Saturday, March 7, 2015

4.00. Circumstances of my involvement 01

February 22, 2015
I have stopped writing this report for the moment due to ongoing SKNF attacks. I will likely complete this report sometime before the end of this year when the SKNF threat has been nullified in compliance with orders from the Regional Commander.

The SKNF contaminant in local psyops, US security services etc are playing Take-All-Sides-Tricks in collusion with the FoM and other SKNF elements. The number of attacks have made it impossible to continue.

These attacks have not only included fraudulent alterations to this report but also to the written documents, the ones I have now being fraudulently forged. These fraudulently forged insertions and alterations are being used by the SKNF contaminant in the security services, especially the very privileged but treacherous psyops as tools for organizing the SKNF, tools for UN based SKNF subterfuge and hence a tool for attempting to take hostages and commit atrocities.

Also the Regional Commander and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (USA) has ordered my safety and safe return to Malaysia. The SKNF contaminant within the security services, especially psyops have disobeyed and are now secretly trying to torture me and kill me. The current attacks being trying to starve me, to make sure I am unable to attend to my hygiene requirements, deprive me of sleep, wet me with eczema pathogen, inject me with pathogen, beat me etc etc. All this being done with collusion of not only SKNF in psyops but at the shelters, within the Police, military, UN, etc etc.

The SKNF contaminant in psyops are offering to save me only if I become a member of the SKNF and support the SKNF. I have said that I hope Family/Lords use my example the only example as to what must be done in the event that there is a malevolent evil that wishes to attack them.

1.The ongoing attacks have resulted in this report being used by the local and foreign SKNF as a means for their propaganda.

2.The local SKNF are using my compliance to the Regional Commander's orders to provide a complete, comprehensive, clear and precise report on the SKNF conspiracy as a SKNF means to attack the Regional Commander.

3.The local SKNF in collusion with the SKNF elements elsewhere especially with SKNF-NZ and the Fruit of Manukau (SKNF psyops Counties-Manukau, New Zealand Police)
-a.Use this report as a propaganda tool by modifying the report as well as forging copies of the originating document
-b.Have used it as a SKNF organization and information tool to advise their second class SKNF citizens
-c.As a support tool for the SKNF elements within the UN for whatever new SKNF lie-du-jour is being bandied about
-d.As a means of hiding their complicity in the SKNF and SKNF conspiracy and threat by saying that they are unable to prevent the attacks using this report as example

3.The SKNF in psyops are using it as a means to subtract from the Regional Commander's authority by implying that their HOD's commands to allow the failure to follow orders take precedence over that of their Regional Commander

4.The SKNF in psyops are using this report to give themselves excuse for not complying with their Regional Commanders.

5.The SKNF in psyops are using this report to give themselves credibility as to the lie that they cannot stop the SKNF.

I am being forcibly held in San Francisco by the SKNF. I am their victim and hostage. My involvement and contribution in saving Earth, in this SKNF war against the Earth, World War 3 (WW3), is fortuitous and unplanned by me.

I initially became involved as I thought what was happening was a dispute between Malaysia and a New Zealand based property lord and his cronies. This property lord is also the Chief of Police in Manukau, New Zealand. I have come to know him and his wife as Serial Killer and Screeching Mad Wife.

As events began and continued to unfold it became clear to me that what I was actually witnessing was and is WW3. At the same time it was and still is clear to me that the SKNF intended to impoverish me, enslave me, torture me and then murder me. I resolved to continue my involvement and contribution to saving Earth as I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The SKNF's intention was and is to "bum" me. Their intent was and is to force me onto the streets as a vagrant. They would then be able to use the machinery of Government, not to mention their collusive SKNF agents within Government (especially those in the police and mental institutions), and their control of street gangs and other criminals, to destroy my name, to assault me, to destroy my mind, to harass me and to torture me so as to titillate their psychopathic sense of humor.

I would probably be living in England and not have contributed if the SKNF had not trapped me in San Francisco.

The SKNF within the secret service have revealed that they have been affecting my life for quite some time now. The details of this will be found within my notes.

Serial Killer and his SKNF subordinates are members of the NZ Police Force and NZ secret service. Blog entry provides a summary of my history with Serial Killer. I recall watching President Obama on my television as if he and some others were waiting for me to mention the superconductor energy device. This occurred on the night of my family's abduction. I did not speak to the President etc at that time as I was distraught and frightened for my family's safety.

Serial Killer and the rest of the SKNF  perpetuated the lies that I had warranted his assassination attempt on myself as I had obtained secret information regarding superconductor energy technologies ( as well as advanced space technologies (

I now know that SKNF elements within the secret service implanted and pushed the idea of the superconducting energy device into my mind telepathically. They may have done the same for the propellantless propulsion (advanced space and propulsion) technology. What had actually occurred was that I was unaware of the SKNF pushing the idea of the free energy, superconductor based device into my mind. In fact I was unaware of telepathy nor how subtle it can be at that time. I thought I had had a great idea. When I investigated the idea further, its potential surprised and excited me to the usual extent anyone finding free energy while being told that it is impossible would react. I tried to tell everyone I could about "my" idea.
(30th July 2016: SKNF had implanted the idea of prpellantless propulsion in my head. Appears that it was and is part of their ongoing subterfuge and system of terrorism. Subterfuge because they lie that they are fighting for freedom and conquering space. System of terrorism because they use the knowledge of these things as a reason for committing their atrocities on anyone)

According to my blog entry  I had no knowledge of telepathy until 27/07/2011 (dd/mm/yyyy). The strange number of 7's tells me that the original blog entry has probably been doctored by the SKNF. It is also likely that the images in the blog entry showing the date have also been doctored.  I probably discovered telepathy sometime in 2006. It was only within the years 2011-2013 that I learnt about the subtleties of telepathy and this mostly when I was held hostage in San Francisco, USA. Serial Killer had ordered my wife, son and rest of my family to not help my developing understanding of telepathy prior to that.

I also began researching electricity.

It then occurred to me that propellantless propulsion was also possible as electromagnetic energy was not necessarily a flow of particles but a wave travelling in space. At that time I thought this had not been developed and try to raised awareness of this possibility with those involved in space technologies eg NASA, forums and so on. At no time was I told or was it hinted that this technology already existed. I only became aware its existence when I shown some advanced propulsion craft on television at the MSC South Shelter and telepathically told they do exist sometime within the years 2012-2014. My notes will provide more detail.

At that time I was unaware of the investigation and case that had been brought to the United Nations and other authorities regarding the SKNF, their activities and their plans and actions towards initiating WW3 and subsequent destruction of the apex of human society and the SKNF's seizure of global resources and power. Nor was I aware of NUT-1's counterplan which would and will result in the same outcomes as that of the SKNF's plan. I was not to find out about this until the years 2013-2014.

I was forced to return to New Zealand sometime between September 2011 and November 2011. What caused this is as follows.

I was led to believe that Serial Killer's SKNF team's trouble-making and harassments were not only limited to myself but was quite widespread in Malaysia. That this trouble-making had included MITM (Man In The Middle) electronic attacks on automatic banking machines, attacks on schools, counterfeiting, criminal gang activity and other things that were only hinted at but which I had no knowledge off. That this trouble-making had resulted in a Malaysian and New Zealand inter and intra Government investigation. I believed that I was included only as I had witnessed Serial Killer's activities. I also believed that I would be protected by the Malaysian and the New Zealand Governments.

S崑昆恢怕馳恢皆想昨懋昨恢愕昧愕標恢榜恢馳恢屍焚屍榜焜禁忌愕杯匙馳愕焜恢愕懋榮愕想皆米尼想<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

I experienced some unusual things during this time. These experiences include military helicopters with monsoon buckets creating a rainfall over the restaurant I would frequent. This happened a number of times. Some jet aircraft flying in formation over my apartment block. Also one day while driving along Jalan Semarak I saw a large number of Police academy students (there is a Police academy on Jalan Semarak) standing along the road, smiling and looking at me as if some kind of message to the telepathic watchers.

Having to write in Find then copy and paste to document <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

This event began as what one would imagine any investigation would be like. However it ended with the secret services projecting (and broadcasting globally and loudly) what seemed like the apocalypse. It had me almost believing that Australia and New Zealand had been decimated. It had me believing (as opposed to almost) that they had committed atrocities on my whole family. I believe that the loud telepathic global broadcast and the way it was done ie an outlandish and at the time unreal story of apocalypse in the Antipodes, me yelling warnings to everyone etc, was purposefully to make me appear insane, threaten those who were cognizant of the SKNF conspiracy and to lay the ground for the SKNF's plan to hold whole cities hostage and perpetrate their atrocities - to capture as many victims for their future crimes against humanity as possible eg what they have done and are doing to Perth and what they tried to do and in many cases did to every other city on the planet. Another thing that happened was that the SKNF televised and telepathically made me see what I now know as video footage of their atrocities, some of them with images of members of my family 'floated' above the faces of their actual victims. This is why I thought my family had not only been murdered but had suffered atrocity. For instance, I saw a child's skull being sawn open using an electric saw and the brain being exposed (they floated my son's face over this victim's face); I saw a preschool girl being raped by a adult male and then that girl being dismembered using a meat cleaver (my daughter's face being floated over this victim's face); I saw my wife as if she had had her feet nailed to a wooden floor; I saw people being chain sawed in half by balaclava wearing serial killers in paramilitary like uniforms (my sister-in-law's face floated over one victim's face);  I saw whole families being jettisoned from military cargo aircraft in what appeared to be northern Australia; I saw horror after horror. After that I was separated from my family, locked out of my home for a day, poisoned for about a week, almost forced onto the streets of KL and then incarcerated in a mental institution. Like the time prior to this, I was incarcerated for about a month or more. This blog entry ( and those prior to this were written during this period. Also note in the aforementioned blog that it seems to imply that I was incarcerated for 2 weeks. I believe that this blog entry has been tampered with by the SKNF to trivialize my and my family's trauma.

You will also note, unless the entry has been doctored in the mean time, that I write at the end of the entry "Oh, this is also a book". I did this to prevent the SKNF from using my blogs as a case against my sanity which they eventually did.

In hindsight I conclude that the adversity my family and I had experience, and continue to experience at the time of writing this, in Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States was and is the result of collusion between SKNF terrorist elements within the security services (police, military, secret service), Government and so on, secretly working against orders from the true and rightful authorities and towards their own glorification.

I did not know about the extent of Serial Killer's terrorism and terrorist colleagues (whom I call the SKNF - Serial Killer Nut Force), nor of their long history of crime, serious or otherwise, neither their collusion or their plans for global apocalypse. I did not know about how most crime on Earth stems from the SKNF. I had thought that the Police in Malaysia had incarcerated me, against the will of those owners of large business and the Government of Malaysia, because Serial Killer was an extremely wealthy person who was patron to some important people in Malaysia (more on this in my notes).

I was harassed continually during my second incarceration at KL Hospital mental institution. They even attempted to make me join a local street gang.

Also note the propensity for the SKNF to use the stigma and threat of mental institutions (as opposed to the double-speak mental HEALTH institution). How the SKNF uses these institutions to administer brain paralyzing and destroying chemicals for supposed treatment, treatments which are often SKNF methods for enslavement and torture. As witness to Serial Killer's, Screeching-Mad-Wife's and rest of the SKNF's psychotic euphoria when using this method of torture, I can say that it actually is an example of the acute insanity that describes the SKNF's mentality. As an example of this refer to this blog entry ( which had been tampered with to make me appear crazy (incoherence about "...beautiful women..."). I think I mentioned that Serial Killer is a sexual neuter instead (more on this in my notes).

I decided to return to New Zealand a few months after I was released from KL Hospital mental ward. My harassment by Serial Killer and the SKNF was well known in KL. Everybody knew that the Serial Killer's SKNF sub-group were using their government level computers and electronics as well as their criminal resources to disrupt anywhere and everywhere I worked. This made it impossible for me to find work or even after finding work, keeping it. Serial Killer would then use this "fact" as further evidence of my insanity (apparently the insane cannot retain a job). Furthermore I was without an income or money.

I was required to return monthly for a clinical review of my mental state and so I went to KL Hospital to advise them of my plan to return to NZ. They gave me a note to hand to the mental institution authorities in NZ so that I could transfer my case there. I read the note on the way home, ripped it up and threw it away. As I recall, it said that I was suffering from depression and schizophrenia brought on by marijuana.

A brief note on the modus operandi of Serial Killer and his NZ Police/secret-service  SKNF subgroup (the Fruit of Manukau or FoM). Their harassment would begin with a seemingly convivial telepathic conversation with the proprietor of the business (or head of the department). Its purpose was to have my employment terminated by poisonous allegation. If this did not work, they would begin with telepathic attacks on the staff and employer, followed by death threats, followed by government level (foreign government when I was in Malaysia) electronic and computer attacks, followed by criminal gang attacks and so on. These attacks were exponentially increasing in both number of attacks as well as threat. These attacks would not only have real detrimental economic consequences for the business but also expose the staff, business owner and whoever else in proximity (school children in many cases) to real physical dangers, dangers that I now know include the worse of possible crimes. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

I spent those months prior to returning to NZ rebalancing myself, getting over the lost of my family, trying to figure a way out of what would be certain death should I return to NZ, trying to find any other alternative than returning to NZ. In retrospect I see myself as being herded into returning to NZ, to be another of Serial Killer's many many victims of atrocity.

My knowledge of Serial Killer's serial killing propensities came from direct experience as well as reading his mind.

Usually Serial Killer's NZ secret service (computer room) support would prevent me from doing this. However in this case I believe that I was allowed because Serial Killer was causing too much trouble for his SKNF colleagues in KL. I believe that these colleagues wished to teach Serial Killer a lesson as well as learn whether my theories of the mind were true. They were aware that these theories had shown the Magic Card Trick [Alternatively click here for another entry regarding the MCT; It appears that the SKNF are as usual trying to get their whoopies from showing that they can cleverly manipulate blogs - ie earlier link appears in my blog roll in the past but when checking my blog roll now, the entry cannot be found and yet it mysteriously appears here] (a mind technique that shows it is possible to see through solid objects). Also note how strange it was that Serial Killer's computer room allowed it to happen at all. Perhaps this was an early indications of their future intentions of  a second coup,  murdering Serial Killer and the other nut lords after their global apocalypse event. A plan that actually resulted in the turning point event that may (assuming that the Lords/Family do what is right) have saved the Earth.

The SKNF lie when they report that I read minds to get sensitive information such as the advanced space propulsion and energy devices as if I am some kind of super spy. They may cite my blog entries such as ( and ( as evidential. These blog entries actually refer to some mind reading experiments that are based on my understanding of information and brain structure. Actually they show my inexperience with telepathy.

I was annoyed and decided to try a telepathic experiment to prove if mind reading were possible after Serial Killer's harassment resulted in my being sacked from Alice Smith School (or some other reason now forgotten)  and to do so on the source of my troubles. For whatever reason I had felt safe enough from further physical attacks by Serial Killer. I am unable to point to my blog entry of when I first performed this experiment as my blog has been truncated. This blog entry alludes to that now missing blog entry. I discovered the truth of this murder from Serial Killer's reaction. He had thought that some secret service computer room personnel had helped me (possible). I then performed these other mind reading experiments later on for the same reason (ie retaliating to Serial Killer's continuous harassments).

During that period before my return to New Zealand, a Malaysian secret service (likely SKNF) agent pretending to be befriending me even tried to entice me to "party" with him, probably with malevolent intentions.

I now know that Serial Killer and the FoM could run amok in and terrorize a foreign country like Malaysia, contrary to the will of those in authority, only because of collusion, treachery and conspiracy by those in the Governments (especially in the security services) of both countries. This is in fact true for all countries that suffer the lie and subterfuge of a Government's inability to control crime.

The lie that crime is a constant of civilization is a subterfuge to parasitize the resources and assets of Government and finally to supplant those at the apex of human society. Crimes ranging from the Michael Brown protest in San Francisco (28/11/2014) that was intended to riot like the Los Angeles riots of 1992, to those preventing me from writing this report and those secretly colluding by pretending to be blocking them, to the attack on the highest of the Lords (Family-1) today by the FoM and how FAMILY-1 appears to be unprotected from these attacks by their psyops and other supposed protectors (30/11/2014 @ approx. 10am San Francisco time), to the covert serial killings and crimes against humanity such as that occurring in Perth as I write this, to the seemingly endless wars including all the world wars. The first line of defence, that of intelligence-psyops (large numbers of personnel with computer and electronic control of electronic objects and using telepathic means to detect crime and supposedly defend us) is impenetrable and infallible unless there is corruption, treachery and conspiracy. For instance, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul, the driver, murdered by colluding SKNF in the secret services of many countries, including the United Kingdom (1997). This was done by electronic control of the Mercedes Benz they were in, making it accelerate to dangerous speeds than crashing it. Family's psyops could have saved them using their electronics but are likely to be SKNF and are thus implicated in this crime.

The source of all of these crimes originate from an elite consisting of a minority of Lords (Nut-Lords), a minority of the highest levels of Family (NUT-1) and a number of loosely related treacherous, conspiring lieutenants of those at the very top of human society. NUT-1 and these Nut-Lords empower these lieutenants financially, politically, professionally, arming them (even with advanced weaponry) and by other ways. Power cascades downwards from these elite, empowering those lower down the human hierarchy, from top to bottom, NUT-1, to Nut-Lord, to lieutenant, to subordinate, to slave. All of these, NUT-1 and SKNF members, from Nut-Lord to slave, are insane, mad, homicidal, psychotic and are rife with psychopathy, in summary are a bunch of serial killing perverts.

I lived at my brother, Nicholas Chin, and his family's home on Ponsonby Rd, Karori, Wellington when I returned to New Zealand. I found work with a company called Printstop ( as an Accountant. Lawrence Evans the name of my Managing Director. My brother and his family left on a month long European vacation a short while after my arrival back in NZ. When they returned from this holiday, probably around Christmas, they again left to visit family in Nelson, NZ. I had begun working for Printstop by the time they had returned from their European holiday.

There were a small number of inconsequential FoM electronic attacks during the time prior to my working with Printstop. There were probably also a number of equally inconsequential interactions with the NZ secret service or people who were aware of what was actually taking place, all which I was unaware of and uninformed by.

I was awoken in the middle of the night while living at my brother's by foot steps ascending the staircase. I yelled "Who is it!?". There was no one there.

We were visited by a couple who I was told were friends of my niece but who I later found to be secret service (the male) and an escort (the female). The female was offered to me as a sexual partner if I were to support the SKNF and their lies (see notes). I saw her and an older, stumpy looking woman, walking by me in San Francisco where she was offered to me telepathically.

We were also visited by a family friend (Katinka Severe) who I think may have done so to assure herself of my sanity amongst other things. Katinka's husband (Moses Severe) is a retired US commander in charge of Operation Deep Freeze in Christchurch, NZ.

A man and a woman (I am having difficulty recalling this as the SKNF are telepathically interfering with my mind as I write) showed up one day to tell me that a house across the street had been burgled and asked whether I had seen anything. I had the impression that I was being implicated. I cannot recall clearly but the man may have turned up first and said that he lived next door. It is possible that his wife was with him at that time or that I met them together later and he was alone when we first met. They then asked if I could look after their house (which they said was the one to the right of my brother's as one faces the street) and if I see a delivered newspaper could I put it on their front doorstep seeing that they were going away on holiday and did not wish for it to announce an empty home. I felt uncomfortable about this as I felt that they were already thinking I may have been involved in the burglary. Thinking about it now, it was probably the usual SKNF death by allegation and implication attack.

There was a man I met briefly at a bus-stop near home that said he was an environmentalist and had worked previously as an IT security expert.

I had a pre-employment meeting with a guy called Steve Messenger who introduced himself as one of the directors at Printstop. We discussed my employment and seemed unhappy that I was not fully conversant in accounting consolidations. I borrowed some books on accounting at the library and reviewed the topic after that.

I met with Jean, my house-mate and landlord, about a room I rented from her and whose home it was. I moved there probably in January 2012 after my brother and his family had returned from Nelson.

I noticed a Malay man sitting in a room overlooking the street I was walking down while boarding in Ngaio. Unlikely to be the home-owner.

I暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗<<,,,<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report. Having to write in Find then copy and paste to document

A staff member at the travel center seemed to be trying to seduce me. Likely to be secret-service.

There may have been other events.

In retrospect I think Serial Killer was pushing the lie of my insanity while those in the NZ secret service and also are SKNF were claiming that the adversity that I and my family had experienced was due to my "discovery" of the superconductor based energy device.

I think I began working for Printstop two weeks before the end of 2011. I was happy because my return to NZ was generally uneventful. Serial Killer was not as obtrusive as before. I could begin working on a way to provide for my children's financial and educational needs. I had planned on bringing them over to NZ for tertiary education as well as use my higher earnings in NZ to help pay for them in Malaysia. I had planned this after getting over the shock of being incarcerated again and losing my family in Malaysia and wrote a note in one of my blogs.

In my office was a young woman (Tamsen) and an Indian man (Ragu). In adjoining offices were Lawrence the Managing Director, a man that did the IT, the lady that did the accounts payables, a number of other employees who worked for Printstop or a related company to Printstop. Many, if not all, were probably aware of some aspect about my employment there.

As I recall, it was only during the chaos that exploded at Printstop and at home shortly after Serial Killer, with the FoM, introduced himself to Lawrence (see Serial Killer's modus operandi) that I thought my employment at Printstop was arranged and related to the ongoing Malaysia-New Zealand inter and intra government investigation regarding Serial Killer's terrorist activities. I was unaware of the UN investigation into the SKNF at this time.

My work at Printstop consisted of doing the daily accounting as well as reconstructing the accounting structure, reports and system. The accounting department appeared to be in total disarray. Meanwhile they were about to invest in new software and computer capex. It was basically an accountant's nightmare scenario but on completion would be good for my resume.

All of the following events in NZ occurred from about January to mid-March when I eventually tried to dodge Serial Killer's attempts on my life by escaping to the USA.

It started with Serial Killer doing his usual important wealthy lord act. Lawrence was in his office. I was at my desk in the adjoining office. Tamsen and Ragu may have been at their desks. FoM supporting the telepathic communication between Lawrence and himself. The exuded charisma oozing with righteousness, grand-fatherly love, reason, trustworthiness, dependability. It appeared that he wanted to have Lawrence terminate my employment. Lawrence declined and I believe said he wished to keep me on. This may have gone on for a couple more days. After that Serial Killer started threatening Lawrence and his family. The threats included raping Lawrence's young daughter, murdering Lawrence and his family. Lawrence remained adamant that he wanted to retain me.

The company then suffered the usual computer/electronic attacks. Tampering with my electronic documents, tampering with the accounting software, changes in the prior accounting software's code, escalating so that doing work became impossible. I am not aware of any other equipment (Printstop being very reliant on electronics and computers) being tampered with.

Next the physical threats.

A man and a woman wearing government standard black suits entered the Printstop building while I was outside having a cigarette. One of them was carrying a pouch that I was telepathically told carried tranquilizers which I was to be injected with and taken away. On my way home I saw two very large, muscled, Maori, thuggish appearing men in a van parked up the street. I got the impression that the government agents were to deliver me to them after tranquilizing me and they were to drive me up to Manukau where I was to be delivered to Serial Killer and be stomped on. Serial Killer's favourite killing method is to stomp on his victims. They asked me telepathically whether I would submit to a drug test to which I replied I would not as I was not the one causing the trouble. Some staff clapped as it seemed (emphasis on seemed) that I had answered correctly. The agents were to use a yes answer as an excuse to stick a needle in me and tranquilize me. The fact that I was doing what is required of me by law and the Government and that the agents were actually acting contrary to their Government and law did not seem to register nor did anyone seem to notice this strange state of affairs. I was to learn why later (security services  >80% co-conspirators and members of SKNF).

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Having to write in Find then copy and paste to document <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A woman who worked at Printstop as a project manager was taken away in a government issue Ford saloon, a man in government black suit driving. She looked terrified as she looked out the window when the car drove by. I told Lawrence what had happened and saw him leave Printstop. I assume that he saved her as I saw her at work the next day. She pretended that nothing had happened but as I had been in similar situations I knew she was badly shaken.

Large Kenworth or Mack trucks would speed by me as I would drive to or from work. Equally they would be speeding down the slow and merging lane of the freeway adjoining Wellington to the industrial area where Printstop is located while I would be merging into the freeway, tail-gating, murder threats.

Cars suspiciously driving down the Cul-de-Sac where Printstop is located.

Lawrence, from his usual jovial, confident self looked worried and seemed a little frightened.

It became so chaotic, and I felt my life so endangered that I instantly agreed to a telepathic suggestion that I flee the country.

During this period I would be questioned telepathically or would be looped in on what appeared to be an ongoing investigation into  Serial Killer's terrorism in Malaysia. I would explain or speak openly, and if one were unaware, seemingly to myself, about my experience in Malaysia. I assume that what I said was telepathically conveyed to others. I would do the same away from work as well, at home, driving etc etc. Serial Killer would often use the SKNF trick of blaming their activities on the superconductor energy technology or on the narcotic trade whenever he was caught in a lie, a trick to misdirect attention and loop in an endless argument of nonsense.

Just before going home one evening, Serial Killer started up what appeared to be a telepathic discussion between gang members, the secret-service, the Police and other people involved in the drug trade. The discussion appeared to be about sourcing and purchasing narcotics and then selling them on the street. His intention was to "prove" to everyone that I am a "black" agent, someone involved in the outside of law activities of a country, and hence am subject to the SKNF right to do a serial killing. Furthermore it was another subterfuge, a trick used regularly by the SKNF, one that is used in endless loop to misdirect and redirect discussion and mind, to support the lie that the SKNF's activities and conspiracy were actually a snapshot of global narcotics activities. I told him to ""...fuck himself..." which made him swerve onto that other lie being that I had no choice for a lord had ordered me to do something ie there being no rules or laws – possible if I were in Manukau but I was in Wellington.

