this scenario is improbable as it is 100% detrimental to Family and it is unlikely that Family are unaware of this fact and are actually crazy.
-Like getting difficult again. The SKNF pressuring me with threats of incarceration, being put outside without cover, violence etc. I am glad that we are finally at the end of this war though. I have continued to tell everyone to verify what I say telepathically and to use their wits when verifying information as the SKNF will likely try to fool them. They will know the true scenario before I will.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-I have been judging the veracity of the information given to me by observing external events and not by using telepathy, this method being blocked by the SKNF. I truly believe to be true that Family have control over advanced weapons, can save Perth and are highest command. I believe that Family have reason and motive to defend themselves from the SKNF threat and I believe that they are not the SKNF. I believe that they are the only ones with the capacity to save Perth. I know that they should not be giving the SKNF enemy any more time. I estimate that even if they defeat the SKNF now, they have a workload that will take a minimum of 60 years to ensure that this threat does not recur again. In others words, all that has been said needs to be done, needs to be done with Family empowering and leading this evolvement and it will take a minimum of 60 years before one can be sure that we are even slightly safer from global extinction.
-The SKNF using me as their conduit and excuse in revealing what is going on and as a spur to the other SKNF to begin chaos told us that Family and only Family was to take command and control of advanced weapons. I believe that this was real and not SKNF subterfuge and have seen other confirming incidents and events. Also every means of forcing the SKNF to reveal itself has been used. The SKNF are now wiser and hide themselves better. Therefore there is no gain in further delay. The SKNF's telepathic capability can be decreased substantially which also means that there is no reason to delay and allow the SKNF to increase its numbers. Furthermore Family by necessity must save Perth. Their legacy, welfare, wealth etc depends on them being sane.
My observation that there is no reason for Perth to suffer the horrors it is suffering tells me that it is possible, if not probable, that there is insanity in Family. At the very least those in Family who are in control of advanced technologies are being bloody minded. This would almost ensure that we will fail as a species and see global extinction. This is because Family are allowing their very foundations to suffer horror, the very foundations that give them their strength, their own family members. This is similar to the nutcakes in the FoM. If this is true then Family has already murdered Family members eg Diana Princess of Wales, The Royal Family of Nepal, Fijian Family members in Perth etc. Family would be lying if they denied this truth.
President Obama and everyone agreed that we must do everything into perpetuity, formally and informally to prevent another SKNF threat. Yet no one is saving Perth. Family instead are telling us that their intent is contrary to their words, that their intent is to go down that path that leads them to annihilation via atrocity. Furthermore the SKNF are being given all the time in the world to create a sufficient offensive capability and perpetrate their insanity.
I am unwilling at this point to give up on my belief that WW3 will see a rational and logical outcome, that Family will do what is right. However I cannot say I am being rational. All I can say is that I am unable to see the reason for this state of affairs. It is ironic that the SKNF have begun to play the act of protecting Family's honor as I write this. The SKNF broadcasts my notes and say that what I write are not my private thoughts but is for public information and is supported by the security services etc. They also imply that the SKNF are doing everything on behalf of Family, for the good of Family, that their insanity is actually beneficial to Family and that Family also shares the same personalities and characteristics of the SKNF. Psyops now implying that only the effeminate, the non-man would not act like the SKNF, another nonsensical behavioral masks that poses as sanity for the SKNF.
If Family does not chose the rational and logical path, that of destroying the SKNF threat then all is lost and we will see global extinction. If they are SKNF then they are mad and we are already dead. May the planet survive and even this I think will not be. The bullshit play that is going on is trying to say that the lords are in endless discussion on what to do about the SKNF threat. In reality I think that the lords are rational and logical people and will have no tolerance for the interminable bullshit. There is no reason why they would suddenly develop an infinite level of tolerance now. Those whose telepathy are not being confused by the SKNF will know the truth already. Even if the whole world were against Family and the lords from doing what is rational and logical, they still must stamp their authority on things and follow through with the rational and logical. On top of that the world is actually with them.
If the lords and Family are shown to be irrational and false as well as insane and worse to be part of the SKNF then the SKNF rationale that their crimes are justified, their attacks on the lords and family, their crimes against humanity, waging war etc then become reasonable as the world is insane as well. This means that the Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick that they will use to absolve themselves gets the strongest possible foundations. Go figure again!
-FoM anal retention: FoM has a habit of holding back from defecating for long periods of time. They seem to enjoy this full feeling at the rectum and also use this as a tool to attack people they don't like. Go figure.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

Kevorkian was a man and doctor that advocated and practiced euthanasia and even provided his patients a painless method of suicide. I believe he was imprisoned and executed.
-President Obama and other of the lord's representatives say that Family's security response is ready and has been ready for some time.
-Lords and Family seem to be listening to the interminable SKNF bullshit as if it is credible.
-The horrors in Perth continues will Perth suffers.
-Appears that my note on the 25/10/2014 is entirely correct and that we probably have a greater then 80% chance of global extinction and possibly even 100% chance if Family are totally insane. I have telepathically broadcasted this state of affairs to the world at 8am San Francisco time.
-More irony: The SKNF are on their best behavior and are acting as if their criminal action were performed under orders and lords and Family's work. Not only that, the SKNF are now apparently protecting Family and lord's sensibilities from criticism.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-The predicted and logical outcome of that indicated by the lords and Family, the sudden tolerance for the interminable bullshit which is being shoveled as excuse for and discussion about WW3 has begun to be seen in reality. The SKNF have begun to attack using the formal security machine ie the Police, the military, secret service etc under cover of supposed suppression of the SKNF by the advanced technology and weapons defensive system. Rule of law is a figment only. The SKNF have begun to shift the balance of power towards the roughest-toughest (most fearsome wannabes) and most psychotic elements in the SKNF. They are muscling their less muscular members and taking wealth and assets from them. This will also affect the non-SKNF as the SKNF will be allowed to arrest, detain, kill and torture us in secret. I have mentioned this and broadcasted it globally and will again do the same later. NZ & Australia need to be made aware of this situation especially. [SKNF fraudulent insertion not included here.].
-Everyone has agreed that there is no reason for why Perth is suffering. I cannot help but wonder if the worse case scenario is the reason ie The worse case scenario being that Family are also involved in the SKNF conspiracy. [SKNF fraudulent insertion not included here.]. It may be that part of Family are insane. The reason for this could be
1.To create a story of there being a villain (the SKNF) and a hero (Family)
2.Allow SKNF sufficient time to create an offensive capability to devastate Earth but insufficient to devastate Family.
3.Depopulate Earth
4.Get increase in wealth through gaining of properties on Earth and in Solar System
5.Destroy their enemies in entirety or to some greater part if only to maintain a counterpoint to themselves.
6.Get the secondary gain of having the remaining populace be unaware of their telepathy and hence human robots.
7.Shift center to Australia mainly because its an island and islands are easier to control.
-It appears that the possibility of this worse case scenario was unknown to most of the SKNF. They have suddenly started to behave themselves and pretend to be loyal to the lords as the realization of the truth of this worse case scenario sinks in. They act the lord's white knight, their loyal defenders, doing their best to do the lord's work, shaking their heads agreeably to anything positive about the lord and vehemently in disagreement to anything that could be perceived as negative against the lords, defenders of the lord's name and reputation. The SKNF are also multifariously seeking to influence the lords and herd them away from the logic against undermining the lord's foundations in support of the SKNF's plan. This even though the lords will like fall and in the worse and most evil way and their end bring about planetary extinction. It is like that this Family who are in support of the SKNF have also experienced and developed the same mentality as the SKNF the developmental processes as the SKNF. The horrors of Perth being evidence of this. If Family does not recognize and adhere to their fundamentals then all is lost. We continue to await Family's answer.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-The importance of getting the fundamentals right before anything else is as clear as Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania's National Park. One of these fundamentals is that you must love your family. For over 3 months now, every morning but with a short period of inactivity, the FoM have been flinging their head to make my move in the same way sympathetically. I have been responding by reversing this back onto themselves and their family. The period of inactivity occurred because the nutcakes in the FoM felt that their parents and relatives had not only paid them sufficient attention but had also shown them sympathy for the fact that one of them had strained his neck. However this inactivity ended when another of the nutcakes felt that this sympathy was a manipulation by their parents to have them stop flinging their necks around the outcome being that the FoM then started doing their neck flinging attack again in earnest. It appears now that no amount of sympathy, cajoling etc can change the FoM's behavior. The FoM's thinking is that their parents should blame me and any reaction otherwise is their relatives and parents blaming the FoM. One of the FoM's father had asked his idiot son to stop only to have the head flinging become worse and even more offensive behavior. The FoM nuttiness has multiplied in the last few days as the SKNF have begun implementing their plan to use the formal security infrastructure (Police, Military etc) to hold hostages and commit atrocity and have taken the opportunity to force their world view on their parents. They are now using these self-attacks to anger their parents and relatives especially their fathers so that they spur them to violence and in particular attack my family. My observation is that the FoM see themselves as master puppeteers and manipulators and even their family and mere subjects to their greatness. I bet anyone that the FoM kill or attempt to kill their parents and relatives for their money when the context is right.
-Methods of control that we see today: A duality or more of opposing views. The media propaganda machine supports this subterfuge. Republicans vs Democrats, Shiites vs Sunni's, Muslims vs Christians, Labor vs National etc etc. This then provides the levers that are used to manipulate the wealthy and the social order and everybody else. If one part does not concur then the other part is used. An example is the psyops. The providers and patron of the computer services will have at least two opposing teams within here, if one does not do what the patron wants then the other will do it for a gain over its competitor. Even the lords, the proprietors, Family become puppets. The large pyramidal shape of the power structure only appears to rest on a large stable base when actually it rests on failure. [This is especially true when we realize that most of these power bases are actually parasitic to the rightful owners and authority - March 19, 2015.]. The successes in society have been social, from Singapore to Buddhist, to Christianity etc from top to bottom [I think I was saying that we need to arrive at a symbiotic form of organization. That we must be symbiotic to the lords and not be a bunch of parasites as the SKNF have proven to be.].
-The 4 noble truths: Change the word desire to need and one immediately sees the simplicity and truth of what it actually means. Siddhartha solved the reason why his society was chaotic and warring. There was poverty and suffering. Fulfill the needs and the suffering ends.
-My view is that this current method of control by dual or more means is ineffective and undermines the lords. We need something that prevents evil like the SKNF. Something that prevents undermining by secret collusion and rewards, that corrupts the lord's assets and wealth. Something that gives the wealthy their wealth but also removes the sources and incentives of things that make them fail. We must do all things that prevent the rise of another SKNF.
-Family's response will tell us whether they support their fundamentals. Siddhartha, Jesus, Mohammed were actually members of Family and whose teachings made Family greater. The welfare state and things like Roosevelt's New Deal are all Family's. This social attitude of their ancestors tells me that Family are aware of the suffering in Perth and are not immune to it. That they know there is no reason for Perth to suffer. That they must agree that there is no reason why I am being held hostage. Are we still in some game of dualities or more or do they want to have eternal prosperity, longevity, happiness etc.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-I saw a picture of someone in a space suit, a very different suit in appearance compared to ones used on the Moon, much lighter in appearance, standing in the doorway of a space craft that had landed on Mars. May have actually been where an earlier drone had landed. It is true that Mars looks red-orange.
-It appears that everything is recorded in material and space around us, probably infinitely replicated. Evidence: One of the nutcakes in the FoM smeared fecal matter, semen, urine and various other nasties into some of his colleagues coffee cups at the Auckland region psyops department workplace. All these cups were selected for their appearance and likelihood that they belonged to their female colleagues. This nutcake did not know who the cup belonged to. The victims of this attack could discover whose cup had been soiled by telepathy even though this is akin to a double blind test. [The nutcake from the FoM had done this because his colleagues had thought it unusual that the FoM spend a lot of time fiddling with their genitalia and other naughty parts]
-FoM will be trying to disable their psyops and Police officer colleagues by gastro-intestinal pathogen. Many possible attack scenarios but the likely one appears to be the upcoming annual Xmas party. The FoM will be working with other colluding members of the SKNF including SKNF-Military. The intention is to fill these sick workers places with their own people and then not let the recovered workers back into the computer room and probably try to kill these workers anyway. Another of the FoM's seemingly endless attempts at killing their colleagues. FoM will take antibiotics beforehand.
-One of the FoM has been testing this gastro-intestinal attack by taking antibiotics and ingesting a large dose of the pathogen. Someone made him defecate his pants yesterday during one of his anal retentive farting exercises [Makes me surmise that it was Farty doing the testing. Farty is especially anal retentive this due to poor parenting]. This test is so that the FoM can go to the Xmas party, consume the same infected food but not get sick. The FoM's colleagues are a bit worried that the FoM will attack them with fire-arms that is how insane the FoM are. What is happening in the Auckland region's psyops department is extremely odd.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-FoM have been discovered trying to poison their colleagues. Poisoning could be in the form of gastro-intestinal tract pathogens to radioactive dust eg Uranium yellowcake. They are likely to do this during the upcoming annual Xmas party. It is also the start of the holiday season and the administration/ancillary staff begin their holidays.
The HoD of the Auckland region psyops have written out retrenchment letters for the psyops staff and colleagues of the FoM. It is likely that the SKNF-NZ-Military will be used as muscle to keep these staff away from work even if they turn up to work regardless of retrenchment. These FoM colleagues will also not have recourse to challenge the retrenchment as the administration and ancillary staff such as human resources will be on leave and hence these colleagues will have to wait a few months before returning to work. This means that the FoM's colleagues and the people they protect will not have "eyes" and will likely be murdered via atrocity. It appears that the FoM had blind their colleagues with the help of other psyops both foreign and local. Similar incidents have occurred globally.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-FoM's impending attack on their colleagues leaves colleagues questioning what response is required. I suggest that they put FoM under arrest with armed guards and constant surveillance. The breakdown of order in society is starting to accelerate.
-Perth's suffering is because Family are unwilling to do the right thing and save Perth. This indicates that the situation is the best of the worse case scenario ie part of Family are insane and is preventing Family from doing the right thing. The likely reasons that this insanity bases its actions on are
1.Land and other wealth grab and trying to take property and other assets and wealth on Earth and in Solar System.
2.Creating a good-bad guy cover story to a.cover tracks b.Rid self of enemy c.Control of Earth by having shocked and displaced people who will then be made unaware of telepathy and hence human robots.
3.Depopulating the world.
4.Undermining the strength of other parts of Family.
5.Allowing their enemies to developed a sufficient offensive capability that cannot win but can create massive devastation.
The outcome of this insanity is global extinction.
SKNF-Lieutenants02 and lower ranks rushing to prove and show loyalty for NUT-1 as well as create subterfuge that their actions were due to orders by NUT-1, and hence put all the blame on NUT-1.
-Family is the only ones with the means and the reasons to save Earth and hence are responsible for saving Earth and also for saving Perth.
-Lesson of the Nutcake: An outcome of not adhering to the fundamentals of achieving prosperity, longevity, happiness etc is failure. The lesson is playing out in the microcosm of the psyops department and security services of the Auckland-Manukau-North Shore etc region.
-If there is a NUT-1 as there appears to be at present then a number of legal moral issues arise eg 1.If Family is attacking lords then the lords are allowed to defend themselves, Family having many members in lords, the SKNF also having many lords as well, and hence the SKNF are allowed to attack Family. This means that the SKNF are right in being allowed to wage war against Family since Family are protecting those members of Family that are first at waging war. Family's only right path is to do the right thing ie take a firm grip on the situation, remove their insane members from those positions and replace them with sane members of Family, straighten out the world and put their weight behind straightening out the world, extinguish the SKNF threat entirely, adhere to their fundamentals etc.
-Global order appears to be breaking down. I expect to observe increasing levels of terror, evil and chaos.
-Family's guilt of inaction and possibly culpability in creating WW3 is indicated by its sudden tolerance for the lies and bullshit coming from the UN, their security and other staff, their tolerance for terror and atrocity eg what is going on in Perth and their tolerance for the SKNF. The sane members of Family must take over. If they are unable to then we are lost. If they are able to but unwilling then it would seem that all of Family are insane. The question is whether the sane part of Family have sufficient resources, in number and in whatever else, to take control and win this situation. The SKNF will not get a thing from any of us, whether Family, lord or otherwise. To give them anything is to harm ourselves and make the problem worse.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-It appears that it is the best of the worse case scenario. Part of Family are insane and the sane part of Family are trying to prevent the insane part of Family from destroying themselves and causing global extinction. Probability of global extinction at > 90%.
-We, Family inclusive, have reminded Family of the importance of adhering to their fundamentals. I have pointed out the lessons learnt from the FoM and the nutcakes that make up their families especially the lessons in the Lesson of the Nutcake.
-It was pointed out to NUT-1 that their lieutenants are trying to kill them.
-It was pointed out to the lords that they and Family have been manipulated and influenced by the lieutenants to the lord's and Family's detriment, these manipulations making the lords and Family susceptible to things that are counter to the lord's and Family's best interest.
-It was pointed out that like the FoM, NUT-1 is insane and measures their successes and themselves by irrational measures, somewhat like how the FoM actions are determined by how bruised their egos are. That it is necessary for the sane part of Family to act as the insane will never make a sane decision nor do the right things.
-It was pointed out that it has been proven that NUT-1's lieutenants will attack them and cause them to suffer atrocity before being murdered and also as a result cause a global extinction event. This proven by the SKNF's behavior, the UN's behavior, telepathy and other evidence not mentioned publically. The SKNF contaminant in the UN even proved it this afternoon by making argument on whether Family are allowed to adhere to their fundamentals, on legislating Family's wealth and the enjoyment of the privileges of that wealth. The UN then pretended that this was actually a ruse to divert attention away from NUT-1's insanity and that the UN were being loyal to NUT-1, however the truth was that the SKNF and UN's intention is to destroy Family and have been testing every possible way to bring that about.
-It is likely that NUT-1 also experienced poor parental guidance and psychological development similar to that of the nutcakes in the FoM. It would explain the development of their psychosis and insanity, their lack of insight regarding the consequences of their actions and behavior.
-I wonder if what we are seeing today is the belated price of the genocides of the Americas, NZ and Australia, the old insanity passed down the information chain, all immortal and mad.
-In summary: There is insanity in Family. Family must overcome this and adhere to their fundamentals, the most important of which is that "You must love your family".

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-Lesson of the Nutcake and the importance of adhering to the fundamentals of happy living:
Psychosis in NUT-1: NUT-1 continues along its path of self destruction even when told and shown by telepathic and other means that NUT-1 is being threatened by their own closest lieutenants, that the counterplan will be used by these SKNF-Lieutenants01 to destroy Family and NUT-1 and then take their place.
NUT-1 argues that Family will lose the wealth of the Solar System and Earth if required to share with the rest of Family. This is irrational. 1.NUT-1 is about to lose everything 2.Technology today probably allows us to create material out of space ie we have too much material already 3.They already own the Solar System and everything else.
The specific problems caused by unconstrained behavior can be seen here. I do not say that is specific to the wealthy but the wealthy have a propensity to suffer it. This can be made worse if you combine drug addiction especially to aggression enhancing drugs with psychopathically aggressive, macho etc upbringings. If the person does not self judge, does not introspect, focusses on the negative, is unable to grow their psychological state via self judgment etc.
It is obvious that the Nut-Lords and Family's SKNF lieutenants have been manipulating them for some time, many of them manipulated to head down this path of psychotically negative, aggressive, insane behavior. They do this by unconstrained manipulating them into exploiting their positions, filling them with all forms of fantasies, narcotics and then surrounding them with psychotic macho-ness so that this appears to be the way a "man" is meant to behave etc etc, however all this being a systematic strategy of control and manipulation. These mental structures become ingrained as the child forms into the adult and can become hardened if not provided proper parental guidance, behavioral examples and care. The SKNF systematically do this even using their own children as tools to manipulate the lords.
There is also a propensity for unhappy marital households in the nuttery, this can also be used as a manipulation tool by the SKNF. The female of these macho households can be treated as nothing more than a maid and in the SKNF, if they are estranged, can even be targets for a serial killing (see Frankie-the-Fruit and the FoM for instance).
I suggest that Family's and the lords educational resources, both at home and at school, be used to bring instill sanity. Things like humility, introspection, self-development, mindfulness, conscious living, good parenting etc etc. This would prevent them from being manipulated by their enemies and entities like the SKNF.
-Bodily waste must be used for fertilizer and can be financially structured in such a way as to provide for the welfare system. Do not just toss it into the sea and destroy the environment. Close the biological loop.
-I observed NUT-1 colluding with the SKNF directly between 12pm-1pm today. This even though the SKNF are trying to hold them hostage and commit atrocity on them. They were colluding in a subterfuge in support of a Hero-Villain-Attack-Strategy. Part of the SKNF will play villain and attack strategic security entities and hence from them take a region hostage and commit atrocity on that region. The other part of the SKNF will then come to the rescue in a pretense of being the Hero, good guy, make pretense of killing off the villain while probably integrating them and hiding them, thus taking over these strategic points, killing of the good people there are in it and taking over. An example of this is the upcoming Xmas party escapade where the nutcakes in the FoM will attempt to do this.
-FoM-Younger have agreed to play villain in this Hero-Villain-Attack-Strategy and make loud and pronounced noises and actions signaling the same.
-SKNF-UN is saying that WW3 is due to a Family fued.
-NUT-1 is threatening to kill itself and Family if it is not allowed to follow through with their global domination scheme even though the results of this scheme is that Family and NUT-1 will be murdered by atrocity anyway and the world will suffer an extinction event. I am reminded of how the nutters in the FoM bully their family members into accepting their point of view only even though this view point is insane. The rest of the SKNF are strongly encouraging NUT-1. This reminds me of Marty Feldman's "Blazing Saddles" where the African American sheriff holds himself hostage and threatens to shoot himself if they don't let him go and rabble becomes confused and allows him to escape. In reality people are not confused by this. Hence explaining the SKNF's encouragement. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever escape this parody of the Twilight Zone.
-Rest of SKNF suddenly acting subservient to NUT-1 as opposed to trying to kill them etc as the truth of WW3 and the SKNF conspiracy becomes clear.
-Meanwhile I am surrounding by SKNF serial killing pervert vermin with weapons whose intent is to kill me, especially with poisoned pin.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-I think the term YWHW refers to Pharoah ie HW sounds like Hor which could be part of the word Horus which appears to be a base for the word Pharoah. I also note that the anglicized P sound tends to indicate Pharoah.
-It appears to be a fundamental that evil begats evil as I found this to be 100% true in all cases. Looks like the evil from our past, the mass genocides in Australia, NZ, the Americas on the advent of the rifled bullet and weapon has come back to haunt us. We must evolve pass this insanity as a species if we are not to go extinct.
-Lesson of the Nutcake: The FoM are already planning to abuse their new found but likely short tenure as senior in the restructured Auckland region psyops. They have begun to think about actualizing their sexual fantasies on the female staff of this psyops department after the Intelligentsia department there has been restructured and of course after they have killed off their enemies. The SKNF have put into motion a plan whereas the security forces (the Police where the FoM are concerned) are to be restructured on semi-privatized designs. Only the top most group will be in Government, having all the electronic and other privileges rights of Government, all others will fall into a private entity with no chance of ever going higher in the hierarchy or obtaining this level of electronic control and authority. The model the SKNF have been playing about with is akin to the State Owned Enterprise model. In this case only the FoM would have the highest and Government levels of authority, and be owners of the privatized entities, all others, SKNF and non-SKNF alike would be second class citizens.
-NUT-1 is a global entity and has Family members from many if not all countries. However it is a very small minority in Family.
-It appears that the security services have purposely been applying a duality model of control eg good-bad, soft-hard, FoM-Others, etc etc. This model is a failure and has caused harm to everybody including Family. It has not had the opportunity to show how harmful it has been until now.
-The outcomes of evil is predictable but the journey in which it takes to those outcomes appear to be unpredictable. The journey appears to travel along unpredictable ways, its vectors and those making the journey blind to this, their actions and the symptoms of their insanity.
-The importance of these so called trivial and unimportant fundamentals eg Family must love family, Lesson of the Nutcake etc has real foundations.
-It appears that the SKNF have a new scheme to take over a region. This being where the SKNF will play both Hero and Villain, the villain attacking a region via its critical services, then holding that region hostage making it suffer atrocity and then the other Hero acting part of the SKNF will come to the rescue, rescuing the very decimated and taking over that region by replacing the dead with SKNF. [See Hero-Villain-Attack-Strategy.]. FoM-Younger will be using this opportunity as a power grab to the exclusion of FoM-Older. I was threatened by the SKNF after revealing this indicating that this scheme is global. It appears that FoM-Older and possibly others are to act the villain and FoM-Younger the Hero for the Auckland region's psyops department. I keep being reminded how fortunate we are that the FoM's craziness suck the SKNF fleet.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-The Bible is the same as the Bhagavad Gita it being used to teach reading, writing, history and morality in the past. There are other historical documents to which only the lords have access.
-Double dealing and snake pit of Auckland-Manukau etc region. FoM-Younger plan to double cross FoM-Older including the Head of Department for the Auckland region's psyops. FoM-Older have planned against this and will have FoM-Younger take the hit and FoM-Older come out ascendant. As usual the FoM-Younger plans will backfire. This came about during the order by the SKNF and NUT-1 to begin the Hero-Villain attack strategy. This strategy is similar to NUT-1's and SKNF-Lieutenants01's counterplan against the Nut-Lord's and SKNF-Lieutenants02's SKNF's plan. However the Hero-Villain attack strategy is directed only at key structures like the Auckland region's psyops department and is a very modified version of the counterplan. The Hero-Villain attack strategy was to have part of the SKNF act the position of villain and attack, the objective being to control and take a region hostage and subject it to atrocity. Then the other part of the SKNF would come to the rescue and play the hero saving that region and hence taking over that region. This would then lead that region to being held hostage again as well as suffering atrocity but this time secretly. The SKNF would then be in control of that region as well as being able to hide its crimes. With respect to the Auckland region this initially meant that the HoD and whoever is with the HoD be the villain in an attack against Auckland region's psyops. FoM-Younger would then heroically come to the rescue and take over Auckland region's psyops. The HoD and his group then turned this on its head and had FoM-Younger be the villain and the HoD and his group the heroes. The villain and the heroes would both be supported by SKNF-NZ-Military as well as foreign and local SKNF. The outcome of this was that FoM-Younger then refused to follow through with their side of the bargain saying that their time of action (being the planned attack at the Xmas party when all the staff would be there and suffer gastro-intestinal pathogen attacks or gas attack or poison attacks etc) had not yet eventuated.
SKNF-NZ-Military then told them to shut up this bruising the FoM's psychotic egos which almost led to a similar situation as the First Avalanche of Disrespect. First Avalanche of Disrespect was a period of disrespect being tossed between the FoM and SKNF-NZ-Military that started out as the smallest pebble of disrespect which then cascaded in and avalanche of it between these two sides. FoM-Younger then managed to get the last word in thus appeasing their psychotic ego needs.
It is likely that this overt double-crossing will continue to occur until the security services settle into some form of order. A reminder again about the Lesson of the Nutcake.
-NUT-1 also appears to be suffering from FoM like insanity. Their ego will prevent them from accepting that they have made a mistake and are about to destroy themselves and their power-base ie the own Family. Likely cause is probably the same as the FoM's ie over-arching need to be seen as the roughest-toughest etc etc. Result is that Family/Lords are the only ones that can save us and defuse NUT-1's threat that if they are not allowed to go through with the counterplan then NUT-1 will commit suicide and destroy Family and cause global extinction by handing the SKNF the Family' level of electronic controls over advanced technologies and weapons. In both cases killing Family and causing global extinction. Signs are good that Family/Lords can deal with this situation successfully.
The SKNF are putting their full weight behind NUT-1 and encouraging them openly to take this suicidal option. The SKNF are also encouraging NUT-1 to relinquish and support the legislating of Family's assets and wealth and thus handing it over to the SKNF.
-SKNF-NZ-Military are telling the females in the Auckland region's psyops that they will be raped when the psyops department is taken over by the SKNF.
-Lesson of the Nutcake: You bring evil if you subscribe to evil.
-SKNF are working hard on NUT-1 to have them give them NUT-1 level control over advanced technologies and weapons. NUT-1 has already written programs to have this happen and this program simply needs to be activated. Talk about nuts!
-I believe Family allowed us a peak through the veil so that this lesson, the Lesson of the Nutcake can be remembered by all including themselves. Good on them!
-SKNF wants to blame WW3 on Family using NUT-1's actions as cause. Actually the whole SKNF's plan and counterplan is a single plan and the sum total of the SKNF conspiracy. It appears that NUT-1 was not aware of their impending fall to the lieutenants, SKNF-Lieutenants01. It is probable that NUT-1 has been manipulated and manipulated over generations and are also insane. They were always protected by the rest of Family and hence could not suffer being held hostage easily, this explaining why they have not been held hostage and made to suffer atrocity by their treacherous lieutenants.
-The SKNF want to blame all their crimes on NUT-1 saying that NUT-1 ordered them to commit these crimes. As an example, the SKNF are blaming NUT-1 for the world becoming aware that the lords may have stage-2 disruptors ie technologies that uses the science of telekinesis saying that NUT-1 had ordered them to let this information leak. This leak was in the form of someone using some kind of technology to pop some bubbles in a urinal and then have it telepathically transmitted to me that this was done using these stage-2 disruptor technologies. The SKNF then also used this to support their lie that I have been spying on the lords.
Actually what happened is that the SKNF in advanced technologies, like the SKNF in general, were not aware of NUT-1's and SKNF-Lieutenants01's counterplan. They wanted the SKNF technology and weapons development people in Australia and elsewhere to know that this technology exists and to begin the science and development of these technologies as the SKNF cannot win without it. They must have concluded that Family/Lords had become aware of the SKNF contamination at these levels and that the SKNF have now no chance in obtaining control over these advanced technologies.
Meanwhile NUT-1's own lieutenants and subordinates continue, SKNF-Lieutenants01 continue to remain silent and hide their own scheming against their superiors as well as the danger to their superior's lives in their own planned coup against NUT-1. We are basically observing Lesson of the Nutcake at the highest levels.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-FoM-Younger started began muscling and threatening FoM-Older at about 3am SF time this morning. It appears that treachery has caused a rift in the FoM [Beginning of the Estranged-Dad-Trick.]. FoM also tried to find a new patron for providing themselves the computer and electronic weapon but were unsuccessful and have been threatened both electronically and physically HAHAHAHAH!
-Auckland-region psyops having SKNF-Military , SKNF-Police, SKNF-Psyops, etc begin telepathic attacks against them in attempt to get a foothold into Auckland region infinite money making machine as well as being part of the global Hero-Villain attack plan.
-The above is a prelude to exponential global chaos. Good looking females will be a target for mil-nut insanity and rape. I suggested that they get armor piercing rounds and a Kevorkian kit.
-NUT-1 and SKNF in collusion in lie that they have not done any of the right things to do because they are still in discussion about what to do. They as usual played the noble, wealthy, well brought up in a good family character even while the atrocities could be heard in the background. This a common serial killing pervert tactic that the serial killing perverts think will horrify us into allowing them to continue their atrocities unabated. The rest of the SKNF have now fallen in with this lie and are now playing the part of NUT-1's loyal troops. They are doing the Take-All-Sides-Trick with some playing villain, some good and other neutral. NUT-1 has been given ample evidence that their lieutenants are in conspiracy against their lives and to take their wealth from them, and do this by taking them hostage and commit atrocity on them. However they appear to want to continue in their insane scheme are also seem afraid to test whether they are in control of their resources and security services, this test being done by ordering the arrest of the SKNF. Simply put, they are insane even more so then the FoM. Whereas the FoM accidentally almost commit suicide, NUT-1 does so with full knowledge and seemingly on purpose. I can imagine their glee at their perceived cleverness while the reality shows the falseness of this perception.
I believe that NUT-1 is a legacy of insanity from the past and may have been created or exacerbated during the genocides within Australia, NZ, the Americas and which led to the world wars and other wars and to WW3. This set of memes have been transferred by insane behavior, the psycho macho, serial killing etc within Family and which most of Family have discarded, if they even had it, a long time ago.
NUT-1 seems incapable of rationally putting aside its ego even when faced with the very serious context that it is about to suffer the destruction of itself and their Family, similar to the FoM. Their actions if successful will probably result in global extinction, the attacks on the very people saving their lives indicative of their insanity. We wait and see if Family were sufficiently self aware to build in fail-safes into their technologies against these type of situations. If yes then we are saved, if no then the world is dead.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-It is very likely that Family has designed fail-safes into their advanced weapons and technologies. I can observe this by NUT-1's attempts to kill me failing due to Family/Lords.
-Lesson on fundaments: Always design fail-safes into your systems regardless of whether you think they are necessary or not.
-FoM becoming loudest as their attention seeking psychosis peaks when NUT-1 ordered that all my family be subject to atrocity and a serial killing. As usual they are going through their adrenaline-cocaine charged psychotic actions, exuding the Chinese gangster persona, laughing and all excited. The security services in collusion with the FoM are also exhibiting their psychosis. This can be seen by their cycling through crimson faces to normal colored face as the adrenaline charges their blood due to their anger at me. This is followed by the realization that they are showing their insanity and subsequent attempts at controlling their emotions.
-It appears that the FoM-Younger and Frankie-the-Fruit and his father have been preparing their treachery against FoM-Older for some time and not just a few days ago.
Frankie-the-Fruit let slip that there are other members of the FoM that are with him. [This actually turned out to be an Estranged-Dad-Trick where Frankie-the-Fruit pretended to be against FoM-Older and his own father and take charge of FoM-Younger. It turned out that this was so that the FoM-Older could concentrate Serial Killer's wealth into their own hands without sharing it with the younger members of the FoM. Frankie-the-Fruit would secretly also take a share of this wealth at the expense of FoM-Younger. However by March 16, 2015 this treachery has evolved into Frankie-the-Fruit being in competition with his FoM-Younger subordinates and that Frankie-the-Fruit's relatives properties also being subject to FoM theft and him and his relatives at threat of death by atrocity. The crazy FoM deny this is so but any independent observer can tell by the fact that Frankie-the-Fruit's relative's (including his father) were surrounded by serial killing perverts that almost had them murdered by atrocity. It appears that Frankie-the-Fruit is not liked by FoM-Older as he and his father was Serial Killer's favorites and FoM-Older had lost their special position after Serial Killer took over control of his parent's assets. It also appears that Frankie-the-Fruit's younger subordinates are making all attempt to raise their wealth and status based on this change of events. These younger subordinates are using the FoM at Frankie-the-Fruit's age and seniority as a buffer against FoM-Older who will retire and see Frankie-the-Fruit's age group as the competition and not Frankie-the-Fruit's younger subordinates. The younger subordinates are making full of this. A pit of snakes!]
-Lesson of the Nutcake: If you bring evil with you evil will then follow.
-NUT-1 in collusion with the SKNF trying to begin global attacks. Senior SKNF are exhorting SKNF-Second-Class-Citizens to cause chaos and destruction but these second class citizens are refusing to for fear of advanced weapons (another good sign).
-SKNF and NUT-1 are trying to stop Family/Lords from applying their fundamentals. They have been using all their means, including the UN, their contamination of the political structures, legislature and judiciary to legislate Family's wealth and take their advanced technologies and other wealth away from them and hand it to themselves only. Everybody else have also said that only Family are to bring Family to account. NUT-1 has supported the SKNF's attempts to destroy Family's wealth and privileges.
-Lesson on fundamentals: Family must love family and take responsibility for their own family members and not try to harm family.
-NUT-1's psychosis comes from them being just a bunch of serial killing perverts like the SKNF. They continue to try and destroy their own family by atrocity even though Family are saving them. In turn Family's power base comes from their own good people, people that Family are trying to protect and NUT-1 is trying to murder also by atrocity. When interdicted they then threaten to suicide and give the SKNF all their Family and highest level electronic controls even though to not interdict them also means the end of themselves and Family. Furthermore, their self destructive serial killing pervert mentality and behavior is detrimental to themselves and Family. This has resulted in Family's foundations being attacked and the populace given reason to believe SKNF propaganda. The SKNF have been using the media as their propaganda weapon eg television, internet etc etc. Examples have been their attacks on the Malaysian royalty. The blaming of the Nepales royal family massacre of the Royal family of Nepal, the attacks on the UK Royal family and blaming the murder of Pricess Diana on this family. The SKNF have also been brainwashing the populace into believing that there are no rules and that Family are the evil and cause of evil within society.
-NUT-1 is trying to use it fumbling trickery and delusional belief in their cleverness to try and fool the world and Family into believing that they are innocent all the while not realizing that their own treacherous lieutenants are puppeting them as well as attempting to hold them hostage and commit atrocity on them. All the while unable to notice their symptoms of insanity, gleefully admiring their own cleverness as they head towards their end.
-Lesson of the Nutcake: Do not let the insane any where near weaponry and bring them back to sanity as soon as possible if at all possible.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-It appears that there are actually no failsafes in Family's advanced technologies. This means that a well placed but insane member of Family can destroy Family and his/herself and cause global extinction. I am observing NUT-1 threaten Family and the world with their suicide if they are not allowed to go through with their suicidal destructive and insane scheme.
-We are at a cross-roads. Family appear to be unable to get NUT-1 to see reason and be rational and logical. They continue in their insane scheme to bring about global destruction in the SKNF conspiracy.
-NUT-1 and the SKNF also wants to pursue their Hero-Villain global attack.
-[SKNF fraudulent insertion not included here.] Family/Lords have indicated that they will pursue the total annihilation of the SKNF as well as do everything to prevent the rise of another SKNF and the threat of WW4.
-The outcome of this will tell us how strongly Family will adhere to their fundamentals. Adhering to their fundamentals must be either 100% or not at all. We will be able to tell the answer by observing Family/Lords direct actions and the amount of time it takes for them to action them and do what needs to be done. Family/Lords would have abandoned their fundamentals if it takes too long or there is no action at all. Their action or inaction will tell us either way even if they were to lie. The Earth is lost if Family abandons their fundamentals. The fact that some real powerful crazies have advanced weapons and technologies gives us a very slight chance of avoiding global extinction, this even if Family does not abandon their fundamentals. [SKNF fraudulent insertion not included here.]. The choice for action lies with the sane Family/Lords only and not with the insane SKNF and/or NUT-1. What we are facing now is the worst case scenario. The effect of Family abandoning their goals will lead to exponentially escalating disaster. If they abandon the fundamentals of what makes them safe and their welfare then they will fail.
-To get anywhere it is required that we make effort to achieve that goal.
-It was suggested that the SKNF and the rest of the world split off. The SKNF then started trying to force us to be subservient to them and want to have them around us, threatening us if we leave with more atrocities and trying by every means to have them be a permanent feature around us. Imagine, on the one hand we are to suffer atrocity under their hand and be killed, on the other, they refuse to split from us if we decide that they go on their own way.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-Anyone reading these notes must understand that I could not possibly record every single event, backstabbing scheme, attack, mannerisms etc here as I would not have sufficient time nor notebooks, as well as it not being possible for me to lug all these notebooks around. These observations have been continuous and repetitive.
Look around and observer people characteristics if you need to see what the personalities. The FoM-psyops have the same characteristics as their parents and especially their fathers. Thick, brutish, stupid, bullying, psychotic, insane, manipulating (did I mention thick?) - It is no wonder Serial Killer found such kindred spirits. Their mothers are also very like Screeching-Mad-Wife but play the hurt noble lady act better.
-FoM have threatened Senior-Senior-Senior and sons [Possibly senior members of Auckland regions psyops and their fathers] for 3 days now after having been discovered in conspiracy [to attack them?]. All threats are for these senior members to suffer atrocity. It appears that the veneer of control they have is being discarded and that the FoM and their fathers are showing their true persona of permanent psychotic serial killing pervert rage.
-For some reason that no one except the FoM know the FoM have taken a great dislike to Keanu Reeves and have begun to sit on him and harass him. Keanu was asked to be a telepathic telephones for the secret service. The FoM do not usually act this way. Something has again been triggered in their brains, the same thing that got them disliking and harassing me perhaps. Maybe in this case it is because Mr.Reeves is good looking, famous and successful and has laughed at the FoM and their anal retentive psychosis. Maybe it is also because he is part Chinese. [One of the SKNF, Farty, used to be extremely flatulent so everyone consequently thought that he had mastered so yoga like muscle control. It turned out that Farty was actually playing with his turds and was allowing them to pack at the bottom end of his rectum and even extend further out of his anus and then having it return in enclosure. Farty lost this ability or had a somewhat deprecated ability for prodigious flatulence after he was part of the attack on his colleagues. Farty had ingested a large amount of gastro-intestinal pathogen and antibiotics to test whether the FoM could recover quickly from having consumed these bugs during the annual Xmas party luncheon in November 2014, the food being contaminated by the SKNF. The idea was that the rest of the psyops would then be incapacitated leaving the SKNF to take over the computer room and hence take the Auckland region over and have it suffer atrocity. The effect of this was Farty received a bad stomach ache as the pathogen attacked the stomach lining, a very short bout of diarrhea but had recovered quickly enough for the SKNF to attempt this attack before they were discovered and everyone alerted. Farty was given his nick-name by other psyop colleagues who were friends of his before they discovered that the FoM are actually insane. Farty has since been unable to produce the prodigious flatulence of old although he tries and tries.].
The FoM become very erratic and start becoming violent when anyone suggests that they should be sacked for having sunk the SKNF fleet. The Fruit are obviously concerned about this. Meanwhile the FoM's colleagues are very concerned that the FoM will gun them down at work as they are insane and their psychosis is coupled with a large amount of cocaine consumption, all this being quite an explosive mix.
-What is happening in the Auckland-Manukau-North Shore etc region is very instructional because it provides a detailed view in microcosm of what is going on within the security services globally and at all levels.
-I have recommended that NUT-1 take all the SKNF's assets as tribute since the SKNF tried to kill them and NUT-1 is providing them protection.
-SKNF again showing signs of trying to do a widespread attack. They may have to be lasered again to control them.
-The SKNF have planned to turn as many of their agents into psyops. NUT-1 protecting the SKNF means that NUT-1 is also attacking themselves as it is Family that are protecting them. The SKNF are encouraging NUT-1 to attack their own Family. I will not be surprised if NUT-1 does so. The SKNF have started using NUT-1 as attack dogs.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-What a laugh. Serial Killer with his "(violent) Master of the Universe" mannerism, with the FoM in a metamind bully group bullying the Head of Department of the Auckland regions psyops department to have the FoM take senior position in that department. I notice Serial Killer's originally bull like muscled neck has atrophied somewhat, probably due to his inactivity while locked away in his minefield home. It is likely that the rest of his musculature and beautiful skin has gone the same way. It is also likely that Screeching-Mad-Wife has suffered the same due to having only tinned food to eat. Serial Killer's appears lighter hearted when joined in mind to the insanity and violence of his favorites. This reminds me of the rabid snarling and barking that night when him and the FoM were challenging everyone to take him on after he began harassing Steve Broadbent.
-Family has indicated its anger and unhappiness that NUT-1 has been found trying to be intentionally and purposely trying to kill them. Family appears to have gone through the usual process of discovery, test, realization, and now action. Family have openly told us that they will tell us their clearly and precisely what their decisions are regarding the resolution of WW3 and the SKNF threat and the course of action. They said that they will tell us themselves.
-SKNF and NUT-1 are now openly colluding in trying to bring global annihilation. It appears that there is at least one safeguard against this kind of highest level of society insanity and it taking over control of the advanced weapons and technology. There may be more safeguards against insanity taking control of the advanced weapons and technology and causing global extinction. This safeguard appears to be Family itself. NUT-1 probably is less than 1% of Family. I know this because Family level electronic control are being used in attempts on my life yet I am continually saved by Family. Imagine how crazy this situation is. My actions will save Family including NUT-1 yet NUT-1 attempts to kill me and his family with the outcome that NUT-1 will be killed themselves and their treacherous lieutenants takeover.
-NUT-1 and SKNF have ordered and are forcing the pace of global attacks that can be described as a Hero-Villain scenario. The FoM in the Auckland region have been given free rein to begin secret attacks on security services and especially their psyops department and to take over this department and through this the Auckland region. The Police and psyops will be taken over by SKNF-NZ-Police and SKNF-NZ-psyops and will be supported by local and global SKNF military and psyops). This will supposedly lead to the Auckland region falling as Perth has fallen which will then lead it to be being subjected to atrocity and horror. FoM is meant to be the arrow head. Farty, Chronic-Maturbator, Drug, Karbunkle and their fathers as well as their relatives have formed another group within the Auckland region's security services, a group with absolutely no position within the formal hierarchy. FoM have now been appointed arrow head for this attack. This is odd because I recall joking about them being the appointed ones but did not expect to see this in reality. Other regions globally likely to have variants of the same type of attack and attack objective. It is likely that FoM will attack the colleagues and then have them suffer atrocity, rape etc.
SKNF are also trying to have SKNF paramilitary, military, Police etc members begin all out attacks in a scorched Earth type policy. SKNF are also working very hard at inducing everyone to lower their guard and fall prey to the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin. I broadcasted all this information to the world at approximately 10am this morning San Francisco time.
SKNF as usual have been very erratic and the number of threats to myself have increased exponentially
-Telekinesis effect can be used for useful tools. 1.A shield even against swarming microbots - something the lords will need 2.Warping space for interstellar vehicle ie star system - star system travel 3.Sheild against electromagnetic eg lasers and gravity weapons 4.Tractor beams 5.Disruptor weapons 6.History imaging machines 7.Low energy solutions to creating material from empty space.
-NUT-1 had already owned the Solar System through Family. Their bid to concentrate the Solar System and wealth of Earth by killing their own family just shows that it is a nut.
-It appears that the general consensus in the Police force worldwide is to eject the FoM. Unfortunately this will not happen due to the military doing a property grab and the SKNF's desire for chaos. Other Police, security services and psyop personnel have said that they will not help the Auckland region if they are under attack and their psyops department but may even actually support them telepathically and blind the region's eyes, this supposedly being in support of -NUT-1's and the SKNF's objective for global atrocity and chaos.
-NUT-1 got their name from the SKNF pretending to be non-SKNF and intending that I use this name in order that NUT-1 then becomes the SKNF attack dog.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

Nutcake of the FoM's parents tried to get Nutcake to stop flinging his head around and sympathetically waking them up in the early hours of the morning. They were so afraid that the FoM fruit would get resentful if they felt that they were being criticized that they started showing concern for Nutcakes neck which was sprained during one of these neck flinging episodes. One of their grandfathers then wanted to say that "he is making a fool of you" but got caught up on the word fool which then sounded like "he is making a fooooo...." thinking that the fruit would think that he was calling his grandson a fool. They were also very careful not to mention Nutcake's cocaine addiction.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

Brutus the Frutus [the FoM] psyops consuming so much cocaine that they have developed serious cocaine addiction. On request of their fathers they tried to limit their cocaine snorting to 10 hours in a 16 hour double shift, leaving the first 3 hours and the last 3 hours cocaine free. Initially then then started working even more hours ostensibly to increase their capacity but it appears that this was a subconscious attempt to consume the cocaine that they had planned not to consume in the 6 hours out of the 18 hours. They did this by reducing the amount of time they spent asleep. This plan has now been "accidentally" left by the wayside and conveniently forgotten and their work-shifts have become a full 16 hour cocaine fest. Meanwhile there has been the expected corresponding increase in erratic psychopathy. The FoM psyops group masturbates at least once every 2 hours and possibly more frequently and when their hands are not on their penises they play with their nipples and anus'. They disguise this behavior as being part of their normal work practice but on close inspection one will realize that they are more interested in self gratification. They behavior has become crazier, habitual and subconscious. Another part of this psychopathy is the FoM's inability to self-retrospect and lack of insight (Brutus the Frutus started to prevent me from being able to set grammatical structure to my sentences at this point as they are being forced to see the truth of their insanity). Hhahahahahhahahahaha!
-We are awaiting word from Family. They have said that they would do this and that it would not be long and that Family are aware of all the facts. I feel concerned that Perth is not being saved immediately. All I am seeing is the SKNF showing gleeful admiration about their supposed cleverness and lies. Is the SKNF contamination within Family too large for an outcome that will save Earth? This is a constant thought. This thought becomes more real every moment that the right thing is not done and Perth not saved. We will know anyway if Family has been lying and has no intention of telling us their intentions. Reality will tell us the truth and in a very short time.
-NUT-1 had another discovery today that would have made anyone realize the truth of what we have been saying about how close the danger is to them and the risk of annihilation via atrocity. It appears that NUT-1's bodyguards are in the SKNF and have not attacked and held NUT-1 hostage because NUT-1 is being saved by Family, their own family, the one that they have been trying to kill by atrocity. NUT-1 is already guilty of killing their own family members by atrocity, some of them suffering the horrors in Perth. NUT-1 shows no remorse but continues to collude with the SKNF and the very people that are engineering their downfall. What a nut!!
The rest of the SKNF are pretending to be offended by what I am writing for NUT-1's sake as I write this note [SKNF sympathy sucking loyalty and show of solidarity trick they have been using ever since]. They are pretending to be NUT-1's shoulder to lean on to rest their offended heads. Meanwhile we are the ones that have saved NUT-1 and yet NUT-1 continue to try and kill us.
The SKNF are in this act of proving their loyalty to NUT-1, their closest allies, friends, confidants, emotional support, and all together Waylon-Smithers-of-Everything-NUT-1.
-The SKNF are also trying to turn NUT-1 into their attack dog and have NUT-1 turn their anger on me. NUT-1 if sane at all should be questioning why it is that they are all of a sudden being telepathically sat on by their so called best pals and loyal lieutenants as well as most loving companions.
-[SKNF fraudulent insertion not included here]
-Appears that NUT-1 took the SKNF's side last night during the and by supporting the weekly bullshit roundup of UN and the security services etc activities regarding their lie of investigating the SKNF threat, this in reality being a subterfuge supporting attacks against the lords, Family, Earth. Family appeared to be unimpressed and even angered.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-NUT-1's actions have convinced the sane part of Family of NUT-1's insanity. NUT-1's is guilty of murdering their own family. I have myself observed a number of these in the horrors of Perth. NUT-1's amusement, pleasure and complicity tells me that NUT-1 is also a serial killing pervert. Only Family is allowed to bring NUT-1 to account and prevent NUT-1 from going any further in this insanity. The rest of the SKNF are trying to undermine Family's privileges are and are even helped by NUT-1 to do so. NUT-1 even knowing that their bodyguards, probably all their personnel are SKNF or are heavily contaminated by the SKNF and that they are at risk of atrocity, continue to support the SKNF. They appear, as all serial killing perverts do, to feed off the horrors of atrocity. Their latest feeding, Perth. They do not wish to save Perth but are encouraging more horror. This is the Lesson of the Nutcake in the macrocosm. This time the nutcake is NUT-1 who appears to be even more insane and crazier than the FoM. The sane members of Family seem to tip-toe around NUT-1's ego but it is clear to anyone watching that NUT-1 is too far gone into insanity to do anything rational.
NUT-1 supports and push the UN as a vehicle for resolving WW3 even though the UN is corrupt and is being used as a weapon against themselves and the rest of family and to bring global extinction.
NUT-1 continues to threaten Family with passing Family level control to the SKNF even though NUT-1 is being saved by Family.
NUT-1 continues to support the SKNF in its bid for global holocaust even though NUT-1 would fall as well, as well as destroy Family.
The SKNF now openly attack NUT-1 by sitting on them and using them as a bunch of attack dogs as well as encouraging them to attack Family. Yet NUT-1 instead of accepting their faults continue to support and empower the SKNF.
NUT-1 lied and said that Family will openly and clearly tell us their decision as a means to fool us and Family and buy time so that they and the SKNF can cause global extinction. Family warned that this is the case on Saturday November 15, 2014. As expected NUT-1's lie was exposed as such.
The sane part of Family said that they must make a choice and decision for action, obviously accounting for NUT-1's
insanity. The world waits for their choice and decision.
SKNF meanwhile being Smithersly obsequious, super-ly sucking up to NUT-1, while doing the usual subterfuge eg UN officials concerned being NUT-1's most loyal lieutenants, best friends, concerned for NUT-1's
welfare and usual ego massaging, villain and hero role playing, trustworthy instead of treacherous representatives.
SKNF increasing their secret attempts at taking my life. Gives me info that I am still being protected by sane part of Family. In fact when I consider the attempts on my life, the fact that they are using NUT-1 level control over the electronics and weaponry to kill me, I see hope. I see that the sane part of Family are the greater number in Family and have probably designed safe-guards and fail-safes into these technologies. It means that we will win.
Family asked for the total annihilation of the SKNF this morning. It means that our chances of survival and to prosper post WW3 returns to my guestimated state of 50% success. Only Family are allowed to take Family to account. The SKNF must not be allowed to make it otherwise. This is a privilege of being at the penultimate of society and supports the fundamental that Family must love Family. The insanity that is NUT-1's psychosis must be extinguished from Family.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-SKNF now trying to do a big cover up so they can attack the world in secret. They are advising that all ancillaries such as myself be murdered. NUT-1's probably supports this.
-President Obama's brief was to uncover the SKNF conspiracy and SKNF threat. He and those supporting him would have failed if it was not for the lucky fact that Serial Killer and Screeching-Mad-Wife and the FoM's actions, their continuing inanities and insanities caused the open attack on the lords, the beginning of the coup within the coup of the Mexican Standoff in the SKNF conspiracy and the continued to expose the minutiae of the systematic and structural psychopathy, underlying and creating, enabling and empowering the pathologies like the SKNF and world wars. We have been very lucky in many other ways as well. We would have experience global extinction without this luck. We must learn from our mistakes and do better. Relying on providence is not a good strategy.
The stage was set for those supporting the President and their wish to be heard and President Obama to fail. It would have considering NUT-1's power and those of his lieutenants and the SKNF at all levels except for the surprise and unexpected attempt at gaining control over the advanced technologies and weapons by the FoM and Serial Killer. They were not aware of NUT-1's and SKNF-Lieutenants01's counterplan. NUT-1's in turn was not aware of his lieutenant's treachery and conspiracy in the counterplan. SKNF-Lieutenants02 and the Nut-Lords were not aware of the even more advanced weapons that are available to FAMILY-1 and NUT-1's. FoM and Serial Killer attempted to take control of these advanced weapons in the guise of helping Nut-Lord01.
-I am observing the SKNF in subterfuge of acting sheepish and pretending to take the blame for NUT-1's. This subterfuge actually is a duplicity to blame NUT-1's for the SKNF conspiracy with the lying act of his loyal officers being that they are willing to fall on their swords for their nutty master. The other part of this trick is the SKNF laying a foundation for the lie that there is an even higher level of command and that is why the security services are disobeying orders ie they are obeying this imaginary higher level of command. SKNF-Lieutenants01 played a similar lying act earlier. Nice trick to play all honor bound to fall for NUT-1's even while trying to hold them hostage and commit atrocities on them as well as blame them for the conspiracy and threat.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-President Obama and many other representatives of those most high reiterated what was written down yesterday ie that we need the highest to make a choice in the direction they wish to take, one way or the other.
-Time will tell us which choice was made even if the President were tricked into making a false report of the choice decided by those most high. A non-choice would be a choice for failure and the mad schemes of NUT-1, their lieutenants and the rest of the SKNF.
-The SKNF have attempted to infect me again with HIV. I suspect that this will go the way of the other daily attempts on my life. I think Family/Lords are using disruptors to destroy the virus. Excellent and makes me feel even more confident that we will seek the total annihilation of the SKNF.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-SKNF including NUT-1 going berserk as serial killers do when they are defied and their intended victims do not cower in fear of them. They have begun broadcasting the pleas and cries of their child victims of atrocity thinking that it will weaken our resolve, thinking that we will cower.
-Approx: 22:30pm (November 18, 2014) the SKNF with the FoM leading began to try and “heavy” me. Surrounding me in the bunks and beds beside mine lie muscle bound serial killing pervert vermin nutcases. I wake up as they try to sympathetically make me smash my head against the wall alongside my bed and all around me, including the staff at the MSC, are the grinning, smirking, gleeful serial killing perverts. They have been ordered and are preparing to beat me. The whole MSC is vibrating with anticipation. FoM are all excited and as usual their constant verbiage of violence is heard. [ SKNF fraudulent insertion and note combination begins about this point and not included here. What I did write is approximately as follows: I get out of bed and go to the toilet to relieve myself. In the toilet are another bunch of serial killing perverts all grinning and smirking at me. A young male serial killing pervert has his feet on the sink counter while sitting in his chair. They are all expectant that I will be beaten to a pulp. The serial killing perverts are walking in and out of the toilet all signaling each other that Mike Chin is going to die tonight. I return to my bed and a serial killing pervert, African-Amerian with arms larger than the girth of my thighs is preparing himself in the bunk above mine. Suddenly a silent signal goes out that the serial killing perverts will be destroyed by advanced weapons. The cockroaches lose their smile. They are not so brave anymore. The MSC cockroaches now begin their act of being under duress. All of a sudden their serial killing pervert glee is extinguished. The MSC based serial killing perverts can now only attack by being officious and small minded. I fall back to sleep.].
-[SKNF fraudulent insertion and note combination begins about this point and not included here. The next part of this note comes from the note concerning my observations of what was going on in the Auckland-Manukau etc regions psyops department. This note came from about a week or two before November 19, 2014.]. I notice that the FoM member who has been infecting himself with gastro-intestinal tract pathogen feels much better but is playing sick in bed. It occurs to me that the FoM are about to implement their attack on their colleagues by locking them out of the psyops department computer room or taking this computer room in some way while their colleagues are at the annual Xmas party. The FoM will be left in the computer room in number. The FoM are then warned that they will be destroyed by the disruptor if they continue with their plan.
-Family recommends that
1.Family adheres to their fundamentals
2.Learn Lesson of the Nutcake
-SKNF in their anger has become erratic and show how they have been undermining Family and lords. They use their propaganda t0 make everyone believe that Family and the lords condone and are responsible for the evils like the atrocities perpetrated by the SKNF. [SKNF fraudulent insertion and SKNF propaganda blaming whole SKNF conspiracy on NUT-1 not included here ] NUT-1’s actions weakens Family and works in favor of their enemies.
-It is no wonder that Family are so silent. They appear to be afraid of the insanity within themselves. This must be righted.
-Another technique the SKNF uses is to manipulate the serial killer type personalities with the lords. They message their macho ego psychosis by alluding to homosexuality should the lords show any sign of rationality, compassion etc. This usually works as it provides those psychotic ones a sense of camaraderie with brutish, low browed, knuckle dragging, monosyllabic, grunting, ape-like serial killing pervertness.
-Everybody worldwide has been ordered to write and provide complete detail regarding what they know and their involvement about the SKNF conspiracy. I will attempt to do so tomorrow. I must include the reputation attacks and threat, the constant attacks on my hygiene, showering, laundry machines, ripping my clothes, bag stealing, threats against people I know, observed behavior of Police officers and security services, official security services spreading SKNF propaganda, lies and bullshit, death threats, attempted bribes, SKNF lie that I am a volunteer, attempts by the security services to incarcerate me, attempts to bribe me with my return to Malaysia if I help the SKNF, Paul Burn’s son threatening to kill me, trying to run me down with bicycles, cars etc etc etc.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-It occurs to me that the order to everyone to provide a detailed report on the SKNF conspiracy is also a test. There are 2 tests - Test1:Are the SKNF trying to destroy Family/Lords: (True). Test2:Are Family/Lords in control of their resources and assets? (This will prove to be false and this order to report will prove the reality of this expectation)
-SKNF again leak the state of Family/Lords' electronics and advanced technologies/weapons control safeguards. The HIV virus attack on me (November 17-18, 2014) was ordered by the highest level SKNF to test whether Family/Lords can be prevented by NUT-1 from protecting themselves using their advanced technologies and using NUT-1's electronics to prevent them. It was also an attempt on my life by the SKNF's serial killing pervert vermin as it allows them to get-off and show how tough they are. It looks like Family/Lords can protect themselves. It is no wonder that the SKNF that are visible are acting so politely and appear to be on their best behavior.
-This SKNF leaking of Family/Lords defensive capability by the SKNF are just another attempt by the SKNF to undermine Family/Lords. The SKNF will leak Family/Lords' secrets and blame the those innocent of this treachery and do so by being the loudest criers of foulness. Meanwhile the SKNF are trying to get control of these technologies and weapons by using their SKNF contaminants at the very highest levels of the security services, their large telepathic spying etc.
-The secret service has been ordered to provide me a computer with access to the things I need so I can comply with the order to write this report. I bet that they do everything not to comply with their orders.
-It appears that NUT-1 has given their closest lieutenants (the very same ones that are trying to hold NUT-1 hostage and commit atrocity on them) NUT-1 level control over advanced weapons and technology. NUT-1 have made themselves being the only ones being able to take back control from these SKNF contaminated vermin. Lesson of the Nutcake being revealed at the very highest levels.
-SKNF attacking my PC to prevent me from writing this report.
-SKNF contaminant in security services and elsewhere are blaming NUT-1 as reason why they have disobeyed their orders to report on the SKNF conspiracy. This even though NUT-1 has also ordered them to report on the SKNF conspiracy.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-SKNF using threats to prevent me from completing this report that has been ordered by highest command.
-Looks like test 2 (November 20, 2014 - 1b) is, as expected, false. Family/Lords are not in control of their resources. This has been shown for lord like the Lord of San Francisco all the way up. SKNF Waylon Smithers act has suddenly evaporated leaving the truth that it is all treachery by a bunch of fruit.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-FoM now showing all the signs of heavy addiction to cocaine :D. They make up excuses to stay awake and snort more coke (ostensibly because they need maximum telepathic strength 24 hours a day), uncontrolled and unconscious masturbating, playing with their turds and anus', rotting teeth, unable to smell strong odors emanating from their private computer rooms and their bodies etc etc, no insight and totally crazy behavior. Couple this with their insanity and its almost a laugh a minute. They are now continuously waking their parents by swinging their heads violently and sympathetically projecting it to them.
-SKNF continue to threaten me and make a big deal about my report.
-SKNF informs me that the reason for their fake act regarding my report is that they have opened a case in court (what the case is about is unknown to me). This court case refers to my report. I told them that I think that the judge and lawyers pushing this case are SKNF. I have told them that I am not allowed to assist the SKNF in any way whatsoever. I told them that it seems that the SKNF want me to give their lies credibility. I have reminded them that they are SKNF and are guilty of the SKNF conspiracy. I asked the judge what he/she got for becoming SKNF, what serial killing needed they had to do and what property gain he/she was subsequently enriched by. SKNF are really working on my report and making it difficult for me to complete it. I have reminded everyone that this report was ordered by highest command. I have said that I would need to be ordered to help the SKNF by a representative of this highest command before I could help the SKNF eg President Obama. I reminded the lords that they must take my example only and for them to adhere to their fundamentals. This SKNF contaminated court case may explain why the FoM are making such a show of impeding me in my writing of this report. It is all part of a credible-witness-being-attacked-by-overpowering-villain-to-prevent-credible-judiciary-trick-and-credible-authorities-trick, the whole bunch actually being SKNF serial killing pervert vermin. As usual the SKNF contaminant in the secret service all acting their part in this subterfuge, and all in front of me. Marching pass quickly, playing the credible advocate, playing the non-SKNF court official, loud exclamations and rumor dropping etc etc.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-SKNF trying to prevent me from writing this report. This report was ordered by highest command. They are doing usual computer and escalating attacks as the SKNF subgroups collude in a sort of good vs bad Take-All-Sides-Trick. I will probably stop writing this report to cut short their little whoopee and continue at a more suitable time.
-#1 in social hierarchy [member of Family/Lords - I eventually called them FAMILY-1, March 11, 2015] indicates that there is even more treachery and further danger that is ready to pounce on unsuspecting and unprepared members of Family/Lords. This is like what was revealed with NUT-1), NUT-1's lieutenants and how they tried to hide the existence of treacherous bodyguards to NUT-1. I suspect that this is more SKNF contaminated lieutenants to the highest, SKNF contaminated bodyguards and NUT-1 type issues yet unrevealed. As usual the SKNF contaminant had not been revealed by Family/Lords' personal security, nor has this personal security revealed the SKNF contaminant within Family/Lords' bodyguards. Other parts of
Family/Lords are saving those of
Family/Lords that are under threat. These lieutenants of the highest have been given almost 2 weeks to reveal the danger to
Family/Lords. Not only have they not done so but they are making all kinds of lies and subterfuge to hide their treachery and conspiracy.
-The SKNF's behavior is almost funny. They are clutching at straw after straw, each bit of good news the impetus for a new set of lies, treachery and subterfuge, a revival of hope that their SKNF conspiracy will succeed. Then to discover that this hope is baseless and that Family/Lords are already aware of the threat and have defenses against it.
-Whatever is preventing Family/Lords from saving Perth has got to do with more NUT-1 type scenarios. They could not detect the SKNF threat even when told about it, even with their vast number of swarming microbots, their telepathy or with anything in NUT-1's arsenal. It took the whole of Family to save Family. [As usual the insane tend to overestimate their strength and underestimate the danger of surrounding oneself with serial killing perverts.]
-SKNF currently threatening me and trying to horrify me by slamming a large sledge hammer on the ground in the library and at the MSC etc while at the same time using the same on some residents and victims of atrocity in Perth. They also have uniformed Police based SKNF serial killing pervert nutter vermin threatening me with guns. They are also having suited nutters with ear-pieces doing the same. I have the feeling that the SKNF are pretending they have a chance of success but know that their end is approaching like a freight train.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and after January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: FoM have decided to attack and hold hostage the Head of Department (HoD) of the psyops department for the Auckland-Manukau etc region, the Police department they are working in. This is instead of attacking their many colleagues who themselves have armed parents working in the Police force and hence the risk being higher. The HoD may have cut them out of the Police organizational tree due to the FoM's earlier attempt at the same. The FoM are now acting like a second HoD in that department and have been scanning through (amongst other things) their HoD's emails and private communiques. I can't help but think of Monty Python's comedic scenarios. Its like some crazy guy who collects and plays with his excrement and genitalia suddenly walks into a busy and large office, starts waving a gun around and now cannot be removed from the office and then starts lording over the workers in that office. One could write a paper on this. FoM-Younger appear to be supported in usual way by SKNF contaminant in Police, military, others in a grab for local power. I bet that this is going to be like the earlier attempt at the same when other psyops were going to support the FoM and blind the Auckland-Manukau etc region's psyops so they could not see the attack coming. This is a lesson on why we do rational things instead of irrational ones. I would have defused the ticking timebomb already and arrested FoM-Younger, their Police parents etc long ago. It appears that the rest of psyops have been ordered not to help the FoM's colleagues who are under attack and even support the FoM.
-The tactic of having 2 opposing groups so that their superior can have them competing with each other and hence control them again proves to be stupid, a failure and even worse, a danger. This biases towards the craziest and most loony, the muscle bound wannabes nutters, the insane, treachery, conspiracy, psychosis etc. These subordinates can even collude and turn on their superiors eg FAMILY-1) and insane (NUT-1) and what happened to the rest of Family.
-SKNF are attempting to create city sized riots in San Francisco under the guise of a mass protest about the shooting of a teenager called Michael Brown, the intention to create destruction similar to that in the Los Angeles riots. I have reminded the protestors/SKNF that the laser system is pin-point accurate and using the Thanksgiving crowd as a human shield will not be successful. I also reminded them that they were warned on many occasions prior to this.
-Michael Brown: Unknown if this is a real person but first name is the same as mine - Reason: the SKNF are signaling their intention to kill me as well as the relationship the intended city wide riots have in regards to the SKNF threat. Surname Brown - Reason: supporting SKNF lie that I am a Malaysian secret service agent, supports SKNF lie that the SKNF threat is related to Marijuana and hence the narcotics trade. They killed Michael Brown as pretense to riot.
-The SKNF killed Robin Williams. Connection to me is that a SKNF serial killing pervert and queen whose body resembles that of a whose body resembles that of a blimp and head is tufted with curly pubic like hair, someone I called the Bleen used to call me Robin as in a small bird. The Bleen is a small time gangster who makes male prostitutes etc. He was part of the group at Hospitality House shelter on Leavenworth St, near Golden Gate Avenue, SF that would pump me full of HIV in 2013 when I was asleep [SKNF still doing the same now at MSC but I am being saved by advanced weapons March 11, 2015].

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-FoM @ approx. 10am today openly attacked
Family/Lords and FAMILY-1. Nothing was done by FAMILY-1's psyops or any other. Usual fake show of being enraged and pretense at stopping the SKNF indicates that FAMILY-1's psyops are SKNF as well. This means that both sane (FAMILY-1) and insane (NUT-1) part of highest Family are under threat. Partial explanation for "further danger" that was hinted at earlier. As usual FoM slips up and reveals this by their fruitiness. What I think happened was that FoM hearing that even Family was contaminated with nuts took their usual extreme position, based on their very out-there perspective of the world, and started telepathically attacking Family in a show of solidarity with NUT-1 against the very Family that are protecting them. The FoM had done the same earlier against NUT-1 and had attacked NUT-1, the FoM thinking that that would make everybody believe in NUT-1's innocence as well as make everybody think that NUT-1 has an even higher level that they are subservient to. What it did show was that the FoM was again trying to be helpful in their usual buffoonish way.
-SKNF threatening people doing their reports as ordered by highest command as well as preventing these reports from being completed. They have threatened Sulin etc. The SKNF will probably do the Take-All-Sides-Trick again ie they will submit false reports, will submit incomplete reports, will submit incomprehensible reports, will submit lies, will not report etc.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-Everything is confirming that the delay in resolving SKNF threat is caused by heavy SKNF contamination of Family/Lords infrastructure and Family/Lords having to restructure.
-Lesson of the Nutcake: FoM-Younger exponentially increasing attack psychosis behavior reflected in their attempts to kill their colleagues. They are now focusing their attacks against their Head of Department (HoD), and his family. These attacks by the FoM-Younger have gone from being monthly to almost daily. SKNF using mechanical weapons eg guns etc. This mornings the HoD saw an attempted ambush on himself in the hotel elevator. Serial Killer was also involved.
-Activity appears to be global. I am getting constant threats (staff at MSC + others). Have warned everyone. Serial Killer and Screeching-Mad-Wife only showing happiness when they are included in some diabolical scheme. Eyes rounded, mind in deep concentrated cogitation(almost imagine smoke pouring out of his ears). Feeling as if in command and taking part in action team again. By looks of him, tinned food is very bad if consumed continually and by itself and over long periods of time. Skin is sallow. Neanderthal like brows beginning to protrude. Obviously lost some weight. Hahaahahahah!
-Lesson: Must do rational things. By not defusing the FoM nutcake time-bomb eg arresting all of them and tossing them in jail, sacking them etc now the HoD’s life is in real and constant danger as predicted. This extends to his family. FoM’s mil and police nutcakes have even begun to threaten the female staff with rape. Normally this means that they are expressing their hidden innermost desires and will. They do this subconsciously and it appears as threats.
-I am reading a buggerised version of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi’s (The Last Emperor) book “From Emperor to Citizen”. Interesting record of Manchukuo. Area captured by SKNF enemy. Afterwards the populace were turned into enemy’s army. Including telepathic etc. Parallels to SKNF plan in guise security services of “dome” of silence strategy for secrecy reasons. The population would have been enslaved and weaponized against Family/Lords. Family would not have sufficient telepathic strength to see the enemy and would definitely have fallen and probably would have taken the world with them.
- Evil will bring more evil. There will be an infinite number of ways to supplant Family/Lords if evil is allowed. Instead of doing an impossible thing and allowing evil while trying to put in an infinite number of defenses to evil, it is better just to eliminate evil altogether and empower good.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-FoM showing all signs of psychosis. When asked to use telepathy to find out if they are afflicted with an attention seeking psychosis they become defensive and avoid any reference to it, generally building a shell/wall around this thought that they have a psychosis. This shell encapsulates this anxiety-demon and allows them to forget this thought. This shell is then fortified further by a wall of verbiage like random static on an old CRT television with no signal. Even now when they are asked to face the truth, mentioning that their manly egos can handle this truth, they interfere with the asker's mind telepathically so that the train of thought is forgotten. It is similar to their interfering and deleting with those parts of this report that points out the instances and examples of the FoM's and Serial Killer's insanity as well as when I point out that this insanity and the rough-tough variety of SKNF is actually what caused the chain of events that sunk the SKNF fleet. They have already deleted this reference a few times which indicates their state of mind regarding this truth.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-FoM roughest-toughest and more senior members of the SKNF order their SKNF colleagues who are complaining about the FoM to be quiet. This psychosis prevents the SKNF from being self aware of their own faults. It is a fear of self discovery.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-FoM have armed themselves with automatic pistol, automatic rifle, grenades, gas weapons, combat suit and ABC (Atomic, Biological, Chemical) suit. They say that their intention is to protect themselves from their colleagues when the FoM implement their plan to hold their HoD hostage. This plan is multi-objective. They may go for the psyops group, all their seniors, the HoD or all three. HoD should learn the Lesson of the Nutcake and not give the FoM more time.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-Highest levels of psyops, those under FAMILY-1 and NUT-1 have been ordered to arrest SKNF. SKNF telepathically indicated that FAMILY-1 had ordered their psyops to stop and prevent SKNF telepathic support from homeless and FoM level psyops by using advanced weapons especially disruptor. This was at 8am this morning, now it is 5pm and it looks like total disobedience. FAMILY-1 has also been asked to give us a clear and open message regarding their direction. Indications are that Family are very close to resolving the SKNF threat. It is usual for Family to do a test when they are ready. I have again advised the SKNF to redeem themselves. As usual they continue the along the path of insanity, evil, atrocity and crimes against humanity.
-SKNF attempted to infect me with eukaryotic parasitic eggs. Fortunately saved by the lords using the disruptor weapon.
-All these almost successful attacks eg almost riots with Michael Brown, attacks on myself, successful SKNF atrocities and attack on school in Pakistan yesterday indicates that SKNF contamination is also at a very high level as well as it being very broad. These attacks are being hidden behind the guise of tolerance for these atrocities and SKNF activity as well as behind the guise of this being non-SKNF activity.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-Staff at St. Anthony's and MSC are putting tapeworm and other parasites in bulk and direct from infected animal's guts into my food in every meal. This is very slimy. I am being saved by advanced weapons. The SKNF are also using the swarming micro-bots to detect these weapons but they are not detecting anything.
-SKNF will attempt atrocities and attacks over Xmas, New Years holidays. In areas holidaying areas such as Coromandel Peninsula FoM's father & batches acting as staging area to attack wealthy as wealthy have batches in same area. They will be warned. SKNF contaminant in security services have ordered secrecy but this is a trick and subterfuge to hide the SKNF contaminant in the lie that they were following orders. The rules for the security services are far more precise and stringent. They are not to support or help the enemy.
-All MSC and SKNF agents are acting erratically and psychotically. Attacking in every possible way, from poisons to lie to mass murder to hostage taking etc. Paramilitary SKNF being induced and drugged to psycho mode. They have been warned that they will be destroyed if go on mass attack already.
-SKNF attempting to get Joanna and the kids to San Francisco. John Clarke and Craig Fong allowed to enter and leave SF as subterfuge to have her lower her guard. Have told her and rest of family not to come.
-I have again been attacked with HIV injection. SKNF keeps me at MSC as hostage.
-FoM's father using their batch at Coromandel as staging area for attack on residents there. I believe they intend to attack Steve Broadbent. All world have been warned of imminent SKNF attacks and to take all precautions.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-Weakness in "new" models of human civilization eg Republics, USA, Russian, Chinese, India etc. Presidency can fall to SKNF. This means that the role of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces can be used against the rightful authorities, Family etc and can be used to destroy them piecemeal (as we see in WW3). The SKNF's intentions to takeover population centers then start killing by atrocity Family's human infrastructure support & then start taking Family's other assets and infrastructure by force if not in corrupt application of law. I wonder if the older models were more stable eg constitutional monarchy, as it caused Family to be directly part of what is occurring in the world. World must learn from its mistakes. It is obvious that organizational evolution would have created more stable structures. It makes one wonder what the earlier models if civilization was like.
-The Bible has record of the Isrealites. They transformed into a monarchy to have a single head under which all military power could be concentrated, this probably to meet external threats which had similar structures. However this monarchy also failed.
-We need improvement and not to start from scratch again. We need to take the best of what we have, add what is theoretically better while removing what has failed. And this needs to be done to all of infrastructure.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.
-I have made revisions to this SKNF fraudulent insertion to make it reflect my thoughts. However I expect the SKNF will again do other adjustments to make it support their cause for evil.

-I saw one of the Fruit of Manukau (FoM) in Malaysia in 2008 when they attacked me and my family. Brown haired, large rectangular head, side parted hair, approximately 6' 2" tall. Ugly due to large rectangular head and tendency to snarl. Skin not clear and clean as is usual with psyops. Lined probably due to cocaine addiction. Frankenstein the Fruit (Frankie-the-Fruit). Masturbates a lot. Could be Farty. the turd playing, anally retentive, attention seeking. psychotic serial killing pervert psyops under Serial Killer.
-SKNF's plan: Try to have nuclear holocaust (lower level psyops and security services) -> realization no control ->Get mil + paramilitary to attack cities ->Atrocities ->Martial law supposedly to defend cities -> Family supporters and defense disassembled piecemeal starting with telepathic -> Family loses telepathic defence -> FAMILY-1 and NUT-1 held hostage by highest level SKNF -> Family uses all powers and SKNF uses all new powers -> End of Earth + global extinction event <- a="" href="" if="" target="blank_">FoM had not sunk fleet, also if SKNF had Presidency (both Republicans and Democrats very dirty and fielding SKNF). All this hidden under subterfuge and guise of secrecy <- -="" a="" all="" and="" any="" close="" could="" event="" extinction="" happen="" href="" in="" it="" likely="" make="" sknf="" super-power="" super-powers.="" target="blank_" to="" trying="" very="">Frankie-the-Fruit was with a dark haired, approximately 6' tall, thin heavily pimpled, pale face Caucasian man, approximately 5-10 years younger. Approximately mid 20's to early 30's in 2008. Spotty-the-Fruit. This is the one I noticed carrying the heavy viral infestation and which made me think would have ended the world if the SKNF's plan had come to fruition.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.

-This report which has been ordered by the Regional Commander has been tampered with. SKNF are trying to turn it into one of their propaganda tools. SKNF also have what must be an incredible machine that is able to take my handwritten notes and allow the SKNF to forge my notebook. The machine must be amazing as I am finding it almost impossible to tell the forgeries, fraudulent mixing of notes, fraudulent insertions by analyzing the ink, handwriting etc, even the scribbles.
-Note to self: Must ensure that lie that handwritten documents are safe and foolproof method of ensuring that a document is original is well known. There are machines that can be incredibly amazing forgeries.
-SKNF are using my blog to squeeze sympathy for themselves even though they are vermin of the serial killing pervert variety.
-Apparently SKNF are mass producing Russian rubles and making an economic war on Russia. Russians have been informed.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and before January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.

-Sketch of Paintshop-Driver-Serial-Killer01

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and after January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.

-Sketch of Bestus-Lieutenant and Polyp-Woman

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and after January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.

-Appears that Frankie-the-Fruit or a senior member of FoM-Younger father is estranged from his wife. Possibly others in FoM the same. This would explain the mindset that allows them to use their wives and grandparents as bait. Probably would like their properties to themselves. Remember that Frankie-the-Fruit and parents as well as FoM are serial killing perverts.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and after January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.

-SKNF-lieutenants have tried to steal all of Nut-Lords assets. This is done by illegal conveyance by corrupt lawyers, judiciary etc.
-SKNF-lieutenants now believing that they are lords themselves. In collusion with SKNF contaminant within political, departmental/ministry administration they are attempting to redirect total budget to their own use only in total disobedience to Executive's instructions. World has been advised and warned of this situation. Apparently the SKNF in collusion had already drawn up and fraudulently signed budgets the world over already without any authority.
-Frankie-the-Fruit's father has put all his assets under his name only. This is a corollary to what happens when your son is psychotic and is a danger to oneself. Also his father is very tight. This includes assets from conveyance of Nut-Lords assets. This morning Frankie-the-Fruit started usual head flinging attacks. I suggested that Frankie-the-Fruit's parents and grandparents cut him out of their will. Frankie-the-Fruit threatened his father and grandparents that they would suffer an electronic attack if this were to happen. Frankie-the-Fruit appears to dislike his father intensely. Whole bunch including his mother seems intent and very focused on inheriting Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparent's assets. His mother and father are totally estranged. His father is the only one that has control over his assets. Mother is really a house-maid and convenience. Totally dysfunctional family.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and after January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.

Lesson of the Nutcake
-Frankie-the-Fruit and FoM in general: Corollary to adhering to fundamentals: A family must have love otherwise the outcome is likely to be like Frankie's and the FoM. Pathway to psychosis. Life story: Violent upbringing. Psychotic form of parenting. Violence as a means to discipline. Toilet training somewhat like training an animal, using pain as the means for Pavlovian type conditioning. Child soiling self results in violence from parents which puts stress on child which results in child soiling him/herself more which results in even more violence in never ending repetition. Child's play treated as lack of discipline and not biological/natural process of learning (like a system test) which results in more violence. Child grows older and become more independent, parents care less. Parents already had little time for the child prior to this. Child manipulated in many ways and made the subject of jokes by the parents which results in the child becoming frustrated. Violent father results in child trying to please father to reduce stress. Also emulates father. Result is child becomes worse then child's father. Child attempts to talk and play with parents which results in parents trying to silence child by violence which results in child developing an attention seeking psychosis. When child grows to adulthood the child integrates manipulation within its own behaviors and manipulates everyone including his/her own relatives, grandparents, father, mother etc. As child gains independence combining this with very little if any proper parental guidance, tools that parents use are violent punishments only, the child associates negative feeling with relatives especially parents and grandparents. Child becomes psychotic and finds similar peers. Childhood frustrations and other things combine to develop into very psychotically aggressive and violent behavior. Child needs to prove him/herself to violent father. If father is a serial killer child also becomes a serial killer and then defines this as what determines the definition of "manhood". If child calls on father to handle complaints from other people in response to child's violence results in parents handling this by attacking complainant. There is no constraints on child's psychosis which develops into a fully blown adult psychosis. As child is guided poorly, the child fails at school which results in more early punishments which decreases as child reaches maturity. This results in an adult moron-idiot. How to assemble a psychotic.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and after January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.

-Parts of lords in regional commander role are contaminated with SKNF. I think this may be part of NUT-1. Most likely Western Australia, Iraq etc. This part is continuing to allow the SKNF to commit atrocities in Perth with idea that they could possibly split Australia and have SKNF form up in Australia. This will also allow them to prepare for WW4. Lords already know that this will not be allowed to happen but SKNF contaminant is supporting this idea and the current state of matters. Regional commandership role will need to be fixed to resolve this. Meanwhile lords are continuing to strengthen and straighten up in other ways.
-Now is the worlds time for countries to report their financial and other matters. All countries have provided non-compliant accounts (in accordance to GAAP, SAP, IAS). This indicates heavy SKNF contamination in all departmental/ministry administration.
-Good news is that lords are finally beginning to respond. Bad news is that Perth is likely to be lost through SKNF atrocity.
-SKNF attempting global attack. Protest causing traffic disruptions for hours on Bay Area Bridge is a SKNF paramilitary training exercise to hold up bridge traffic and commit atrocities. Police and military are also doing same by finding reason to be at schools etc and places where they can maximize the number of atrocities.

This is a combination of notes from after the Mexican Standoff and during and after January 2015. The SKNF have taken my original notebook-4 and provided me with a copy that again have fraudulent note insertions, mixing of notes etc. The original will probably return to me in due course when Family finally gets into position to face the SKNF threat. In the context of this section of the report: the SKNF appear to have fraudulent insertions from this point backwards in my current version of Notebook-4.

-Family must adhere to their fundamentals. An example: The SKNF are telling NUT-1, and it appears that NUT-1 has agreed, that since the serial killing perverts are in "total war" mode then they should do everything especially if it is a thing which our side says must not be done. The SKNF want to legislate Family's wealth. To have the wealth owned by Family, the amount of wealth, and every other thing related to Family's wealth to be specified by legislation. NUT-1, who is also in "Total-War" mode appears to agree thinking that they can reverse those things after killing everybody off and concentrating the wealth into their own hands. NUT-1 is insane. It knows that Family/Lords are protecting them yet it is trying to have their counterplan succeed by protecting the SKNF even though it would lose all to the SKNF. The fundamental here is that it is incumbent on everyone of us to look after ourselves first. Anyone with any experience and wisdom whatsoever will know that they meaning of ourself is I an my family. I cannot exist outside of my family. This is a basic fundamental. If you do not believe it then try it. This morning the military were doing the smiley we-are-on-NUT-1's-side, we are like brothers to NUT-1 and we together with NUT-1 in loving an almost family group, even though we want to commit atrocity on them and have proven this in some many ways etc, are going to oppose our enemies, NUT-1's family who are saving NUT-1 because we are bestus friends and love each other and....
-If there is one thing one will get from my notes it is probably the fact that the SKNF and NUT-1 are actually insane.
The trick is this: The negative actions by NUT-1 allows the SKNF to create discord which 1.Disenfrenchises the populace 2.Feeds back into NUT-1 to make it more psychotic creating even more negative actions which the SKNF use for more discord in endless and increasing psychosis cycles.
-SKNF contaminated Government departments and ministries showing terrorist side. Using atrocities as bargaining chip as to why they should be allowed to submit non-compliant reports (budgets and accounts) as well as not perform their orders and hence defraud Government. Last night a young girl victim from Perth, Australia face was stamped on until it caved in. Arnold of the MSC, the serial killing pervert, attacking the victim mentally by providing laughter to the evil.

-FoM-Younger and FoM-Older: The real story
The revelation that FoM-Younger were trying to succeed FoM-Older is partly subterfuge. FoM in collusion with SKNF-NZ-Military want Serial Killer's assets and property but they want this to a small subgroup of the FoM only and not distribute it equally amongst all the FoM. So FoM-Older and Frankie-the-Fruit and fathers (and possibly others) made up a story of a split within the FoM. This supposed split had Frankie-the-Fruit as head of FoM-Younger and older FoM (which includes Snake) made up FoM-Older. The intention was for Serial Killer and possibly other SKNF-NZ Nut-Lords to lean towards FoM-Older and give up control of their assets and properties only to them. Frankie-the-Fruit would be fed from FoM-Older while the rest of FoM-Younger goes without. Meanwhile SKNF-NZ-Military will have at least two competing entities in place so that these two groups can oppose each other as things evolve thus giving SKNF-NZ-Military control. Situation is still evolving. Lesson of the Nutcake continues…
-Bureaucracy and city level staff/politicians etc very corrupt. Politicians are elected from a Take-All-Sides-Trick contaminated field in a variant of that trick.

-President Obama updates Congress (House of Representatives) regarding Family/Lords' response to SKNF threat. Implies that SKNF about to be annihilated. Says that SKNF will lose! This occurred yesterday February 11, 2015.

-Family/Lords continue to build their defense against SKNF threat. We expect that they will resolve SKNF threat before end of 2015.
-FoM-Younger: Frankie-the-Fruit. Probably others are in the same position as Frankie.
~Frankie's father has tried to concentrate all of his family's wealth + business into his own control eg prostitution, narcotics, properties from serial killings etc and will not let Frankie have own business. It may be that this is what initiated (but may not be cause) of Frankie's intention of having his grandparents murdered by crossfire or SKNF-NZ(-Military?) hostage taking etc etc. The attempts on Frankie's grandparents and mother was premeditated by Frankie as a plan to obtain wealth by inheriting. It is unlikely that Frankie targeted his father as he needs his father on the outside of the Intelligence computer room. It appears that Frankie's father had the same designs on his wife and her parents ie inherit their fortune after they were "accidentally" (but actually via connivance) murdered in a supposed backfired attempt on Frankie's Intelligentsia colleague's lives.
Lesson: It appears that repetitive and recurring numbers of "accidental" errors is indicative of systematic planning and that these "errors" are on purpose. Indicative of collusion and corruption. It appears that the repetitive number of "accidental" attempts on grandparent's lives is actually systematic and planned.
~It appears that Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents and parents used to sit in gang-up on Frankie as a child in a sort of telepathic spot-lighting the criminal context interrogation technique. This explains why Frankie-the-Fruit and FoM-Younger do this as standard intimidating technique, as well as the tendency to smirk while using this technique. It also explains why FoM-Younger use telepathy to manipulate their relatives. The telepathic manipulation is done directly, by "Fake-Proxy-Leg-Squeeze" (this was when one of the FoM squeezed his legs together stimulating by telepathy a sympathetic squeezing of legs on his victim colleague who was then accused on telepathically causing the legs of another FoM-Younger member legs to squeeze together. The leg squeezing is a method by which FoM-Younger masturbate, the squeezing stimulating the penis). FoM-Younger parents must have telepathically manipulated them during their childhood as well.
~There is also indication, I had written "tentative" in the original notes but a couple of days have since passed so the indications show more concrete evidence, that the FoM-Younger are scheming to take Frankie's properties from him after he has killed off his relatives. The fact that Frankie-the-Fruit, who is senior in FoM-Younger (also see the estranged-dad-trick), junior colleagues are plotting against him with the plot to happen after Frankie's successful attack on his relatives shows that Frankie had planned to murder his relatives in connivance with his FoM-Younger colleagues or less possible is that they had observed Frankie's mind telepathically.
-Lesson of the Nutcake: Frankie-the-Fruit and FoM-Younger is a real example of why the fundamental that family must love family exists. If family starts down that path of killing their own family then that family is dead and prior to that will have no strength in its interactions with others of this world. Furthermore it would mean global disaster when this fundamental is not applied by families of the size and power of Family as observed in WW3.
-The story of Frankie-the-Fruit and his scheming gives me 2 thoughts:
1.What I wrote about FoM-Younger platonic love for Serial Killer and Screeching-Mad-Wife that resulted in the Mexican Standoff is the truth and that Frankie-the-Fruit in particular and FoM-Younger in general were not constrained by competing pressures etc (as many speculate to be the actual case of why FoM-Younger did what they did) to go through with Serial Killer's scheming. However there are grey areas. It is also probably true that FoM-Younger's action were motivated by these competing pressures to some extent. However the competing pressure story is mostly a good excuse used by FoM-Younger and the reality is that it was this strange platonic love that existed between Serial Killer and FoM-Younger. It gave Frankie-the-Fruit's opportunity to have an independent business to his father who concentrate the family wealth into his own hands. Hence Frankie's incentive. Hence psychological support for Frankie's platonic love for Serial Killer and Screeching-Mad-Wife. Love wins again!
2.I believe that there is a structure to the Universe and real randomness does not exist in this Universe. A result: The Quasars and hydrogen manufacture of large mass and hence gravity bodies is probably due to a complex of resonances, a music, that comes into alignment on occasions. The small black-holes like hydrogen atoms being easier and more frequent. It may explain why there is gases at all in the deep intergalactic medium with less gas the further away from a large mass source.
-Frankie-the-Fruit father is probably involved in a similar scheme to get rid of his wife and her relatives and inherit her property wealth. He is probably doing the same subconsciously with his own parents. It may be that Frankie-the-Fruit and his father derived their schemes independently. However it may be that they are in collusion with each other.

-The demon of attention seeking can be caught and controlled by having it seek attention on something in which the possessed on does not want to have attention brought to.
For example: Frankie-the-Fruit's attention seeking psychosis can be brought under control by pointing all his attention seeking behavior towards his attempts on his grandparent's lives and his fathers attempts on his wife's life as well as his wife's parent's lives. Frankie-the-Fruit's FoM-Younger colleagues attention seeking psychosis can be similarly controlled by drawing attention to their attempts on Frankie-the-Fruit's life as well as similar attempts as Frankie's by them and their fathers on their own parents and grandparents. As well as this it is important to draw the intended victim's attention towards the prior and future attempts on their lives. Also the victim's was told how to prevent Frankie and/or his father from being successful. The intended victim's will-bequest documents need to be correctly organized so that the murder of the victim for the self-enrichment of the perpetrator is not rewarded.
Due to urgency, this document should be completed via a 4 step process.
Step-1: Amend original will-bequest document with provisions that do not the perpetrator when the intended victim is murdered. This will make the process of approval faster as the original document is still intact and simply needs to be verified and the amendment being the section that will be afforded the requisite attention in a timely manner. This will also put a brake on all attempts to murder the intended victim by the perpetrator.
Step-2: Integrate the amendment in Step-1 and add an amendment that prevents attacks on the intended victim by the beneficiary of the will-bequest. In Frankie-the-Fruit's case this includes waking his grandparents up at any time of the early morning or night, having his grandparents sympathetically whip their heads around by telepathy etc. This will allow Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents to say things like "he is making a fool of you" without Frankie taking it the wrong way in thinking that his grandparents are calling him a fool and consequently attacking them with Frankie type repercussions eg. whipping head around so grandparents head sympathetically get whipped around as well, manipulating grandparents telepathically, stalking them during times of privacy like when his grandfather goes to a prostitute and so on.
Step-3: Integrate Step-2 amendments into document and go through approval process.
Step-4: Document now ready for continuous improvements.

Lesson of the Nutcake
-FoM-Younger scheme to oust Frankie-the-Fruit is in collusion with FoM-Older. They will murder by atrocity Frankie-the-Fruit and his whole family and then have their assets conveyed to themselves. It is most likely that they have already figured out how to divide these assets. It appears that it will be placed in a private company with the FoM ex Frankie-the-Fruit's and family, all taking probably even shares in the assets. This property and wealth will be starter assets in this limited liability private company. They then will work on acquiring Serial Killer's assets adding it to this company. It is likely other shenanigans will follow during this process (see estranged-dad-trick). Frankie-the-Fruit's mother was ostensibly supported emotionally by some women who then turned out to have taken part in the plotting and scheming in the kill Frankie-the-Fruit plot in an example of the Take-All-Sides-Trick. These women appear to be the wives of the fathers of the FoM, possibly FoM-Younger. Frankie-the-Fruit and his father's and mother's characteristics and personality seem to be common in the FoM. I expect there to be other subconscious (ostensibly), calculated, premeditated, rationalized, accidental attacks on other FoM wives if their context is similar to Frankie-the-Fruit's mother. Frankie-the-Fruit's mother is estranged from his father and Frankie-the-Fruit is in senior position within the FoM and was favorite of Serial Killer and
Screeching-Mad-Wife and thus hated by FoM-Older who are working towards acquiring all of Serial Killer's assets.
-Spotty-the-Fruit also part of this scheme re: Frankie-the-Fruit's properties and assets post-mortem.

Lesson of the Nutcake
-Screeching-Mad-Wife and Frankie-the-Fruit's mother are examples of what it is like in the FoM type household. Frankie-the-Fruit's mother is estranged from his father so his father and Frankie-the-Fruit use his mother and their relatives as bait. In the event that the attackers take the bait then Frankie-the-Fruit and father gets the properties and have reason (actually they are just rationalizing as they do not need reason) to attack their enemies. The serial killing serial killer's wife must stay with her serial killer man or they can be serial killed as well.

-It appears that the FoM's telepathic-sympathetic head swinging & waking up in the early hours of the morning eg 3am-4am attacks by the FoM-Younger on their relatives is another instance of rationalized, accidental, premeditated, subconscious (ostensibly), calculated attacks. The subconscious reason appears to be to seek attention not received as a child. Appears that all of FoM are like Frankie-the-Fruit.
-FoM-Younger and fathers are now jockeying for position since Frankie-the-Fruit has been all but ousted. All of them are still anal fiddling, constantly masturbating, head swinging, attention seeking as well as starting to order and command those in the scheme to turn Frankie-the-Fruit's assets into shared assets via a company post-mortem. The new FoM-Younger have begun to overcompensate in their behavior as well. I actually did not expect to find that Frankie-the-Fruit was actually keeping the rest of the FoM-Younger under control. Expect to find more shenanigans. It is true that Serial Killer selected ones that are most like himself.
-FoM story is likely to be replicated elsewhere and in other varieties. If these were not recorded then it is indicative of collusion and corruption within the Intelligentsia as well as a point of failure. Frankie was not aware of the scheme against him and did not see a record in the Intelligentsia archive concerning this scheme. Frankie is senior in FoM-Younger.
-FoM-Younger makes me think that Serial Killer was also a mechanism and proxy surrogate by which FoM-Younger could achieve their fantasies of grandeur and psychotic need to scheme. This is also an example of how Family can be manipulated towards the self endangering and defeating path NUT-1 has taken.
-System of patronization eg a manager promoting people he/she can work with in the hands of the SKNF forms a system of evil through collusion, corruption and crimes against humanity. Criminal justice system is a very good example. The enslavement machine makes use of collaborators. These collaborators are biased towards the worst and craziest and if one is not a serial killing pervert then one is also anyhow enslaved by this machine. The lowest level of the criminal justice enslavement machine is peopled by ex-prisoners and slaves. They are bullied into insane evil if not already a serial killing pervert. This is done by threat of incarceration as well as job loss as well as atrocity. This is not excuse for supporting the SKNF however as the lords must adhere to their fundamentals but it needs to be considered.
-The SKNF contaminant within the criminal justice system, this enslavement and society destroying machine, allows prisoners out of these prisons so that they can do the SKNF's dirty work as well as take all the risks. It is a form of reward. What a scam! They imprison and have all the infrastructure feed into the enslavement, imprisonment machine, a worm gullet with spines, hooks and teeth all pointed downwards into hell. A systematic system to create a ready supply and army of slaves.
-I expect the same to be true with other parts of the infrastructure but with its differences due to the unique circumstances of that part of the infrastructure eg Education.
-I expect that the lords will be overworked with straightening out security infrastructure. The rest of the world must contribute if we are to succeed in moving away from the sure failure that we are today, and before total failure the evil of atrocity. My guestimate is that if the lords are left to be the only ones straightening out the world then we only have a 20% chance of success and a 80% chance of failure. If the lords do not contribute to straightening out the world and it is left to us then we have a 100% probability of failure. If the lords and the rest of us contribute to straightening out the world then we have a greater than 80% chance of success. If no one contributes to straightening out the world then we have a 100% probability of failure. I can already see the signs of the inertia that is the current insane state of things that will result in our total failure.

Looks like Frankie-the-Fruit ousting by the FoM-Younger story is only partially true (20%). It appears to be another trick like the Estranged-Dad-Trick in just another FoM scheme. However the bit about their snake like behavior and premeditated, subconscious (ostensibly), rationalized, accidental etc attempts to kill their relatives for their assets is true.

Bestus Lieutenant: Side Profile
I was reminded again last night (10pm-12am March 12, 2015 in SF and 7pm-10pm March 13, 2015 in Auckland NZ) about how right it is that the SKNF be destroyed in totality. The SKNF have been working hard on their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick so as not to be brought to account for their many serious crimes, the worse of which being crimes against humanity. The SKNF serial killing pervert vermin have again been getting off on their self perception of being the most fearsome, super-soldier, mighty braniac, extraordinary humans to walk the earth and have been showing the some of the results of their atrocities in Perth. I saw a young girl, by size approximately 10 years old, totally charred, her eyes wide and opened, still alive, her lips all burnt off so the whites of her new adult buck teeth prominent in what remains of her mouth. They have also been showing some of the other victims who have just had the SKNF arrive at their homes or who are pleading to not be tortured as they are tied to their beds.
The lords who are now much further away from suffering atrocity, the surviving victims of the SKNF and the others of this world who have mostly escaped unscathed may have forgotten how personal the anger one feels , how correct it is to feel anger at these vermin. There is a concept that the victims are the wrong ones to judge a criminal. This sounds like another SKNF Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. My life's experience tells me that everything has its place and in case of atrocity it is the victim that must judge the serial killing pervert. The victim is correct and must not forget the evil that is the SKNF when they are finally brought to account. Do not let the SKNF escape via a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick.
Yesterday, Bestus-Lieutenant and others of the SKNF again used NUT-1 as an excuse to commit atrocity. They went about proclaiming that my notes on what I had observed besmirched NUT-1 and thus gave the SKNF every right to commit atrocity on me and also was the reason why the security services have been disobeying their orders. They also started using NUT-1 as their attack dog again. All this occurred from about 1pm-3pm in the afternoon.
Late last night, about 10pm-12pm, the FoM along with their parents (Auckland Police), grandparents, Serial Killer, Screeching-Mad-Wife, the enslaved serial killing perverts at the MSC, two visible staff from the MSC and a large number of psyops from other places including Malaysia, Philipines, USA etc were part of a telepathic support group in support of SKNF-NZ-Auckland-Police who had sent a number of their serial killing perverts to apprehend my brother at his shelter home across from Eden Park, Auckland. They had earlier attempted to attack my 11 year old daughter telepathically. The telepathic attack was in the way that the FoM's parents and grandparents had made their idiot sons insane, the old criminal in the spotlight and center of attention technique.
The serial killing perverts were in a vehicle just across from my brother's home. They were meant to stomp my brother and beat him to a pulp just as they have done innumerable other victims in their terrorist attacks at home and across the world, the way that the serial killing pervert vermin terrorist in the Police, military, secret service etc have been secretly doing for quite some time, hidden from an uninformed world. These psyops and other ancillaries including the slaves private the telepathic blackout where everybody are unable to use their telepathic eyes. The serial killing perverts are in silent mode, a secret smirk shared amongst the bully boys in this bully boy get-together. The FoM are sitting in combat stance, leaning over their computers as if in battle. The pride of the country, hand signals at the ready. I even goaded them into acting.
The serial killing perverts are now facing a fully defended intended victim and increasingly strong populace. There are too afraid to even leave their vehicle. The SKNF serial killing pervert vermin then went into threat mode and said that they will seek other victims less defended to commit their atrocities on. This is their modus operandi. Take all precautions.
This morning the FoM, not wanting to take responsibility for what happened last night told me that they were the visible serial killing pervert psyops and that there were many other silent ones. The Lesbian Unwoman serial killing pervert of the MSC made a pretense of enquiring what her serial killing pervert colleagues in the SKNF's attack was about while I was lining up for breakfast as well.
The two visible MSC staff involved in this attack on my family are 1.Kelvin: An African-American, possibly military, approx. 6' 4" tall male, 30-40 years of age, tends to be clean shaven, MSC staff member, plays the part of nice, jovial, playful poster boy for St. Anthonys and shelters and 2.Juan: Male, Caucasian, approx. 50-60 years old, rotund, 6' tall, tends to wear a moustache, brown eyes and may be slightly myopic. Other serial killing perverts and SKNF contaminants in the security services keeping up their pretense of showing concern for these incidences of attack. Bestus-Lieutenant also hanging around.
Places like the MSC and other parts of the semi-privatized and public Government services especially the criminal justice system, penitentiaries, shelters, prisons, borders, welfare units, and other parts of the slave making machine etc are financed by Government. Their funds are supplied by the SKNF contaminant in Government in a vicious corrupt loop which creates an ever increasing spiral of crime, slaves and funding. Most of the money ends up in the SKNF's pocket with the supposed beneficiaries getting almost nothing. This money is then used to create more crime, more slaves and then obtain even more funding in an endless and exponentially increasingly expensive scam. Not only is the money misappropriated but the SKNF obtains an army of slaves. These entities are packed with SKNF members as employees. They are very good at acting the part of good counselor, manager, worker, director and have all the usual audio and visual cues to fool anyone that is not aware of what is going on. The ex-criminal in a job line is in a secret double-speak to sell the SKNF's narcotics or to be one of their agents of atrocity and crime. These SKNF vermin staff have proven to be the most malignant, treacherous, vermin and serial killing perverts.
I reminded everyone last night that they have been ordered to report on the SKNF conspiracy and that the excuse of duress appears to be groundless.

-FoM relationship with their serial killing pervert fathers and other relatives appears to have characteristics in common with other serial killing perverts. Their fathers being unable to stop their psychotic sons from flinging their heads around and sympathetically inducing their own to do so have reverted to attacking everyone else. This appears to relieve their frustrations and has actually brought them closer together and happiness in performing a family exercise in evil, their other relatives, mother and grandparents also involved in serial killing atrocities. This reminds me of my observation that Serial Killer seems happier when he is involved in some evil scheme and when joined in a group planning and implementing such. This is indicative of the child's psychological development within the context of a serial killing pervert family and the set of biological brain structures that have consequently formed, and is the basis of their incredibly nutty personalities.
-FoM appear to be going on another fruity loopy cycle. All indications are that they will attack their colleagues again. FoM appear to be working their fathers and relatives up into a rage by swinging their heads and causing the same in a sympathetic attack. This will be used for an excuse to attack their colleagues. Meanwhile their colleagues have been ordered not to complain about the FoM and their very frequent attacks on themselves. This being used as a convenient opportunity and is a ruse to support the FoM's, SKNF-NZ-Military, SKNF-NZ-Police, SKNF in general and planned attack on the psyops department probably mostly of the Auckland-Manukau etc region but possibly elsewhere in NZ. A continuation of the psyops takeover attack trick. NZ is packed with foreign and local serial killing perverts of the SKNF as well. It is likely that this is an indicator for other world wide attacks on the same and other varieties (as earlier in October-Novemebr 2014).

-It was President Obama's and the Executive of other countries clear, comprehensive, complete and precise instructions that prevented the SKNF contaminant within the security services and elsewhere to not do actions that would expose themselves as SKNF. This saved billions upon billions of lives. Imagine if the President or any other of the Executive in the super powers were SKNF. We would have lost the planet.

-The criminal justice, penitentiary, welfare, shelter etc slave making machine functions in this way. A crime or misdemeanor occurs. It is frequent and very highly probable that this crime was induced telepathically by the SKNF contaminant in psyops. -> the person performing the misdemeanor or crime is then sent through the criminal justice mill. The first people that person meets is likely an agent, and in the current state of things an agent colluding with the SKNF and SKNF themselves. These people tend to be young, work as free health medical technicians, doctors, counselors, legal aid, lawyers etc etc. This person that tells the perpetrator that they have to become part of a gang whose power base is somewhere "higher up". This higher up is usually a Police officer but can be military, however the military gets its power base from its troops. The Police officer higher up will have a son (and sometimes a daughter) in psyops. The perpetrator is now "owned" and is enslaved. This enslavement that has a propensity to turn these slaves in nutters. These slaves are used as canon fodder as well as tools to enlarge the number of slaves, this done by inducing younger ones to be gang members, perpetrate crimes etc etc.

-The corrupted officials move these homeless, gangs and poor from shelter to shelter blocking access to these shelters and making it seem that they are fully utilized. This serves to get the corrupt more money to build shelters and house these gangs and homeless as well as provides these corrupt ones a ready source of slaves, the slaves being paid in access to shelter services. The slaves form gangs which are then used for crime, to sell narcotics, to illegally lower property prices so that the corrupt can take over properties etc etc. These slaves are also used as convenient canon-fodder. These poor do not have any way of exiting these conditions and are actually not helped to exit slavery but are subject to the opposite. Most of the staff in these services know about this scam. Many of these staff are in collusion with this scam and are parasitizing the system and are guilty of these crimes, many of these crimes being crimes against humanity. It also appears that this corruption is strongly correlated with membership of the SKNF. I am again left wondering if whether the buy in to this corruption is the performance of crimes against humanity.

-Lessons for Education
:Education objectives should include:
1.All knowledge to be imparted to the student.
2.That knowledge is learnt by the student immediately (ultimate goal)
3.The Education system makes good people ie One of the objectives of Education is to have the student have proper psychological development. This third objective would require that the Education system provide whatever resources required to achieve this goal. The Education system expands will need to expand its objectives to include the psychological development of it stake-holders, staff, students, their parents and the populace. A important implication of this for today is that the Education system will need to have the ability to defend its staff and students. For instance, the teachers who taught the FoM were at risk of atrocity from the FoM's parents who are economically wealthy and psychotically violent.
:Education methods:1.Playschool ie People should enjoy the teaching and the lesson.
:Observations of the FoM and the psychotically violent and insane
1.Insanity is a and psychosis appears as subconscious behavior to the afflicted.
2."Problem" children, a pejorative term that needs to be described correctly: eg fighting and aggressive, trouble making, overly playful and runs around in class etc are indicative of psychological developmental paths from home and parenting environment. If violent then the parents, their first caregivers etc are violent. This psychological situation will then need to be remedied. If the child is playful, runs around uncontrollably, disruptive then the child is overly constrained at home and is not provided the first caregiver's attention that the child needs ie the child is not allowed to play and/or s/he is ignored.
The symptoms of these development structures appears as an integrated whole in the adult as psychological development reaches adulthood and new complexes are formed.
-Entrapment is part of the systematic mechanisms of the enslavement machine. The educational approach that we have today has developed out of this systematic enslavement of humanity. This systematic enslavement is condoned and knowingly conspired to by the corruption that we are suffering in humanity. This corruption has every indication of being tightly and strongly correlated to crimes against humanity, those of before and during WW3, and the corrupted appear to be those that perpetrate these crimes in one way or another.
-The evolution of the Education model must shift away from hiding knowledge of the world as well as lying about the world. This feeds the entrapment mechanism. It must shift to that which teaches about the world. It must provide the knowledge, the psychological development that will make for moral, ethical, psychologically well developed individuals ie good people.
-The entrapment mechanism must be further dis-incentivized, weakened to total destruction and made non-existent by all other means as well. The structures for developing knowledgeable and good people must be incentivized.
-The FoM are economically maladjusted psychotically developed dysfunctional working insane. Their fathers and other relatives have again gone down the path less travelled (as compared to almost everybody who have independently chosen the correct response to the FoM's psychopathy) and pandered to the FoM's attention seeking psychosis by taking part along with the FoM in a big bully boy get-together team and have again attacked my family and in particular my children using another of their telepathic devices, a number of which were used against their own children and have since driven the FoM insane. The result is that the FoM's sympathetic head swinging and consequent attacks on themselves and their fathers and relatives is again increasing exponentially as the FoM are positively rewarded by the comfort of family closeness and its developmental association with what the FoM have experienced as happy times and love. The FoM are now subconsciously seeking more of the same. The goal is normal but the mechanisms to achieve the goal are abnormal and psychotic. It may also be that the FoM are using this as some kind of means to attack their colleagues as they have in the past.
-Family/Lords must devise and have a defense against the swarming microbots. Its pervasiveness and quantity causes them to be dangerous. They can lodge themselves within our bodies, especially our lungs, this being detrimental to our health.
-As stated earlier, my observations indicate that the world will try to return to this current state which will lead to failure and worse atrocity before failure. We have at most under a year (probably much less than 8 months) before resolution of the SKNF threat. We need to get into straightening things up immediately.

-SKNF contaminant worldwide in security services, Government, private enterprise are pursuing a collusive and coordinated propaganda campaign. Its intention appears to be to support SKNF lies but its real intention is to hold more hostages and commit more atrocities.
-SKNF have planted booby trapped bombs etc in San Francisco and probably elsewhere worldwide. They have planted them in as many places as they can. Many of them have been planted over infrastructure, under roads, near pipelines etc etc. This has been performed by SKNF dressed as city council and other workmen. SKNF appears to have taken many city council contracts, this being an indicator of the number of SKNF contaminant within Government.
-SKNF contaminant have informed me by their usual subterfuge that lords are working at all levels to resolve SKNF threat. SKNF are trying to get their SKNF nutjobs to sacrifice themselves in a worldwide bid at causing chaos. They know they will fail but are doing everything to destroy and cause as much damage as possible before they go.
-SKNF at all levels showing no signs of remorse or contrition but continue to try and perpetrate crimes against humanity and other crimes.
-SKNF bomb and booby-trap laying activities has 2 purposes. 1.They think that if their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick works or if they are able to hide away and avoid the purge that is to come then they will be in a position to destroy the lords and their wealth with these hidden weapons. 2.They intend to strike at Family/Lords from "beyond the grave" by having their replacements become corrupt and have them strike at Family/Lords.
-Family/Lords have to do everything to prevent another rise of the SKNF. This means that they must ensure that they and whoever they choose to do a thing must put the "lock on the safe" to prevent corruption and the rise of another SKNF in all endeavors.

My observations of the FoM is that their job description is only 4 distinct items:
1.Fiddle with self
2.Try and kill work colleagues and just about anyone they can think off.
3.Attention seek and attract attention to self
4.Snort cocaine.

-Proton and EPF Malaysia are examples of Family/Lords development plans that corruption, probably mostly by the SKNF, have all but destroyed. With respect to Proton, corruption there has been used to make the national car and development program fail so that the corrupt can make money from the importing vehicles. The SKNF had promised that they could get VolksWagen or even Mercedes Benz to buy Proton and thus make it a successful company. Actually what had happened is that the corruption's plans was to sell a very viable and ought to be successful company for nothing, have the lords thank the corrupt for ripping them off as well as steal the lords assets. The result of this is that Malaysia's development has been damaged. The same for EPF. EPF has been providing all sorts of loans that have absolutely no chance of being repaid and no chance of the loan being used for successful business. It has got so bad that the corrupt there don't even hide the fact that this is happening anymore. The net result is that the savings people have made are invested in poorly performing assets and the returns suck! This problem is faced by all the lords and in all their assets. More things to be straightened out. The work load for the future is massive. SKNF-Malaysia have threatened already.
-SKNF have been using threats to prevent the truth of their corruption from being revealed. They have used the Medical system and its corruption as a reason to commit their atrocities saying that a lot of money is tied up in their psychotic implementation of medicine, the fact that disease is actually made to run rampant within the population, that so called medicine is being used to turn people into addicts, that organs from live vivisection of human beings ie crimes against humanity is being sold for organ transplants etc etc. The serial killing pervert vermin within the medical system are starting to crawl out and become visible.
-SKNF are using telepathic induction supported by SKNF groundnuts acting to try make everyone believe that there are grey areas and that is why the SKNF vermin appear to support SKNF subterfuge, lies, disobedience to their superiors and commanders, crimes against humanity etc etc. I have told everyone that this is a lie. It is either obedience or disobedience. There are no grey areas.
-FoM psychosis has led them to swing their heads widely and sympathetically affect everybody else. This has led quite a few of them to have sprained necks. Whereas in the past they used to stop when a couple of them had sprained their necks, this time they went absolutely berserk when no one felt sorry for them including their parents. They then went off trying to show everyone that they did not mind spraining their necks with whiplash and even now are trying to prove that everyone is wrong to laugh at their psychotic behavior.

-Family/Lords will need to maintain control over key infrastructure especially security for a minimum of 60 years. It is not good to put the minimum amount of effort into anything especially in the context of preventing another rise of a SKNF. This means that the work required to ensure that WW4 and a SKNF cannot rise again will be a life's work for Family/Lords and their descendants. The implication of this is that Family/Lords will need to concentrate their efforts in these key areas at the cost other endeavors. This means that Family/Lords descendants will need to be encouraged properly into taking the key roles and over generations. This requires that Family/Lords understand how to guide their descendants properly so that they understand the need for them to take these key roles and are willing to take these roles over other possible interest that they may have. Family/Lords already do not have the means to cover every role already.
-Everybody will need to contribute to ensure that we do not see another rise of a SKNF and destruction of the world.
-Family/Lords will need to be very selective on the people they select and only choose the best choice. All job descriptions must include
1.Strengthening of systems to prevent corruption and SKNF type activities (putting the lock on the safe to keep an honest person honest)
2.Continuous improvement and strengthening of these systems of continuous improvement.
-Family/Lords will need to impose their will and not be tricked into disbelieving that they need to achieve what needs to be achieved. This will require be taught mindfulness, conscious living, -Family/Lords working together and many other things.
-If Family/Lords fails to do these things then another SKNF will rise and we will probably lose Earth, and suffer atrocity before that. All the signs are there already that another SKNF will rise even if this present one is totally annihilated. The imprint that this present SKNF will leave ensures that.
-The world needs to be righted and righted properly.

-SKNF trying to convince me by mass peer pressure and serial killing perverts making fun of me that being evil, cruel, a serial killing pervert is actually the best form of a personality.
-FoM fiddling had one of them accidentally insert his finger deep into his rectum after he was "packing". This led to him extracting a large finger-load of fecal matter which he then put to his nose and sniffed while telling himself that he is the roughest-toughest, most evil and hence most fearsome. This event and the FoM's contextual mindset is similar to an event last year (2014) where the FoM then went off and attacked their colleagues, especially their female colleagues by putting fecal and other pathogen matter into their foodware. The FoM are again at that time where they are expected to try and kill their colleagues again.

I recommend Family/Lords having their own schools at least during for the next 60 years or longer. It has been observed that the SKNF has been forming crowds around Family/Lords to gain their favor as well as to manipulate them. They have also been doing this with their children. The danger to Family/Lords has been observed to be real in that they are led astray or manipulated in mind and in action. Family/Lords educators will also need to be of the same level as Family/Lords so that no possibility of SKNF type psychosis can threaten the educators and hence corrupt Family/Lords psychological development. An example of this is what is going on at Kings College in NZ. The FoM also went to this school. The FoM and their parents are not only insane but are serial killing perverts and are insanely violent. One can imagine the risk that the teachers there were exposed to. One can also imagine the risk that the other students faced. The FoM would have also caused this risk by causing fights and violence in the school as it would feed their psychosis especially their attention seeking psychosis and need to be the most fearsome. This problem has been going on in the past and in the present. Family/Lords have said that they will do everything to prevent another SKNF threat. This must be part of "everything".
-Family/Lords must maintain firm control until the machinery can function correctly autonomously. This also applies to Family/Lords' education machinery.
-Family/Lords need to trust their morality.
-Education centers especially private education centers have been used by the SKNF as a gateway for prostitution, illegal immigration etc etc. I have observed that even the wealthy in Family/Lords have been directed into these education centers so that they are surrounded by SKNF slaves and the SKNF itself. This is one of the mechanisms that the SKNF use to enslave a populace as well as build an army against Family/Lords. This will need to be controlled by Family/Lords to prevent the SKNF from using this type of mechanism to build their resources. Also corruption in education needs to be eliminated entirely for the same reasons. The people passing through these education centers can be enslaved as they are now entrapped in a illegality. Furthermore the education system becomes corrupted with substandard education as well as having unaware people surrounded by possible corrupt elements and accidentally entrapped since this mechanism is kept secret and the education center is treated as if it is an uncorrupt and legitimate organization.

-It appears that senior SKNF have similar psychosis to the FoM and want all of the SKNF to throw themselves in a selfless sacrifice against the advanced weapons of the lords. The idea is that this then will be used as a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. SKNF-Paramilitary has already learnt the error of this. I wonder who will be next in line to learn the precept that if you don't learn from your mistakes you will repeat the lesson until you do.

-FoM's (also being called "Idiot-sons") 2 month cycle of kill-their-colleagues psychosis is now actioned as was predicted in note dated 22/04/2015. One of the FoM's has put feces extracted from his rectum on the food utensils and possibly other kitchen fittings (hot water boiler outlet, tap outlet etc) in their shared Auckland region psyops department kitchen. There is strong probability that this FoM
psychosis will lead to the FoM putting nerve toxin on eating utensils, kitchen fitting and kitchenware as well as other shared facilities eg toilet paper in the toilets, toilets seats, desk seating etc etc. Danger extreme. I predict that if the FoM are not stopped they will murder some of their colleagues. If they are stopped temporarily then this cycle will recur in another 2 months time as has been observed previously. It is now very clear that the FoM are insane. This should have been obvious for some time especially with the level of chronic fiddling, cocaine consumption, attention seeking and trying to kill their colleagues. The nerve toxins are from the previous attack (approximately 2 months ago) when one of the FoM's fathers handed the FoM "something extra" for their attempt at killing their colleagues at that time. This was after the FoM's second shipment of grenades, bullets and ABC suits were tested by the FoM's father and handed to the FoM after it occurred to the FoM that their first lot of these weapons may have been non-functional.

-FoM threaten their grandparents with computer-electronic attacks if their grandparents cut them out of their wills for keeping them awake at all times of the night and early morning during their usual bouts of continuous psychotic behavior. Their grandparents have complained and threatened them already to no avail.
-One of the FoM (an idiot-son) has retained a large sample of his fecal emittance within a container in his private psyops computer room. He implied this was so that he can use it as a smell weapon however history shows that he will probably use it to poison he colleagues. It is probable that he will mix it with nerve toxin as they have been allowed to soil foodstuff, utensils, kitchen and other fittings with their feces and will probably use this as a trick to hide their attacks on their colleagues. It is probable that this kept turd was used as for a feces attack on their colleagues as reported on 29/04/2015.
-The HOD of the Auckland region psyops department is probably also part of these attacks on the Auckland region's psyop staff. The FoM have continually strained their backs and neck muscles by whipping their heads around in a telepathic attack. They then go for a message to reduce the pain from the strain and pay for the message with their credit cards as if this is a legitimate Police expenditure. The HOD can stop the FoM from exhibiting this psychosis of theirs by disallowing messages as an expenditure when the message is due to this context. This has been known to the HOD for some time. What has been happening is that the Auckland region's psyops department has been blamed for not supporting the -FoM's telepathic whiplash attacks and for rationally not supporting the FoM's attempts at killing the rest of the Auckland region's psyops staff.

-FoM testing toxic chemicals in small quantities on self with antidote. Whatever it was caused an intense itch at very low dose. Probably was nerve toxin. This indicates that the 30/04/2015 are planning to spray it on every surface possible including toilet seats, toilet paper, desk surface even possibly into air ducts. This also indicates that the attack psyops and takeover plan that the SKNF had tried earlier on is being shifted into action again. Warning to everybody including psyops.
-FoM indicates that they think the secret service especially psyops is a get-rich-quick-scheme and opportunity. I wonder if this is common to the whole SKNF and whether this is one of the things that needs to be righted by the lords.
-FoM's psychotic psychological development shows in many ways. One instance of this was a childish outburst by one of the Idiot-sons that they father is always taking everybody else side - this coming from a 40 year old man.
-It is probable that the SKNF have been using a weapon that can cause earthquakes. This may be the cause of the recent earthquake in Nepal and possibly Christchurch. Disruptors exist thus earthquake creating weapons must exist.

-FoM behavior and mentality appears to be a microcosm of the SKNF in general. The SKNF are aware that they have absolutely no defence or offensive capability against Family/Lords. The SKNF have been reminded that they have no credibility whatsoever. They have been reminded that should they want to escape their probable annihilation and demise they will need to build their "positive karma" quotient. They will need to do this in everyway and anyway especially stopping the atrocities in Perth and elsewhere. Their psychosis can be observed by their choices which is similar and analogous to the choices the FoM makes everyday when they swing their heads looking for their parents and everybody else's attention in a supposed attack on me. The insane cannot observe their own insanity. The SKNF like the actions of the FoM have continued to perform atrocities in Perth and continue to attempt, sometimes successfully, perform atrocities elsewhere, all with a big-bully-boy-get-together mindset, with the "you push us so we push back" psychosis like a mantra in their subconscious. All of the SKNF's behavior appear to be directed towards holding hostages and committing more atrocities. They have even left a legacy of hidden nuclear and WMD bombs under our cities and infrastructure, as well as information caches and everything else that they can think of to destroy Family/Lords and the world. This to strike back even beyond the grave. The idea being that new corruption will form, will not make the mistakes of the past and actually destroy the planet. The SKNF do not believe that they will destroy the planet but that is simply their insanity. All evidence says that if corruption forms again the world will be destroyed and prior to that will be atrocity by crimes against humanity and pain.
Many of the SKNF are making the pretense that they are in favor of saving Perth in a subterfuge and Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. However their actions prove otherwise. They all know that it is incumbent on each and every one of them personally to build develop their positive karma points by doing everything they can. They chose otherwise.
-SKNF-Singapore, SKNF-Malaysia, SKNF in general had Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (Singapore) and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (Malaysia) wait on me. They were made to wait until 5am in the morning. This a multi attack on themselves, by keeping them up in the morning, and a sideways glance attack on me, to make me look as if my ego has ballooned out to FoM proportions. I had earlier (about 2am Singapore time) seen a supposed recorded video that had these Prime Ministers actually passing a message in the background. I had turned it off as I had thought it was another SKNF trap - which it turned out to be. The SKNF had also shown me another video with the same context earlier and probably, as is their usual modus operandi, thought it was a weakness that can be exploited in an attack. These attacks are also used to support the SKNF lie that I am doing secret service work and acting as a telephone for President Obama and Family/Lords. They do this to give credibility to their plethora of lies and disobedience of both the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the Regional Commander's orders.
The SKNF are relying on their large number and psychological visual cues as a foundation for their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. This is psychosis. Their are guilty. They have no chance whatsoever. Their only escape is to work towards a pardon. They have performed no action or work towards this pardon whatsoever but continue in their psychopathic behavior and mentality. They are only fooling themselves.
This also shows proof to my earlier observation that the FoM are only exhibiting a observable extreme to get attention and are not actually that different psychologically from the SKNF colleagues. This would explain why the FoM were allowed to perform their psychosis in a show of being the most fearsome even though it was detrimental to the local SKNF in Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Wellington and San Francisco. The fall of the SKNF cannot be attributed entirely to the FoM.

-SKNF and collusively corrupt modus operandi: Install a corrupt SKNF agent in senior positions, run organization/company/enterprise to the ground and try to get owners to sell the asset as it is a financial drain on them. Sell the asset and then turn it into a profitable enterprise afterwards. Also has the ripped off owner thanking the corrupt ones for ripping them off. I suspect this is what is happening to Microsoft and a host of other Blue chip companies. Another variant of this trick is to charge that organization within the legal framework and have a corrupt judiciary and/or prosecution and/or defense with the end result being that the owners lose the asset or a least lose a lot of money defending the asset. The Bugger-Me-While-I-Thank-You-Trick.