It appeared that Ragu was actually an investigator or advocate in this investigation. Other "staff" at Printstop likely advocates or agents.

My brother invited me over a few days after the 1st of March 2011, ostensibly as a belated celebration of my birthday. I was boarding with Jean in Ngaio by this time. We had dinner, my brother seemingly becoming quite inebriated. My youngest niece disappeared upstairs and Francis, my brother's eldest daughter, went to wash the dishes, the kitchen adjoining the dining room. We started chatting. The conversation suddenly turned from being pleasant and totally forgettable into an argument. Nick was acting as a telepathic conduit for accusations that were originating from someone else. I don't recall exactly what was said but it appeared that I was being accused of insanity and of lying. It suddenly occurred to me that Nick was unknowingly being Serial Killer's conduit. That he was unaware of how dangerous Serial Killer is. I tried to tell him by reminding him what had happened to my family. Nick told me to leave loudly and told Francis to go upstairs and not be part of what was happening. I called the telepathic source a snake (I may write more on Snake later, possibly in the notes). I told Nick not to trust them as they are dangerous and I left. Nick had said not to return which may have been pushed telepathically.

Earlier Nick had suggested I return to University to which I said that it would be inappropriate as I have financial responsibilities to my family.

This birthday incident with Nick and his family and Nicks suggestion that I should return to University appeared to be harmless. It was later that I discovered that they were related to Serial Killer's plan for Nick and his family to suffer the same type of atrocity that David Bain had suffered.

Google David Bain on the internet (wiki @ In summary, David Bain witnessed the serial killing of his family by a number of SAS trained serial killing thugs. His family was probably tortured, raped and then murdered. He was left alive, made a victim by a corrupt judiciary and justice system as well as the NZ subgroup of the SKNF in the guise of the security services, blamed for the murder of his family, incarcerated for over a decade, reputation destroyed by corrupt media, made to look like a monster and reviled by the populace.

Serial Killer had told Nick to allow me to stay with him and his family on my return to NZ. The birthday party incident would have sounded like an argument between my brother and myself. I am sure it was broadcast telepathically. Remember that at this time, everyone, including myself, believed that the Police etc. are the good guys. Later on when I was illegally detained by the Police, the night before my incarceration in Porirua hospital mental facility and the night before my intended flight out of NZ, they made Nick accuse me of insanity at the Police station. They got Nick to do the same while I was incarcerated (in a mental hospital) in Porirua. I was telepathically pushed to feel angered. I believe Nick also the same. I pointed out to Nick that I was writing a book in both cases but he seemed forced to make his accusation that I am insane. My brother would rightfully do anything to protect his family. To anyone watching it would seem like a very heated argument.

While I was about 10-11 years old, the Malaysian secret service - psyops almost induced a sexual incident between my preschool sister and I. Furthermore, while I was in my 20's the NZ secret service - psyops induced me to grab the breast of a 13-14 year old girl. As usual, they recorded these incidents in their archive systems to be used for blackmail, as a legal weapon for incarceration and/or as a reputation destroyer. The colluding secret services would pass this information to each other as necessary. During the time I was staying with Nick, I had the feeling that Francis was being telepathically induced to think that I am a pedophile. They attempted to do the same with Miria, my younger niece. At the birthday party incident they even asked Miria to take off her jumper as if to bare her bosom to me.

I waved my arm to telepathically move Serial Killer's arm while I was urgently trying to warn Nick about Serial Killer during the birthday party. That same day or the day after, Serial Killer ordered some Malaysian security services to whip my children with a cane. He said something to the effect that its about time someone brought them up properly. In the background, Screeching Mad Wife's screeching gleeful laughter. The Malaysian security services came as large thugs, against the Lord of KL's orders, under the guise of Serial Killer being an important patron and myself and family being less than bacteria. They were whipped to Serial Killer's gleeful laughter, victim changed when Serial Killer, the FoM, or Screeching Mad Wife would say "switch" (as in a whipping cane or to change over). I do not torture my children. I do not hit them at all. The act a reflection of Serial Killer's, Screeching Mad Wife's and the FoM's perversity and their own social development.

I was taken to Porirua hospital and housed in the mental facility there about 4 am on the morning of my illegal arrest and hold at Wellington Central Police station. It was either that time or the night after when my brother's house was attacked. Somebody threw a heavy object into the living room's large bay-sun windows, smashing them. The FoM then cut-off their electricity, making the house fall into pitch darkness, cold blustery wind freezing the house, rain falling through the now broken bay windows wetting the interior of the house and damaging it. The whole family were also attacked telepathically, especially the children, and especially Miriam, in number and strength, loud yelling, incoherence. For those who have not experienced this type of telepathic attack, it is very intimidating and terrifying to the young and for an adult it can be very disorienting.

The SKNF in the form of Serial Killer and the FoM now "sat" on Nick and his family continually. Especially Miria.

Where once they were confident and happy, helping the Government, thinking that they were protected by doing what the secret service had asked them to do, no matter if it was baring one's teenage bosom to one's uncle, they were now squashed. They shoulders drooping. They gait frightened. They dared not to speak. Were warned and threatened from the slightest thought. Thoughts were pushed and then they were threatened again. From a happy loving family, to a fearful, tense and stress one. No one speaking to each other. Daring not to show love or warmth or even smile at each other. All the while being jeered, inchoate shouting, pure evil from the Serial Killer's insane, psychotic Serial Killer psyops hencemen, the FoM.

Francis and Miria's school friends tried to support them mentally, only to be attacked by the Police/Secret-service/psyops. The FoM, where once they were only noisy, were almost gibbering and leaping up and down like a pack of rabid, howling, hooting baboons, you could almost imagine the spittle and foaming at the mouth as they once again had their psychotic ego's boosted by their terrorist attack on the good and innocent. They focused their attack on Miria as she is the youngest and easiest to terrorize. It was also because I shared a joke with her and they thought that I treated her as a favorite amongst my nieces.

The Rector of the school, Samuel Marsden Collegiate, must have said something to try and help them because that night (very late that he had to be woken) he and his wife had a visit from a group of serial killing terrorist in the guise of the NZ Police/Secret-Service. I think the Rector was slapped around, his home rifled through by bullet proof Kevlar dark Police standard uniformed serial killing perverts, we now know are members of the SKNF as well as being in their official capacity within the NZ security services. Imagine someone that would be as far away socially as possible from this type of thing suddenly being ambushed by the SKNF.

Samuel Marsden Collegiate is a very exclusive private girl school to which a great many important people in Wellington send their daughters to.

Probably a day or two after the bay windows were smashed, Serial Killer sent a team of serial killing perverts, similar to what happened to David Bain, to torture Nick and his family, and then murder them. This time the Police came to the rescue and covered the street with standard white police cars. I believe the use of white colored vehicles a signal to the unknowing. It is to say that in the security services there is a black and a white force ie a bad guy and a good guy. A lie I found also being spread in the US.

At about the same time Lawrence and his family were saved from attack and atrocity by Symon ("employee" at Printstop) and other Police officers.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< shouldnt be able to do this if not being harrassed by SKNF and with usual IT pretending to be stopping Nutcake。 I have reminded them that this report is for FAMILY-1。 SKNF elements in the guise of UNobservers and secret service pretending otherwise <<<<<<<<<<<< (暉昨者馳牌旭馳鄰痺昨標數者馳鄰痺昨教片旭協杯史考標牌昨榮史者馳敞牌昨標痹者馳鄰教職標痹者馬校牌昨標痹者馳敞牌馳敞都習標痺書馳史者馬郁考昧鄰痺屠禁教螺昨束教昨米糬熙昨馬槽 <<<< shouldnt be able to do this if not being harrassed by SKNF and with usual IT pretending to be stopping Nutcake。 I have reminded them that this report is for FAMILY-1。 SKNF elements in the guise of UNobservers and secret service pretending otherwise

I recall having a shower whilst in the mental ward and someone, I believed it was my friends husband, communicating with me not to go to San Francisco as they did not want to have what happened to my brother to happen to my friend and husband. I agreed with him and said I would not visit them. I had thought of fleeing to SF and staying with my friend Patcharamon for a few days before going onto England. I had printed a list of the Salvation Army addresses for SF while at Printstop in case I could not reach her and tell her to expect me. A little later I had printed a list of Salvation Army addresses in Los Angeles. Salvation Army because I thought they would manage shelters as they do in NZ.

They also showed me Nick's emotional state. He was standing, looking and feeling tense and  very stressed, his hands gripping a bar (the balcony ?), teeth gritted, miserable, despairing, powerless to save his children. I tried to help by telling them to support each other's minds telepathically. Not to allow the FoM to terrorize them and prevent them from coming together. I think this worked.

Miria sought comfort from her parents by joining them in bed. The FoM attacked her by inducing Nick to grope her while asleep. Nick had to change rooms and sleep in another room.

They further terrorized Nick and his family by using the threat of mental institution incarceration. This they did by having Francis be part of their discussion/investigation act in the mental ward at Porirua during my incarceration. An implied threat.

巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨巨W等昨川昨嘗馬川馳昕昨鄰昨襟書那鄰昨鄰昨川昨螺那螃 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<,,,,,,



昌熾層晶晶晶晶日<,<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,,, SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report - library computer doesn't allow me to change to Chinese script.

隊田九昨棕灰榜日映   <<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report - library computer doesn't allow me to change to Chinese script.

SKNF tampering with this report. I have lost large amounts of script. <<<<<<<<

 <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

The Wellington secret-service, during the chaos, tried to silence the now very noticeable and cacophonous FoM. They were told, at first very quietly, then hissed at, then yelled at, to "SHUT UP!" much as the Malaysian secret-service attempted to do while I was in Malaysia. It was, as usual, unsuccessful. The FoM's behavior turns out to be an attention-seeking psychosis that plays a very important, if not the most important, part, by anyone and/or of any group, anywhere, in the SKNF's (eventually) losing of World War 3. Anyone, bar the FoM and Serial Killer and his immediate family, will attest to this truth.

In the meantime, Jean my landlady had asked me to find a new place to live. In retrospect, I believe my room and board with Jean was also arranged and Jean an advocate for the investigation into Serial Killer's terrorism in Malaysia (and possibly NZ).

I would chide her telepathically at times when she would take Serial Killer's side in a discussion. I was told telepathically that it was the safest thing to do sometimes. I could see her point of view if these thoughts came from her. These discussions would never occur face to face, but only at a distance and telepathically where Jean and I were concerned. It may be because she feared for her safety otherwise. It is also likely another deniability trick that the SKNF corrupt secret-service use so that their corruption has an excuse. On the night I was illegally arrested, she even handed me back my rent bond and the remaining amount of my unused rent.

John Keys, the Prime Minister of NZ, said telepathically that Serial Killer was shredding the constitution. I believe the whole of Wellington and probably NZ were listening in on what was happening.

Charles Chauvel, then a NZ politician, made an appearance of television, seemingly waiting for me to say something about the Malaysia-NZ investigation of Serial Killer's terrorist activities.

Television programs about David Tamihere, supposed killer of Heidi Paakonen and Urban Hoglin(  saying he is innocent (turns out to be true - SKNF-NZ atrocity so they can rape Heidi).

Other television programs inviting me to Australia (large open space, country towns, no serial killers here...) or China (I can look after the poor suffering orphan children!), I think Australia is too close and I know Serial Killer has an gang army there from their attack on me and my family when my family was raped and kidnapped in 2008 and China is too poor and likely to have the same problems as Malaysia (western wealth many patrons) - I did not know the world as I do now.

By my last day at Printstop (a Friday), I had bought my airline ticket, had provided anyone that asked a reasonable excuse for leaving the country (to Jean I said holiday, to Nick I said job elsewhere - or something like that), I had packed my bags and dropped of what I could not carry, nor need, in another bag with Nick. I think I may have tried to withdraw the remaining money in my bank account only to find that the SKNF (probably the FoM) had taken this and as well as changing the balance on my account to an overdraft of about NZD200. I left work slightly early and took a train from Johnsonville. I noticed a number of people who I thought were probably secret service hanging around and on the train. I feared that they may even stop the train and prevent me from leaving but this proved not to happen. I got home, did my final tidy up and sat down to rest and watch television slightly before 11pm that night. My flight was the following Saturday or Sunday.

Getting my tickets proved quite difficult, time consuming and troublesome but I eventually managed to get them. I believe some of the personnel at the travel center were probably secret-service/Police.

At about 11pm there was a knock on the door, just about the time I was thinking about retiring to bed. I opened the door and saw a blond haired lady. She had one of those inane, all-knowing, smiles on her face that the secret-service/Police like to wear and to which I think is them expressing their swollen egos from being aware of secret things. The blonde woman and some Police officers entered the house, said that I am under arrest and asked me to follow them to their waiting Police car. At the Police car I was frisked publicly, so I would look like a criminal to the neighbors, and then driven to the Police station. My backpacks and belongings I leave at Jeans.

I was made to wait for a number of hours at the Police station. One of the Police officers commented that I was wearing the "right" jacket. He was alluding to a blue MacPac jacket I had bought as I did not have any cold weather clothes when I arrived in Wellington. I later discovered that this jacket was specially manufactured for me and acted as a message from colluding secret-services that I am actually a "black" operative and thus am outside of the law (presumably so that they had an excuse to do anything that wanted to me). It is cold in the Police station.

Probably not quite exact recall: A young psychiatrist or psychologist visits me sometime about 2am in the morning. We speak, he writes something down then leaves. I think my brother came in before or slightly after this young psychiatrist and under duress started saying that I was insane and used my blog as support for his argument. I said that it was a book. I think it was meant to be far more heated then it turned out to be. I was already cognizant who Serial Killer's propensity for using the threat of insanity and mental institutions and had taken precautions. A little later an older psychiatrist/psychologist visits me. He signs a document to have me committed for 1-2 weeks under the some NZ mental health act for observation and if found insane, to be committed for an open ended amount of time. Apparently the act allows a person to be committed in this way. I tell him that I have a plane to catch and that I am not insane. He does not care but instead pulls the "feel-sorry-for-me-for-I-am-forced-to (although-I-am-actually-a-corrupt-serial-killing-pervert)" lie, something I find that the SKNF use often to garner sympathy while they are busily stabbing you in the back or trying to do some atrocity.

Three Police officers have me follow them to their car sometime close to 4am. Two of them are Caucasian and female, one a Maori male. All good looking. Non super muscular. I think I am meant to feel unthreatened. They start driving me North. It is dark with no moon. I can see a single star shining wanly. I think to myself this is the last time I will be looking out a window and appreciating the view, unfortunately there is no moon. We seem to be driving to Manukau. The drive seems interminable. I am quiet and do not wish to speak.

We suddenly turn off towards Porirua, the second town North from Wellington. My spirits rise. I think I may survive this. We stop at what looks like a hospital. They admit me. I see someone sitting in the office. She looks like the project manager that was taken away in the Police issue Ford at Printstop. I go to bed.

I was held in the mental ward at Porirua hospital for almost 2 weeks in total. I During this time I also spent a short period in what appeared to be some kind of Government safe house prior to leaving Wellington. Bridget delivered my backpacks to this house. Whoever had had them had stolen a few items. Reason unknown. I mention that I will miss my non-refundable flight. They do not care.

I was threatened with the death journey to Manukau every day while at Porirua. Every day a serial killer would turn up to take me there, I am to be tranquilized and in an ambulance.

Appears to be observers standing around. Do not know if they are in a SKNF act for credibility or actually doing what they are meant to.

Some people from outside turn up at the ward. One of them is an elderly lady in a wheelchair breathing from an oxygen tank. I think I offered her a cigarette when she asked for one, which she then started to smoke.

Cigarettes bought for me would be "perfumed" with the antidote to the killing cigarette. This some kind of SKNF subterfuge that the secret service were in discussion and did not kill me then because they "like me" and agreed with what the other side had to say. Usual SKNF bullshit!

Finally I am taken to a safe house. Nice place. Fed good food. Quiet and seemingly not in danger. Some secret-service people are living there as well. When they speak to me they use the usual double speak. I tell them that I don't speak double speak and to tell me what they want clearly. They refuse. Deniability as a weapon against openly showing they are members of a conspiracy. I warn Bridget about Serial Killer in double-speak as Nick and family seem to have bought into the SKNF lie that this is the right way to talk when a telepath. Another use of deniability as a weapon of subterfuge.

星二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二二三 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< shouldnt be able to do this if not being harrassed by SKNF and with usual IT pretending to be stopping Nutcake。 I have reminded them that this report is for FAMILY-1。 SKNF elements in the guise of UNobservers and secret service pretending otherwise <<<<<<<<<<<< (暉昨者馳牌旭馳鄰痺昨標數者馳鄰痺昨教片旭協杯史考標牌昨榮史者馳敞牌昨標痹者馳鄰教職標痹者馬校牌昨標痹者馳敞牌馳敞都習標痺書馳史者馬郁考昧鄰痺屠禁教螺昨束教昨米糬熙昨馬槽 <<<< shouldnt be able to do this if not being harrassed by SKNF and with usual IT pretending to be stopping Nutcake。 I have reminded them that this report is for FAMILY-1。 SKNF elements in the guise of UNobservers and secret service pretending otherwise

Lots of HTML junk in SKNF tampering with this document <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

My two weeks are up. I have my backpacks. I am taken back to the hospital. They tell me that they will probably release me but they have to have a doctors (?) meeting first. I mention that I need to have my tickets replace reminding them that someone mentioned they would provide me a letter to the travel center to that effect. They say they will get it done. A couple of hours later they hand me a letter and drive me to Johnsonville (closest town to Wellington). I replace my tickets and take a train to Wellington.

My flight is the following morning. I decided to sleep at the airport and take a bus there. I do all of this because it is safer, less chance of being kidnapped, less chance of “accidently by design” missing the flight, more people around me. By the time I get there it is about 4-5pm.

I see a number of sinister looking people drive by. One time I am locked out of the airport. Security personnel doing the usual subterfuge that they cannot decide who is Lord of Wellington, who is most senior and is the authority in Wellington and who is not. Actually they are probably all part of the SKNF conspiracy.

I also see the lady in the wheelchair and the oxygen tank go by.

The last flight out is delayed for what seems like hours. I am told telepathically that Serial Killer is trying to get me on board. It finally leaves, very late, and very early in the morning the next day.

Next morning I board the plane out of Wellington. I have a connecting flight to LA, USA in Sydney. I find out that Serial Killer attempts to get the aircraft to turn around, possibly to land in Auckland. I find out about this onboard. I do not relax until we are obviously out of NZ air-space.

昨暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report - library computer doesn't allow me to change to Chinese script.

I have a book about David Bain by Joe Karam. The way sentences flow, the way the words are blighted with usual SKNF puerile inanities. A psychosis attempting at humor. These occur right throughout the book like a fingerprint I have seen before, that of the FoM. I telepathically tell David that I believe him. I can read between the lines and know what actually happened, especially after seeing the same happen to Craig Fong and Chris Beh’s families, and then the serial killing of a whole school of children in the US a week (actually my notes indicate that it was in October 2012 - however these notes have also been tampered with - MC 07/12/2014; I now believe that it was sometime between May - Oct 2012 - MC 10/12/2014) before the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School (14/12/2012 - I am unsure of dates as the SKNF tend to change these electronically using their Government level powers - MC; Very unlikely as I believe Sandy Hook was a week after the school mentioned above which was the first to be attacked in the US, while I was in the SF. I now think it was between May-July 2012 - MC 10/12/2014), Newtown, Conneticut. It is not the story the corrupt media tells the populace. It is SKNF terrorism and insanity. As usual the illusion of Police (security services) as good guy, in reality they are the perpetrators, the monster whose evil includes crimes against humanity. The victims die in atrocity. Look at the news reports. The Police officer bravely leading the screaming, crying survivors, young children, away. In reality, they formed a cordon around the school prior to Sandy Hook so as to give the serial killing perverts time to torture the children. After a full day of torture (at least 8 hours), the nuts decided to leave. The remaining children were machine gunned and bombed with grenade. Those too stunned to move perished in a fire as the school was set alight. Those survivors burnt to death. The reptiles in Police and emergency uniforms dragging their broken and burnt bodies out, pretending to be heroes while actually just a bunch of serial killing perverts.

暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report
- library computer doesn't allow me to change to Chinese script.

In Australia I speak loudly about David Bain’s innocence, transmitting my words to NZ telepathically. I am happy to get one back at Serial Killer. I know he is connected to the terrorist group that perpetrated the crime against the Bains. I am happy I am safe and am in a wealthy country and heading towards and even wealthier one that is further away, where Serial Killer is unlikely to have the same influence as in a poor country like Malaysia, where distance should weaken his power, his reach unlikely to be so far (it turns out that I was incorrect in my assumption as I was unaware of the SKNF conspiracy, the SF being a United Nations center, the ongoing United Nations “investigation” of the SKNF, as well as UN corruption, heavily contaminated with SKNF members and culpability for WW3 and SKNF collusion in the security services of all countries on the planet).

I leave the boarding area for a cigarette. I ask for a light from a chinese man. He tells me “Don’t take” before he walks away. I see a tall man in Government/Police detective standard white shirt, dark slacks looking at me. I renter the boarding area and eventually I leave on my flight to the US without incident.

A brief explanation of events up to this time. The Lord of KL and the Lord of Wellington had both ordered that I and my family be kept safe, probably in the best way ie not to be incarcerated etc. In theory the Lord of a region are to be obeyed completely. There are even contractual arrangements with super-powers to ensure this.

SKNF contamination within the security forces used the duplicity of good vs bad (eg Shia vs Sunni, Communist vs Democracy, Crips vs Bloods etc) to fool everyone regarding their conspiracy and treachery. This duality tactic is also reflected in reality within the security forces and probably government and elsewhere. This tactic also turns out to be a tool used by the SKNF to destroy the Family and is likely that the SKNF create this intentionally and with purpose. It is used by the SKNF and NUT-1, and possibly even FAMILY-1, as a method of control within a country and in client countries. It is used from Lord to subordinate and even with slave groups, obviously part of security forces curricula. What does happen is that it biases towards the most insane and evil members of a group thereby becoming a weapon for the Lord's enemies against the Lords themselves  (more on this in notes).

Unable to show their treachery and conspiracy openly, the SKNF resorted to deceit. They made my life and that of my family miserable, threatened us continually with the lie that the other side, even in the Lord's own area, being stronger (a lie to misdirect attention to the real traitors), that the Lord's people were in constant struggle against a strong enemy and not the real case where the Lord's paid employees are actually in collusion and are the enemy. Of course not all the Lord's people are treacherous, not all of them the enemy. I would not be alive if it were so. The Lord, as well, has many other resources, family and friends.

It is probable that the SKNF decided and convinced the Lord to have me sent to San Francisco as a witness to SKNF terrorism. This may have occurred while I was in Malaysia (jets in formation flying overhead event), it is more likely that it happened while I was in NZ. If this is so, they were probably unaware that the Lord knew about their treachery, their conspiracy and also knew about their plan to takeover after the nuclear holocaust of WW3 (more on this in notes and later). I was only allowed sufficient money for the flight to the US and not to England where my brother lives. I think it was a secondary plan that the SKNF had. The telepathic metamind can plan for all contingencies - except for the unexpected.

The SKNF have a fiction that the trauma they inflict is to "grow up" a person, like a child into adulthood. A trick used to hide their crime, to hide their evil and to make it seem acceptable.

I was not aware of the UN and global investigation into the SKNF nor President Obama's role in bringing it to light nor anything relating to the SKNF conspiracy for WW3. To me what was occurring was an investigation into Serial Killer's terrorism in Malaysia and probably NZ. My plans on fleeing NZ were unformed. I had thought about going to my brother in England. Or if Serial Killer continued to harass me, to have my brother send me money and I would stay in shelters and cross the Canadian and US border for as long as necessary. I had only focused on the most immediate priorities, getting as far away from Serial Killer as possible.

I have experienced Serial Killer's and the FoM's psychosis for over a decade now. My belief is that Serial Killer and his family (and the FoM) are pathologically obsessed with me. He wants to destroy me utterly, the me that includes my family. To torture and kill me, all my family, and my future and to do it in the most evil manner possible. I know he had planned to turn Kairo, my son, into a child slave and to prostitute Xia, my daughter. 

Something about me triggers this obsession. Many of Serial Killer's victims had a sense of humor, as I do, and had the same physical build as I.

Furthermore, Serial Killer, his family and the FoM (a group personally selected by Serial Killer), due to their psychological development, wishes to be perceived as the "roughest, toughest" ie the scariest of all the SKNF, the most fearsome of all.  Extreme pathological development processes which combined poor parenting, methods that included being whipped with a belt, ignorant toilet training that led to more home violence,  an environment where serial killing is an acceptable way of life, where the father figure within the family is to be feared, where the concept of being a man means being devoid of anything that can be perceived to be feminine (ie love or any other emotion is "just emotion", weak and to be despised), where the NZ fable that "for a small country we punch above our weight" is taken from myth to demonstration, where a game of one-upmanship is played amongst serial killers such that the benchmark for atrocity committed is raised each time, each one being more imaginative and evil than the next, a way to show who is most evil and therefore gain the respect of their fellow nutters. And greater still than all the others, Serial Killer is a property lord, one with the infinite wealth machine of a city.