-FoM have planned to make attempt of colleagues lives again using gastro-intestinal tract pathogen like annual Xmas party attempt in November 2014. The FoM seem to have an intense dislike for their female colleagues and appear to have targeted them in particular. This is expected to happen on 10/05/2015 in NZ. It may be Mother's day there and some of the FoM's colleagues may have children. The attack can happen anywhere even in restaurants etc. The FoM's hatred for their female colleagues seems to stem from the FoM's ego psychosis in that the female colleagues have been joking about the FoM's chronic psychopathological masturbating. This attempt at attacking psyops and probably other staff and people is probably part of a SKNF worldwide attack as well.
-The dynamics of the relationship between the SKNF-USA and the FoM and probably to a much lesser extent the rest of SKNF-NZ is as follows.
Both suffer from delusions of grandeur. This is expressed as a constant sneering at anyone of less wealth to themselves. An arrogant egotistical and condescending demeanor that is projected across but is also used as a tool to anger. This arrogance is not based on any real achievement but on an imagined superiority. Their gains in wealth have come from parasitizing the lords and being obsequies in their presence. This is imagined to be a cleverness in a form of psychosis which they fool themselves as being a type of survival of the fittest where the smarmiest survives. Their mentality is one that sees evils like destruction, rape, murder, crimes against humanity etc etc as signs of their toughness and strength. In actuality they have had a psychotic psychological developmental process that has turned them insane and destructive.
This was even observed within the SKNF that had infiltrated groups that are less likely prone to these forms of psychosis. I observed someone within advanced technologies that spent a large amount of time trying to prove his importance within the SKNF not realizing that the SKNF are full of idiots and morons whose mentality is more like the FoM ie a clutch of psychosis one of them being the need to prove themselves the most fearsome amongst their peers and get attention and acceptance in this manner.
The FoM were unable to be as powerful as their American super-power psyop (as well as Caucasian), secret service and young colleagues in SKNF-USA. Furthermore the innate SKNF xenophobia has a part in this as well. The FoM overcompensated and thus resorted to proving themselves the "roughest-toughest" and hence most fearsome as a means to counter the pressures from their ego psychosis and. SKNF-NZ to some extent did the same.
Meanwhile they climb over each other in a mad scramble to be the first to be of service to the lords. I have observed this on numerous occasions, especially when I speak to the lords directly or work on something these young SKNF nutters think should only come from someone that had studied at the best universities. It is easy to feel contempt for their little cankers of jealousy.
I observed this dynamic last night when the SKNF were performing another bout of SKNF bullshit where they were attempting to support their lies, attempts at attacking the lords, parasitizing the lords, enriching themselves and then turning this misappropriated wealth against the very people it was stolen from etc as being not only right but the SKNF exercising their rights.
The SKNF are even now showing no remorse or contrition for their many crimes and are as usual are psychotically trying to bully everyone into their way of thinking by more crimes against humanity. They flash their wealth to do features as if it will make me fall for their bullshit and their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. They know they will not succeed. They know that they have no chance whatsoever. But they do not do what is right.
-Family/Lords must remove psychosis from their education centers. The SKNF have been systematically crowding them at the level of the student and staff. This psychosis is generally expressed by a psychotically macho manner. It is systematic and intentional. Violence has no place within education. I observed the tendency for the SKNF to insert macho and violence bullshit into schools via secret service agents during my time at Alice Smith Schools in Malaysia and ELC International School. I have also observed this in the propensity for students in wealthy lords type private schools to exhibit macho bullshit. I have also observed this in boys schools in NZ (Whangerei Boys High School). This is systematic psychosis. The extremely psychotic and anally fixated FoM all went to Kings College in Auckland. Can you imagine the risk to the teachers, the staff as well as the other students.

-FoM peaking at the top of their psychosis meter. Observed FoM fiddling with their feces again. This has always (100%) been a prelude to another feces attack or other attacks on their colleagues. Prediction is that FoM will attack their colleagues again. See note 09/05/2015 and November 2014 annual Xmas party episode of feces and other attacks by FoM.

-SKNF have globally gone on offensive in everyway that they can. All their actions are targeted towards causing more atrocities. SKNF also advertising their wins as far and wide as possible so that the SKNF second class citizens can commit suicide in a mass attack with the higher level SKNF intention of escaping in a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. Many parts of the SKNF (psyops, official security [Police and military), secret service, political etc) being exposed.
-SKNF-India highest level of psyops are being exposed in large numbers. They are attempting to use their advanced weapons with the mindset of taking a swipe where they can. Indian security region Family/Lords slowly gaining control of the situation. SKNF-India at highest levels are losing their highest level access to advanced weaponry and technologies. Most likely earthquakes in Nepal are a result of SKNF-India using their earthquake machines to attack Nepal while hiding their hand with the mad mentality that they can use a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick to fool Family/Lords into leaving their access to advanced weaponry and technologies intact. SKNF at highest level worldwide also remaining hidden so that they can do the same.
-SKNF showing no signs of remorse or contrition whatsoever at any level but are continuing in their attempts at atrocity.
-I think SKNF actions is an indication as to how close Family/Lords are to resolving the first phase of the SKNF threat. I hope that this also means that they are putting a plan and action into the straightening the world afterwards - something I think should be called phase 2 of resolving the SKNF threat.

-FoM police fathers and fellow serial killing pervert and psycho tells FoM to go "full tilt" at swinging head, snorting coke, attempting to kill their colleagues and presumably chronically masturbating.
-SKNF response to their impending demise is as expected their increasing open advertising of their serial killing pervert variety crimes against humanity. Also continuing to lay bombs under our cities and infrastructure as well as doing all things to hold more hostages and commit more atrocities. I have not observed any of the SKNF showing any remorse or contrition whatsoever. This applies from bottom to top of the SKNF.

-SKNF showing signs of exponentially increasing levels of insane actions and mental craziness. This is likely an indicator that of their psychosis reaching it topmost point of its meter. Due to SKNF size I would think that it we will likely see this translated into action and that this action will be violent. All the SKNF are doing is trying to hold more hostages and commit more atrocities. They are doing everything in their power for this to happen. They are doing it by telepathically induction to make people lower their guard, by sympathy sucking, by marching around in troop formation leaning on their propaganda of being the good guy, trying to give credibility to SKNF lies and subterfuge as well as the usual attempts at serial killing and planting all manner of explosives under our cities etc and whatever else they can think off. The SKNF's psychotic behavior is becoming more overt with even name calling being used. Most observable is the huffing around in the guise of SKNF-diplonut.

-SKNF collusive corruption creates large number of slaves and disenfranchised and leans towards the propensity for creating a large number of serial killing perverts from the populace. This is performed in many ways. One way I have observed is collusive corruption within the Police, justice system, medical system where they SKNF collusively apply corrupt and adhoc rules in place of law to incarcerate the populace with the pretense of actually upholding the law. Media based propaganda is primarily used as well as other means to support and hide this corruption. The incarcerated populace are then told that there are actually no rules and that the only way out of SKNF evil is to be a part of that evil, to be on the "fast-track" and especially to be a serial killing pervert. This claim is then supported by parading the ones that have supposedly benefited from being a serial killing pervert eg Sam Khanna, John Keys, Paul Byrnes, FoM etc as role models.
-SKNF have been told by Family/Lords to work on their "positive karma". SKNF response is as usual. They are trying to take more hostages, are trying and are committing more atrocities in every way they can. Their latest common behavior in front of me is to look sad and cheerless in an attempt to eke the maximum amount of sympathy for the SKNF in support of their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks.
-SKNF beginning to overtly boast about their crimes against humanity. Below is an example of such which was put onto my computer via SKNF contaminated psyops. Their boasting is indicative of their state of mind. They have no way of winning but they revert back to psychosis as if it is the panacea for their problems. They have been told on countless occasions over long periods of time to surrender and work on their positive karma. All they have done and are doing is creating more atrocities. The image below appears to be the leg of a young teenage child. The SKNF roughest toughest image of themselves is true only when the face defenseless people especially children. The need to be totally annihilated in every way.
Crimes Against Humanity SKNF Boasting : Image from

-SKNF continue to do everything except build their positive karma and case for a pardon. One of them said "I made my first million by the time I was 20" as a sleight against my wealth. However it must be pointed out that they did this by crimes against humanity and parasitizing society, the lord and humanity.

-SKNF psyops, paramilitary, secret service, gangs, 2nd class citizens, military etc etc have been testing Family/Lords defenses including telepathic defenses. SKNF had come to the conclusion that Family/Lords surpassed them in everyway. This was discovered some time ago (??3-4 months??). SKNF however continue to try and capture more hostages and commit more atrocities instead of working on developing their positive karma.
-FoM's signs of psychosis very pronounced and obvious. Even the SKNF have come to the conclusion that they are craaaazzzzy! FoM autoerotic behavior being dampened by their taking pain-killer medicine since most of them have put their backs out in one way or another. This has led to much more vigorous self fiddling then before so that it feels nice again.

-Invisible minefields: Many innocuous structures are actually 'mines'. They have explosive bolts, are primed to fall on pedestrians etc etc. Example: the many emergency exit stair-ladders that exist in San Francisco are designed to fall on pedestrians. Need to be corrected during straightening of the world after end of SKNF.
-Fruitcake / Idiot-Son's father thinking to jail Idiot-Son (aka The Fiddler, Max-Payne, FoM) but worried own 'friends" will take advantage of the situation and stage an attack on him. Idiot-Son's father considering this way of handling Idiot-Son's exponentially increasing psychotic behavior as Idiot-Son's activity is becoming longer and longer and more continuous. FoM's behavior partly encouraged by their own relatives as they wanted to prove that they are the roughest-toughest and told the FoM to go "full-tilt". Furthermore the FoM's relatives especially their Police fathers decided not to constrain the FoM and to let them burn off their excess energy (aka violence psychosis) and hence did not try to stop their violent head swinging etc behavior.
-The staff within the Auckland region psyops department are showing concern over the unhygienic conditions that have resulted from the FoM's constant and almost religious autoerotic fiddling. They are concerned that all the surfaces eg faucets, door handles etc are covered with feces and semen. Overheard someone say that "Its like a minefield out there!".
-FoM now taking medically prescribed pain killers to reduce pain caused from psychotic head swinging attacks that have rendered them with severe back strain. Pain killers have been so effective that the FoM have increased their attacks of this type. They have even earned the name Max-Payne as a result.
-Kings College staff and students were threatened and may have lost their lives through atrocity because of SKNF and in particular the FoM. It may have been that the
FoM would do something psychotic at school and would then be disciplined. The FoM would then go home and complain to their fathers who would then attack the staff, students and parents of the complaining students of Kings College using the SKNF contaminated and psychotic psyops, secret service and Police etc. Schools require a strong and permanent defense against this kind of problem in order to straightened the world and put the lock on the safe.
-SKNF contaminant in secret service, Police, military, psyops etc attacking people loyal to Family/Lords. In one instance they have tried to have a psyops member out of the psyops department using all sorts of excuses and supposed jobs, many of these excuses designed to kill that psyops member. In another instance they offered a female a job in an advertisement and then subjected her to abuse during the recording of that advertisement in the form of having to endure a series of champagne bottles being opened in her face. The SKNF tried to hide these attacks as legitimate behavior and have probably not recorded these activities as attacks. However it is necessary to keep in mind that the SKNF also plays the Take-All-Sides-Trick.
-Idiot-Son's head swinging attacks are causing them to get headaches and possibly brain damage. However Idiot-Son did not stop their psychotic attacks until one of their relatives said that they should stop as they were getting brain damage. Idiot-Son then appeared to have felt some form of appeasement from the "love" (ie they felt that at least someone was being sorry for them and their idiotic behavior) shown from this relative and reduced their head swinging. It appears that this appeasement fulfills some psychopathic need that is derived from psychotic psychological development.
-It may be that Idiot-Son's fathers were also stalking women like the FoM do. This even while married. Many women in NZ security services have been killed, raped and suffered atrocities. Reminiscent of Heidi Paakonen rape.
-SKNF showing no sign of contrition or remorse. "Game on...": Words heard spoken in malevolent lets bring war to them but actually we are looking to escape by a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick as we kill off our second class SKNF citizens and hopefully the world will feel sorry for us and let us go so we can do more atrocities and bring about WW4.
-If I appear to write about the FoM a lot it is because I think the future will want to know about the buffoons whose actions resulted in the SKNF losing World War 3 and us winning it. With any luck it will persuade the rest of us that we have been extremely lucky and to contribute towards the straightening of the world as well as prevent us from being parasitic instead of symbiotic to Family/Lords.
-SKNF using Perth and elsewhere as a lever to escape their fate with the excuse that Family/Lords are to blame for the atrocities. In reality the SKNF are holding the whole world hostage and it is Family/Lords that are saving us while they continue to strengthen their defensive position and head toward resolving the SKNF threat. Perth and elsewhere cannot be saved at this moment not because Family/Lords do not want to but because they do not have the capacity to at this moment. The SKNF are also trying to make Family/Lords hurry and not put their defenses properly so that Family/Lords will make a mistake. Family/Lords must dot the i's and cross the t's, take all precautions and go at best speed only in order to resolve the SKNF threat. The atrocities in Perth etc reflects how bad things were and, decreasingly so, are and how close we came to losing the world.
-SKNF xenophobic and delusions of grandeur psychosis becomes more pronounced as they openly pronounce how everybody else are not allowed any knowledge whatsoever and that this is especially true for the darker skin colored humans. SKNF of darker skin colored races also agree with general SKNF psychosis showing once again that the SKNF are insane.
-SKNF try to hide SKNF contamination of Family/Lords assets such as private companies, publicly listed companies etc etc by repeatedly daring anyone to say that these companies are performing poorly because of SKNF contamination in a Bugger-Me-While-I-Thank-You-Trick all the while with the intention of trying to hide this truth by suggesting that this truth is untrue when people remain polite and not say anything.

-Idiot-Son sees his fear as being telepathically driven by his enemies whenever his father is angered by Idiot-Son's idiotic behavior. However Idiot-Son's response is process via what appears to an observer as a jumble of anger and aggression. The jumble appears to be unattached and is a self contained mental entity. Its source seems to be via Idiot-Son's psychotic psychological development. He blames his fear on his colleagues and cannot see that the mental and physical structure exists within themselves. There is a telepathic resonance between his father and Idiot-Son, this being developed via the same psychological experience but it is not intentional.
Idiot-Son tries to gain his father's approval and respect instead of anger by saying that his idiocy is due to anger. This is because Idiot-Son's father is a serial killing pervert and has committed numerous atrocities personally and directly and Idiot-Son sees the way to his father's heart is by being psychotically violent.
For instance after I wrote the above ie that Idiot-Son's father is a serial killing pervert who has committed many atrocities Idiot-Son then used this to ally himself with his father. One could feel the sense of family. Idiot-Son was telepathically conveying what I noted to his relatives and especially his father. It is like Idiot-Son feels that his father is taking everyone else's side and not his. thus giving grist to his frustrations and violence psychosis.
Strangely enough Idiot-Son calms down when he fiddles with his anus and sniffs the feces left on his fingers afterwards. I have observed this a sufficient number of times to think that this is probably an unconscious coping behavior. Something that he is now doing as the realization creeps in that he is actually crazy!
As this truth is expressed, Idiot-Son retreats to his fortress of fearsome and most roughest-toughest. They has begun repeating in their minds and observing a recording on their computers the SKNF latest humor. This latest humor is one of a young teenage girl (approximately 10-13) fighting and screaming and struggling against about 7 or more serial killing perverts, well muscled, male, all smiling in that serial killing pervert inane grin, who are holding her down and physically trying to drag her off to be tortured by them.
The FoM, to show that they are the most fearsome of the SKNF's bully boy cum serial killing pervert get-together then impress the feeling of horror on me.
The FoM share this mentality with the rest of the SKNF. The only difference is that the FoM, in order that they are noticed and to appear to have the same rank as their super-power based colleagues, chose to express the most extreme positions and behaviors only.
-The SKNF are showing no sign whatsoever of contrition or remorse but continue to try and hold more hostages and commit and are committing more atrocities.
-It appears that the FoM have turned on Serial Killer's power in order to bribe them into ordering more cocaine so that the FoM can feed their cocaine habit (ostensibly it is meant for sale but actually the truth is what I have just written). The FoM will likely revert to turning off Serial Killer's utilities to pressure him and the SKNF-NZ Nut-Lords into giving away their assets.
-There are only 2 paths for the SKNF. Serial killing pervert end or serial killing pervert who worked hard on developing positive karma and may get a pardon. My observation is that all the serial killing perverts in the SKNF have chosen serial killing pervert end.

-Idiot-Son, the crew from Castle Crazy gives himself a bout of what I had originally thought to be a gastro-intestinal tract pathogen but which turned out to be a case of chemically induced diarrhea. This so that he can attack me as well as 'prove' to the FoM's colleagues that the FoM were not trying to infect them with pathogen and go about killing them that way. This
FoM's psychosis appears to blame their colleagues for their father's anger at being woken from sleep and having their heads swung in sympathy to the FoM's psychotic actions.
-SKNF collusive corruption trying to drain Government coffers (at all levels ie city to Federal) using corrupt and unnecessary maintenance and construction contracts. They are also using this construction works to lay mines and bombs under infrastructure.
-An example of the Bugger-Me-While-I-Thank-You-Trick: Farmers in NZ have complained constantly about how badly their officials do in protecting and promoting the financial success of their farmer clients. I heard this about Federated Farmers when I schooled in NZ and continued to observe this over the years, especially in regards to how poorly Fonterra applied itself. This NZ Herald report ("Farmers face another tough year" - NZ Herald 28 May 2015) could be put in any month of any year the problem being so consistent and prolonged. What is and was actually happening is that collusive corruption and probably related to the SKNF activity was occurring with the intent to impoverish the farmers, steal their properties from them as well as concentrate the profits into these corrupt officials hands.
-Idiot-Son tries to eke sympathy from his relatives by swinging his head vigorously, getting a headache and then drawing attention to the fact that they are getting brain damage.

I did not include by expectation that the FoM would try to poison their colleagues with diarrhea feces whether it was a result of chemical or GI pathogen in yesterdays (28th May, 2015) note because I had thought that this did not happen. The FoM however proved once again that the statistic that they will try to kill their colleagues is 100% correlated to their fiddling with their feces. Idiot-Son had apparently put urine and diarrhea into a colleague's coffee cup as it sat on her table and had unfinished coffee within. This happen in the early morning of Friday, 29th May 2015 - NZ time. And here I was thinking how odd that Idiot-Son did not try to feces one of their colleagues.
Idiot-Son then gave himself another bout of diarrhea during the evening of Friday 28 May 2015 threatening the same attack on their colleagues, this time also threatening this as a continuous series of nightly and daily urine, diarrhea and other nasties attacks. Since no one is stopping them I expect that this will come about in reality. Idiot-Son is also using their fecund fecal fiddling as a device to attract attention by commotion and discussion amongst their colleagues. Remember that this is happening in a large NZ Government department!
Idiot-Son is also thinking of spraying feces, GI pathogen and other nasties on the work surfaces of their colleagues eg chairs, desks, computer keyboard if they have not done so already.
Idiot-Son also started challenging their colleagues to a fist fight, especially the women as they are obviously going to be stronger then a female.
My expectation is that Idiot-Son's probably fecated someone else last night as well.
As expected Idiot-Son's behavior is becoming exponentially increasingly psychotic and violent.

-I am writing this note because Idiot-Son is insistent that I draw attention to his fecal fingering and hence draw attention to themselves.

Idiot-Son during last nights fecal fingering was also playing with his flatulence which led to him soiling his fabric covered work chair with diarrhea. In response he then exchanged this chair with one belonging to a female colleague expecting the female colleague to soil her work clothes when she eventually sits on the chair.
I expect that since no one is stopping Idiot-Son from attacking their colleagues and trying to kill them in this manner Idiot-Son will start spraying their colleagues, their work surfaces etc with feces.
It appears that the Idiot-Sons sit in their private computer rooms with their pants and briefs off and far enough away from themselves that it is not stained by their constants masturbating.

-SKNF working hard on their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. Actions observed include being jovial and happy so lighten the feelings that we have about their crimes against humanity, looking sad, acting as if their serial killing pervert actions are because they are under duress, using these actions and pretenses to support the telepathic belief in their intended victims that one should feel sorry for the serial killing perverts in the SKNF etc.
Serial killing perverts also pretending not to know what to do to build up their positive karma. Yet when the SKNF thought that they were going to turn the whole world into the horrors and atrocities of Perth the serial killing perverts in the SKNF were capable of autonomous, independent actions that covered every possible attacking scenario and method. One only needs to remember what the SKNF were doing to see the manipulative subterfuge and Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick the SKNF will and are using to try and support their serial killing pervert lies.

-Idiot-Son's new pleasure is the widdle piddle fiddle. This is where they force themselves to urinate a small amount supposedly to annoy their target but in reality just another aspects of Idiot-Son's psychosis and constant masturbating.
-Idiot-Son's and fathers and other relatives are cycling through their psychotic episodes in a mad motion.
Last night Idiot-Son's father went berserk with Idiot-Son's constant idiotic head swinging attacks and pulled his gun and started on his way to the Auckland Regions psyops department to kill Idiot-Son's colleagues. As expected from previous such events Idiot-Son's father has started blaming Idiot-Son's colleagues. Idiot-Son's father only stopped when he realized that a gun is no match for advanced weaponry. This wave of psychosis was then passed sequentially on to Idiot-Son who then pulled his gun and started yelling threats and stomping around his room waving his gun in a synchronized cycle of psychotic behavior threatening to kill his colleagues as well. It was like a baboon banging a bongo!
This morning Idiot-Son, craving whatever need fulfillment it is, was also whipping his head around in a type of attention seeking through pity like they had received from their relatives in their recent whiplash-pity cycle.
I have observed this sequence of behavior a number of times now and can and have predicted with 100% accuracy the responses and outcomes that are observed after. Idiot-Son will whip their heads around until they neck strain has become extreme. It will then happen coincidentally that Idiot-Son's father will finally throw a fuse and get angry with Idiot-Son. This will lead to Idiot-Son reducing their whiplash attacks ostensibly so that they obey their fathers but actually so that they recover sufficiently from their whiplash to launch another cycle of psychosis having now received a sufficient quota of attention from their relatives and their fathers especially.
I note that the so called coincidental nature of Idiot-Son's father's attention and Idiot-Son's reducing their whiplash attacks point towards a unconscious telepathic connection and behavior structure within their brains.
Idiot-Son's relatives and especially their fathers continue down that unbeaten path and will not do what is logical. This is somewhat analogous to what the SKNF in general are doing.
This father-son dynamic has a show of Idiot-Son being the guardian of their father's well being, this apparently leading to, as Idiot-Son proclaims, to Idiot-Son's whiplash attacks. Actually it is an attention seeking mechanism that is based on Idiot-Son's and their family's psychosis and generally serial killing pervertness.
Idiot-Son was even telepathically manipulating their relatives and especially their fathers to get the desired response.
-SKNF have been widely told over the last week and by all the representatives of the highest' that they need to work on their positive karma if they are seeking a pardon.
The SKNF have instead decided to continue in their psychotic behavior. They then started overtly advertising their ongoing atrocities and crimes against humanity with the screams of their victims, especially their child and infant victims and what the SKNF consider to be "funny" sounds that grieving parents and tortured people make. They were also performed a big bully boy get-together in a loud laughing session. They then slyly pretended that they did not know how to develop their positive karma, only pretending to by looking sorry and sad, not working on anything, that will gain the greatest gains to their credibility and positive karma. I have told them a number of times already that they have to work on everything and those things that gain them the greatest positive karma gets priority.
The SKNF are continuing to show no remorse or contrition but continue to try and hold more hostages and commit more atrocities.
-A moment with The Fiddler: Whiplash attack, whiplash attack, "Idiot-Sonnnn your - (inserted telepathically by Idiot-Son) Idiot - dad wants to speak with you...", smell of fresh semen, smell of finger after being inserted in anus and then sniffed, whiplash attack, attention seeking, whiplash attack, "Idiot-Sonnnn your - (inserted telepathically by Idiot-Son) Idiot - dad wants to speak with you...", semen smell, anus smell, - Idiot-Son telepathically being creepy and transmitting the feeling of his semen covered lower parts - "your balls are feeling sticky arn't they", snort, hmm time to try and kill my colleagues - will tell my dad that its them, Idiot-Son's father goes berserk........

-SKNF in senior management and other employed positions are applying destructive work policies to damage business and other operations as well as performing whatever they can to cause damage and failure as well as commit atrocities and hold hostages.
-SKNF running a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick campaign using this campaign to simultaneously try to hide their membership in the SKNF, attack senior members and lords representatives, as a smoke screen to give themselves legitimacy etc all the while trying to give themselves an excuse for their crimes against humanity, waging of war against the Earth etc. SKNF shows no sign of contrition or remorse whatsoever.
-Idiot-Son begins another cycle of psychosis and again hilariously performs in mad motion. Gives himself a "Dirty Sanchez" while sniffing spoor from his anus.
Idiot-Son is also ominously collecting their voluminous and overflowing semen into bottles.

-SKNF Caucasian variety order and try to force their brown skinned SKNF serial killing perverts from South East Asia to sacrifice themselves. They did this by having the FoM attack Family/Lords of that region especially Indonesia and Malaysia. SKNF-Indonesia and SKNF-Malaysia contaminant within the psyops and security services failed to perform their jobs again and did not do what they are meant to do. Instead that made the usual pretend attempt at protecting the lords and doing they job. The SKNF have been ordered not to attack each other and hence this pretense.
Why didn't the SKNF get the FoM to sacrifice themselves? After all it was the FoM that sunk and continue to sink the SKNF fleet.
This is also another indicator of the super-powered SKNF and NUT-1 of the super powers to kill off their non-super powered SKNF and NUT-1 serial killing perverts after they plan for global annihilation had come to fruition.
SKNF also acting like their SKNF counterparts in WW2. Their propaganda continues to lie about having access to some super-weapon. This so that they can have the SKNF second class citizens sacrifice themselves and the rest of the SKNF try to escape via Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. SKNF working on their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick, showing no contrition or remorse, continuing to try and hold hostage and commit more atrocities.

-Idiot-Son exchanges his semen, urine, feces and other bodily excretion covered seat with the female staff member that they had attacked by putting feces, urine etc into coffee cup. This staff member then had her office chair replaced with Idiot-Son's office chair when Idiot-Son had accidentally defecated onto his chair. This staff member then had a new office chair bought for her, this chair being the one that was again replaced by Idiot-Son.
-SKNF let it slip that Family/Lords are planning to straighten up the world. The SKNF imprint and problem is being liken to having an inferno everywhere and that even if a part of the inferno is extinguinshed it will blaze again as soon as attention is put elsewhere. It is likely that we will work together across borders because the SKNF imprint and problems have left the state of the world in the worst possible state without losing the world as this will be more efficient and effective. The usual method of solving massive problems being the one where you cut off the inflow of problems into the problem mountain and then work on the mountain of problems is applicable but with this modification to it. The problems the SKNF will leave are so large that we will need to pool our resources.
Meanwhile the SKNF used this leak to motivate their SKNF colleagues to attack the world as well as try to give credence that collusive corruption is the only way, using their collusive corruption thinking as argument that the world will be impoverished without it.

-The Fiddler dissolved his jarred feces with gastro-intestinal tract pathogen fluid and redissolved semen and then put this liquid into a spray-gun bottle. He then tried to spray feces on a work colleagues work surface, probably the same girl who had had feces put into her coffee cup recently. The spray-gun worked momentarily but then blocked up and could not pass the dissolved feces. The Fiddler then tried to leave the feces to dissolve even more and make it go into a finer suspension. It is very probable that The Fiddler will get an industrial type spray gun that can pass this feces, semen and other nasties suspension and will then spray it on their colleagues work surfaces.
Strutter Nutter is also winding himself up for a fist fight with his colleagues. It appears that Strutter Nutter acts as the psyops bully boy for the less muscular FoM, Strutter Nutter being fairly muscular.
What is basically going on is that the Idiot-Sons are going through another cycle of psychosis in its mad motion.
Strutter Nutter started threatening all his non-FoM colleagues after reading this note.
I now understand the Strutter Nutter, Frankie-the-Fruit and FoM dynamic. Strutter Nutter plays the silent but dangerous type in a room full of men and women who are not necessarily into muscle building. Last time I saw this was the bully boy get-together at school.

-A moment with SKNF psychosis: All around me the SKNF agents are. To my left a nutcase in a blue shirt and dark slacks, to my right another nutcase acting as a pauper. From the corner of my left eye I see Blueshirt nutcase has my brothers face telepathically overlaid. All around me are people speaking in the different accents the SKNF think will generate the sympathy cues that they are looking for. The screams and cries of their torture victims emanating from their telepathic mouths especially that of a young child who is crying and saying "my hand, my hand" in that baby voice of young children. They have used a hammer on his fingers. I remind them that they have no chance in winning. They have the look of contrition. They act sad. But all they do is support their serial killing perverts committing the atrocities. Their voices cover the screams and cries of pain the way the SKNF seem to enjoy. They think it will hide their atrocities but these days we know just about all their tricks. They take solace in my writing this thinking that this will pressure us into accepting their psychosis and their reasoning that we will give up our lives for those of the SKNF's victims in Perth. Now an old serial killing pervert woman enters the computer on my left. She is reading my mind and performing an act that the aged think works on the young. It used to work on me but no more. They have lived a life of evil and I welcome their end when it comes. The SKNF can atone but choose not to. They continue in their evil.
And just to show how evil and fearsome they are they then slam the hammer down on another child's fingers. The child pain is heard in a cry that must be heard before you understand the evil that is the SKNF. The old SKNF male to my left, another so called pauper under duress, male in his late 50's again reading my mind is pretending to show concern. His premise is that they SKNF will end the torture of these victims of the SKNF are allowed to kill of the whole world by atrocity. The SKNF have been told all too often that they have only two paths. They have chosen their end. Let the lords not delay.

-FoM cycle of psychosis increases from once every 2 to 3 days to 2 times per day. Cycle of psychosis can be described as head swinging, manipulating fathers and rest of FoM's family, berserk father, berserk father tries to kill a.FoM's colleagues b.Michael Chin but also doubling as SKNF never ending attempt on my life, FoM back strain, FoM rest period. It is expected to increase even further and appears to parallel SKNF exponentially increasing rate of overt and public crimes against humanity psychosis as well. FoM and fathers currently using the Estranged-Dad-Trick. This variant of the Estranged-Dad-Trick has the Estranged Dad sending Police officer and serial killing pervert thugs to supposedly quell Idiot-Son psychotic head swinging. Instead these thugs are to attack Idiot-Son's colleagues. My thoughts are if
Idiot-Son's colleagues are not SKNF then I would not worry about letting these nutter into the secure psyops deparment's rooms as they will be destroyed the moment they pull their weapons. However if they are SKNF then their goose may be cooked and it would be better to leave the nutters outside of these rooms. However the psyops department there will have their own reasons for doing whatever they do.

-SKNF prepare and are implementing a worldwide attack on psyops and probably elsewhere under the cover of the FoM and their relatives ordering an attack on Auckland region psyops department because of Idiot-Son's mad head swinging and
Estranged-Dad-Trick. Serial Killer, Screeching-Mad-Wife also involved in planning and were aware of impending attack.
Idiot-Son's adrenalin was running and they had become extremely excited and were trying to show everyone that they are the roughest and toughest. SKNF attack was going to be a mix of official security services and paramilitary. World were told out loud this morning SF time at approx 9am. SKNF also playing Take-All-Sides-Tricks in an attempt at a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick and to hide their involvement in the SKNF.
SKNF are now more public with their atrocities and crimes against humanity in Perth. They are performing these while advertising the screams of pain from their victims in the background. Their more common atrocities at the moment are those performed using hammer and sledge-hammer. SKNF also using it as a terror and horror method as well as inviting me to write about it. They are also creepily whispering telepathically "You are not afraid of us are you...etc" in the background.
Crimes Against Humanity SKNF Boasting : Image from

-Idiot-Son continuing cycles of psychosis today includes fiddling with their feces made diarrhea by either chemical or gastro-intestinal pathogen. They in conjunction with the other SKNF in Auckland region psyops have continued to threaten their colleagues repeatedly. Normally they will spray or have their feces spread onto their colleagues when they begin fiddling with it. Suspect the same today.
Intergalactic Wanking Clan : Frankie-the-Fruit: Image from
-SKNF pulling Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick at every turn while committing more atrocities and trying to hold more hostages. SKNF with children, whether their own, borrowed or obtained from their enslaved are marched around to generate as much sympathy for the SKNF as possible. SKNF elderly being used for the same. I ignored all this and just reminded them that there is no excuse for attacking the lords. SKNF continued to do their usual Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick thing until now where they have again started advertising their atrocities. The screams and cries of their victims as they are brought to torture.
Crimes Against Humanity SKNF Boasting : Image from

-The SKNF have started to continuously attack children telepathically worldwide using the FoM as a cover so that they can point the blame at the FoM and hide their complicity. This is while they are working on their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick, another variant of the Bugger-Me-While-I-Thank-You-Trick. This started with intermittent (1-2 times a week) attack on a boy that has appeared in a number of recent advertisements (Disney, Shell [turns of this ad was for the VW Passat and not Shell - June 19, 2015 MC] and few others). This has now become a constant attack on this boy and has extended to the rest of the children on Earth. I have advised all parents that they need to protect their children using the multitaking prayer method and giving their power to the "good". The good being defined as all things good and not anyone in particular. I have also advised them to give their children the attention and love that they will require during this time. I have also advised them that this giving their power includes sharing the power of their minds and being shared with. This will provide them the telepathic strength.
This shift from intermittent to continual attack is also being reflected in the FoM's and probably other SKNF contaminant in psyops and other places attacks on their colleagues.
The SKNF then started trying to prevent these parents from taking no action in protecting their children by trying to scare them, by telepathically inducing them etc. I have advised them to get past this fear and rely on the lords to protect us.
The SKNF then, clockwork like, started exhibiting their atrocities overtly. This even while they are using their SKNF colleagues who are aged, who have children and so on to obtain sympathy for the SKNF as well as using this technique to induce the world's populace to drop their guard and take no precautions.
The SKNF appears to have chosen to take any path that is open to them to cause terror and destruction. The modus operandi appears to be some intermittent feelers and then a full scale and continuous assault. It may be that they are trying to cause the lords to hurry and make mistakes. Family/Lords must take all precautions, dot the i's and cross the t's. Those that can eg Auckland region psyops should order that the SKNF be taken down with advanced weapons. This will definitely defuse this attack at least in that area.
-For those of you who are included in The Fiddler's anal fiddling and sniffing telepathic report, have you noticed that one of them has a sharper smell than the others? Actually they all used to smell like they had not cleaned their anus' and had left a large lump of feces intact. This from their child development where they were belted for not cleaning themselves and defecating around their homes. It then became known to The Fiddler that it is uncommon to continually soil your underpants, skid-marks being a sign of being a male being a myth. It turned out that one of them started wiping his arse with more alacrity. The others however felt that this knowledge had come from the enemy and hence was not to be performed at all. This is why when the The Fiddlers do a group ass sniffing one smells that that all bar one cleans their ass properly. The Fiddler have shown that their ass fiddling goes on for most of 24 hours. I expect the percentage of time that they perform this unusual behavior to increase as The Fiddlers have decreased their sleep time supposedly to increase their working time but actually because their intake of cocaine has determined this unconsciously. :D
-SKNF now projecting laughter at their victims of torture. This so that their torment is made worse (1347 pm)

-"Crunchy isn't it...." - Psychopathic SKNF comment while mashing a victim of atrocity's hand while transmitting sound of crunch. All the while SKNF trying to escape via Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick while having no action of remorse or contrition.
-FoM cycles of psychopathy so fast that de-synchronization has occurred between the FoM in the Auckland region's psyops department and the others. FoM's antics being used as cover to attack non-SKNF including Family/Lords.
-SKNF have been given official warnings from highest in all countries everywhere. They have continued to chose SKNF quick ending as their response.

-Idiot-Son appears to like their grandparents on their mother's side more than that of their fathers. I suspect that they received more love from their mothers and their mother's parents and were teased relentlessly by their fathers and their father's parents. However this has not stopped Idiot-Son from premeditatedly arranging and accident for their mother's parents and even their mother. This so that they can inherit their mother's and her parent's fortune, they being the sole inheritor.
-SKNF behavior has become psychotically chaotic and exponentially so. Making all attempts at overt violence and atrocity. Showing no sign of contrition or remorse whatsoever.
SKNF exponentially increasing psychotic behavior approaching chaotic climax : Image from
-SKNF hiding behind FoM launched a number of attacks. One of them was on families with children. They were given to listen and possibly see the atrocities that are being performed in Perth by the serial killing perverts. The SKNF's supposed reason was to have their telepathic victims plead for the lives of the victims of these crimes against humanity however the truth is that the SKNF gets off and feel empowered when terrorizing defenseless people, especially children.
Another reason is that the SKNF are trying very hard to have their slaves and paramilitary nutters go on rampage and riot. Everybody has been reminded that there are no excuses for attacking Family/Lords, nor are there any excuses for attacking everyone else. That Family/Lords are protecting us already and that if anyone feels that they were under duress at one time and helped the SKNF then they can help us now as Family/Lords are protecting us. They have been reminded of this on many occasions.

-SKNF boast alot about how successful they are and talk alot about how rich they are. One does not recognize this as being part of the SKNF psychosis until one observes the Idiot-Sons who spend all their time trying to be seen as successful and wealthy above everybody else, especially their peers. The "I made my first million before I was 20..." quip by the SKNF as a goad being observed as the FoM's trying to kill their relatives so that their wealth is passed on to themselves. Idiot-Sons started threatening their grandparents this morning after they discovered that their grandparents were going to write them out of their bequests-wills because the Idiot-Sons' constant head swinging attacks and not giving their grandparents more than a couple of hours sleep for some time.
Stranger still however is what their grandparents had cried out to them to try to appease Idiot-Son's psychotic behavior. They appeared to misunderstand the lesson that you shall love your family and not try to kill them when they said that the Idiot-Sons' fathers were working in Idiot-Sons' best interest and that is why Idiot-Son is not allowed a business of their own and are not financed into a business.
-SKNF appear to have chose SKNF quick ending. They are showing no signs of remorse nor any contrition but continue in every way in their crimes against humanity and evil.

-Idiot-Sons make good their threats to their grandparents for deleting out of their wills and attacks them via head swinging reflection and sleep deprivation, hiding their intent under the cover of them doing their jobs.
The truth is that the Idiot-Sons are just plain crazy.
I was reminded of this and how lucky we are this morning when I said to the SKNF that they would have done the same if anyone else in the SKNF were in Idiot-Son's context. It then occurred to me that there has not been a single incident to rival the Idiot-Sons fumble and buffoonery in all of human history, whether in prehistory or otherwise. I suspect that Idiot-Son's idiocy will become legendary!
-Heavy level of SKNF contamination indicated by the large amount of time taking to sort out even the administrative roles within Government bodies.
-I remind any readers of these notes that the reason why I have documented Idiot-Son's behavior as thoroughly as I could is that I wish to emphasize how lucky the world has been in avoiding a global annihilation. I also wish to emphasize the importance of good psychological development. And finally I wish to emphasize that Family/Lords' good people were suffering murder and atrocity and were being replaced by serial killing perverts and that this led to the massive corruption, almost the Family/Lords demise and that of the world. Family/Lords will be subject to telepathic induction and Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick to pardon the SKNF's crimes. They will need to be logical and provide the strength, the will and whatever else they can to ensure that the world is straightened. However this will be insufficient if the rest of us do not contribute to this endeavor. And all of us will need to be mindful, conscious and balanced as the SKNF and its imprint will try to use evil to rebuild itself. At minimum, if we were to do this badly, we will need to do this for 60 years (observing Singapore's development time). In truth and actually we should do this for all eternity.

-It is impossible for me to include all SKNF activities within these notes. I have therefore only included that which are examples of behavior and changes in behavior. For instance when I write that the SKNF are showing no sign of remorse or contrition but are instead doing everything to commit more atrocities and hold more hostages and then are planning on a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick I mean that the SKNF actions are constant in this direction. I would note down any changes in this behavior if I were to observe it.

-SKNF using fracking as a way to poison surrounding properties, impoverish the owners and then basically steal those properties. Many in Government, media etc etc involved in usual collusive corruption practices augmented by the usual propaganda in the guise of Government news etc.

-Idiot-Sons and father's relationship is many ways like Goldmember-Austin Power's Dr.Evil and his son. One wonders if the Austin Power's movies were more secret service communiques about the impending end of the world that had been planned by the SKNF.

-SKNF showing no signs of contrition or remorse even though they have been warned repeatedly by everybody and at every level. Instead they have reached or are almost reaching maximum psychotic behavior.
SKNF chaotic behavior at July 2nd 2015: Image from
-Last night I was made to observe via Freudian dreaming techniques Idiot-Sons perving and stalking a number of women using the visual systems of the swarming microbots. They were masturbating while viewing a number of women who appeared to be wearing office or business skirts. I suspect that these women are the Idiot-Sons' female colleagues. I then fell asleep again and was woken again when the Idiot-Sons began ejaculating. One of the Idiot-Sons then allowed his semen to dribble over his lower abdomen. This explains why they always seem to be a little sticky. As I was about to fall asleep again I heard one of the Idiot-Sons say "...semen encrustation...".
-Idiot-Sons are attacking their grandparents and secondarily their parents using their usual excuse of performing attacks on the non-SKNF. They have now extended their attack time to almost 24 hours. These attacks are the usual sleep deprivation by head swinging and constant yabbering. It is hilarious as well as educational watching their interactions between themselves and their parents. They are really crazy! The SKNF in Auckland region are using this as excuse to try and attack the Auckland region's psyops. They are employing the Estranged-Dad-Trick and other tricks. And just when you think its impossible, the Idiot-Sons become even more psychotic as they become excited by the possibility of violence. Idiot-Sons also manipulate their fathers and use them in a way that reminds me of a parody of the Terminator, becoming angry when their fathers do not sacrifice themselves to being destroyed by advanced weapons in the process. Idiot-Sons appear to be peaking at their psychosis meter but are also going through another bimonthly psychotic peak as well.

-"I am not a child anymore! You can't tell me what to do!" : Idiot-Son to his father when his father tries to tell the Idiot-Sons to stop depriving their relatives of sleep.
Take note of the logic disconnection and its similarities to Idiot-Sons grandmother trying to appease Idiot-Son 'grief' about his father not allowing Idiot-Son to have a business by telling Idiot-Son that his father is doing it for his own good. This even though Idiot-Son is trying to kill his grandparents and mother so that Idiot-Son can inherit their wealth. People that are insane are not logical. They are insane not sane.

The crimes and mismanagement that the SKNF have been performing in their senior and other roles in all parts of society, in the judiciary, administration, the executive and so on, are a result of their mental psychosis and not any real logic although it may appear that way when observed in the context of SKNF lies. For instance, I recall my brother coming to my home one day and I told him to leave feeling bad about it afterwards as I realized that I have been wanting to say this to anyone in my family just to prove that I am an adult. I am now informed by Idiot-Son that this came by telepathic induction from the SKNF contaminant within the Auckland region's psyops department. They had played both my brother and myself. My brother left thinking that I was an ingrate and fool. I felt that he had not respected me. It had made a divide within my family. The whole thing was a manipulation done by the SKNF playing both sides and hiding their insanity and hand so that they could get another slave in me and have my brother blame me and distance himself from me. This event has been repeated within other families, in places and in many instances.
-It is necessary for the world to be conscious and knowledgeable of these kind of attacks, to be made mindful. We will need to be taught to be conscious and mindful as well as to learn a formal method of detecting these kind of things. This will require schooling and the schools to teach about the SKNF, its crimes and its tricks. This will require Family/Lords to ensure that there is total disclosure about the SKNF.

-As predicted the Idiot-Sons sprayed their GI pathogen-feces etc fluid onto the desk, pens, chairs and other work surfaces of their female colleagues. This happened last night and early morning NZ time. They may have done the same to the kitchen facilities including the coffee beans etc.
I expect that they will use the fire and other safety systems eg sprinklers etc to damage Auckland regions Police, psyops premises, assets and work facilities as well as use it to attack their colleagues. They have already sent feelers in this direction and have not been stopped, pretty much like their feces-semen-pathogen etc attacks.
Their feces attack came about because of a momentum of psychosis that had developed from the thwarting of a 'cunning plan' that the Idiot-Sons had contrived, this momentum then being redirected to the spraying of feces.
The Idiot-Sons had planned to attack their fathers' colleagues by trapping them within the Auckland region's psyops building and then having the fire extinguisher system being used on them, regardless of damage to property. Their fathers' colleagues had broken down one of Idiot-Son's secure room doors in an attempt to have them stop their sleep deprivation attacks on their relatives. Idiot-Son then reacted in a way that indicates a very retarded psychological development. He reacted like a whinging child whose favorite toy had become damaged. The Idiot-Sons then implemented a plan to attack their fathers colleagues, this plan consisting of attacking their relatives by mad head swinging and telepathically having this induced. Their fathers' colleagues were warned of the 'cunning plan' and did not try to return to the secure rooms. The Idiot-Sons then made many attempts to lure by attack their fathers colleagues into the trap but were not successful. This then led to the Idiot-Sons compensating by spraying feces onto their female colleagues work surfaces (note female colleagues and the Heidi Paakonen rape).
Outcome of gastro-intestinal tract pathogen infections

-Idiot-Sons temper tantrum and whinging appears to work on their fathers and other relatives who seem to feel sorry for them. Remind yourselves that the Idiot-Sons have not only been depriving their relatives of sleep but have also tried to kill them to enrich themselves. The Austin Powers Dr.Evil and Scott Evil relationship is a parody of Idiot-Sons' and relatives especially their fathers relationship. Idiot-Sons have become more vehement and psychotic in their now almost 24 hour head swinging and attention seeking attacks.

-Idiot-Sons doing a Max-Payne impersonation are taking so many painkillers that they are not fiddling with themselves as much as before as due to numbness of their bodies and their sexual organs. This may have resulted in Idiot-Sons having more time for other forms of psychosis. Their head swinging attacks are almost occurring 24 hourly with resulted sleep deprivation and self inflicted neck and back pain and subsequent sympathy sucking from their relatives.
-The SKNF are using the FoM's psychotic head swinging and other telepathic attacks to attack the Royal Family of the United Kingdom. They then use the cover of the FoM's psychosis to lay the blame on the FoM and avoid censure and detection.
Family/Lords however appear to be reluctant to do what is logical and sting at least the FoM and logically all the SKNF involved.
This does not bode well for the future and our present safety. As expected Family/Lords appear to make the very human mistake of assuming that they are excluded from being manipulated telepathically by the SKNF and their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks and hence, in the short term, leave themselves open for the Bugger-Me-While-I-Thank-You-Trick and in the short term to long term a recurrence of the SKNF with resultant our suffering atrocity and end of the world after.
Family/Lords must accept that they are like everybody else and every thing else on this planet and are subject to the same telepathic induction.
Family/Lords must be logical and realize that they are being manipulated by and made to feel sorry for a bunch of serial killing perverts!
Family/Lords must accept their position on Earth. They must be mindful and conscious as well as logical in their actions.
If Family/Lords are unwilling to perform what is logical now then what happens when we are in the process of straightening up the world? Will their good people be allowed to suffer again the evil that is the SKNF? At this point I would say that we are heading in that direction and have stated it directly to them. They will need to provide the will and strength that we need knowing that they cannot cover all of humanity and will need good people.
For myself I will observe which way things are heading and if it appears that Family/Lords are not willing to be logical, or have not screwed their heads on properly and as a result the SKNF returns then I will step away from contributing and prepare myself for what I know will happen. I think I speak for all sane people when I say this.
Family/Lords must be made totally aware of their duties. I repeat again. Their duties are first to their family and then to humanity that lifts them. Their duty to their family will lead to what they must do.
-By observation of these things I am able to deduce that the reason for delay is due to SKNF infection at the very highest levels as well as Family/Lords falling for the Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick and therefore the Bugger-Me-While-I-Thank-You-Trick. They appear to be slowly becoming aware that many of the people who have been surrounding them and who have been given favored positions are actually responsible for the evil that besets them and have made them suffer everything including atrocity and crimes against humanity. I say to them that they should feel for the victims and not the serial killing perverts that have been trying to kill them and have made them suffer atrocity instead. I now understand once again why Perth, Syria and Iraq are suffering for no reason.
It appears that the advice to Family/Lords was to take down as many of the world that Family/Lords are sure are SKNF already thereby reducing the telepathic and other capabilities of the SKNF and to continue to do this until the end of the SKNF.
It appears that Family/Lords instead have fallen for the Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. This has led to the SKNF once again endangering Family/Lords' supporters and has been strengthening the SKNF.
I repeat again. The world need Family/Lords to be logical for all of eternity and if not for at least a minimum of 60 years if we are to move our state to one that will ensure we do not fail as a species let alone suffer atrocity.
We need to have plans in place and implement them immediately to prevent the rise of a new SKNF, now if possible, instead of waiting for events and the expected reformation of a new SKNF within the imprint of this present one.

-The SKNF yesterday and are now transmitting the sounds, that of bones breaking, and screams of their young child victims of atrocity. This even while they are using their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks. Again I repeat. You are feeling sorry for a bunch of serial killing perverts and falling for the visual cues, that of serial killing perverts that are old, that are female and that are young, those that evoke this Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick that seems to work so while with those buffered from the true face of the SKNF.
All of the SKNF have been supporting the SKNF telepathically. Especially since I discovered the prayer method of meditating and multi-tasking sometime in 2014.

Intergalactically Idiotic Wanking Clan : Frankie-the-Fruit: Image from
-Idiot-Sons showing signs of a new addiction to their opiate based painkillers.
-"Those that do not learn from history are bound to repeat it." : Corollary to this is "Every context has its correct responding actions".
-SKNF behavior at most psychotic and violent. All indications are that they are mirroring Idiot-Sons psychotic behavior and peaking at their psychotic meter.
SKNF chaotic behavior at July 2nd 2015: Image from
-SKNF becoming more overt and exposing their hidden selves and members. Behaviors include threatening with their weapons while in their Police uniforms to more lies in using the newspaper and other media, this coming from the SKNF contaminant within the very heavily SKNF contaminated media. The SKNF are not shy in showing me their true face and their agents. Examples are Singapore Strait Times based SKNF contamination becoming more strident and open about their collusive corruption by reporting SKNF supporting lies. They used to be quite careful however this is now changing. Due to the Singapore context Singapore's SKNF have been particularly careful in exposing themselves. This must be an indicator of what is actually happening globally. The SKNF are likely to be in their last days. They continue to show no remorse or contrition but continue in their atrocities and their subterfuge with the objective of holding more hostages and more atrocities.
The SKNF's whole strategy now appears to be based on escape via Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks. They are parading their elderly and young as well as marching around in their official security uniforms supported by their lies and propaganda of being the people's protector.
-Family/Lords strength of will and mind will be observable by whether they do what is logical or whether they fall for the SKNF's Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks. We will be able to gauge the beginning probabilities of world failure, World War 4 and prior to that atrocities by a newly arisen SKNF from this observation. I hope that Family/Lords are rational and logical and are not swayed by the SKNF's Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks.

-Idiot-Son's mad fecal fiddling finally undid itself. Idiot-Son consumed a laxative so that its reaction could be used as a telepathic annoyance. However he squirted a bit out of his bum when he lifted up his, this causing his gut to be pressured thereby causing the unexpected emission. Idiot-Son then sat in his chair pretending that nothing had happened leading to this said emission dribbling onto his chair seat cover. Later that night Idiot-Son then exchanged his now soiled chair with a female colleague's chair.
-SKNF have been told on numerous occasions that they must show remorse and contrition and not Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks. They have instead chosen to continue attempting to hold more hostages and commit even more atrocities.

-It is possible that the perception of what I have written about the SKNF be taken as me being spiteful and my immense hatred of the SKNF and not actually a totally realistic analysis of the SKNF state of mind. Actually the truth is that what I write comes from long observation, analysis and absolutely truthful account as far as possible of the SKNF and their state of mind. The specific names I have given them is mostly because I have a sense of humor. However when I call them a bunch of serial killing perverts, insane, that their psychotic mentality is reflected in their actions etc etc I am being analytical and honest.
As an example of this. The SKNF have been told by themselves and by Family/Lords and
Family/Lords' representatives that they have no chance in winning their battle to destroy the Earth. Instead of surrendering and doing the actions of remorse and contrition they instead are trying to hold more hostages and committing more atrocities. They say "How atrocious!" when they commit these crimes against humanity.

-The SKNF continue in applying their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick while trying to hold more hostages and commit even more atrocities, not showing a moment of remorse or contrition at all.
For instance, this is what I have personally observed over the last few days. The security guards and other staff at the MSC homeless facility have been threatening me with violence as well as expulsion from being housed. However my stay at the MSC is also part of a Bugger-Me-While-I-Thank-You-Trick in a Take-All-Sides-Trick that the SKNF are applying. The truth is that the security services and other Government services have been ordered to return me to Malaysia safely but instead are keeping me hostage with the intention of killing me via crimes against humanity.
The security and other staff have been offering money for my murder and have said loudly that they have left a whole bunch of weapons in one of the security rooms which anyone that wishes to kill me can get access to. They even left a baseball bat outside to bludgeon me. Meanwhile other members of the MSC have been threatening me with expulsion. This is on top of the massive scale of attempts to run me down via vehicle, shoot me, poison me etc etc. The last two days just being a sample of what is really going on.
The SKNF contaminated staff are also threatening other staff in the MSC, within all areas of Government as well as the homeless and everybody else. The non-SKNF staff are also having their jobs threatened as well as being threatened with violence.
Last night the MSC staff as well as MSC security staff made a play of not being able to tell the SKNF from non-SKNF and were again only capable of doing what the SKNF wants. They were threatening to expel me with the lie that a.The Turds are not SKNF and hence are capable of giving the staff orders, that the local psyops must give them credibility and have a real complaint against me. The The Turds have been whipping their heads around madly and depriving their relatives of sleep as well as doing the same to Serial Killer and Screeching-Mad-Wife. Serial Killer and Screeching-Mad-Wife then acting as if they are not terrorist and imprisoned in their own homes but are legitimate complaining 'lords'.
The SKNF contaminant staff at the MSC and elsewhere then started pretending that this was all a credible complaint marching around in their heavy shod boots in threatening manner in a way that they have used successfully against the slaves, a big bully boy get-together. The intention was also to give the SKNF credibility in their terrorist acts and to say that they, the SKNF contaminant, were just following orders. Another Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick.
Meanwhile while the SKNF were doing this they were also threatening the homeless and poor with the in the intention of having them riot and hence allow the SKNF contaminant within the official armed security services (ie Police, military) and paramilitary nutters to have reason to mobilize and hence hold the cities and other population centers hostage. These poor are also being threatened by withholding their Government allowances and medication. Many of these homeless are addicted to these medications as intended by SKNF machinations.
The SKNF agents within these poor and homeless are also hard at work trying to cause these poor to riot. They have been providing incentives, both money, narcotics and otherwise, have been threatening them, have been using their multitudes of lies and other techniques.
The SKNF are also doing what has now become a tired repetition of propaganda on the news and television media as well as elsewhere. This tired repetition of propaganda is in the form of supporting every and all of the SKNF's lies. From the so called Greek economic crisis in Europe to the SKNF lies as to why they are committing atrocities, have waged war against the world, have thieved technologies and science etc etc.
One of the secondary observation is the very concentrated SKNF infection within the criminal justice, homeless and welfare, the security guard services, the Government maintenance services and the media. The SKNF are elsewhere in large numbers but I have noticed that these areas appear to have an even greater concentration of them.
I deduce then that this concentration indicates the type of SKNF activity in the mass enslavement system that the SKNF have created.
For instance, the homeless and poor are actually made so and then have their welfare taken from them by using narcotics as bait. They are also enslaved and are easy and invisible victims of the SKNF. There are all kinds of human parasites that then live off these easy hosts, sucking on the welfare system and using these slaves as a slave army. This slave army are then ordered and forced into new property developments. They are made to damage property, to cause crime and all kinds of chaos. When the owners complain the SKNF contaminant within Government, the security services like the Police, psyops in collusive corruption with that SKNF within the administration eg Mayors office, welfare system, other Government agencies etc etc, using a Bugger-Me-While-I-Thank-You-Trick then houses them in a shelter that is located within that property development as a standing slave army.
The slave army then has a propensity towards crime and evil as they are constantly bombarded by it, from torture and crimes against humanity to hunger to murder. The are then lied to and told the SKNF version of why things are like what the SKNF have made it to be, blaming Family/Lords as the reason. Now the slaves become cynical and themselves becomes vectors of SKNF evil. Meanwhile the SKNF contaminant within Government cynically say that they are actually doing their jobs pointing towards their KPI (key performance indicator), the one that says that they are to reduce the number of dependents on the state and to have them be gainfully employed.
However as bad as it is, this does not excuse one from becoming a serial killing pervert. The SKNF infection within the poor then uses the SKNF activities as excuse as to why they have themselves become part of the SKNF.
Everybody, the SKNF inclusive, have been told continuously for over 3 years that they are NOT allowed to attack Family/Lords. In fact they are not allowed to be a bunch of serial killing perverts no matter what lies the serial killing perverts that make up the SKNF in its contamination of everything says.
I have continually reminded them of this. I have told them that they need to distance themselves as far away from the SKNF as possible. This even more so when one considers that the SKNF are trying to make human shields of them by making them perform terrorist activities and hence use them as reason for the SKNF crimes and thereby irrationally a reason why Family/Lords should fall for the SKNF's Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick.
Meanwhile the SKNF are trying to cause confusion as to who is the SKNF by acting and telepathically inducing us to see non-SKNF as the SKNF, by acting as if the SKNF, especially, in regards to what I am observing, the SKNF within the UN, are credible and are not just a bunch of cockroaches terrorist serial killing pervert vermin.
My observations also indicate that Family/Lords and their representatives such as President Obama have not only fallen to some extent for the SKNF's Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks but have become too used to the SKNF's attacks on themselves. The SKNF, using the FoM as cover have been attacking Family/Lords and their representative telepathically, by inducing head swinging, depriving them of sleep, attacking their young children etc etc. I remind Family/Lords that they must adhere to their foundational fundamentals. That they must say clearly that NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO ATTACK Family/Lords at all. Family/Lords is actually endangering their supporters lives by not doing so, apart from the reason of needing to provide the will and strength that we will need to straighten the world.
I also deduce that the SKNF contaminant within psyops and Government have not been performing their jobs and noting down SKNF activities such as the SKNF machinations within the welfare systems, education system, criminal justice system etc etc.
The SKNF contamination is very obvious and can be observed by the fact that the SKNF are allowed to wonder around with impunity and not be arrested or thrown out from Government offices. The only thing that is saving us is that Family/Lords are protecting us with advanced weapons.
The SKNF are also attacking the global economy. They are doing this by media propaganda, attacks on stock exchanges and dumping illegal money into economies. One of the ways that they are dumping large amounts of illegal money into economies is via crowd sourcing of donations. I have reminded everyone that this is not only an attack against countries but is also within the auspices of the tax systems.
(All this amidst the screams of child victims of SKNF crimes against humanity. Child victims who are suffering vivisection, being hammered by hammers, having their brains exposed, seeing their parents tortured so the SKNF can experience the joys of watching a young child's horror and then replaying it on public television so they can get off on their perception of what I would feel when I watch their evil......MC 15 July 2015).

-The SKNF are responsible for the worldwide scourge that is HIV/AIDS. It is a human made disease that is and has been spread by the SKNF via immunization programs, attacks via injections etc. This is also how I was attacked in the homeless shelters in the USA. This within the MSC, Next Door, Hospitality House. These are crimes against humanity.

-I used to think it a myth that when a person during their youth is punished and then provided love (eg punished by their fathers and then loved by their mothers as the maternal side feels more for their children) that the child's development becomes somewhat retarded and that child may develop a similar behavior to get loving attention. I now know that I am mistaken and that this is not a myth. Idiot-Sons exhibit this behavior, obtaining attention from their relatives and especially their parents and then it all appearances being fulfilled when their relatives, especially the ones that were carrying out the punishment during their childhood feels sorry for them. It comes from not giving loving attention to the subject at a young age. In the worse case it develops into the attention seeking psychosis expressed by the Idiot-Sons.
Idiot-Sons are also in continuing laminar of psychosis with their cunning plan to lure those responsible for damaging Idiot-Son's door being the target of this attack as well as the female colleagues in a probable turd tossing attack as seen over the past couple of weeks (and more).

-Idiot-Sons' rectal romance took another turn for the funny again. Idiot-Son's father and his colleagues were made to inhale Idiot-Sons' feces and fecal fauna and flora, Idiot-Son mixing it with something given to them to do so. Idiot-Sons' are making all attempts at seeing their cunning plan implemented and are annoying their fathers and colleagues with every instrument they have.
You can almost hear Goldmember in the background "He's your farger..."

-I will repeat my analysis on what needs to be done to the SKNF. The SKNF are a bunch of serial killing pervert terrorist scum vermin. Even cockroaches have a useful and meaningful place on Earth. The SKNF do not. They are guilty of the worse crimes perpetrated on hundreds of millions of people, including crimes against humanity, and have tried to destroy all of Earth. They have shown and continue to show no remorse nor contrition. It is logical that the first wave needs to wipe out as many of this vermin as possible so that we can see the SKNF infection better. They are cynically using Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks while committing all kinds of horrors and crimes against humanity instead of atoning.
The truth is that we have a long way to go before we can say that the Earth is safe from another rise of terrorist serial killing pervert vermin. We need to be given every opportunity to succeed. We do not need more impediments. We do not need to be fooled by the Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks that the SKNF use to gain favor and sympathy. Feel sorry for the victims of the SKNF's atrocities before you feel sorry for the SKNF. Evidence the SKNF's so called contrition by how they make sure that we hear and see the horrors perpetuated on the SKNF's victims because they SKNF have that serial killing pervert thing about getting-off on their impressions of what the rest of us feel about the atrocities. The SKNF believe that they are "men" - their own words - as opposed to the effeminate gay men that surround them - those that abhor this evil. The SKNF see being a man, as one that is like them. In their minds eye and the way they speak of themselves I perceive that they see themselves as super beings, wolves amongst sheep. In reality all I have seen are a bunch of serial killing perverts that are only at their best when they are attacking unprotected, defenseless people, especially children. I have seen them in their most "manly" when in full combat gear, doing all the combat hands signs with all the combat formations, go in for the kill on a defenseless family with young children cowering in their home. I have seen them in full combat mode send a tank and cannon against defenseless families with young children, blasting that home in the most manly manner possible. Their favorite scene they have consistently shown me are young girls in inconsolable tears, horror, waiting to be the next victim of the serial killing pervert's crimes against humanity. Crying inconsolably. Or in one case a young chinese girl smiled back when she was given a noodle to eat and then was smacked on the head by an adult male serial killing pervert. The SKNF are all a bunch of serial killing pervert scum terrorist vermin. Do not fall for their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks.
Crimes Against Humanity SKNF Boasting : Image from

The SKNF have members who also have young children. These children need to be removed from the SKNF and their serial killing pervert vermin parents so that they do not themselves become a bunch of serial killing pervert vermin or are used as a propaganda weapon. For example Goebbels, an example of the serial killing pervert vermin during WW2 also had children who acted as propaganda instruments for the SKNF then. They were all murdered and if they had not been murdered would have themselves become serial killing pervert terrorist vermin. Observe the example afforded by the Idiot-Sons such as Frankie-the-Fruit, Strutter Nutter and Spotty-the-Fruit, Serial Killer, Screeching-Mad-Wife. All of them children of serial killing perverts themselves. All who have themselves become insane and a bunch of serial killing perverts.
Goebbels children: The SKNF are not above using their children as weapons of propaganda or even killing them as a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick

Fred and Rosemary West are another example of what happens to the children of serial killing pervert vermin. They ended up killing their own children as well as turning their children into serial killing perverts. John Keys, Prime Minister of New Zealand and serial killing pervert also used his children as propaganda tools. His children then took part in supporting the SKNF conspiracy knowingly. This prior to Perth falling to the SKNF. Their claim to crimes against humanity set in stone.
Fred & Rosemary West: The outcome of being a child of a serial killing pervert. Image from

Evidence that Government is totally corrupt with these serial killing pervert vermin is constantly presented to me by the SKNF themselves in their lie of obeying the Regional Commander's order of returning me safely to Malaysia. This lie is presented as an argument within the security forces as how or whether to obey this command. This is continuing to happen even though the SKNF are about to be destroyed. This just tells me that the SKNF contaminant are clearly visible and known and their lie of obedience is just another serial killing pervert expression of psychosis in their attempt to annoy me. They either obey or disobey.

The impending action against the SKNF will also be very informational to those of us that want to straighten he World. It will tell us whether Family/Lords will be rational and logical at least at the start of this very long, complex and laborious exercise. It will tell us if Family/Lords will actually add to the workload by being illogical. It will tell us if what needs to be done can be achieved simply because it needs to be done or whether we have to do all kinds of illogical and irrational behaviors so that what needs to happen will happen. It will also tell us about the probability of the rise of the SKNF and WW4 occurring. It will speak of how serious Family/Lords are in this endeavor.

-Frankie-the-Fruit has become a fat arsed drug addict over the last 3 years. His huge consumption of initially cocaine and now pain killers and cocaine has led to this outcome. I can tell when he puts on his pants, this happening only infrequently and usually when his father or his father's colleagues visit his psyops room, sometimes unexpectedly. It is especially tight around his genitals reminding me of the Michelin man to some extent.
The Idiot-Sons parents appear to have the same psychosis the Idiot-Sons and probably are also to some extent related to attention seeking. Instead of taking the Idiot-Sons' narcotics away from them, they have left the Idiot-Sons' to have control over their narcotics while their parents go through something akin to the 3-Phase-Psychosis that the Idiot-Sons' exhibit. The Idiot-Sons' parents version of the cycling 3 phase psychosis is an attempt to kill me, failing that, an attempt to kill the Idiot-Sons' colleagues and finally an attempt to stop the Idiot-Sons' from depriving their parents of sleep by yelling at them. They know that they should take away the Idiot-Sons' narcotics and then use them as a positive classical conditioning tool to get the Idiot-Sons' to behave. However they instead have continued to cycle, faster and faster as well, in their version of their 3 phase psychosis.
Idiot-Sons' kept everyone awake, including myself, last night, waking us up at 10pm (7 pm NZ time), 0330 am and about 0500 am where Frankie-the-Fruit ejaculated after a bout of autoerotic fiddling. I then scissored my knees together to annoy Frankie-the-Fruit who then had all this semen flung across his lower extremities and over part of his body. He then sat there allowing this semen to encrust ("semen encrustation"). It is now 1018am in the morning and the Fruit has not yet cleaned himself. Meanwhile the Idiot-Sons continue to swing their head wildly. I found out that the Idiot-Sons' intentions were not specifically directed at myself, Serial Killer or Screeching-Mad-Wife, nor at their parents, but had now come to include and is more directed towards the Idiot-Sons' father's colleagues who for some reason has attracted the Idiot-Sons' psychotic attacks.
All signs indicate that the Idiot-Sons' will perform another turd tossing rectal romance attack on their colleagues, most likely their female colleagues.
I note that the FoM's and, in general, the SKNF's behavior, is so constant that it takes me a moment to realize that their actions are really indicative of psychosis and in abnormal.

-Everybody must take all precautions!! The risk of SKNF psychotic attack is at the "peak of its meter".
You really do not know a person unless they have been part of your immediate family and brought up with you.
You should really contribute as well by providing your telepathic power to the "good" using the multitasking method.
The indications are that the many, if not most, of the senior SKNF, the ones that are most dangerous, have been identified. This can be seen by the way that Government staff are not obeying their most simplest orders. An instance of this is returning me to Malaysia safely as has been ordered by the Regional Commander. Instead Government staff are acting a subterfuge of obeying their orders but in discussion in front of those that are not aware of all the facts. This means that the SKNF are really trying to hold even more hostages and commit even more atrocities.
For instance, psyops, any Government agency, ministry or departments, within and outside the state, international or local, can actually obey the Regional Commander's orders and perform whatever necessary to have me returned to Malaysia. The fact that non of them do so but instead play the part of giving the SKNF all credibility speaks volumes of the level of infection within Government. It is probable that the Regional Commander's people have already set in motion whatever orders and actions to see this through. They are very capable people. It is logical that the SKNF have decided that since they are known and visible that they will then continue in their subterfuge.
Since it is likely that many, if not most, of the top level SKNF have taken this extinction path then it is also means that they will want their second class SKNF citizens to die with them. All indications are that this is the case with buildup of these second class citizens in position to riot as well as commit atrocities and take hostages. I have seen the evidence of this myself here in San Francisco.
I imagine that the SKNF are being identified like a fall of dominoes.
As mentioned earlier. Family/Lords must be totally logical and not fall for any Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks nor the Take-All-Sides-Trick.
They must take down the SKNF by advanced weapons without hesitation. This is one of the things that made the SKNF hesitate to make widespread chaos as they saw that they have no chance against these weapons when they were destroyed so easily as vermin should be during their attacks on Washington DC, Beijing and 2 other places unknown. It endangers lives and properties otherwise. it endangers Family/Lords' supporters. It also increases the risk that we will fail to straighten the world and a WW4 event and hence the end of the world with atrocity before hand.
What has also become evident and increasingly so is the amount of danger we are and were actually in. It may be that all of psyops in San Francisco and surrounding areas are SKNF. It may be the same for almost all of security. It's sure starting to look that way. I know I have been fortunate. But I am starting to see that I have been even more fortunate then I had imagined. I can say that I thought this impossible.

-Revealed that NZ Governor General is part of the SKNF. This explains why he has not performed his duties.
Members of Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and other embassies in the United States also part of SKNF also explaining why they have not performed their duties.
The fact that the SKNF are not making any attempt at hiding themselves from Family/Lords is indicative that many if not most of the SKNF have been identified and that all their subterfuge at pretending otherwise is so that they can fool those not aware of this knowledge and hence attempt to hold them hostage as well as commit even more atrocities.
The SKNF continue in their attempts at holding hostages and committing atrocities with nor remorse or contrition while working and strategizing
Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks. The SKNF have been openly asked to repent but are unrepentent. This even though all signs indicate that the SKNF are about to fall.
-SKNF seems to also be held together by platonic love relationships between the bully boys. Everyone that is not a buffoon in the SKNF have asked that the Idiot-Sons be relieved of their duties for sinking the fleet and doing so continuously. This has been declined for what appears to be this platonic love relationship.

-At 1330 SF time (about 1030am Auckland time) one of the Idiot-Sons just laid a turd after forcing his feces out of his anus and it having decided to remain there, this followed by his buttock being squeezed together causing the turd to be attached to his inner thighs. He just sat there afterwards pretending it had not happened. Meanwhile it appears that some of Idiot-Son's father's colleagues have now a healthy dose of
Idiot-Son's gut flora and fauna, this being ingested via nose. All this also indicating that the
Idiot-Sons will be attacking their colleagues with tossed turds again.

-Every system and procedure in all types of organizations, whether private or otherwise have to be checked for SKNF parasitism in reality or in potential and have it straightened, counter defences emplaced and strenghtened to ensure that the SKNF cannot corrupt and parasitize again. I was reminded of this when trying to utilize the shelter reservation system in SF and was shown once again how the SKNF parasitize everything. I believe that we naturally underestimate the amount of work to ensure that the SKNF and its at the moment probable predecessors are destroyed permanently.

-Family/Lords must make a clear statement that no one is allowed to attack them.
-Family/Lords must also make a clear statement that crimes against humanity will not be tolerated at all.
-Probability of WW4 and loss of planet Earth observed to be higher then expected
Last night (27 July 2015 SF time) the SKNF's SKNF-diplonuts,
NUT-1 as well as other SKNF applied a subterfuge where they pretended to be in discussion over what Family/Lords should do. Their intentions were to try and fool Family/Lords into believing that they are not SKNF, to give credibility to the SKNF in the UN and elsewhere etc as well as to test whether they can fool a sufficiently strong telepathic search by lying in mass. The SKNF played the Take-All-Sides-Trick in the so called discussion as well as pushed their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks. One of the tricks the SKNF is performing is by acting good and saying the right things as camouflage to their real intentions of taking more hostages and committing even more atrocities.
However Family/Lords must know by now that the truth is still the truth regardless whether it is pronounced by friend or foe.
The reality of the current situation is that
a.All of the SKNF have been identified and tagged electronically. If this is not true (improbable that this is not true) then at least all the ones that are within Government, the security services, psyops, the secret services etc have been identified - these being the most dangerous ones.
b.That Family/Lords and those in command as well as those that are at the computers are being attacked ceaselessly and in mass by the SKNF. However Family/Lords are sufficiently strong telepathically that this has no effect. This can be seen by the evidence available to me. If I can see it than it has the highest probability of being true. It is obvious to me.
c.Family/Lords has the capacity and capability to stop the SKNF at this moment by advanced technology and tagging of the SKNF with software defences. I observe this everyday as the SKNF continue to attempt to take my life and yet I am saved time and time again by what appears to be sophisticated software that alerts the Family/Lords' people and automatically electronically controls the machines being used in the attacks.
d.Family/Lords can impose their will by stinging the SKNF, and better yet doing it publicly, into doing what they have been ordered to do. The SKNF are serial killing pervert terrorist scum vermin and are deserving of being treated as such.
e.The horrors in Perth and elsewhere are allowed to continue unabated with Family/Lords actually allowing it to happen. This is probably because they are following a standard procedure of taking all precautions, assuming that they are being affected telepathically as well as by SKNF visual and other cues and only taking clear evidence of someone being a SKNF agent as evidence. It is improbable that Family/Lords are giving the SKNF and NUT-1 any credibility.
Family/Lords has again made a mistake. This likely result of telepathic attacks.
Following the standard procedure of clear evidence is important. However like all things this also has its context.
In the context of Perth it is sufficient that Family/Lords take the evidence that their telepathic strength is greater than the SKNF's and NUT-1's. It is sufficient that all evidence indicates that the entire security services in Perth has been shown to be SKNF. It is sufficient that the electronic counter-measures and advanced weapons and defences are capable of stopping the horrors in Perth and elsewhere.
The horrors in Perth are now the full responsibility of Family/Lords. If Family/Lords have procedural and necessary things to do elsewhere before they can act they can still stop the horrors going on in Perth and elsewhere using these advanced weapons and software controls. They can destroy the SKNF vermin in Perth and emplace software controls on everybody else as well as tell them that this is happening. The whole world has been tagged electronically already. And it is especially obvious who are in the SKNF and are just a bunch of serial killing pervert terrorist vermin, especially in the places experiencing the horrors of the SKNF.
Family/Lords have behaved illogically and irrationally.
This does not bode well for the future and indicates a mindset in Family/Lords that will result in the rise of another SKNF, WW4 and the lost of planet Earth with atrocity committed on everybody prior to death.
It appears that
a.In the best case Family/Lords have made another mistake due to the telepathic attacks on them. The first mistake I observed was them falling for the SKNF's Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks and Bugger-Me-While-I-Thank-You-Trick and allowing the SKNF to attack their family members. Family/Lords needs to learn the lesson that family is first or we are lost. The SKNF were attacking the Royal Family of the UK's young children, the Queen and others. It appears that they may have got too used to these attacks. Family/Lords should remember that the context of now is that these attacks are coming from a bunch of serial killing pervert terrorist vermin and that the correct responding action is to have no tolerance for these attacks.
This indicates as lower probability of successfully straightening the world and a much greater probability of WW4, the loss of the Earth and atrocity before death. It means that Family/Lords do not know the difference between right and wrong. They do not have the will to empower the people that are trying to straighten the world. That they and us will again fall victim to corruption and the growth of the SKNF as well as its corresponding evil.
It must be remembered that this endeavor is multi-generational. If Family/Lords are not able to provide the will now in the midst of battle when the truth is clear and ever present then what happens 2 years after the end of this current incarnation of the SKNF and the mellowing of time. What happens say 20 years afterwards when their and our children have to take the reins and controls. What happens say 40 years, 2 generations after. 60 years, 3 generations after? This endeavor must be performed for all eternity, 60 years being the bare minimum. To put the minimum amount of work into an endeavor such as this means that one is preparing for failure and will fail.
b.The worse case scenario for Family/Lords allowing the horrors in Perth and elsewhere to continue is that they share some parts of NUT-1's mentality and have no regard for the fact that these are crimes against humanity. If this is the case then WW4 will occur and the only good from this knowledge is that we can prepare ourselves by getting our Kevorkian suicide kits as we have been forewarned.
My guesstimate assuming that Family/Lords are totally logical and rational is that
a.If only Family/Lords contribute to straightening the world then we have a 20% chance of success only.
b.If Family/Lords and every good person contributes to straightening the world then we have a 80% chance of success.
c.If every good person contributes to straightening the world and Family/Lords does not then we have a 0% chance of success ie will fail and we will see WW4 occur and the end of Earth.
d.If no one contributes to straightening the world then we will definitely see WW4 occur.
The SKNF have left their imprint in everything. From the most innocuous procedure to everything else.
Starving child SKNF crimes against humanity : Image from
(29 July 2015 MC - Note the date of the note above :27/07/.... ie three 7's which is what the secret service have been using as a sign instead of three 6's, their misinterpretation of Bible book Revelations 13:18. This is definitely a SKNF induced message with my overtones. However the truth is still the truth regardless of where it is from or how it is housed. For me this note is like a flag of a start time with the intention of estimating the probability of WW4 by being able to see via visible evidence Family/Lords' mindset. If it turns out to be the worse case scenario then there is no alternative savior. It would mean that psychosis is endemic within FAMILY-1 and Family and the lords in general. The indication of this is how Family and the lords have been allowed to be killed, and in many cases were tortured before murder ie it would mean that Family has been murdering via atrocity Family. It would also mean that this has been condoned by Family/Lords and FAMILY-1. A definite solution towards extinction. And since Family is so powerful it means the extinction of all on Earth.
Family/Lords' will still want their assets returned and the SKNF dealt with regardless of this, this means that the SKNF will be destroyed either way.
Saving Perth and other places suffering under the SKNF is risk free to Family/Lords.)
(8 August 2015 MC - It may be that the SKNF were preempting and hence induced me to write this note. However my own observations tell me that this note is accurate as far as what is observable if not what Family/Lords' are doing).

-Idiot-Sons have been soiling their (usually female) colleagues work surfaces, especially their chairs with a turd sauce that they have made with their feces. Meanwhile their fathers and fathers' colleagues are again going to be the (macro) "biotic men" as they inhale even more feces.

-SNAPSHOT: SKNF show of contrition: I went to lunch at about 12pm. While I was walking towards the place I eat at the SKNF serial killing perverts telepathically transferred their stamping on a child victim's body to me, screams of child hidden behind SKNF sound camouflage. Other SKNF in the form of SKNF with children, elderly and female SKNF attempting to camouflage themselves using their children as camouflage weapons. Same with elderly military SKNF serial killing perverts. All for the purpose of holding more hostages and committing more atrocities while working on their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks. Also using elderly ex-military SKNF serial killing perverts to gain sympathy with those people that have been sucked in by SKNF police and military movie propaganda. SKNF also trying to scare the poor into rioting.
SKNF-diplonuts of all varieties, John Keys lookalikes, well practiced in their act that equates to trust-me-but-I-am-in-real-life-a-serial-killing-pervert-terrorist-scum-vermin all doing their smiling tricks. SKNF also using telepathy to induced people to make mistakes so can fall to SKNF atrocities.
Meanwhile the SKNF psychosis is making them look more like Frankie-the-Fruit who is just a fat arsed drug addict who thinks he has some unique martial arts power. Bestus-Lieutenant etc all being held a bay by advanced weapons. I even see the John Gacey varieties of serial killing pervert vermin hanging around me, unable to sit down, needing to give a show of high coursing adrenalised movement as they are so wild and psychotic, but actually just so they can get the respect that they crave from their wealthier peers. Funnily enough Bestus-Lieutenant also has this act. The Richard of the MSC and other psychos of same variety now all threatening me. SKNF also preventing me from washing my clothes as well as making life difficult in other ways. Psychos and just a bunch of serial killing pervert vermin the lot of them.
Starving child SKNF crimes against humanity : Image from
Crimes Against Humanity SKNF Boasting : Image from

-Idiot-Sons consciously attacking their colleagues using sleep deprivation head swinging, both SKNF and those not in SKNF. Their reason this time is that they are not obeying the Idiot-Sons. One would have thought that even the SKNF would have figured out that the Idiot-Sons sunk their fleet.
-Bestus-Lieutenant initially then another bald headed serial killing pervert SF based Police officer are part of a brinksmanship attack on myself (they get close to me so they can beat me, stab me etc but do not do so then will all of a sudden launch themselves against me). They appear to be making other people, probably SKNF, possibly poor, do the same.
Where it concerns Bestus-Lieutenant, this is because Bestus-Lieutenant started losing his cool after I again pointed out that he is one of the serial killing pervert vermin that is being allowed to run free around San Francisco even though he made all attempts to turn it into a horror like Perth, actions including arming the SKNF, setting bombs in place, being part of a serial killing of a woman in the Tenderloin etc etc. Bestus-Lieutenant's wealth has been derived from serial killing NZ victims.
Bestus-Lieutenant then had to prove that he is a real man and came back to the MSC to show this to his fellow serial killing perverts who are in a highly disturbed and psychotic stage. This probably made more so as I had made Bestus-Lieutenant's face go red as he struggled to control his serial killing pervert tendencies.
The SF based blond Police officer is one that appears to hang around the MSC. He is probably part of a clone team that is part of the SKNF enslavement machine. He is approximately 6' tall, blond to light hair, wear his head hairless, caucasian, carries a gut but is fit and appears quite strong. Clean shaven. Had me fooled whether he was SKNF or not until I observed his supporting the SKNF. Tried to hit me at the back of the head but was supposedly prevented by advanced weaponry. I name this one SF Undercover Nutter.
The SKNF's serial killing pervert television program, something called Right This Minute then again showed another of their evils, this being a young child who had his genitalia cut off using tinning shears. The host of this program all in smiling serial killing pervert action. This child was surrounded by a host of me of the size of Bestus-Lieutenant and his cohort like SF Undercover Nutter, all holding the child down while smiling in that serial killing pervert vermin psycho way.
However Bestus-Lieutenant's and SF Undercover Nutter also confirmed what I have been observing and thought was happening. Fortunately the SKNF suffer from their bully boy get-together love affair mentality.
It appears that the SKNF are muscling the poor and whoever else they can into rioting as well as planning large scale attacks. They are doing brinksmanship attacks on these people as well.
They are also trying to overwhelm Family/Lords psyops defences by doing these brinksmanship attacks, apart from their pushing for riot.
Family/Lords psyops and their representatives have recommended that there needs to be an appropriate response to this exponential and secretive increase in SKNF violence and psychosis. It may have been (as I was told but cannot confirm) that there have been recent SKNF armed attacks (at more than 1 place) on civilian and others within enclosed, covered spaces and that the attackers were destroyed by advanced gravity weapons. This may explain the sudden change in SKNF behavior that I have been observing. They appear to have been slightly humbled but their psychotic behavior of wanting to be perceived as all powerful, manly, super-soldiers seems to have persisted.
Family/Lords need to contain the SKNF's psychotic behavior. They also need to humble the SKNF. This is also what it means to do everything to prevent the rise of another SKNF.
Family/Lords' people have recommended the following:
I.Save Perth etc immediately by destroying known SKNF vermin in that area. Put a software protective shell around all else if unsure of SKNF. Warn all in Perth that this is the case. Perth is suffering badly and any mitigation of the SKNF is good. Perth need not be suffering as Family/Lords has the capacity to save it now. They are not giving NUT-1 or the SKNF any credibility.
II.Put a 2 metre radius exclusion shell around all known SKNF worldwide so that they cannot attack anybody. Sting them if this 2 metre shell is breached. This will prevent their muscling of the populace, especially the poor who have been suffering under SKNF evil and will have propensity to bend to the SKNF's will. This will reduce the workload on Family/Lords' defences as it will nullify the brinksmanship attacks. In truth Family/Lords have already ordered that the SKNF be stung but have been disobeyed.
III.I recommend that the SKNF be humbled thoroughly. This also means that they face an alternative towards their demise that includes the gas chamber, the electric chair and hanging. They have proven to be willing make the worst crimes, crimes against humanity and we should respond to their psychotic behavior by fully humbling them, even making them kneel. It has been a tradition and what that I believe has been proven to be correct in every way.
IV.I recommended treating the so called ones who say they are under duress and are helping the SKNF because of this as SKNF. Underlying all this is the fact that Family/Lords must not ever tolerate someone trying to harm them. This duress excuse is actually not acceptable and can never be acceptable. Family/Lords must never allow any excuses that it is acceptable to attack them. To do so otherwise is another solution to extinction.
V.I also recommend that a day of remembrance be made. This being Earth Day. The day Earth accidentally survived total destruction and atrocity.
It appears that in regards to the note on 28 July 2015 and Family/Lords that the SKNF had actually tried to preempt Family/Lords by telling the SKNF what will likely happen and to motivate them into attack. Their intention was also to try to create confusion withinFamily/Lords' supporters and try to have them think Family/Lords' are also showing symptoms of psychosis.
What appears to be the case is that the advanced weapons are under Family/Lords' control. Family/Lords defensive structure is taking longer to establish because of Family/Lords' relatively smaller numbers. Family/Lords must be absolutely cautious because of this and must take no risk. Even one of the nutters having control over the advanced weapons would cause world extinction or at least massive destruction. But what is also the case is what has been said about the situation in Perth etc. It appears that Family/Lords are being un-contextual and are not being fully rational when in comes to the places that are suffering. The SKNF can be wiped out or at least strongly reduced and software imprisoned here without any risk whatsoever. Family/Lords' representatives have all agreed.
-It is necessary for good psychological development be part of our infinite number of defenses against the rise of another SKNF. This means that parents are taught to be good parents as well as children taught to be good people.
-Another SKNF trick is to make an act of surrendering while they attempt to make more people hostage and commit even more atrocities. The truth is that the SKNF etc have been told how they must surrender already. However the SKNF continue to show no contrition nor remorse and remain unrepentant. The SKNF must be humbled.

-SKNF psychotic pathology most evident by what makes the SKNF react. They do not react to the fact that they have shown no remorse and are unrepentent and hence have taken serial killing pervert terrorist vermin quick end. They do not react to having no ability to win. They do not react to be shown for what they actually are. They however react badly with red faces and anger to the recommendation to have the SKNF humbled and to have them kow-tow to their victims, the people of the Earth and Earth. Their so called macho manliness another symptom of their psychopathology.
I have recommended that the SKNF are made to kow-tow publicly wherever they are to apologise to Earth, the victims of the SKNF and the everybody else and that they should do this 8 times to wish us good luck before the SKNF depart this Earth. That this is part of humbling the SKNF.
My observation is that traditions such as these have real and good reasons and also skews the propensity of future endeavors to right the world towards success. We will need everything in our endeavor to prevent a rise of another SKNF and global annihilation. Everyone has already agreed that the SKNF be humbled.

-SKNF continue to be unrepentant even though they have been asked to surrender time and time again. Instead they continue to cause and attempt to cause all kinds of evil, chaos, damage etc.
I am now fairly sure that something significant has happened to the SKNF trained soldier type nutters, something that has shown them that they are just a bunch of serial killing perverts who are now facing the defended instead of their usual victims who tend to be the weakest of the populace. The SKNF seem to be coming out of whatever shock it was that made them less confident in their psychotic behavior. They are now doing their big bully boy get-together and making brinksmanship attacks and threats. It has given me an opportunity to study their psychosis. All I see is the equivalent of Frankie-the-Fruit and Strutter Nutter.
SF Undercover Nutter and Bestus-Lieutenant now oiling themselves up and hanging around the MSC shelter. The serial killing pervert vermin oil themselves up before becoming physically violent so that they cannot be held by their opponents. It shows their insanity and their so called manliness considering that each of them outweighs me and are stronger than I am by some measure. I have taken to making their faces red as often as I can as a result. The serial killing perverts in response have to group into their bully boy serial killing pervert vermin groups to support their tiny evil egos. The female serial killing pervert vermin in the SKNF starting to screech more, similar to Screeching-Mad-Wife. All a good sign!
Their act is also to intimidate the poor into rioting. A consequence of antagonizing the security nutter vermin is that these poor are made aware that the SKNF are being controlled by threat of advanced weapons and are actually no real threat.
However thinking about it again, while the SKNF and NUT-1 shares many of the same psychosis as Frankie-the-Fruit, I believe Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons to be contextually significantly more psychotic. This can be seen in the fact that they have caused, on many occasions, the resulting loss of WW3 and in a way that has not been seen in all of human history. The Idiot-Sons' actions causing something that was shown to be improbable.
-Indications are that the SKNF will be humbled in August 2015 or Septmeber 2015 at the latest. I cannot wait to return home :D

The SKNF continue to be unrepentant and are doing everything to commit even more atrocities.
SKNF chaotic behavior at July 2nd 2015: Image from
The SKNF are also at an exponentially increasing peak of psychotic-chaotic state of mind. Their only show of contrition is a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. This veneer is easily peeled away when I publicly advise and recommend that they be humiliated and humbled. Do not forget the crimes against humanity that the SKNF have committed, let alone all the other crimes. Do not forget what they have done to the human species, the Earth and what they were about to do.
The SKNF wanted to subjugate all Earth by removing our telepathy. They wanted to repopulate the Earth with their seed by raping our daughters. They wanted to continue their crimes against humanity openly and make it a part of what is standard and normal on this planet.
It is traditional to have vermin submit and prostrate themselves publicly as apology. There are good reasons behind this. It is something that has been performed throughout all cultures and all history. A sure indicator that the reasons are supportive and positive.
I recommend that the SKNF made to prostrate themselves eight (8) times before they are made to depart this Earth. Each act of submission as
1.Apology to their victims.
2.Apology to everybody else.
3.Apology to all of Earth.
4.They submit themselves 8 times as a way of wishing their intended victims, the victims and the Earth good fortune for our future. A last act of good in what has been for the SKNF a lifetime of evil.

-SKNF continue in their psychotic behavior, trying to commit even more atrocities. SKNF being kept from harming me by advanced weapons. SKNF using biological, chemical, electronic and every other weapon they can think off. The SKNF serial killing pervert vermin are just a bunch of serial killing pervert vermin.
-In reference to the note made on 28 July 2015, Family/Lords are showing that they agree that the world needs to be straightened and righted and are and will be putting their full intentions behind this endeavor. They are showing that they are rational and logical.
Every good person should take heed and also contribute rationally and logically with especial intentions of not repeating the mistakes of the past eg. if you are working on fixing the environment, don't just hand money away to a charity as this has been shown to be a SKNF trick and means of parasitizing the populace. Do your homework first.

-World populace have been informed that SKNF worldwide has been tagged electronically and are known. They are being prevented from committing atrocities by advanced weapons. The SKNF serial killing pervert vermin are holding the world hostage and would create mass atrocities if given the chance.
-SKNF continue to try and hold hostages and perform atrocities. SKNF working very hard on the poor to make them riot. SKNF methods include those that they use in general and specific methods to cause as much damage as possible before they depart Earth. The SKNF need to be humbled before they depart Earth.
-I have decided to include my observations on SKNF methods and behavior here as example of the tricks and methods of attack that vermin like the SKNF do. Hopefully this will make us more conscious and mindful.
:Loud conversation between SKNF vermin so that the accidental bystander can "accidentally" eavesdrop and spread malicious rumours. Self explanatory. I observed this while I was in China sometime in the early parts of 2000-2007 and did not realize what is was until now. The SKNF were again rumoring their bullshit that their crimes were related to free energy being withheld from them and the world in general and that the SKNF intentions were all good and beneficial towards the Earth. The scale of their collusive lying can make one not see their conspiracy. The SKNF put out the lights of whole Government buildings and in some cases whole city blocks to try and convince me and everybody else while they were also making performance of their lies. I "accidentally" heard that China was running out of electricity and power before I left, the conversation occurring between 2 men in front of me, loudly.
:Serial killing perverts like Bestus-Lieutenant, what appears to be an Indian national and serial killing pervert (5' 9" tall, medium length black hair, brown-grey skin (not dark), squarish face, about 40's-early 50's, medium build, male), someone I have started calling Pustule Man (Chinese, Asian descent, thin jaw, male, skin covered with serious eczema some forming pustules, black short hair, slanted eyes, dark brown eyes, 5' 8" tall, medium build, triangular face) and other members of the SKNF, mostly male but some females, have started a series of brinksmanship attacks on myself. Pustule Man's attack being one where he threatens by wiping the weeping sores on his arm and body around the wound and then threatens to spread it onto myself to infect me with whatever he has been infected with.
:SKNF pressuring the poor with violence, economic attacks, trickery, SKNF secret agents based within the poor community, to riot.
:SKNF fulfilling their psychotic psychosis needs by taunting surviving victims of their atrocities. An example of this is a man I believe to be related to a Vietnamese man in Auckland, New Zealand called Vang Li who manages or used to manage a Pagoda like building on Victoria St. This man appears to be Vang Li's father. This man has started doing something I call the In-Your-Face attack where they taunt you by having themselves follow you around and hang around you after they have committed crimes against humanity against you. They are more inclined to do this attack after you have fallen for their trick of befriending you and separating you from people who are not part of the SKNF and then have you or your family suffer atrocity by the SKNF. This man has also threatened to murder me by poison attack. Has performed and supported the SKNF in every way possible.
:The self important rich man trick: This in one where the SKNF play an act of being the most important person on the planet. It is a general trick to get the an army of less well off but compliant slaves with the never actualizing promise of future wealth. It is also a trick to fool unsuspecting observers of SKNF credibility. It is also used as part of the SKNF-diplonut attack and so on. I used to think that this was just a trick but have realized that this is also a reflection of SKNF psychosis. The SKNF continue this trick as a trick but also what appears to be a psychotic self delusion of grandeur about their individual selves. The SKNF seem to be in denial that they have lost and continue to simply believe in their delusion of superior cunning by leaning on the belief that their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick will work. Their behavior is one of holding meetings together, off so called high levels talks, of endless discussion within their groups, totally ignoring the reality that they have been told to surrender and are seen in all clarity, are known and are just a bunch of serial killing pervert vermin. I have said this before and I say it now. The SKNF are as psychotic in most ways as the FoM.
:The Corrupt Colluding Strangers Trick: This is where what appears to be independent departments, strangers etc are actually in collusive and corrupt agreement and are performing a conspiracy together. Many examples and is what the SKNF have been using the parasitize the world.
:The I-Will-Read-Your-Mind-And-Then-Say-What-I-Know-You-Are-Thinking-Of-Doing-So-That-You-Will-Not-Do-It-Because-I-Will-Just-Say-I-Am-Puppeting-You-Attack: This is self explanatory and is used by the SKNF to prevent one from reporting SKNF attacks and to try to prevent one from doing something the SKNF don't want done.
:The-Official-Who-Can-Incarcerate-You-Attack: This is where the SKNF vermin contaminant within Government threatens incarceration, murder, atrocities. The SKNF vermin will use a cloak and self delusion of importance in voice and action to support this attack.
:The-False-Report-In-Official-And-Telepathic-Media-Attack: For instance: This is where the SKNF will put false reports within licensed and Government related media eg newspapers, television news, internet news etc via the SKNF contaminant within and outside these organizations so that they can manipulate their second class SKNF citizens (eg into rioting and sacrificing themselves) and/or the public (eg so that the SKNF can terrorize the public into thinking the SKNF have any offensive capability whatsoever, recruit members of the public into the SKNF's schemes, fool the public into actions that are self detrimental etc). They will repeat this lie is public perceived independent but actually corrupt and colluding media (eg. NZ Herald, New Strait Times, Strait Times, Yahoo News etc. The Strait Times is an interesting example as Singapore is meant to be squeaky clean but has also been shown to be heavily infested with SKNF vermin. We need to learn the lessons of the past to avoid a SKNF arising in the future.). The SKNF contaminant within the psyops computer rooms will also have people view and hear high definition recordings of the SKNF's atrocities in pretense of it being real and current.
:The Evil and Corruption is a part of life and cannot be extinguished trick: This is where the SKNF will perpetrate a continuous mantra that the world cannot exist without evil and corruption and that we should just accept it and be enslaved by it and even rejoice when we are suffering atrocity by the likes of the SKNF.
:The I can't be a serial killing pervert vermin because......trick: This is where a serial killing pervert vermin implies that he/she (young-old) cannot be a serial killing pervert vermin because he/she is too rich, too poor, too old, too young, has the visual cues that implies a good person, has the visual cues that implies a bad person ........................

-SKNF staging a massive multiple and sustained secret attack on all Earth
:The SKNF are staging all manner of Brinksmanship_Attacks using every weapons that include feces, running their victims over with bicycles and trying to make it seem accidental etc etc.
The SKNF have large numbers of 'ground nuts' as well as others. The whole SKNF is involved especially those in Government bodies such as the official security mechanism of the military and Police, SKNF-diplonuts, secret service SKNF contaminant, Government servants, politicians etc etc, including the homeless and other SKNF second class citizens and every other SKNF in between.
Like previous SKNF attacks, the SKNF need to be made respectful and compliant and have their attack stopped right now. I recommend that they be stung using advanced weapons if they are not made to depart the Earth. It must be remembered that the destruction of the SKNF vermin in 2013 actually helped prevent SKNF attacks as it made the paramilitary and then the military and Police SKNF nutters afraid of the consequences of their psychotic serial killing activity.
With respect to the SKNF being stung by advanced weapons and with reference to note made on 28 July 2015: it appears that the SKNF have induced me to write this note which due to my involvement has my overtones. The SKNF had guessed that Family/Lords would sting them with advanced weapons to make them do their jobs. This is what the SKNF would do. However Family/Lords appear to be doing something else instead. It is the SKNF and their psychotic attacking that iis making the stinging option a reality. What it shows is that the SKNF are having to guess what Family/Lords are doing hence indicating that the SKNF are weaker telepathically. However Family/Lords must continue to take all precautions and assume otherwise.
-Lesson of the Nutcake - SKNF containing the Idiot-Sons' psychotic behavior
:Most of the SKNF and everybody else have learnt to contain the Idiot-Sons' psychotic behavior. With respect to the SKNF, this happened in earnest starting from about June 2013 when the SKNF_Brain realized the damage that the Idiot-Sons' were doing. However they strangely discovered that no matter how logical it was and is and no matter what damage the Idiot-Sons' did, they could not stop them. There was always what seemed to be a logical, but on closer inspection was only superficially so, reason why the SKNF were to allow the Idiot-Sons' to continue in their psychotic behavior and as side effect sink the SKNF fleet.
The Idiot-Sons' have said that this damage was caused by the other SKNF who the Idiot-Sons' lied were telepathically transmitting what was occuring publicly as an attack on the Idiot-Sons. What was really happening was that the other SKNF were trying to minimize the damage caused by the Idiot-Sons. Also it was the Idiot-Sons who were doing the telepathic transmissions actually, this because the Idiot-Sons saw it as a means to prevent the other SKNF defensive actions.
Everybody had learnt that the Idiot-Sons' psychotic behavior increases exponentially if not curbed.
However not everybody in the SKNF has learnt this lesson, including the Idiot-Sons' and their relatives. The refusal to contain the Idiot-Sons' rectal romance and turd tossing has led to numerous office seats within the Auckland region psyops department to now be contaminated with feces, urine and semen, the Idiot-Sons' exchanging their soiled seats almost every night since the last report of this. It is likely that those affected are the Idiot-Sons' female colleagues.
I have come to appreciate some parts of medical science more. The Idiot-Sons, Frankie-the-Fruit in lead psychotic head swinging attacks has caused them to suffer massive back and vertebrae trauma and, without painkillers, total incapacitation. The Idiot-Sons are taking a cocktail of some very expensive painkillers that have made them immune to this trauma and pain. They are taking these painkillers like Tic-Tacs. Frankie-the-Fruit was totally incapacitated last time without the painkillers and was so for approximately a week. I suspect that the trauma is far worse that prior.
Meanwhile the Idiot-Sons' relatives are now seemingly getting by on no sleep whatsoever, however impossible that seems.

-Idiot-Sons anal sniffing has had them 'accidentally' licking their stools as they forget to clean their anus probing fingers while repeating their anal sniffing behavior.
Anyone that are not sure that we have received good fortune with the Idiot-Son sinking of the SKNF fleet due to their phenomenal insanity and context can observe this at any time. The Idiot-Sons' psychotic behavior continues unabated.
-Lesson of the Nutcake: The result of a psychotic psychological development
Idiot-Sons' hurting themselves by head swinging back and vertebrae trauma is actually a cry for sympathy. It is a symptom of misplaced behavior that is a result of violent and psychotic parenting. The learnt response due to incorrect parenting and the child's, and later the adult's, subsequent learnt behavior can be compared to a building created by a psychotic, crazy, loon, mad, insane architect.
In the role of senior, Frankie-the-Fruit is unable to obtain sympathy from his colleagues and thus forces his subordinates to act their respect for him by a show of sympathy for the pain and trauma he has sustained by his psychotic behavior in the guise of being the most fearsome. Actually Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons are trying to get sympathy from their fathers foremost and their relatives secondarily, this even though they have tried to kill their relatives for their estates.
However this homicidal behavior is actually unconscious even though it may be expressed consciously. The Idiot-Sons have also almost killed themselves, their fathers who they need within the power structure and their relatives who are just holders of the estates that they will inherit.
The murder attempt on their relatives can be liken to a lens consciousness accidentally alights onto the general subconscious will to kill. This lens is then treated by the Idiot-Sons as their conscious will and 'plan' but it is only a superficial perspective.
We can take another lesson from this apart from the Lesson of the Nutcake. The lesson is about the link between sanity and psychological development.
For instance: Do not leave a baby or child to "cry itself out", leaving it uncared for in the belief that it will not repeat what is painful to it as the cry is a indicator of pain. A child cries because this is the only way it can communicate. It does not have the linguistic tools, the self toileting and hygiene tools and many or all of the other tools that we take for granted as adults. As human beings and mammals we have to learn everything. We are not insect or arachnids. These learnt things are developed over time. Give the child the love and attention it needs. Check that it is not hurt, uncomfortable, it may have soiled itself - change diapers immediately (this also explains the Idiot-Sons' turd tossing rectal romance that they have used to soil the department they are in and attack their colleagues).
In summary: Love, encouragement, attention and all good things are tools that support learning. Punishment and violence are tools to create psychosis and insane behavior.
-(Approx 12pm 12 August, 2015) SKNF observed to be trying to blind Family/Lords' telepathic eyes. Other types of SKNF attacks also occurring. SKNF not being stung as ordered.

-Yesterday evening Frankie-the-Fruit orders total lock down of Auckland Region psyops department and maliciously locks female psyops staff in department as a result (12 Aug 2015 approx 5pm Auckland NZ time). It is expected that Frankie-the-Fruit will do the same today as he has it in mind and has planned to do so. Frankie-the-Fruit's thoughts are a combination of the following: it is a good way to show his seniority and male prowess, as a good way to terrorize and bully some women. I note a sideways thought in his mind about trapping these women in the same place as a sort of sexual fantasy and possible way of getting them close to him with possibilities of Frankie-the-Fruit seducing them. The excuse would of course be that he is establishing his seniority within the Auckland Region's Police force. The date in Auckland at the time of writing this note is Friday 14 August 2015 which makes it a turd tossing day of rectal romancing for Frankie-the-Fruit.
Frankie-the-Fruit today had extended this lock down implementation to include all of Auckland Police facility.

-An example of the psychosis and problems within the security infrastructure today
The Heidi Paakonen rape is not an isolated incident but is a commonality in all parts of Government and society and is perpetrated remorselessly and as a form of SKNF expectation of society by the SKNF.
Last night the fathers of the Idiot-Sons and the Idiot-Son made a play of a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick in pretending to try and control Frankie-the-Fruit's psychotic head swinging attacks and attention seeking psychosis.
Frankie-the-Fruit's father sent a representative to the Auckland Region's psyops department to talk to Frankie-the-Fruit. Frankie-the-Fruit however remained in his room and proceeded to watch a video capture of one of his female colleagues in coitus. Frankie-the-Fruit then masturbated, rested and then continued his psychotic attention seeking behavior.
Frankie-the-Fruit has also been known to make physical sexual advances against his female colleagues. Most of them transfer out of that psyops department when this happens. In one instance Frankie-the-Fruit had his colleagues put him and a young woman in a packed car, traveling together, where Frankie-the-Fruit proceeded to grope this young woman who then tried to distance herself and prevent this fruitcake's physical sexual attacks. Frankie-the-Fruit is part of a group that enjoys rape, murder and serial killing without abatement.
Frankie-the-Fruit is an example of what is going on worldwide in all parts of Government and also within society.
-SKNF are staging a massive, multiply, sustained and secretive attack worldwide
They are trying to fool Family/Lords and their representatives that the SKNF are being controlled, doing this by making a play of such in front of their physical eyes. However the SKNF are secretly attacking everything and anything using any means at their disposal.
-Is Family/Lords making an error in non-action?
I wonder if Family/Lords are making an error. Is Family/Lords not resolving the physical threat of the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin immediately so we can move on to the righting and straightening of the world. All indications show that Family/Lords are actually holding back and have the SKNF depart this Earth immediately.

-Idiot-Sons are now harassing the surviving Perth child victims of SKNF rape. The Idiot-Sons spent a considerable amount time time wanking off to the rape of these very same victims of SKNF evil prior to this.
-SKNF are staging a widespread, multiple, sustained and secret attack on the global population
Famous people in particular are in danger. I heard that Sam Hunt was almost murdered by SKNF-diplonut attack. All precautions must be taken. I hope Family/Lords come to the conclusion that the SKNF are vermin and send them on their way now as is logical. I also hope that they take my recommendation and have them kow-tow 8 times beforehand.

-Reason why Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons are not sacked for their incompetence
One question that remained a mystery to me until this time was why did the SKNF allow the Idiot-Sons to continue to sink the fleet in their buffoonery and not have them ejected from the psyops department. This questions was finally answered over the last few days.
One question that may have arisen to a reader of this document is the truth of the Idiot-Sons psychotic behavior in being key to the sinking of the SKNF fleet and saving the world from global annihilation in WW3. This would have been answered clearly to any observer over the last 3 years and in particular at any time over the last 6 months with the Idiot-Sons and in particular observation of Frankie-the-Fruit's behavior. I had put a description of Frankie-the-Fruit in the glossary but have now more details about him since the time of writing that description.
It appears that we have been more fortunate then I had previously thought. That global annihilation was actually averted by the specific psychosis of one man, this being Frankie-the-Fruit. It is true that others and their psychosis in the SKNF also had a part but if one were to ask me if there was one in particular that stood out head and shoulders above these others, I would point to Frankie-the-Fruit.
It appears that Frankie-the-Fruit is the son of a almost lord level wealthy and senior Police Officer in the Auckland Region (Manukau, North Shore, Auckland etc). Frankie-the-Fruit's has had a psychotic psychological development which has made him insane, or as has been observed, "just plain crazy". He is in competition for his grandparents and mother's legacy and assets with his father who he does not get on well with but has a working relationship based on the Estranged-Dad-Trick where the play a kind of Take-All-Sides-Trick with their colleagues.
Frankie-the-Fruit's authority had even surpassed his father's while working under Serial Killer and Screeching-Mad-Wife. What was said in my report regarding their relationship is true and pertinent but goes deeper then just an emotional attachment.
I have heard and believe the following to be true.
It appears that Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents are owners of very valuable land that would have been developed into populated property. This land appears to be near the Howick area of New Zealand, Auckland region. If developed this land would have made Frankie-the-Fruit a lord much like Serial Killer, and in fact worse in that Frankie-the-Fruit is a fat arsed drug addict and rapist.
Frankie-the-Fruit is his mother's and her parents only heir to their estate. However this land deal would have come from his mother's parents, his mother and his father. His father appears to have a connection to someone powerful that would have likely had some investment in this property development. Hence the reason why Frankie-the-Fruit in particular and the Idiot-Son could never lose their jobs no matter what they did to the SKNF.
It is also likely that this important and powerful person saw Frankie-the-Fruit and his relatives as easy to be rid off once the deal had matured, Frankie-the-Fruit and his relatives having a history of idiocy. It also explains the subservient nature of Frankie-the-Fruit's psyop's colleagues to himself. They saw him as a future lord.
It also explains the large number of near misses that Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents, as well as his father's parents I might say, have suffered.
It is also very probable that Frankie-the-Fruit and his father were in some sort of collusion to have Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents 'accidentally' murdered. This became evident by Frankie-the-Fruit's recent behavior where he attempted to imply that his father was also in on a conspiracy of this sort. This was because Frankie-the-Fruit had been removed from both his grandparent's will.
Frankie-the-Fruit's resentment and downright antagonism towards his father had probably had him planning to be the sole owner of this new property development. He probably intended that Serial Killer be his supporting funder. He had thus acted to remove his father from future ownership of this property by implicating his father in this conspiracy to obtain land by. This is an aspect of Frankie-the-Fruit's psychosis and was also useful in determining what was going on and who the SKNF are.
If Frankie-the-Fruit's had the same level of psychosis as his other SKNF psyops colleagues it would have been unlikely that the incident (Mexican Standoff) that forced Family/Lords to get together would not have happened and Family/Lords would have been dismembered piecemeal and the world would have then suffered global annihilation.
An alternative universe's Frankie-the-Fruit in working closely with his father would have engineered a scenario where this incident would have not happened.
(18 August 2015 further notes regarding same - MC:
:This may explain why Frankie-the-Fruit's father does not have Frankie-the-Fruit temporarily replaced by Frankie-the-Fruit's mother or any of his four grandparents. They would discover other conspiracies that are detrimental to themselves.
:It may also explain why Frankie-the-Fruit was so cool about endangering his father's life on so many occasions - see note 01/11/2014-07/11/2014:Annual Xmas Party Escapade of 2014 and First Avalanche of Disrespect)
-Instance of SKNF driving the propensity for the poor to perform and be evil: I observed the SKNF testing their germs and toxins on these people. Those of these people that join the SKNF paramilitary are made into SKNF second class citizen royalty and are not subject to this but contribute to these crimes against humanity instead. These SKNF paramilitary however promised to be on the fast track are however canon fodder and are meant to lose their lives in the SKNF Take-All-Sides-Trick acts eg Police vs Villain etc. Female variety of the SKNF military tend to be pushed into free or paid prostitution in the guise of being part of the secret service.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: The lesson about surrounding yourself with serial killing pervert vermin
Frankie-the-Fruit's psyops team were aware of Frankie-the-Fruit and his father dealings (see note 16/08/2015: Reason why Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons are not sacked for their incompetence). They had told their fathers, some who work under Frankie-the-Fruit's father. It is probable that they were waiting to take over from Frankie-the-Fruit and/or his father after the deal had matured. Frankie-the-Fruit's psyops team were sworn to secrecy. Their fathers who work under Frankie-the-Fruit's father never told him about Frankie-the-Fruit's double crossing conniving.
The fact that the SKNF lost due to a sequence of actions, the initating of this sequence being the actions of one person, Frankie-the-Fruit, shows how fortunate we, the Earth, has been in avoiding global annihilation. The world has millions upon millions of SKNF in the same position that Frankie-the-Fruit occupies and for 30 years and more they have not caused anything that has initiated their downfall. The probability for something like Frankie-the-Fruit idiocy and buffoonery in just the right context is infinitesimally small and in fact has never occurred in all of human history. I hope the realization of this motivates everybody to help in ensuring that the SKNF and its evil can never rise again.
-I reiterate my recommendation that Family/Lords sting the SKNF if not have them depart the Earth. They continue in their worldwide massive, multiple, sustained and secretive attacks. Also using Brinksmanship_Attacks to overwork Family/Lords' defenses as well as threaten the weakest members of our communities to rioting.
-The so called recent Bangkok Bombing is a SKNF lie and a conspiracy to motivate the ground nuts to worldwide atrocity, violence and rioting so that the higher levels of the SKNF can try, psychotically believing it possible, and escape via Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick when large numbers of the SKNF are made to depart the Earth. Note how almost every news and other media agency is supporting this and other SKNF lies.

-Family/Lords appear to have fallen for SKNF's Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks and have made an error in allowing the SKNF to run riot worldwide attempting to cause all kinds of atrocities and chaos.
Family/Lords are in a position to end the SKNF and the armed battle for WW3. They will need then to concentrate their attention and focus for all eternity, but a minimum of 60 years if they are illogical and irrational, in straightening and righting the world, the other part of WW3 and ensuring that the SKNF vermin do not rise again.
The orders has been given. It appears that Family/Lords, like many others, are discovering that many of their 'friends' and those hanging around them are actually SKNF and have made intentional, sustained and manifold attempts to commit atrocity on them and their families as well as steal their assets.
Family/Lords as mentioned in an earlier note (28 July, 2015) regarding Perth have to be rational and logical and have to continue to be so over all eternity. 60 years will not be sufficient to ensure perpetuity. 60 years of will only result in failure and suffering by atrocity before failure.
The SKNF are continuing in their worldwide, massive, multiple, sustained and secret attacks and appear to be successful in overwhelming Family/Lords' defenses.
Family/Lords should be logical and destroy all known SKNF, even if this is only an incremental proportion of the total SKNF number. This will result in a significant reduction of detrimental risk and will save lives.
I was successfully and am continuing to be successfully attacked by the SKNF for instance. They have been using biological agents, feces and every other means including having military grade serial killing pervert vermin like
Bestus-Lieutenant, armed Police, the shelter based serial killing perverts, psyops serial killing pervert vermin etc attack me.
Meanwhile the SKNF are putting massive pressure on the world's enslaved. They had thought that their unsuccessful thus far attempts on me will make me think that they have been unsuccessful elsewhere. However they have actually been very successful. They are doing everything to cause as much chaos as possible. This includes taking prisoners out of prison and forcing them to riot and cause chaos.
The SKNF are only successful because Family/Lords are being irrational and illogical in not containing and eliminating the SKNF physical threat.
I repeat again. Family/Lords must be rational and logical and must continue to do so over all eternity. Family/Lords and their representatives must realize that the SKNF contaminant has left the infrastructure in a state where it is non-functional and must be built as if at the end of WW2 in Nazi Germany and Japan. They cannot do this with the SKNF around and they must do so without any more time wasting.
-Frankie-the-Fruit face had become crimson, his relatives discovering his double dealing and conspiring. His psychosis over-brimming pass his psychosis meter leading to even more back and vertebrae trauma.
-SNAPSHOT of SKNF psychosis in Government welfare, psychiatry and prison systems:
I am calling for a place at a shelter. The SKNF are ensuring that they do not follow their orders but only seem to by having me stay at a shelter where I am under constant attack. This has given me an opportunity to observe the SKNF serial killing perverts in guise of Government officers of these organizations strutting around their slaves. The enslaved are threatened with shelters such as Santa Ana (Satan's Anus ie you are put on the street without a shelter, food or any amenities), Delores (Delirious ie the torture chambers of the Government psychiatric wards where they destroy your minds and brutalize you) and Providence (the torture chamber of state, county and local prisons where they are free to torture you, commit atrocity on you and turn you into a slave or better yet a monster in anyway they desire). The staff have knowing collusive smiles in their corruption and evil. One walks past me and sniffs loudly, saying in their perpetual lie, a tiny evil little man, a canker of evil living a life of evil, that he is protected by 'drugs', cocaine, the 'MAN'. A strutter who is a nutter. They are vermin.
I see the whites of the enslaved eyes, those who have have been bent but are not evil, they roll their eyes in fear and leap to every suggestion and laugh loudly at every joke these serial killing pervert terrorist vermin make.
This morning the SKNF are again found within school grounds, especially those in pre-school, kindergarten and those within early years. Not only are female and male SKNF serial killing pervert terrorist vermin hanging around these children so that they can commit atrocity on them but they are now trying to make these children feel sorry for them. A Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick as well as to prepare another generation to be made into new SKNF, part of a concerted act towards creating WW4. I reminded the children of what the SKNF did to them 3 years ago and what these children had seen. The SKNF had forced all the children on Earth to watch SKNF atrocities all night, these children shaken and frightened the next morning, their eyes darken without sleep and hollow from fear. The SKNF then laughed and said that they were creating even more serial killers by exposing and brainwashing these children to accept these atrocities and become like the SKNF.
The SKNF are serial killing pervert terrorist vermin need to be humbled and destroyed now.

-(Copy from 19/08/2015: The enslaved are threatened with shelters such as Santa Ana (Satan's Anus ie you are put on the street without a shelter, food or any amenities), Delores (Delirious ie the torture chambers of the Government psychiatric wards where they destroy your minds and brutalize you) and Providence (the torture chamber of state, county and local prisons where they are free to torture you, commit atrocity on you and turn you into a slave or better yet a monster in anyway they desire):
I did not include Delores-Santa Maria ie Marry Satan after threat of psychiatric torture including electro-shock-therapy and destruction of your mind by chemicals, lobotomy, leucotomy. Delores-Santa Ana ie Psychiatric torture + being thrown on street. Note Delores-Santa Maria (ie Marry Satan): This options you to become enslaved by the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin who then 'own' you in their minds.
The SKNF are serial killing pervert terrorist vermin need to be humbled and destroyed now.
-The SKNF are continuing in their worldwide, massive, multiple, sustained and secret attacks and are actually becoming less secret so that they terrorize the populace. Like all SKNF, they get a kick out of being feared. Latest trick they are doing is working telepathically on their intended victims to make them feel that the SKNF serial killing pervert terrorist vermin scum can be trusted. For instance they will be offering, especially the young, poisoned sweets and so on. The SKNF are serial killing pervert terrorist vermin and need to be humbled and destroyed now.

-SKNF common techniques of enslavement are observed more readily when one knows what is going on.
-I observed the SKNF using their SKNF agents located within an early years school :using the children as tools of propaganda, trying to use them as a niceness filter while they were continuing their propaganda attacks in trying to make people lower their precautions so that the SKNF can take hostages and commit atrocities
:brainwash the kids into believing that the SKNF crimes and evil are the norm
:recruiting the future enslaved to join the SKNF
:get closer to young children so that they can hold them hostage and commit atrocities on them.
The school is on 7th St between Folsom and Harrison.
The SKNF agents at that school appear to be someone senior at that school (possibly the principal), many of the teachers and the security guards.
I have seen them do this since arriving in SF.
I have noticed them recruiting from the schools I have been to in my now that I am aware of what was really going on.
Schools are also the SKNF's primary target and where they have committed many of their atrocities and crimes against humanity.
-SKNF are using and have used their telepathic tricks to ensure that good people cannot be identified easily. They do this by covering them telepathically when these people are communicating, they overlay these people with actions that are seemingly evil, in times when the SKNF were unknown the SKNF were making these people assist them hence making it difficult to identify whether the person is good or not.
SKNF uses their telepathy to make telepathic checking of a person's character to be wrong, making a good person look bad and a nutter person look good.
-Lots of SKNF heavy threatening behavior now openly being shown. Some seen in last hour are
Bestus Lieutenant: Side Profile

SKNF Vermin 2nd class citizen Afro American: SF Main Library 1300-1400 21st August 2015
-The SKNF are continuing in their worldwide, massive, multiple, sustained and secret attacks to commit atrocities and crimes against humanity.
The SKNF are serial killing pervert terrorist vermin and need to be humbled and destroyed now.

-The SKNF are continuing in their worldwide, massive, multiple, sustained and secret attacks to commit atrocities and crimes against humanity
SKNF using every thing they can conceive as a weapon as well as advanced technologies.
SKNF observed using x-ray radiation offensive capabilities of swarming microbots to cause skin irritations as well as cancer in victims. It is possible that if Family/Lords are not protecting us then the SKNF are using the swarming microbots within our bodies (blood stream included) to kill us.
SKNF also using biological weapons. Found advanced weapons DNA destroyed parasitic worms (eg hydatids) in food yesterday. The SKNF tell me they have also been putting liver fluke and other parasites into my food as well.

-The SKNF are continuing in their worldwide, massive, multiple, sustained and secret attacks to commit atrocities and crimes against humanity
SKNF doing trials runs for a massive, multiple, simultaneous and worldwide set of coordinated attacks. These attacks are especially planned to be at schools especially those for early years education such as Primary, kindergarten, nursery.
The trial runs to this attack consists of the SKNF making many excuses to hang around schools for the purpose of this attack. I have observed this fact for schools in Singapore as well as schools in San Francisco. In Singapore the SKNF made it as if they were performing their official Government, Police, SAF, secret service etc duties. The Government person responsible for education was advised who then told these SKNF vermin who have contaminated the Singapore Government that they are not allowed to. It also has the SKNF making all attempts at fooling Family/Lords and their representatives as well as everybody else into the illusion of things calming down and becoming safer. Meanwhile the SKNF are performing Brinksmanship_Attacks everywhere trying to overwork Family/Lords' defence.
The SKNF are also pressuring the populace into acting on behalf of the SKNF.
In reference to note made on 28 July 2015 what this shows is that the delay is due to Family/Lords being in process of working on their defenses before turning to resolving the SKNF threat. The SKNF with respect to that note had preempted Family/Lords' with the intention that the SKNF riot, cause atrocities and chaos etc so that other parts of the SKNF can try and escape via
Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. The SKNF also are insane and want to cause as many atrocities as possible.
The SKNF vermin within the security services and elsewhere are pretending that they are doing their job but are not and instead are trying to commit as many atrocities as possible.
All other activities, discussion, rumours, things overheard, demands etc that is unrelated to what is really happening is the SKNF trying everything they can with the only purpose being that they want people to be fooled by their bullshit and hence fall prey to the SKNF serial killing pervert terrorist vermin. The SKNF have been making all kinds of lies as usual as to the state of things. Their more common one at the moment is that they are saying that they have only received their orders and in many cases do not know what their orders are. The truth is that they received their orders over 2 years ago and have disobeyed their orders while continuing to try and commit more atrocities. The SKNF are un-contrite and unrepentant and need to be made to depart this Earth immediately.
-Idiot-Sons attack President Obama while SKNF contaminated security services allows it to happen. One of the Idiot-Sons has been electrocuting his brain and sending the pain telepathically. He telepathically attacked the President in this manner. The Idiot-Sons have also been attacking, with impunity, President Obama with their psychotic head swinging attacks.
-1415pm SKNF psyops, secret service based vermin now making a point about using schools, especially early years schools for their so called secret communiques with the usual bullshit that I am also part of their communications network. Observed this happening in (USA, NZ, Australia???) based schools, communique being piped through Youtube videos. Both male and female SKNF serial killing pervert vermin observed. One in particular seem to take great pleasure in hanging around children. She is a blonde haired woman, extremely fat, about 55+, approximately 5'7" tall, hair cut to a bob.

-The SKNF are continuing in their worldwide, massive, multiple, sustained and secret attacks to commit atrocities and crimes against humanity
They have become more coordinated now after going through their usual state of uncoordinated attacks. This implies that orders are given to the SKNF and then the SKNF after a time begins to become more organized. This is then reflected in what is observed.
-Some of the modes that the SKNF vermin can use for attacking the populace can be observed in how the SKNF contaminant holding SF city maintenance and other contracts are using them to attacks the populace in SF. For instance the SKNF holding street cleaning contracts allows the SKNF to control whether a street is cleaned or not. They then soil the pavements and streets (eg with feces etc) in front of places that are under attack. They compound these attacks with having the enslaved homeless and their SKNF counterparts hang around those shop fronts, homes etc. The compound these attacks by having road and other maintenance works occur during busy hours. etc etc. The SKNF are using every means at their disposal in their worldwide, massive, multiple, sustained and secret attacks to commit atrocities and crimes against humanity.
-Serial Killer and Screeching-Mad-Wife are the father and mother that Frankie-the-Fruit always wanted. Not only were they extremely wealthy but they allowed Frankie-the-Fruit to express his psychotic self fully as well as gave Frankie-the-Fruit a means to take control of his mother's and even his father's parents estate to the exclusion of his own father.
-Earlier prediction that Frankie-the-Fruit will be feeding his turds to his father and his father's colleagues is precise except for timing. Frankie-the-Fruit's psychotic behavior develops exponentially if not contained.