To have me escape his grasp so many times, even when I was within arms reach while in NZ, even closer still, at Auckland airport waiting for my transit flight to Wellington. I think it drove him wild. Where they would always go through an exponential escalation in insanity, now they were peaking and cycling somewhere near or at the top of their psychosis meter. Even while I was leaving NZ airspace, all the way to the US. They did not fall from this peak until Serial Killer, Screeching Mad Wife, their families and the rest of the NZ Nut-Lords were jailed within their own minefields and by their own hand. Something I continue to find ironic, humorous and deserving.

Why would the SKNF outside of Manukau risk exposure for Serial Killer's obsession? It could be because the FoM were told to give Serial Killer anything he wanted by whoever provides their electronic and computer offensive capability (this was telepathically conveyed during the SKNF's recriminations after the event that ended up incarcerating Serial Killer in his home and is the turning point that causes the SKNF to lose WW3). These psyops electronic capabilities can force action as well. It could be because Serial Killer was given authority to act on behalf of all the Nut-Lords in NZ (also revealed during the recriminations). It could be because Serial Killer's wealth and status made him a senior member of the local SKNF. It could be that the SKNF uses terror to usurp control of the populace and I am just another subject of that terror. It could be that SKNF psychosis rewards the SKNF psychology for evil. It could be that the this is an outcome of being at war with the rightful lord. It could be that the SKNF are naturally a single but loosely knit colluding organization. It could also be that they just do not like people like me, they tell the world there is no law, no rules, only them and what they want. It is probably all these things.

昌昨嘗馳檜巨昧嘗馳杰昨暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

昨柏馳晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶晶 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

The objective of this is to report the SKNF conspiracy as clearly, precisely, comprehensively and completely as possible.

I keep notes of my experiences if only so I can remember good ideas and probably a habit developed after working a number of years.

My notes have been tampered with. The secret service has the capability of replacing a notebook with something so similar as to be mistaken as the original, even when analyzing the contents and hand-writing.

I write this section from memory and do not refer to my notes. I plan to transfer my notes verbatim (or with modification’s to improve clarity, comprehensiveness, completeness and precision) in other sections. It may be that when I am doing so, I will return to this section and add further information. Remember that those of you reading this now (07/12/2014) are reading what I hope will be the first and, not the last, draft only.

This section is about the circumstances of my involvement and I have tried to keep it constrained to this subject only. I deviate only to add to report clarity, precision, comprehensiveness and/or completeness. Other sections will cover anything not included here. My notes are a more comprehensive record of my thoughts at that time.

I have organized this section around the needs of the objectives of this report. Some part of it may be chronological, others thematic, the reason is to provide coherency and achieve the objective of this report.

I skimmed through my notes prior to writing everything below this in order to be provided a vestigial chronological order. I have no problems in remembering events but sometimes find it difficult to remember the order of events. I may not remember everything, nor do I have a exact memory for the date of an event, nor durations between events, nor the chronological order of events. I do however have a good idea of the approximate time of an event. I would require the use of my notes for precision of dates, and even this suffers as I may not note the date correctly.

My information about what happened, and is happening comes from many sources. I may be telepathically told about an event. The secret service may show me something, “floated” or even in greater detail, in print, a magazine, newspaper etc, sometimes one I read, sometimes something someone else is reading, or on video, the television, or by audio, telepathically or by radio, or a message on the side of a passing truck or in any number of ways. I may observe the behavioral changes in the people (usually SKNF, sometimes otherwise) around me. I may hear or see someone I trust say or do something. It may, as it has often been with the FoM, a way the SKNF behave or do something. I may even use logical deduction – the SKNF lies and subterfuge can be difficult to see through if not for this.

This section is unlikely to have many errors as it refers more to my direct experiences. However the section containing my notes may contain more errors as I may rely on something I did not observe directly but which I believe to be true. I was not as aware of SKNF subterfuge and lies, nor may not have been as careful in writing my earlier notes. But I have gained experience and have learnt from these experiences and believe I am orders of magnitude better at telling what is true and what is not, even without the use of telepathy – something the SKNF denies me, then when I first left Malaysia. For those reading this report, it is always better to verify the propositions and “facts” using telepathy.

My actions reflect my worldview. Contrary to the SKNF I believe that there are rules and laws. If the Government did not wish it so then why make them in the first place. If the Government asks me to do something lawful, or even if not quite so but is not evil, then I would likely do it. My experience tells me that the Government will protect me should what they tell me to be dangerous. My experience tells me that in general, the Government is good, its intentions good and it shuns chaos. My contribution in Malaysia, NZ and the USA is based on this. But this is not all. I want to rid myself of the evil that has harassed, troubled, tortured and tried to kill me and my family. In the USA this also included a realization that I needed to contribute as the world was in danger of extinction. I contribute to help, to save lives. And sometimes I do so to strike back at the evil.

I contributed by telling everyone loudly and transmitted telepathically what I thought was happening and what had been revealed to me. I also reminded them that they needed to verify what I said by using telepathy. That this verification technique can be performed un-intrusively using a telepathic technique I was told about and which I had conveyed to the world.

As a corollary to my worldview, I believe that should the Family/Lord and Government be under threat then it is incumbent on us not to add to and/or intensify the risk to them. Not entirely altruistic as by doing so we actually put ourselves in danger from the enemy or even by being treacherous to the Government. We support the Government, the good guys, by our action and behavior and do not give the enemy anything whatsoever to use as a weapon, whether it be intangible such as credibility or something tangible such as a gun.

I was asked to provide a place of abode on the visa document they hand you on the aircraft. I did not fill this in and was asked to at the airport. As I did not wish to use the Salvation Army as an address (because I did not want to say I will be living at a shelter and therefore an illegal immigrant) I used the address of a motel near the airport. I had obtained this address from the internet or telephone directory (?unsure) provided me by someone at the airport. She could have been secret service.

I saw a NASA bus go pass the airport a number of times while waiting for my taxi. I thought this may be related to me somehow.

The taxi van operator sent me to Venice Beach even though I asked to be taken to the Salvation Army in LA (the Salvation Army provides for shelters in NZ). I rented a room at a hostel for approximately 3 days. Knowing I was low on money I bought a telephone card to call my brother in England. It was difficult contacting him. He was prevented from helping me when I did manage to. I believe that the SKNF was trying to make me spend all my dwindling cash as well as the subterfuge of making me look like one of their usual "cats" (2nd class "black" agents") by putting me in marijuana smoke scented Venice Beach and associating me with the drug trade. I was also stalked by Serial Killer's mother who promised that they would "get" me.

I left the hostel on the 3rd day and walked towards what I believed to be a Salvation Army location near Venice Beach. I think I had obtained the information at the hostel or at Printstop. I was picked up by a school bus and was driven a short way then continued to walk. I realized that I had printed out an SKNF attack when the address turned out to be a bail bonds office. I stopped at a church further down the road hoping to get assistance and a place overnight. They asked me to wait outside but never came out to help. I waited in front of the church and thought I saw my friend Patcharamon drive past. I may have also seen a woman that may be a UN advocate here in SF.

I continued to walk when it became dark and obvious that no one from the church was going to assist me. I finally got some directions from some people at a bus-stop. I decided to travel to San Francisco to buy time and figure out my course of action seeing that I had no money and that David was unlikely to provide me help either. I eventually caught an overnight bus to SF and arrived early in the morning.

I spent my first night in front of Glide on Ellis St. Glide and Ellis St. are probably one of the most dangerous places in SF. I was directed there after asking for directions to the Salvation Army from someone I believed worked at the Greyhound bus centre.

That evening a dark suited blond man wearing spectacles , probably about 50+ years old, stocky, pulled up in front of Glide in a dark Lincoln (caddilac?). He pointed at me and then at Glide as if to say that I was to be killed there. I saw a number of people with hypodermic syringed needles, as if they were pumping themselves with narcotics, when I had used the toilet at Glide earlier. A man that looked like my pastor in Malaysia, but much bigger physically, also exited Glide a little later. That night a truck passed by (not sure if it was that night) with a paneled message with a secret. It suggested that someone in Malaysia was being targeted for an attack by plastic explosive. I relayed this message telepathically. The next morning someone mentioned that I should go to MSC South, the shelter on 5th street as it was probably what I was actually looking for. This I did. I was also given a telepathic vision of the Malaysian bomb squad removing a bomb from a car. I believe the vehicle belonged to a VIP and that Serial Killer had had his agents in Malaysia plant the bomb.

It may have been the night I was at Glide, or the next night which I spent meditating in a chair in the MSC drop in that Serial Killer did his usual exponential increase in insanity.

Serial Killer had become so incensed that the Americans had not killed me as he had ordered that he had the FoM use their electronics to withdraw NZD200 million from the American casino operating in Auckland as punishment. In retaliation the Americans killed the Lincoln vehicled blonde serial killer from the front of Glide and killed him by road-roller. I thanked and congratulated the Americans and suggested they get a medal for getting rid of a serial killer. I believe they took what was left of him and made him into a pizza. A Malay man appeared at the MSC with a box of vegetables and what looked like a plastic bag full of tomato paste but may have been the Lincoln vehicled serial killer. Lincoln-Vehicled-Serial-Killer had been warned prior to his murder to leave SF but was ordered not to by Serial Killer. This is also a hallmark of the FoM and Serial Killer and maybe also the SKNF. They use their people as if they are inanimate objects.

Quite a lot of secret service activity was going on around me for the next few days. Serial Killer's direct attempts to kill me in the US and immediate involvement in the SKNF activities related to killing the Lords occurred from the time I arrived about mid-March 2012 until his incarceration within his minefield surrounded home in August 2012 (I think probably June-July 2012. My notes have been tampered with - MC 10/12/2014). The FoM continued that mad hooting and howling, even to this day. They were worse when they had the camaraderie of their colleagues and the rest of the SKNF earlier on, and before the rest of the more sane SKNF realized that the FoM are crazy (even when tested using the telepathic verification technique). The SF or local secret service, probably SKNF, even tried to quieten and silence the FoM but as usual were unsuccessful (more on this later).

I had had both my backpacks, and actually all I owned, stolen by about the 3rd day at the MSC. The SKNF had thought it humorous to do so after reading my blog regarding the loss of my family. My last remaining belonging, a small backpack with all my important and identification documents ie my passports, birth certificate, notebook etc, was stolen from me while asleep in the MSC drop in. When I asked James the supervising staff member at the time about it, he said, probably telepathically told to by some psyops, that I would find it outside. I looked for it the next morning but never found it. The secret service (probably local US and likely to be SF based) would then tantalize me with people wearing my clothes or with items from my luggage on somebody as they walked by. I had also spent all my money and have been reliant on free meals provided by St. Anthony's and elsewhere. My clothes I obtained for free from St. Paul's (?) on 8th Street, SF.

Serial Killer then decided to perform a David Bain style serial killing on a senior employee of the Auckland based American casino. He attacked their home, whipped their youngest boy child, I think the child was a preschooler and SKNF-NZ was about to rape their teenage daughter when they were saved by Police cars from Auckland Police station. The whipping because he (and his mad wife) had enjoyed my children's pain so much that he wanted to experience the elation he had received with these other intended victims. At the same time the FoM had directed the Armed Defenders (similar to SWAT) somewhere else for a serial killing. They did not obey the FoM at that time.

He also sent another serial killer (NZ-Serial-Killer02) to SF.

Initially NZ-Serial-Killer02 was threatened by the secret service in SF. I believe that some kind of arrangement was made by Serial Killer such that NZ-Serial-Killer02 did not meet the same fate as Lincoln-Vehicle-Serial Killer. It also became apparent, by me and people around me being looped into the telepathic exchange between the two sides, that the Malaysia-NZ investigation in Serial Killer's terrorist activities was still ongoing. And not only that but that a case had been opened in the US courts.

At first Serial Killer tried to have me killed by contract payments with that intent. Each time this was thwarted he would raise the contract fee. Whoever was saving me supposedly paid a counter fee that would save me. In truth, it may be that the Lord of SF was saving me. When the fee and counter fee reached about USD 8 million, someone pointed a camera gun with what looked like a .303 bullet at me and then walked away after apparently collecting the counter fee. Serial Killer than raised this fee and the counter to over USD 20 million. To him it cost nothing as the FoM where using their computers to extract the money from all the bank accounts in NZ in the form of a (spurious and illegal but usually unchecked) bank charge. I think this only stopped when the secret service on someone's orders decided to reimburse the money from Serial Killer's own bank account.

Serial Killer than got around that by purportedly using SF as his base for some of his US narcotics trade with NZ-Serial-Killer02 as his local agent. This turned out to be another subterfuge as there were already plenty of SKNF-NZ on the ground as well as other SKNF. With the moneys spent he would be supposedly afforded the gift of my murder. This is of course an SKNF ruse that is used as an excuse for why the Lords lose control over their property (ie. money pays for the avenues through the Lord's orders and if the Lord wishes to take back control than the Lord needs to cough up more money). In reality what is occurring is that this is a ruse and way to extract more money out of the Lord by the Lord's own treacherous lieutenants who are in a collusive conspiracy. This money is then used to fund the Lord's own downfall.

Serial Killer then supposedly used these narcotics and his money to start a gang army in SF.

Also remember that Serial Killer, the FoM and the rest of the SKNF are in a game of one-upmanship, one that Serial Killer had every intention of winning and gaining the respect of his less wealthy colleagues.

I do not recall all that happened next but looking at my notes I think Serial Killer had a car bomb or a number of car bombs put in front of the MSC and elsewhere. There was also a number of bag bombs brought into the MSC's kitchen. I may have been poisoned or bugged a few times (they would put parasitic insects into my clothes that would leave me with rashes), probably harassed in more than one way. In other words Serial Killer had apparently found a way through the Lord of SF's defences.

It appears that the Malaysia-NZ investigation was then brought to the courts in the US. At first I thought this was because of Serial Killer's terrorist activities in the US on my arrival. I now know that it was part of the investigation into the SKNF.

This prompted Serial Killer to order the setting of a number of small (approximately kiloton) nuclear bombs around SF, as I was told. One of them being placed in the Intercontinental Hotel on 5th street, very close to the MSC. I was also told that the car the bomb was in was heavily booby trapped. This to threaten the Lord of SF with the power of the SKNF, as well as a nod at me (a nobody who is the subject of Serial Killer's obsession).

Non of these bombs were detonated because of the electronic counter-measures.

At the same time a number of car bombs and attempts on Malaysian VIP's had occurred. I was told that it was Serial Killer that was heading these attacks but now know it was actually the SKNF in general, and probably with Serial Killer as part of the command attack group.

Serial Killer and the SKNF also focused their serial killing on people I knew.

Chris Beh, a friend from NZ, had his sister's (Michelle) new family suffer atrocity during one of Serial Killer's ordered serial killings. A large explosive, fire-cracker was exploded in her vagina amongst the horrors her young family had endured. This idea had popped into Serial Killer's and the FoM's head after an it was revealed that an old gentleman had seen his family suffer in this same manner. Apparently they had forced fire-cracker's into his grandchildren's mouth which then exploded blowing their faces off. This was when I first saw a under 1 year old baby have its arm cut-off with a meat cleaver. I had called out to Chris to get his family out of Manukau, not knowing how extensive the SKNF is. I believe Chris thought his sister safe. I had as well. Serial Killer had tried to have me visit Michelle when I was in NZ. They had also begun telling everyone that Michelle had married a farmer for his land, the usual SKNF-NZ racist psychosis.

A serial killing team also drove to Ahipara, a country town in the Far North of NZ to commit atrocities on my boarding mother, Cory Kraaijenhof (from when I lived in Ahipara and schooled in Kaitaia). I had thought that they were going to attack my school mate Greg Crane and had warned Greg to get his guns ready. Instead they headed towards where I used to board. I believe they were warned before heading towards Ahipara and were fired upon just before reaching the Ahipara township. One of them (Hole-Face-Serial-Killer) was holed in the left side of his cheek while another was killed by two bullets to the face, entering his brain. The SKNF often use this to say I am a murderer. I was working in the MSC kitchen at that time. When I found out what the SKNF were doing I began to dance and telepathically transmit my muscle motion to the serial killers making their bodies move in unison. This may have assisted the defenders. However the defenders were probably also assisted by a bigger telepathic group. I noticed that the serial killer that died had been killed by two bullets that had entered in almost the same area indicating telepathic support in the person doing the aiming.

My ex-girlfriend's brother was also attacked at his city based home by a bunch of serial killers. They were driven off after a few hours of holding the street in terror by some sharpshooters.

At the time I wondered why the serial killing nutters had only been shot at with 0.22 round bullets which are unable to penetrate their Kevlar uniforms. I now know that there was collusion between those commanding the defence and the serial killers. The .22's were used so as not to hurt them.

Hole-Face-Serial-Killer and a serial killer team then tried to attack Kirsty Hollis in Morrinsville, a friend I had met at university. I think Kirsty and her family were saved by her friends who had farms in the area. It may be that my admonishing them that fellow farmers in Hamilton had allowed a school friend, referring to Michelle Beh's husband, to be tortured without any of them lifting a finger. I believe that it was Kirsty's Morrinsville friends as instead of .22 rifles, theirs sounded like .303s. A detective clothed man turned up and spoke to Hole-Face et al and they soon left. As usual, no one was arrested or mention the strangeness of a serial killing team attempting to do a serial killing atrocity. This may have also been a turning point for NZ saving itself. It may have given the populace encouragement to save themselves from the SKNF. I recall some of Kirsty's friends shivering and seemed to be caught in the dilemma of doing what is right or being a victim. They did what is right. I think it may have contributed to saving NZ.

Serial Killer and the SKNF-NZ then tried to attack Hamilton. They were apparently stopped by the Police there. I think the SKNF had decided to conceal things rather than let it become more public than things already were.

My own children in Malaysia were attacked while asleep in their room. Apparently an SKNF serial killer had jumped from his balcony, either onto ours (we live in a condominium) or onto a ledge underneath the bathroom window. He apparently was to rape my daughter, and kill both my daughter and son by throwing them out the window. He was stopped by abseiling Malaysian Police officers.

I remember going down to SF city centre, about 5th Street and noticing a large number of what appeared to be gang members hanging around me.

A orange haired but balding man in his late 20's or early 30's came marching up 5th St. towards the MSC with the intention of stabbing me with something, possibly a stiletto. I ran off into the MSC after being warned. There was an African-American young man outside the MSC who appeared intent on protecting me. This orange haired man poisoned a number of people later by putting a nerve agent into some cocaine that he had given them. I believe at least one of these people died. A radio messenger for the secret service said that he would not like to die that way. I believe that the son of the person that had died was sent to the MSC as well with the intention of discovering why his father had been murdered, a subterfuge by the local secret service to hide their collusion with the FoM and SKNF-NZ.

Looking at my notes again I believe that Serial Killer and SKNF-NZ were found criminal by the local US courts, and as I had believed then, that the Malaysian side had won the case. It may be that the case was more than Malaysia v SKNF-NZ, but as mentioned earlier, I did not know this.

I had heard telepathically when Serial Killer roared for Snake to get him the best lawyers. The very same snake behind Nick at my birthday party in Wellington. This could have been when the court case arrived in the US. A little while later a man, very grey in appearance, from suit to skin color to hair, balding and shiny pate, a gleaming turd shape, reminding me of a documentary I had seen on television comparing the fecal matter of vegetarian animals to carnivores, snapped his fingers at me as he walked past with another man.

After SKNF-NZ lost the case in the lower US courts, the case was brought to the US Supreme Court for appeal, a so called super-supreme (ie full sitting of 7 justices ?). I believe that this occurred in June-July 2012 (I think probably May-June 2012. My notes have been tampered with - MC 10/12/2014). In other words it took about 2 months for SKNF-NZ to lose the case in the lower courts in the US.

While the court case was still proceeding (in either the lower courts or Supreme Court), Serial Killer started attacking NZ. This attack was enjoined by other SKNF in other countries and the attacks first spread to Australia then the US the world wide. The attacks continued after this first Supreme Court decision, which I believe occurred either in November 2012 or December 2012 (my notes say December 2012 but I think the SKNF has tampered with them) but without Serial Killer's direct involvement as by now he had been incarcerated at home within the mine-field surrounding his home. I believe that the plaintiff were from NZ, Malaysia and elsewhere and were not SKNF. The secret service were messaging that the courts were studying the case for crimes against humanity and more.

I was told by the secret service that Serial Killer had purchased a number of kiloton nuclear bag bombs. They had at first landed a number of these at Auckland airport but the SKNF being unable to retrieve them then started landing them at an airport near Hamilton, NZ. They had purchased them from the Russian black market. By now Chris Beh's sister and her family had been butchered so it appeared to me that the Lord of Hamilton was SKNF (this may not be true but it seemed to me that the SKNF can perform atrocities more easily in places where the lord of that area is a Nut-Lord).

Serial Killer than tried to detonate these bombs, one being placed in Coromandel peninsula, just opposite from Auckland. These bombs were ineffective due to the electronic counter-measures. The secret service apparently paying the Russian for the defuse code. SKNF-NZ then tried exploding these brief-case nukes by jury-rigging the fuse system with plastic explosives. They managed to detonate the plastic explosive but were unsuccessful detonating the nuke.

Serial Killer than ordered yellow-cake to be brought into NZ, probably from Australia, to be spread on the NZ country side and poison the populace and the land. This turned out to be equally ineffective, SKNF-NZ probably being prevented at gun point.

Serial Killer than made a show of offering NZ property and the Tasman sea to Australia for Australian security service (military) support. This was when it occurred to me that the SKNF were also in Australia.

SKNF-AUS then sent a Royal Australian Navy battleship and possibly even other warships to NZ. I believe it first appeared in Waitemata harbor, near Auckland and may have laid down some mines. They also tried to bombard Auckland with nuclear tipped shells but were stopped by electronic counter-measures. It then went to Whangarei Heads, Marsden Point and started laying down mines there. Whangarei Heads is where the energy pipeline into NZ begins, the oil refinery that feeds NZ. It was at this point that the battleship was destroyed by a US submarine, probably on orders by a lord of NZ. By this time the whole of NZ became aware that my telepathic messages (yellings) to the world actually were real. I think the smoke billowing from the dead ship lasted 2 days. It may also be that another Royal Australian Navy warship was sent to mine Wellington harbor. I recall thinking that the world will know about the SKNF within two years of this happening.

Earlier, before Australia had seemingly declared war on NZ, a RAN cruiser, the HMAS Perth had berthed in San Francisco. I had walked by, sailors had sat outside, but I had not been threatened. There was no reason to think that the Australian military in general were in conspiracy with Serial Killer or the SKNF. Or if it had, it was unknown to the military in Australia (I may not have made the connection between what Serial Killer had shown me while I was in Malaysia and the SKNF).

Meanwhile NZ warships (cruisers) started chasing US submarines with the intention (or so I was told) to depth charge them. The US submarines obviously outclass anything NZ has so I think they were ordered not to destroy anything else even attacking Australian warships. Furthermore, Royal NZ Navy cruisers placed themselves along the flight path of commercial passenger carrying aircraft. Their missiles were then targeted, but foiled by electronic countermeasures, against these aircraft. I had heard that the SKNF-NZ in psyops were actually doing the targeting and shootdown but this does not excuse the commanders of these warships who were found also to be SKNF a little while later. They thought they could blame the psyops for their crimes and hide their complicity.

SKNF-NZ then attacked Mo Severe's daughter and her husband, Linda and Brian, and presumably their children out at their home in the country. They had sent a serial killing team to perform an atrocity on them. Linda and Brian had escaped with their children. SKNF-NZ then killed Linda's horse out of spite. Brian was assured telepathically that the Armed Defenders (NZ's equivalent of SWAT) would come to their rescue prior to this attack. In fact this proved to be a lie to make Linda and Brian careless and fall victim to the SKNF. Brian is a NZ Police officer.

I overheard one the FoM say that "the time is finally here" sometime before the chaos but did not understand what it meant. He was answered by his English counterpart who also was is support of the FoM during the rape of my family in 2008. Other SKNF had joined in the excitement and were also hooting and enjoying themselves in this show of power.

Serial Killer's assets, maybe only his ex-NZ ones, maybe all, was made what was said to be "intestate" but what I had taken to mean frozen by the US courts. I believe this was supposedly because he was using his money to finance terrorism worldwide. In response I heard that Serial Killer had ordered the FoM using the electronic/computer weapon to transfer NZD 10 billion from NZ to an overseas account. The NZ Reserve Bank tried to stop them but could not. I think the economic loss to NZ from unwinding and rewinding all the exchange positions was quite substantial (I estimate it to be about USD 2 billion in the space of about 2 minutes). I think something was done to prevent Serial Killer from doing this again. I believe they started withdrawing money from Serial Killer's assets which Serial Killer would then replace by stealing from the all the bank accounts in NZ.

In May 2012, Serial Killer and the FoM tried to obtain use of the disruptor weapon by offering money. They were told no by the battery on their cell-phones being made to overheat. I found that moment terrifying.

Serial Killer may have also tried to start killing American overseas operatives in the guise of a number of gang wars. These operatives were warned and nothing eventuated.

Serial Killer and all the heads of SKNF-NZ became incarcerated in their NZ mine-fielded homes about the 20/08/2012 (I think probably June-July 2012. My notes have been tampered with - MC 10/12/2014).

I recall saying that it was likely that their lieutenants would likely attack the Nut-Lords, thinking that the pyramid structure of society, it's upside down pyramid distribution of wealth and how the Nut-Lords had surrounded themselves with a bunch of serial killing perverts would make this likely. I recall repeating this statement. I may have been induced and supported telepathically by the secret service. I recall saying that if they did not believe it then why not verify if it is true or not. This was a few days before the 20th (I think probably June-July 2012. My notes have been tampered with - MC 10/12/2014).