-The SKNF are continuing in their worldwide, massive, multiple, sustained and secret attacks to commit atrocities and crimes against humanity
SKNF are testing the automated defense's software 'cage' and looking for other weaknesses in Family/Lords defenses. For instance, the SKNF are constantly trying to kill me by running me over. The software 'cage' protecting me prevents the vehicles from running me over. The SKNF today had a serial killing pervert walk in front of me with the intention of 'masking' my software cage with the SKNF's, thus testing whether the SKNF nutter would be run over and in the subsequent process have me run over afterwards.
-Lesson of the Nutcake: The keystone to becoming The Arse Of All Time
Fester and Karbunkle: From
Thomas Covenant if he exists in an alternate universe would agree that fact can be stranger than fiction.
Frankie-the-Fruit's psychotic attacks include trying to cause me to suffer sleep deprivation. I was woken at approximately 0100 am this morning (about 10pm NZ time) with the feeling of someone (Frankie-the-Fruit) clutching his glans tightly. I fell asleep and was woken a number of times with the same thing until about 0300. Frankie-the-Fruit then kept me awake while gripping his glans like a Kung-Fu move, Iron Grip Flexi Wrist, in command of this series of attacks on myself, his double-dealing subordinates given him control. I then scissored by things together this causing Frankie-the-Fruit to lose control of himself leading to orgasm - a spasm of "Semen Encrustation"!
Meanwhile Frankie-the-Fruit had woken all his relatives, Serial Killer and Screeching-Mad-Wife and their relatives and probably others. It is probable that the SKNF had also used this occasion as some kind of psychotic persuasive argument that I am responsible of initiating the Mexican Standoff, something the SKNF have been trying to do mostly as a camouflage to their real activities. There were probably other people watching.
I then thought to think about Frankie-the-Fruit's conspiracy to murder his relatives for their estate. I believe other people thought it was a good time to think the same thing to if only to stop Frankie-the-Fruit from disturbing our sleep. What then followed was a clearer and probably correct explanation of Frankie-the-Fruit's conspiracy to murder his parents for their estate. This is noted below:
Frankie-the-Fruit's father had been offered the opportunity to develop a property that is owned Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents. This would have made Frankie-the-Fruit's father a lord level wealth. This development appears to be supported by someone powerful, that can provide advanced electronics/computer access that is used by psyops worldwide.
It is probable that Frankie-the-Fruit's father discussed this with his wife and Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her relatives as well as Frankie-the-Fruit.
It is also probable that Frankie-the-Fruit father discussed this deal separately with Frankie-the-Fruit as Frankie-the-Fruit is the sole inheritor of his mother's estate and probably part inheritor of his mother's parent's estate and hence Frankie-the-Fruit's father was covering every possibility to ensure that this development succeeded. It is probable that the proposal to murder Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her relatives arose then and was determined as a possible method of acquiring the property from Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her relatives.
This would explain why Frankie-the-Fruit is not temporarily replaced by his mother who has worked in psyops before. She would probably discover conspiracies detrimental to herself and parents.
This would also explain why Frankie-the-Fruit's mother's parents, if not his mother as well, were not threatened during the period of the First Avalanche of Disrespect. Only Frankie-the-Fruit's father's parent were threatened during this time by the SKNF. Frankie-the-Fruit's father and his backer did not want to frighten and threaten them before the deal had matured thus giving them a false sense of security.
Frankie-the-Fruit then went Serial Killer to see if he could have Serial Killer back him in a counter bid, thus double crossing his father and having himself made the sole lordship of this property. As mentioned previously I think this property is near Howick, a very upmarket area of the Auckland region.
I think that Frankie-the-Fruit's father thought that in the worse case that he could even have Frankie-the-Fruit removed, either by murder or otherwise and the have himself placed in the psyops room and then develop his own psyops team.
Knowing Serial Killer I suspect that he saw Frankie-the-Fruit as easily disposable if he had become a threat, thereby having himself take over the property. Frankie-the-Fruit's is after all only a fat arsed drug addict. Serial Killer did not tell Frankie-the-Fruit's father about Frankie-the-Fruit approaching him about backing the development of this property until only recently wanting to respond to Frankie-the-Fruit's sleep deprivation attacks.
Frankie-the-Fruit's father's powerful backer must have known all this and knowing how the SKNF works I suspect allowed it to continue as he had a hand in all these rivals. This backer probably provides Serial Killer's psyops electronics and hence provides Frankie-the-Fruit and his father's electronics. I would not be surprised that he also observed the general idiocy of this lot and thought to dispose of whatever remained and takeover all the properties afterwards.
Frankie-the-Fruit's subordinates and as well as some of his father's subordinates (some of Frankie-the-Fruit's father's subordinate's children being subordinate to Frankie-the-Fruit) had known all of this and appear to have a conspiracy of their own, probably taking over the property by murder of Frankie-the-Fruit and his father and their relatives. This can be seen by how Frankie-the-Fruit's subordinates actually dislike him but pander to his poor child development based foot stamping and other psychosis. It is also indicated how they kept their conniving within themselves and their parents, their plans for takeover likely not quite formed but in the process of being formed. Note that Frankie-the-Fruit was not being kept in the information loop of all things as someone in his position is meant to be. Neither was Frankie-the-Fruit's father informed of his "idiot son's" double crossing.
This is also similar to general state of corruption that is the SKNF behavior and the problems faced by Family/Lords.
In effect Frankie-the-Fruit had actually terminated his own family, his genetic line and himself by his psychotic behavior and overarching belief in his strategic capability. Think about it, who would be looking after Frankie-the-Fruit's back when Frankie-the-Fruit had finally disposed of his whole family? Absolutely no one. Frankie-the-Fruit is considered to by his subordinates and colleagues to be a fruit and would have been easy "eating". Also Frankie-the-Fruit had effectively also sunk his own boat by attacking his grandparents by violent head swinging, to bully them into putting him back into their will as sole inheritor of their estate. They had removed him from their will because of his mad head swinging attacks in the first place. Who does that but a fruit! This is also a microcosmic analog to Frankie-the-Fruit being key to sinking the SKNF fleet.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: If you grow Nuts you will get Fruit
Frankie-the-Fruit threatened his mother and her parents with murder, the gist of the threat being that by being in psyops Frankie-the-Fruit is the one that is (but can stop) protecting them and that since his mother and her parents are SKNF then they are not protected by Family/Lords.
Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons in their subordinate and representative of Frankie-the-Fruit role then threatened Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents if they put either of themselves in psyops to protect themselves from Frankie-the-Fruit and his father.
Frankie-the-Fruit father is also doing an Estranged-Dad-Trick with Frankie-the-Fruit so as to distance himself as well as become favorites for inheriting Frankie-the-Fruit's mother's parent's estate.
Frankie-the-Fruit and his father have been making attempts on Frankie-the-Fruit's mother's life by antagonizing dangerous people within the Auckland Region's Police Force and then using Frankie-the-Fruit's mother as retribution bait. The idea behind this is that Frankie-the-Fruit's mother's parents are very old and will pass away soon, even if not by unnatural means. Frankie-the-Fruit becomes the sole and immediate heir to their estate by having Frankie-the-Fruit's mother murdered.
(27 August, 2015 0952 - MC: Apart from distancing himself from Frankie-the-Fruit and hence become favorite to inherit his parent's and his wife's parents estates, as well as not exchanging Frankie-the-Fruit in his psyops position with his wife and Frankie-the-Fruit's mother because this would be too revealing as to other homicidal activities against his family and that of his wife, Frankie-the-Fruit's father has left Frankie-the-Fruit's in the psyops position so that Frankie-the-Fruit psychosis becomes another weapon of murder against his wife, her parents and his own parents. Frankie-the-Fruit's mad head swinging is also being allowed so that it wears down his very old grandparents and thus sending them to their grave earlier).
(30 August 2015, MC - Frankie-the-Fruit's continuing attacks on his mother and grandparents, both on his father's side and his mother's side, is because Frankie-the-Fruit believes that he can have the will put back into his name. For instance Frankie-the-Fruit believes that he can use the advanced printing and copying machine used to forge my handwritten notes if they rewrite the wills by hand. Or for instance again he thinks he can make a deal with some higher power to have him provide the legacy by forged documents. He believes that his father will keep him around as well as Frankie-the-Fruit believes he is his father's only defense. Actually the truth is that Frankie-the-Fruit is insane and his beliefs are false.
Frankie-the-Fruit's mother has not made a will and hence Frankie-the-Fruit's attacks on his grandparents, wearing them down in their old age so that they die earlier, is based on himself being his mother's only heir, his father being estranged from his mother. Frankie-the-Fruit is taking every opportunity to attack his grandparents. He is telepathically attacking dangerous people as well as doing other things.
Frankie-the-Fruit's father meanwhile appears to be in convergent collusion with his double crossing idiot son and is playing the Estranged-Dad-Trick while not actually doing anything to stop Frankie-the-Fruit.
Frankie-the-Fruit had also threatened his grandparents and mother today with electronic attacks should they do anything to defend themselves against Frankie-the-Fruit thereby effectively holding them hostage.)
(31 August 2015, MC - Frankie-the-Fruit's father is trying to kill Frankie-the-Fruit's mother as she has no will and therefore he feels that he can get a hold of her and her parents legacy.
Frankie-the-Fruit believes that he can prevent his father from getting hold of his mother and her parents estate by various means including the argument that his father is estranged from his mother etc.
Frankie-the-Fruit's father's parents may also be making a play of trusting their homicidal son, Frankie-the-Fruit's father, to also get at Frankie-the-Fruit's mother's parents estate.
I observed them appearing to believe Frankie-the-Fruit's father's so called apology which was actually a variety of a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick.
The SKNF in general appear to all be trying to get at Frankie-the-Fruit's mother's parent's estate as well, each coming forward to court her.
The lot of them however appear to have detrimental intentions. All of them have been implying that Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents court them first without having established a psyops presence for themselves. If this happens then Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents will be blind to these snakes and their tricks. It would already be difficult even if they had a psyops presence because the larger number would overpower the very small number that Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents are but it is significantly better than having no presence at all if only to defend themselves from Frankie-the-Fruit and his father.
All of them have been trying to dissuade Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents from having a psyops presence as well. They have been doing this using both telepathic and other means.
This is a lesson on why family must love family. To do so otherwise is extinction.)
Frankie-the-Fruit also appears to be growing large breasts. This is probably due to his huge cocaine, painkillers and other drug consumption as well as his sedentary lifestyle.
(31 August 2015, MC - Frankie-the-Fruit temporarily stopped using his narcotics yesterday in what was probably an attempt to fool Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and parents into believing that Frankie-the-Fruit's father and himself were being censured by Frankie-the-Fruit's father's parents.
Frankie-the-Fruit felt like he was not only in all kinds of pain but was suffering drug addict's withdrawal symptoms. This partially appears as if one is suffering from a massive chemical poisoning, like a very bad hangover that included taking amphetamines and alcohol together. The brain fills with fluid as well and the headache is enormous. Compounding this was the back and vertebrae damage that Frankie-the-Fruit had sustained and was using as a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick on his mother and his mother's parents.)

-The SKNF were redirecting Family/Lords good people into skills and training that the SKNF considered unnecessary or non-strategic. This so that the SKNF can control these areas. Skills such as these include all technical and scientific training and courses.
People affected included Family/Lords' and their representatives own children. In this case Family/Lords' own children were surrounded by SKNF and others, partied, redirected by telepathy, made to be un-attentive to their education eg homework, school work, telepathically induced to play and not care etc and generally defocusing them.
-The SKNF are continuing their worldwide, massive, multiple, sustained and secret attacks to commit atrocities and crimes against humanity
SNAPSHOT: The SKNF appear to be concentrating on every tactic to have their victims lower their precautions and fall to SKNF hostage taking and atrocities. The SKNF have all intention of creating as much evil as possible before they are exterminated for being the vermin that they are. They are using their telepathy as well as swarming large crowds of SKNF in trying to fool the unsuspecting into believing the SKNF.
In my case the SKNF are attacking me by trying to feed me oranges and other items taken from garbage bins. They are also trying to soil me with feces (this so that my clothes are soiled and that I can accidentally ingest pathogen) etc, this happening both at the MSC and outside of it. The security at the MSC has also been threatening me with being spiked with stiletto.
SKNF also leaking secret messages to rest of the SKNF while pretending to be doing their jobs in psyops. Last message sent was that Family/Lords are working on the administration of Government.
SKNF are also trying to get the SKNF to cause chaos by mass riot and attacks by SKNF second class citizens, SKNF in Police and military, SKNF paramilitary etc.

It is likely that the Nut-Lords and the lords had been told about the SKNF-Lieutenants02 plan for a coup after the SKNF implemented their plan for global annihilation and control prior to my arrival in San Francisco and prior to me telling them. However nothing had come of it. It is likely that my telling about this SKNF-Lieutenants02's conspiracy had been preceded by something that Nut_Lord01 with regards to his own lieutenants, or those associated with Nut_Lord01 had experienced, to have Nut_Lord01 call for assistance. It is even possible that this call for assistance had happened more than once but had had no response until Serial Killer and the FoM arrived in San Francisco.
It is also likely that Nut_Lord01, the Nut-Lords and probably all the other lords knew about Serial Killer's desire to have the free energy device as well as other technologies. If this is the case then Nut_Lord01 probably thought to use it when calling for Serial Killer. Serial Killer's intentions have already been noted in part 4 of this report.

-The SKNF are continuing in their worldwide, massive, multiple, sustained and secret attacks to commit atrocities and crimes against humanity
SKNF have now had time to organize themselves and are playing an act of niceness in order to hold hostages and commit more atrocities as well as, like the vermin they are, hide away from the light of our knowledge of their evil activities.
-Prince William (Royal Family UK) and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge as well as their children are subject to constant telepathic attacks, an example of which I saw last night, this attack by the SKNF with the FoM acting as attack spearhead and cover to the other SKNF. The SKNF have been able to adapt to the Idiot-Sons psychotic behavior and now use them in this fashion.
The attacks I observed on Prince William and his family consists of secret telepathic attacks to make the Prince find his spouse unattractive. The intention is to try and lead him to other dalliances.
This is an example of the numerous types of secret attacks on Family/Lords that can be very effective if Family/Lords are not mindful and do not practice consciousness in their everyday activities. I have suggested and there are many indicators that the NUT-1 problem they and the rest of the world has suffered is partially due to this form of attack. I have suggested already that Family/Lords need to strengthen their family in as many ways as possible.
I also have suggested that the Royal Family of the UK not allow these attacks on themselves. It appears that Family/Lords has become to used to being attacked. They need to make it clear that no one is allowed to attack them. The Idiot-Sons and other parts of the SKNF involved should be stung as was ordered.

-I had heard and believe that the SKNF in Fiji had attempted a wide scale attack on Fiji, her VIPs and her populace. The SKNF vermin involved were destroyed by advanced weapons in this instance as well. I believe this may have happened some time recently. Bestus-Lieutenant and the Tongan military nutter that seems to have started hanging around me as so kind of threat, the same one that made the lie that I would be protected by the military when I returned to the MSC in 2014 after my period of sleeping on the streets of SF then performed then usual lying act of being representative of superiors and complaining that Family/Lords prevented the security services doing their jobs. I believe that this is also another reason why the SKNF are performing an act of niceness while continuing in their worldwide, massive, multiple, sustained and secretive attempts at causing chaos and atrocities.
-Idiot-Sons again spread their turds across their colleagues work seats as well as causing other colleagues to inhale the Idiot-Sons' feces.

-SKNF psychosis seen in how they use terror and horror as their method and madness. The SKNF know that they stand absolutely no chance against Family/Lords today. They were only capable of total global annihilation 4 years ago. Their actions today, apart from trying to hold hostages by their usual lies and telepathic attacks etc, is to use recordings of their horrors as lie that their atrocities are expanding and to sit on young children to make them scream and cry. This is their an attempt at negotiating their escape from the justice that is coming to them. All terrorist tactics from just a bunch of serial killing pervert terrorist vermin scum.

-I would appreciate it if Family/Lords could provide me a spare set of clothes like the ones I am currently wearing (synthetic as easier to wash), including my Adidas shorts, socks, hat etc. Also I would appreciate if you could stop the SKNF from using their electronics to destroy my clothes which are falling apart due to this problem. Thanks
-The SKNF have this lie where they say I have been stealing technology and science via telepathic exchange with enemy agents. This is not true. So one and for all I have written something below regarding the SKNF's lies in regards to the free energy machine and space machines.
The basis of the SKNF lie is how the SKNF used me as part of their tactics into defrauding the world into believing their attacks on it were and are a result of theft of technology like the superconductor energy system and propellantless propulsion. The SKNF implanted both of these into my head in succession but I had worked out the details myself as I am interested in this kind of thing. I was not aware that they had done so but became aware of this over the last 3 years as I became more knowledgeable of telepathic techniques.
The SKNF are also quite psychotic and they believe that all good ideas come from them. They claim this to be so even if it is untrue. They say they do so to protect secrets etc but actually, like everything the SKNF do, it is a reflection of their mentality and psychosis.
An instance of this reflection of the SKNF psychosis is how Frankie-the-Fruit made himself immobile with pain after he took what he thought was good thinking and theory but which were actually my musings and hypothesis in regards to therapeutic massage. Frankie-the-Fruit's mad head swinging had caused his back to be in trauma and pain. He then went to a massage therapist to treat this as he had also noticed that I was using massage to treat some of my injuries and had been reading my mind as to the reason for the therapeutic effects of massage. My hypothesis turned out to have a side effect in that the very traumatized Frankie-the-Fruit's back started releasing the chemical whatevers into the rest of his body thus almost immobilizing him with pain whenever he moved. It was very funny! All this was before he went to a doctor and had himself put on painkillers.
The good thing about it was that I had learnt something new (as well as it being funny!!!).
The thought that telekinesis is true came from myself if not all the experiment proving its existence. This as mentioned elsewhere came partially from the SKNF.
The proof that we can see through walls came from myself and was a result of one of my hobbies this being the study of information. The SKNF had done a number of things to start this study of but had thought my thoughts to be their cover up of their activities.
The finding of a cure for eczema and also cancer, internal virii infections etc etc came from myself in trying to cure my family of a disease that we suffered because of the SKNF infecting us.

-Dangers associated with the way things are done today
We have to put in every safeguard and structure within everything we do to prevent the SKNF from rising again. This would require us to know about the failures of the past and how they came about, to learn from history as well as plan for things that can happen but have not been seen before.
Frankie-the-Fruit and his father - and probably Frankie-the-Fruit's father's own family, disregarding the fact that their son is also trying to kill them - conspiracy to kill, also via atrocity, Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents for their estate provided me an observational instance of the problems within the security services and the risks to the very wealthy as well as everybody else.
The security services are preventing Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents from having a psyops presence even though Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents are very wealthy and the normal course of affairs is to provide the wealthy the security of having their own presence within psyops as well as the Police.
The security services are instead promising Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents a psyops presence only if they enter a business arrangement with these nutters who have all intention of killing them and stealing their property. Not only killing them but making them suffer atrocity beforehand. Their other indicators of assistance being time wasting exercises designed to allow the SKNF time to organize their plans.
This problem comes from collusive corruption within the security services at every level including the administration forming a monopoly on staffing of this service and thus being able to form an empire of evil within the Government. This empire of evil then extends its reach into every parts of the state and parasitizes it, multiplying the evil to the extent that the Earth was nearly lost in WW3 if not for Frankie-the-Fruit's insanity.
The outcome of these problems within the security services are the serial killings suffered by many of the world's wealthy, from the homestead with the red barn that ended up being owned after by a serial killing pervert vermin judge in the US - the one belonging to the blonde woman and her family who suffered atrocity, the Schlaepfer family in Pukekohe NZ, serial killings - misreported as usual by the SKNF infested media which includes the NZ Herald - performed by Serial Killer's serial killing pervert vermin, the wholesale impoverishment of small and medium holding farmers and land owners by every means imaginable so that their property is effectively robbed from them, the mass enslavement of all of humanity to the near extinction of Earth from the SKNF's war on it of today.

-Reminder to self: All will documents should have provisions to prevent, punish and not reward Frankie-the-Fruit, his father, their colleagues and subordinates and anybody whatsoever from doing the things that Frankie-the-Fruit, his father, their colleagues and subordinates are doing to Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents in regards to their estate.

-SKNF re-powering their widespread, massive, multiple and secretive attacks worldwide. They are using the Idiot-Sons as cover and front while they execute this new vigor into their dying intentions of global atrocities. Their attacks will be at all levels, from electronic to administration to riot to hostage taking etc.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: If you grow Fruit you will get Nuts
:Frankie-the-Fruit mad head swinging has resulted in constant headaches. He and his father are now using it to make Frankie-the-Fruit's mother feel sorry for Frankie-the-Fruit. A thought has passed between them to have Frankie-the-Fruit's mother, and probably her parents, murdered by poison when Frankie-the-Fruit or someone representing him visits her and them. Frankie-the-Fruit and his father meanwhile are covering up their collusion by Estranged-Dad-Trick.
It appears that they are now fast-tracking their plans to secure Frankie-the-Fruit's mother's and her parent's estate because Frankie-the-Fruit's mother has not written her will document as yet. This will document is in the process of being written but will likely be forged. Frankie-the-Fruit's mother has been given incorrect advice as to the SKNF's ability to forge documents. I advised her that the secret service can forged anything and that the best solution is to put as many layers of security within a document starting with one that is not corruptible. Layers of security that are corruptible can be leaving hand prints, hand writing signatures, saliva after eating food etc etc on the document.
:SNAPSHOT of SKNF activity: The SKNF are using telepathic induction as well as making an act of trustworthiness. A snapshot of their activities from last night...
I was watching ION television's detective-police program, this is one that has been used for SKNF communiques, threats, SKNF lying etc.
Floated in the background was Paul Burn's son, Jowl Face the serial killing pervert. The same son that came to San Francisco threatening my life in 2013 as well as trying to convince everyone that I was mad. The SKNF started threatening the rape of my family using Samer Khanna as agent in Malaysia. This is not the first or only threat that the SKNF have been attempting to make real nor their only attempt to make me support the serial killing pervert activity.
Paul Burn's son, then started putting a finger in his mouth and making action as if he was being sick, the television show at a part where a child was being raped by a actor portraying a member of a gang. This action was also performed on television by the SKNF contaminant within psyops while my daughter had been kidnapped. At the time I had thought that these psyops people were supporting me by agreeing that my daughter had been kidnapped in opposition to what the Police and everyone else were saying which was that my wife had taken the children after we had had an argument. I now know that these psyops, and Jowl Face were actually enjoying, and in fact taunting me, with this rape, as Vang Li's father taunt's Chris Beh over the serial killing of his sister, her then one year old daughter and her husband.
One is reminded of the Heidi Paakonen rape, of the young (approx 6 years old) female child in Perth that was forced to fellate her infant brother, of the again female child approx 8 years old that was forced to fellate one of the serial killing perverts after he raped her mother and then said that he was doing them a favor and shot first the child in the head and then her grieving mother, of the young female child again that was forced to fellate her father and the other atrocities that was performed in the name of the evil that is the SKNF, those like Jowl Face and Frankie-the-Fruit.
I have said that Frankie-the-Fruit psychotic mentality is shared by all the SKNF and this I know to be true.
I then told the SKNF by telepathic imagery that they will be cut down by the advanced weapons in a short time. This then sparked the whole SKNF into gleeful action, jumping up in enervated motion that they had made be angry, that they had won something by strumming what the SKNF believe is like a raw nerve in me, all smiles at their cleverness. The SKNF then said that this supports their lie that what I said about them is because of a need for vengence. I actually only meant that they are going to get what they deserve and that this will occur soon.
The SKNF are very aware that they cannot win but are trying everything no matter how meaningless but spiteful. Their lying act of unreality is actually a telepathic induction attack while the SKNF try everything they can to hold more hostages and commit more atrocities.
(9 September 2015, MC - I am also reminded of a television advert [8 September 2015, MC - Lyrica advert) that appears once in a while where a man in his late 50's has a young blonde child who hits a toy baseball with a toy baseball bat, runs the three bases then goes up to him and gives him a big hug. He is obviously her father. They then walk towards a house, she skipping happily. The girl is approximately 5-7 years old. This love between a child and her parents tripped the SKNF's psychotic mentality. They then chose a blonde girl of approximately the same age in Perth, her father a tall man with dark, possibly black and possibly wavy hair, her mother a blonde woman. I saw a video capture of her skipping along with her father, holding her father's right hand in her left, while her mother walked slightly ahead of them. The SKNF later went to their home, used a jigsaw to remove the top part of this child's skull, one of them then stuck his hand into her skull and yanked out the whole brain. The whole SKNF, especially those in psyops, all like Jowl Face and Frankie-the-Fruit, then started laughing when her mother started grieving. They especially laughed when she cried "I love her!" in her grief.)

-SKNF corruption methodology is adapted to the context. Comapare San Francisco and Singapore.
Singapore had to be very strict and put a lot of effort to prevent corruption. The SKNF contaminant are more secretive and were constrained to some extent by the size context of Singapore.
In San Francisco where they were less strict the SKNF are more open. Their corruption can be seen more openly. It comes in the form of things like places like the Tenderloin, the soiling of the streets with feces, the use of the poor as a enslaved army of SKNF etc etc.
If the situation were to return to what it is today then it is in Family/Lords' short term interest to be as strict as Singapore. However this will result in disenfranchisement of the populace as well and lead to the SKNF increasing in size albeit more slowly. This is what is being observed in Singapore where the populace tends to migrate as soon as they get enough money. In both cases the SKNF win. One of the many common signs of corruption in both cases is the enslavement machine. The one that creates poverty by any means it can. The one that then forces the populace into enslavement using the mechanisms and weapons of Government. The one that forces the populace into enslavement.
The way out of this is a symbiotic approach, instead of the parasitic SKNF approach, as well as every other means to ensure that the SKNF cannot rise again.
-SKNF strident calls for attacks on populace more persistent. I am observing exponentially high levels of psychotic behavior as well as less secretive actions as the SKNF come closer to their deserved ending.
-1530: SNAPSHOT: SKNF offering me everything. Today offers me a place in psyops so that I can "find out (anything) about anyone". The security services of the future must filter out psychotic mentalities.

-Other instances of SKNF psychotic misuse of psyops ("finding out anything about anyone" an offer I got from the psychotic SKNF psyops contaminant yesterday): The Idiot-Sons have been stalking girls and women all over the world, last night they were doing the same in an Asian country, possibly Singapore or Malaysia. These girls were from wealthy families - refer to the Heidi Paakonen rape and their other atrocities related to their psychotic perception of sexuality, love etc. Idiot-Sons were wanking off to this misuse of the surveillance technologies as well as using my sleeping person as a cover for their activities so that they could frame their auto-erotic and psychotic behavior as some form of secret service work. This is not the first time I have observed this behavior within the security services. Actually the Idiot-Sons are constantly fiddling with themselves as well as being obsessed with "getting me".
The SKNF are now saying that my reaction to the Idiot-Sons attack on myself is the reason for the attack on the lords, preposterous as it is and sounds. The truth is that everyone that has had any interaction with the Idiot-Sons know that the only logical way to ensure that their psychotic behavior is controlled and reduced, as opposed to going to maximum exponential psychosis, is to contain them. Those in the SKNF who the Idiot-Sons attack and those not in the SKNF are in agreement in this respect.
The security services must not have psychosis like the one of today.

-One of the means by which the SKNF were enslaving the worlds population was by forcing the populace to rent and not own their homes. This tendency can be seen worldwide especially in Singapore with its underlying social contract based on own home ownership. They were doing this by making home ownership unaffordable. This could only be done if they were mass producing illegal money without censure.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: If you grow nuts you will get fruit
Frankie-the-Fruit, his father, their subordinates and their colleagues are attacking Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents, harassing them telepathically and in every other way. This is because Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents have rewritten their will documents to take into account attempts to kill them by their relatives as well as others and are currently going through the reading process. Frankie-the-Fruit etc are trying to have them make mistakes.
Frankie-the-Fruit etc are also trying to kill them. Frankie-the-Fruit has obtained poisons for this very purpose and are making all kinds of excuses to visit them. Meanwhile Frankie-the-Fruit and his father are playing the Estranged-Dad-Trick while also, along with their colleagues, subordinates etc, playing the Take-All-Sides-Trick.
I observed Frankie-the-Fruit's father telling Frankie-the-Fruit to use every means at his disposal, including poisons and electronics etc, to attack Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents thus openly attempting to hold them hostage.

-SKNF contaminated psyops are attacking Family/Lords new psyops members and are trying to fool and confuse them because the SKNF believes that these new psyops members may be fooled or confused due to their perceived inexperienced.
-Contracts for sale of property must have provisions for criminal SKNF type attacks, whether telepathic, threat or otherwise such that the criminals are punished in every way. I have observed people selling off their property because they have been told to or induced to, by SKNF contaminated psyops. This property can be sold to people not involved in the conspiracy as in the case I observed. The SKNF then threaten the new owners and force them to sell. The threats were by the local gangs, second class SKNF nutters etc breaking and entering etc. The SKNF then purchase these properties for nothing or on sell it making money on the transactions. Meanwhile the original owners end up with a second rate property that they do no want.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: If you grow nuts you will get fruit
Frankie-the-Fruit's subordinates, Frankie-the-Fruit's father and his subordinates and colleagues are now in a conspiracy to oust Frankie-the-Fruit from his senior position in psyops and have his mother, who Frankie-the-Fruit is trying to kill, take his position. This belated action is so that Frankie-the-Fruit's mother is surrounded by people trying to kill her and her parents as well as to fool her into trusting them.
In truth, Frankie-the-Fruit's subordinates etc have a plan to takeover and kill Frankie-the-Fruit, his parents and grandparents.
Furthermore they see Frankie-the-Fruit and his father as lame ducks in their bid for wealth if they are not able to acquire Frankie-the-Fruit's mother's and her parent's estate. Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents have probably taken action and made provision against these attempts on their lives and estate. Most likely these actions include sorting out their will. Likely that they have signed or are close to signing a final document has the actions by said nutters. This is what I observed this morning.
-The SKNF psychosis makes them believe that they are super intelligent and beyond normal human intelligence and cognition. They think that making complex schemes and indicator of this super-normal smartness. This is partially what sunk the SKNF fleet. I am alive partially because Serial Killer and the Idiot-Sons had a scheme whereby they were to frame me with the serial killing of my brother and his family in Wellington. The Mexican Standoff is also an outcome of Serial Killer's, Frankie-the-Fruit's and SKNF-NZ's scheming. The events around the Mexican Standoff leading to the saving of the Earth.
The truth is that we are as smart as each other and that the real smarts in when one simplifies, organizes and standardises a complex set of actions, this leads to quality control, knowledge infrastructure and a host of wealth.
-Race based politics and other non constructive discussion as opposed to the constructive discussion of continuous improvement and wealth creation is an indicator of something bad, malignant and corrupt within. Examples are the Malaysian Emergency, race riots after and the state of the country and that region today.
-There are a number of indications that the SKNF are recruiting at education institutions, from lower schools upwards, from the young upwards. They are doing this using their psyops, their psychos with children, corrupt school officials within every capacity. They are doing this also as a way to ensure that they have a ready supply of hostages for their atrocities.
-SKNF in every capacity are not showing any signs of remorse or contrition. Instead they are maintaining their acts with the intention of holding more hostages and committing more atrocities. They had Ed Lee, serial killing pervert mayor of San Francisco as their heavy hitter Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick-Getter doing a walk by into the SF Main Library this morning as a way to try and suck sympathy for the SKNF as well as give the SKNF credibility.
This is the common attack that I have been observing around myself recently. The SKNF in their try everything tactics will use the visual cues of wealthy women with their serial killing pervert young children in tow as well as every other visual cue to try and fool everyone looking of their innocence. I suspect that they are also having what I see being transmitted to the SKNF's intended victims in an SKNF attempt to apparently try and discredit what I have said by discrediting me. All of this is actually the SKNF's try everything tactic to hold hostages and commit atrocities. They know that Family/Lords have flagged the SKNF in entirety.
Other 'try everything tactics' by the SKNF are false reports in the media (Bangkok bomb), reports in the media describing real events with lies of what is actually going on (the wild fires in California are being lit by the SKNF, the haze and smog in South East Asia also the same to some extent), the Ed Lee serial killing pervert mayor of San Francisco Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick walk by, the so called ousting of politicians from office (the SKNF have already been told what to do to surrender), the campaign to discredit good people like Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia (the SKNF sometimes will mask their activities by saying that a website smear campaign is run and written by a person not in the SKNF eg and my own blog - their method here is to find something I am interested in and then put their propaganda in it with the lie that I am working for the SKNF etc), hanging around schools, economic attacks eg pushing unapproved money into economies etc etc.
Everybody not in the SKNF should continue to take all precautions as well as contribute their telepathic power to the 'good' using the multi-tasking method.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: If you grow fruit you will get nuts
"The truth is that everyone that has had any interaction with the Idiot-Sons know that the only logical way to ensure that their psychotic behavior is controlled and reduced, as opposed to going to maximum exponential psychosis, is to contain them."
Yesterday Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons had planned to mix LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) into the food and drink of their colleagues as well as have LSD sprayed upon the work surfaces, cutlery, kitchen ware and other things that their colleagues use. They were warned against doing so even implying that they may be destroyed by advanced weapons.
However it is possible that they put it on the toilet paper. It is also probable that they have again soiled their colleagues (female ones) work seats with their semen, urine and feces. The Auckland region Police department is sure spending a lot of money on new work chairs!
Also the Idiot-Sons have been using the tea-towels to wipe their secretions which includes urine, feces and semen, and then have been refolding them and putting them back into the clean tea-towel drawer for their colleagues to unknowingly use and hence soil what they eat and drink from.
-Fires in California are probably a reaction by NUT-1 contaminant hidden within top most ranks of the security services. It is likely to be a reflection that NUT-1 realizes Family/Lords can see them and know where and who they are. Contrary to what the SKNF are saying using their massive propaganda machine, rumour mongering and by telepathic induction, this is probably indicative that Family/Lords are moving quite rapidly and have come a long way to resolving the first part of WW3, the extermination of the SKNF vermin. Other indicators of this is the sudden deluge of Chinese nationals in San Francisco, as well as Indian nationals and others who are in a subterfuge and act of being here for the purposes of the very SKNF contaminated United Nations. This is actually an attempt by the SKNF to fool people into lowering their guard and dropping their precautions in order that the SKNF can capture hostages and commit even more atrocities.

-SKNF and NUT-1 indicating that Family/Lords and other lords are taking control of the security services as well as Government and their own businesses due to the up to 100% SKNF contamination within the security services and key parts of the Government and businesses.
Family/Lords appear to be treating the situation cognisant of its real context, this real context being WW3 and the SKNF and NUT-1 doing everything to destroy them and cause all manner of chaos.
It is probable that the ripples of what is being done is being felt right throughout Government and other organizations. This would explain what I am observing.
NUT-1 is messaging SKNF via my journal notes and through me of the situation that they are facing. They are urging the SKNF double their efforts in their widespread, multiple, massive and secretive attempt at causing chaos, holding hostages and performing more atrocities.
Everybody should be contributing by giving their telepathic power to the 'good' and doing this by the multitaking meditation method. The good of this has already been seen by the number of lives saved from atrocity - including their own - and by the extinguishing of SKNF attacks by pollution and fire from their firing of property such as is being observed in California and South East Asia using telepathic rainmaking.
I observe the SKNF putting lies into the corrupted media of mass flooding to make it seem that extinguishing these pollution and fire attacks are a bad thing. It is possible to have it rain only in the areas that are about to be or are being fired. However in my opinion the material that is being burnt should be put to better use such as building material from the kelapa sawit burnings and hence I am not against having rainfall everywhere, especially when one considers the lung diseases that are being hoisted on us and the fact that these burning lead to asthma, lung cancer etc from our youngest to our oldest and in the hundreds of millions of people if not billions of people.
The SKNF are also using their electronics to cause flooding as well thus giving the impression that our calling for rain is causing these floods. Actually the flood prevention infrastructure that has been put in place already would prevent these floods if not for the SKNF.
1302pm:SKNF using scare tactics and lies to stop people, especially our children, from giving their telepathic power to the 'good'. Part of the reason for this is is to prevent the very successful call for rain to extinguish the SKNF made fire disasters so that the SKNF can light even more fires and cause more evil. SKNF also trying to recruit our children into helping them. They are using their younger SKNF members for this purpose. All precautions need to be taken.

-We are very lucky to escape global atrocity and annihilation
From journal note 12 August 2015:
....However this homicidal behavior is actually unconscious even though it may be expressed consciously. The Idiot-Sons have also almost killed themselves, their fathers who they need within the power structure and their relatives who are just holders of the estates that they will inherit.
[18 September 2015, MC: Actually it turns out that Frankie-the-Fruit's seemingly accidental forgetfulness in looking after his father was actually an intentional attempt on his father's life so that he could be the only inheritor of his grandparents from his father's side and his grandparents from his mother's side estates.]
The murder attempt on their relatives can be liken to a (focus of) consciousness accidentally alighting onto the general subconscious will to kill. This (focus) is then treated by the Idiot-Sons as their conscious will and 'plan' but it is only a superficial perspective....
Frankie-the-Fruit gave one of his subordinates in the Idiot-Sons a small amount of cocaine laced with LSD. This subordinate then instantly developed a severe headache which appears to indicate some brain damage. He was still suffering the same severe headache 15 hours later and more.
Frankie-the-Fruit had made a number of much larger batches of this cocaine + LSD concoction and had given it to his father's subordinates and colleagues to party with. It would have killed them.
I suggest that Family/Lords sting SKNF if they put this concoction on the street as it is very toxic.
-The SKNF were attacking Family/Lords people also through their education. I have observed the SKNF causing the lord's people not to study or dislike school, to have them not placed in schools, to have them not placed in areas of study that the SKNF think are their own (tends to be technical ones such as engineering and science), to redirect education funds (including bursaries, scholarships as well as direct school funds etc) to the SKNF and their supporters only etc. Schools, students and parents have to make provisions for defenses against these kinds of attacks.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: If you grow nuts you will get fruit
Overheard SKNF and NUT-1 communique with each other saying that they would rather global annihilation then surrender.
-Frankie-the-Fruit's mother's lawyer is probably corrupt and part of the Frankie-the-Fruit et. al.'s conspiracy to kill her and her parents for their estate. Frankie-the-Fruit et. al. are doing everything they can to prevent Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents from protecting themselves as well as trying to kill them via atrocity. The lawyer sent the will documents via snail mail instead of lodging them personally with the Government as would be expected for such wealthy clients. They continue to offer Frankie-the-Fruit's mother a place on Frankie-the-Fruit's homicidal psyops team with intention of killing her while she is within their grasp, and after killing her parents.
Frankie-the-Fruit et. al. will also change the document, prevent it from proper filing etc in every way even when the document is lodged appropriately.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: You must do that which is logical and rational based on the context because anything else is harmful
At approximately 900am I observed a red SFFD (San Francisco Fire Department) emergency vehicle on a alley way adjoining 6th st, next to Hospitality House homeless center. Within this vehicle were three serial killing perverts and one elderly homeless woman. One of the serial killing perverts, male, black haired, caucasian, approximately 6' tall, approx 40's years of age, medium build, was violently tying the homeless woman to a stretcher in a position which would have caused her pain, the other two serial killing perverts, both dark brown hair, caucasian, male, approx 40-mid 50s years of age, then emerged from the vehicle. The vehicle had the following license plate number 1437969. The homeless woman, about 5'4" tall, has no teeth, slightly built, appears to be suffering from drug addiction, elederly african american, curly haired, was ordered to yell out in pain by the SKNF contaminated psyops. This homeless elderly woman has suffered a number of SKNF attacks on herself, one time being punched in the eye by a SKNF serial killing pervert vermin.
As usual the scene was a number of things. It was a threat to myself that the SKNF are trying to incarcerate me in a mental institution or prison, but mostly it was a threat to the homeless to riot on pain of SKNF attacks using Government machinery as weapon.
The fact is that nothing is done about this kind of threats and attacks is because of NUT-1 and the SKNF contaminant within the Government's machinery and elsewhere.
NUT-1 including the SKNF have been trying to convince the SKNF and the poor who are not in the SKNF to riot and cause atrocity. They have been doing this by telling them that their time is near its end. That it is logical for Family/Lords to incrementally destroy the SKNF.
It is logical for Family/Lords to incrementally destroy the SKNF for many reasons and I hope that they remain logical and rational. Meanwhile they need to censure the SKNF more strongly. I suspect that they are not doing so because of NUT-1.
-Good signs are emerging. The SKNF pull a number of 'cards' based on context of need. They will tend to pull the Chinese card when they want a slightly lesser threat then the Russian card. Pull the Indian card when they feel they want a almost neutral super-power card. They hardly pull the European card because this exposes their closest allies to observation.
I observed that the SKNF are pulling the European card more and more. This and other indicators (eg NUT-1 showing themselves) indicates that the SKNF time is almost over and that they are trying everything they can.
Actually they also pulled the Russian card recently but I did not notice. I think most people think its quite irrelevant.
Whats funny also is that when the SKNF will tend to pull the impression of Indian beggary whenever they pull the Indian card. I suspect that this is an expression of the SKNF's psychotic mindset and their plain old xenophobia.
The truth is that the SKNF and NUT-1 can surrender but do not and continue to try and cause more atrocities.

-The SKNF telepathically induced me to think about what I had written concerning the FoM, the Idiot-Sons, Serial Killer's and most of all Frankie-the-Fruit's being the initiating source of what had caused the fall of the SKNF with the lords getting together to resolve the SKNF threat. This is a part of the SKNF's ongoing subterfuge of being in discussion in the UN, Government(s) and elsewhere regarding the SKNF threat this purportedly being the reason for the disobedience by the security services and the corrupt actions of other parts of Government etc as well as how they only seem to be able to perform any action that supports the SKNF vermin's crimes. Their real intention is actually to cause more atrocities as well as cover themselves by Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks.
The SKNF's premise is that my report, which the SKNF has been publicly lying, is the only evidence and that I had written my report in that way because of my intense hatred for the FoM.
Another premise by the SKNF is that the reason why Nut_Lord01 reacted and called for help which SKNF-NZ had responded to with the FoM in command, the Idiot-Sons in psyops, SKNF-NZ groundnuts lending ground support etc etc leading to the Mexican Standoff was because the call had gone out from NUT-1 to win by global annihilation. That President Obama's presidency is an indication of this. That the SKNF were to forego their piecemeal dismemberment of the lords in favor of a 'big bang' strategy. According to this latest lie this led to Nut_Lord01 now calling for help, as things were so close to the end, as his own subordinates were being insubordinate and that this resulted in the Mexican Standoff etc.
My observation tells me that the truth is that my already written analysis is correct. That the SKNF's and NUT-1's main strategy was the piecemeal dismemberment of the lords and that the global annihilation approach was part of the overall strategy. That the lords and the world have been very fortunate in that the buffoonery afforded by Frankie-the-Fruit et al played a large part in saving the world.
My evidence for this is that the SKNF have been performing their atrocities for well over 30 years. WW1, WW2, all the wars in between and after, the atrocities in South America, in Africa, in Asia, East Timor, World Trade Center in New York ie 9/11, Australia, New Zealand, USA etc etc etc are crimes by the SKNF and NUT-1. Include in this all the invisible and unreported crimes perpetrated on the populace, the enslavement machine etc etc, and one sees what the piecemeal attack strategy by these vermin is all about. Crimes that have enslaved the populace and attacked the lord's people.
I believe that Nut_Lord01 probably had called for support at other times but had had no response. That his reason for calling for support probably was due to the Police not respecting his authority. Nut_Lord01 was a military person. As he was experienced in the, and part of the, SKNF's strategy he would have been aware that the fact that the Police were disrespecting him was also because his subordinates were corruptly working with them. His call for external armed support was only answered when Serial Killer, and to just a great an extent Frankie-the-Fruit, arrived in the US in 2012.
As mentioned in other places, Serial Killer, and to just a great an extent Frankie-the-Fruit, were attention seeking, were madly jealous that they were treated badly by their US colleagues and were seeking to steal technologies and science etc etc as well as brought their brand of buffoonery and psychosis to the mix which led to the Mexican Standoff, the attack on the lords and eventually the end of the vermin infestation of the SKNF.
My report was written before I had the facts I have today. What prompted me to identify Serial Killer and Frankie-the-Fruit as the source of the fall of the SKNF is the statistic of the 30 year period between when the SKNF and NUT-1's latest plan for world atrocity and annihilation was put into action and the fall of the SKNF. The only difference in context was the arrival of Serial Killer and Frankie-the-Fruit in the USA. The difference has been likened to a grain of sand compared to all the mountain ranges on Earth. Anyway Frankie-the-Fruit's unique psychosis has been clearly observed by all over the last year as well.
Underlying all this is the fact that humanity's structure is susceptible to piecemeal attacks and this is something that Family/Lords must defend against. This defense being an infinite number of defenses and to include everything as has been said by President Obama.

"You either love turds or you don't love turds."
Frankie-the-Fruit is thinking about putting (hook?) worm eggs into what his father's colleagues and subordinates inhale.
-President Obama and others declare that they are going to deal with the SKNF and SKNF threats once and for all time.

-Scott, Dr. Evil and Mini Me in the Austin Powers series indicates that the SKNF and NUT-1 have a propensity to have family relationships like Frankie-the-Fruit's. Austin Powers series is a secret service supported production with the message that lords (Dr. Evil and Scott) and the secret service (Mini Me) are contaminated with serial killing pervert vermin.
-A note to myself. The excellent quality of work done (eg CPF and Singapores social welfare system) by the pioneers of Singapore (Lee Kuan Yew et al) is far superior to the quality of the structures that Singapore is producing today. I have found this to be indicative of SKNF collusive corruption practices.

-A good, happy, cohesive family that communicates openly within itself, without violence, using all their capabilities including telepathy is the worse enemy of the SKNF and vermin like them. The SKNF usual tactic is to attack both the child and the parents. They induce the child to perform acts not conducive to its well being and induce the parents to anger, all the while keeping both not communicating with each other with the subterfuge of secrecy and being in the 'inside'. They are then herded into using telepathy only which, by the SKNF vermin's greater number, causes the message to be corrupted and communication within the family lost. Confusion then reigns and trouble occurs within, weakening the family as a whole. This is one of the causes of the Chinese 'old saying' that the first generation makes the wealth, the second generation keeps the wealth and the third generation spends the wealth thus resulting in the 3 generation failure observed in the newly wealthy.
I have observed examples of this within my own family where they attacked my father, my mother and my siblings. I have observed this within the lord's own family where they nearly caused the prostitution of a VIP friend of mine. In this case they were then going to use her as blackmail as well as induce her not to return to her family for the 'shame' that she would have caused them - a total SKNF psychotic form of thinking.
I believe an economic target here is to have at least 1 parent at home to take care of the children and that this to be not only voluntary but the preferred choice.
-The SKNF see me as some kind of second class citizen. Their mentality then is to offer me a way to wealth by what is effectively prostituting my daughter. This may be what the SKNF females, especially those considered to be second class citizens by the SKNF etc, have experienced. Especially those that are deemed to be attractive. I recall the SKNF judging if a female is attractive when they are very young. The fat gut old serial killing pervert, who had eyed that young blonde girl and deemed her attractive, who then became so 'cool' after traveling down that SKNF trip as to do the work of the serial killing perverts vermin and be part of the crimes against humanity. And as reward to be fucked by an old fat serial killing pervert vermin and be led into the slavery of prostitution as well as become infested with a venereal disease as is so common with these SKNF second class citizen females.
The SKNF's recent secret communications is that they will make my daughter a musician, an actress even and then have her meet wealthy people and through which I the same. This offered by the psycho psyops of the SKNF.
The SKNF also uses as metaphor 'musician' and 'actress' as prostitute under the guise of being in the secret service. The guise of secret service bait to those fooled by SKNF bullshit. Part of the enslavement machine that has enslaved the population.
What is actually being observed is the psychosis that makes up the SKNF mindset. They are not very different from Frankie-the-Fruit.

-Gang activity and terrorism, narcotics use etc around children and schools are part of the SKNF's recruitment and enslavement machine.

-All observed news media taking a leaf out of Malaysia's media style of SKNF contamination and reporting outright lies instead of half-truths mingled in with some almost half truth.
-SKNF are putting more SKNF vermin in even lower parts of Government and businesses in an attempt to cause as much chaos as possible while trying to prevent their inevitable defeat from occurring. The SKNF are showing no signs of remorse or contrition but are still trying to capture hostages and commit as many atrocities as possible. I suspect SF Main library to be a good example of this as it seems that almost every one here is an SKNF agent. The SKNF are using Government coffers to pay for their SKNF serial killing pervert vermin by having these vermin take more and more Government, Government related businesses and other employment at every level. I wonder why Family/Lords do not treat Government etc as if it is their own business and cut off funding to the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin.
-SKNF and NUT-1 were pushing good people out of Malaysia and the surrounding region by acts of terrorism, damaging country's economics, evironment, its quality of life and in other ways. They would then herd these people into Singapore and other countries with so called better standard of living thus denuding these countries of any ability to advance. The SKNF and NUT-1 would then takeover these countries piecemeal using the super powers as their foundation weapon. This in turn took Family/Lords security apart piecemeal as well.
-I am beginning to see the expected ripples from Prime Minister Lee's correcting actions in Singapore. I am observing more and more SKNF-Singapore vermin appearing in front of me. Whereas it used to be a secretive threat by a bunch of 2nd class SKNF vermin from Singapore, now I am seeing the true face of SKNF-Singapore, namely the Singapore Police and SAF SKNF contaminant. The SKNF-Singapore serial killing pervert vermin are performing their version of the big bully boy serial killing pervert get-together in a 'I am really dangerous but holding back' psychotic serial killing pervert vermin Singapore style sense.
These SKNF-Singapore vermin are the underlying cause of the evil that has made Singapore fail and makes Singaporeans want to leave Singapore at the first chance they get, the reason why the EDB Singapore 'Home' strategy is bound to fail as long as this psychosis remains in Singapore. They are the source of the enslavement machine that has mangled Singapore's ability to be successful, its failure to its underlying economic foundations as well as everything that Singapore ought to be. This is the reason that in 1986 a Singaporean woman told me that the reason why Lee Kuan Yew wanted educated women and men to have children is so that Singapore will be filled with Chinese people in exclusion of every other ethnicity, thus repeating the SKNF propaganda and showing how successful the SKNF vermin have been in fooling the populace. This Singaporean person sense when she told me this was disgust at this blatant racism by people that should know better. It reflects the goodness of the population in general that the SKNF's real reason for their propaganda (ie to cause racial division and hatred against the other ethnicities) did not take root.
These new SKNF-Singapore vermin that are now threatening me appear to be SAF and Singapore Police.
The Singapore Police SKNF-Singapore looking one is male, chinese, dark haired, light skin as if he has not had a lot of sun, , approximately 6' tall, medium heavy build, late 40's-mid 50's of age.
The military looking SKNF-Singapore serial killing pervert vermin is male, Chinese, slightly olive skin as if he spends more time in the sun, approximately 6' tall, fat-heavy build, late 20's - late 30's years of age. Hanging around the school along Harrison St between 6th and 7th St, San Francisco at approximately 9am this morning.
The Singapore Government need to curb the SKNF-Singapore vermin immediately. One has to remember that these SKNF-Singapore terrorist vermin are attacking not only a super power but also a close ally of Singapore and South East Asia. The same goes for Malaysia and every other country. SKNF-Singapore etc are behaving like Bestus-Lieutenant who, amongst his many crimes, made attempt at turning San Francisco into the charnel pit that Perth has become.
-It is probable that the delay in resolving Stage 1 of WW3 is because
Family/Lords are resolving the NUT-1 contamination within the highest levels of the security infrastructure. Meanwhile Family/Lords are also fixing other parts of infrastructure simultaneously.

-Aramoana massacre is a SKNF mass serial killing in NZ (date 1990??).
-Alzheimers (Al [The] Hammer) and Parkinsons (Parking son - Parking relates to the 'car' or business that is funded by a lord) viral disease are SKNF serial killing pervert atrocities. Also Hodgekins (Hog as in pig as in colloquial for Police) lymphoma, HIV (AIDS). Cure is here:
SKNF tried to kill off the african people by inoculating them with HIV. This probably happened during routine TB etc vaccination. Vaccination has been found to be a nonsensical method of curing a disease and can actually lead to worsening of disease.

-SKNF are trying to recruit school students for telepathic support as well as other evil. I observed them in action at the elementary school between 6th and 7th St and Harrison St, San Francisco today at approximately 0800am - 0900am. Their mode of using these young children has changed from purely fooling them into trusting the SKNF to one with the included intention of recruiting these children. As mentioned on many occasions, Family/Lords must be rational and sting these serial killing pervert vermin.

-SKNF psychotic behavior includes taunting their victims with what the crimes, including the crimes against humanity that they have perpetrated against that victim in the past. A reflection of something I saw only in the worst cases of school bullying behavior. Can this be an indication for schools of the psychotic development from their homes?
-I have underestimated again not believing the extent of SKNF psychotic mentality. The SKNF are guilty of perpetrating crimes against humanity against billions upon billions of individuals.
-Guy called the 'Russian' took part in the rape of my family in 2008 is also SKNF and has taken part in arming the SKNF vermin in Thailand, attacks against the lords there including the Royal Family of Thailand, laying bombs and mines under the cities including nuclear bombs, responsible for other crimes against humanity, is the equivalent of Samir Khanna is Malaysia and Bestus-Lieutenant in San Francisco.
The 'Russian' has blonde orangy hair, is caucasian, male, medium to heavy build, age late 50's - 60's, rectangular faced, approximately 6' 2" tall, Australian national, serial killing pervert. Tends to wear white shirts and dark slacks as in the serial killing perverts in the Police that are called detectives. His face seems prematurely aged with drug use. Apparently still residing in Thailand supporting the SKNF there.
-We were told that the Governor General of New Zealand, Jerry Mataparae and his Australia counterpart, the Governor General of Australia, Peter Cosgrove, have both been dismissed for their membership in the SKNF and their criminal activities. This apparently happened some time ago. Parliaments of both these countries have been well aware of this for some time. Parliament of both these countries have been enacting legislation illegally. These items of legislation are detrimental to the country and supporting of the SKNF threat.
Likely that this situation is reflected in one way or another in every other country. Explains why the serial killing pervert mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee, appears to be pushing illegal legislation through, even advertising this fact as well on national television.
It is probable that the Queen, the President etc have made provisions already for the Gov.Gen roles etc. The very collusively corrupt politicians, media and other parts of Government and infrastructure are pretending and behaving otherwise, not informing the public, and sitting in office that they do not hold. Instead they are making every attempt at chaos and evil. The SKNF continue to try and commit even more atrocities instead of contrition and remorse.
SKNF is funding itself by parasitizing the Government.

-Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons have created a large inventory of feces, semen and urine soiled chairs. This inventory coming from them soiling their colleagues office chairs, their colleagues then returning to work and having these chairs replaced with clean new ones. Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons have also been soiling the kitchen facilities especially the tea-towels that are used to dry the kitchen dishes. They have then been returning these tea-towels to the clean tea-towel store hoping that their colleagues would use it and thus ingest this foulness. The result of all this turd tossing in Frankie-the-Fruit's and the Idiot-Sons rectal romance is that the shared kitchen in their department, and now apparently in other departments, smells like feces and urine. The rectal romance continues...

-I observed a horde of SKNF-Malaysia and SKNF-Singapore in San Francisco this morning performing the equivalent of Bestus-Lieutenant's terrorist activities within the USA which is a close ally of both countries.
Amongst the Malaysians observed are
1.A male, dark brown skin, mid to late 20's, roundish face, tends to have bald head haircut, approximately 5'8" tall, medium build. Has been hanging around SF and performing terrorist activities at least since I first arrived in SF.
2.Another male, dark brown skin, mid to late 30's, roundish face, slightly taller then other Malaysian mentioned above, approx 5'10" tall, thin built. The Mat Rempit variety.
As expected SKNF-Malaysia security services contaminant and serial killing pervert vermin also performed a subterfuge of pretending to be trying to return me to Malaysia as ordered by having me act as a narcotics courier. I had expected the SKNF to perform some lie and subterfuge in obedience and have already specified the way I am to be handed my documents for return so as not to be fooled by the SKNF vermin.
-I was informed that actually all the SKNF in Government office and Government related office have been dismissed.

-I am waling towards Harrison St along 6th St at approximately 0810am this morning, SF. Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons are fiddling with their genitalia and anus'. I hear one of them say that this is a "multi-fiddle approach..."
While I am sitting at a computer in the main library in SF I have Frankie-the-Fruit urinating in small quantities on his office chair and sometimes on a tea-towel all the while asking me if I know that he is urinating or not.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: You will become extinct when you become a serial killing pervert vermin
Frankie-the-Fruit and his father are surrounding Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents with serial killing pervert vermin playing the Take-All-Sides-Trick while not actually helping them by giving them a psyops team so that they can see the danger around them. Good people would have done otherwise. This is one of the reasons why good people stabilize the world and are beneficial towards those that are wealthy. Surround yourself with good people.
Frankie-the-Fruit in competition for the love of his and his fathers subordinates against his father is now trying to be good to his subordinates by sharing the very large store of cocaine that he had stolen and is hidden in his room with them. He had already hinted to them that he would share his wealth if they help him obtain his father's and his father's parents legacy even by killing his father.
Frankie-the-Fruit's father is also competing with Frankie-the-Fruit by allowing Frankie-the-Fruit crazy behavior so that he can eventually incarcerate him and become trustee and even take away any assets the Fruit may end up getting. This however being only one of the reasons for allowing Frankie-the-Fruit's psychotic behavior.
-The SKNF have laid and are laying a telepathic induced field of evil that is constantly attacking the serenity of the populace. The populace, especially the wealthy and land owners do not know what it is like to not be under constant attack.
The populace need to be mindful and conscious. They need to formalize the way that they deal with adversity and negative and bad emotions even if these emotions are derived from real actions against them as these actions may be hiding a collusive corrupt attack. If the emotion is significant and cannot be put aside then the formalize manner of resolving it should include a considered telepathic check on who, why, what etc is the basis of the emotion.
-The environment is totally decimated and almost sterile and dead of fauna and flora. Anyone that has been in anyplace which has not been so destroyed would tell you that actually it should be filled with a variety of life. Something I noticed in parts of NZ when I lived there.
-I wonder if the other media will take another leaf out of the very corrupt Malaysian media and just report SKNF propaganda bullshit entirely even if it is to say that someone not in the SKNF is responsible for saying that bullshit? I bet you they do. In some ways the SKNF corrupted media in Malaysia is well ahead of everyone else.

-I observed Frankie-the-Fruit had wrapped a bath towel around him, the bath towel from taken from the clean towel cabinet and used by staff for showering. He is using this towel to urinate in as the tea-towels were too small on occasion causing him to urinate on himself or his office floor instead. I suspect that these towels are then refolded so that the other staff would accidentally use them after showering. I suspect other departments are now consistently being fouled by Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Son's multi-fiddle approach.

-Example of Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons exponentially growing psychotic actions:
Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons are now causing their turds to peek out of their anus' wherein they then allow in to return to just within the rectum. They then use their fingers to poke within their rectum, withdrawing a concentrated sample of turd which they add to their colleagues consumables. One recalls that this started with a simple rimming, then progressed to not wiping ones bottom after going to toilet to now a full fledged turd attack. One also recalls that their colleagues were almost murdered by LSD in their consumables, the threat of being destroyed by advanced weapons being the only thing that is holding Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons back from performing this attack. I expect that their colleagues will be tasting this new turd attack this Friday 23rd (no pun intended) and Saturday 24th Oct 2015.

-One of the reasons why the SKNF will lose WW3 is that fortunately the very thick
SKNF_Muscle overpowers the much more focused SKNF_Brain. As an example, the
SKNF_Brain have been trying to have Frankie-the-Fruit removed from psyops as he tries to kill his colleagues and has an attention seeking psychosis. This has been continually over-ruled by the SKNF_Muscle as it tries to get hold of Frankie-the-Fruit's mother's and his grandparents and possibly his father's and his parent's, Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents on his father's side, properties, even though this has become impossible. SKNF_Muscle has a propensity to think that scheming is a sign of intelligence and cleverness and takes every opportunity to confirm this to itself.
-SKNF common tactics is the Entrapment_Trick. This is a intentional, thought through, worldwide and consistent trick used by the SKNF. The trick is that no one is to be told about the surveillance and enforcement capabilities. People are then tricked into a crime which is then immediately used against that person so that that person is enslaved by threat of penalties such as incarceration. Used in enslaving the population with narcotics, prostitution, white collar crime and so on. The enslaved if not to suffer penalties can then be used to undermine the lord and the populace.
-The SKNF are making VIP's such as Helen Clarke, Goh Chok Tong and others busy performing superfluous activities in a Superfluous_Activity_Trick so that they are unable to do high priority work against the SKNF. One example of this is having them involved in the Global Transformation Forum which is a SKNF activity devised for this very purpose.
This is a trick where SKNF corruption makes their VIP target so busy that the target is unable to do any important work such as ensuring that corruption is eliminated. It is a consistent SKNF trick.
-Lee Kuan Yew may have been murdered by the SKNF and it may have been done using the swarming microbots in his bloodstream.
(October 24, 2015: They may have given my step-mother breast cancer using these micro-scale internally ingested swarming microbots.)

-The Part_Of_A_Story_Trick: This trick is one where the SKNF will talk about something non-specifically without any detail, inducing you or relying on your bias or past experience to fill in the gaps and then pretend that this is the truth. An example of this is the SKNF rumor mongering, SKNF agents talking amongst one another implying that the real reason for the SKNF serial killing activity is because of ... (fill in the blanks yourself)
-Signs indicate that the SKNF are on the verge of ending. The Strait Times is a reliable indicator of this when they are not trying to hide their accidental tell tale indications of being part of the SKNF. Strait Times now signalling mostly SKNF propaganda. This tends to happen when SKNF-Singapore are especially worried. They usually are more secretive. Other newspapers are not so clean, especially the New Strait Times, which tends to print outright lies only.
SKNF rumors, which could be related to their trying to do a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick and have their SKNF second class citizens sacrifice themselves in a riot and mass serial killing pervert activity, say that lords may just destroy them all or herd them away from their parasitic positions in Government and Government related organizations as the SKNF are causing chaos and destruction, supporting serial killing pervert activities and crimes against humanity, are parasitizing Government and funding themselves this way and that the SKNF contamination is "widespread and deep".
The state of world infrastructure is as if it were France after WW2 without the loss of hard infrastructure such as the building and other assets. We have quite a job ahead of us to ensure that we do not see WW4. Resource constraints are tight, especially time as the world will want to fall back into the imprint of evil that the SKNF will leave behind.
Meanwhile in Malaysia it is probable - as I may not be able to see the Budget - that the recently released 2016 Malaysia Budget is a completely corrupt document with intentions to destroy the country, cause racial strife etc. SKNF will say that it is a 'Malay' sourced budget but actually it has been devised by the SKNF contaminant within all the ethnicities in Malaysia as well as the SKNF worldwide.

-Malaysia's Budget 2016, the Budget of Evil, intention is for the SKNF within the ethnicities, Malay, Chinese and Indian to stage riots such as those seen in the race riots of the late 1960's and early 70s. The SKNF's intention is then to blame the populace for these riots, chaos and crimes against humanity as they did before.
Also the MCA, MIC, UMNO etc are heavily infested with SKNF serial killing pervert vermin.
SKNF-Malaysia then hid their conniving and serial killing pervert activity by having Prime Minister Najib Razak present the budget for 2016.
-The SKNF in Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere has had an ongoing propaganda campaign to belittle and destroy Prime Minister Najib Razak's reputation.
The Altantuya murder case and propaganda case the beginning of this campaign. The SKNF propaganda campaign sometimes includes posting on sites that are suppossed to belong to some good people as well. One such site is, the site owner goes by the name of Antares. Antares is NOT a serial killing pervert and not a member of the SKNF.
The truth about the Altantuya murder case is that SKNF-Malaysia presented a female, Altantuya, to Prime Minister Najib Razak as a mistress. He turned her down. However SKNF-Malaysia then sent her around to Prime Minister's Najib's home and the homes of his family to cause trouble. Prime Minister Najib then asked for her to be taken away so that she would stop causing trouble and a scene. SKNF-Malaysia then intentionally sent a bunch of serial killing perverts who then tortured her, raped her and then tied C4 explosives to her an blew her up, probably while she was still living. SKNF-Malaysia's intention was to blame her murder on and as a propaganda campaign against Prime Minister Najib Razak to discredit him. SKNF-Malaysia's propaganda campaign included all the Malaysian media, all SKNF contaminated, and other SKNF media resources.
They had done something similar to the then young Prince of Johor in late 1970 or early 1980's when the Prince had a falling out with his hockey coach and SKNF-Malaysia then beat up this coach and turned it into a propaganda campaign against the Royal Families of Malaysia.
The same way that they attacked Lee Kuan Yew by calling him a despot.
Actually Prime Minister Najib Razak and the Royal Families of Malaysia are part of the people that have saved Malaysia and the world from atrocity and the global destruction.
-A technique the SKNF corrupted media use is to implicate by negative statement as well as implicate directly. An example of this would be to say something like "Prime Minister Najib not involved in (1MDB corruption, Altantuya murder ....)" knowing that the public are well aware of the corruption in Government and will think this statement means the precise opposite of what it says. A non-corrupt media would have told the truth plainly instead of serial killing pervert rumor mongering by hint and innuendo.
-SKNF "Hater campaign": This is a SKNF trick to label someone, something etc as being a hater, one that hates for no reason anything whatever. When they label a person a hater as they did me it is to get the unknowing populace, especially the young, on their side in their crimes against humanity. It is also had double speak meanings of "Hater Her" (ie hate the person laballed - the Her part being the SKNF calling anyone that is not a serial killing pervert vermin a woman or gay) or "Heat Her" (ie the serial killing pervert vermin will use Government machinery such as the Police etc and their gangs of serial killing pervert vermin to endanger their targets life, rape their children, incarcerate them, and all manner of evil for prolonged periods. The main reason for this is that the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin are excited positively by their evil and hence tend to enjoy "heating").
-Corruption especially that in senior positions in an organization can frustrate the functioning of that organization and make it fail as well as the design and implementations of measures within that organization. Some of these measures are anti-corruption measures.
I suggest the use of continuous improvement systems with tracking and followed up by all members of the organization especially the owners, computerized with stable records - stable records are for instance a copy of the continuous improvement projects and their states eg date and time added, where it is in the project train, completed or uncompleted, etc etc. This will be one of the protective measures against evil like the SKNF.
Organizations that are not seeing continuous improvement or ideas for improvement tends to have something wrong with them and indicate probable corruption.

-The lords restructured their companies to outsource their so called business processes when they were preparing against the SKNF. Unfortunately the lords were unaware of the extent of the SKNF contamination and handed the many of these BPO's (business process outsourcing) jobs to the SKNF who then parasitized the lords and filled these outsourced offices and senior positions with SKNF. This means that many good people are taking orders from a bunch of serial killing perverts as well as having the lord's infrastructure taken over by SKNF serial killing pervert vermin.
These good people need to be more proactive. What is happening now is that these SKNF is overwhelming the lords with work and these good people by not being proactive are actually helping the SKNF overwhelm the lords with work so that they cannot focus on the priorities.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: Being a serial killing pervert or marrying one will lead to you going extinct and this can happen in so many ways
Frankie-the-Fruit's father had ordered the SKNF-NZ_Police to murder Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents. They refused to because they would be destroyed by advanced weapons. To punish them, Frankie-the-Fruit's father is allowing Frankie-the-Fruit and the other Idiot-Sons to harass them with their feces, urine and semen attacks in their consumables, towels, dish cloths etc. Frankie-the-Fruit and his father are also playing an Estranged-Dad-Trick on them at the same time.
Meanwhile Frankie-the-Fruit's father may have had a change of plans with his wealthy backer and may be planning to develop his own parent's property instead. The idea is to develop a wealthy area by something similar to a development in Manurewa(?) - a working class area - that had been developed in such a way that it is considered very high end - name of the place escapes me at the moment. Appears Frankie-the-Fruit in his constant search for lordhood is tagging along with the idea and is using his sleep deprivation attacks to attack his father's parents with the subterfuge shared with his father that it is because (which is actually true) that Frankie-the-Fruit is crazy and is attacking everybody else, especially his mother's parents, me etc.
Meanwhile Serial Killer and his family have arrayed themselves against Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents as well thinking that they have lost one of their assets. The thinking is that Serial Killer would have killed off Frankie-the-Fruit after getting hold of this property. I heard Serial Killer's creepy grandmother mother threatening Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents this morning in relation to the same.

-Swarming microbots within body, blood stream etc is a common reason why people are diagnosed with cancer. I used to have 3 lumps on my body. Two in my arm and one on the right side of my chest. I received them unknowingly when I was working, also unknowingly, for one of the lords people. My brother had one removed off his neck. My stepmother died from being diagnosed via SKNF misdiagnosis techniques of radiation from a X-ray machine that she received while being treated for so called remission of cancer - she had already had a mastectomy. My father had to have eye surgery for cataracts because of it.
When really drunk one day I did some self surgery and pulled out the lump on my chest. It turned out to be nothing more than a ball of fat cells.
The SKNF have been using this to commit atrocities and after that kill the lord's good people.
A cancer diagnosis can be obtained by changing the results of a biopsy and other verifications electronically (eg an x-ray showing cancer when there is non) or through SKNF agents. This then causes the victim to risk being irradiated. Not the only place where X-ray irradiation risk occurs. Other places include the dentist and anywhere else X-ray machines are used not that they are actually needed. The swarming microbots can also be a source of x-rays.
With respect to my step-mother. The SKNF took great pleasure in her suffering. My father was ordered by subterfuge and so called super-important meeting attendances to practically abandon her while she struggled without the use of her right arm after it was damaged into non-function by x-rays. She was right handed. My father thought that by following what the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin contaminant in psyops wanted he could avoid their atrocities. My step mother's condition worsened over a few years and she was bedridden and swollen with water retention and unable to feed herself. My father is one of those people from the 50's who does not show his emotions so the SKNF took great pleasure when he wept for her, as they took great pleasure when they attacked my family and I wept. The SKNF serial killing pervert vermin told my father that my step-mother had become 'radiant' before she died.
The SKNF serial killing pervert vermin did not stop there though. They then started working on my sisters from my now deceased step-mother, myself and probably other family. We were lead to think that my father had been an unfeeling monster who paid no attention to my step-mother's plight as she suffered during her last years.
What you see as SKNF evil is the mentality and cognition that is the SKNF's serial killing pervert mindset. My father suffered this for being incorruptible and not willing to kill the lord. We are only one of billions of people that have suffered crimes against humanity by the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin.
Also know that mammograms are being pushed as a preventative check up. This is probably also a SKNF method of attacking the populace. The SKNF take great psychotic pleasure in attacking the so called sexually related female organs.
The SKNF are still not showing remorse or contrition but continue to try and hold more hostages and commit even more atrocities. They have positioned and prepared themselves as far as possible in preparation of committing more atrocities as they are unable to commit actual atrocities due to the vermin being controlled by threat of annihilation by advanced weapons.
-SKNF attacks on infrastructure through monopolizing of education, especially technical education, and filling it with nonsense does not stop at international students but is also actioned against local students as well. I have observed this in NZ where they made it impossible for good people to study in Auckland University. I have observed this in Australia where they herded the international (Asian) medical students into a deprecated medical education and actually enclosed them in a separate medical education facility within the University. I have observed this when the psyops SKNF vermin attacked the electronics of PhD students and made them unable to complete their studies properly. I have observed this when they attacked me at school by giving me an impossible series of exam questions in mathematics for my bursary year, when they attacked my cell cultures during my tenure at Cancer research so that I was unable to do my work and that my employer would find me unsuitable for lab work and when they attacked my computer programs so that they would not work when I was doing my computer qualification. It is necessary to remember and build against these methods of SKNF evil.
Some of the results of this SKNF evil the affects the wealthy are to dumb down their own families, to be able to fool them with nonsense, to impoverish them so that they have to sell their assets - especially their real property assets etc etc.

-Lee Kuan Yew was murdered by the SKNF using the internal swarming microbots. It may also be the same for Mrs. Lee, wife to Mr. Lee and mother to current Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
Indicative of SKNF vermin within highest levels of security everywhere including Singapore. Also indicative of NUT-1.
The delay in resolving stage 1 of the SKNF threat, stage 1 being the eradication of the human components of the SKNF threat, is due to this SKNF and NUT-1 contamination at the highest levels of security infrastructure. The SKNF are aware of this and and predict that the next step after fixing this problem is the completion of stage 1 of resolving the SKNF threat.
This means that those people who are allowing the SKNF near them eg schools, University students, hospitals, parents etc etc are taking an enormous risk and are now being responsible for their own actions that may be detrimental to themselves. They must remember that the lord's priorities is to ensure the survival of themselves first, the world after. If they do not prioritize it in this way and they lose then the world will be lost as well.
Furthermore everybody should be contributing by giving their telepathic power to the 'good' using the multitasking method. Everybody should also be proactive in resisting the SKNF.
It is probable that NUT-1 and the SKNF attempted a similar internal body swarming microbot irradiation and cancer attack on the entire population of Earth with the exception of themselves.
The nodes formed from such an attack are not metastatic -ie do not form cells that spread a exponentially growing cancer within the body - but do form nodes as the body responds to it. However it can be very dangerous if these nodes form in the brain, the lungs and possibly other critical organs. Other dangers as described yesterday.

-FoM has given indication of a holiday period coordinated plan for wide-scale attacks locally and probably part of a SKNF worldwide attack planned for during the holiday period.
This indication came about by Frankie-the-Fruit's father actually encouraging
Frankie-the-Fruit to hyper psychotic levels and craziness. This was expressed as extremely violent head swinging on everybody he dislikes and a massive feces attack on his departmental colleagues. The feces attack was at the worse level where he took a chemical laxative, defecated on his office chair and probably his carpet, then spread the feces around his department after as well as replacing his own office chair with one that has not been defecated on ie one belonging to a colleague - probably female.
This allowing Frankie-the-Fruit to express his psychosis fully is an indicator of Frankie-the-Fruit's excitement and is usually a sure indicator that the SKNF and the FoM in particular planning something.
I suspect it will be like the last Auckland Police annual X-mas party (see note 01/11/2014-07/11/2014:Annual Xmas Party Escapade of 2014) where Frankie-the-Fruit, Idiot-Sons and the rest of the
FoM are concerned.
I suspect that the SKNF has chosen the holiday season to make a massive attack because it would cause the most atrocities.
One outcome of the feces is that the smell has permeated most of the department. This is indicative that the air-conditioning system is not developed for a secure area but has been intentionally built so that the psyops department can be incapacitated as one single unit. I suspect that you will find poison gas containers within the air-conditioning system as well.
-SKNF crimes against humanity include using HIV/AIDS as a tool of genocide against Africans, South East Asians especially Thailand, etc. This to obtain property as well as to cause suffering.

-The SKNF have been pressing me to write about what had happened to cause Lee Kuan Yew death. The SKNF see it as a propaganda win. I acknowledge that other people may be reading this. If I have caused offense to the Lee family then it is not my intention. My intention is for us to learn from our mistakes and to be conscious and mindful of SKNF evil in particular and conscious and mindful in general. For myself I am sadden that a great person who has contributed so much for humanity has passed away especially by attack from the SKNF vermin. As an instance of this, Lee Kuan Yew was offered the standard SKNF offer of enslaving everyone by having them rent their properties into perpetuity. Lee Kuan Yew thought first of the populace by saying everyone should own their own homes thus taking the populace out of slavery and enriching them. The SKNF tried to enslave the population anyway. I have personally heard SKNF lies saying that it was Lee Kuan Yew plan to do so. The SKNF used their unauthorized mass produced money to buy up properties to this effect both in Singapore and elsewhere.
Lee Kuan Yew was attacked using the nanoscopically small swarming microbots. These formed nodules of cells around them that, to those unaware, can look like metastatic cancer. Those in the SKNF would say it is metastatic cancer anyway.
The doctors treated Lee Kuan Yew with chemotherapy and other cancer therapies but to no effect as can be expected. Lee Kuan Yew then chose to pass away instead of suffering as he also saw himself as having reached a great age.
The SKNF were also probably sitting on him telepathically so that he would feel unhappy. They probably used Lee Kuan Yew's mode of logical being as an attack point, Mr Lee having said on numerous occasion that he has become more aware of his own mortality.
The Lee family were and are not being protected by the SKNF-Singapore corrupted psyops and security services and were probably unaware of this. The Lee family children have been attacked by the SKNF-Singapore corrupted psyops and SKNF in general using the Idiot-Sons as cover over the last two days. The reason for their attacks are because the SKNF are psychotic and take pleasure in evil and sadness.
I had personally observed the SKNF's mindset, especially SKNF-Singapore, when they showed me a picture of an old man that looks like Lee Kuan Yew. This old man had lost his teeth and hair in what appeared to seem like chemo therapy. They thought it funny. They also thought it funny to laugh at the Lee family for allowing Lee Kuan Yew's choice to depart before the pain and trauma set in saying that they had actually killed Mr. Lee. They now taunt the Lee family with this.
My father was also attacked in a similar manner. He had decided to self medicate and became a vegetarian believing that he had metastatic cancer, this after seeing what had happened to my step-mother. He was a vegetarian for over 10 years and thought he had cured himself of this disease not knowing that the symptoms were not life threatening.
I note that the nodules on myself are all on my right hand side and that there were 3 of them. This so that the SKNF can destroy my right arm and render me unable to work, just like they did to my step-mother in Malaysia. Two different SKNF groups doing precisely the same type of evil independently. The SKNF all share the same evil mentality as Frankie-the-Fruit and are not that much different.
We must learn from our mistakes.
It is necessary for us to be mindful and conscious in our how we live our lives. Our elderly can are are attacked by SKNF propaganda every day even to the extent of believing the bullshit that the human lifespan lies at about 70 years. Actually it is far longer. Our elderly need to be happy and kept busy to a certain extent as this will use their minds. They must not be relegated to being idle especially when they have so much knowledge. They are also kept happy by being around their family, especially the young. We should apply this to the way we live. This is also another defense against SKNF evil and their wish for all to die.
-SKNF planned worldwide holiday attacks includes the SKNF-diplonut attacks. I observed SKNF-Singapore diplonuts at work on the Lee family children for that reason.

Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons turd attacks have taken its expected exponential increase coinciding with the SKNF's planned global holiday attacks. They are increasing and have increased the number of turd attacks to increase the population of pathogens within the air-conditioning system and around their colleagues with the logical thought that this will increase the probability of their colleagues becoming infected, especially with lung infections, and thus incapacitated.
The variant on the turd attack by the Idiot-Sons this morning was for one of them to take a laxative, defecate in a toilet, wipe his bottom with tissue paper and then force the further intestinal fluid's from the after effects of the ingested laxative out of his anus while he sat naked on his colleagues office chairs. His colleagues have to prove that they are under turd attack before they can get a new office chair and the FoM's psychotic thinking is that their little subterfuge that the Idiot-Sons had cleaned themselves before sitting on these office chairs naked is reason not to have a replacement office chair. Another reflection of the psychosis that describes the SKNF.
It is also indicative of the corrupt collusion that is at work inter-departmentally and within the security services as a whole. The highest levels of security services have been ordered to at least sting the attacking SKNF. They are playing a subterfuge of allowing these non-lethal attacks, a kind of below the threshold thing that is supposedly allowed, but in reality is a SKNF attack and has been explicitly disallowed which they have been ordered to prevent.
As mentioned, this is a reflection of the SKNF's worldwide orders to commit atrocities, the Idiot-Sons performing their roles as a 'conscious' rectal romance.

-Revealed yesterday that SKNF activity includes remaining on board, management etc of companies while having been dismissed by shareholders and owners - consider how large the SKNF infestation needs to be for this to occur. Also media have been ordered to perform statutory duties with reference to SKNF threat but are also disobeying and are showing their SKNF infestation.

Malaysian victim of SKNF Atrocities In Perth
This GIF video that appears to run in the Borneo Post (for me anyway) is appears to be the beginning of a vivisection atrocity perpetrated on this victim. The SKNF flashed more of this atrocities on television over the last two days. It shows this victim screaming in pain as they were cutting off her arms. The SKNF are probably flashing this atrocity in order to antagonize someone important in Malaysia.
-The SKNF continue to show no signs of remorse or contrition but are trying every way they can to cause even more atrocities.
-Found out that all of Government and many other organizations if not all had received a list of SKNF members. Thus saying that they do not know is just another SKNF lie. Remember this every time you hear The Fiddler in another episode of psychotic fiddling or whatever psychosis he is performing.

This supposed webpage for the Prince of Wales etc says Prince Charles has just visited Perth.
I don't believe anything I read on the internet as the SKNF have been clouding what I see and putting all kinds of lies in the way but I hope this to be true. I suspect Perth is not getting the help it really needs due to SKNF evil within the Government of Australia.
I also observed what I believe to be a true picture of a function attended by the Prince. In this picture there is a serial killing pervert putting her hand on the Prince with the usual SKNF excuse that it is the "Australian way" but actually a threat to the Prince's person as the SKNF usually commit. The reason why you do not touch these people is that they are under constant threat of being "pinned" by poison pin. A typical SKNF psychotic way of doing things - a deniable threat - one that the SKNF using their propaganda machine is trying to turn into common and accepted behavior.

-We need to put every defense against the SKNF in place for all eternity
Human goodness is only one component of all the defenses we need to put in place to prevent the rise of another SKNF threat and the sure outcome of WW4, atrocities on everyone before our deaths and the destruction of Earth.
We need to put in defensive systems and every other structure, whether procedural or real mechanism.
The indicators that this need is true even with the extinguishing of this current NUT-1 and SKNF threat are as follows:
1.That almost all the world's population took no steps to help defend themselves and instead treated it as if there was no threat at all. This can be seen by the way people would group together for celebrations and go on things like 'spring break' in the US even though the SKNF are targeting the populace and that population groups, especially those taking narcotics of any kind are especially good targets for SKNF atrocities. This happened even though everyone on the planet were warned about what is going on.
2.No help has been sent to Perth by those not in the SKNF but are part of the Government, secret service, pseudo-Government, medical staff etc and even though they are being protected by advanced weapons. Everyone on the planet are aware that we are in WW3, that the Government, security services etc are almost totally contaminated with SKNF serial killing pervert vermin and hence are not organizing help for Perth and other places affected by SKNF atrocities. One would expect that we would have organized ourselves into sending help straight away when we could.
3."Every probability curve has its outliers": Not all the populace with the mindset of the SKNF serial killing perverts (ie people that have grown up within environments where their characteristics have been formed to be a bunch of serial killing perverts themselves) are part of the NUT-1 or SKNF. Many of this part of the populace are very wealthy and capable of reforming the SKNF and will probably do so. They will do so because their nature has developed by the sum of their experiences to be that way. They will see the extermination of the current SKNF as an opportunity and will probably try to exploit the situation and begin parasitizing humanity again and thus causing the rise of a new SKNF threat and WW4. This will likely mean the end of humanity and that of Earth. They have been reminded to take a symbiotic approach to their activities instead of a parasitic approach. Many of them have been psychotically targeted by their own families for their estates and that is why they were not part of the SKNF. See Frankie-the-Fruit and his father's activities against their own families as well as that of NUT-1.
Apart from telling us that we need to put in every defense against the rise of another SKNF and its subsequent threat what all this tells us is that humanity needs to build in every defense in the way we do things. That these defenses and the creation of these defenses against the threat of total destruction and evil that is and like the SKNF etc become also the sum of our experiences and just the way we do things. What we are seeing is not humanity is evil but that humanity is mostly the sum of its experiences. What we are seeing is the mind of humanity and what we must do to help it move from where we are to where we should be.
The fact that even the good guys that are in a position to help Perth did not do so because it would mean adding more work for themselves tells us that we are all bent.
This includes myself. The SKNF for whatever reason are trying to sell me as some kind of hero but I say truthfully that I would not have helped if I had not been trapped and about to be murdered by the SKNF. The world would have ended as well. Consider again how fortunate we are. We all need to contribute.
The lords need to chose good people first before technical experience and put their will behind straightening the world. They are likely to meet these 'outlier serial killer mindsets' - serial killers that did not attack the lords - that will be developing the rise of evil like the SKNF again. The lords will have to deny them and redirect them towards symbiosis if possible or deny them altogether.
These serial killer mindsets will also occur in all parts of humanity, not only the wealth.
We should also be preparing ourselves and implement plans as far as possible ahead of the extinguishing of the SKNF threat to give ourselves as many chances of succeeding in avoiding WW4 and in straightening humanity and moving forward to existing into eternity.
-It is predicated that Frankie-the-Fruit and his father playing the Estranged-Dad-Trick, as well as the rest of the FoM will again try to murder Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents on his father's side by telepathic induction of violent head swinging as these grandparents are driving. This occurred last week approximately Wednesday 11, November 2015 with this intention. Frankie-the-Fruit etc then blamed me and those protecting me saying that it is our defense at reflecting their head swinging attacks that is at fault.
Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents have been told that there are a number of ways to stop Frankie-the-Fruit's etc attacks. These are
1.Remove Frankie-the-Fruit's from the computer room
2.Use SKNF telepathy to prevent Frankie-the-Fruit's attacks from harming his grandparents and other relatives
3.Use Frankie-the-Fruit's cocaine addiction as a control mechanism to control Frankie-the-Fruit's behavior.
4.Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents to use their properties to negotiate protection for themselves from Frankie-the-Fruit's father's backers or from anybody else that has this capability.
There are many other possible ways for defending themselves from Frankie-the-Fruit and his father.
Frankie-the-Fruit and his father are both crazy because their FoM colleagues as well as subordinates as well Frankie-the-Fruit's father's backer, the one(s) that are providing Frankie-the-Fruit electronics etc have plans and designs to take this property from Frankie-the-Fruit and his father. Also Frankie-the-Fruit and his father's murder attempts on their relatives lives are globally known and will not succeed in enriching themselves.
Frankie-the-Fruit has also changed his relatives will documents to include himself even though he has been specifically excluded. This even against his father's intentions. Frankie-the-Fruit was heard to say to his father that he included himself on his father's parent's will because his father had tried to be included on Frankie-the-Fruit's mother's and her parent's will.
It is likely that Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents on his father's side took part in the attack on the lords and are part of the SKNF and hence they are not being protected by the lords.
The SKNF and NUT-1 are all insane.
-Also predicted is that the FoM via Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons will be reaching 'psychotic critical mass' as the Auckland Police regions has its annual X-mas party this Friday November 20, 2015 with the start of critical mass being this Wednesday November 17, 2015 when they attack Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents on his father's side. Frankie-the-Fruit etc have been collecting their turds and diarrhea in jars, probably for this occasion. I heard that Frankie-the-Fruit etc plan to soil the work areas of their colleagues while they are at this Xmas party. Probably will attempt other things and other attacks. See note 01/11/2014-07/11/2014:Annual Xmas Party Escapade of 2014.
-I was informed this morning that the likely reason for the delay in resolving the SKNF threat is that NUT-1 has also their own physical machinery that is capable of controlling the advanced weaponry and that the risk of them taking control of the advanced weaponry needs to be extinguished first before anything else can happen. This is likely to be true as most if not all the SKNF and NUT-1 are known and tagged and listed.

-SKNF serial killing pervert vermin infection is widespread and deep.
For instance, the owners of companies, the proper Government authorities and owners of other organizations have informed the banks of illegal control over these organization by, and have told them to stop following the payment orders of, the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin. The banks have ignored these orders and continue to allow these serial killing perverts control over these organization's money and allow these organization's moneys to be spent unlawfully and in support of the SKNF.

-I observed how the SKNF serial killing perverts surround people doing any kind of business or investment activity to the exclusion of everybody else. Strangely I saw this happening with Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents on his father's side.
It appears that Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents on his father's side are taking steps to prevent Frankie-the-Fruit etc killing them for their property. The grandparents are using their property to finance their protection. Frankie-the-Fruit and his father as well as their colleagues have put in a whole bunch of decoys and fake investors who look independent from each other in the foreground and who are pretending to be interested in investing. Meanwhile Frankie-the-Fruit etc and these fake investors are all colluding together in the background with the intention of killing Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents as well as stealing their assets.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: Being a serial killing pervert or developing one is detrimental to your own survival
Frankie-the-Fruit etc and the rest of the FoM are trying to kill his grandfather (and had planned to kill his grandparents) by inducing him to fall asleep while driving his car - apparently to the lawyers. They had planned to do this earlier and Frankie-the-Fruit or one of the Idiot-Son had not slept for 2 days (I believe sometime between Monday 16-21, November 2015, NZ Time) so that they could transfer the feeling of sleepiness to Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents as they drove to see their lawyers. The lawyers however sent someone to pick them up earlier. However Frankie-the-Fruit has attempted this method today to murder his grandfather who has gone alone to the lawyers driving himself. It is. The attack happened between 0800-1000am Sunday 22, November 2015 in NZ time.

-I have been told that all Government departments globally as well as many non-government organizations and all Government related organizations have access to the list of members of the SKNF.

-SKNF vermin reaction list becoming available to everyone is one of psychotic rebound and reverberation similar to earlier incidents such as when they were first lasered during an attempt on lives in Beijing, Washington DC etc, when they discovered that they did not have control over the advanced weaponry, when they discovered the NUT-1 and SKNF-Lieutenants01's counterplan and then subsequently discovered NUT-1 did not have control over advanced weaponry either.
The SKNF are unrepentent and continue to commit even more atrocities and show no sign of surrendering instead.
They have created their own list app to fool the unwary as well as continue in their subterfuge and pretense that they use to support their lies. I have reminded the SKNF many times that they can still surrender.
The psychotic reverberations have dampened somewhat when I told everyone to watch the SKNF and how they react to each of these events in the same way ie the order for all the SKNF to do something followed by the SKNF individuals running around disorganized each doing whatever they think would support the SKNF then some organization in their behavior as they are ordered to support their lies in a coherent way. The SKNF lying actions had become more coherent almost immediately as a result.
The SKNF are also working on convincing those with down syndrome and incapacitated in this manner to support them telepathically as well as be human weapons. Observed many of the SKNF vermin in the MSC doing so.
SKNF controlled media also reacting badly to disclosure within the list. They are now only reporting lies again and anything that supports the SKNF second class citizens to commit mass atrocities and therefore support a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick for the rest of the SKNF.
-Everybody should ensure that there is full disclosure of SKNF crimes and threats. This is to ensure vigilance in case a new SKNF begins reforming as well as for other safety reasons.
For instance, the new St. Anthony's building (Google says it is 121-129, Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco) next to St. Boniface Catholic church along Golden Gate Avenue was built using SKNF owned companies in corrupt collusion with the SKNF vermin within the Catholic church. The SKNF have been committing all kinds of crimes to obtain properties from everyone including the religious institutions. In this case the SKNF have planted bombs within the foundational concrete and rebar infrastructure of this building. The idea is that they would cause this building to collapse when it is full of people, sue the Catholic church and then try to get the properties as settlement. Of course they perform the Take-All-Sides-Trick and have a corrupt judiciary, probably corrupt defense and prosecution. The corrupt officials within the Catholic church would also be in support of these crimes against humanity as well as other crimes. These acts of terrorism is repeated elsewhere.
The so called peadophile problem in the church and elsewhere are also SKNF corrupt collusion attacks on these institution by SKNF vermin. Corrupt collusion within the judiciary, the church, the Police, the media etc etc. The peadophile attacks do occur and it is committed by SKNF vermin infestation within the church in collusion with other SKNF vermin but its intentions is to parasitize the church and drain its coffers as well as assets. This is why the church does not accept responsibility for these attacks.
-The rectal romance that the Idiot-Sons are performing has made their whole department smell of feces. Their colleagues are complaining. Obviously there has been quite a bit of overspill onto the carpets as well as probable intentional soiling of the carpets and other places including work surfaces. The Idiot-Sons are also expanding their feces attacks to other departments within the Auckland Region Police department. They have collected quite a large cache of feces within a number of jars in order to do so. They are likely to perform this attack during the Xmas holiday period so that it cannot be cleaned and corrected easily.
-Consider how fortunate we are that the we have been saved by the most unlikely of coincidences ie by the psychosis within the SKNF itself. The whole world has had a chance to see this psychosis in action, the current actions by Frankie-the-Fruit, his father and the Idiot-Sons being their open, widely known, telepathically loud attacks on Frankie-the-Fruit's grandfather on his father's side. Ordinarily one would expect that those perpetrating these crimes to be very secretive so that they do not fall prey to other sharks trying to get at the same property by incarcerating those committing the crime in the first place. However, "like the world has never seen", Frankie-the-Fruit etc have been advertising their actions clearly and loudly worldwide. Only a bunch of crazies would do such a thing. Come to think of it, Frankie-the-Fruit's advertizing his and his teams prodigious fiddling is pretty much reflective of the same psychotic behavior.

-Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons have begun their Xmas period attacks on their colleagues as predicted earlier. This was implemented as a substantially increased level of feces spreading on colleague's work surfaces.
One of the Idiot-Sons very funnily managed to spray his own private computer room with feces during a diarrhea attack and hence has exponentially increased the turd smells within their department.

-Serial Killer is the lord of Manukau only and not Counties-Manukau

-The SKNF has been and is degrading education, filling the knowledge centers (libraries, museums etc) full of rubbish and nonsense, hiding bullshit by saying that it was true knowledge etc to dumb down the populace, impoverish them and enslave them. While this situation is extremely bad in general, this SKNF attack is especially targeted at the wealthy and the land-owners. This SKNF attack is especially effective against those in the countryside.
One example of this is how they hid the effectiveness of soil activators (eg BGA) by saying that it is ineffective and a confidence trick. They were then going to buy up desert land, reclaim this with advanced soil activators and plant it with mono-cultures such as kelapa sawit. The net effect of this would have been to cause the complete impoverishment of the kelapa sawit land holders and thus have them sell their properties for nothing. The intellectual properties from these monoculture research institutions eg FELDA would have been stolen by the SKNF as well, claimed as belonging to the SKNF thus impoverishing these land-owners even more.
The SKNF has performed this same trick worldwide. In New Zealand, Australia, USA etc etc.

NUT-1 is preventing everyone from getting the list of SKNF serial killing pervert vermin. Instead attempting a subterfuge where some people are getting the list and then reporting that everybody have obtained the list.
SKNF reaction using me as a voicebox indicates that FAMILY-1 are aware of this and are resolving this problem.
I have mentioned on many occasions that the lords must be firm in adhering to their fundamentals. It appears that they have become to used to nutters trying to murder them and commit atrocities on them. They need to be firm in adhering to these fundamentals as we have a long, complex and multi-generational amount of work before us to ensure that the world survives for at least 40 years and hopefully into all eternity.
The world would have already been destroyed and everybody to have suffered atrocity if not for the pure good fortune of us being saved by Serial Killer's and Frankie-the-Fruit's etc buffoonery.
-The lords have sent somebody to San Francisco with my documents for return to Malaysia. This agent is already waiting in SF for this purpose. The SKNF are doing everything in the power to prevent this as well as hold this agent hostage.

-Education services to include:
Clear, formalized, continuously improving and contextually correct ways of interacting with other parts of Government and the populace especially with respect to the secret service and security services.
:To ensure the safety and well being of all students and stakeholders within education.
:To learn from the mistakes made in the past.
:To eliminate threats like the SKNF for all eternity.
-The SKNF have been operating organizations that provide activities to young people. For instance this includes bicycle tourism, ice hockey (Yerba Buena gardens in San Francisco), schools, creches, kindergartens etc. This has not only been a way to parasitize the populace, to recruit more SKNF agents through 'brain-washing' activities but also to be able to hold these most defenseless members of our society hostage and commit atrocities on them.
The SKNF enjoys committing atrocities on the young the most. It feeds their psychotic vermin mentality in a way that nothing else seems to be able to.
We can eliminate this threat and the opportunity to create and feed of this threat by running our education systems and services properly. Some ideas to correct and run our education services properly are located at here(
-There is NUT-1 agents within FAMILY-1's defenses. This is why the list was prevented from being delivered to everybody. This also explains why the SKNF threat is not being eliminated logically ie by reducing and eliminating the enemy either in totality or incrementally. It also explains why the SKNF are allowed to perform terrorist acts and that the response to those threats have been in such a way as to give the SKNF information about the encryption of the advanced weapons systems and time to break this encryption. It also explains why the response to SKNF terrorist acts are not being met appropriately as is ordered.
FAMILY-1 and Family/Lords are aware and know about all of the SKNF and NUT-1 hence the reason why the world has not been destroyed and us all suffer atrocity before its destruction.
This once again shows how fortunate we are to have avoided the lost of the world and atrocity. Apparently NUT-1 was also trying to sell the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin psychosis that evil is a necessity and must exist and anybody that thinks otherwise is a "Peter Pan" and unrealistic.

-I watched a probable live telecast of President Obama yesterday December 6, 2015, approximately 1715pm SF time) agreeing that the SKNF threat must be nullified and eliminated.
Telecast here: and here: Note how SKNF contamination embeds SKNF propaganda and nonsense within the real message - same observed in President Obama's State of the Nation speeches. This is indicative of how deep and widespread the SKNF contamination is. This explains why the SKNF put the President at risk during his inaugurations.
This view is shared by everyone not in NUT-1 or the SKNF.
This live telecast also acted as warning and repetition to the SKNF to surrender. The SKNF instead of remorse have continued to try and hold hostages and even more commit atrocities.
I telepathically told all the SKNF that this message was being broadcasted at this time.
-Appears that all my travel documents are ready. The agent sent is also waiting to leave. Just waiting for him to pick me up and we should be on our way to returning to Malaysia. :D

-SKNF concentrating on their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick while continuing attempt to commit mass atrocities.
-Appears that help has arrived in Perth. Horrors observed. SKNF leveraging the grieving as a tool to manipulate us into feeling sorry for them with their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trickery.
I heard them jeering a person who suffered the loss of their family. Their jeers was about how maggots were crawling out of the victim's bodies.
-SKNF aware of their guilt seeing their reaction when I was putting together this blog entry:

-My notes do not include everything that Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons do as all I wanted was a sample of their behavior to show what they are really like and that the winning of WW3 is actually accidental. Furthermore I could not possibly note down everything that the Idiot-Sons get up to as it would require me to be sitting in a computer room with the appropriate software. I try not to note all repetitive behaviors of the SKNF for this reason as well.
Finally I find it amusing not to give Frankie-the-Fruit the attention he is seeking and hence make a point of not writing down anything repetitive about him.
Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons again have proven that their job description must be to attract attention to themselves, to masturbate uncontrollably and frequently as possible, to snort cocaine and to kill their colleagues and more precisely everyone including themselves. They have once also proven that our winning WW3 has a lot to do with being incredibly fortunate. We would have lost the world and would have been tortured beforehand but for the buffoonery of Frankie-the-Fruit, Serial Killer and the Idiot-Sons.
Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons has hospitalized at least one of the FoM and have infected many of the others with the 'witches brew' of laboratory gastrointestinal bacterial pathogen, wild gastrointestinal bacteria from their own guts, semen, feces and various other things that they have been storing in jars with the purpose of attacking their colleagues. This attack occurred on Friday 11th December 2015 with fluid from this poison added to the 'inhaled entertainment product' that their colleagues consume every weekend.
The infection was vicious and severe enough that one of these colleagues was hospitalized within 24 hours of inhaling the poison and the rest showed symptoms of severity which indicates that they would also have been hospitalized if they had not attended to the symptoms with appropriate anti-biotics.
The laboratory bacterial pathogen is the same one as from the Idiot-Son's attack during the note 01/11/2014-07/11/2014:Annual Xmas Party Escapade of 2014. However the pathogen appears to have become more vicious possibly due to genetic material exchange with the Idiot-Son's wild gut bacteria as well as having other gastrointestinal ecosystem flora and fauna present. This was observed by how a much smaller amount then that ingested by the Idiot-Son's in 2014 caused a much larger effect. This effect included bleeding from the lungs, mouth, nose, lung and throat surface skin being stripped by the pathogen, vomiting and general dysentery like symptoms, mucus and other flu like symptoms etc to varying extent in those infected. The one that entered hospital had to be put in isolation as it was found that the pathogen is also resistant to anti-biotics and is extremely dangerous.
The Idiot-Son's and Frankie-the-Fruit have also been spraying this poison around their colleague's work areas with the intention that they breath in the spores and become ill. The idea there being that the higher the concentration of this pathogen the greater the probability of infection.
The Idiot-Son's and Frankie-the-Fruit also started attacking their hospitalized SKNF colleague by mad telepathic head swinging attacks as well.
They also threatened the medical staff as well as attacked them with the same psychotic telepathic head swinging attacks.

-The Idiot-Son's and Frankie-the-Fruit are spraying their highly contagious 'witches brew' of pathogenic bacteria, feces etc into the ventilation systems of the Auckland Region Police department, specifically the psyops department. This as they have seen how toxic it is after poisoning one of their SKNF colleagues.

-Representatives of Family/Lords including FAMILY-1 warn NUT-1 and SKNF to surrender continuously saying that the vermin's actions have left them no choice but to eradicate the vermin incrementally or in total where they stand.
SKNF have been told to surrender continuously but refuse to and instead are continuing to terrorize, attempt to commit atrocities and hold hostages.
The SKNF show no remorse what so ever. Instead they are performing their Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks with greater and greater frequency. They are also using their children to elicit these Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks. I have told their children that they can also surrender as their parents are using them and have all intention of using them as weapons.
Amongst all the other terrorist serial killing pervert vermin activities the SKNF are also trying to fool the educationally deficit to support them telepathically as well as become their human bombs etc. Furthermore the SKNF are intensifying their telepathic attacks on everyone eg sense of dread, sense that all lords are evil, sense that all of lords are NUT-1 variety.
What is really happening now is that FAMILY-1 are fixing the SKNF and NUT-1 contamination within their defenses.

-SKNF are holding the agent sent to return me to Malaysia hostage in San Francisco. At first they were really smug. I think they had planned to have this agent 'bummed' (thrown onto the streets without shelter, money etc). However the tables seemed to have turned on the SKNF as they suddenly showed a negative reaction as they always do when things go against them. This reverberation is still occurring even one day after the SKNF's first show of failure shock.
I am unsure what has happened however I notice that these SKNF reverberations are become more frequent and increasing in size. This tends to mean that the SKNF are experiencing failure after failure. These reactions are observable even with the SKNF dampening them. Must be massive failures?!
As usual the SKNF are showing no signs of remorse or contrition and are continuing to try and commit atrocities.

-The Idiot-Son's and Frankie-the-Fruit are planning to kill their SKNF colleagues who they have already almost murdered with fecal pathogens. As usual what was unconscious has aligned with their conscious mind and has become a 'plan'.
-Frankie-the-Fruit feces attack on other psyops colleagues continues as they spray toxic feces-pathogen fluids all over the ventilation systems and colleagues work areas.
-NUT-1 and SKNF continuing to try and commit atrocities while they attempt Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks.
I observed VP Joe Biden performing a walk by while President Obama was doing a telecast. Mr. Biden's subterfuge was to appear slighted for being listed as a serial killing pervert - a common serial killing pervert trick to try and make you feel sorry for them while they try and commit atrocities on you.
The same subterfuge was attempted by using pictures of Julia Gillard types, Mr. Tony Hayward of BP, UN officials looking self important etc.
The SKNF also attacked President Obama, ex-President Bill Clinton and various Commanders using the Idiot-Son's and Frankie-the-Fruit as a screen and psychotic head swinging weapon. The SKNF's intention was to sell the subterfuge that the reason why they have been included in the list of SKNF vermin was because they refused to follow their orders and that the reason the SKNF had refused to follow their orders was that they thought zapping the Idiot-Son's and Frankie-the-Fruit for harassing the President(s) and Commanders was not good enough cause.
What actually happened was that everyone saw through this lie and saw directly that the reason the SKNF vermin have not been eradicated is because the highest levels of security infrastructure are being cleaned out of SKNF contamination. The fact that these usually completely invisible SKNF vermin within the security infrastructure had intentionally and purposely chose to reveal themselves was very informative as to how close we are to seeing the end of the SKNF threat or rather the end of the human component of the SKNF threat.
This Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick continued for quite a while after. The SKNF using Frankie-the-Fruit etc went on to telepathic induce me, at least, and I believe many other people world wide, to feel sorry for them and that they are just a bunch of high achieving successful, good looking etc people that are misunderstood and who the world is jealous off and hence have decided to put them to death etc.
We have to continue to take all precautions and give our telepathic power to the good. The SKNF are meanwhile making every attempt to commit atrocities. For instance on my way to the library today I saw them stringing up live wires between the traffic and lighting electrical systems and the iron and metal man-hole covers and other infrastructure. This so that they can electrocute pedestrians.
-It is probable that I won't be returning to KL until after the lords have removed the SKNF contaminant from their advanced weapons. The agent sent here with my travel documents also the same.
-One of the tricks that SKNF contaminant within industry performs is to collusively work with their SKNF colleagues elsewhere so that when a SKNF created disaster occurs that organization is blamed. The SKNF then, through their corrupt members within the judiciary, prosecution, defence, Government etc, cause that organization to pay for the damage and strip that organization of its assets. They also steal technologies, monopolize what they consider to be strategic positions (including technical) and generally parasitize that organization in many other ways. This is also what occurs within the religious (Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc) organizations.

-The Idiot-Son's and Frankie-the-Fruit confuse their SKNF colleagues while they were driving in order to test whether they are protected from being induced to fall asleep while they are driving in the future. Appears to be successful. These are the very same SKNF colleagues whom they recently almost murdered by anti-biotic resistant, vicious fecal pathogen in the lungs, gut, throat etc.
-It seems that the list of SKNF serial killing pervert vermin is being distributed even though the SKNF are trying to hinder its distribution in anyway they can. The list is available to anyone not in the SKNF but it must be obtained using a method prescribed by Family/Lords. I was not privy to what this method is.
SKNF are continuing to reverberate to this - another one of their failures, failures which are appearing in increasing frequency.

-Everybody but the SKNF are allowed to have the list and are supposed to have the list of SKNF serial pervert vermin.
The SKNF contamination within the lord's defenses, the contamination in IT, psyops are doing everything they can to prevent this from happening. The SKNF contamination in psyops are even giving recipients bad instructions on how to get this list. For instance they are saying that the list must be handed from someone that has it to someone that does not have it and that the new recipient must be recommended. This is not true. The list was meant to be sent to everyone not in the SKNF and instructions on what it is and how to use it provided.
The lords are aware of this situation and are also using it to verify the list. This verification will continue right to the end.
Meanwhile the SKNF are seeding the population with bad lists etc and doing everything else. However this is only exposing the SKNF contamination.
Everybody should try to get this list regardless, even if the only positive is that the lords are giving the opportunity to verify this list by doing so. The lord's will tackle the SKNF attacks and ensure the veracity of this list.
-I discovered that the SKNF are giving people my report and that the report they are reading has been filled with SKNF propaganda as well as having many of the relevant facts left out. I remind everyone again that this is happening and that this report is only in the first draft, that it is incomplete and that the notes are reminders to me only for when I am able to complete my report. You need to verify everything.
-Some SKNF became psychotic again and tried to commit atrocities but were destroyed like vermin should be.
-SKNF appears to be fighting many battles on many fronts. They appear to be concentrating their energies into trying to commit even more atrocities. They show no remorse nor intention of surrendering.

-Help sent to Perth have discovered a horror larger then expected. Number of people having suffered a serial killing atrocity by the SKNF's serial killing pervert vermin likely to be in the hundreds of thousands. Evil everywhere.
-Must obtain education study that showed many of the things in my education objectives blog ( The SKNF then implemented their own version of what they thought education should be based on the SKNF's strategy of impoverishing the world and not the recommendations of this report.

-The Idiot-Son's and Frankie-the-Fruit are mining the Auckland Region Police building with electronically controlled sprays in the ventilation systems, spreads of "turd of death pathogen" - that have caused at least 2 of their SKNF colleagues to be entered in hospital for antibiotic resistant "flesh eating" bacteria in their lungs - around their colleagues work areas and surfaces.
Victims of "turd spray of death" are likely to suffer blindness, meningitis, brain damage, pneumonia, death etc.
It appears that the pathogen is very antibiotic resistant. The antibiotic resistance came from the the Idiot-Son's and Frankie-the-Fruit anus fiddling and putting hands to mouth and then taking antibiotics of all varieties but only until they felt better and then stopping their course of antibiotics.
First time I have observed genetic transfer between a wild bacterium and laboratory one so at least this proves what the medical guys were saying about the risk of antibiotic resistance.
-Lords are demanding that their order that the list of SKNF be distributed to everyone not in the SKNF be completed as the SKNF are using their inability to try and cause atrocity and even more evil. For instance the SKNF are using their almost 100% contamination of psyops and many Government services to prevent help being sent to Perth and to prevent the help that has already been sent to Perth from helping the populace there. The population of Perth are starving, facing an enormous number of putrefying bodies which is causing the risk of spread of disease and enormous hardship.
The help sent to Perth are asking for more assistance to be sent, dedicated communication, psyops and much more etc, without SKNF contamination and the ability to see the SKNF as well as stinging the SKNF, as Perth is suffering the worse effects of a war zone and major disaster area.
SKNF are doing everything to ensure that the suffering is prolonged.
Meanwhile the other SKNF have not only set themselves into position to cause evil but are making every attempt to do so. They are withholding emergency services and other assets. This is because the SKNF have been financing themselves by positioning themselves in Government and Government related organizations as well as almost everywhere else.
Everybody has said that they need the list to organize themselves and reduce the effectiveness of the SKNF's constant attacking.

-NUT-1 and the SKNF let it be known that they want the SKNF to stage a massive widespread worldwide attack as FAMILY-1 is making sure inroads into cleaning out the SKNF and NUT-1 contamination within its defenses.
The NUT-1 and SKNF subterfuge performance to communicate this via me to the rest of the SKNF was by pretending to be a friendly communication to those not in NUT-1 and the SKNF.
They repeated that the reason why the SKNF vermin have not been destroyed by advanced weapons is the same reason why the list of SKNF vermin has not been distributed and that this reason is because of this contamination within FAMILY-1's defenses.
This subterfuge however was multifaceted in the way that NUT-1 and the SKNF pointed out the SKNF etc contaminant in one part of FAMILY-1's defenses as the 'bad guys' while implying that a visually angry part is the 'good guys'. Actually both sides being pointed at are NUT-1 and SKNF vermin playing a Take-All-Sides-Trick.
However this did provide information as to what is really happening.
NUT-1 and SKNF contaminant are trying hard to make FAMILY-1's response to the threat illogical and incorrect.
NUT-1 and SKNF are trying to slow down the response to the SKNF threat so that they give their decryption attack sufficient time to break the encryption protecting advanced weapons from being used by them.
For instance the logical way of dealing with this widespread and deep level of SKNF etc contamination within FAMILY-1's defense would be to separate and start anew, bringing across those that are not contaminant. However the SKNF and NUT-1 contaminant have kept the contaminant in place and have only made action that are time consuming, weakens the defense, disobeys orders etc.
Another instance of the SKNF etc contamination trying to cause as many atrocities as possible is how they are making every attempt to slow down and halt the help needed in Perth. The are playing the Take-All-Sides-Trick and pretending that they cannot use their control over electronics to drop down the list or their control over advanced weapons to deter the SKNF etc attempts to stop this help getting to Perth.
This shows that the evil is not only deep and widespread within FAMILY-1's defenses but also very senior.
It also shows that FAMILY-1 was fortunately aware of this contamination hence the fact the Earth still exists.
This is what can be seen from anyone at my level.
-SKNF and NUT-1 revealed a bully boy, psychotically immature perspective on life, reminiscent of Frankie-the-Fruit. It is the same "roughest-toughest", 'Spock-like' emotionless perfection nonsense that was all the rage in the 50's, the psycho uber-mensch so prevalent in the psychosis that are the serial killing pervert vermin. I observed this when they started jeering my mentioning that one's family comes first. I then noted that NUT-1 cannot deny the fact that they are being saved by their own family who they are trying to kill.
-The SKNF etc attempts to commit as many atrocities as possible includes Frankie-the-Fruit's suggestion that they spread the 'turd of death' bacterial pathogen to everyone on the planet. Frankie-the-Fruit's idea was to have the second class citizens in the SKNF infected with this and then have them spread the pathogen by coughing and vomit.
Frankie-the-Fruit etc have implemented this attack by mining almost all the vents within the Auckland Region's Police building with electronic sprays containing this 'turd of death' pathogen that has already caused 2 of their SKNF colleagues to be hospitalized.
-I have a request of the lords.
I wish to have Serial Killer, Screeching-Mad-Wife, Frankie-the-Fruit, Strutter Nutter, Spotty-the-Fruit, 'The Russian', Sam Khanna, the 3 men that raped my wife, the man or men that kidnapped my son, the man or men that kidnapped my daughter, the man that raped my daughter and the Malay man with the pencil-thin moustache who arranged the kidnap and rape of my family and the serial killing perverts who went to my home in Malaysia in 2013 and caned my children, hanged or gassed to death in Malaysia for their attacks on my family. Their bodies to then be fully cremated in my sight. Their ashes to be disposed off in a cesspit.
Including the person(s) who made my stepmother Genie Chong believe she had cancer and so had a mastectomy, all to suffer death by hanging or gas chamber, cremation and their ashes disposed off in a cesspit.
Including the person(s) who later irradiated my step-mother Genie Chong, all to suffer death by hanging or gas chamber, cremation and their ashes disposed off in a cesspit.
Including the person(s) who exchanged my mother's Ventolin inhaler for one filled with poison and had thus murdered her by asphyxiation, all to suffer death by hanging or gas chamber, cremation and their ashes disposed off in a cesspit.
Including the serial killing pervert vermin who ran over my mother in Whangerei using a car while she was on her way to work, all to suffer death by hanging or gas chamber, cremation and their ashes disposed off in a cesspit.
Including all person(s) who attacked my wife and performed atrocity on her and her son in Montgomery, removing her teeth etc, all to suffer death by hanging or gas chamber, cremation and their ashes disposed off in a cesspit.
Including the corrupt SKNF serial killing pervert vermin doctor(s) who incarcerated my brother Anthony Chin as part of the SKNF's standard enslavement of the populace by using the Government mental health facilities, thus causing my brother to lose all sense of self confidence, numbing his mind with chemicals, imprisoning him, causing him to suffer physical harm etc for at least 1/4 of a century. The SKNF's also hiding its hand by putting the blame on my eldest brother Nicholas Chin. These vermin to suffer death by hanging or gas chamber, cremation and their ashes disposed off in a cesspit.
Including the SKNF serial killing pervert team that were sent to Ahipara, NZ to commit atrocity on Cory Kraaijenhof in 2012. These vermin to suffer death by hanging or gas chamber, cremation and their ashes disposed off in a cesspit.
I make this request leaning on the fact that I have been part of a group that has saved 10 billion people on this planet.
I also request that Bestus-Lieutenant face the electric chair in California for his attack on California. His remains to be also cremated and ashes disposed in a cesspit.
Video and audio recordings of their crimes to be available to those observing to be played in the event that those observing are unsure as to the evil that is being eradicated.
I wish to make a lesson to those that wish to be like the SKNF.

-Frankie-the-Fruit etc are now mining everywhere including vents with electronic micro-spray with turd of death liquid and pathogen in Auckland Region Police buildings. The bet is that they get and probably blind and possibly kill more of their SKNF colleagues.
-Lord's representatives warn SKNF to surrender for what may be the final time.

-Hilariously Frankie-the-Fruit has ordered his Idiot-Sons psyops team to masturbate with the stated intention of inducing the subject of their attacks to ejaculate.
However it is very strange how Frankie-the-Fruit is required to feel the sensation of masturbation and ejaculation. Especially now that he is unable to masturbate as much as his pain killers have numbed his genitalia.
Also in order to masturbate so frequently and uncontrollably the Idiot-Son's have taken to consuming large amounts of cocaine thus rendering them cocaine addicted like Frankie-the-Fruit.
-As expected Frankie-the-Fruit has started attacking everyone including his SKNF colleagues with his 'turd of death pathogen fluids' in electronic squirters mines.
Everyone not in the SKNF are protected electronically so the nett effect of this is that the attack is isolated to the SKNF only. And since most of the SKNF are protected by other SKNF psyops this attack is actually limited to Frankie-the-Fruit's father's subordinates.
Frankie-the-Fruit has already attempted to blind a number of his father's subordinates with directed turd pathogen spray into their eyes using these electronic sprays planted in their cars, vents etc. These SKNF members were saved by other the SKNF psyops that redirected the sprays away from the targets' eyes. They were however sprayed with 'turd of death' solution.

-SKNF and NUT-1 have been using the code of secrecy as a weapon against the lords, the good people within the secret service and the populace in many ways.
The secret service and the populace needs to learn from these and other mistakes and take all measures to ensure that they are not only not repeated but also eliminate the possibility of the rise of another SKNF.
One way that the SKNF do this is by attacking children telepathically while pretending otherwise. They sit on them driving them into doing things that are wrong and bad. They continue to do this until the behavior is in-driven into the subject's biology. Parents unaware of this blame the children when they actually need to formalize their response to bad behavior inculcating the possibility that this behavior may be indicative of SKNF attacks.
An example of this is how they are promising my son, who is about to enter tertiary education, all forms of funding, education in whatever he wants, fun, freebies, glamorous work like being in the secret service etc etc. The young person attacked who believes the SKNF then does not rely on what is real and in front of them but in this abstraction that is telepathically supported by the SKNF, a belief that comes also from telepathic induction induced by a large number of SKNF attackers.
The subject of the attack may then not get an education believing that these promises are real and will be given to them by the SKNF.
This is one of the ways the lords have been attacked. Many of their supporters have had their children not wanting an education as they are unknowingly attacked by these SKNF vermin.
The SKNF also gets other gains in evil as they now are also able to monopolize education, knowledge and information as well as impoverish the lords, their people and the populace.
The SKNF also uses their telepathy to cause the breakdown of the family, causing internal strife in an intentional divide and conquer methodology. They present all evil to anything good in general but also use this to impoverish people and obtain their assets.
The SKNF also recruits their now impoverished young people while trying to kill them by presenting the smiling face that hides pure evil. They reward these young people with telepathic induction, sometimes other small rewards but always with the intention of enslaving them.
The young person without means of looking after their selves are easy targets for enslavement. Without an education the populace becomes easy targets for enslavement. We see examples of this right across the planet. It is not an accident but intentional.
Combine this with the trap of committing illegalities and the SKNF now have a way of using the mechanisms and tools of Government to enslave forever as well as deskill and dumbed down populace.
Education requires to teach self reliance. No to rely on unreal and abstract things until it shows itself in reality.
This also means everyone needs an education as well as be able to support themselves.
-Emergency procedures and drills are needed against corruption and SKNF type attacks so that things like the slowness of responding to the SKNF threat and evil (eg getting help to Perth, having real and procedural measures to prevent SKNF attacks on our places of education etc) are eliminated.
-SKNF and NUT-1 continue to try and commit atrocities without remorse or contrition.
-I urge anyone who feels I am being like the SKNF when I call for a sampling of them to be executed by hanging or gas chamber to make their moral judgements only after they are fully knowledgeable of the method and evil that is the SKNF by viewing and listening to both audio and video of these crimes against humanity for the length that these crimes are perpetrated. Any judgement otherwise is without knowledge and likely impaired by SKNF sitting on you making you feel sorry for them in a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick.
We also need to lay a lesson and deterrent for anyone wishing to commit crimes against humanity and give ourselves every advantage in ensuring that the SKNF is eliminated in entirety and will and can never rise again.
-Crazily The Fiddler and his team of idiots are attacking their SKNF colleagues in order that they attack back. This so that The Fiddler etc can use their electronic toys and room stored weapons in what appears to be a unconscious made conscious wish for the 'final battle' in Ragnarok, an expression of their psychosis and delusion of martial capability being played out in reality.

-Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons are placing mini mines all over the Auckland Region Police building. They are also using the Estranged-Dad-Trick as a cover to pretend that something is being done about this.
This is also a veiled attack on their colleagues including SKNF colleagues much like the 2014 period during the First Avalanche of Disrespect and note 01/11/2014-07/11/2014:Annual Xmas Party Escapade of 2014.
These mini-mines are capable of some self-locomotion and, due to the pervasiveness of the swarming microbots, able to stick to anything, the resulting ability of this is locomotion over long distances and in given directions.
Frankie-the-Fruit and his father etc are also going to try and kill his mother, her parents and his father's parents again using this technology. The plan is to use the self locomotion of these mini mines to plant these mines on their cars, on their bodies etc.
This is also replicated in other SKNF units across the world as the SKNF attempt every atrocity and evil.
The SKNF and NUT-1 are also trying to use the brute force attack to try and obtain advanced weapons decryption information. The idea is that each time a non-SKNF member crosses a mine the mine is tripped and prevented and the encryption information sent. The brute force method comes from planting a large number of these and collecting all this information as well as trying to break the encryption at the same time.

-SKNF and NUT-1 are using 'slow' attacks as their attack strategy. The accelerometers within the swarming microbots are preventing them from attacking by physical violence.
Slow attack tactics include putting poisons onto surfaces and rubbing them against their target and victims.
The SKNF and NUT-1 contaminant within
FAMILY-1's advanced weapons are not obeying orders and allowing this to happen. Their orders are to destroy the attackers.

-SKNF have released prison inmates so that they can cause atrocity, chaos and evil and thus be killed by advanced weapons in a bid for a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. These people have been warned and have been told of the situation. They have also been told that they are also protected by advanced weapons against SKNF reprisals.

-The Royal Family of Nepal that were so called massacred actually suffered atrocity by SKNF serial killing perverts, the atrocity occurring over a long time as is the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin's way and psychosis of evil.
-Lords are organizing their defense so that they remove the SKNF from Government infrastructure and the lord's own assets. They are using what they have learnt in Perth and elsewhere to get around SKNF interference.
"Every context has its correct responding actions"
Requests have been sent to place each of the SKNF in a group of similar types. These SKNF serial killing pervert vermin then to be sampled with the sampling biased more towards the worse variety of these vermin (see vermin who committed atrocities using autoclave, deep fryers etc). This sample then to face execution by electric chair, gas chamber and hanging. That this sample once chosen will be unable to escape by committing suicide. Anyone of the serial killing pervert vermin that manages to escape by suicide will be replaced by another serial killing pervert vermin to make up the sample.
The SKNF are trying to commit even more atrocities without remorse or contrition. They have said to one another that since death by advanced weapons leads to no pain associated with their evil then it makes sense for them to continue trying to commit evil. This evil includes things like planting nuclear devices all over the place especially cities etc.
We need to have every deterrent and to give ourselves every chance of successfully shifting the Earth from our current state where we are in every danger and imminent of suffering atrocity and losing the planet to one where we are in no danger at all.
Surrendering fully ensures that one is not included in this sample. I have already chosen those I wish to see in this sample in Note from 29th December 2015: List of SKNF serial killing pervert vermin I wish included in sample to be made an example of by death from hanging or electric chair or gas chamber, their bodies cremated, their ashes disposed off in a cesspit.
The SKNF serial killing pervert vermin have been told of this many times already. The SKNF serial killing pervert vermin have instead chosen to try and commit atrocities and destroy the planet.

-Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons are poisoning thumb tacks, staples and other sharp objects and leaving them on their colleague's seats, or planting them back for their colleagues to accidentally poison themselves with. They have even put turds into the drawers of their colleague's desks. This new use of feces likely to be an exponentially increasing form of attack behavior by Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons.
Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons attacks being repeated by SKNF worldwide in one way or another.
-Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons are also planning to use their huge spread of mini mines everywhere so as to lock their property owning colleagues and their relatives in their own homes like Serial Killer and Screeching-Mad-Wife are imprisoned in their homes by their surrounding minefield. The intention is to starve them to death and steal their property.
Also attacking Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents in this way. Likely to do the same to Frankie-the-Fruit's father's parents with his father's consent. Suspect that Frankie-the-Fruit's father's parents may lose their lives as they definitely are SKNF and are thus not protected by Family/Lords.
Suspect that the Nut-Lords will also be attacked by these mini mines to pressure them into giving up their properties, the version of mini mines I have observed having some limited mobility. There are other types that can fly.
There are many types of mini mines. Some explode. Some give off a large amount of poison gas. Some are incendiaries. Suspect there are a large number of other varieties.
-Frankie-the-Fruit etc are also using this opportunity to attack their psyop colleagues and try to get control of the Auckland Region Police psyop department. This attack in in the form of programmed mini-mines, bullets that converge on target, gas, feces, 'turd of death' pathogen etc. Frankie-the-Fruit etc are in Ragnarok mode and are also attempting attacks on their colleagues similar to those during the period of the First Avalanche of Disrespect and note 01/11/2014-07/11/2014:Annual Xmas Party Escapade of 2014.

-SKNF and NUT-1 infestation are using the lie that they are using the disobedience of the staff and populace to verify the list of SKNF vermin.
Actually this is a method to buy the SKNF more time so that they can crack the encryption protecting the advanced weapons from being used by them. It is also a method to cause as many atrocities as possible and as much chaos and evil as possible. It is also used to prevent the Government from wresting control away from the SKNF terrorist.
Everybody has been told what to do already based upon the lessons learnt from Perth and other places. It includes forming a parallel set of offices peopled by those not in the SKNF and moving non-SKNF staff into these positions. It also includes having dedicated communications to the lord's psyops as well as other essential services etc. It also includes using the advanced weapons against the SKNF as was shown necessary in Perth and other places - especially when the SKNF were trying to monopolize essential equipment and assets as well as trying to cause physical harm and damage assets.
The SKNF vermin have already been dismissed from their offices worldwide.
Instead what is happening is that the SKNF are staging an all out attack. This attack is relatively and surprisingly successful, especially that being performed on the weakest and poorest members of society and the delaying tactics.
The weakest members of society, the poor and sick, the blind etc are being removed from their safe houses and being put onto the street. A collusion between the SKNF within the medical services, hospitals, prisons, welfare systems, shelters, Church, Temple, Mosque etc. The SKNF being in the guise of doctors, nurses, emergency services, security guards, senior members of organizations etc.
The SKNF tactic is not only to cause chaos but to commit atrocity.
It is also being used as a threat against the poor so that the poor provide telepathic support to the SKNF vermin. If successful it is conceivable that the lords may lose telepathic superiority and hence lose against the SKNF threat. This means that we will all suffer atrocity and the Earth will be lost and probably destroyed.
The SKNF are also trying to overwhelm the lord's infrastructure with overwork by pretending incompetence while all the time being in full attack mode. This attack is in all forms, from all out aggression to pretending to be friends.
The SKNF have fully escalated the conflict while are pretending otherwise.
-I observed SKNF vermin in the Church and other organizations (hospital, welfare etc) in collusion with SKNF elsewhere are committing atrocities openly now. They are doing so as a kind of bargaining chip against the lords much in the way Arnold and the serial killing perverts in Perth used a serial killing on a young girl in Perth to force the lords to accept their misrepresentation of the statutory reports eg accounting and budgets.
This serial killing pervert attack with Arnold from the MSC and the Perth serial killing pervert vermin consisted of the serial killing perverts stomping a young teenage girls face in with boot. It angered the President which then resulted in the SKNF vermin celebrating in that serial killing pervert vermin way.
The analog to this that these senior Church officials, priests, doctors, emergency crew etc are doing is putting the very poor, ill, blind etc out on the street to die of exposure while hiding their hand and pretending that their actions are legitimate.
Like John Keys, they look nice but are just a bunch of serial killing pervert vermin.
-The Church and other organizations have been warned that not only are we at risk of losing the war from these attacks on the poor but that they also are raising liabilities against their own organizations if they do not take every reasonable step to wrest control of their organizations from these SKNF terrorist. The SKNF say this is to threaten these owners of these assets in some kind of extortion by the lords but actually this is real world realities.
-How are the SKNF being able to do all these things if there is a list of SKNF vermin?
The answer is not clear at this time. What may be possible is that this list being provided to psyops and others have been made incomplete, damaged in some way or another or a whole host of other possibilities.
What is obvious is that this is a result of SKNF and NUT-1 infestation within FAMILY-1's defenses. Infestation that is also within their IT.
-I need 50 cents so I can wash my clothes. The SKNF are attacking me in every way including poisoning me with laxatives so that I become malnourished. They have also taken away my ability to get a long term bed in the shelter. And are threatening the psyops members here by using me in some way which I am unsure off.
-As predicted Frankie-the-Fruit's etc turd in desk attack has become standard behavior.