A US Nut-Lord (Nut-Lord01), a dark grey haired man, probably in his late 50's to early 60's, good looking, squared jawed, rectangular head, then requested a security detail from other Nut-Lords, this to protect him from his own bodyguards and lieutenants. This man wore what looked like a grey military style uniform-suit. This US Nut-Lord had a dark haired wife, trim, pretty, with slightly greying, long hair tied back in a pony tail. She had tanned skin and was probably of a similar age. Serial Killer responded and agreed to provide them some SKNF-NZ armed security protection in return for which the FoM would get superconductor based energy, higher level keys to electronic control for the psyops and I believe a whole host of super-power powers that probably included access to the advanced weaponry, designs, military and proprietary secrets and so on. In effect turning firstly the FoM and secondly SKNF-NZ into an instant super-power, stealing all of US secrets in the process. Another motive that Serial Killer had was that he had been wanting to purchase superconductor based energy generators but the US (and SKNF-USA) would only provide him uranium based generators, using this as a carrot to Serial Killer's desires.

I recall sensing the FoM smiling smugly, sitting in battle mode at their computers feeling very pleased with their cleverness and brilliance.

SKNF-NZ's security detailed are all heavily armed and I note that nothing is being done, even today, about a bunch of heavily armed terrorist wondering around and attacking the US.

Some part of the US security services within the electronics division, who has the capacity to do so, then gave the FoM these powers on the order from Nut-Lord01. The first then SKNF-NZ security detail drove out to Nut-Lord01's home. I may have been given a telepathically sent image of one of them. This was a bald headed Caucasian man that appeared to be wearing a white shirt and dark slacks. The mine-field surrounding this home was disabled and the SKNF-NZ bodyguard's vehicle's electronic protected from being disabled.

SKNF-NZ and Nut-Lord01 were warned continually by what I assumed was Nut-Lord01's psyops that the SKNF-NZ and Nut-Lord01 would suffer torture (by being sawed) if SKNF-NZ were to provide Nut-Lord01 protection. I believe that Serial Killer and SKNF-NZ (especially those who now absolved themselves of blame and blame only the FoM) were all behind and driving this action against their SKNF-USA counterpart, and for the greed of acquiring the USA's super-power treasure trove of technologies and science it promised.

The same US electronic security division then took away the FoM's electronic control of the vehicle they had arrived in and Nut-Lord01's minefield, trapping them in Nut-Lord01's home. The first set of SKNF-NZ's security detail called for assistance and another SKNF-NZ security detail was sent.

This second lot never made it to Nut-Lord01's home. They spent, what I heard, was a few million USD on purchasing older model but souped up vehicles so they would not be disabled by the vehicle's electronics. These were supplied by SKNF elements with the US secret service. However by the time they landed at the airport Nut-Lord01's home was being bombarded by his SKNF-USA and US military lieutenants and bodyguards. And very soon after they left the airport to Nut-Lord01's home (or so I believe) Nut-Lord01 and his wife were murdered by the now deceased first SKNF-NZ security detail. The second SKNF-NZ bodyguard relief then returned to the airport and home leaving their vehicles behind.

The siege at Nut-Lord01's home lasted 3 days. Nut-Lord01's SKNF-USA lieutenants sent their response as a (I heard) Abrams tank and armed contingent.

The Abrams tank blasted a path to Nut-Lord01's home as well as bombarding the homestead and killing all the servants (and probably farm hands - the homestead looked like part of a sizeable farm). Nut-Lord01 and his wife were hidden in what looked like an attic or bunker by the SKNF-NZ bodyguard contingent with them. The remaining members of this contingent formed an armed guard outside Nut-Lord01's home and were killed almost as soon as the bombardment started.

As the tank got closer, one could see dust falling from the attic/bunker's ceiling.

SKNF-NZ then asked Serial Killer for directions. Serial Killer then said something like "If I (Serial Killer) can't have them, then they (Nut-Lord01's lieutenants) can't have their head either" and ordered the SKNF-NZ team to execute Nut-Lord01 and his wife. This they did after a moment of hesitation. They then took their own lives by suicide (non-painful) poison pills that the SKNF usually seem to have on them.

The tank arrived to find everyone at Nut-Lord01's home dead.

This event, like the first stone that signals a massive landslide, provoked the SKNF worldwide to attack and attempt to hold all their lords hostage. From my very limited view it appeared that the SKNF coup within a coup had managed to capture only the Nut-Lords. All the other Lords (who I think tend to be members of Family) not in the SKNF managed to escape.

I know that the SKNF had attempted to hold the Lord of San Francisco, the Lord of Kuala Lumpur, the royal families of Malaysia, Thailand, the United Kingdom and, as I heard, lords and kings everywhere hostage.

I know that the Lord of Perth, Serial Killer and all the SKNF-NZ lords and at least one lord in the US (a blonde older man, probably a senior Navy lord [Admiral?]) were held hostage as I saw and had heard them telepathically, sometimes as they were beaten and made to crawl or kowtow.

Serial Killer and the Nut-Lords within NZ (SKNF-NZ Nut-Lords) were imprisoned within their homes as the minefields surrounding their homes were activated and SKNF-NZ electronics prevented from being able to deactivate them.

SKNF-USA bellowed at the whole SKNF that the USA is master and no one is above the SKNF in the US.

The FoM who were immediately blamed by Snake (and probably the rest of SKNF-NZ) said that they will be "soldiers" for SKNF-USA.

It seems that what had happened was that Serial Killer had learnt about the plot to take over from the Nut-Lords after the SKNF had implemented their nuclear holocaust, a coup within a coup. He was told about this plot by the FoM. He had not told any other Nut-Lord, or if he had it was very localized (probably his own family only). His intention was to use this as a bargaining lever in some future and probable scheme that, Serial Killer being who he is, would likely concoct. He then used the opportunity that had arisen to obtain his much desired unlimited energy superconductor generator, as well as opportunistically everything else. This desire also being supported by the rest of SKNF-NZ. He had earlier met with a number of SKNF-AUS members in a bar and had confronted them with their conspiracy to coup. These other SKNF members may have thought that Serial Killer had taken their side against the other Nut-Lords. When Serial Killer sent the SKNF-NZ contingent to "protect" Nut-Lord01 it provoked SKNF-USA to react. Meanwhile SKNF elements in US security-electronics appeared to also be co-conspiracist in the intention to take over from the Nut-Lords after the SKNF nuclear holocaust and finally sided, after initially following orders from Nut-Lord01, with their partners in the coup-within-the-coup, the other SKNF lieutenants and subordinates to the Nut-Lords.

At the time of the murder of Nut-Lord01 event, the more rational members of the SKNF warned that this reaction may not have been a good idea but their protest was brief, not sufficiently forceful and probably because of the general psychopathy of trying to be perceived as the most fearful (ie the "roughest-toughest") within the SKNF, was not given sufficient weight.

The FoM, while pretending otherwise were actually also complicit and treacherous in the coup within the coup conspiracy. Their reasons are actually that they see themselves as super-soldier types that obey orders to the letter. They were told by their senior SKNF leaders to give Serial Killer whatever he wanted. Actually in reality the FoM are actually beset by a number of psychosis, this truth not becoming apparent until their incompetence, inept buffoonery and psychotic behavior exposed them in the two years prior to this document being written.

The FoM's developmental psychology consisted of a violent and psychotic upbringing in a household that is governed by the insanity of a serial killing family. From their toilet training to their schooling to homelife, all their actions governed by psychopathy sometimes under the guise of machismo. Their fathers are Serial Killer's favorite henchmen and "friends" (serial killers do not actually have friends). All their adult and childhood actions were to prove to themselves and their fathers that they are the most evil, the most emotionless and hence the most manly ie the roughest and toughest in their own words. Serial Killer in hiring them had afforded them an environment where the growth of their psychosis were left unconstrained. They loved working with Serial Killer (and Screeching Mad Wife) and he loved having them as they would project his evil and he would allow them to express their evil. They loved working for Serial Killer and being in their computer rooms. Furthermore, their egos become inflated and they become almost euphoric when in comradeship with their other SKNF psyops.

When the time came for the FoM to make a decision on whether to obey Serial Killer's orders and allow the killing of Nut-Lord01 and his wife, and prior to that but less so, allow SKNF-NZ to attempt the USA's treasure trove, they at most hesitated, otherwise living in a state of martial excitement. They did not appear to see any other outcome but becoming the worlds smallest, but greatest, super-power. In truth, the FoM, when one compares them to their psyops counterparts, had responsibility for constraining Serial Killer but did not. The other psyops would have dropped anchor and activated Serial Killer's minefield and trapped him in his home earlier; this could also be said for SKNF-NZ's other psyops. But they did not stop there. They continued flub their role, one mistake after the other, until it became clear to all watching, not only the SKNF, but everybody else, that the FoM are actually mad-insane, and that their blunders are actually predictable and should have been expected.

The senior SKNF sent out a worldwide order to capture and hold hostage every SKNF head (Nut-Lord) after Nut-Lord01 was murdered. The lords who had managed to escape had now real evidence and experience of the danger they were warned about, and which I believe it is President Obama brief to prove. This forced them to get together, motivating them to do whatever actions were necessary to resolve the threat of the SKNF.

President Obama and other representatives of Family/Lords in the super-powers and elsewhere appears to have made no headway to having the lords take action against the SKNF in the 3 years before Serial Killer's arrival in the US, and in Barrack Obama's first term as President. Three months after Serial Killer arrived, frothing at the top of his psychosis meter, the lords are attacked and the situation turns 180 degrees as the lords must now respond to the SKNF's clear and unmistakable attempt on their lives.

If measured quantitatively, the duration that Serial Killer and the FoM took to preventing the global extinction event of WW3, even though accidentally and unintentionally, is at least 900%-1200% less than all the time made by the efforts of Family/Lords representatives.

It was also shown recently, at most 3 months prior to writing this (now being 10/12/2014), that not all the SKNF subordinates fell on their lord heads. SKNF lieutenants at the very highest of levels have attempted to maintain their subterfuge and cover, this because they are far more knowledgeable of the Family/Lords defences and had made other plans to counter Family/Lords, as well as deal with the internal treachery that is normal within the SKNF, and hence eventually usurp both the rule and wealth of the highest and most powerful level, that of FAMILY-1 and NUT-1.

Apparently these senior SKNF lieutenants had convinced NUT-1 of an (insane) counterplan where they would return fire only after the SKNF nuclear holocaust [January 5, 2015 MC- Actually the nuclear holocaust plan was to fail. SKNF-Lieutenants01 had then planned for SKNF-Lieutenants02 (and/or the Nut-Lords) to then create riot in the cities. The SKNF would then call martial law to supposedly quell the riots but actually hold all cities hostage and subjecting them to atrocity. This would have led to the SKNF dismantling Family’s defenses piecemeal with the SKNF first taking out Family’s telepathic support, then holding FAMILY-1 and NUT-1 hostage and subjecting them to atrocity, and, as far as possible, anyone of Family they could get their hands on. This in turn would have led to FAMILY-1 and NUT-1 relinquishing their electronic controls which in turn would have led to SKNF-Lieutenant01 attacking friend and foe alike without preference. The now telepathically blind FAMILY-1 would probably have returned fire or even fire first without being able to distinguish friend from foe. At worst this would have led to a global extinction event or at best a truce. If a truce would have been called, a new war would have started soon after with a much weakened Family against the SKNF and the result again would have been a global extinction event. The global extinction event could have been anything, even up to the destruction of Earth and even the Solar System.] (and as we now know, but was and is totally predictable, global extinction event), thereby having the supposedly combined benefit of destroying the SKNF enemy, obtaining and increasing their real property wealth both on Earth and in the greater Solar System, mitigating the global population problem by almost total annihilation of the human species (approx. 90% - limited nuclear war), ridding themselves of perceived competitors (even the friendly ones) and hiding their crime at the same time so as to appear to be heroic and good.

What would have happen, as NUT-1 would have lost their power base ie Family and the global population as well, assuming that the world still existed (proved to be an unlikely scenario after what actually had happened), was that these senior SKNF lieutenants would overwhelm NUT-1 and Family/Lords telepathically so as to be invisible to Family's telepathy, and would have made NUT-1 and Family suffer atrocity before murdering them, making them suffer the worse death possible, and then would have seized their wealth and power.

This counterplan was known only by FAMILY-1's and NUT-1's treacherous SKNF co-conspiracist lieutenants and not the SKNF as a whole.

The extent of the SKNF was revealed in increments. At first I thought that they were a terrorist group isolated to the Antipodes. I only realized that they are global as more atrocities and SKNF attacks occurred in various countries. The level of contamination within the security forces only became exposed when the lords, for instance the Lord of San Francisco, ordered the arrest of SKNF elements from their head of local security roles (eg Chief of Police), and when unsuccessful, had obtained higher level roles eg Commander of a region, and when unsuccessful even there, tested the security services from the highest possible levels. This also proved to be unsuccessful but also proved two things. One, that the conspiracist in the security services were trying to destroy the highest levels and rightful authorities and two, that the highest levels had lost control over these security services who were disobeying all orders as well as attacking Family/Lords (including FAMILY-1 and NUT-1).

晶晶晶晶茂澗間暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

From the beginning of April 2012, I was told about murders of property owning families in the US, La Fayette, and it was hinted that atrocities and crime associated with the SKNF were occurring in the US but I did not connect what I had been shown in Malaysia with this at that time.

I believe that the SKNF had threatened and was making good on its promise of atrocities and attacks worldwide in retaliation for their activities being revealed. As the number of attacks increased, it became apparent that this was true and that we were actually looking at the beginning of WW3.

Serial Killer had called the SKNF-AUS. I was told that Australia, contrary to what the common populace were told, actually had a large nuclear missile arsenal. I already knew that the SKNF are insane and knew that they would use it. I believe that there was some SKNF-AUS activity that would have led to the bombardment of Indonesia with nuclear bombs. So when Screeching Mad Wife began extolling the benefits, and on numerous occasions, of a limited nuclear war, I believed her.

The serial killing of Chris Beh’s sister, and John Key’s behavior afterwards convinced me that the corruption was even in the political base and probably everywhere else.

Chris Beh’s sister was left outside of her home, in considerable pain, her body hacked by axe, her eyes gouged out, had seen her new born child have its arm dismembered with a meat cleaver and then its head stomped on by a serial killing pervert, have sulfuric acid poured over all her family including herself, had heard her husband call for his friends, crying loudly in pain that “it hurts, it hurts”, and then shot in the head for being too loud. She had had her extremities amputated with a bolt cutter and her genitals destroyed with an explosive. She was then left outside of her home, during the winter cold of Hamilton. I had thought someone would have at least tried to save her but of course no one did. The world knew what was happening but as usual, like a Steven King horror, the Police appeared to be immobile. The FoM were trying to get Chris to go down to Hamilton and save them, and thereby be tortured himself. I telepathically saw Serial Killer point at his eyes, smiling, laughingly saying "eyes" as in they can see what is going on telepathically but also to gouge out Michelle's eyes.

The FoM in their usual most-evil-of-all manner continued to attack Michelle’s mind, to make her focus on her pain, to magnify it, both that of her broken body and that of the emotional state.

I pleaded with John Keys, Prime Minister of NZ, the evening after. He remained silent. I pleaded with John Banks, a member of Parliament, he did something and an ambulance was sent from Hamilton and drove the deceased family up to Auckland. They had given something to Michelle in the ambulance that put her to death without pain.

I then said loudly for all to hear that John Keys is in the SKNF and a serial killer. Not long after that I saw John in San Francisco. He had brought his daughter and son with him. His children looked unhappy to see me, their accuser, when they walked past me. It could and probably was portrayed by John and his family that I had wrongfully accused them. At that time I did not know that everyone, SKNF and non-SKNF alike were also being silent.

A little later a scenario was given me where John’s children had to stay in SF due to the SKNF-NZ terror investigation, which apparently had now touched US shores. I suggested that they stay with the British embassy as the Malaysian one would be inappropriate this being a dispute between Malaysia and NZ. I walked out of where I was and saw Johns daughter (she looked about 14 at that time) drive by with what looked like a bunch of serial killers in standard NZ detective (white shirt, black slacks), smiling hugely. I think they were using this occasion to accuse me of insanity. I was the crazy guy who thought the end of the world  and WW3 had happened, as as the whole world had heard in 2011.

By now I was convinced (and proved to be right) that John Keys and his whole family are also a pack of serial killing perverts.

Someone, probably also SKNF, laughingly hinted that John and his wife had money grubbing, suck up personalities. I believe they made it seem that this was my reason for disliking them. It was not the only time that they tried to make me appear to be some insane, deranged, envying vagrant. Serial Killer's mother, a wizened old serial killing pervert herself, and in their best roughest-toughest garb, would take part in an act where the FoM would irritate the back of their throats to vomiting or coughing, telepathically transmit this sensation to me, whereupon to stop them I would telepathically reflect it back to Serial Killer and his whole family. They would then roll her out to be viewed by the "public" (UN and security service advocates in guise of vagrants waiting at St. Anthony's waiting room) to elicit sympathy (this was before I became aware of the UN's and their advocates corruption). They also used Polyp-Woman, politicians (Prime Minister of Australia in 2012 [Judith?, Julia?] , Congressman Paul Ryan who ran for Vice President in 2012, John Keys Prime Minister of NZ), paraplegics, young male and female teens , adults with infants, seemingly senile and benign old men and women (who tend to be the worst SKNF as their serial killing is ingrained into their behavior), court staff (also Supreme Court), women and men, young and old, any nationality or skin hue, absolutely any one that could possibly eke out any level of sympathetic emotion for the SKNF, no matter that the SKNF are a bunch of serial killing perverts responsible for the worst atrocities and crimes. Most, if not all of these, acting as emotion parasites for SKNF.

A short while after Michelle's serial killing an elderly, short, dark skinned but well dressed and bejeweled South East Asian lady asked me to help her cross a street.

When I was in the waiting room before lunch at St. Anthony's, a blonde older woman (Polyp-Woman), seemed to shed tears for witnessing what had happened to Michelle. I was to learn later that this was a typical SKNF subterfuge and that she is also a serial killing pervert.

An elderly Chinese man, whose children and grandchildren suffered atrocity by the SKNF, whose grandchildren's images I had seen after an explosive had been forced into their mouths and exploded was being bugged at the MSC at this time. This man left the MSC in 2012 or early 2013.

SKNF-AUS tried to trap my sisters in Australia when I had told them to return to Singapore. My second youngest sister only just managed to escape after a harrowing two days.

SKNF-USA had lit bush and forest fires around California and probably elsewhere in the US.

SKNF-USA poisoned huge tracts of farming land with herbicides to destroy US industry and the US food bowl.

The secret service reported that SKNF-USA had attempted to bombard the US and the world with nuclear shells from long range and short range cannon, nuclear bag bombs, space based nuclear bombs, ground based missiles, sea based and other WMDs. They attempted to detonate large nuclear devices in cities all over the US. They had also attempted to use laser weapons against the USA navy and probably other US and global targets. I was told that they tried to attack and kill the Family with these weapons. Land based laser, microwave and other advanced mobile weaponry and tanks were deployed.

It was reported that they also tried poisoning the water supply to San Francisco (I think) with nerve agents and other poisons, and then had put uranium yellow cake in a main pipe from the reservoir (unknown which). The secret service destroyed this pipe by explosive and an alternative pipe used for the water supply.

After Chris Beh's sister was butchered, SKNF-USA attacked and performed an atrocity on a school, this occurring in short time (maybe a week or more) before the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary, I believe this occurring in May-July 2012. The local Police had formed a cordoned around this school and a serial killing team in full SWAT uniform, machine gunned and grenades, started by machining gunning the children in the play ground. They then herded the children into classrooms and took what I think was the wood work department and the dental room as their torture rooms. They then started their atrocities on these children.

The SKNF took great pleasure is showing me their handiwork. I heard a serial killing pervert ask a very young child, appearing to be kindly, if she was alright. The child answered in a sweet childlike girls voice that she was. I then saw this nutter walk her by taking her hand, as if father and daughter, to the horror and pain that she faced before she died. Some of the SKNF sat (as in the NZ term to telepathically sit on, in US slang to lean on) on these young children's chest, the children being approximately 5 years old. Many of these children suffered a dental drilling that drilled right through healthy teeth into the jaw bones. Some children had locked themselves in a classroom and were desperately trying to escape through the windows but could not get out while a serial killing pervert was trying to kick down the door. Some had called for help telepathically. They were bound with standard police issue plastic wire cuffs. I had to tell them I had asked for help but no help was forthcoming. This atrocity started at about 8am in the morning and did not end until about 6 pm that night. The children that had not suffered atrocity by the end of the day were machine-gunned and grenaded. The nutters than lit incendiaries in the school burning it down. Some of these children who had survived the machine-gunning and grenade could see smoke and flames. The last I saw was a bunch of serial killing perverts in the guise of Police and rescue teams pulling charred remains of the children out of the smoldering school building.

Chris Beh and I had tried to warn the US before this had occurred by no one believed us. A short while later I saw a young, pretty blonde woman, her skin poorly dyed with some dark pigment jump out of a car beside the San Francisco main library. She appeared inconsolable. A dark haired, squarish looking man wearing spectacles jumped out of the car after her and consoled her. I think this man is a secret service agent and SKNF member who pretended to be unknowing of the SKNF and their reason to attack the school as well as being one of the good guys. I think she had seen her child suffer.

Another but older woman then entered the MSC. She was similarly pretty. I think she was also connected with what had happened at this school. She seemed to have agreed with me that the attack at that school was done by SKNF terrorist.

I believe my continuous telepathic relaying of the SKNF threat may have caused the SKNF propaganda machine to hide police involvement in these crimes. A short while later when Sandy Hook Elementary was attacked, the pictures in the papers showed the police leading the children away, as well as reporting that they had come to their rescue. The news media similarly enthroned the police in heroic poses at the Boston Marathon bombing of 2012 (April 2012 ?). Sandy Hook suffered a machine gunning mass murder of children. Also a school in SF was also attacked and saved by the security services. It had the hallmarks of a propaganda and SKNF camouflage exercise as well. Some children from this school served food at St. Anthony's and evidenced the crime.

Aurora, Denver, suffered a mass murder at the Century movie theater in 2012. The media played the incident as if it were a lone crazy gunman. Actually it was a SKNF attack, the police again looking like bewildered heroes.

SKNF-USA also attempted to hold US cities hostage and to perpetrate atrocities on the populace, the horrors and atrocities that Perth has suffered for about 2 1/2 years at the time of writing this and continues to suffer. In San Francisco they mined the bridges, roads and railway tracks. I believe attempts had also been made against New York and probably other cities as well.

All these activities were repeated by the other SKNF super-powers and to a lesser extent the SKNF in other non-super-power countries. Cities I know targeted include San Francisco, the Vatican, Beijing and Washington DC. I believe practically every city on the planet was targeted as well.

SKNF-USA had sent US bombers to nuke Indonesia, the bomber eventually landing in Guam. In Malaysia, SKNF-Msia attempted to turn Pulau Pinang in a Perth atrocity, firstly by attempting to poison their water supply then by mining the bridge into Pulau Pinang and having their serial killing perverts prepare for attack and hostage taking, Singapore's population army was alerted and made ready,, US lasers targeted oil platforms in East Malaysia, in China SKNF-China also attacked schools, in Russia I saw tanks heading towards the European border, SKNF-USA attempted to drop a large nuke on Beijing and SKNF-China attempted to respond with a nuclear counterstrike, same also with SKNF-Russia. All the super-powers were all at the equivalent of the highest state of alert ie were already at war with WMDs and advanced weapons. I had asked a lawyer involved in exposing the SKNF and that at one time spoke to me, he said that there were atrocities occurring all over the world.

Meanwhile the SKNF tried continuously and insistently to inflame and start war in the Middle East using their so called Arab Spring strategy. Attacks flared up in Syria (SKNF-Syria), Egypt (SKNF-Egypt) and probably elsewhere. SKNF-Isreal attacked Syria with Israeli fighter aircraft. Threats was made against Iran, both internally by SKNF-Iran and externally by surrounding SKNF and SKNF-Iran threatened nuclear counterstrikes, all a subterfuge to destroy the Family and usurp their positions.

Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and other incursions were happening almost everywhere, against their neighbors in what the SKNF hoped would incite war on occasion of invasion. For instance Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian SKNF troops turned up in Malaysia. Indonesian SKNF troops were brought in by SKNF-Aus on the lie that they were an invading army.

Meanwhile in many of the psyops, the SKNF had passed around to each other all the super-powers electronic controls, whether within that bloc or not. These psyops SKNF agents attempted to drop every nuclear bomb and use every advanced weapon against civilian and military targets the globe over. Also proving that the (insane) SKNF concept of a limited nuclear war is a psychosis and is actually a global extinction event.

Two missiles shot at me from the south east of San Francisco were detonated before they could get to me.

Commercial aircraft were attacked electronically. The SKNF had tried to make them fall out of the sky and at times crash into cities. The FoM had attempted to do this to quite a few over SF. By now the FoM was in full frothy psychosis as well as generating verbiage almost as fast as their tongues could move.

Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, was murdered. The SKNF said it was because he had leaked the secret that gravity pervades space instantly and hence faster than light. Actually it was the SKNF that had told me so. Neil was poisoned by a secret service visitor.

SKNF obtained anti-matter bombs, and armed attack aircraft with them. Aircraft were ordered to attack but they were then grounded even before take off, or at times after takeoff. The SKNF did not stop there. They even broke open some anti-matter bombs manually to have them explode. These bombs turned out to be dummies.

SKNF paramilitary units everywhere are armed. In San Francisco, Bestus-Lieutenant (SKNF-NZ) act as a go between for the local SKNF and arm the paramilitary units and SKNF gang members with machine guns and grenades (and possibly other weapons). Bestus-Lieutenant is a SKNF terrorist who has been working in San Francisco and who has taken part in atrocities in NZ for the purpose of acquiring property as well as other SKNF activities.

General Norman Schwarzkoph was also murdered by secret-service SKNF assassins in the same way. Reason unknown.

US Senator Hillary Clinton was hit on the head with a golf club. This as a SKNF threat to her and her family.
30th July 2016 MC: Or so I was told. I am unsure if this is true but think it is

The SKNF worldwide wanted to call a state of emergency, to have security services everywhere take control of every place, every city, putting them under martial law, ostensibly for security reasons but actually to create a large hostage base, perpetrate atrocities and build an army against the Family.

The SKNF eventually realized that they had been "double salted" (ie Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) and that they could not pursue their plan for global annihilation. The lords had greater control of electronics and hence almost all weaponry. The SKNF seemed surprised and not pleased.

After Nut-Lord01 was murdered I saw what had happened at the home of another US Nut-Lord. This person lived in what appeared to be a substantial farmhouse surrounded by flat farm land. They may have reared horses. They had servants and farm hands living in-situ, and a town nearby that has at least one school. Their servants and farm hands were Mexican descent and Caucasian. There may have been a house nearby located on a farm that was in the process of having some kind of renovations done on it. SKNF-USA serial killers first attacked and dismembered the Mexican maid, FoM jumping on her and saying she had intended to run away. They then held the whole house hostage, each person tied up, the lord and lady observing and left untouched, only to be held hostage and threatened. They then used the farm machinery and whatever was available to cut up their victims as if they were logs of wood. Their second victim, a Caucasian farm hand was put on a band saw, then his head brought into the house to show the other would be victims. Some of the other victims were tied to post with a chain attached to a car and their heads ripped off, others cut up. The serial killers than went next door or a house nearby and did the same to the family there. I saw a toddler put under a pile driver and driven into the ground. Not content, they then went to the local school, may have had that school suffer atrocity (I did not observe this but think it likely) and brought back a school-bus load of children. They then perpetrated atrocity on these children, getting them to run across the minefield, dismembering them, and doing all manner of evil hence filling their psychotic needs, needs that never seem to be satisfied. The people in this town knew what was happening. A Mexican family had their children watch the dismembering of their mother. The SKNF thought this hilarious.

After March 2013 the SKNF worldwide attempted to take the sitting political bodies of several countries. In the US SKNF-USA sent a heavily armed SKNF military group to hold the House of Representatives hostage and to perform atrocities. This also occurred in Beijing and possibly two other places (unknown). They were decimated by the laser defences protecting those countries. SKNF psyops wanted to test whether they had control over those systems. I had been told that the whole SKNF used their telepathy to block Family/Lords "telepathic" capabilities. SKNF military army had not tested the Family/Lord's advanced technology defences before this and felt gung ho. SKNF psyops and most senior members of the SKNF have been trying to encourage their SKNF ground military army, Police, paramilitary and gang armies to attack, burn cities (eg as in LA riots), hold hostages and create other chaos since then but the deterrent of this advanced weapons system has made the SKNF armies refuse (also proving that the individual SKNF are willing participants in SKNF atrocities and crime). Recently in October-December 2014 the SKNF have been reported to have attacked and murdered a number of African-American individuals with the intention of creating LA riot (Rodney King beating leading to riot in Los Angeles, 1992?) type events. Allegedly a young African-American teenager (Michael Brown) was murdered by a Police officer who was then acquitted by the courts. A similar incident when an older African-American man who was choked to death, alledgedly. This was reported in the media, heavily supported by the SKNF if the secret-service and the corrupt media. If true, the Police, the courts, the media supporters and (most) protestors are very likely to be SKNF-USA. Family/Lords at this time are working on the problem of SKNF contamination within their own security structures. As Family/Lords get closer to completion, the SKNF has become more desperate. I was told to warn the protestors that Family/Lords would use the advanced weapons systems to protect assets and lives if their protests turned riot. I also told them not to rely on human shields to protect them as the advanced weaponry are very precise and could even take them out underground without damage to the surrounding property. The SKNF being informed constantly by the SKNF psyops contaminant are aware of the Family/Lords capabilities (even though they use the subterfuge of secrecy to stop my report while telling the rest of the SKNF and the world about these "secret" weapons and capabilities). The Michael Brown protest that almost rioted in San Francisco was willfully done during the Thanksgiving holiday crowd period in order that the SKNF could have human shields, could maximize the amount of murders, could create the maximum amount of human misery and chaos and so that the SKNF could have the maximum amount of witnesses if the Family/Lords were to use their advanced weaponry so as to eke out the maximum amount of sympathy from the civilian populace. This is also forward planning by the SKNF for when the Family/Lords are finally able to arrest and eradicate them. The SKNF will be crying McCarthyism and human rights, trying to have the non-SKNF populace sympathetically defend them as we see their youth, their aged, their beauty and, most of all their number.

Michael Brown’s name is also significant. Michael being my first name, Brown having dual meaning ie Malaysia (brown complexion) and brown being slang for Marijuana (the SKNF also standard lie for any of their crimes is that it is related to the narcotics trade). The shooting of Michael Brown is also a threat to me and a reminder to the SKNF of a standing order from the SKNF murder me.
Similarly, Robin Williams was murdered by the SKNF as secret order to SKNF nutters to murder me. Robin is a nick name the SKNF call me ie a bird and someone that steals things as well as Batman’s (batty as in crazy) sidekick. I had warned the entertainment community continuously of the dangers they face as they seem to interact closely with the SKNF hidden in the entertainment industry, the media and the secret service propaganda machine. The secret service had been using the services of stars like Tracy Chapman etc. The FoM have already threated and telepathically attacked Tracy Chapman, Keanu Reeves and Sade (also attacked Sade's family). Actually anyone famous is in danger but those who have business with the secret service, as the it is heavily infested with SKNF, are at greatest risk. This includes Snoop Doggy Dogg and Madonna. I also believe that an ABC7 newscaster had her employment suspended as she had concerns about being a mouthpiece for the SKNF (according to the internet, her name is Cheryl Jennings).

SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The SKNF-NZ paramilitary psychos were observed to use their feet to cross minefields on orders from their so called super-soldier superiors. One of them was ordered by a SKNF-NZ lord to go outside and check if the minefield was activated, this by walking over the minefield. In the first instance, the super-soldier-SKNF-superior managed to convince three SKNF-NZ paramilitary soldiers to lose their lives by explosion. The second case lost his legs and asked the lord to "kill" him, which the lord did and then threw the now deceased SKNF-NZ soldier out the window to get his body out of his home. The minefield crossing SKNF-NZ soldiers were supposedly trying to retrieve their entrapped lord. All of what I had observed was a cynical attempt by the SKNF-NZ lieutenants to try to break their SKNF-NZ lords out of their minefielded home prisons. In fact in the first instance, the super-soldier-SKNF-superior had even a cynical grin on his face. His troops eventually stopped following his orders and that was when the stupidity stopped. This was also what inspired the serial killing pervert idea to have children cross the minefields at one of the SKNF-USA lord's farmstead. This also taught the SKNF paramilitary something about their superiors. Essentially the SKNF paramilitary are made up of psychotic wannabes that believe in the SKNF propaganda of wealth, riches, excitement, sex and economic and status progression when joining the SKNF paramilitary. They believe that they can even become senior members in the military, police, secret-service, psyops or any part of the security-services. In actuality, like the Nazi SS, they are canon-fodder to be used instead of the regular security services eg military or police. This is not to say that they are not also serial killing perverts. These SKNF paramilitary believe that they are on a "fast track" to wealth and riches. They are fed a diet of sex and drugs and act as muscle. They tend to be young and tend to be extremely stupid. They are also as evil as the worse of the SKNF, whether female or male. One young nutter was being "chummed" up by a SKNF older man, arm around this young man's shoulders, patting his stomach like old friends would, the young man maximally drugged and sexed up. This young man was to do a suicide, "banzai" charge on me. Fortunately he was smart enough to not do so as he may have lost his life to laser beam.

I met two SKNF-NZ Nut-Lord brothers (in NZ slang "royals"). They threatened me in San Francisco when I had first arrived there. When the SKNF-NZ lords was incarcerated in their minefielded homes, these two tried to help their parents. The first was killed when the SKNF-NZ psyops told him that the minefield had been disabled and so had tried driving over live mines. The second made an attempt at creating a path through the minefield by destroying mines. SKNF-NZ psyops turned off the mines and when this second royal walked through the minefield, these mine were activated again and this second "royal" killed. SKNF-NZ tries to blame me for their murder.

SKNF exploded some of the mines surrounding the SKNF-NZ Nut-Lord’s homes in their excitement and as a threat to everybody else. These explosions, as well as those that were detonated by SKNF-NZ paramilitary were heard all around the surrounding area and probably conveyed telepathically.

The SKNF have also been using their non-security services but senior and credible seeming SKNF members (SKNF-diplonut) as vehicles to take hostages from the wealthy and those within Family. These SKNF members range from business people to politicians to diplomats to senior government servants. They were to go to a targets home and somehow (possibly by poison sedative or by bringing along a SKNF-military nut or even performing the act themselves) have that target held hostage.

I observed a wealthy family being butchered by SKNF-USA. I was told that they were friends of the Lord of San Francisco. A male of late 40's to late 50's was holding up, beside him, the lower portion of a male adult, probably his father, from waist to feet. He was standing front on to the camera, with the body parts held as if in a friendly embrace. SKNF serial killing pervert humor. I also heard the cries of terror from a young boy, saying "Hands Off! Hands Off!" before he presumably was tortured. The boy sounded like he had had a very wealthy upbringing. The SKNF was using me to project this to the Lord of San Francisco as a kind of telepathic attack. This occurred about mid-year 2013. The SKNF have been performing many telepathic attacks of this sort, and using their vagrant, poor, street gang SKNF members to empower these attacks.

The SKNF forced an elderly homeless woman to hold an amputated child’s hand and part of its arm as if her own hand and arm, protruding from her sweater, and had her walk past me along Bryant St in SF. The SKNF forced an elderly homeless woman to hold an amputated child’s hand and part of its arm as if her own hand and arm, protruding from her sweater, and had her walk past me along Bryant St in SF. This happened after the first school was attacked (the one before Sandy Hook Elementary).

暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗暗SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The SKNF had been threatening the world by saying that they had managed to obtain electronic control, this to have the world presumably for to its knees and beg the SKNF to take over and for the world to abandon the Family/Lords. This after they had discovered they had been double-salted in 2012. The US media started reporting disinformation by the SKNF propaganda machine to this effect. For instance, they had said that a MAS aircraft had crashed on its way to China, a story that was later changed to this aircraft having crashed in the Indian Ocean. The deniable duplicity was that the SKNF in the secret service were double-speaking. In 2014 (after May 2014 anyway), a MAS aircraft crashed over the Ukraine. The world media, including that in the US and the UK, reported that this aircraft had been shot down by Ukraine military missile. This was a complete fabrication. The MAS aircraft had a manually detonable bomb brought aboard by a Malaysian national who thought he/she was being a narcotic courier. He was allowed through Amsterdam airport security by SKNF agents in the guise of psyops, police and border security in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam security services had been told but had done nothing. The Malaysian national then apparently opened a package, possibly to taste the contents, this detonating the bomb. The SKNF then claimed that it was because they had complete electronic control. What had also happened was that the SKNF in Malaysia and Amsterdam had colluded, the secret service on the one hand warning of a bomb, on the other hand saying there was no bomb and to continue the flight. The security services than turned a blind eye. The pilot was warned but was told that there was no danger. I was used as a conduit to tell the world of what had happened and to warn future flights of the danger of SKNF contamination within global security services.

This also shows the level of SKNF contamination within the global media as well as security services

The Chinese embassy in San Francisco was set alight, both psyops, secret-service and security services SKNF contaminants in US, as well as China, not preventing the attack.

Some students were gunned down by the SKNF at University California, Santa Barbara (2014). SKNF were seeking ways to attack the populace again, and maintain their subterfuge that the SKNF conspiracy was actually a South East Asian group conspiracy.

In Australia the SKNF also tried to bombard their cities with missile, canon and other means of delivered nuclear weapons and WMDs (gas weapons), as well as take the cities hostage. I had seen nuclear bombs and gas bombs detonated there as the SKNF were threatening the world. They were unsuccessful everywhere except Perth.

The residents of Perth have now suffered under the insanity that is the SKNF, crimes against humanity, for more than 2 years. Every day. Horror and terror. They need to be saved at the first opportunity.

At first the SKNF poisoned the water supply at the water treatment plant. I called out to Perth telling them what had happened but the media in Perth convinced the residents there that it was a pesticide or herbicide accident.

In Perth, the SKNF-AUS paramilitary units took observational and bombardment positions on at least one hill, had blocked off roads leading into and out of Perth with their army and tanks, possibly other mobile weaponry. The paramilitary on this hill had mined the access route to the top of the hill. One of these SKNF paramilitary individuals became over-excited and shot a tank destroyer shell at one of the buildings without being ordered. He was told to stop. After that SKNF psyops (probably SKNF-AUS) then exploded a mine that he was removing from a box, taking off part of his face and eventually, after a few hours of calling for help and saying he was in pain, died. I saw what appeared to be a more senior SKNF-AUS member smiling as he poked at the body which seemed to be lying on a metal hospital gurney. The SKNF-AUS psyops used this as a subterfuge that they had tried to stop the attack on Perth electronically.

Meanwhile the Royal Australian Navy laid mines in Perth harbor.

Slightly before Perth fell, Craig Fong's relatives living in Perth suffered atrocity and murder by SKNF-AUS. The Lord of Perth had ordered this saying to teach him (Michael Chin) a lesson. The Lord of Perth then joked that I would meet a pyrrhic (as in pyretic) end. I find this also humorous as the serial killing pervert that is the Lord of Perth will now himself and his family likely meet the "pyrrhic" end he had planned for the world. I had earlier told Craig to have his family leave Australia as I had seen what Serial Killer had to show me while I was in Malaysia (and before I returned to NZ) as well as had been shown by Serial Killer that the SKNF extended to Australia. Unfortunately Craig had thought his family safe, as did every victim and survivor of the SKNF.

They went to Craig's home and held the family captive. They first killed the adult males, one of them, I believe Craig's father, having his skull opened and brain exposed with a band saw. They then started mutilating Craig's sister, gouging out one of her eyes, disemboweling her and removing her unborn child. They attached a high pressure oxygen hose to this premature exposed child's mouth and pressurized its lungs with oxygen, where they ruptured and the child died. The child's body distended to the hoots of laughter from the FoM who said it had become a "balloon baby". Craig's sister was still alive when they started torturing her children with an oxy-acetylene torch. They also tried to use a blender on one of them, laughingly inspired by the joke about the frog in the blender. The children were then burnt to the bone, bit by bit, one, then the other, then the last, then back to the first, each time they would struggle against these comparative giants, until they could struggle no more. After many hours, when the serial killing perverts finally left, the children called out for their mother. Their voices sounding like old men who have been smoking all their lives, hoarse and un-childlike. The SKNF always project their atrocities to the surviving members of whichever family they torture, this to magnify and maximize whatever lift they get to the serial killing pervert's psychosis. The Police then arrived a little later. Craig begged them to take his surviving but mangled family's lives which they did by bullet to the brain. Craig then thanked them over and over again, not knowing that he was actually thanking the very perpetrators of these crimes against humanity. The SKNF must have been pleased with their evil that day.

The SKNF in Malaysia then tried to kill Craig who was living in Malaysia at that time. They also tried to blame me and Craig, saying that what had happened was a drug deal gone sour. I believe Craig was confused as to who to blame. The psyops in Perth should have saved his family and yet they were blaming me. I told Craig to go to my home in Malaysia for safety which he did. The SKNF tried to get Craig to blame my family and kill them but Craig believed what he had heard from me and is not a murderer anyway. The FoM had also been teasing the charred but still living young children by saying to them that they were ugly and looked like a barbecue.

At first the SKNF in Perth attacked some Malaysian families.

One family, not so wealthy. The father who must have known about these atrocities before hand took a blunt meat cleaver, slicing open the neck of his crying child who had thought his father angry. The father then dug around the neck, found the carotid artery and snapped it with his hands. His wife drank a bottle of draino hoping to suicide before the arrival of the serial killing perverts. When the serial killing perverts arrived, the father attacked them with his meat cleaver. The father was overpowered by these very muscular and large men who then disemboweled him and his suffering wife. The father then took a knife and stabbed himself in the heart, almost dying instantly. The serial killing perverts then tried to make the young male child suffer but the loss of blood to his brain prevented this child from feeling much of the pain they were inflicting on his body, as well as having gouged out his eyes. The serial killer left unsatiated. The boy died slowly but in no pain. The woman was left on the floor until the next day. The FoM pointed out to the serial killer's that the woman was still alive and for the serial killers to return and torture her. I then told her that she could and needed to stab herself in the heart so as to not suffer. This she did, dying instantly.

The second Malaysian family were a doctor's family. He had heard that the serial killer's were on the way. The FoM loudly telling everyone for maximum terrorist effect. The father took the option of suicide for the whole family by lethal injection. They died in their home. The Malaysian SKNF pretending they were helping.

My friend Rofi Pillai, a doctor at the hospital in Perth took her life avoiding SKNF atrocities. The SKNF then took her body and flung it around like a doll so the could video it and pretend that she was still alive for torture.

The SKNF then began their atrocities on the (a?) hospital and on the schools in Perth. As to their attacks on schools, they first attacked the private schools and schools with the youngest children. This was followed by attacks on schools with oldest children. When the children stopped going to school for fear of the terror, the SKNF started their atrocities at their homes. Notice how the SKNF, while trying for our sympathies, have preferentially focused their atrocities on the weakest and smallest.

The serial killers disemboweled, performed live vivisections, use hospital tools to dismember, used x-ray machines to blast x-rays into pregnant women, used the autoclave to pressure cook children and adults, and when they died too quickly, turned the pressure down or off completely so the dying took longer and was more painful. They ravaged their way through the hospital and then left the mangled victims to die slowly in their own blood, fermenting and putrefying. I saw infants being pulled apart by two SWAT combat uniformed adults, each pulled by the limbs in separate direction, all screaming in fear and pain. I saw a girl struggling as a nutter had a hold of her arm and sliced through it with a surgical saw. She then fell on the ground. The nutter kicked her as he walked by later. The serial killers were very excited when they found the ceramic amputation blade and used it until it could be used no more.

They took some of these new born infants from the hospital to a fish-and-chips restaurant and deep fried them in the chipper hot oil bath, inspired by the SKNF-China nutters who threatened me with the same.

At the schools they attacked the teachers first then had some very young children run around carrying parts of these adults. They found it funny to have a blazered young male child running around carrying the large heavy leg of one of the adult female teachers. They sliced off the eyelids of a few children laughing at how the eyes appeared to bug out and that the child could not now blink nor close their eyes. They got sledge hammers to these children and smashed their head in in front of the children, the children screaming in horror. Each and every child suffering atrocity, each one seeing the atrocity before, all in heightened states of terror. Some were forced to eat human flesh. Some were forced into garbage compactors and then squashed. Some had grenades thrown on them. Some were taken to the meat works and thrown into the meat mincers alive. Some were run over by road roller. Some were allowed to run and then chased down in a car. They would use hammers on these children, hammering them a piece at a time. They would dismember them. They would electroshock them. They would crush their heads in a vice, taking their time to do so, bit by bit the vice screwed tight. Sometimes they left the children overnight. They would torture them for soiling themselves. In the morning the serial killers would use high pressure water hoses to wake the children up. The crimes against humanity endless. The serial killers would kidnap teenage girls at the senior schools to rape in their hotel rooms when they were not serial killing. Some of these girls who would become disconsolate would, if they were good by behaving properly sexually, be shot in the head by the serial killers as a favor avoiding torture. Some of these girls have endured two years of rape and terror by the serial killing perverts terrorizing Perth.

They also went around staking the children with iron stakes and leaving them impaled. The children would have this pike jammed through their anus, into their stomach. They would vomit quietly for some reason. They would feel these stakes within their bodies. They would try not to move but the serial killing perverts would shake these stakes for a laugh.

Some of the children were put into a large oven on the oven put to maximum temperature while a serial killing pervert held the open door shut. The child could be heard screaming and thumping at the door, so hard that the very large male holding the door was bodily moved. When they opened the oven door, there was a charred body and human fat leaking of it onto the oven floor.

In one incident, the FoM asked the serial killing perverts in Perth to drill a hole through the skull of a female child then stuffed the hole with excrement and then drop the child back at her parents. They were hooting and hollering with laughter at this one as the child's parents, with the most basic tools, as the hospital was a charnel pit and doctors been serial killed, tried to save the child's life. They used Dettol, an anti-septic to wash out the brain cavity. The child eventually died by the trauma and tears the parents had endured is still enjoyed by the FoM and the serial killers.

The serial killing perverts in Perth then went on to more imaginative ways of performing their atrocities. They would freeze parts of their victims in liquid nitrogen. For the very young ones, they would sometimes freeze them entirely. They would drown them. They would electroshock children. They would scalp them.

The "Waaah! Waaah! Waaah!" of a infant they turned into joke amongst the psyops in SF and elsewhere, all enjoying the horror and the sense of power the SKNF seems to derive from their terror. They used this cry as a means of communicating in their oh so joking manner, during 2014, and for quite some time. This was from an infant they had first electrocuted, and then had one of its arms put into liquid nitrogen and then rotated like a crank so they could tear it off.

I have seen frozen children thrown at their parent's feet. I have seen a hand loose its external layers after thawing out from liquid nitrogen freezing.

I saw a Thai man hung from a hook in his house. His children taken away. Then the girl child had her hands smashed with a sledge hammer. Her high pitched screams of pain "Waaah! Waaah! Waaah!..." causing the younger brother to cry. As a reward the nutters made him cross a plank across a building. Sometimes when they cross a plank, the children almost make it but are tipped off by a nutter. The serial killing perverts even put bins at the bottom of the building like a basket hoop target for their children victims.

They started hanging their victims, especially the children. One of reasons they did this was they enjoyed how the victims felt when their brains would go through oxygen deprivation. Mostly their did it to terrorize the parents.

Another way they would hang the victims would be through their archilles tendons and upside down. This because it was more painful and the screams of pain louder.

In one case they scalped a young child and then allowed its mother into the same room. The mother in shock tried to save the child only to be beaten and tortured. The SKNF enjoyed the sound of struggle. I see the bare skull of those scalped.

The SKNF perceive themselves as soldierly macho, “men” as they called themselves, yet I only saw a bunch of serial killing perverts who are good a atrocities on children, especially the weakest. I had said so, so the serial killing perverts then started beating up preschool and kindergarten girls. They would put on their weighted gloves and put all their strength into each punch, pick them up and swing them with all their force against walls. After the first punch their victims would be unconscious.

In another case I heard a girl crying to go home. She was at the airport. The SKNF in Perth, the psyops nutters had let her buy her tickets then get to the airport and into the boarding lounge where they then stopped her with airport-border security nuttters. They loved her torment.

I saw a SKNF action shot of a combat dressed serial killing pervert, silhouetted in a doorway, in front of him the broken glass panel of a tall building's window, in his hand, a small child dangling as its feet unable to reach the floor. The SKNF had been throwing children out of sky-scrapers at this time. They made children cross plank bridges between buildings, most of them falling to their death. Some of those that made it were given a bullet to their head as reward.

The SKNF enjoys the terror that follows them. They went through a phase of showing the reactions of the parents and residents of homes when they first arrive at a target home. They would knock at the door, dressed in Police uniforms-combat gear. The adult would appear or the children would get the adult of the house. The adult would then look in shock and then dismay as they knew what would happen next. The serial killing perverts found this to be amusing. Then the torture would begin and the still living bodies left to die slowly in putrefaction and pain.

I have seen a serial killer, after making it through the skull, go to work on the brain of his child victim by clumsily crisscrossing the brain with his scalpel, all the while laughing.

I have seen them use their oxy-acetylene torches, sometime burning right through their victims as their victims are tied down.

I have also seen Family dying in atrocity. Fijian and Malaysian or Thai members of the Family.

The SKNF would also crucify their victims and do whatever manner of evil that would pop into that evil mind. Currently they are going through the crucifying and hammering large nails into their victims then leaving them on their crosses to die slowly and in considerable pain. The SKNF also gets off on the squelching sounds that hammered bodies make.

And yet they try to eke out whatever sympathy they can. Do not be fooled by the evil of the SKNF. They do nothing to redeem themselves. They only terrorize and are just a bunch of serial killing perverts. Furthermore they tried to turn our cities into the horror of Perth. The SKNF make me feel the suffering of their victims. I know the SKNF evil.

Ask any child between the ages of 5 or older what they had seen within the last 2 1/2 years. The SKNF telepathically attacked the worlds children, threatening them and "treating" them to a real serial killing horror show, they even laughed that they may make serial killers out of them.

SKNF-AUS and SKNF-Indonesia are in collusion and have even tried to create the illusion of an Indonesian invasion of Australia as part of a ruse to have the whole of Australia fall to the SKNF.