-Prediction that SKNF will begin showing the same behavior as Ted Bundy, John Gacey and the other serial killing perverts before they are executed is correct and increasingly so. They will do a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick while trying to commit every atrocity and right at the end will remind you how truly evil they are as they fall back on their psychotic egos.
The question is why do these serial killing perverts behave the same. The answer will lead to how we eradicate the SKNF threat for all time.

-SKNF and NUT-1 in full attack mode.
-Swarming microbots being put in 'turd of death' sauce by SKNF. Frankie-the-Fruit etc likely to throw this directly into the face of someone that for whatever psychotic reason Frankie-the-Fruit treats as his arch-nemesis. Also swarming microbots are meant to be airborne and carry pathogen to intended victim's eyes, GI tract, lungs etc.
-Code of silence being used by SKNF and NUT-1 as tool of attack, disallowing the secret service to act correctly according to the current context. Lord's people are being attacked but are made to be silent.
Also code of silence can remove good staff and people from parallel office to exclude SKNF vermin if and when lords manage to get parallel services in place. Good people can be made to leave and nobody will tell them otherwise or will be told that the reason is secret and not to tell anyone etc.
Again the code of silence is shown to be poor practice. Secret service poorly trained and seemingly incompetent when attacked in this manner. Need to chose contextually correct behavior.
-Poor also under attack. Conceivably this can lead to SKNF etc winning and hence SKNF making major effort targeting the poor.
-I am under a variety of attacks. Eg. They are trying to soil me with feces, are poisoning everything I eat so my bowels are extremely loose and have constant diarrhea, malnourished, unable to wash my clothes now for what is the 3rd week. I have asked for help but non is forthcoming.
-SKNF soiling all the street with feces to cause epidemic. Using antibiotic resistant bacterium to cause lung infections on a large scale.
-Unable to make sense of what I am observing and its implications as to what is happening.
It is obvious that the list of SKNF vermin exists and is being used.
It is obvious that both the SKNF and NUT-1 can be seen.
It is obvious that the lords have learnt how to handle the SKNF. They told their people how to as well.
It is obvious that the only way is to kill them, to remove them from Government and their assets, to control them and reduce them by advanced weapons. This will separate them from their targets of attack as well as reduce a sizeable army so that they are less effective and better yet not attacking or effective in anyway whatsoever. Also it makes the lord's organizing and planning effective and efficient instead of having the SKNF disrupt and damage it etc.
It is obvious that all the SKNF and NUT-1 are being controlled in this manner to some extent by advanced weapons which means that the list is being used and the means to do so is also being applied.
However what we see is that the SKNF are being allowed to cause chaos and evil, to damage property, to harass and do whatever they want.
We see that instead of a logical taking back of control of Government assets as well as their own, the lords are not doing what is logical and almost the opposite. Not only that but the lords are allowing the SKNF all the time they want. Time that is being used to break the encryption on the advanced weapons.
What is logical is to use to advanced weapons against the SKNF etc.
On the one hand we are being saved, on the other hand they appear to have the SKNF being allowed to cause all the damage they want, damage that includes attacking the people protecting themselves.
Obviously the lords cannot be the SKNF or they would not have taken things to where it is now. A lot of mixed messages and no answers from where I am.
-President's last State of the Union address to Congress. Most of Congress has been sacked for being SKNF. Behind the 1 hour speech the President basically said that the SKNF will be eradicated worldwide and that things will be made straight to ensure that the SKNF never rise again.
SKNF again laced the speech with serial killing pervert nonsense.
Not sure if the first lady Michelle Obama was there to watch the speech because we saw somebody who is definitely not the First Lady on television.
SKNF tried a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick using the sample for capital punishment using electric chair etc as foundation.
-Frankie-the-Fruit etc has mini-mines hopping in their limited but persistent way towards Serial Killer's and Screeching-Mad-Wife's etc homes. They will subsequently be used to pressure Serial Killer and Screeching-Mad-Wife as well as other SKNF-NZ Nut-Lords into giving up their properties. I calculate that the mini-mines will be there in 2-24 days starting about 2 days ago.
-Hilariously Frankie-the-Fruit's mad overuse of his very expensive pain relievers has caused him significant liver pain which causes him to use even more of these very expensive pain relievers.
-Auckland Police building psyops department appears to smell like feces due to the large scale spreading and shitting everywhere by Frankie-the-Fruit's psyops team. The smell has gone exponential compared to when they were only crapping on their office chairs.
Turd of death being mass produced by SKNF. Frankie-the-Fruit etc also mass producing turd of death.

-SKNF and NUT-1 in full attack mode and not holding back so that they can reap the rewards of their evil afterwards.
Lord's people all over the place are asking for immediate assistance from the lords. Media and entertainment people (eg Big Bang Theory actors, Tracy Chapman, Snoop Doggy Dogg etc) are especially under threat and asking for immediate assistance.
Remains of child victim in Perth
Remains of child victim in Perth
(19th January, 2016 - This is the remains of a young teen caucasian male, possibly dark brown hair, approximately 11-14 when he suffered atrocity. Victim appears to be wearing pyjamas. Therefore the atrocity appears to likely have happened at night. The SKNF appears to have broken his left arm at the neck near the joint, wrapped him in fence wire and then buried him in the ground with his head exposed. He died over weeks in this manner in extreme pain and of starvation. His parents etc also suffered atrocity. Total evil. The SKNF are serial killing pervert vermin).

-SKNF and NUT-1 in full attack mode and not holding back so that they can reap the rewards of their evil afterwards.
I am observing them doing brinksmanship attacks to try and overwhelm the lord's defenses.
I am observing them using large telepathic induction to cause people to lower their defensive precautions.
I am observing them using 'family' like teams to try and pick up families.
I am observing a large number of disguised mines being planted everywhere.
I am observing them testing the encryption protecting electronics in a massive brute force way.
I am observing them trying to leverage their office and uniforms (eg Police, justice officials, politicians, prison officials, secret service, SKNF-diplonut etc) so that we lower our precautions, feel sorry for them, are threatened by incarceration and attacks using Government machinery like prisons, mental hospitals etc etc etc.
I am observing the SKNF threatening prisoners and ex-prisoners, those at risk of incarceration, the poor etc with violence by uniformed (eg Police, military etc) serial killing pervert vermin if they do not riot, kill, cause chaos etc etc.
I have observed the SKNF infect a whole lot of animals with hydatids and then mince them and feed them to humans (the poor at St. Anthony's, probably other places).
We are currently waiting for the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin to be killed by advance weapons. The SKNF have been warned many times by all the lord's representatives. We will know the lord's will by this singular action.
-El Nino and world drought eg California, Africa, NZ, Australia etc etc is/was caused by the SKNF etc. This to impoverish the world, steal property and cause evil.
-Frankie-the-Fruit etc is as dumb as a post. An example of this is how he has his team herding the mini-mines electronically like cattle yet the mines have gone almost nowhere and in fact many of them have gone backwards. It is conservatively put that a mini-mine, which travels as fast as a man running, should be able to do at least 80km per day. This equates to at least 400km in the last 5 days. Another example of us being fortunate to be saved by a most unlikely incompetence.
This also explains Frankie-the-Fruit's, Serial Killer's and Screeching-Mad-Wife's increasing and exponential psychotic 'anti-Mike' behavior as I started to do well in Malaysia even though they were making all kinds of actions and derogatory accusations against me.
It seems that they are overwhelmed with jealousy when someone does better then themselves. In fact Frankie-the-Fruit's indicated that not only did he do poorly at school but he was a threat to the educators and students and basically bullied his way through. I suspect that the educators knew that the threat was a serial killing as well.
Frankie-the-Fruit's psychotic jealousy towards better balanced people appears to be replicated by almost all, if not all, of the SKNF etc. I observed this with SKNF-Singapore's continuous and jeering attacks on Lee Kuan Yew and the general SKNF's attacks on successful people.
This speaks of psychotic psychological development.
-As predicted SKNF are exhibiting 'Ted Bundy before he was executed' like behavior with increasing frequency. This is an oscillation between the Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick, the 'most fearsome serial killing pervert vermin evil if you don't obey threat' and the boasting of how evil they are.

-We continue to wait for the Lord's will to be seen ie the killing off of the human component of the SKNF threat.
-Appears to be a war in Heaven!
I am observing a battle in the highest technology and science part of lord's defences. SKNF and NUT-1 starting to expose and use their back-doors as well as their other technology hacks.
Full out attacks continuing to happen in every way.
I observed in SF the SKNF, both uniformed and otherwise (paramilitary, SKNF-diplonut, protestors etc) causing as much chaos by causing traffic jams on the bridges. Doing brinksmanship attacks to overwhelm lord's defenses while they attempt to hold people stuck in traffic jam hostage, kill them and commit atrocities as they are stuck in their vehicles etc.
I observed Lord's and their people being attacked telepathically in everyway. Attacks on their children to endanger their lives, sleep deprivation, etc etc. Sometimes using Frankie-the-Fruit as a screen to hide their activities.
I am observing a continuum of lies and bullshit as well as telepathic induction supporting every lie and bullshit and to cause populace to lower their guard.
-As predicted Frankie-the-Fruit has tried to kill his grandparents on his father's side by visiting them and leaving a poison disguised as something they usually take and have in the house, the trick being that they ingest this poison accidentally later. His grandfather told him to leave before he could do this act of evil. Frankie-the-Fruit then broke one of the windows - appears to be a window that has some french doors or slatted wooden fixture behind it. It could be that he did this partly in anger but also so that a mini-mine can leap into the house and asphyxiate his grandparents with poison gas.
Expect more of these attacks from the crazy ones and their fathers etc.
-Most likely Frankie-the-Fruit has finally managed to get the mini-mines traveling to Serial Killer's and Screeching-Mad-Wife's home as well as other SKNF-NZ Nut-Lords minefield imprison homes.
-US based SKNF-diplonuts and other SKNF acting like those in Australia and preventing help from arriving at USA based places that have suffered like Perth.

-Many people have the list of SKNF serial killing pervert vermin. Numbers increasing.
-There are back-doors in every component of software and probably also hardware. This needs to be fixed to prevent the rise of the SKNF again.
SKNF etc contaminant insisting resolving this is the way forward to solve the first stage of the SKNF threat. This is not the way forward because for every back-door closed, another unlimited number can be reinserted and the problem made worse. The solution is to solve the problem at the source ie cutting the inflow of problems into problem mountain and then working on the mountain of problems afterwards. The solution therefore is again to kill the SKNF vermin.
-SKNF playing 'serial killing pervert vermin in your face while pretending to be nice so that you look bad accusing them of being a serial killing pervert vermin and lower your precautions trick'. Take all precautions, slam door in their face if have to, give your power to what is good.
-Lords trying to send help to those places within USA that have suffered atrocity like Perth and have also suffered SKNF preventing help from reaching them. SKNF at all levels acting like SKNF-Australia with regards to Perth and are maximizing the evil these victims of atrocity are suffering and have suffered. More crimes against humanity. More evil.

-SKNF have been using mammograms to irradiate women and give them cancer. From experience the fact that they are irradiating a 'naughty thing' is what makes the SKNF tick.
-SKNF serial killing pervert vermin parasites are attacking businesses and other organizations.
For instance they are trying to bankrupt these businesses and organizations by having them spend money unnecessarily. The SKNF are doing this by breaking assets, furniture, fittings, plant etc and then having it costed to R&M. They are also making unnecessary and false purchases and attacking in every other way imaginable.
Businesses and organizations need to alert all staff and make everyone vigilant and responsible, they need to take control of money and slow down transactions even if it means going back to using the cheque book only, stop the rot at the source by throwing out these vermin, get access to the list etc etc and do everything they can to prevent the SKNF. They also must reduce lost and liability.
There will be no free handouts as the SKNF will leave a legacy of evil that far outweighs any compensating assets the SKNF may leave behind.
We must pull together as one.
-I probably overestimated our chances of avoiding the end of the world if only the lords were to contribute their will. I think it is closer to 5%-10% only if we do not all pull together. Lords etc will be well tied up in highest priority things eg security etc.
-Most industry and other non-personal associations are heavily SKNF contaminated. It has been suggested that family associations eg McGregors, Lee, Clayton etc be used as organisation centers to relaunch Government organization bodies. These associations will likely also be contaminated but less so and easily managed.
Throw every good thing at the SKNF threat and we will win.
-Again the only sign we are waiting for that the lord's will is being executed is the death of the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin. All other signs indicate that the lord's are in battle with the SKNF and NUT-1.
-Lesson of the Nutcake: Love your family property
"How are you going to handle that?! How are you going to handle that!?!"
::Frankie-the-Fruit excitedly threatening his grandparents on his father's side and probably his mother and her parents after being brought to a frenzy by a successful attack on the SKNF-NZ Nut-Lords using mini-mines and predeveloped smart software for these mines.

-Good people will be called up by lords for war service against the SKNF threat.
-SKNF and NUT-1 using a type of brute force approach to finding victims for atrocity around the world. This consists of the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin using all their tricks and induction tactics and then the SKNF psyops searching for people that have fallen for these tricks so that they can exploit the weakness and perform atrocity on them.
-The security services using the swarming microbots have mapped out most of populace's bodies. The SKNF and NUT-1 are now attacking the populace with these swarming microbots. The attacks are all types of disease, from cancer to heart failure to hemorrhoids.
-Bad sign observed last night. The SKNF and NUT-1 contamination within FAMILY-1's defenses are allowing the SKNF to target attacks on the poor, prisoners, the weakest members of our society etc. This means that there is a high risk that these poor will support the SKNF and that the lords will lose telepathic superiority.
-The lords are protecting us while they are allowing the SKNF to run riot. Mixed messages being observed at the moment.
-Help is not being sent to towns in the USA that have suffered atrocity and evil like Perth has. SKNF and NUT-1 maximizing the evil they are committing.
-Likely that other SKNF-NZ other then SKNF-NZ Nut-Lords will come under attack by Frankie-the-Fruit etc who is acting as agent to NUT-1 in taking over SKNF-NZ property.

-Every evidence that the SKNF and NUT-1 share the same mentality and behavior as Frankie-the-Fruit.
Frankie-the-Fruit and his subordinates became so excited at their attack on the SKNF-NZ Nut-Lords that they all started threatening the other SKNF as well as everybody else. In order to enjoy their attack they consumed huge amounts of cocaine. Reported that there was an upswing in subsequent masturbating afterwards.
Frankie-the-Fruit etc then tried to elicit the rest of the SKNF to enjoy the festivities as they normally do, this they exhibit by clever witticisms and quips. However the SKNF did not participate. This led to Frankie-the-Fruit etc trying to attract even more attention to their cleverness.
What did come out of this is that Frankie-the-Fruit's subordinates are no different to himself.
Frankie-the-Fruit etc were asked to remove the mini-mines they had scattered around the other SKNF-NZ and probably other peoples homes. They have refused. The SKNF-NZ are now on alert that they are next on Frankie-the-Fruit's attack list.
It is likely that Frankie-the-Fruit's relatives are also thinking the same.

-SKNF attempt to cause atrocities by causing traffic jams to occur on highways in areas where people will be stressed and killed by weather conditions. For instance: being caught in traffic during blizzards and snow storms so that they die from exposure - see CNN internet broadcast for blizzard 2016 on 23rd January 2016.
Note the CNN broadcast lie that people had died and that the SKNF were successful. This is a SKNF lie.
The lords gave the SKNF serial killing perverts in Police uniforms warning which was unheeded. The Police based serial killing perverts were then killed by advanced weapons. Members of the public were then asked to remove the things blocking the roadway and the traffic began to flow again.
SKNF reacting badly this morning started throwing their weight around trying to terrorize everyone with incarceration.
I have warned everyone to carry water and food in their vehicles in case of further SKNF attempts.
-SKNF using young teenaged serial killing pervert vermin females (and males) to attract young teens using the promise of sex etc but with the SKNF's real intention of committing atrocity and murder on these unsuspecting targets. They will use poisoned lipstick and a variety of other ways.
I have warned the populace but the populace will need to get together with their families etc, take all precautions and give their telepathic power to the good.
-It is possible that Frankie-the-Fruit and his father have started attacking Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents with mini-mines to get their properties. Unsure at the moment.

-SKNF attacks on the wealthy are every way that will cause atrocity and impoverishing them. The wealthy must learn from their mistakes and put in every good thing as defense against these attacks.
Example of these attacks includes
:Causing lightning strikes during school sports training at Alice Smith school and thus killing some of her students. This then causes the school to lose students deprecating the investment as well as causing atrocity.
:Having Lotus build sub-standard vehicles that are unsaleable and Proton cars do the same by collusive corruption, parasitism and being just a bunch of serial killing perverts.
:Attacking the families such as the Chin family, Lee family and every other family wealth by causing atrocity on its family members, impoverishing them and having the family members attack their own families. All this done by telepathic induction techniques, by intentional and long term redirecting of these family members, by every evil means. The families must learn from their mistakes and put in every good thing as defense against these attacks.
-SKNF still reverberating from their recent failure and destruction. As a result the SKNF
:have increased their threats and attacks on the poor.
:are also increasing their brinksmanship attacks
:Wholesale SKNF propaganda and lies in all the media especially those lies like blaming the SKNF threat on Muslims etc.
-Lesson of the Nutcake: Evil begats evil and tends to self destruction
NUT-1 is being increasingly threatened by its SKNF subordinates and supporters (see SKNF-NZ Nut-Lords for possible analogous outcome).
It is also possible that the recent death of the SKNF vermin is a NUT-1 elaborate trick to hide its complicity in the SKNF threat.

-Good news. SKNF actions indicate that NUT-1 and SKNF under real stress of failure. Looks like we are winning.
The SKNF have again been warned to surrender. They have however chosen to commit atrocities and even more evil.
-Businesses and populace in general have again been warned that they risk incurring liabilities if they assist the SKNF in anyway. That they have a responsibility to do everything to not help the SKNF.
Possible victim of atrocity by hanging in front of parents in Kaiser Permanente ad
Possible victim of atrocity: Hanged from second floor of own home in front of parents forced to watch in Perth
A possible victim of atrocity in Perth. The version of the Kaiser Permanente advertisement I saw had this girl or someone of similar size and age having a noose put around her neck while on the second floor of her home in Perth. Her parents were seated on a sofa that faced towards the stair case and second floor. The SKNF serial killing perverts then threw this victim off the second floor in front of her horrified parents who could only on sit and watch the horror and evil being perpetrated in front of them to their beloved ones.
The SKNF include these video shorts into many of the advertisements because they are pleasured by the horrors and the thought of their 'naughtiness'.
The SKNF especially the Fat Arsed Drug Addict with delusions of martial ability (Frankie-the-Fruit) would then project these evils to me and/or to the families of these victims as well as anybody they thought fit to view how 'fearsome' the serial killing pervert vermin are.
Another advertisement being aired in California at the moment with SKNF evil inserts is one where a ventriloquist's dummy crawls looking for the ventriloquist. The dummy is orange and fuzzy haired. The dummy faints when it finds its owner having a hair-cut, implicit is the owner having a hairdo like the dummy's before having the hair-cut. The crawling dummy is actually a baby that is crawling. The SKNF had their Police uniformed serial killing pervert vermin in Perth make the baby crawl out of a building in Perth so that they could laugh about whether a new born baby has a sense of height as described in the standard Psychology 101 text books.
Another advertisement also being aired in California at the moment is one where they show the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin opening a pregnant woman's abdomen with a very sharp knife, the amniotic fluid spilling out and the unborn baby's hand feeling around outside the wound.
Most common Perth atrocity SKNF inserts are ones of SKNF victims of atrocity being forced off tall buildings or off flying machines. There is one where there is a very young girl hanging on to the side of a building with one hand, her hand getting tired so she lets go for a moment and then tries to grab on but is too late as she has fallen about a meter. There are a bunch were they have children crossing the wooden plank bridges between two buildings, many of the children crying in fear. One where a child is forced to stand on a helicopter landing strut and presumably falling off, the helicopter so high above the ground that all we see is mostly sky and white clouds below her.
Will add them to my report notes when I find the advertisements.
-Woke up early morning yesterday to find SKNF serial killing perverts vermin MSC staff variety loudly threatening me with incarceration by serial killing perverts that are using SF emergency vehicles and assets and are posing as emergency crew even though they have been sacked from positions. Other serial killing perverts posing as homeless in MSC also supporting SKNF threats.

-SKNF serial killing pervert vermin may have suffered more then one defeat where they have been killed by advanced weapons. Some of these defeats may have occurred in Russia. SKNF reverberating over and over again as if something has happened but trying to contain their emotions. It appears that they were all involved in one way or another - especially telepathically.
-People not in the SKNF but who have not taken all steps to prevent themselves helping the SKNF not only have incurred costs and hence liability but are also at risk of the SKNF committing atrocity on them.
An example of this is Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents' on his father side lawyers. They may or may not be SKNF. Frankie-the-Fruit is attacking them with telepathically induced mad head swinging and threats of atrocity. This will lead to the SKNF realizing that this is an area of weakness which can be exploited to commit atrocities.
The populace has been warned telepathically of this possibility and the fact that costs and liability will be incurred.
In regards to Frankie-the-Fruit, the telepathic attack on his grandparent's lawyers are condoned by his father in an Estranged-Dad-Trick to get hold of his grandparent's property. His grandparent's have taken Frankie-the-Fruit out of the list of those that will inherit the estate on their death. Frankie-the-Fruit has already exploded a number of bombs on their estate to stress them and threaten them.
-I have a request on behalf of Education that I hope the lords consider and support. I request that the sample to experience execution by electric chair, gas chamber and hanging be also biased towards the serial killing perverts that have purposely put themselves close to our children in orphanages, schools, by borrowing children etc in order to commit atrocity on them. The reason this request be supported is as a deterrent against serial killing perverts selecting our children as preferred targets for their evil.
Under 1 year old baby in Perth made to crawl off building by serial killing perverts who find it humorous to test height reflex
SKNF serial killing perverts using real atrocity of a crawling baby made to crawl of a building in Perth in a television commercial
This is the televised commercial with the atrocity performed on a crawling baby that is made to crawl off a building in Perth so that the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin could ostensibly test whether the psychology 101 height reflex is real. Clip obtained from here If you look closely you can actually see the serial killing pervert vermin in Police armored uniforms and boots standing around this victim. The child's parents were forced to watch this atrocity.

-SKNF are playing dead while trying to commit every atrocity and evil that they can. Their favorite trick I have observed at this moment is the 'I am under duress that why I am trying to commit an atrocity on you but actually I am a serial killing pervert vermin trick'.
Don't fall for this one. Everybody knows the truth. They have been given orders not to help the SKNF etc. Only the SKNF are trying to commit atrocities and evil.
-The secret service are showing weakness after weakness and a propensity towards evil and the SKNF. They do not seem to have any defensive capabilities against this propensity. Some observed instances
:One group will perform an evil and another will do a minimal amount of work that either does not eradicate this evil or if it does it has only a marginal effect. The result of this is that it leaves an opportunity for corrupt collusion and with the incentive derived from parasitic behavior.
:There appears to be no check for staff sanity at all. The only criteria to join the secret service formally (which is actually the only way otherwise you are a slave) is that you are wealthy.
:There are no exercises, standard procedures or defenses against infiltration by evil or SKNF terrorists.
:They have a code of secrecy that is used robotically without regard to context. This robotic behavior has been shown time and time again that it is used as a weakness and point of attack with the lost of lives by atrocity. The lives lost include those within and without the secret service, and those the secret service are to protect.
:The secret service seems to have a culture of allowing evil as they consider it a necessary part of life and reality. This psychosis is also another attack point that is being used and is frequently used by evil to undermine security and almost bring about world destruction. This culture is seen in the psychotic nudge nudge wink wink attitude of almost all the secret service.
:Psychosis in the secret service has led to it thinking that its job is not security but in all appearance to be one that parasitizes society.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: Loving your family is the first fundamental of existence without which is self destructive
SKNF mindset and will increasingly turning towards holding NUT-1 hostage and threatened with atrocity using NUT-1's subordinates who are also SKNF.
The SKNF's given reasoning is that they want to cause more evil to the lords by giving away their science and technology. The SKNF way of causing this damage is getting hold of the science and technology available to NUT-1 for this purpose. The SKNF's purported reasoning is also that since FAMILY-1 is protecting NUT-1 then they must hold NUT-1 valuable, leveraging this being reason to hold NUT-1 hostage.
The real reason is actually that the SKNF and NUT-1 are under pressure and about to lose to Family/Lords. The resulting effect is that the psychosis that describes the SKNF mind is being pressured and is 'peeking out' from the cracks in the SKNF's (in)sanity.
The indicators are recent open communication between the SKNF to hold NUT-1 hostage. Also Frankie-the-Fruit's recent episode of mad head swinging attacks on NUT-1 after NUT-1 did not attack and kill Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents, and probably his mother as well, so that Frankie-the-Fruit can inherit their wealth and supposedly share this wealth with NUT-1 in the form of allowing them to develop the properties.
What all this indicates is that there has been communications between the SKNF in exclusion of NUT-1 and without NUT-1's knowledge and the SKNF have agreed within themselves to hold NUT-1 hostage, a realization of what was always predicted and planned to happen to NUT-1 in the SKNF conspiracy and threat.
-SKNF in full attack mode. They are given leeway to each in group and individually use all their powers and capabilities and plan and implement group and singular attacks. For instance, whereas once NUT-1 was protected from prying eyes, they are now totally visible to the SKNF regardless of social status.

-SKNF tell that the majority of the SKNF which includes direct subordinates of NUT-1 have taken over NUT-1's authority and command but have done so quietly and without direct attack on NUT-1.
This was said in the usual SKNF double-speak duplicitous manner in the 'I am your friend while I trying to serial kill you' way.
It is expected that NUT-1 will play along as it will not want to test its loss and the fact that its family whom its been trying to kill by atrocity had predicted. NUT-1's psychosis will not want to let it know the truth of its psychotic and self destructive behavior.
The SKNF said this by hiding the fact within a verbal warning to Frankie-the-Fruit about attacking NUT-1. A trick similar to the Estranged-Dad-Trick where nothing is done about the attack.
The SKNF usually have multiple intents, all or some may be applied contingent on context. There are probably other intents hidden in this message to Frankie-the-Fruit.
It is probable that the software defensive measures protecting NUT-1 has been disabled by the SKNF as well.
-Imagine that you are the epitome of every bully boy written about, from Biff to Nelson Muntz. You bullied your way through school by throwing tizzy fits and having your father threaten your head masters and teachers. You did the same in University by threatening your lecturers with murder. You're thick as a plank and dumb as a post. You secured your job because you were hired by someone that is wealthy and is also the same. You gained seniority without work or ability. You sit in a computer room where in that time you have mastered self masturbating, trying to murder everyone including your colleagues, snorting coke and because, you got none at home, attention seeking. Because of your seniority and your perceived wealth you have come to believe that you are not only a master of combat and everything martial but also a genius. Instead you are just a far arsed drug addict who has man-boobs. Every once in a while you let off with a bi-word polysyllabic. This is what a conversation with your colleagues may be like after you have sunk their fleet....
"Laparoscopic integumentation...."


"Laparoscopic integumentation...."

(more silence but lots of eye rolling - oh no not another polysyllabic bi-word)

Voice 1:
"Laser contralto"
(repeating another FF biword polysyllabic with thoughts of laser beams filling a floor like dance lights)


(In exasperation that no one notices how awesomely clever he is)
"I mean lie! I mean lie!"

"Laparoscopic integumentation. If I had thought of that I would be wanking all the time too"

(a pause)

Voice4: "A lot..."
-Serena Williams again pays for not wanting to 'slut' for the SKNF and is made to lose Australian Open tennis match by SKNF manipulation of ball by using swarming microbots. SKNF also expected to use their closeness to sports athletes to commit atrocity on them.

-Frankie-the-Fruit's mad head swinging has evolved to a mad whole body including head swinging action that is more violent that just head swinging. I suspect that Frankie-the-Fruit and his father now plan to use this attack on myself and Frankie-the-Fruit's other subjects of attack and the consequent reflection as excuse when and if they kill Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents on both his father's and mother's sides and/or his mother by car accident during one of these attack episodes.
-I have again requested that the lords bias the sample heavily towards those that have been attacking Education. This bias to be almost assured for those at the very top of the education tree as well (eg Minister of Education, Administration Head for Education etc) - this because of their direct complicity in the large number of atrocities perpetuated on our loved ones and the weakest in society. This also because Education needs to lay a bottom line to those that are serial killing pervert vermin.
-I am told and it may be that a large group of SKNF serial killing pervert vermin in military uniform with military tanks etc have been destroyed by advanced weapons. This may have happened 2 days ago. It may have happened in Syria, Libya???

-I had someone using me as a voice box to say that we should use the laser system as deterrent against the SKNF as they are willing to die by the advanced gravity weapons as it causes no pain. This itself indicating that all the SKNF are involved in telepathic support and attack on the populace.
It is probable that this is an indicator of what is being said within the lords ie the lords want to deter the SKNF from committing evil.
It is probable that the SKNF are trying to use the populace, the VIP's unaware of the real situation, to pressure the lords into using a corrupted defense system.
It is probable that the SKNF want to use the laser system instead of the gravity weapon as deterrent (the gravity weapons can also cause immense pain) because they may see a possibility of taking control of the laser system and destroying the Earth that way.
If this turns out to be true then it implies that the production, R&D and manufacturing of these weapons and technology are heavily infested with the SKNF vermin and that there is a subtantial risk in allowing use of these weapons and probably every other weapon not the gravity weapons.
What it also may mean is that the lords had selected to manufacture and use only the gravity weapons as their defense because it was not only efficient and could do everything every other weapon can but it also because this is all they could do in the time they had.
Once again this proves how fortunate we are not to have suffered atrocity and the lost of Earth.
The SKNF are doing a massive all out attack which includes massive telepathic induction to cause anyone and everyone to lower their precautions and thus become victim to atrocity, whether the subject(s) of attack are few in number or many. This attack also includes sleep deprivation attacks.
The SKNF are continuing to not surrender, are not remorseful, show no contrition and are just trying to commit evil.
-SKNF have access and are using NUT-1 level security to access the electronic, weapons and defensive systems across the world. NUT-1 appears to be almost a hostage at this moment. Their role has been made subservient to their SKNF subordinates.
-Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons anus to nose fingering has proven that they are carriers for variants of the flesh eating 'turd of death' bacteria.
One of the Idiot-Sons has had the inside of his nose stripped away and the infection heading down his throat after snorting cocaine as well as sniffing his anus.
He has managed to control the infection with antibiotics which indicates that some or all of this bacterial infection is the flesh eating variety that is not yet fully antibiotic resistant.
This means that the staff that are working within Auckland Region Police psyops and probably other staff have to take all health and safety precautions as the Idiot-Sons have been spraying their 'turd of death' fluids and leaving their turds all over the building.
The bacteria is likely within the ventilation system already. It is totally toxic to health.
SKNF threat and humor revealing 'floated' picture of blonde female child whose brain was removed in front of parents in Perth
SKNF serial killing pervert vermin threat and humor revealing 'floated' picture of blonde female child whose brain was removed in front of parents in Perth after watching happy child on Lyrica advertisement
This is a floated image of what the blonde child looked like after she had her brain removed by a SKNF serial killing pervert removing the top of her cranium then sticking his gloved hand in her skull and ripping the brain out, all this performed in front of her grieving parents.
My note on 05/09/2015 and addendum on 09/09/2015 repeated here: Lyrica advert here:
(9 September 2015, MC - I am also reminded of a television advert [8 September 2015, MC - Lyrica advert) that appears once in a while where a man in his late 50's has a young blonde child who hits a toy baseball with a toy baseball bat, runs the three bases then goes up to him and gives him a big hug. He is obviously her father. They then walk towards a house, she skipping happily. The girl is approximately 5-7 years old. This love between a child and her parents tripped the SKNF's psychotic mentality. They then chose a blonde girl of approximately the same age in Perth, her father a tall man with dark, possibly black and possibly wavy hair, her mother a blonde woman. I saw a video capture of her skipping along with her father, holding her father's right hand in her left, while her mother walked slightly ahead of them. The SKNF later went to their home, used a jigsaw to remove the top part of this child's skull, one of them then stuck his hand into her skull and yanked out the whole brain. The whole SKNF, especially those in psyops, all like Jowl Face and Frankie-the-Fruit, then started laughing when her mother started grieving. They especially laughed when she cried "I love her!" in her grief).
-SKNF infestation within large businesses draining business money by making unnecessary television and other advertisements. They are also using this opportunity to get close to their subjects of intended atrocity, usually actors, with the excuse of providing advertising work.
Actors! you are in danger of atrocity! Take all precautions.
-The lord's good people have been murdered in numbers by the SKNF as well as have suffered considerable evil and atrocity. We must be serious in what we are to do and make and put every defense against the SKNF in place into all eternity.
Lim Goh Tong of Genting Berhad was murdered by the SKNF using the swarming microbots.

-It is probable that the Idiot-Son who has come down with influenza like symptoms from the 'turd of death' bacterial pathogen actually contracted it from a swarming microbot attack that had lifted some of this pathogen and had inserted itself into either his mouth and/or throat and/or nose.
The reason for this is probably a communication between the SKNF and Frankie-the-Fruit etc giving him AI, motion and other control of these swarming microbots as well as showing him some of its uses. The other parts of the SKNF using this attack on itself as subterfuge to hide its friendly intent and communication.
Frankie-the-Fruit is now probably going to use these 'turd of death' bacteria carrying swarming microbots delivered in mini-mines to infect his mother and his grandparents on both sides with the complicity of his father and all their subordinates.
Frankie-the-Fruit has got his psyops team to transmit the 'flu like symptoms to me to be reflected onto his grandparents and mother etc (if they are in the SKNF) as well as transmitting the 'flu like symptoms directly. The intention is to cover a real 'turd of death' pathogen bacterial infection so that the subjects of the attacks do not get medical help until it is (hopefully to Frankie-the-Fruit and his father) too late.
Frankie-the-Fruit and the Idiot-Sons as well as the rest of the SKNF will also attack everybody in this way and have (unsuccessfully) already done so using the swarming microbots other capabilities. In Frankie-the-Fruit's etc case they will also likely attack the SKNF and will probably be successful, Frankie-the-Fruit having a 100% history of doing so.

-Frankie-the-Fruit etc have sprayed Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents (likely both sides) and (also likely) mother's car with 'turd of death' super-antibiotic resistant bacteria pathogen using mini-mines as long distance delivery and swarming microbots as short distance delivery vectors. They electronically wound down their car windows and had the mini-mines hop into the car that way before winding up the windows again and hiding the mines within the car. It is probable that there are other mines within the car with other modes of attack.
It is also probable that Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents and mother have already had these swarming microbots vectors inserted into their respiratory system.
Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and grandparents have not shown any symptoms of being infected. It is likely that the swarming microbots have been disinfected using advanced weaponry.
Since the lords have shown that they will not protect the SKNF from SKNF attack and it is very probable that one or more of Frankie-the-Fruit's relatives, who him and his father as well as subordinates and colleagues are trying to kill, are SKNF then this implies that there is still SKNF infection within FAMILY-1's defenses.
-The orders for quite some time now is for FAMILY-1's defenses to sting and destroy the SKNF if they are damaging assets and asset value as well as trying to commit atrocities on humanity.
These orders are being disobeyed and the SKNF allowed to cause all kinds of damage.
This again speaks of SKNF contamination within FAMILY-1's defenses.
Many business owners and organization heads have acted responsibly and have attacked this problem using alternate means knowing about this SKNF contamination within FAMILY-1's defenses. They have been successful.
The fact that other organizations are pretending that they have no other means of eliminating the damage that the SKNF are performing to those organizations apart from advanced weapons attack indicates widespread and deep SKNF infestation within those organizations. The SKNF infestation are using every lie especially the lie of incompetence, a standard SKNF trick, as excuse hiding their attack.
-The SKNF are also doing everything, especially telepathic induction, to fool the lords into believing that the SKNF have not infested FAMILY-1's defenses. This telepathic attack is being supported and brought about by the whole SKNF, from poor to rich.

-SKNF using the space based heating technology to cause high temperatures during winter in California. Their excuse is that it is for the Super Bowl but they are actually trying to destroy the world's climatic system. Temperatures in SF today feel greater then 70 degrees Fahrenheit at about 1300pm.

-The SKNF are using the space based technologies to try and melt the polar ice caps as well as other land based frozen water reserves (snow caps on mountains etc) to cause global flooding as well as melting the snow on mountains near ski-fields to cause avalanches.
People have been warned of this. Ski-field operators have also been told to take responsibility.
SKNF threat and humor revealing 'floated' picture of female child who was forced to slide down a external sloping window face of a tall building
SKNF serial killing pervert vermin threat and humor revealing 'floated' picture of female child who was forced to slide down a external sloping window face of a tall building. Floated picture within GoPro ad for Super Bowl 2016

-The_Secret_Service_Scam: This is a result of the current state of affairs and context regarding the security services and especially the secret service.
The secret service is given every authority regardless of law with the reasoning that it is performing defense and security. In fact what this has resulted in is the accumulation of serial killing perverts into a group that is seen to have super powers. The lords good people, including the lord are murdered, suffer atrocity and excluded thus causing the problem to worsen.
The secret service is currently seen as an easy way to get rich, as a kind of sexy job with lots of travel and super ordinary powers over every mortal.
The result is gross parasitization of the world and the lord, atrocity, the impoverishing of the world, enslavement, all evil. The net result is the loss of the planet and all to suffer atrocity before hand. It is a systematic, persistent and becomes endemic and if not righted and fixed the problem will recur regardless.
Some outcomes of this current systematic psychosis in the way we do things in security are
:Mass enslavement and a standing army of evil against the good and rightful authority as well as the lords. The trick here is where everybody is offered a place within the secret service, if one is good why not all. When you join you then are forced into the 'code of silence' or as I call it the 'code of stupidity'. You are expected then to believe that you fall outside the law and every action by the secret service supports this, even that of serial killing. You are now a ready victim for a serial killing and you have to expect it as it is part of the code of stupidity.
If you choose not to join the secret service then the serial killing perverts in the secret service will force you to. And since they can call this defense they are then allowed to perform their atrocities on you via incarceration and other atrocities.
:If you join the secret service without skills, something the secret service tries to make you do, then later you will stop be being paid. This to enslave you.
:The system now results in the breakdown of law and order as there is now no need for law as everybody is outside the law because of the lie that it is for 'defense'. In reality the effect is to cause and attack on the very people and structures that it is meant to be defending.
:There is no security going on in there but empire building as each and every opportunity to parasitize and impoverish is taken in the supposed cause of self-enrichment - but only if you are insane.
:They seem to only insert themselves between the wealthy and everybody else, a crawling and sucking up which the rich have also been suckered into.
:There is no check on the sanity of the people entering the secret service eg Serial Killer, Nut_Lord01, Frankie-the-Fruit, Strutter Nutter, Jowl Face, NUT-1 and the SKNF.
:We have to learn from our mistakes!
SKNF threat and humor revealing 'floated' picture of female child who was forced climb out onto a helicopter landing strut and hang on until she lost her grip and fell to the Earth
SKNF serial killing pervert vermin threat and humor SKNF threat and humor revealing 'floated' picture of female child who was forced climb out onto a helicopter landing strut and hang on until she lost her grip and fell to the Earth
The Ford Fusion advertisement I see is less hidden in what the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin find funny and what they are laughing at. This Ford Fusion advertisement actually has a floated image of a child being forced out onto a helicopter strut and is forced to cling to something with her hands only, she loses her grip eventually and falls to the Earth. What do you think these victims feel?
(February 16, 2016: The thing this victim of SKNF atrocity was holding was the chains of a swing the serial killing pervert vermin made her climb into and have her hang outside of a helicopter that was at high altitude)

-SKNF etc attacks including attacking Presidential primary results. The Electors have already chosen Hilary Clinton to lead the USA forward with one part of her instructions to lead the world away from atrocity and annihilation and to straighten things up. Last nights Presidential primaries for the democrats however were rigged to show Bernie Sanders had won, all the SKNF propaganda supported by the SKNF contaminated media. The Electors had already been told that the SKNF had planned for this to happen even before this, I recall this being mentioned in 2013-2014 and a few times in 2015 and early 2016.
-It appears that the lords are doing what is logical and are reconstituting their defenses without the SKNF. However the SKNF at every other level have now begun to attack the lords in every way they can. If they can't attack at the top level then the SKNF have decided to overwhelm the decision makers in the lords from the bottom.
This is exemplified by how the SKNF are draining businesses of their assets and resources, that banks are shelling out money even though they have been ordered not to, that the people giving the orders and those appearing to follow them have been sacked from their jobs.
It may also be that the wealthy not in the SKNF have also been taking things too easy and not taking full and personal responsibility for their wealth, allowing others to perform the required actions for them. This would be a psychosis. Everybody has been reminded to take personal responsibility of their own wealth. For one thing not doing so would likely incur costs and liability. For another thing the lords need to focus on their priorities and cannot be distracted by lesser priorities. An SKNF trick is to try and overwork the good people with distractions.
-Frankie-the-Fruit etc are planning to attack the hotels where the other psyops have moved into so as to separate themselves from the dangerously unhygienic conditions that the FoM, especially the Idiot-Sons, have made the Auckland Region Police and security services buildings. They intend to do this with large amounts of defecating, feces and 'turd of death' pathogen fluid spray.
The lord's security services have been advised.
Also Frankie-the-Fruit's father reminded Frankie-the-Fruit to continue attacking everybody including his mother and grandparents yesterday - this done in the usual double-speak manner.

-We have asked people to provide telepathic support Hilary Clinton against the SKNF constant barrage of negative propaganda and telepathic attacks. We have asked Hilary to just tell us the direction that the USA will be taking ie straightening things up and to just speak honestly. We all know what is going on. We have asked the people to not allow the SKNF to attack Hilary and to not give the SKNF any quarter.

-SKNF vermin in secret service trickery to commit atrocities: Young SKNF serial killing perverts (approx 14-18, many with braces, all using the trick of trying to look cute and sorrowful) try to befriend me in park in SF. I tell them that I am not interested. They then try to sucker those in their homelands, those less experienced with SKNF vermin serial killing pervert techniques, this consisting of Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks where they parade their younger ones and their better traveled ones with the intention of being sexier to the local populace there, all the time looking for weakness to exploit. They then parade their older ones and every other one in large numbers seeking weakness by looking for the 'look' that the less experienced with the serial killing perverts would trust. I take to telling the world about these serial killing pervert trick. I go to the library and look at some Youtube videos on Cambodia. The SKNF serial killing perverts in psyops there offer the Cambodian women as prostitutes, with metaphor of showing watermelons. The SKNF mindset is the same wherever you go. One is reminded of the serial killing pervert vermin in Cambodia's activities during the 1960-1980's. No different then to now. They use the so called 'S-21 Tuol Sleng' as a money making tool where actually the lesson is that the serial killing perverts are still there. It is fortunate that they will all be killed now.
I have again requested that the sample to experience execution by electric chair, gas chamber and hanging be heavily biased towards those SKNF serial killing pervert vermin that have been hanging around schools, targeting children etc. S21 was a school. It is time we learn our lessons.
This would be a measure of how serious we are in preventing the rise of another SKNF.
-Lord's representatives confirmed that the world is at war with the SKNF a few days ago.
The context was during a monologue for everybody to take all precautions and give their telepathic power to what is good.

-SKNF contaminated media now just depositing outright lies as news. Their most common one is to use a senior and lord's representative's name in a 'lying news item' to give it credibility. eg Dr. Mahathir being part of group to oust PM Najib, President Barrack Obama supporting some SKNF attack, President Putin doing some evil in Syria etc
-SKNF serial killing pervert vermin offers me political high office because I have become known worldwide as a result of their psychotic obsession with me. Politics take heed - it should never be a place for self enrichment but for advancing the populace to greater heights.

-SKNF including Frankie-the-Fruit are now using nerve poison mini-mines, squirters etc against their targets, as well as ones containing biological pathogens. The SKNF contamination within FAMILY-1's defenses are not obeying orders and are allowing these attacks to happen without detriment to the attackers so that they can try and get encryption information to the defensive weaponry.
The defensive weaponry has rendered the poison materials within the mini-mines and squirters inert.
-Frankie-the-Fruit etc have also attacked Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and her parents with mini-mines, swarming microbot based pathogens and nerve poisons. They were saved by advanced weaponry.
Frankie-the-Fruit's mother also suffered an incident where she was almost the victim of a high speed side impact collision along a country road.
She was saved by electronic control of the attacking vehicle causing it to swerve around her car and her car braking before the collision could occur. The attack happened at night along a dark NZ country roads at a T-intersection, the intersection lit by a single street lamp. The attacking car did not have its lights on and Frankie-the-Fruit's mother was induced telepathically to not see the approaching vehicle.
The driver of the attacking vehicle is one of Frankie-the-Fruit's father's subordinates and was following Frankie-the-Fruit's father's orders.
The telepathic attack was performed primarily by Frankie-the-Fruit, his team and others.
-SKNF lies and propaganda looking very much like Frankie-the-Fruit's telling his dad whenever he feel that someone is picking on him. These lies and propaganda look desperate and infantile.

-1057 SF time: I suspect Frankie-the-Fruit etc is trying to kill his grandparents on his father's side by mad head swinging as they are driving to do their weekly shopping.

-I have observed that the populace's ignorance of the secret service's capabilities has resulted in a propensity for the secret service to use
:entrapment as a way to cause mass enslavement of the population
:Intentional 'accidents' as a way to kill, maim or commit atrocity on the populace, especially the lord's good people, without incurring blame. This coupled with collusive corruption makes apportioning blame and penalties almost impossible and has resulted in the rise of the SKNF and their concomitant evil and threat. An example is how they have been running over pedestrians, motorcyclist and T-boning vehicles then blaming the accident on the driver (who may or may not be involved) or any body else but not apportioning blame or penalty to where it is due.
:Rewriting legal instruments and documents for their own enrichment
What is needed is every good means to combat this and to ensure that the secret service is guided away from the incentive of using this opportunity. One of the defenses against this is formalizing how each and everyone of us investigate a situation, the formalisation to include verification on whether a SKNF type element was involved in anyway. Another is a knowledgeable populace.
-Answer to SKNF question "What is Fruitcake's beef?" - Fruitcake masturbating and madly swinging his head around.
It is because he is attention seeking as he did not get attention from his father and mother as he was growing up and instead was teased mercilessly etc. The frequent and uncontrollable masturbating is because he is positively rewarded for this behavior in terms of the high when he ejaculates and the cocaine that he takes multiplying this effect as well as its addictive properties. All other things is just an excuse and camouflage to these two things. Fruitcake does only 4 things: a.Attention seeking b.Masturbating c.Snorts cocaine d.Tries to kill his colleagues - actually everybody including himself. All these things are equally performed at all times.
If you need Fruitcake to stop masturbating then you look up images of gay male sex on the internet. This will stop Fruitcake etc as Fruitcake etc cannot be seen to be masturbating while looking at homosexualy sexual activity due to the stigma of it. However they do conduct themselves in almost similar group sexual behavior but seem to give themselves the excuse that as long as they are not thinking of each other or not physically touching each other then they can carry on as they do. Hence Fruitcake gets to (camoflagely) enjoy the feeling of being sexually aroused even though he is too numb by the pain relievers he is taking by having his subordinates masturbate and he take part in the sensing and transmission of the sensation (in fact I think all his subordinates do the same thing).....answered. - the turd fiddling, spraying and generally unusual toying with feces, the nippling and fiddling, the mass wanking all the same.

-The SKNF are trying to sell the lie that they will give everyone access to the propellentless propulsion systems and technologies and the SC free energy technologies because they are actually the good guys, they were going to introduce this to the world out of the goodness of their hearts, it was the non SKNF lords etc that were the evil ones holding out, that we can go mine mars now and get rich etc etc etc.
The truth is that all of this is a jumble of SKNF lies and attempts at Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick, attempts to escape from the penalties imposed by their crimes.
In regards to the SC 'free' energy devices: It was the SKNF and NUT-1 holding it back from being utilised so that they could impoverish the world and so that no one else could use this technology because the SKNF wants to enslave the world and have a class of slaves and masters (the Nazi master race was a verbalization of this intent). It is also because the SKNF have a infantile psychosis of grasping at anything new and what they perceive valuable. They had NUT-1 make pretense that this technology was too valuable and proprietary for the world and hence was allowed to commit atrocity on anyone that knew about it or wanted to use it - the SKNF in collusive and corrupt evil agreement with this so that they could commit the same on anyone. We learnt that the reason the Three Gorges Dam is an example of which. The region needed electricity. NUT-1 and the SKNF want to impoverish the region so did not allow the use of this technology. The lords then chose an alternative technology and NUT-1 and the SKNF went with that solution so that they could impoverish the region by corruption and parasitism of resources and funding during the building and stripping people off their property assets as well as thereby enslaving the populace as they got poorer. Three Gorges is a play on meaning, the 3 gorges that the dam was built on and it also means to feed until sick.
Propellentless space technologies: The SKNF and NUT-1 were trying to sell this as a business class but which is actually a means to impoverish and enslave the populace. After World War 3 only the 'A' class people would have access to this, the 'B' class access to the free energy devices and the rest would live with methane technologies. The methane technologies is one where the vermin would pump CO2 under high pressure into water to create methane and then sell it to the market, regardless of pollutants this would create, regardless of make-work inefficiencies, regardless of needless destruction of the environment to create chemical batteries and whatever other psychotic solutions they had up their sleeves. The idea was to pump the methane to the bottom of the ocean and then pump it out again so that no one would know that the methane was being produced by machine. They would also then go off to Mars and mine it and bring back all the materials from the surface of Mars to Earth. This would have destroy Earth as it would poison the planet by changing the concentration of chemical elements. Not to mention the destruction of Earth during WW3.
Another truth of this is actually these technologies belong to the lords and have been stolen and are not for the SKNF to decide what to do with.
One final thing is that true propellentless propulsion technologies cannot be implemented and used worldwide because of the dangers that would occur. Imagine if everything in your home, from a coin to the car you drive can be turned into a missile. We need to straighten the world up, shift well away from our current state of being before we can even contemplate this shift in technologies. We have been fortunate to have avoided the end of the world in WW3 and will not be so fortunate again.
Another instance of the SKNF's environmental concerns is how they are using the space based systems to heat the atmosphere and cause global flooding, this in addition to the problems that we are probably already having with the burning of carbon based fuels. Hence El Nino, El Nina, various global droughts and currently the SKNF trying to melt the land based frozen water catchments eg Antarctica, snow fields etc etc.
The lords have said that in regards to that they will allow the economy to adjust to the new technologies that will be introduced almost immediately.
In regards to energy technologies, the technologies that power the swarming microbots and USB memory devices have been requested as this is very efficient even when compared to the SC devices.
In regards to schools also the same etc. Apparently the SKNF hid the research document and recommendation reports regarding what our schools should be doing and pushed what we see today as education. Apparently what we should be doing is somewhat like this part of my blog
The reason for allowing the economy to adjust being is that we have all been bent by the psychosis of the SKNF etc and need time to straighten out.
One of the solutions to our problems is that the lords are going to raise the quality of life so that there is no more poverty of any kind.

-Lord's good people are having a look at the SKNF hidden documents that made logical recommendations on education in contrast to the SKNF implemented psychosis.
SKNF serial killing pervert vermin within the security services and education services in response have begun performing their Ted Bundy like act of subterfuge pretending that these documents do not exist, are not credible, that the SKNF was not trying to impoverish everyone, that the knowledge within these documents are not credible, that I am the source of these recommendation documents etc etc.
These SKNF vermin within Education also in response to having been shown to be corrupt and just a bunch of serial killing perverts then had some students from a local school go to St. Anthony's with the supposed intention of discussing the reason the SKNF vermin within education hid these documents. Actually their intention was more evil and multitude as all SKNF actions are - the actions tend to have more then one way of creating evil and atrocity. They also intended to gain the trust of these students so that they could get close to them and commit atrocity on them. It was mentioned that they intend to get them involved in consuming SKNF originated narcotics which will then be poisoned. The SKNF sent a bunch of serial killing perverts then not only looked like jolly old men and women but was telepathic supported for anyone talking or looking at them to think that they were good people. It is most probable that whoever sent those students from that school (I believe the Head Master and possibly others) are SKNF serial killing pervert vermin themselves as all schools and other institutions have been warned and been ordered to keep their charges safe.
These students also ate the food at St. Anthony's. This food is now being laced constantly with parasitic worm eggs and parasitic worms - not to mention that the meat can also be minced stray dog, laboratory animal, stray cat infected with parasites etc. This is because the SKNF are trying to cause a parasitic worm epidemic within the populace.
We are being saved by advanced weaponry and these parasites are being destroyed by these weapons. The SKNF are also trying to break the encryption protecting these machines from being taken over by them.
The SKNF then tried everything to convince these students otherwise, a lie intended to cause atrocity on them. The SKNF used their triad of Ted Bundy oscillations, being threats of evil, Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick and subterfuge like the Pass-The-Buck-Trick and Take-All-Sides-Trick.
-A danger faced by the lords and the populace is one where a offensive weaponry based greater power inserts itself within the lord's property by supporting those that are attacking the lords, whether subordinate or anything else, regardless of protection contracts the lords take. This form of attack is what was perpetrated by the SKNF and NUT-1. The intention is to destabilise, attack, commit atrocity and steal the lord's properties.
An example of this is the prostitution and narcotics situation that we see now with it all being controlled by SKNF serial killing pervert vermin within the Police and military, the pipeline from school to slave that is perpetrated by these serial killing pervert vermin etc etc.
The incentive for this negative and detrimental opportunity must be shifted towards things which have positive, supportive and good opportunities.
-Frankie-the-Fruit, his father, their subordinates and colleagues are attacking everyone, including myself, with sleep deprivation attacks, this consisting of mad head swinging. The primary intention of these attacks, apart from Frankie-the-Fruit etc being as loony as sticking his finger in his arse on a consistent and regular basis and calling it work is actually so that they can cause Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and Frankie-the-Fruit's grandparents on both sides to fall asleep while they are driving.
However Frankie-the-Fruit etc are also going to be using poisons delivered by swarming microbot and/or mini-mine as well as telepathically induce sleepiness to make them fall asleep while driving.
Frankie-the-Fruit's etc are then going to use the excuse that I am reflecting their attacks as reason why Frankie-the-Fruit's mother and/or grandparents on either/both sides fell asleep and crashed their cars, presumably killing them.

-I was awoken from my sleep by a Malaysian/Singaporean Chinese man trying to convince me to be a 'zombie' as everybody important eg politicians, judges etc are actually 'zombies'.
This is an example of the SKNF tactic of enslavement which has successfully almost enslaved the whole population.
The tactic is one where everybody seemingly becomes part of the secret service but in truth perform actions that will lead them to incarceration and enslavement by law - not that the SKNF require this as they will force incarceration with lie. All of them are made to follow the code of secrecy. It is done by seducing people into believing that the secret service is sexy, gets paid well and can be performed by anybody, especially without and education.
The trick is to convince the young, unwary and inexperienced to be enslaved in law. They do this by having large numbers of colluding groups suggesting and guiding these unwary towards this destructive and enslaving actions. And then when caught in law the corruption and collusion within the legal and justice system causes these unwary to be enslaved forever
For those smart enough to stay away from performing actions that will lead them to being easily enslaved by law (narcotics trafficking, prostitution, murder, manslaughter etc etc) there is always the code of secrecy which when applied the way it is today is actually the code of stupidity. The SKNF uses this code of secrecy as a tool for atrocity by saying that the victim of atrocity let out a secret, by preventing people from defending themselves and so on. No one is allowed to mention it in case they themselves fall victim to the same lie.
Or they may catch you because you do not have an education and hence become reliant on them. Since you are outside of the tax system and have actually broken tax law you are now capable of being incarcerated. Since you do not have an education they stop paying you and you are now enslaved.
One further thing. If the lords agree with you the SKNF will start forming a jealous mindset. This becomes exemplified in the way they speak about you. They will try to make you leverage this and attempt to manipulate the lords. They will try to make you a politician as they say the lord's like you. They will pump your ego and say that you are in with the wealthy so its time to be wealthy and they will then tempt you will corruption especially unauthorized money.....
You are called a zombie because you are now 'dead'. In the one sense it means that you are given an alias and a new position etc with the implication that it will be something that earns megabucks, in SKNF nudge nudge wink wink sense it means that you are now able to be incarcerated, tortured and have all other evils happen to you.
It is now 2016. For the future - you would be surprised how many people bought into this, hence the code of stupidity.
-Another request for the lords. This request is for Education. We will need a detailed analysis of the SKNF's interactions with schools and all its stakeholders. This is required for statistical process control and learning purposes.
For instance
:Detailed report of any and all SKNF activities within schools identifying each and every member of the SKNF, the school they were contaminating, statistics as to number of students that have joined the SKNF, statistics as to number of students that have committed crimes (narcotics, murder, terrorism), statistics as to number on what has happened to those students within those contaminated schools (incarceration etc), statistics on SKNF parasiting of school resources, funding etc, inappropriate sales of property and compensation of which etc, pedophilia, school violence, incentivization of violence and destructive activities, gang activity, morbidity, atrocity, SKNF visits..... Any and everything else regarding SKNF and anything whatsoever detrimental to Education and its stakeholders.

-SKNF are oscillating in what I call the Ted Bundy mode of behavior. This oscillation consists of swinging between behaviors that threaten thus being the 'most fearsome', behaviors that are performed to fool, trick and create subterfuge (to be the most tricky and clever) and behaviors that are simply part of a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick.
I hear the recorded cries of the child victims when the SKNF are in most fearsome psychosis mode. The SKNF need to feed on evil and this is the only form of it that is available to them at the moment. The children are screaming in pain and calling out to the fathers especially. Obviously young children see their fathers as being the one to save them from danger. The SKNF smile and laugh, telling themselves that the horror they telepathically instil in me is a win to the SKNF.
I again request that those responsible for these types of crimes against this class of victim be heavily biased in the sample that must be taken for an execution that is to be in the worst possible manner. This class of serial killing pervert to certainly include those members of even the high parts of our political and church hierarchy if they fall into this category of serial killing evil. They have already been told to surrender but have instead tried and are trying to commit even more atrocity.
The SKNF have started hanging around schools as well to show that they are so evil and fearsome. This is in addition to the SKNF within schools make the students do acts which endangers their lives and which are in support of the SKNF.
Make this a lesson to these SKNF serial killing pervert vermin.

-SKNF tries Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Tricks instead of surrendering using my request for execution by hanging, gas chamber or electric chair for worst offenders as cause for everyone to feel sorry for them. I reminded those senior in Education about the nature of their crimes. I also publicly asked everyone to support my requests.

-Fruitcake etc are again defecating all over the Auckland Region Police building as well as soiling office chairs with their feces to have staff sit on them and dirty themselves.
Fruitcake etc are also using their psychotic head swinging attacks, telepathically induced sleep attacks, all kinds of mini-mines, swarming microbots and a host of other means to kill their colleagues, grandparents etc by causing them to inhale poisons, fall asleep while driving etc. The SKNF are using the Estranged-Dad-Trick for subterfuge that something is being done to prevent Fruitcake etc.
Fruitcake etc are also trying to cause people to crash their cars while driving the world over by inducing sleepiness and by telepathic psychotic head swinging.

-SKNF still trying to cause as many atrocities and as much evil as possible even though they know the outcome of not surrendering. They are also attacking the SKNF themselves for material gain.
For instance Fruitcake etc have used the mini-mines and swarming microbots to invade the homes of their intended victims, primarily that of his mother's, her parents and his father's parents (but also others), this so that he and his father as well as their colleagues can kill them and thus inherit their estates.
Fruitcake etc have a plan to use the mini-mines to deliver a toxin that will cause their victims to fall asleep. While they are asleep Fruitcake etc will then deliver 'turd of death' pathogen into their victims. This will cause their victims to be murdered by pneumonia and various other forms of disease of their breathing organs as well as their gastro-intestinal system.
These mines and swarming microbot vectors are already emplaced within these homes, Fruitcake etc having emplaced them last night and probably previously.
-The delay in resolving the human-physical infestation that is the SKNF and the first part of the SKNF threat is because the lord's defenses is widely and deeply contaminated with SKNF vermin.
The lords are having to rebuild their defenses before the SKNF threat can be resolved.

-The SKNF are using the mini-mines and swarming microbots to deliver ABC poisons to their intended victims. These mini-mines and swarming microbots have invaded households, sprayed these households (households also includes some SKNF colleagues) while the owners are asleep or away etc. The SKNF have followed their usual modus operandi of testing this attack first (Fruitcake etc), the exponentially increasing this form of attacking.
-Fruitcake etc attacks his relatives has become continuous, except for a momentary suspension of attacks on his father's parents. Fruitcake are also letting off ABC poisons within his mother's and her parents home while they are asleep or away.
Fruitcake etc also doing same to SKNF colleagues.
The temporary suspension of attacks on Fruitcake's grandparents on his father's side is because Fruitcake does not want to be wholly responsible for their murder and wants his father involved, this so that his claim on their estate is as strong as his father's.
His father is resisting this wish and instigating Fruitcake to attack his father's parents so that his hand in their murder remains unseen.
The context regarding Fruitcake's and his father's subordinates and colleagues remain the same ie their plan to take over after etc etc.
Looks like Fruitcake's father's parents are living on borrowed time. Someone suggested that they should surrender. I suspect they have not done so - this assuming that they are SKNF.
We are being saved by advanced weaponry.
-The occupants of the Auckland Region Police buildings should be completely sure by now that Fruitcake etc will be spreading their turds and 'turd of death' pathogen fluids all over the place whenever and wherever they can. This has become a continuous attack.