The atrocities in East Timor and the their subsequent "saving" by the UN and mainly Australian troops is an example of such. It was a collusive action between SKNF-AUS, SKNF-Indonesia and the UN in a SKNF conspiracy against the lords of Indonesia to usurp their wealth. The people of East Timor suffered as Perth is suffering today. The subsequent bombs in Bali were planted by SKNF-Indonesia to inflame hatreds, cause dissent and incite war between the two countries and to hide their hand.

Similarly the same in Yugoslavia. The UN seemingly the good guy, actually a SKNF corrupt body complicit in the attack on the lords of Yugoslavia as well as the many crimes against humanity perpetrated there. Not all the serial killers were caught, only a few to please propaganda machine. The so called US missile attack on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade a SKNF-USA and SKNF-China collusive arrangement to raise tensions between the countries and cause nuclear war (presumably a limited nuclear war), the same SKNF conspiracy we see today.

The destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001, the so called 9/11 incident also a case of the SKNF trying to create the conditions for a limited nuclear war.

SKNF-AUS are using the subterfuge that the corrupt security services ie military cannot save Perth as it is mined with nuclear bombs. This is a lie. The nuclear industry has many many ways of salting WMDs. These bombs are duds. At one point the corrupt Australia military tried to garner sympathy by pretending to want to go to Perth and save it, only to be prevented by realizing the existence of the nuke mines. Typical cynical SKNF bullshit. Another load of serial killing perverts.

I saw a bunch of serial killing perverts in full combat uniform, with all those hand signs one sees in the movies, the clenched upraised fist, the two finger pointing to the eyes then pointing to the eyes of another, the sign to spread out etc, all in an attack on a defenceless family cowering in their home, hunkered down so as not to be hit by bullets. The attack group in commando style, moving from defensive point to defensive point, forming up at the window of the house, then throwing grenade after grenade in and then calling out for more in that universally soldier type way "...moooore grenades!!". Not only one house but many. And not only that, the SKNF also started bombarding the homes with artillery. This the SKNF personification of macho, a man, as opposed to being a woman, those like Obama and anyone that opposes them, the wets as the SKNF like to tell everyone.

In Russia, SKNF-Russia planted bombs as a threat to the Government during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. SKNF-Russia may also have sunk their own submarine. Reason unknown.

In the Ukraine, the SKNF tortured a judge and the beheaded him. They then attempted to start a war between the USA/Europe and Russia by having the western media portray the Ukraine calling the west for assistance against a Russian invading army.

It appears that the attack on the lords and kings around the world only resulted in the SKNF taking hostage the Nut-Lords only. I have no knowledge of any of the non-SKNF lords being taken hostage. This means that the non-SKNF lords were aware of the SKNF and their conspiracy while the Nut-Lords were unaware of their lieutenants treachery. \

The property lords, who also tend to be the most senior in the property's security departments eg the Police, then called for the police to arrest the local SKNF. The police disobeyed and lied that the property lord was being countermanded by the military which supposedly holds a higher rank. The property lords then ordered the military to honor the defence contracts that they have with these property lords and use the laser platforms to arrest the SKNF and force compliance by the security services. The military dishonored this contract lying that they were in investigating the SKNF in the UN and needed to wait for a finding before they could do anything. The property lords than waited until completion of the first Supreme Court investigation into the SKNF (the lower courts had already found the SKNF criminal).

The Supreme Court, after many attempts by the SKNF in delaying and preventing it from coming to a decision, finally agreed with the lower courts in November 2012 (my notes say December 2012 but I think this has been tampered with) and also found the SKNF criminal. I believe the same happened in the highest courts all over the world.

In hindsight, I believe that the Supreme Court probably is heavily contaminated with SKNF as well as they allowed the obvious attempts by the SKNF to delay and even prevent decision. I have now had the opportunity to see a non-corrupt senior justice and know for fact that non of these delaying tactics work with him ie that the behavior one would expect of a non-corrupt person also applies to the courts, contrary to the lies the SKNF make.

The SKNF immediately began proceeding in the lower courts to investigate the SKNF and had the case immediately brought to the Supreme Court again (had basically repeated what had been done in the first investigation). This time the Supreme Court allowed and infinite amount of delaying and frustration. They just relooped over the inane questions and irrelevance, or even relevance, in an infinite waste of time loop. I never heard if there was an outcome to this case but I think it was left in judicial limbo in its infinitely looping time-sucking whirlpool of bullshit.

The lords were not fooled by these delaying tactics and approached the highest levels to obtain command in both their local areas as well as the military. The lords then became the second highest in the security services, the highest being FAMILY-1 and NUT-1. I do not know precisely what the structure of the security services is but I believe this is a good approximate.

The SKNF in San Francisco then started saying that this was like being members of a board, but in this case there were two senior members, like two chairmen, that had final authority on whether a commanded action by the security forces would be allowed or not. They said that there was a process for all commanded actions that needed to be followed.

For anyone observing and who is not part of the SKNF, it was an obvious lie and subterfuge by the SKNF, a delaying tactic. It was reported that there were large military bunkers in Australia that were doing their best researching and building an offensive capability in electronics and other weaponry, all controlled by the SKNF. It is probable that this was also going on in other countries. All SKNF activity appeared to be geared towards providing these facilities sufficient time to create an advanced weapons offensive strategy for the SKNF.

Again the lords commanded the military and other security services, using the advanced weapons, to arrest the SKNF. Again the security services disobeyed and applied their infinite time sucking delaying tactics. They cited procedure and process and the dual head of the so called "board" always did precisely whatever thing that would support the SKNF's attacks and delaying tactics. They also tried to attack Family but was unsuccessful. Everyone, from President downwards, were publicly calling for Perth to be saved. The security forces cited one bullshit after the other as reason for not saving Perth, and instead used Perth as a terror weapon to force the Family to succumb to their demands.

From what those psyops that had become unconcealed and the secret service were saying, the military was going through restructuring after restructuring, in every country on the planet, at every level, in every division and section whatsoever, everywhere. Each one in sequence, one after the other. At first it seemed plausible, but after a while it looked, even from where I am, a civilian hostage in a shelter controlled by the SKNF, a total pack of lies. Whatever restructuring had occurred already and the rest was just another time wasting fabrication.

I had then heard (not sure before or after the restructuring lie) that President Obama, in his role as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the USA, commanded them to arrest the SKNF. The Armed Forces of the USA disobeyed. I believe they cited the twin “senior” chairmen of the command board as authority. Obviously another lie that had convinced me that the majority of the security services are SKNF and part of the SKNF’s global holocaust conspiracy and attempt at usurping the Family’s assets and power, as well as being perpetrators of the worst type of crime. I believe that the global armed forces, police, secret services and rest of the security services worldwide were in unison with the US armed forces.

I was also told that the delay was because of the investigation that was occurring within the UN, in that the UN were investigating the SKNF. The UN seemed also to be using the same twin senior command of the “command board”. It was almost immediately evident that this UN investigation was also giving the same infinitely looping cycle of interminable bullshit credibility and that the UN is corrupt. It was first hinted to me by this lawyer who had mentioned the global atrocities that the SKNF were perpetrating. I knew it to be true because I had seen the same infinitely looping bullshit being used as a trick in the Supreme Court. Similarly the UN were using the same tactics to delay and prolong the suffering that is occurring in Perth as well as trying to ensure the success of the SKNF's global holocaust conspiracy.

In late 2014 (about September – October 2014) the lords went to FAMILY-1 and NUT-1 for resolution of the SKNF conspiracy and WW3.

President Obama as representative of FAMILY-1 and NUT-1 sent out another order for the security services to arrest the SKNF. The security services again disobeyed. Again this was mirrored worldwide. As well as disobeying, they continued to attempt to destroy Family and the world.

I was told that the delay was caused by NUT-1. Everyone was asking for Perth to be saved but the atrocities in Perth continued with the SKNF trying to use it as a lever for Family/Lords to succumb to the SKNF demands.

I was told that NUT-1, who was actually being saved by Family/Lords, wanted to see through its counterplan. The counterplan was for the SKNF global devastation to occur, with approximately 90% of the world’s population killed, whether through WMD such as nuclear bomb, anti-matter bomb, laser and gravity-disruptor weaponry, or through mass atrocity and murder. NUT-1 and FAMILY-1 would then rescue the world, and as a result of the loss of most of the world’s population and chaos, seize property wealth on Earth and the solar system, destroy the SKNF enemy, depopulate and over populated world and probably other perceived (by only those that are far down crazy path) benefits.

The SKNF who seemed to now have lost morale and may actually have been thinking about losing suddenly gained a new and more upbeat mood. I observed that they suddenly, instead of trying to destroy the Family, changed direction and allied themselves, by behavior and word, to NUT-1, thinking that they had a chance in winning. The SKNF not within NUT-1's or FAMILY-1's direct circles had no knowledge of NUT-1 nor of the counterplan.

FAMILY-1 and the rest of the FAMILY opposed this so NUT-1 gave its direct lieutenants (NUT-1's direct security services – psyops etc) NUT-1 level control over the advanced technology and weaponry, with NUT-1 being the only one able to withdraw this power. NUT-1's treacherous lieutenants and most senior SKNF members tested their new powers but found that they did not have control over the advanced weaponry and technologies once again, that FAMILY-1 had failsafes against this lost of FAMILY-1 and NUT-1 power and had all the power.

Family/Lords then proved to NUT-1 that their lieutenants and closest associates (possibly even best friends) were actually manipulating NUT-1 and are SKNF. The whole counterplan’s objective was so that Family/Lords telepathic support and other supporters would be decimated hence allowing the SKNF to sweep Family’s legs from under them and destroy Family. NUT-1’s lieutenants also had the added incentive of now being in control of the advanced weapons and hence being the highest of all with the tools to control the endless internal treachery within the SKNF. NUT-1 still did not relent.

Three days later it was pointed out to NUT-1 that their danger was even closer than they thought. Their bodyguards are also SKNF, NUT-1 at times only 1/10th of a second away of being held hostage and suffering atrocity. NUT-1's lieutenants had not alerted NUT-1 at all but instead had kept this little nugget of home for SKNF supremacy. I believe NUT-1 was shaken as it became clear that without the rest of Family they were blind to the SKNF’s treachery and contamination.

A little while later (about a week), the FoM, whether by greater SKNF design or otherwise (I actually believe otherwise due to the usual FoM incompetence and buffoonery), let it be known that FAMILY-1 has the same SKNF contamination problems as NUT-1.

As of today (12th December 2014), Family/Lords (including FAMILY-1) and NUT-1 have had about two months of internal restructuring with the intention of cleaning out the SKNF contamination and then resolving the SKNF problem and WW3. It is likely that the SKNF will lose.

W後陰冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷冷SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I started working in the MSC kitchen when I started living at the MSC. I was given a better dinner for helping out. The SKNF had this double speak way of saying that I was part of a narcotics gang working within the narcotics kitchen within San Francisco. A Fijian soldier arrived and started working there for a little while. Apparently when a security service or any agent of the security services arrives in San Francisco, they are to report at a shelter (or some other alternative means of reporting their presence openly). I would then have to line up, sit in the “drop-in” part of the MSC and wait for a bed to be allocated to me. After a short while I was given a 90 day bed in the MSC.

The attacks on me were annoying but not usally life threatening at first. They had already stolen all I had brought with me to SF. They would “bug” me with mites and lice, sometimes go through my belongings, put bleach on them when washing so my clothes began to fall apart and threaten me with gang violence and so on. It appeared that there were some observers and advocates there. Some would appear to leave a message for me and the watchers behind my eyes saying that I had the FoM on me but nothing else ie I was not a drug courier or related to a “black” group in anyway. In fact I had no inkling of the SKNF being in control at the shelter. There would be all kinds of secret service messaging as to what was going on, local and foreign.

I was told telepathically that Serial Killer had lost the lower court case and that this case was brought to the Supreme Court with had a super-supreme bench. I was told that the SKNF had been found criminal by the Supreme Court by about November 2012 by a bespectacled elder man who was also living at the MSC.

I saw the Fijian soldier that had apparently been hired for local security work past me. He had been punched in the face and had bruising. Apparently I was to be some kind of conduit to the psyops watchers. I saw him a few times more over the following two years since my arrival, he seemed to be messaging something to psyops when he was there. At the time I naively believed that he was one of the good guys and not SKNF. It was only later that I discovered that the SKNF also beat their SKNF agents to gain sympathy and trust from the unknowing. I do not know if this Fijian soldier is SKNF or not. I observed a couple of SKNF elderly, kindly in both mannerism and visage, male agents that they had punched just for that purpose. I had begun to learn to not “trust a book by its cover”.

During the first Supreme Court investigation, someone I took for a Supreme Court advocate or employee, in front of the main library, threatened to rape and kill my children and family. Even in this hearing the Supreme Court seemed to be tolerant to the continuously looping interminable lies posing as facts and lines of investigation. In the second Supreme Court SKNF hearing this tolerance became the rule. I now know that this irrational behavior and seeming incapability of telling what is true and what is not, delaying and obfuscating actions from true investigation, in other words, what one would see in the corrupt as against the non-corrupt is indicative of corruption and SKNF contamination. I compared the behaviors of that of the second Supreme Court hearing to that of Chief Justice Smelie of courts of NZ.

President Obama’s re-election for Presidency of the USA was also occurring during this time. My experience with John Keys, the way the SKNF would cynically dye their candidates hair in the same manner (grey along the sides of the head), as well as being told by the secret service that Paul Ryan is actually SKNF, prompted me to tell the world of the SKNF conspiracy for the presidency. I did not know about the Electoral College at the time. The secret service had telepathically shown me a property that Paul Ryan had apparently obtained after the owners had been tortured and butchered. It had a white picket fence with blue-green mown grass [January 2, 2015-MC: Actually I think this was a house that appeared white in color, fields surrounding it had a blue-green grass variety. Paul Ryan was seen picking at a grass leaf. This house may have had a white picket fence or it may be that this picket fence belonged to the farm with the red barn that was given to a Supreme Court justice after the family had suffered atrocity, limbs of children and adults being found separate from the bodies, the owners found in a mummified state].I had also seen a picture with Paul Ryan in an action that was the SKNF’s signal of that time.

I think that during the second Supreme Court investigation, when it was apparent that the court were all corrupt and SKNF, from the prosecutor to the defence and the judiciary, I was shown a property that had been given to one of the justices, and the mummified remains of the victims. I saw a number of arms in a pile, some of them from children, and a mummified blond woman. Apparently they had been torn apart by the SKNF. It had also become clear to me that the SKNF were rewarding themselves by palatial properties obtained after serial killing its owners. This particular property had a large red barn sitting atop a small slightly wooded hill. Very beautiful and picturesque property and obviously very old.

As to my impressions of the psyops and secret-service, I did not think that the local ones were SKNF at first although I was being attacked continually and never, even to this day (15th December, 2014), warned of an impending attack. They had after all left me mostly unscathed, had protected me from the red haired serial killer from NZ that was to stiletto me in front of the MSC and so on). But it did perplex me why I was never warned, and could be attacked when they could obviously see everything else. So when someone said that the telepathic defence is impenetrable I became almost convinced of local psyops involvement. When then someone said that the secret service and psyops is heavily contaminated by the SKNF, and this after the Lord of Perth and all the lords were attacked, I concluded this to be true.

I was told that the Lord of San Francisco’s electric gates were opened and the SKNF drove to his home to hold him hostage. He had not been warned by his police based psyops security, security that he is chief of. Furthermore it was obvious that the FoM were running riot around SF and yet, as I had also observed in Malaysia, the local psyops were more than capable of disabling their computers, which incidentally is the only way to silence their constant ranting and attacks. It would explain how Chris Beh's, Craig Fong's and the atrocities around the world could have occurred, including the fall of Perth. I had also seen the SKNF-NZ contamination in NZ psyops, could explain how Serial Killer could have so much power, even in Wellington, could see for myself their SKNF supporting behavior.

The ground based secret service and security services, the plain clothes ones were also supporting the lies about all the SKNF activity, terrorism and crime being related to the superconductor energy device, the advanced propulsion technologies and/or the narcotics trade and other underground activity. They would do this in front of me, they would tell whoever was watching this lie, it seemed to be the only thing they would say. At no time did they tell the truth, at no time did they mention that the lords had been attacked, at no time did they show they knew the truth. Everything they did was in support of the SKNF and obviously they were part of the conspiracy. They did however tell me and the other MSC people about the weapons, about the intended bombings and so on. This I found out to be actually to threaten and not to inform, the secret service using deniability as a weapon of duplicity again. They would also threaten me with camera guns, shoe guns and various other guns, poisons, darts and whatever other secret service weaponry has been pointed at me. I have been saved on too many occasion to count by the electronic countermeasures.

It was when I then telepathically informed the world that the secret service and psyops were heavily contaminated with SKNF that the secret service began attacking me in earnest and with intent to have me suffer and die painfully.

The Police’s behavior was perplexing at first too. They did not act like someone would in the security services if their head had been attacked, nor did they try to arrest the obvious terrorist that were wondering around the city. Yet they diffused the nukes, and had behaved as if having just discovered the SKNF. But then again, they formed a cordon around that school to allow the serial killers their atrocities. I would also have expected them to arrest the SKNF, wherever they are located. Sometime after this the SKNF began also perpetuating the lie that there were two heads of the table of commanders. The Police and local military based security started supporting the SKNF lies by their actions, words and behavior. They would ride around in pairs to indicate that there were these two heads. They would always refer to these two head. Would openly lie that the lords were being countermanded by these so called dual heads of the table of commanders. And when it became apparent that the so called board of commanders were in interminable loop of bullshit, would also support the lie that this was just a process, that this interminable activity had credibility.

The SKNF lies were also supported by whoever it is in fire service that drives around and messages for the secret service (still unsure if these are true fire service personal).

One night a couple of Policemen carrying shotgun had forced me out of the MSC on a SKNF pretence that was also enjoined by MSC staff. I slept outside of the MSC that night but the SKNF had tried to make me go to the Tenderloin. The next day I discovered that a woman from the Tenderloin had been tortured, mutilated and murdered and that I was to be framed for this serial killing. I wondered at the time how the police could condone this serial killing and actually be a part of the scheme. The serial killer then hung around the MSC afterwards as a way for the SKNF to show their supremacy. I discovered that he was like the FoM in that to get respect he needed to show that he was the most fearful of all. He would get this by walking around like a ticking time-bomb until psyops would tell him to "calm down".

There were also constant threats of incarceration. The SKNF by way of local gang or the residents at the MSC would say that I was a "black" operative, selling or taking narcotics, or any lie they could. The Police, or an ambulance would then immediately go to the MSC and threaten my incarceration, whether it be in a mental ward or prison.

But the real proof of the Police being part of the conspiracy was when the lords ordered them to arrest the SKNF and they all disobeyed.

The Police cite the military and higher command but this lie is very transparent. The lords were attacked, the Police are paid by the lords as security. They must respond. When the military cited all other bullshit but had dishonored their security contract with the lords the lie became even more transparent and clear, it was as if a large neon sign was pointing over the military, police and security services saying SKNF Conspiracy! What I had witnessed and experienced regarding security could only be explained by the security services being part of this SKNF conspiracy.

In regards to the military, all the action taking place had pointed to the military being heavily contaminated with SKNF. When they dishonored their contract it was very clear. But the extent of their contamination was unclear until I think late 2013 and early 2014 when the President, in his role as Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces ordered the arrest of the SKNF and were disobeyed. Prior to that it was possible to believe that some part of the military was being organized by the lords, as I was telepathically told. Even when the lords in their role as commanders had ordered the arrest of the SKNF and when this did not eventuate it was possible to believe that the military was being reorganized and restructured for this new command structure and as to defend against SKNF contamination.

I did not have a good idea of what the issues were but I had been told that the SKNF were even in the key advanced weapons divisions, the one that was preventing the SKNF from taking cities, with their large scale attacks and greater numbers within the formal security services of the police and the military. That attacks with the laser had been prevented.

It was now clear that at least 80% of the military were also SKNF conspiracist. It also explained why the local plain clothes military officers were acting in support of the SKNF, being part of the endless delaying tactics, would be giving irrational orders credibility, would be in seemingly endless discussion and investigation, would even perpetuate SKNF lies.

They are very good at maintaining their good guy cover. One guy, a tall African-American male I took for an officer, even stayed at the MSC when we were told a SKNF ground nut had brought in a manually detonable bag bomb and was in a bed close by. Another Caucasian man, older, good looking with that Navy look, had all the hand signs and mannerisms of trust. They even used a trick where they flash something that looks like a senior Navy man, but on close inspection a flash of nothing, and then make assumption that it is a senior Navy man. This also began the MSC calling everyone sir and a general round of ridicule, especially when I had used the word with the Lord of San Francisco. They wanted to belittle the Lord's authority. At St. Anthony's homeless dining room, this "Navy" man would be part of a trick where the secret service would poison me with a laxative, and then this Navy man would purportedly save me by having a toilet at the Yerba Buena gardens ready for me when I got there. He had me believing that he was on the right side until I saw them support the lies that were being perpetrated by the SKNF.

The lords and the President, in their role as Chief of Police, in their role as commander, as Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces and finally as representative of the highest command had also ordered my release and safe return to Malaysia.

Some of the myriad of lies were that there was a battle between the good and the bad in the security services, between the lords and the other wealth, between the elected representatives and the lords, between those protecting secrets and the lords who were leaking the secrets, between the head of the table of commanders and the lords, between moneyed people who were interested in being clients for technological gain and the lords, between the UN and the lords, actually every possible lie was given credibility by the SKNF contaminants within the security services especially the secret services and the military.

They would tell these lies by having professional and amateur sports games as in the Giants vs New York, or the Ravens ("black") vs 49ers (Lord of San Francisco), the Americas cup Oracle vs NZ, with large cargo ships with colors representing the lords and their opposition going back and forth in SF harbor, with the airplanes flying overhead (a seaplane representing C as in cocaine), by having television, internet, newspaper and all other media blaring out these lies as loudly and as widespread as they could. The secret service would be marching around in their armies backing up whatever lie was current, from young teens, to dear old senile women, to nice looking elderly gentlemen, to infant pushing wives and fathers to every type of person possible. The would send armies of people to their games to cheer their teams on.

This activity was also meant to try to have would be hostages relax their guard and have the SKNF capture them. The wealthy were targeted with the old "you can trust us" routine. Schools where the secret service would hang around were at threat as it gave the SKNF reason to be at those schools. They even had family hunting parties that would pick up holiday making families and hold them hostage.

People at St. Anthony's homeless dining room were starting to show their allegiance by supporting the SKNF. Many of these people had already shown to be advocates and agents in the continuing investigation into the SKNF. Even the security people there were doing the same. These are foreign ones brought in as city level security.

Meanwhile the SKNF were trying to gain support by trying to sell technologies like the superconductor energy systems, advanced propulsion technologies, the microscopic surveillance robots, actually anything and everything to create excuse for the delays in obeying orders, to create the illusion that there is someone other than the lords that they had to give credence to and even obey. They even started telling the lords that they had to sell their properties, that it was the only option, even if only half of it. All this was obvious SKNF fabrication and time delaying tactics to give their advanced weapons development time to succeed.

The SKNF were also lying that I had volunteered, that there was higher levels that ordered me to stay in SF, that I was an information conduit for this board of commanders, and whatever lie that popped into their minds to hold me hostage in San Francisco. Of course the security services took the side of the SKNF.

Being logical and rational, the lords first concern would be the attack on themselves. Furthermore, these so called technology clients were being sold technology that had been stolen from the lords, this technology is proprietary technologies and science that is owned by the lords. It would make no sense for them to be involved in anything obviously constructed to delay the arrest of the SKNF, that would be implemented in such a way that would damage the lords wealth. Furthermore, the lords are highest in their own countries. What would the UN have in determining the lord's welfare, resources and assets.

Similarly, the UN started showing its corruption. Not only seemingly unable to achieve a finding of SKNF conspiracy, but they were now also perpetuating the lies of negotiation for technology, splitting of lords property and had even had agreements signed to provide UN sponsored military and security services ostensibly to protect countries. This was a SKNF attempt to hold countries hostage with super augmented military support from the super-powers and other powers. It had already been shown that the militaries and security services were heavily contaminated with the SKNF. The Prime Minister of NZ, John Keys and the Prime Minister of Australia both signed these agreements, both intent on holding NZ and Australia hostage and commit atrocities on the populace of both countries. They were prevented by threat that these SKNF armies would be annihilated by advanced weapons. I remember seeing John Keys look smug, his behavior and actions in anticipation of the takeover and crimes to follow. The UN also were in an infinite loop of discovery and investigation into the "facts" of the attack on the lords and SKNF conspiracy, all facts that had already on a multitude of occasion been proven, both in record and telepathically.

Meanwhile the courts opened case after case of whatever the SKNF would conceive. There was cases against the lords, against me, against countries etc.

I read mention that the wealthy were offered positions in a A,B or C structure where the A's would get everything, the B's free energy and the C's could live of methane created by pumping compressed carbon dioxide and water, making methane, to the bottom of the ocean, which would be pumped out again and sold as an energy source. The Lord of Perth, even before being held hostage, had thought this an even better idea when the SKNF told him that they could counterfeit money to buy the assets for this operation. Consider this for a moment. After the SKNF holocaust, the Lord of Perth would be one of the only lords in existence. To then counterfeit money would be the same as stealing from one of his pockets and sticking the money in his other pocket and calling himself twice as rich.