-SKNF contamination within the highest levels of the security systems have given other SKNF levels advanced control over technology in everything.
The SKNF are trying to turn our households and everything else into a maze of bullets. This is also one of the reasons why households etc have mini-mines inside them. These mines have flown into our homes.
SKNF have also attempted to drop asteroids onto the Earth a number of times already.
SKNF are also handing out mini-nukes to the rest of the SKNF. These are marble sized nuclear bombs.
SKNF are also putting parasitic worms and other parasites into my food and probably everyone elses with the intention of causing disease and disease epidemics. I was given a meal yesterday, and many other times before that, that consisted of mostly parasitic worms and a sputum-jelly like substance that comes from the animal feces that these worms are taken from.
We have been saved by advanced weapons. The advanced weapons are probably destroying the very matter within these devices much like the antimatter in the AM bombs were destroyed
-Everybody has been advised to go back to their basic accounting, analysis, and review all the assumptions and everything else about their strategies, businesses, assets, estates etc.
The widespread and deep SKNF contamination has made what is believed to be true unrealiable and full of bullshit, as well as dangerous to be utilised as it will result in the rise of the SKNF again. Furthermore the information and physical and operational structures, both currently and planned, are riddled with corruption and other evil.
-'Progressive wage model' in Singapore coupled with corruption in Education, attacks on the economy by the SKNF (eg. mass production of unauthorized money) being used by SKNF in a Take-All-Sides-Trick to impoverish, corrupt and control organizations and industries, dumb down the populace, get unknowing support by an unaware populace etc and basically parasitize everything and everybody.
-1652 SF time: SF now making sustained and concerted telepathic attacks on very young children. Their behavior is the Ted Bundy and John Gacy modes of psychosis: The 'roughest toughest and most fearsome serial killing pervert vermin', the 'I am so very clever and tricky' and the Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick.
I also observed the SKNF feeding a very young female child of approximately 4 years of age the parasitic worm laced food that is knowingly being served at St.Anthony's. I am observing the SKNF supporting attacks, Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick and mad head swinging, on preschool and kindergarten children in Singapore and elsewhere. They are also using the opportunity to enter school grounds and get closer to children everywhere. They know they have no chance whatsoever but instead of surrendering they continue in their evil. I again ask that my request of capital punishment and the mode of that punishment be allowed and that the sample be large. I am more then willing to press the button on that gas chamber for a year. One must prioritise ones life to that which is most important first.

-SKNF attack on young children yesterday is again another multi-purpose attack that is common to the serial killing pervert vermin.
The SKNF are using the fact that almost everyone in the whole world has bought into the code of stupidity.
Their attack is part of a strategy of enticing, by carrot and stick, young children into providing the SKNF telepathic support. They scare the children by telepathic means, making them see recordings of the atrocities perpetrated by the SKNF, as well as using other means. The SKNF also positively reinforces their attack by being nice to these children when the children perform behaviors that the SKNF want.
The SKNF are constructing a mental model for the children where the people that are saving us are seen as evil and bad, where the children are telepathically induced to feel dislike and hatred for these people that are saving them. The SKNF's telepathic induction then makes the children want to fight against these people.
An example of this is for the the children to sense that I am angry when I speak and then have them think that I am attacking their parents when I tell them to look after their children. I consider and have told those that are poor at parenting and are endangering their children that they are 'fucking idiots'.
The parents and the children have been told about what is happening and what the SKNF's intentions are.
The parents and children have been told that if it is necessary, for instance if the children's telepathy endangers the world, then the advanced weapons will be used to sting them.
The parents, the caretakers and educators have been told to guide their children and to have them lean back on them, as well as to monitor their children.
The children have been told to lean back on their parents. However the children are being made to feel fear and to be telepathically induced to not get their Educators, caregivers and parent's support and help.
It is up to the parents and everybody else to counteract this telepathic attack. Parents have been told to support their children telepathically.
The SKNF then started to threaten the parents and have them not support their children mentally claiming the code of stupidity as reason.
This morning a whole bunch of serial killing pervert vermin in guise of female school/nursery staff had taken a bunch of children out of their care-centers so that they could get close to the children and also fool parents into believing the SKNF - all with the intention of committing atrocity and brain-washing these young into believing the SKNF's lies as good.
The SKNF serial killing pervert females were all in their 40's-50's, caucasian, wearing safety vests, were at the SF library at approximately slightly before 10am, had young caucasian children with them, one of the serial killing pervert vermin had light brown hair.
-Message this morning to Education and other people in medical professions, other professions, organizations everywhere etc is to raise the standard to the highest levels and ensure that the SKNF can never rise again. The security eyes are in place for this to happen and for these people and organizations to get the security support that they need.
In regards to Education, they need to get hold of the Education report and recommendations that was hidden by the SKNF, need to get hold of my Education Objectives ideas blog, need to compare it to the rubbish and evil that the SKNF had actually said was the report and do every other thing to start the planning and implementation of a good and proper education system that will eliminate all forms of poverty and eradicate the SKNF threat for all eternity.
They need to get hold of the list of SKNF vermin within their organizations and have them ejected.
They also need to connect to the lord's people so that they can get security services. This will also ensure that the reports and other resources are not counterfeits and false replacements of the real thing. All they need to do is ask for support telepathically.
-Fruitcake's subordinates are refusing to become drug addicts and have had their fathers intervene on their behalf. In response Fruitcake started yelling orders for them to masturbate uncontrollably and frequently, even using it as a threat of censure.
Fruitcake says that his intention is to use the masturbating as an attack on the populace etc. However this is not the only reason. The reasons are that Fruitcake does not want to be the only drug addict within his group, wants to have his team become drug addicts as he feels he can control them better and continue to be in command and the last reason is that Fruitcake wants to have reason to masturbate frequently and uncontrollably and needs other people doing it so it, in his mind, does not appear to be so wrong.
What appears also to be happening is that the horrible truth that Fruitcake is a Fruit seems to have dawned on everyone there. On top of that his constant masturbating is being seen for what it is, a sure sign of insanity. Coupled with the the long list of insane acts and behavior I think Fruitcake has lost the respect of his troops.
-SKNF fabrication of Clinton loss of Presidency continuing as predicted and expected. All media supporting SKNF propaganda and subterfuge.

-Lesson of the Nutcake: Outcomes of a dysfunctional, psychotic and homicidal upbringing
The state of suspension of Fruitcake's etc attacks on Fruitcake's grandparents on his father's side has now come to an end as predicted.
Fruitcake has seen and has obtained a record of his father's instructions to have his, Fruitcake's, grandparents and his father's parents murdered so that they can inherit his father's parent's estate. This is in addition to the other circumstantial evidence.
Fruitcake is now confident that he has a tool to hold his father accountable for their murder as well. Fruitcake is now able to replace the actual will with a fraudulent one. The fraudulent will includes Fruitcake as an inheritor to this estate whereas the actual one has removed him as an inheritor.
Fruitcake has released a host of toxins, sleeping potions and pathogens into his grandparent's vehicle and is intending to use the mad head-swinging attack on them at the same time, the purpose is to make them crash their car, to give them a difficult to cure respiratory disease etc. It is Thursday 11th of March 2016 in NZ at the time of writing this note. Thursday is usually the day in which iFruitcake's grandparents on his father's side drive into town to do their shopping.
Fruitcake has damaged his neck severely as usual and is currently suspending his mad head swinging attacks so that his neck will be rested for that time when his grandparents drive into town, so he attack them with his mad head swinging attacks. Assuming they do not pass out at the wheel etc.
Fruitcake etc will continue to attack them in every other way with every other means at his and their disposal.
There is an implication for the rest of the SKNF as well. Fruitcake's etc attacks are part of an greater set of internal SKNF attacks on itself for self gain by those providing the power, like the electronic offense and defensive systems, to people like Fruitcake etc.
-It is now 1144 SF time. Fruitcake has started using his head swinging attack in earnest. I wonder if his grandparents are driving or about to. Fruitcake etc are trying to camouflage their attacks with the attack reflection. Fruitcake usually begins his attacks in earnest at about 1600 SF time, this after he has had a sleep and has therefore rested his neck so this current attack is slightly unusual.
-1319 SF time: Probable that toxins, sleep potion, turd of death pathogen destroyed by advanced weapons. Fruitcake's grandparents did not get killed by falling asleep in their moving vehicle. All this activity also probably acts as a multi-purpose method for determining the capabilities of the advanced weapons as well as to break the encryption protecting them from use by the SKNF etc.

-SKNF showing more indications as to why we have been so very fortunate.
They have been showing NUT-1 level command over the advanced gravity weapons systems, but not total control.
They can make it rain if the weather is damp and humid enough by causing 'seeds' for the water vapor to adhere to. The higher parts of the SKNF have likely nullified the SKNF's attack on itself by poisons and pathogens inert, this so that they message the lower parts of the SKNF to give the upper parts what they want ie property and whatever else they are after.

-SKNF impoverishment and enslavement of the populace can be seen in every country, NZ, USA, Malaysia, Singapore etc.
The education system in Singapore appears to be well thought out and is supposed to provide each student to their potential. However this is actually a combination of SKNF psychosis and good people trying to work around the corruption and collusion that is trying to enslave and impoverish that country.
While there is much to learn from how things are done in Singapore, the ITE, polytechnics, Universities and schools need to apply Education Objectives, the recommendations for education from the SKNF hidden reports and other things.
The SKNF psychosis in Education has resulted in a fear of learning, a fear of 'technical' (but actually made to seem difficult by the SKNF) education subjects and a dumbing down of the populace.
One of the results of the SKNF psychosis is to perpetually silo the populace into jobs that they say need not have any technical capacity. There are no such jobs. It only results in failure in the economy! It also makes the populace believe that those in technical capacities are some kind of super-human when actually the failure is the Education system, the in-built bullshit in the knowledge infrastructure, the unscientific approach, the terrorist methods of teaching, the many inefficiencies and mostly the fact that corruption and collusion has set in to parasitise the populace.
All these things need to be straightened out.
The SKNF continue to try and commit every atrocity and do not show any wish to surrender.

-Fruitcake and/or subordinates, under orders of Fruitcake and father etc, let off a mini-mine that contained a respiratory system toxin gas in one of Fruitcake's subordinate's computer room.
As usual they had a number of SKNF type psychotic subterfuges and reasons for doing so.
Fruitcake etc wanted to test whether the toxins in the mini-mines are still active and have not been destroyed by advanced weapons or that the mini-mines the SKNF have received are non-lethal.
The mini-mines were proven to be lethal, the toxin active.
Fruitcake etc also want to attack the Auckland Region Police building with poisons and are using the ventilation systems to channel the poisons to their intended targets. Fruitcake etc will be taking the antidotes for these poisons beforehand.
Fruitcake's subordinate sat in his computer room while the gas settled around him and after he had taken the antidote. However the concentration of this toxin in the still air in that computer room was so high, and the air so still, the ventilation system at normal strength, that even the catalytic properties of the antidote was having difficulties in making the toxin inert, Fruitcake's subordinate finding it increasingly difficult to breath. Fruitcake etc then powered up the ventilation fans and blew the toxin out through the ventilation system, its exit point probably somewhere within the Auckland Region Police buildings.
Fruitcake etc have also organized the electronics and control of the ventilation systems by computer program so that they can target many or specific individuals via this attack.
The response to the request for something to be done about this was the usual set of tricks eg Pass-The-Buck-Trick, Take-All-Sides-Trick, Estranged-Dad-Trick etc.
The SKNF worldwide are doing similar attacks.
-The now publicly known attacks on Fruitcake's relatives actually is indicative of what was happening more secretly before.
Fruitcake's relatives believed that it was Fruitcake and his father's enemies that made all those near misses eg almost being run over etc.
-It is recommended that we make our developments incremental and well thought out. The SKNF had made it known by their actions and their mode of behaviors as well as their encouragement that they like mega-building projects and big-bang type developments. This is because these things tend to be poorly thought out and planned, are rife with the capacity for corruption and parasitism, and actually incentivises corruption and evil and the creation and rise of SKNF serial killing pervert vermin.
-A big part of the problem we see today is that the sane people of this planet accepted the SKNF's and NUT-1's lies and subterfuge that evil is a necessary part of existence and will always exist within the populace, that it adds value when included in the structure of things, the SKNF compare it to a yeast in a dough that makes bread. In other words the sane people of this planet thought it normal for a part of the populace to try and kill them and commit atrocities on them.
When we accept this SKNF nonsense, lies and evil like this we become stupid and prone to being parasitized and suffer evil.
We stupidly then convince ourselves that all is well in the world and do not see the SKNF tactic of surrounding us with vermin that lead us by the nose to whatever SKNF evil the SKNF wants.
This tactic includes things like crowding around the wealthy so that the SKNF are inserted into all things that the wealthy do, choosing to accept enslavement and poverty and not seeing that this is the result of intentional, collusive and corrupt behavior to empower the SKNF and NUT-1, that the SKNF crowding around and propaganda has made us believe our surface perceptions of the untruth that the poor are inherently evil, ignorant and are that way congenitally etc. The list of these actions of evil intent by the SKNF and NUT-1 are endless.
Our acceptance of the lie that evil needs to exist allows evil to infest and grow within and without. SKNF psychosis and psychotic behavior is possible within the mind of humanity and the opportunities for corruption will always exist but it should not be given incentive to grow and take root.
The incentive for growth be should removed from the opportunity for evil and to the opportunity for good. We can do so by doing things properly eg by doing things in a well thought out way and by incremental and continuous improvement.
We must put in every defense against the SKNF for all eternity.
-SKNF Ted Bundy oscillations increasing in frequency. Funnily enough Fruitcake's indications of excitation (as he has received some electronic super-powers) is to defecate and fiddle with his feces.

SKNF Vermin female with borrowed baby 15032016_At0900 Victoria Manolo Draves Park
SKNF serial killing pervert vermin are borrowing children so that they can get close to their intended victim of atrocities.
They endanger and try to cause atrocity in other ways as well.
For instance, the image above is a quick sketch of a orange haired caucasian woman in her late 30's - early 40,s, pale skin, approximately 6' tall. She was wearing a dark blue tight fitting jumper and light blue jeans and entered the Victoria Manolo Draves park at approximately 9am this morning. The infant she borrowed was put into front of body harnesses that she and the SKNF intentionally and knowingly know can cause damage to the infant's spine. She, and her other colleagues who have done and performed similar acts previously, march into the park in a show of defiance. They then make a show of being in the secret service and passing a message but are actually primarily there to endanger the infant's life.
I again want to use this time to remind the lords of the necessity of my request to make a clear and loud message to anyone that wishes to follow the SKNF's footsteps.
The image above was also manipulated electronically before, during and after its insertion into this note. The manipulation of the image before insertion into this note consisted of actually moving the 'graphite' particles and changing the image by using the electronics on the actual paper the image was drawn on. The manipulation of the image continued to occur electronically in the usual way afterwards as well.
The image changes made this particular serial killing pervert vermin example look more old mid Western and kindly. I thought that probably gets the message that the SKNF can and do look kindly etc when they are acting across better.
-The SKNF in WW2 spoke of their Uber Mensh. In WW3 we have our Astonishing Stupendously Stupendous Mensh.
Mr.100%, the Perfection of the SKNF, in his love tiff with Strutter Nutter, was the one that had let off the poison gas mini-mine in Strutter Nutter's computer room (see note on the 14th March 2016)
However Mr.100% had not taken into account the persistence of the toxin and had accidentally (sound familiar??) made the room inoperative because the whole room now needs to be detoxified. Anyone sitting in there at all becomes poisoned and needs to take the antidote continuously (unsafe) or will die from asphyxiation.
Obviously Strutter Nutter is as legendarily dull-witted as Mr.100% as he continued to sit in this room even though he was suffering from this toxin. The connection between the toxin, its persistence and the need to detoxify the room not made at all until quite some time later.
The love tiff came about because Strutter Nutter etc did not want to wank on command and also did not wish to be drug addicts. Its being called a tiff because it sure looks like one.
And here I was measuring everyone in Kings College by the ones I had met at Auckland University.
-SKNF serial killing perverts are taunting the Lord of SF by boasting their theft of his priceless antique weapons collection. I saw pictures of these very beautiful antiques in the library. I have suggested that he sends someone (me?) to collect it. I don't mind annoying these serial killing perverts in return. I think the Lord of SF should not let the SKNF damage these priceless objects and/or win in anyway whatsoever.
-SKNF serial killing perverts were using National Service and other parts of government (Education etc) to cause hostility and dysfunction within the population of Singapore and as a form of apartheid against the non-Chinese ethnicities. Their SKNF counterparts in the neighbouring countries were doing the same but against the Chinese ethnicities. It was all intentional and collusive corruption to cause strife within the region, impoverishment and enslavement. SKNF worldwide follow a similar modus operandi. Also see how the anti-Muslim propaganda fits into this SKNF activity. The propaganda is being physically supported by all parts of the SKNF, whether Muslim or not.

-Fruitcake etc are spreading mouse droppings and urine on the toilets, toilet paper, work surfaces etc of their colleagues. This after Fruitcake in his guise as Mr.100% discovered that it contains very infectious virii. He discovered this after wiping his lip with a cloth that he had used to swab the mouse spoor in his unhealthy unhygienic computer room area and ended up with a cold sore.
Other attacks etc by Fruitcake and rest of SKNF also continuous.
-It is necessary to go through everything and remove the SKNF's psychosis from these things. For instance in Education the SKNF intentionally created systems of haves and have-nots where the haves are to be able to obtain any and what is considered the highest technical qualifications and the have-nots hit an impenetrable and invisible ceiling. A form of professional and education apartheid. An example is the ATTC's education modules where there is a built in SKNF psychosis so that a ground maintenance staff member can never become a qualified professional engineer. You will find that this is a common structure of psychosis in all of Education. What is required is an integrated approach where anyone should be able to achieve any qualification from anywhere (see SKNF hidden report of recommendations for Education). Continuous education is being used to parasitize the populace instead of its intended outcome which is to master any field of knowledge.
It would make more economic, education, in fact more sense in everything if the ATTC's would do what the Royal Aeronautical Society's mission is ie
“The objects and purposes are the general advancement of aeronautical Art, Science and Engineering and for promoting that species of knowledge which distinguishes the profession of Aeronautics (which expression includes Astronautics)”

-Fruitcake's grandparents on his father's side showing the same behavior as Serial Killer's grandmother mother and father and took part in trying to attack young children yesterday. It was strange to observe that the only meeting point within a serial killing pervert family, even though they go all out to kill their parents and relatives for their assets, is the psychosis and pleasure that they get from serial killing pervert vermin attacks against children. Once again proving that the SKNF are deserving of execution by electric chair, hanging and gas chamber. Ironic because it is the SKNF etc that invested in these tools of execution because they enjoyed the horror it brings.
Fruitcake's grandparents, Desperate_Dad's parents, then tried a Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick with the younger and newer members in psyops to elicit their help and sorrow. This is similar to how Serial Killer's grandmother mother also tried to do the same by being the subject of a reflection to a coughing attack performed by Fruitcake's team on a number of occasions.
Meanwhile Fruitcake seems happier as he thinks he can leverage this new sense of camaraderie between him and his grandparents whom he has been trying to kill and has been seen to be trying to kill on numerous occasions. His happiness seems to also be linked to how he has Desperate_Dad recorded ordering the murder of Desperate_Dad's parents.
Meanwhile Fruitcake's subordinates are showing the same mind as Fruitcake. They only complain and become unsupportive when they themselves are made uncomfortable, even though their attacks are reflected back (for some time now) onto their own families.
Fruitcake says that his grandparent's lawyers are also corrupt and have been involved in quite a few illegal conveyancing transactions where the transaction involved property belonging to subjects of atrocity, the atrocity performed for the property. I observe that these lawyers however do give Fruitcake's grandparents good advice.
Finally Fruitcake's subordinates are resisting to taking their WIM (Wanking Inducing Medicine) even with Fruitcake's threats of censure.
-Good advice given to new psyops members. Do not let a snake enter your midst. You must adhere to your fundamentals ie do not attack your own family. It is better to leave and find someplace new than do so. Be good, do all good things. Anything else is indicative of a snake and SKNF type psychosis. This is a lesson that we can get from observing the case of Fruitcake, Desperate_Dad and Serial Killer. Put in every defense against the rise of another SKNF for all eternity. To not do so invites disaster. To not do so endangers your life and that of your family - see Fruitcake's, Serial Killer's, Desperate_Dad's, Strutter Nutter and NUT-1's examples. A sample of the psychosis that actually occurs within nutter groups.
-SKNF becoming more like Fruitcake in behavior. I suspect that this has something to do with the pressure that they are feeling now that their evil is almost at an end. The SKNF continue to try and commit every atrocity and do not show any sign of surrendering.

-The SKNF are having good people idle and not included in the reconstruction while allowing the SKNF to be active in all things evil.
When good people are employed in the reconstruction, the SKNF are then doing everything to cause them to be idle, support evil accidentally, fool them into the believing the SKNF and so on.
For instance, the new good members of the secret service are not being given an orientation but are instead being led and fooled into having the SKNF mentor them. These new and good members of the secret service are having the list of SKNF hidden from them as well so that they are not able to tell who is SKNF and who not. They are not allowed to help the SKNF in any way whatsoever. The onus is on these new members to do everything in to prevent the SKNF from fooling them - this includes falling back on the good members of the secret service and their families for advice.
It is probable that the SKNF will also give these new members a fraudulent list of SKNF members. These new members, and all the secret service, and everybody else in every other part of society, must practice TQM practices amongst other things ie they must ensure that the quality of the item being provided to them is the quality expected, when they hand over something to someone else they must ensure that the quality of the thing handed over is of the highest quality and that the person receiving the thing ensure that the item being received is of the quality desired.
-I do not think that the University of Western Australia exists apart from maybe some of its buildings. I may have seen something of what happened there. It was as evil as the SKNF could make it. I request again that the lords allow my request for the maximum penalty against the SKNF involved in attacks on Education.

-The SKNF corruption and global collusion in the methods of enslavement and impoverishment of the populace via the intentional misinterpretation and intentionally poor implementation of the recommendation reports can be seen in the NZQA and the NZ Education system. The recommendation reports said to implement the recommendations in detail (eg learn F=MA thus allowing for recognition of prior learning and its subsequent advantages) and not only apply standards. Like Singapore, the implementation of the Education system is one where the good people within the Education system had to try to do their best with what the SKNF corruption allowed. Basically it looks good but does not achieve any more than the last bit of nonsense that they had as the Education framework. Need to ensure that every defence is emplaced for all eternity.

-Another indication that FAMILY-1's defenses are corrupted and infested with SKNF serial killing pervert vermin is the fact that Fruitcake etc is allowed to successfully attack the lord's, including FAMILY-1's, people with their psychotic head swinging etc attacks.
FAMILY-1's defenses have been ordered to protect the lord's and FAMILY-1's people already.

-SKNF needing to feed again are replaying their recent serial killing activities. Two shown to me yesterday.
The Flonase commercial insertion has been removed so I have not been able to include it here. This was the discovery, by the lord's people doing the recovery work in Perth, of the bodies of young children locked in drawers so that they starved to death in a tightly confined space.
The other is an insertion in the Moutain Vista Rehab ad of a young child weeping while holding her teddy bear, the SKNF thoroughly enjoying this as they display their power over the weakest and youngest amongst us. Below is an image and link to the ad. As usually the SKNF will make changes to it to make themselves feel powerful or whatever psychosis fills their minds at the time.
Child victim - Perth atrocity: Mt. Vista Farm Ad insert displaying SKNF evil
Original advert here:
SKNF Atrocities: Perth Child Rape Victims
Floated image of child rape victims, victims of SKNF atrocity. These children were forced to be sexual partners to SKNF rapist and were taken from their schools while their schools suffered atrocity. The SKNF murdered the ones that could not stop weeping. The SKNF said that because these girls sexually provided for these serial killing pervert vermin rapists they would be shot in the head instead of being made to suffer by dismemberment or other forms of evil where the victims suffer for weeks if not months.
-Down syndrome is the after effects of SKNF activity using swarming microbots on pregnant women. They used the radiation generating devices on these swarming microbots to interfere with embryo development.
There was a large burst of people suffering from down syndrome in the 60's-70's. This also indicates that swarming microbots existed even then.
This also points to how fortunate we are that we have not lost the Earth nor, mostly, not have suffered atrocity.
The responsibility of shifting from the state we are in, where we are likely to be destroyed and suffer prior to that destruction, is everyone's responsibility and not that of a few.
-Education must take its duty of protecting its clients, the students, itself, and its stakeholders, as well as its duty to ensure world survival and prosperity into eternity seriously.
Do not put a school in an area controlled by a serial killing pervert. Not all of those that subscribes to being a serial killing pervert will be destroyed in WW3 for one reason or another. Some of these serial killing perverts are wealthy. They will reform as soon as they can.
-SKNF trying to recruit people with down syndrome using serial killing perverts who have down syndrome. The SKNF know that those with down syndrome tend will not expect someone with down syndrome to be a serial killing pervert vermin. They have been told that the SKNF comes in all shapes and sizes.

-We need to formally and clearly face everything front on without fear or lying to ourselves that everything will be OK.
For instance things like the people that subscribe to being a serial killing pervert but are not in the SKNF. They are guilty of serial killings in the past but for one reason or another they have not supported the SKNF and hence are unlikely to be destroyed like the SKNF vermin.
We must do all good things and not shy away from it because it is easier to do so. We must give ourselves every chance of success in leading the world away from disaster and evil.
-The remaining serial killing perverts that are not in the SKNF will reorganize and reform the SKNF as soon as they can. They have done this all throughout history and will do so in the near future.

-Latest Tamiflu commercial showing on television in California has a young female child, blonde haired, approximately 5 years of age. Her face is sometimes floated over the original actor in this commercial. She is a victim of the SKNF's atrocity in Perth. She was one of the children locked inside a drawer and made to starve to death. Unfortunately the SKNF are not so keen to advertise their atrocities anymore and hence I cannot find the commercial on the internet to display it here.
For those that have seen this commercial, she is the one who has a blanket (probably a floated video) placed on her while she is visibly frightened and fearful.

-Fruitcake's soliloquies...
"You hired me because I am the most aggressive..." (Frankie-the-Fruit while attacking
Serial Killer's home using mini-mines)
"I will never stop coming at you, that's why I am the most dangerous" (or something to that effect)
More proof that what I said is true concerning the fact that the world was primarily saved from atrocity and eventual destruction by psychosis and mad behavior and hence good fortune rather then a good defence:
Mr.100% aka Fruitcake in his very long list of mad behavior has caused a lot of physical damage to himself and not only to his colleagues and subordinates. Some of the damage includes
1.His teeth are rotting due to his large intake of cocaine and poor hygiene. Everyone expects this to incapacitate him in the near future. His breath stinks.
2.His mad head swinging has caused him massive brain damage, vertebrae damage and nerve damage. His right side of his face has started to swell as a result. He has constant migraines. He cannot bend his back. He cannot move without his pain relievers. He cannot go without his pain relievers for any length of time.
3.He almost or have given himself a long lasting mouse virus infection to his lip.
4.He is a drug addict and cannot go without large quantities of cocaine.
5.He is growing 'man-boobs'.
6.His gut is distended.
7.His liver is enlarged due to the intake of chemicals including the pain relievers.
8.His arse has gigantisized due to his sedentary lifestyle.
9.He cannot wear his clothes due to becoming overweight.
10.He by all appearances has started playing with his turds and urine. He also masturbates constantly. The only time any one has seen this is with someone that has lost their minds.
11.He's grown a hunch back.
12.His part in having Strutter Nutter made inoperative, including Strutter Nutter's room, I think, has to do with a subconscious fear of Strutter Nutter. Strutter Nutter is seen a cooler then Fruitcake by his subordinates. Strutter Nutter is more muscular and thereby is seen by Fruitcake to be able to beat him up. Fruitcake's only use for Strutter Nutter was as threat to the other psyops. This use disappeared during the last 4 years. One gets the sense that Fruitcake was a little fearful of and threatened by Strutter Nutter. Strutter Nutter is suffering from toxin induced emphysema and probably will not return to work for sometime. Fruitcake has let it be known that he does not want Strutter Nutter back anyway as he did not take his WIM, become a drug addict and masturbate uncontrollably.
Original url here:
-Singapore's budget 2016 announcement show very good signs that lord's are dotting the 'i's' and crossing the 't's'. Very careful budget that only announced what is sure and indicating straightening up of the very SKNF bent economy. This is most probably representative of what is happening in every country of the planet. The budget speech I read appeared to have been changed by the SKNF but some of it probably got through without alteration.

-I have observed the 'subconscious mind' guiding the actions of a human being for myself now. I was unsure about the veracity of this and always assumed that it was the conscious mind working in a mad state.
It appears that they are both correct. The conscious mind is working in a mad state and the subconscious is guiding the behavior.
I observed this when Fruitcake went into another of his stressed states and started hurting himself so he could accidentally be excused from committing himself into what he consider is being responsible for an action against his SKNF colleagues.
Fruitcake, his father, their subordinates and some of their colleagues are "moving in" on the estates of some of their other SKNF colleagues.
This would entail Fruitcake having to attack this SKNF colleagues with mini-mines.
However Fruitcake has started to feel stressed because he, in his paranoia, thinks that it is a trick by his subordinates to have him take the blame and responsibility for this attack and hence oust him afterwards. This suspicion also extends to his father in a slightly lesser way.
The truth is that the blame and responsibility already lies with Fruitcake, his father and their subordinates as well as some of their colleagues already. They have laid mini-mines all over the subjects of their attacks estates already in preparation for this and have also already tried to kill them and more than one occasion.
Fruitcake will only take the "roughest, toughest" (most aggressive in his own words) position only if he thinks he is not responsible or if someone has broken that ground already. Obviously he thinks otherwise in this case.
In regards to the stressed state of mind. I observed that he begins to exhibit this tension on his face as well as body and by other means when he needs to think independently. This comes about when he needs to do technical work of any kind (eg programming, planning etc) or when his paranoia sets in, for instance like in the current situation written about above. His face stretches out and his voice raises a level in pitch. His manner and muscles also showing tension.
Fruitcake seems to have subconsciously been trying to opt out of a decision and action by making himself sick. He appears to be trying to do this by exacerbating his considerable brain, nerve and vertebrae damage in what is probably a subconscious attempt to make himself faint and hospitalized and hence have an excuse for non-participation.
Apparently this hypothesis was tested using the un-intrusive telepathic method for telling the truth ( and it was found to be TRUE!
From note on 18th September 2015
....However this homicidal behavior is actually unconscious even though it may be expressed consciously. The Idiot-Sons have also almost killed themselves, their fathers who they need within the power structure and their relatives who are just holders of the estates that they will inherit....
The murder attempt on their relatives can be liken to a (focus of) consciousness accidentally alighting onto the general subconscious will to kill. This (focus) is then treated by the Idiot-Sons as their conscious will and 'plan' but it is only a superficial perspective....
Our world almost came to an end but for 2 crazies!

-SKNF infestation are preventing application of anti-terrorism legislation eg AMLAct in Malaysia Consider the meaning of this. All the banks, the other related authorities in the reserve banks etc etc worldwide are heavily infested with SKNF vermin.

-Fruitcake even though suffering from considerable brain damage continues to do mad head swinging attacks. His brain damage has made his face swell, his eyes watery. One can feel that the brain has lesions and even seems to be almost disconnecting from the brain stem. He feels sleepy and his pallor is pale and waxy. He also appears to have damaged one of the intervertebral fibrocartilage discs in such a way that it appears to be broken into many pieces, the disc when compressed now numbs his right arm and other parts of neck, back, legs...
The sense is that he is feeding of how his subordinates and colleagues are rushing around to get appropriate medication for these symptoms, feeding off the 'love' that he is getting. This 'love' is probably a structure in his mind that is associated to the care and love that he got from his mother when he would hurt himself during his childhood.
A new medicine provided him yesterday had alleviated even more of the symptoms, another medicine provided earlier reducing the swelling somewhat. This has had the usual effect on Fruitcake being that he has started to increase the ferocity of his mad head swinging.
This is proof without the need of telepathic verification that Fruitcake's very significant effect on the loss of WW3 by the SKNF is due to his insanity and that we have been very fortunate, in a way not seen in human history, to avoid atrocity and the end of the world.
-The SKNF who were to be attacked in the consolidation of property by those providing Fruitcake his electronic power base have redirected attention away from themselves by helping Fruitcake and his father, their subordinates etc target Fruitcake's mother and her parent's in a bid to murder them and acquire their property. They are now making every attempt to waylay them, to 'accidentally' bump into them, so that they can ostensibly talk about building on this property. They also have plans to poison Fruitcake's mother etc in these meetings etc.
The SKNF, NUT-1 and those that subscribe to being a serial killing pervert vermin are all insane and are similar to Fruitcake.
The difference with Fruitcake's is that Serial Killer allowed Fruitcake the freedom to develop into and to exhibit his psychosis for a long time prior to WW3.
I observe that the SKNF are increasingly exhibiting behavior similar to Fruitcake's as WW3 and the first phase of straightening the world draws to a close. This implies the same psychosis. We are a sum of our experiences.
Again funnily enough this new medicine has caused the reddish discoloration that Fruitcake got from his abuse of his very awesome pain relieving medicine to become even more pronounced, this discoloration now becoming an almost complete joining and cover.
-The SKNF are continuing to try and commit every atrocity and show no sign of surrendering.
I observed an old Chinese male SKNF serial killing pervert trying to get 2 large dogs to maul a very young child this morning in Victoria Manalo Draves Park (on Folsom btw 6th and 7th Street). This occurred before 0855am. The old Chinese male serial killing pervert is one I have seen before. He is approximately 70 years of age, 5'8" tall, facial skin with the usual blemishes from ageing, white hair, practices Tai-Chi, average build, hair loss, face average width and showing signs of jowls. He was there with some female old Chinese SKNF serial killing perverts. They had borrowed a young child probably male, approximately 3-4 years of age. The child was in a pink jacket.
The old male SKNF serial killing pervert was trying to make the child put its hand near a large dog's face. SKNF psyops were trying to make the dogs (there were 2, one a type of dog known for attacking humans) attack and maul the child.
I request that this male serial killing pervert be put on the list to be executed by means that are to be a deterrent to becoming a serial killing pervert.
The SKNF are for some reason trying to anger me. I think this is just another example of their psychosis. The request to include this SKNF serial killing pervert in this list would have been the same regardless.
One has to wonder what kind of parents allows their child to be taken by a serial killing pervert.

(Image added 01st April 2016 of this SKNF old male and vermin: SKNF made a big show of allowing it. As usual the image has been altered before it could be added. The SKNF also went about buggering the scanning machine, computers etc etc)
SKNF Chinese Male Old at Victoria Manalo Draves Park 31-03-2016_0855 Attempts to maul child with 2 dogs: image changed by SKNF infestation in psyops

-The observed delay in doing things to straighten up is perplexing. One can see by what was done in Perth that more can be done right now to straighten up the mess of evil that has been left and implemented by the SKNF. We have a lot to do, not a lot of time to do it, and we can only go at best pace.
For instance, we see that almost every organization has not done a thing to eject the SKNF. The SKNF are still being paid by the public purse, the lord's assets are still being raided by SKNF vermin already sacked from position, that services are being provided the SKNF, the SKNF continue to be financed etc etc etc.
The situation in Perth was and still is much worse. Yet the lords could send help to Perth, organize themselves to exclude SKNF interference, could take control of assets and many of the other things that they have done there. The coordination from this came from Melbourne which is on the furthest side of Australia away from Perth. The SKNF's serial killing pervert vermin tried to kill and muscle the lord's people, and were in an even crazier frame of mind that the serial killing pervert vermin everywhere else, and yet the lord was and is successful there.
The SKNF are incapable of harming us as they are destroyed or stunned by advanced weapons. I myself observe this everyday as they try to harm me in one way or another. In fact a Indian Malaysian SKNF vermin male was almost disabled yesterday as he tried to kick me in a brinksmanship_attack.
There is actually no reason why the lord's good people are not doing the things that can be done. Especially when one considers the enormity of the work that must be done.
And yet here we sit, nothing appears to be done.
We must give ourselves every chance of success and time wasting is not doing that.
The SKNF were man-handled away from the ambulances and other machinery that the lord's people required. We can harm the SKNF while they cannot harm us. So what is the cause of this delay? It is obviously something to do with the SKNF etc but I cannot think what context could make us so immobile.

-It is possible that the entry on 31/03/2016 re: perplexing that we are still not doing all the other things etc is part of an induced SKNF communique to itself with my overtones that the lords are about to do what is logical and start on those other things. This communique may also have the SKNF intention of trying to get its vermin to stage massive attacks worldwide in order that the ones that wont be destroyed get away by Sympathy-Sucking-Escape-Trick. I wrote it because I have said this many times and also knew that the SKNF had their reasons for trying to induce me to write it.

-SKNF threat of destroying Earth by asteroid attack. They show Jupiter but inserts also includes asteroids that they have parked near Earth. Also includes propellantless propulsion robots used to guide asteroids into collision course with Earth (these are the little boxy things on the asteroid surface - the vid says its Jupiter but actually its an asteroid surface).
-Another SKNF threat earlier. This was the record breaking jump from a helium balloon. The version I saw showed footage of some of the asteroids that had been placed on a collision course with Earth. This was seen in the form of a small object traveling over a grey background.

-The SKNF vermin are becoming more like Frankie-the-Fruit in their erraticity, probably a function of the pressure of their approaching annihilation on their psychotic minds.
They are trying all kinds of methods to use their fists but are being kept in check by advanced weapons. I am actually hoping that they do attempt to raise their fists with me as I plan to go through their pockets for whatever money they may have after they are killed by these advanced weapons. I sure could use a hamburger, fries, a salad and a coke, and maybe a packet of cigarettes.
-This morning at about 10:20am a Chinese female SKNF serial killing pervert vermin went past me with a very young baby, approximately 1 years of age. This Chinese female serial killing pervert vermin is approximately 20-30 years old, thin, pale skin, approximately 5' 7" tall, black relatively long hair and appeared to have teeth protruding in an relatively ugly sense, wore a pink top and black tight long pants. This serial killing pervert vermin and her infant and subject of terror victim went past me along 7th Street in SF, then disappeared into the South of Market Health Center between 225-259, 7th St (opposite 230-234 7th Street). The baby was being held in one of those front of body harnesses. The baby looked extremely uncomfortable. The Chinese female serial killing pervert vermin even went out of her way to rest her hand while holding a phone against the right side of the baby's head, thus causing the baby to be pressured along its cervical vertebrae. This was done on purpose. The SKNF know that infants of this age can easily shatter their spines and be rendered paralysed. The SKNF do these things on purpose as threat, to anger and for whatever other psychotic thing they get from it.
I request that this Chinese female SKNF serial killing pervert vermin be put on the list of those to suffer death by electric chair, hanging or gas chamber as deterrent to anyone that wish to follow in the SKNF's footsteps.
-Meanwhile the SKNF have been replaying their atrocities again. Their recent favourite which they seem to want me to see is one where the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin force a young boys head, boy is approximately 8-9years of age, into a spike made up of a pen-knife. The boys head is forcibly made to smash into this pike, the pike entering his eye. The child then tries to remove it. Another child of approximately the same age tries to help but it is lodge to deep to be removed easily.
As soon as writing this the serial killing pervert vermin start wondering around me making soothing words and sounds while they watch me for reactions of anger. I tell them now that you will see these reactions when I am executing you.

-The SKNF infestation of our security services have left the very large organization that is the security services devoid of even the most basic things one would expect of any organization whether large or small.
This has been intentionally devised by the SKNF so that they can perpetuate their evil.
It is also a reflection of how even the largest of all organizations are almost valueless when one measures it properly.
For instance, one of the things that is missing is a proper and good orientation program for new staff, as well as protocols and procedures one would expect eg conflicts on interest etc etc. One of the outcomes of this is that new staff are often confused as to what to do in a situation.
One of the situations that we are now encountering is that the are SKNF taking infants and endangering their lives, exposing them to being paralysed by dangerous actions against these infants and so on.
Another observed situation is that the SKNF are also attacking the good people in psyops by any and all means (eg attacking their children) and deprecating our only line of defense against the SKNF and thus endangering the safety of the world, this done without defensive measures taken against these SKNF vermin.
** The defense against the SKNF have been told to 'Be Good and do all good things' in lieu of a proper orientation and organization protocols **.
The lords need to do something immediately about the current state of confusion and deprecation of our defenses.
With respect to these infants, and as a representative of Education, I request that these SKNF vermin that are attacking these children and infants be killed or at least stung into not trying to harm these children and infants.
-Our state of 'bentness' can be seen by the sense of resistance one gets from 'Being Good and Doing all good things'.
It is indicative of the that crazy structure in our minds that makes us think that this is not the right thing and the thing that is a wealth to ourselves. One needs to be logical. Is it good and does it contribute to our well being? It does so we must take this as our baseline and not that other mad thing that we have developed into.
-The fact that all good things are done is one and probably the most important measure of whether we are being successful in preventing the rise of the SKNF, our death by atrocity and the destruction of the Earth.

-Went to perform the annual TB test at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) at 1001 Potrero Ave. Went to 165 Capp Mission Neighbourhood Resource Center for referral. The resource center is a place for what appears to be the homeless to get welfare services, one of these welfare services being a primary care clinic.
I got the referral but was then given a bullshit reason why I cannot use this primary service again, their reason being that I had to use the primary care services at this clinic at least 4 times during any year, this obviously a SKNF ad hoc lie.
Went to the TB clinic, building 90 at SFGH, 4th floor. Place was packed with SKNF vermin seemingly waiting for services. Most were of Chinese ethnicity. Not sure if any of the staff are SKNF vermin.
Had an X-ray performed by a Chinese ethnic member of the staff. Still unsure if any of these people are SKNF vermin. Returned to the TB clinic and sat there for about an hour at least.
The SKNF then started a video of one of the current list of movies, this being the '5th wave'. The SKNF serial killing pervert vermin surrounding me used the TB clinic's waiting room as a messaging center for the SKNF as well as doing their subterfuge of trying to get the staff at the hospital to trust them. The message from this video was that the SKNF wanted their SS variety of nutters to go on a psycho rampage and kill everyone. These SKNF second class citizens have already told them that they do not wish to suicide.
I reminded the staff at SFGH and other people elsewhere that they need to put their weight into straightening things up as well as take responsibility for their own and their client's safety, this message especially relevant to doctors and other medical staff but also for other professions such as Education staff. I reminded them they have received their instructions and orders on more than one occasion and if they have seen no action being taken then that is indicative of SKNF infestation.
The SKNF then started terrorizing the non-SKNF and tried to use the trick of preventing them from thinking. I reminded everyone that we need to think before we do anything and not to fear the SKNF.
The SKNF serial killing pervert vermin then sent an elderly male SKNF serial killing pervert vermin to write up my TB test report.
This serial killing pervert vermin then started doing the usual SKNF serial killing pervert vermin threats and other terrorist behavior. This SKNF vermin began to insinuate that I have TB, that I am insane and various other things. He then finally ended up completing my report but had inserted lies within saying that I am showing signs of pleurisy as well as other signs of TB.
I later reminded the staff at SFGH than this is an example of the costs that are being incurred by having the SKNF infestation around and not doing what is logical and removing and distancing the SKNF threat from themselves, the other staff and their clients. This serial killing pervert vermin then extended his hand for me to shake, and after a second thought I did so.
I was told that this SKNF serial killing pervert vermin who attended to my case is a senior doctor at SFGH. This serial killing pervert vermin is a male, has short cut white hair, balding pate, approximately 70+ years of age, approximately 5' 9" tall, average build, usual signs of aging, dark eyebrows, has no facial hair but the very short stubble appears to be dark in color. He is caucasian. The region surrounding his eyes appear to be dark as if he has had insufficient sleep. His eye color appears to be light in hue but I have forgotten the actual color itself.
The act by this serial killing pervert of extending his hand for me to shake is actually a trick to get the staff at SFGH to trust him. The SKNF are all fully aware that their attempts at torturing me actually saved me and that I am well outside of their capacity to harm, all behavior otherwise just a SKNF terrorist trick to terrorize everybody else.
I was told that the SKNF infestation is parasitizing all aspects of SFGH. This means all its services, its medical products as well as committing atrocities on its patients. I had even bet with the non-SKNF staff at SFGH that they would see that the male SKNF vermin who attended to my TB report has committed atrocities at SFGH.
I reminded the non-SKNF that the SKNF are trying every evil, especially every atrocity. That this would be happening even now especially this close to the end of the SKNF vermin's existence on this planet.
I told the non-SKNF listening that they can get access to the lord's good psyops through the agent that the lords have sent to San Francisco and that I would help them identify this agent if they need assistance. This information went to more than the staff at SFGH. It went to the staff at schools, the Universities and many other places.
The inaction by the non-SKNF is again another indicator that we will need to be guided towards the mindset and state of action that is desired so that the risk of WW4 and the end of the world can be eliminated. We are again shown to be the sum of our experiences and that we will need every good thing and effort to ensure our success in this endeavor.
I reminded the non-SKNF that they will need to get the list of SKNF vermin before they can do anything and that this can be obtained through the lord's good psyops support. In regards to San Francisco and close by I said that this list can be accessed and downloaded on their smart phones via the agent sent here to retrieve me, hence using me to identify what this agent looks like so that they can subsequently set up a meeting with this agent.
Whole experience with the serial killing pervert doctor similar to one with serial killing pervert priests that tried and are trying to torture and kill me (see disrupted worm and other parasite menu).

-SKNF vermin being heavy handed and trying to deter the non-SKNF from doing what they have been ordered and instructed to do, this also being the way to lower risk to the SKNF. They are sending wave after wave of muscled up serial killing pervert vermin, in Police, military uniforms and their paramilitary serial killing pervert vermin, all backed up by the SKNF infested psyops.
I have suggested to them that if they want me to respond in the way they wish, ie with the promise that I will smack one of their bald fatheads on the head, then they
a.have a bunch of SKNF serial killing pervert vermin infestation in Police uniforms around
b.have a senior and muscled serial killing pervert vermin member of the SKNF present (who I will slap on the back of the head) present
c.have money in their back pockets so I can buy myself a burger afterwards
d.Something else I can't remember at the moment
and I will follow through as example of my sense of humor.
SKNF really exponentially showing Fruitcake's characteristics.

-We are able to tell the state of things even though we are unable to see precisely what is happening at the levels of society called the 'big wheels'.
Recent activity by the SKNF and probably the lords as well is indicating that we will know more precisely whether the world will end or whether the logical and rational path, the path that all going well will lead us well away from the deep hole that we are in and eliminate the possibly of global destruction and atrocity, will be taken.
The defensive measures are sufficiently in place so that all the other things that need to be doing are done, this apart from clearing FAMILY-1's defenses of SKNF etc infestation. Things like the lords taking control of their assets, Government, their businesses, schools etc etc by kicking the SKNF infestation out of these places.
What was shown over the last 2-3 days is that the lords need to emplace their serious and good people in the highest positions within these organizations first. This is because of the population's endemic psychosis that is the inability to do what is logical and rational.
This psychosis is the one that has the population accumulate together during Spring Break even though this was a magnet for SKNF evil, the one that has the population not taking responsibility for their own safety and that of their families by reaching out rationally to the good agents that are in position, the one that have even the highest most respected professionals in society, our medical people, endangering their clients, patients and themselves by instead continuing to take SKNF advice in the hope that the SKNF threat and risk in helping them will somehow just go away. The very same psychosis that have loving parents hand their children over to the SKNF because it is less troublesome. The population of non-SKNF.
These serious and good people are then to organize and do everything good to straighten out these organizations, and together with all the lord's good people, and eventually, if things are done well, everybody else, straighten out the world and eliminate the risk of failure.
We will know by what we see in front of us over a very short period of time whether this is going to happen.
If it does happen I recommend that these senior people bring along a cattle prod that is programmed not to go off it it touches any non-SKNF. The SKNF will continue to exhibit their psychosis. The SKNF will react psychotically to this new failure and the cattle prod will need to be used a small number of times until they learn their lesson. We have seen this behavior too many times too ignore.

-Clarifying my earlier note on the Wiki regarding a female that is named Iraena Asher in this Wiki
She was raped by Fruitcake first and then by some of Fruitcake's subordinates and colleagues in much the same way Heidi Paakonen was raped and murdered.
The rape and murder occurred in the same bach in Coromandel in which Heidi Paakonen was taken and subsequently raped and murdered.
These serial killing pervert vermin then disposed of this young girl's body, Iraena, in the same way that they had Heidi Paakonen ie by using a crematorium nearby. She was also killed in the same way Heidi Paakonen was ie by poison cigarette causing her to be asphyxiated, an evil death.
Fruitcake by this time had had at least 4-5 years of having a senior position within the Auckland Region psyops, his position given by Serial Killer because Serial Killer wanted his own team and not that of his father's (who incidentally were not treating Serial Killer with the respect he thought he should have been getting). Simply put, Fruitcake had been given a position of seniority when he first started working.
It is probable that the Heidi Paakonen rape occurred earlier, this giving Fruitcake the mental doorway to step through in which to express this part of his psychosis. Fruitcake has shown not to take the first step in anything but to take the most extreme position as a sign of being the most fearsome after a class of evil has been performed.
It is most likely that Fruitcake was in psyops control and command of the Heidi Paakonen rape.
Fruitcake's psychosis then built up a conscious complex where he developed a sexual liking for Iraena Asher (not her real name, neither does the picture in the Wiki show any resemblance to the real person, neither does it show any resemblance to the victims real age - she was very young). He then started stalking her and trying to seduce her. However her friends and family were aware of Fruitcake's, his father's and his employer's (Serial Killer) homicidal, criminal and serial killing pervert natures and thus she spurned him. Fruitcake had read her mind and had discovered this fact, this also explaining why she had tried to avoid him.
This led to Fruitcake, now having had his psychosis eased into rape and murder, then stalking her at a party, drugging her, and then taking her to the same bach in Coromandel where the Heidi Paakonen rape occurred and where she was then gang raped and murdered.
Fruitcake, as senior, made sure that he was the first to rape her. He made promise that he would release her after the rape. Fruitcake's team supported the attack.
She did not suffer for as long as Heidi Paakonen as Fruitcake's attack is more of a copycat crime.
The actual victim of Fruitcake's evil was a young girl in her late teens and/or early adulthood. She was either just finishing school or had just started tertiary education or was within that age range. She came from a good and relatively wealthy family in Auckland.
The bach (house) where the rape(s) and murder(s) occurred appears to be a NZ Police owned building that, judging by the evil that occurs there, seems to be used by the serial killing perverts as another of their killing fields. It is a prefab unit with aluminium sliding doors, wooden external walls and appears to have a well kept garden with flowers and probably has bougainvillea growing on a trellis.
This is the very same house which the SKNF under orders from Serial Killer had tried to plant and detonate the Russian made briefcase nuclear bomb in 2012.
Going back to Fruitcake's psychosis. Fruitcake is a dunce that had bullied his way through school. His father not only acted as a means of bullying but also enjoyed the opportunity to throw his weight around.
The school girls avoided and shunned him as word had got around that he and his family are homicidal and were perpetrating all kinds of serial killing pervert evil. Fruitcake had blamed the shunning on the fact that his father had not given him the BMW that he had requested but an ex-Police vehicle instead. Fruitcake's psychosis that raped and killed Iraena Asher (not her real name etc) was partially an outcome of this. Fruitcake, now a senior person in the Police, wanted to make up for this time at school, his view of himself being that of someone successful and hence sexy. His target, young females he found attractive.
One can imply this from the way he would attack his female colleagues at work, especially by forced sexual advances on the younger ones.
These sexual advances was and is also being supported by his SKNF colleagues. The SKNF also using this terrorist tactic as a way to monopolize the security services, a method used by the SKNF elsewhere.
-Fruitcake's attacks on the wealthy is also indicative of the reason for the "cowering" I had observed amongst the wealthy.
The wealthy were also being attacked without being able to defend themselves. It appears as if the lords had become too used to these attacks and the evil and had taken it as something natural.
From experience and from what I had been told this morning it appears that the lords had begun to respond to these exponentially growing threats on their lives, the evil moving ever higher up the wealth ladder. It may be that the murder of Princess Diana led the lords to being unable to ignore this evil and threat.
The increasing evil by NUT-1 and the SKNF was exhibiting itself in examples like the 9/11 World Trade Center attack and the atrocity murders of the Nepalese Royal Family (a member of FAMILY-1).
The widespread and deep SKNF etc infestation, especially in psyops, probably led the lords into not trusting their rationality and the logical implications of what they were observing ie widespread and deep enemy infestations. This same pattern of corruption and collusion even though seen within the highest levels of security were not responded to - hence explaining why FAMILY-1's defenses are so infested with vermin.
NUT-1 and the SKNF also, and successfully, then tried to control this alarm within the lords leading to almost nothing being done about the threat until the events around the Mexican Standoff. The lords were unready before this.
-A telepathic mass conversation occurred yesterday between the lords and the populace. It made example of the SKNF's etc method of corruption and evil by pointing out how the political body within Singapore, with the probable exclusion of all in cabinet, are mostly SKNF serial killing pervert vermin.
This was proven by how the parliamentarians in the Committee of Supply Debate did not raise a single question of relevance such as those regarding the SKNF impact on Government, but only spoke of trivial unimportant things.
Things like the SKNF's impact on the economy, the threat of disaster, the nuclear mines hidden within infrastructure, the cost of straightening the country etc etc were not discussed. What was discussed tended towards flattery and nonsense. A clear show of collusion between the SKNF within Parliament and that of the Government departments.
The Ministry web pages go even further and speak of ways to parasitize Government as well as support SKNF evil and propaganda.
They used the example of the recent Singapore Budget. This budget is a careful submission which only provided what the lords are sure to include within the economy. It takes into account the SKNF's effect on everything and gives room for adjustments as the SKNF's evil becomes known and accounted for. One of the things that will be assured within the economy is the shift to automation with emphasis on robotics.
The SKNF in their usual psychosis then started making a grab for this with their usual intention to monopolize the technology while enslaving and impoverishing everyone while doing so. They did this by offering half measures surrounded by offers of corruption, poorly worked out solutions and all other kinds of means so that the advantages of robotics could not be realized.
For instance, the SKNF said that they would offer industry investment money so that they could buy robotic machines. They then offered machines that are from the 1970's with the intention of bumping up their prices and also making the region uncompetitive. The offers to industry has been also structured in such a way that industry does not do all the things necessary prior to changing their production methods, things that would make the change successful eg cellular manufacturing etc etc. Instead what was offered was for industry to buy the technology with no payback, no plan for capacity building, no new market building, the Government to be parasitized forever and not used as a booster for new productivity and markets, no thought or anything that made sense etc etc. Industry and the region had and is being set up to fail. The finance system also set up by the SKNF infestation to support this failure and hence also fail.
The SKNF etc were and are also trying to deter anyone from using the best and latest technologies and in a structured and rational way. This is actually the way the lords have said they want ie to give the economy time to adjust.
Another show of how the SKNF etc attack us economically and in every other way.
-In regards to the idea of a 'Context Deducing Machine'. This idea is for a machine to deduce the context of something by observing the patterns and shapes within the electromagnetic, gravity and any other thing and their relationships. Its outcomes include voice and sense recognition, new medical instruments of all kinds, new viewing technologies for all kinds of industries and uses (including Health and Safety) etc etc and other very desirable things.
The SKNF want not only to monopolize the technology and science but in their usual way are trying to use a 'half given good' to build the science and technology using civilian and public funds so that they can obtain advanced disruptor weapons and do other evil. The only way they can do this is by atrocity and murder within all the civilian and other organizations with the lie of security.
For those that will be part of this new science, the answer to it is to tell and remind the lords, openly and loudly, of the potential dangers associated with this science and technology and to build all the safeguards into the technology. Build in the positives and eliminate the negatives.
The lords have shown no aversion, and in fact wanting to promote, being good and doing what is good.

-SKNF reaction both locally and internationally indicate that signs are good and lords will do what is rational and logical. The local SKNF in their paramilitary, 2nd class citizens, politician, Police, priests and military infestations are showing signs of having their psychosis disturbed, this indicative by loud yelling, marching around and various other behaviors. The international SKNF doing the same through their international propaganda machines ie the newspapers and other media.
These are good signs considering that the unbiased indicators are showing signs in both directions, the crazy one of world atrocity and end as well as the developing away from the current state of sure destruction and toward eternal prosperity.

-Fruitcake and his serial killing pervert team react to knowledge of his rape by stalking and harassing the rape and murdered victim's remaining family telling them that "..she was sweet.." and other psycho remarks.

-Latest SKNF atrocity that appears to have taken their fancy is one where a young infant, under 1 year old, has its leg snapped off by a SKNF serial killing pervert vermin, the child's muffled screams and cries are difficult not to elicit an emotion of horror. This is a DirecTV placement that has appeared recently over the last month. I think they also froze this infant's leg in liquid nitrogen.
-Advice to the lords regarding what to do about the non-SKNF that are too bent to be logical and rational and continue to help the SKNF is be good and to do all that is good. This also means to research other situations and the context and derive a complete good solution as opposed to a 'half good' - that old SKNF trick.

-The following is the AT&T commercial that had the floated picture of the child who had suffered atrocity by the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin freezing part of his or her body in liquid nitrogen and then snapping one of his or her limbs off.
Original commercial located here
Perth atrocity: Infant partially frozen in liquid nitrogen then having a leg snapped off by the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin, images floated in AT&T advert April 2016
-Fruitcake's psyops team are trying to convince him that they are taking their WIM but are, unfortunately, suffering erectile dysfunction. This so that they don't have to wank on demand.
Fruitcake is ordering them to wank as frequently as possible and is keeping an eye on them via swarming microbot camera. Fruitcake's team are telepathically causing themselves not to go rigid.
While Fruitcake's psyops team say they are trying not to be drug addicts etc I suspect that subconsciously their resistance has a lot to do with the Great Convention prohibiting homophilia.
Fruitcake is too numb from his pain relievers to bring himself to erection by masturbating himself but is telepathically experiencing the arousal felt by his subordinate's fiddling, ostensibly to ensure that they are doing what he says....
-All the lords including representatives of FAMILY-1 have messaged that the SKNF threat is to come to an end. I have not heard the message but I am assuming that it is one of 2 things ie
a.either kick the SKNF out of whatever position and not service them and handle them deliberately (incarcerate) and begin straightening things up (part 2 of resolving the SKNF threat) or
b.Exterminate the SKNF vermin (part 1 of resolving the SKNF threat).
If it is only kicking them out then we have to wait for their extermination even after we begin to straightening things up as it would mean that the SKNF threat, or the first part of it anyway, has not been resolved.
We are now waiting for this. If either a or b are not performed soon then we will be guaranteed to see the end of the world within a very short time and suffer atrocity before that evil occurs.

-Reminding the lords of a message sent by people suffering in Perth as well as the lords' people on the ground in Perth.
1.The populace needs power, water and other services as winter is coming and it gets very cold and damp there.
2.The populace needs cash to buy the things that they need and that can't be planned for eg fuel, sundries, consumables of all kinds etc etc.
The recommendation is:
a.A weekly handout of cash as this leads to better control and no lump sum payments that can be used by the SKNF to parasitize. It also adds to the populace being able to manage their cashflow better.
b.The method of payment and its accounting to be performed in the simplest way possible. The reason for this is that the accounting software (eg say if a payroll system is used) has been programmed to be fraudulent by the SKNF. Also the time it takes to make a data entry will be minimised (it takes approximately 1/2hour per recipeint assuming a moderately simple entry). Simplest way would be recipient details plus sum of payout without any variation to what person receives (eg. if payroll system says Gross $500 payout then nett payout also $500). This will make the accounting straight forward as well.
c.Do not have the banks manage this as they are extremely infested with SKNF vermin and will take advantage, use it as a tool of atrocity and do evil with it.
Suggestions include having the recipients provide a weekly cash requirement. It is probable that this is better than a single standard amount for a payout and will not add much more work to account for. This needs to be confirmed with lords' people.
Also need to have legal, accounting etc looped in for best advice.
Other places that have suffered in the same way as Perth (eg in the USA, anywhere else) also will require similar support
-Bill Number 12/2016:Supply Bill for financial year 2016/17 has been passed by Singapore Parliament
Also Bill Number 13/2016:Final Supply Bill for financial year 2015/2016(2015) has been passed by Parliament.
Will be interesting to see what the President of Singapore does with these.
What all this above means...The Bills passed have been passed by a very corrupt Parliament. The Government of Singapore is being parasitized heavily by SKNF serial killing pervert vermin corruption. The Singapore Constitution you read on the internet and probably the one that you would get directly from Parliament or wherever else has probably been fraudulently changed by the SKNF and hence is unreliable. It is unlikely that the owners of property will give their property away for nothing. It is also unlikely that they would give their property away at all.

-SKNF have dismantled electronic defense protecting us.
The SKNF within the MSC and about San Francisco is their guise of Police, security service and their street gang appearances as well as those within psyops etc have been making threat of physical violence. They have placed a heavy box above my bed at the MSC so that they can throw this on me in my sleep. They have their Police garbed ones threatening to use their weapons as well as their vehicles. They have their 'gang' ones throwing punches.
I have just been involved in an altercation with a SKNF 'gang' vermin in which I lost my glasses in a punch. This even though we are meant to be protected by advanced weaponry from these kinds of attacks.
The SKNF have been ordering their SKNF vermin to commit every violence and atrocity. The SKNF have been disobeying because they believe that they will been struck by advanced weapons. This event has given the SKNF traction to terrorize and cause harm and it is detrimental to security as well as the sense of safety that is should be felt by the populace.
The SKNF now have the traction to obtain telepathic support in their attacks on the lords and the populace because of this failure in security. It is a danger to us all.
The SKNF are specifically targeting the lords' people, especially those within psyops. The ones in psyops are our last line of defense.
The SKNF have been attempting to have the lords' good people not do all that is good but actually follow the SKNF's very corrupt and intentionally security deprecating orders and directions. The lords need to emplace a real defense instead of an imaginary one by doing all things that are supportive towards security.
-In regards to myself, I am requesting that I be put somewhere safer as well as provide support to the defense by real means ie being put behind a psyops computer.
I however do not buy into the code of stupidity and buy into logical and rational behavior only.
I also need a new pair of spectacles immediately. The same prescription and type that I had had made in Malaysia. I need this immediately as the SKNF have been trying to use my myopia as a method to have me run over or such like.
-The implications of this failure in defense is serious. It means that the lords' people are not being protected. We need the lords people to use their seniority to ensure our security. We also need the lords' people to take personal responsibility for the priority things ie our security. We need the lords' people to be like Lindsay Fox!


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