The SKNF contaminated security services showed me free energy devices, using me as their so called volunteer to convey messages to their so called clients. They showed me advanced propulsion machines for the same purpose. Later they started leaking even more secret information. They leaked that there had been human landings on Mars already. They leaked the fact of pervasive microscopic robots and machines for surveillance and weapon delivery. They leaked gravity weapons by actual demonstration, first ostensibly as threat to the SKNF while I was working in the MSC kitchen, then to tell the SKNF that the lords had other gravity weapons that were not controlled by the SKNF such as the ground based ones, but were probably in space.

The virus and biological agent attacks are one of the most common SKNF attacks. A T-shirt I got from St. Vincent de Paul's turned out to be heavily infected with virus and gave me a serious infection under my arms. Then the SKNF using the guise of the necessity for a TB antigen-antibody test at the MSC shelter infected me with a large dose of HIV in March 2012. I

In March 2011 I had had the same TB test but was not infected. The shelters specify an annual TB clearance requirement but actually it is a guise for infecting people with HIV. All the shelters in San Francisco are under the control of the SKNF. The shelters are actually meant to record the test within the hospital database but never did so at the MSC. You are then given a card that you show the shelters that you have been tested and shown clear of TB when you return approximately a week after the "bubble" antigen test. The shelters then enter this into their records. The "bubble" test is actually not the one they use at the General Hospital at 22 St. in SF. There they obtain a blood sample, do an xray and then you return in a week for your results where they either clear you and give you your TB test card or presumably have you in hospital if you show signs of TB. This all sounds safer then the shelter variety of TB test but actually the psyops can use the xray machines to give you a lethal dose of radiation which then kills you, as they had done to my step-mother in Malaysia.

They did not provide me a TB card in the first HIV injection parading as a TB test. It was only in the second HIV injection that they provided me a TB card. But they had not and have not facility to enter the test into the hospital database system as they are required to. I discovered later that the SKNF had willfully made this a tool of atrocity at the shelters and that the staff at the shelter were also aware and complicit in its use.

An Indian man even came in one day, the MSC asked me to see him at the nurses room at the MSC, where he then proceeded to rub the viral nodules that had formed around the bubble site, as if to try to have the virus spread as fast as possible. I may have been injected even a third time under the guise of a TB test but I do not recall clearly.

The SKNF psyops then told me what they had done and offered to give me medication if I would support them and their lies. I know the SKNF very well. I only saw what they were saying as a way to not only torture me, and eventually kill me but to get me to try to kill other people. I refused them.

Instead I thought of eating flowers as a way to delay or event prevent the effects of HIV (related to my early research in eczema). I had thought I had actually won the battle against HIV when the infection had not got any worse. I think the SKNF had thought so too even though they said that I would change my mind when I "come up smelling like flowers" ie when I was close to death. I would walk around the city gathering flowers to put into a 1/2 litre plastic bottle, seep it in warm water, and drink the fluid and eat the flowers. After a while, the SKNF started poisoning all the flowers around me, while being in the guise of city garden engineers, pedestrians or even angry homeowners. The worse poisoning was when they planted a number of Magnolia trees around the city and I consumed a few. The Magnolia flowers are easy to fill with poison as they are fleshy and full of water. The effects of the poisoning was loss of balance, loss of muscle control and various other musculature nerve effect. I even still have a slight loss of fine muscle control in my eyes because of this. I was poisoned a few times. They also tried poisoning me with fecal matter and human and animal waste.

By about May-June 2013 I had thought I had won the battle with HIV. The MSC shelter then concocted a story to have me barred from the shelter, at first for about 6 months and but after a hearing with Wayne Garnett and Victoria, both senior staff at the shelter, this was reduced to 1 month. I then had to use the drop in facilities at Capp St. in the Mission district, SF to book a nightly bed. After a approximately a week I was then given a 90 day bed at a place called Hospitality House on Leavenworth St. An agent (Jamal) at the shelter had earlier mentioned Hospitality House and how good its facilities and food were, I believed being telepathically told to.

Hospitality House turned out to be a small room split into a number of showers and toilets, an office and a number (about 20?) beds in the form of bunk beds and single beds. When I first got there the office people said that there was a breakfast at about 6am, possibly lunch and dinner served at about 4pm. I never ever felt comfortable being there, even from the start.

It turned out that everyone at Hospitality House on Leavenworth St. were actually SKNF agents. The building next to the shelter was also peopled by SKNF agents. They injected me many time with HIV using a pneumatic syringe. My body was covered with syringe marks (psyops even laughingly said that they had pumped at least 10 ml into my body of virus serum - basically a death sentence). The "guest" staying with me would pretend to be non-SKNF and advocates for the military, police, UN, political bodies etc etc. In reality they were going to teach me a lesson and make me suffer HIV. During the evening they would sit around watching a blaring television set whose only purpose was to attack the lords telepathically, especially the Lord of San Francisco, and spread SKNF lies. It was at this time that I saw the Lord's friends being tortured and murdered by the SKNF. They wanted me to lie for them. Meanwhile they were menacing me with muscled gang members, a number of "queens" whose job was to obtain homosexual prostitutes, threats of withholding food and laundry services. They also tried offering me sexual favors, having me sell their narcotics as a street vendor, told lies about me that I was a narcotics dealer, used me as a conduit to harass the Lord of San Francisco, played a game of investigation and discussion amongst SKNF and the lords and all kinds of things. I left there after two months, not because I was not being attacked with HIV at the MSC, but because by leaving I could at least avoid attacking the lords.

One night at Hospitality House the SKNF attacked all the lords and President Obama by telepathically transferring the effects of a stomach ailment that was causing somebody somewhere diarrhea. The next morning I heard the President in group with two other say that they were in a frank discussion regarding the SKNF threat. The SKNF were laughing and saying that "they would get to the bottom of" things. They carried on this way for quite a few months, and in fact seem to have this thing about excrement and all things related to it.

The first night I got a bed at the MSC a bald SKNF agent also injected me with HIV. The night staff who are meant to provide security pretended to be unaware but by now it was clear to me what the shelters and shelter systems are. A means for the SKNF to have a standing army in the city, usually to obtain property and threaten the city. This was then followed by a very large male "guest" who appeared to provide a warning to the SKNF psyops about not protecting me.

My stay at the MSC was then punctuated by period of the SKNF putting a skin toxin on me almost every time I slept. On another occasion the SKNF I woke up in the morning and found that my jacket and my clothes had been soaked. After a few days I found that it was a skin virus and that I had become badly infected.

March 2014 rolled around. I now had to go for my annual TB test, which by now I knew to be a terror weapon. I spoke to a staff member at the MSC about not having the TB test because of the threat to my life. He appeared to concur but a couple of weeks after expiration of my current TB card, the psyops ordered that I get a TB test and Charles now acted as the antagonist. He had supposedly been discharged earlier while supposedly fighting for my cause and now he was again supposedly being used by the SKNF in the role of unwilling employee that had to kick me out of the MSC for not having a TB card. I discovered later that this is a common tactic used by the SKNF to gain sympathy while they stab one in the back. I said I would not be infected with HIV, complained about security at the MSC and left the building.

I spent the next 3 weeks sleeping on the streets of SF. The first night they urinated in a weather protected place I had found so that my clothes would smell. Fortunately I slept on a plastic bag which I threw away. I then tried sleeping sitting up, moving from bus shelter to tram shelter and getting as much sleep as I could during the day. I would use the Capp St. drop in to shower, but could not shower on the weekends as it would be closed. In the meantime my virus infection had begun to flare and the FoM would attack the shower electronics to make it too cold to shower or manage the infection. One early morning while on my way to Capp St. a SKNF serial killing pervert almost ran me over in a MPV. He is a square faced chines man, relatively stocky build and was wearing spectacles at the time. He was within 1/2 a meter of turning me into road-kill. On other nights some SKNF stooges would attack me while I would be dozing at a bus shelter with the pretence that I was an intruding narcotics seller in their area.

After the third week my will finally gave out as I thought that the oncoming rain showers would probably kill me just as quickly as the HIV, which I still thought was in my system, or xray. I decided to go through with a TB test at the General Hospital on 22nd St. I visited the hospital, they told me to return. It telepathic disagreement between the SKNF and people apparently protecting me seem to be occurring in the air. A staff member at the MSC had allowed me to stay at the MSC on condition that I get my TB test within the week. I returned the following Monday and had my test to what I think was much fanfare and a SKNF show. The secret service took charge personally, making sure that they controlled the X-ray machine. There were watchers there, although they looked like the ones from the shelters, basically the usual SKNF subterfuge. A week later I received my results and TB card after visiting so called medical personnel who I think are likely to be secret service and SKNF. I now could reenter the MSC safely.

I was also attacked at a shelter called "Next Door". This is on 1001 Polk St and his an example of a place used not only to hold the SKNF second class citizen homeless army, but also one that provides the SKNF telepathic support. The guest staying at Next Door are allowed to stay there 24 hours a day. SF and other cities are dotted with similar places, all funded by the lords wealth and all turned into a weapon against the lord. They injected me with HIV.

I seem to be slightly better protected at the MSC except that I am poisoned constantly with something like a diuretic, laxatives and something that makes my eyes go red. Occasionally I am poisoned with a skin toxin that causes blistering. I am under constant threat of eviction from the MSC as well as under constant threat of murder and violence. I have also been injected with HIV and been given the eggs of eukaryotic parasitic organisms (eg tapeworm, liver fluke)in my meals.

One night the MSC was vibrating with the promise of violence against me.I woke up in the middle of the night and had people all around me in high anticipation. The staff had ear to ear broad smiles. The guest around me were all smiling. I went to toilet and there were secret service in there, all apparently excited at my imminent beating. An African American man with arms the width of my thighs had the bunk above me. All around me were serial killing perverts with intent to beat me. They stopped when all of a sudden they were warned that they would be fired upon by advanced weapon. A military sourced staff members who remained as it seemed the others left then became officious as their smiles disappeared.

To my right most nights is a SKNF paramilitary serial killing pervert. He has a number of "clones" that replaces him. They are about 1.75 meter (5' 9") tall, dark short hair, Caucasian, males in their 20's to early 30's. They have jabbed me with HIV on a number of occasions now. This HIV has been followed from HIV infected source to serum concentration to my body. They had thought that they would be able to infect me in this way as it is likely that the other prior infections were from HIV that had been destroyed and were decoy. Their attempt was also for the SKNF at the level of FAMILY-1 and NUT-1's lieutenants to test whether they had control over the space based advanced weapons. When it happened that I was not infected it proved to the rest of the SKNF, and the highest level SKNF that they did not have control over these weapons. They then used it as an excuse to accuse FAMILY-1 and lords of leaking information regarding the space based gravity weapons when actually it was the SKNF. Furthermore they complained about using the really advanced weapons and even used this incident to have NUT-1 actively force the non-SKNF security services to give them the control they craved.

At present the SKNF are trying as hard as they can, in everyway possible to kill me. Their latest attempt is physical violence and they are ramping up their behavior and making a subterfuge so that they can attack me and yet appear that that my protectors are not contaminated with SKNF. I have mentioned this clearly to those protecting me already. The SKNF are becoming more erratic which from experience is sure sign that they are about to do something.

Other ways I have been attacked is by the SKNF giving me poisoned shoes, shoes that are either infected with fungal and parasitic bacteria and virii or chemically poisoned. They have been doing this to me continually over the last 2 1/2 years. They have also been attacking me with their microscopic machines which can apparently carry very small but very toxic doses of chemical. They also attack me with mites (as they are doing now as I write this or it may be microscopic machines) and with any number of things. Another attack is to try to run me down as I cross a street, to drop things on me from buildings, cigarette poisons, poisons in food and drink, physical violence, attack with poisoned MEM (micro-electronic-machine) based needles in all manner of things, from umbrellas to chairs to everything, mobile phone guns and so on. This occurs daily and even hourly. The toiletries I use are donated and also tend to be poisoned in one way or another. They have even tried to use the lasers to blind me, to slice and dice me, in fact every way possible.

I am even threatened by the Police. On one occasion a very muscled serial killing pervert in police uniform was fiddling with his gun as I walked by. The police’s threats have become more common, especially driving by showing off their shotguns and automatic rifles.

As to the swarming micro-machines, the SKNF lower than FAMILY-1's and NUT-1's lieutenants were unaware of these until quite recently (at earliest May 2014 but likely much later than that). This was leaked to them by the highest ranking SKNF and lieutenants to FAMILY-1 and NUT-1. It appears that the FoM has control of the ones that are attached to my clothes and body. This means that these highest ranking lieutenants, and possibly NUT-1 has given them, and probably the rest of the SKNF-psyops, control over these advanced technology machines. It is probably indicative of other high level corruption as well, probably even the disruptors, both space based and otherwise. Obviously Family's fail-safes are working and FAMILY-1 has ultimate control over the advanced weaponry and technologies.
30th July 2016 MC: I was mistaken. They have known about these machines but did not have as much control over what they can do until recently when the corrupt senior members in the security services as well as SKNF vermin handed it to them making them more dangerous

It was easy for me to be convinced of the military's complicity in the SKNF, and when I was told about their obedience, it confirmed what had been strongly suggested by their behavior. Obviously what had happened to me at the shelters was part of the SKNF conspiracy.

A current, persistent and recurring threat is that of the threat of arrest or hospitalization and sedation, probably in a mental ward. The Police and security service appear to be able to do any request by the SKNF while being unable to follow orders from their topmost security commanders. About every other day, whether by the FoM or otherwise, the Police or some other security officers arrive in their vehicles, police car or emergency ambulance with threat of taking me away.

I had followed the stated procedure of recording the attacks on me at the MSC. This is done with a complaint form that is then deposited into a box in which a senior MSC official opens and reads the contents therein. The MSC has failed to prevent further attacks in every case, only putting on a show of doing something.

I watched a television program that I was induced to see as a threat to me that I would be made vagrant and would never see my family again, dying a poor lonely man. Bestus Lieutenant and a number of SKNF agents have on numerous occasion advised and threatened me with the same. My experience in SF, supposedly for the purpose of a communication conduit against the SKNF threat, has proven to be an actualization of this SKNF obsession with humbling and destroying me.

I also get plenty of death threats, all with real wilful SKNF intent and impetus. I was even threatened with murder on numerous occasions by the son of my employer in NZ's financial partner, a Mr. Paul Burns. I then saw Paul a little while later going by on a public transport bus on 5th St., trying a squeeze sympathy out of me and whoever the SKNF had watching through my eyes, I think apparently attempting to say that the SKNF conspiracy is not true and that I am crazy. Paul Burn's son had gone to SF to try to convince everyone that I was mad and that they had not been trying to destroy the planet and everybody on it except their fellow serial killing perverts and the few unlucky souls that would survive in the worst squalor. He also spent some time hanging up posters with the message to have me murdered.

Before the lords were globally attacked, and even after, the SKNF used the lie of technology leaks as their reason for their atrocities. I list a number of these leaks and where they originated below, those that occurred within my experience.

Superconductor "free" energy device: This was leaked by the SKNF, whether Malaysia, NZ or otherwise, to me as a subterfuge to hide their conspiracy. They then had President Obama in group hear the atrocities on my family as a partial threat to him, as supposed proof of their lie and because the SKNF gets off on atrocity. It was proven to me when Serial Killer tried to kill me.

Advanced Propulsion Technology: I was reminded of this and had spoken to my friend Michael Heaven of Australia regarding this, both of us being into science fiction. He mentioned that "they had stolen this" but I did not know, and still do not know, what he means. I was feeling quite good about myself after I had "discovered" the free energy device and had found a cure for an incurable disease. I was a quite destitute and wondered what gift I could provide my family when I thought about space. My belief after studying the way information is communicated is that good ideas find their own growth, recalling Jesus when he said that the seed that grows in fertile soil becomes a tree. I had learnt a little about electromagnetism and had discovered, contrary to the nonsense that we are taught, that it is not a particle but a "wave" of motion in space. This gave me the basis for thinking that I could have a one directional movement in space if I used light as the source of propulsion. I have a science background so I am aware of optical tweezers and other light using instruments. But I was still unaware of the existence of advanced space propulsion technologies until I had arrived in SF. The secret service had shown me these machines on television at the MSC. They had shown me these machines prior to that but had used me as a information conduit, probably trying to buy the lords with promise of technology.
30th July 2016 MC: I now know that they did drop it into my head as their usual subterfuge for committing atrocity. I am a little more experienced in telepathy these days.

Gravity weapons (disruptor): I had postulated the development of these machines when I had discovered telepathy using the Magic Card Trick in Malaysia. It is true that other psyops were watching through my eyes and even possible that the idea for testing the existence of telepathy may have come from them (unlikely), however for me it was a case of throwing away all my preconceptions and as I was just watching television and wasting time and had discovered logical possibilities of free energy and space propulsion as well as finding a cure for an incurable disease, I had thought to test this possibility. I had now a logical and rational reason for why it could exist. My wife had earlier transferred a telepathic thought to my mind unknowingly, and this as the psyops wanted to prove to some of their agents that I had no knowledge of telepathy's existence. Also my wife and son and the rest of my family, as well as everybody else, were told not to tell me about telepathy. One possible way of proving the existence of telepathy then was by using the Magic Card Trick. If I could read a picture from a card facing away from me in a deck of cards, then I can read a persons mind. The positive results of my Magic Card Trick experiments proved to me that telepathy is possible. It was then that I also realized the implication of being able to see the image of a turned over card. And if I can see the card, as I also generate photons in a complex, then telekinesis could also be possible. I had no knowledge of gravity at that time apart from the fact that it is an attractive force. I was unwilling to say if it was faster than light or not and left it at that. I had also tested the MGC with some guest who had a psyops presence with them although I was unaware of this at the time. Their ability to see the cards, tested probability wise, was amazing and further proof. They SKNF cite that they had swarming micro-machine control at this point but they are lying. It was in SF when I started reading Physics and astronomy literature that are or were available at the SF Main public library, as well as contemplating what I had read, that I started to understand the nature of gravity. The key books were "Quasars, Black Holes and Controversies" [I think - could be "Quasars, Redshifts and Controversies"] by Halton Arp (probably not a real name), a very good Physics book on electromagnetism and its models by Reimann, a stage 101 Physics book and a few others. I believe that these were all provided by the secret service in SF as any library book I pick up now appear to have secret service "finger prints" all over them, especially the SKNF supporting lies. Furthermore the FoM had attempted to buy disruptor services in May 2012, the secret service showed me a part of a disruptor and told me telepathically what it was and they also telepathically informed me that the science fiction series "The Neutronium Alchemist" God weapon that eventually saves the day was actually referring to the disruptor. I reasoned that the disruptor was based on a neutron fluid after reading Halton Arp's book and its indication of what the "jets" from active galactic nuclei are and also how it appears to be faster than light. Reasoning a little more by other evidence I surmised that gravity from an object may not even have a velocity but it is everywhere at the same time. My purpose for studying strange astronomical phenomenon was not to discover the disruptor but to find telekinesis. I had already surmised that the reference to 666 found in Revelations 13:18 of the bible was probably referring to a strange phenomenon where the experimenter could control the fall of a set of 3 die. I had experimented with my son and had obtained positive results. The probability of a fall of three die, each on 6 is 1/216. To have it happen twice in a row is less than 1/40000 and 3 times in a row even less probable then that. Yet my son and I had managed it before the FoM stepped in and ordered him not to help me in my research. I have a record in my blog of saying my thoughts on the 666 in Revelations refers to telekinesis but the corrupt secret service prevents me from retrieving this blog at this time (blog recovered here - MC 18/12/2014. I was shown the effects of a disruptor by watching the swirling of water going down the kitchen sink. I may have felt its effects for a moment as well at this time in 2012. In 2014, the SKNF within the security structure, at the highest levels and probably in advanced science and technologies, supposedly one of the most secure parts of the security structure, showed the existence of disruptors while I was standing at a urinal. Their purported reason was to show me how I could prove the existence of telekinesis directly by using my mind to pop soap bubbles, which actually proved to be impossible. I think they wanted to tell the rest of the SKNF that the ground based disruptors that are in SKNF control are not the only ones there are and that there are a whole host of space based ones under the control of the lords. They may have wanted the military to try to force the lords to relinquish control of these weapons, or to somehow get control of these weapons in other ways. Most if not all the personnel surrounding the ground based disruptors are SKNF. The bubble method of proving telekinesis proved to be possible using varying concentrations of salt water and shaken it until they had remaining bubbles. It was about this time that the SKNF contaminants at the highest levels of the security services told me, with the intention of informing the rest of the SKNF, about the swarming micro-machines used for surveillance and its ability to be used for weapons. They wanted the SKNF to know a possible reason why their offensive advanced weapons development program was failing even though this program is being operated in deep under ground bunkers with electromagnetic shields to counter the electronic counter-measures. I was told by the SKNF in 2012 that Neil Armstrong had told me that telepathy could be detected from the opposite side of the moon to Earth. This was before the SKNF then murdered Mr. Armstrong for supposedly leaking information. They real reason was that they wanted to support the lie that the secret service were murdering and committing atrocities to protect military secrets.

Swarming Micro-machines: The SKNF at the highest levels used me to cover the fact that they had conveyed the existence of these micro-machines to the rest of the SKNF. They thought that this may have been a reason why the SKNF's advanced weapons program was failing. Later on they used it to try to motivate the SKNF second class citizens to riot saying that their crimes had been fully recorded by these microscopic and pervasive machines. They later handed control for these machines to the FoM to annoy me with, the ones in my shoes, clothes and on my body. While the intent is bad, we can say that it is likely that the FoM were not the only ones getting control over these machines nor is it likely that these are the only highest level technologies that have been handed out to the rest of the SKNF by those SKNF at FAMILY-1 and NUT-1's lieutenant's level. Psyops at the FoM's level did not have access to this technology in early 2014 as I had observed the FoM use the fact that Serial Killer and Screeching Mad Wife had been recorded without their knowledge as reason to try to kill some of their senior colleagues (the "Testicles" incident).

Anti-Matter weapons: I was told that the SKNF had obtained and had broken open a number of anti-matter bombs, as well as had launched a number of fighter bombers with anti-matter weapons during the period where the SKNF were trying every weapon to bring about their planned global extinction holocaust.

Electromagnetic based shields: I was told about this and deduced its possibility.

Advanced propulsion missiles: I was told about this and deduced that their existence as well as read about kinetic missiles in the Neutronium Alchemist and was told telepathically that they exist.

Lasers: I was told of their existence by the SKNF posing as secret service using me as an information conduit.

Nuclear weapons: Those in Australia, South Africa, Iran etc. I was told of their existence by the SKNF posing as secret service supposedly using me as an information conduit.

Man landing on Mars and resource implications of Solar System: I was telepathically told this, deduced it and was shown it in late 2014. This so that the SKNF could pretend to be obtaining technology clients and to bribe the lord’s supporters.

Virtual machine on IC created by portable factory: The SKNF told me about this to give the rest of the SKNF a morale boost by saying that they had cracked the electronic countermeasures and other security in 2014.

SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

The SKNF lies are plentiful, imaginative and are basically anything, remotely possible, even improbable, that they can think of. They use these lies as excuse for their atrocities, crimes against humanity and attacks against the populace. The following are the lies I have witnessed since 2004.

1. Superconductor and advanced technology and science information released or had been stolen: The only ones doing so are the SKNF.

2. Economic reasons and the lords owing them trillions of dollars: The reality is that the SKNF were counterfeiting money world wide. They had attempted to use this money to gain control of the lords assets and properties as well as the populace. The SKNF used a large amounts of this unauthorized money that was being printed from Government mints to purchase Treasury and Government bonds. The lords appropriately did not then allow these bonds to be redeemed when the SKNF tried to do so. Furthermore the reality is actually the opposite, it is the SKNF that owes and have obtained their assets from crime.

3. Technology clients and other business and plans: SKNF delaying tactics so that they could develop their offensive weapon capability. Also used as bribe to lords and their supporters. They offered Africa, Antarctica and East Timor. Responders tend to be SKNF co-conspiracist.

4. Military and other security services restructuring: Delaying tactics and to hide complicity.

5. Narcotics trade and underground activities: The truth is that narcotics are brought in Government sponsored vehicles and in large bulk. The lords have been attempting to take control of this but have been stymied by broad corruption at the highest levels, Government representative, security services levels, judicial levels and in everyway possible. There have been some successes. These have been in the casino business however these are also heavily corrupted with SKNF. The narcotics lie was supported at the MSC by the agents and advocates at there by them actually doing transactions and negotiations for their bosses as a SKNF subterfuge. The SKNF then used this as proof that the crimes were all related to the narcotics and underground trade.

6. Russia, China, India, USA, Europe or other super-power: SKNF uses their collusion with other country SKNF as an excuse for why they are unable to resolve crime as well. Anyone observing over the last 2 years would notice a pattern of behavior. They will first pull the China card, then possibly the India card, then the Russian card and then the European card, the Russian card being the "biggie".

7. Military of security services operation: A single all purpose lie for everything and anything.

8. Secret and other security as reason: A single all purpose lie for everything and anything. Also used as a weapon against the lords, their supporters and the populace. The SKNF cited secret and other authority to silence the non-SKNF to the effect of almost allowing the atrocities to continue unabated. If it were not for the lords being attacked, this state of affairs may have continued. This is the reason for Perth's fall and all the other atrocities. The SKNF though does not adhere to these orders and flout them openly and continually. The fact that it was enforced only on the non-SKNF to their detriment points to high level and wide ranging SKNF contamination. The SKNF (and possibly NUT-1) have even tried to prevent Family/Lords from using the disruptor weapons for the reason of secrecy but with the actual intention of harming Family/Lords and its supporters as well as the general populace.

9. Higher authority: The SKNF cite higher authority as reason but actually they have lower authority than the lords in almost all cases and definitely have lower authority than FAMILY-1 and/or NUT-1. The SKNF have not only attacked NUT-1 but also have disobeyed NUT-1. NUT-1 has also ordered the security service to report and to arrest the SKNF but was also disobeyed. The citing of higher authority is a delaying tactic, subterfuge by the lords corrupt lieutenants and their subordinates and a way to hide their complicity in SKNF crimes.

10. Criminals anyone else but SKNF: Usually supported by SKNF co-conspiracist. Have blamed lords for all kinds of imaginary crime or crimes the SKNF have committed. They have even said that the Family/Lords and NUT-1 are the SKNF. Another variant to this theme is that they cannot detect the SKNF by any means whatsoever. The lords have proved that telepathy and the surveillance systems have provided ample proof.

11. Investigation under way: The SKNF cite UN, military, secret service and any other body performing an investigation. Usually there is corruption and SKNF collusion to support their claims. A variant on this is that there is a process that is never defined but always hinted at, always referred to as a maze or like peeling an onion. Another variant is that it is impossible to obtain proof. Telepathy and the lords surveillance have proven this an SKNF lie. Infinite time wasting examples are the never ending Supreme Court investigation, the eternally looping UN investigation, the interminable security services investigations and so on.

12. Telepathic technique a secret: A SKNF subterfuge as well as a leak of SKNF thought and cognition regarding telepathy. They tried to excuse their attacks on me by the premise that I was leaking telepathic techniques that I had learnt myself, and once was given to me. Today (December 20th, 2014) attacked this blog on maintaining a telepathic focus on a subject the easy way.

SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

The SKNF conspiracy that was bought and supported by the Nut-Lords worldwide is one of a global limited nuclear holocaust, destroying 90% of the worlds population by destruction of population centers ie cities. This would have destroyed the foundations of the Family and would have resulted in the Family's destruction, probably through death by atrocity, and the lost of their assets to the Nut-Lords. The Nut-Lord's lieutenants had then planned for a second coup to seize power from the Nut-Lords who would have been destroyed (and deservingly) themselves.

僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕僕SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

As an observer of the SKNF, in general I can see two distinct unconscious structures within the SKNF. These are the non-muscular computer, office and laboratory variety(SKNF-brain) and the very muscled variety (SKNF-muscle), usually ground based, all of them as psychotic as each other. The non-muscled variety camouflages its serial killing pervert psychosis better than the muscled variety, who focusses on being perceived as the most fearful.

In the present intact world with Family as highest context SKNF-muscle overrule SKNF-brain on fear of atrocity. However SKNF-brain had planned to deplete or destroy SKNF-muscle completely after the planned nuclear holocaust, to rid them of their most persistent and closest threat, and thereafter to rule by use of advanced and precise weaponry.

What was not realized by the rest of the SKNF was that the super-power based SKNF, both brain and muscle, had planned to destroy the SKNF and most of the male population in the non-super power countries, those that did not have advanced weaponry. In other words the SKNF, being insane, had thought their insane colleagues in these super-powers would have sufficient affection for them to want to share the spoils with them.

Also the super-powered SKNF had already divided the world amongst themselves. In approximation: The American SKNF would get South America, Australia and NZ, closest part of Indonesia, and the surrounding oceans. The Chinese and Japanese SKNF would get the South East Asia, parts of Indonesia, the South China Sea and part of the Pacific Ocean. The Indian SKNF would get the Middle East including Syria, Lebanon, Isreal, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The European SKNF would get Africa. The Russian SKNF would get all of Russia and the surrounding oceans and countries.
The SKNF had also planned to repopulate the devastated world with their own sperm, probably killing off most of the male population, raping whatever female their perversion wanted.

The added bonus to this was that they would withhold all knowledge of telepathy, killing anyone that would rediscover its existence, with the intention of holding the world in thrall by almost magical super-human gods, who are actually a bunch of serial killing perverts in disguise. The world becoming populated by human robots in the worst form of slavery.

The SKNF really believe that they are genius. They said they would solve all problems with technology for every possible scenario. The world’s biosphere being totally destroyed by nuclear winter, the atmosphere being totally destroyed, the human population being unable to breath, the oceans decimated, the ecosystem’s destruction all solved by hand waving simplicity. Screeching Mad Wife extolling the benefits of a limited nuclear war is the SKNF mindset, even when it was pointed out that they are insane and were actually bringing global extinction, which was actually proven as the SKNF tried to drop every nuke and use every weapon to total decimation, they laughed and denied it.

The SKNF idea of impregnating by rape the remaining population of females to build the world’s population is really an insight into the insanity that is the SKNF mentality. Not only were they going to enslave their children and, after raping these women, their mothers, but the SKNF are actually quite heavily, although they deny it, infected with viral venereal diseases. One only needs to look at their so called female agents, who started in the SKNF believing the “fast track” bullshit, but ended up being low cost prostitutes in most cases to the male SKNF. Most of them are covered with skin and venereal viruses by the time they are 30 years of age. Only the wealthier ones avoid these problems, and only in our present day context. The SKNF have been passing around diseases to each other in their macho psychosis. And without our biosphere, there is no way of curing these diseases. In fact the disease problem would have got worse and the last we would have seen of the surviving human species if there were to be any would have been diseased cannibals, all other food source destroyed.

SKNF contingency plans for global atrocity included taking the cities by encirclement and hostage. The SKNF would then commit mass atrocities and crimes against humanity, for the lower SKNF ranks, to entrench their authority into the minds of suffering populace, for those at higher levels, to hide their hand and look like heroes when they appear to come to the rescue. In all cases the SKNF's intention was to destroy the Family's power base and support and usurp their preeminent position.

The highest levels of the SKNF had convinced NUT-1 of a counterplan. They knew that it was very probable that the SKNF would not be able to obtain electronic control over the advanced weapons, the key to winning the conflict. The counterplan consisted of using the advanced weapons to destroy the lower ranking SKNF after their global holocaust had decimated the human population, probably 10% survival at most.

If NUT-1 had been successful, their power base would have also been decimated as it is the Family that provides their security, and the SKNF would have killed them by atrocity and usurped their wealth and power. NUT-1 had not been aware of its own problem with SKNF contamination within its directly controlled and very senior security. This also included NUT-1's bodyguards who at times were only 1/10th of a second away from holding NUT-1 hostage. It also appears that FAMILY-1, who have been protecting Family/Lords have also the same problem with SKNF contamination within its security infrastructure as well. As mentioned before, NUT-1 had wanted to rid itself of the SKNF threat, probably deal to the so called by nonsensical population problem, take direct ownership of Earth and Solar System property and basically rule the world. All insane premises considering Family already owns the property, the so called population crisis is a wilful crisis of the ignorant, uncreative, and the psychotically egotistical and it is the Family that is the power base of the lords, highest to lowest. Furthermore, the Family's power base resides in its friendly and non-serial killing pervert human population. As to the Solar System, it already belongs to the Family.

It is a truth and there is a real foundation, reason, to why the fundamental that one should love one's family is a fundamental and must be adhered to by all, regardless of wealth. Anyone that has had any experience in the real world will tell you that no one can stand alone. Amongst all it is only your own family that can be trusted, assuming that you or your family are not insane.

The SKNF not at the level of NUT-1 or FAMILY-1 were not aware of this counterplan until 2014. They were fully committed to their global holocaust by atrocity plan to highjack Family's power and wealth. Their morale had fallen quite low by 2014 as they failed to make any real breakthroughs in their advanced technology and weapons development. What appeared to work in the lab, did not work elsewhere, or they would be fooled into thinking they were making progress. When the SKNF discovered the NUT-1 counterplan, they at first tried to blame everything on NUT-1 and then took NUT-1's side and suddenly became subordinate to NUT-1, all the while encouraging NUT-1 to implement the counterplan, especially the part where NUT-1's super powers would be handed to their lieutenants. When this failed, the SKNF's morale fell again.

The SKNF, now being December 18th, 2014, have now become psychotically homicidally erratic and focused all their powers on doing a final mass atrocity. At no time have any part of the SKNF shown any remorse or contrition. All they seek is to feed their ego and atrocity psychosis with more evil.

The SKNF have been enriching themselves with stolen property from victims of their atrocities for a long time. Serial Killer's family obtained their wealth in precisely this manner. Maori families. A Caucasian man, dark short curly haired, tanned skin, frown lined forehead, seemingly a picture of him in an army uniform from the 1950's perhaps, who was serial killed for his land. The Schlaepfer family in Pukekohe killed by atrocity and act blamed as a mass murder on the grandfather. In NZ, farmers in the Taranaki region were being decimated by the SKNF for their properties, especially as it was found that oil and gas could be extracted by fracking. The fracking was also destroying surrounding farmland as it polluted the ground water. Theese crimes not unique to Serial Killer but a SKNF trademark. It is in fact probably true that almost all crime is derived, caused and perpetrated by the SKNF, their activities going back all the way to WW 1.

Their crimes are not limited to crimes against humanity. They were the cause of the Asian Economic Crisis, the Western world's economic crisis in the 1980's and every other so called "bubble" crisis. They can do this by creating vast sums of unauthorized cash at Government mints and then attempting to buy Family's assets. They did this prior to WW1, prior to WW2 and now prior to WW3. The corruption within Family's economic representatives combined with the SKNF and NUT-1 gives them the power to do so. I have heard the SKNF lies and have seen their propaganda machine in action myself telling us that as long as the world does not know who has the money, there is no effect on the economy. Yet we have seen people lose their assets, economies collapse and bullied at gunpoint, economic weapons used as reason for chaos. I recall my Economics textbooks telling us to sell our property for money or that inflation only occurs when the world discovers the fact of overprinted money, and believing it, not knowing the SKNF's hand behind all this in the guise of protecting and enriching Family.

Their crimes have been hidden from the majority of the world by the global propaganda machine in the guise of preserving secrecy but in reality a SKNF collusive conspiracy to destroy Family and usurp power. The holocaust of the Jews in WW2 was also a holocaust of many other races of people, many wealthy, for their properties and because the SKNF are insane. The number of atrocities if one includes global statistics or even local European statistics, far more than is reported. The holocaust of WW1 is not even reported or known by the majority of people. All we hear is that WW1 was a useless war and could have been, and according to the propaganda dressed up as commercial historical literature was actually, caused by the worthless Family who only lost one member and started the war.

Family has been attacked in every way possible. And so has the rest of the non-SKNF populace, all to enrich the SKNF and all by the worse of crime. They have hidden this fact by their wide contamination of Government and by hiding it all under a veil of secrecy.

The SKNF will use any evil, that which they generate or that in reaction to their generated evil and turn it against us. The only way is to stop and reverse their force and subsequent momentum is to follow positive paths. An instance of this is how the "Three Strikes Law" in California feeds the SKNF an ever growing number of slaves, a law created as a reaction to growing crime, crime that is instigated by the SKNF.

The SKNF have been trying to ignite WW3 probably since the 1980's. Their latest attempt was their "Axis of Evil" and 9/11 World Trade Center attack of 2001. The aircraft were electronically driven into the buildings, the building collapsed by bombs planted in them before hand. The SKNF globally all in collusion working towards global nuclear catastrophe in the form of WW3.

I believe that this is when the Family/Lords first began investigation and to pursue a response to the SKNF in earnest. Barrack Obama was chosen as Family/Lord's representative for the Western bloc, President Vladimir Putin for the so called Eastern bloc, representatives in the other super-powers also selected by Family/Lords. Some of the other countries, Australia and NZ, like Germany and Italy and others in WW2, under SKNF control politically. The SKNF contamination within the rest of the security services hidden and secretive, like vermin or cockroaches in daylight.

The SKNF threatened world annihilation and made every attempt to prevent their exposure. The BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (2010?) laser strike, attacks and atrocities on Family, attacks on the church eg Patriarch Petros VII of Alexandria [?] - Greek Orthodox (2004?), the murder of an Australia politician (Melbourne?, 2001?), mass murder of children on an island in Norway
(notice how news misreports this as the result of a single serial killer when it was actually a number of military or police based serial killing perverts; also link reported date not reliable) and the Amish School shootings are examples of SKNF attacks prior to my arrival in SF.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

The security services have a trick. They play all sides of a situation. Some examples: In the case of being ordered to report on the SKNF conspiracy, they will have some of them reporting the truth albeit partially, some of them reporting all lies and some of them not reporting at all; In their act as advocate for the SKNF investigation, many of them supported the lies, a small minority of them supported the truth and some of them played neutral; In their lie that the MSC is a safe place, some well muscled military men played warning to the psyops of any more attacks, Bestus Lieutenant and others played support of serial killing pervert attacks and some of them played neutral, MSC staff acting as if they were the unhappy recipient of orders and were not only duty bound but under duress; when a complaint about attacks at the MSC were made, MSC staff would play concern, others would play messenger for the SKNF who threatened withdrawal of the loot from the narcotics trade (James being the messenger, Wayne Garnett being the unfortunate staff member under duress) and others neutral; In President Obama's second term's inaugural speech, held outside and with the weakest apparent security, ostensibly because he was safe but actually a SKNF multifaceted attack, his supposed security team allowing the inauguration speech to occur in a the open with his family all at risk for the sake of secrecy and whatever else bullshit they could conjure (what normally happens is that they are made as safe as possible without risk to their family); my experience at Hospitality House on Leavenworth when there was this Maori male that acted as the good guy, the staff who pretended to be taking information and orders from the security services who were clearly SKNF, and the gang members and some homosexuals who acted as the bad guys that wanted to turn me into a narcotics dealing male prostitute; the staff at all the shelters who pretend to be under senior orders when not doing their jobs such as protecting their guest from gang attacks; the staff at the shelters who pretend not to see the HIV attacks on me; Arnold (perhaps military agent) at the MSC who pretended to be protecting me but at night would suddenly slip away to leave me to be attacked by HIV wielding assailants. All deniable duplicitous acts and usual SKNF tactics.

Another trick the SKNF play is the pass-the-buck trick. This one consist of passing responsibility to someone else in their SKNF group who then passes it onto someone else again who may even pass it back to the first buck passer in endless loop. Combine this with the taking-all-sides trick, where the whole bunch is in collusion, and the SKNF have a way of hiding the complicity. They do this in court cases where everyone including the defence, the judiary and the prosecution are all colluding SKNF. And then when it is reported, they use SKNF colluding media, with the SKNF in those Government positions that control this media. Another example that I have no proof off but am willing to bet is that there is SKNF within the senior positions of the Department or Ministries of Education. I have seen enough SKNF trickery to tell me that there must have been a reason why this department in particular was not warning schools or any education centers even though these are at the highest risk and they have been told of this risk but have turned a blind eye continually for the last 2 1/2 years.

The security services lie by saying that they are following higher orders when performing actions detrimental to Family using the old pass-the-buck trick or the take-all-positions trick. They actually have rules and protocols which cover this. I was told this by representatives of the Lord of San Francisco.

The correct behavior and action is for everyone to not give the enemy anything. When the SKNF were attacking me they all knew how to do this but only as long as it supported their psychosis and need for atrocity. The enemy is not to be given anything whether it be intangible such as credibility, support, secrecy etc or tangible such as resources, money, computer and electronic weaponry etc, whether by way of direct or indirect behavior and/or action, all other choices being willful, intentful and purposeful deniable duplicity and treachery. This is the message that Family have given in all their undertakings, whether in the security services or elsewhere, and this is the only message that they have given. You must be given an order by the lords or FAMILY-1 or NUT-1 to behave otherwise and the world did not receive this order at all. In fact it is actually incumbent on you to follow the law and assist the law. The SKNF may tell you that there are no rules or law but they are in conspiracy against the lords and are willfully and knowingly criminal. This is a constant in all countries. Even Jesus, 2000 years ago knew this. Oh and you are definitely not allowed to try and harm or worse yet, kill the lord, and if you do not like the lord's way of doing things, then move to where the lord is more to your taste. This goes for civilians and it is enshrined for the security services and government itself.

When I started living at the MSC, I was unaware of SKNF trickery. The advocates at the MSC would behave like the homeless, like nice elderly people, like vagrants in need of help, like anything to elicit sympathy and fool you, and as if they were receiving orders from psyops of one kind or another to do whatever they did. As time moved on and before psyops and the security services were exposed I had thought that the behaviors from MSC staff, the secret service and the "homeless", but at the MSC turned out to be mostly representatives of the security services in one way or another, sometimes international representatives, were in accordance with their orders, sometimes obviously SKNF, sometimes from the lord's SKNF. It turned out that the majority, if not all, of the representatives at the MSC are actually SKNF. I first realized this when the lord was attacked and everyone began to act against the Lord of SF's interest. I did not realize the extent of it until the Lord of SF was disobeyed by his own security forces, the Police of SF, and then as Commander of the military, and then Obama was disobeyed as Commander-in-Chief and then finally as representative of the highest command. The SKNF even tried to make Obama look like a fool in the State of the Union (2014) address in his second term as President of the USA. They gave him a weak speech that quoted a Charlie Sheen movie, "Wall Street", then had a fat bespectacled serial killing pervert standing next to a supposedly ex-soldier, Cory?,who had suffered serious bomb injuries. The message and lie was that I, being represented by this soldier, am only Obama's agent and also brain damaged. The fat serial bespectacled serial killing pervert beside Cory representing the "Men" ie the "black" agents. The SKNF were also pushing the lie that Obama's had a "car", an investment, and that the SKNF investigation was about getting rid of business competitors as well as taking over the narcotics trade.

In all cases the SKNF agents in guise of security representatives would obey everyone else except the rightful authorities. Their lies and actions reflected this. In some cases there could have been reason, such as being countermanded, even Obama was countermanded, but when this reason was taken away, the agents continued to act in a contrary manner to what one would expect to ensure the lord's wellbeing.

It explained why Richard, a supposed staff member at the MSC started threatening my reputation by bringing in a girlfriend I had had who happens to be a transvestite. The SKNF used this on countless occasion to get me to obey their demands. It explained why I was being attacked without recourse and was the only one that seemed to be attacked, while the attackers were not dealt with according to shelter rules. It explained why the staff expelled me so often. It explained how they were complicit in the torture and murder of a woman from the Tenderloin, the one that the SKNF had tried to frame me for, and how they let the serial killer that did it hang out as threat in the MSC drop in. It explained why James had pretended to be passing the message that Wayne or his psyops would be cut out of the narcotics money teet. How the MSC would always side with the SKNF in every circumstance, even while pretending to be doing so in your best interest. They would always play the pass-the-buck trick. Some of them even went so far to say that they were under duress. Wayne Garnett suggested that he would lose everything, something I believed until told that the military had been ordered to arrest the SKNF.

It was even worse on the streets. The SKNF would be aiming at me with all kinds of weapons, one of them even a gun. They would threaten violence as well. Bestus Lieutenant was even arming the local street gangs and SKNF thugs with machine guns and grenades, this before the SKNF terrorist were destroyed by laser in Washington DC, Beijing and a couple of other places. But the secret service would never do anything to correct things, let alone the Police, let alone the military, either the US armed forces or the foreign ones that were supposedly brought in as security.

Even after the lords were attacked, the advocates at the MSC and elsewhere would only support the present lie. At first this was the lie of technology theft, then it was that the SKNF were so powerful that they were going to buy the lord's properties, in fact they even had a right to buy the lord's properties as they had built it and not the lord. In fact the SKNF in the Police were strongly pushing this lie.

The advocates and messengers would be driving their vehicles in parade, on every road, in large number, supporting the current lie. They would be walking past me, in squads and in number, doing the same. At first they would make an "O" sign with their thumb and fore-finger to say it was the superconductor energy device, then it would be whatever the next lie was. They would put lies in the newspapers. They would have the news channels repeat the lies. They would have advocates speak loudly for the world to eavesdrop. There were Chinese elderly people messaging and lying in Chinatown while doing their daily exercises. There were professional sport games that represented the lords and SKNF in competition that would almost always go to the maximum number of rematches, and in almost every sport and almost every channel.

The Police would support the lies by their behavior and actions. The SKNF had even had news reports on television that they had a new Chief of Police for SF and various other California cities, this to belittle the position and the Lord's authority. The fellow posing in the role as Chief of Police just another serial killing pervert in a SKNF lie.

Meanwhile all the books at the main library in SF would parrot these lies, every lie in their countless number on each book. The amount of resources staggering to imagine. Trade shows and conventions would be high-jacked to repeat these lies. Wealthy SKNF nutters in repetition.

The SKNF in the guise of formal Government representatives would then give credibility to their agents. Bestus Lieutenant, an obvious terrorist would appear as representing the alternative to Family and through the psyops given say, listened to and agreed with. If only to flaunt their power, mostly to incite frustration in the lords and their representatives.

This happened for most of the 2 1/2 years I have been held hostage and supposedly volunteered, as the SKNF insists but lie, as an information disseminator. It happened when the SKNF tried to deny the attacks on the lords, it happened when the SKNF lied that the lords had the twin chairmen of the board of command, it happened when the SKNF were telling everyone that the lords were in argument whose final outcome could not be determined because of equally powerful SKNF lords, it happened when the SKNF tried to deny their conspiracy and even the fact that there is a serial killing pervert terrorist group that has become known as the SKNF, it happened when they said that all that had happened was because the lords owed money, it happened when the UN was used as a tool for subterfuge and as a weapon of attack ie when they tried to have the UN to provide military augmentation and hold countries to atrocity, it happened on each occasion that Family, at their highest levels ordered the arrest of the SKNF but were disobeyed, at first the lie being no order was given and then whatever the lie was for the security services disobedience.

Another way they would lie is that they would say that the lord's security was the problem by sending combing hair messages ("you have hair ie servants parasites") and brushing teeth messages ("your security forces ie teeth are dirty") to each other and psyops pretending to be receiving messages through what I would perceive. This was no matter how far along things had gone, no matter that the lords and Family had already ordered the arrest of the SKNF, just another example of the interminable discussion that was going on amongst colluding SKNF serial killing pervert colleagues.

They would lie by using the mannerisms of the lord's representatives. One they use the most is the way Chief Justice Smelie looks over his spectacles when questioning and obvious lie.

My friend Grant Pinotito drove by a few times. I think on one of these times, the last time I saw him in SF, he was signaling that he was not only aware of the lying but was angered by it.

Meanwhile the lords were being attacked. The SKNF had posted pictures of the interior of the Lord of SF's home in some free magazines selling property. They posted pictures of the priceless pictures they had stolen from his home to frustrate the Lord. They even land-mined the property. They forced me to convey telepathically to the lord the blaring audio of televised SKNF propaganda, this before I had figured a way to consciously not contribute to their telepathic attacks. They attacked Obama and the lords by upsetting their gastrointestinal tracts telepathically, then laughing that they were getting to "the bottom of things". They tried to laser the lords. They murdered by atrocity the lord's friends.

I would say that I never saw anyone apart from Pino try to support the lords. In fact I was thrown out of the MSC in March 2014 after I said to the lords that they should choose my example instead of the obvious duplicitous ones their paid servants and subordinates were exhibiting.

While all this lying was going on, the SKNF were also developing their offensive weaponry. They would try out their electronics on me and test the signals their electronics were getting in front of me. Family's security services were informed constantly but they not only failed to do their job but actually took pleasure in their treachery. They would laugh and jeer about their freedom and openness in attacking Family. These technologies are being stolen from every country with these technologies. I have seen the SKNF is the US being openly supported by a SKNF-Iran serial killing pervert while they attempted the SKNF were trying to get their electronic to function. They had thought that the advanced super-powers technology far to difficult to crack and had tried a lesser technological country's assets. In fact I bet the SKNF are trying to capture control information of the highest level technologies now that they seem to have these ever since NUT-1's control was handed to them eg the swarming micro-bots and whatever other highest level technologies.

When I was told by the secret service or advocates telepathically that the UN investigation was occurring, it was as a feel good subterfuge, the SKNF thinking that I would see the UN as the good guy, UN square being covered with feel good messages that I agree with. They did not think that by now I would be quite aware of the interminable bullshit and its implications no matter where it came from. Hence they started blaming the lawyer that told me about the atrocities around the world when I started disbelieving the UN.

Meanwhile the SKNF were and always are looking for ways to perform atrocity whether it be by military or police trained nut or otherwise. I had said to the SKNF on many occasion since 2013 to redeem themselves and show contrition, but they have been remorselessly serial killing perverts. Their response have been to try to have their paramilitary and other muscle hold hostages and commit atrocity in one way or another. If they are not doing that they are attacking the victims of atrocity by jeering and laughing at them, something I had not understood as a SKNF characteristic and had observed in MSC staff, elderly people, good looking men and women until shown by proof that they are actually SKNF. I witnessed a telepathic exchange that was projected to the residents in Perth and the victims of an atrocity that was occurring that night. It was in the guise of two elderly Asian people, the well traveled elderly, grandmotherly, wealthy Asian woman and her equally gentlemanly husband, arguing and discussing the saving of these victims, giving them false hope than snatching it away, over and over again.

In some of their lies the SKNF say that they do things because pushed telepathically. One of these is mentally torturing the victims in Perth. Arnold, the MSC security person and I think military representative and others at the MSC have been observed by me doing this on numerous occasion. All with the bullshit that it is pushed.

The SKNF within the advanced weapons division try their best to raise SKNF morale. They would sky write with their lasers, they would fly advanced propulsion machines disguised as birds, all with the pretense of showing me the technology and saying that their actions are purposing the lord's wishes.

The SKNF were using every other means to attack the Lord. They use the courts and whatever mechanism there is. They tried to impeach President Obama, raised cases against me for murder, rape, pedophilia, sued the lord and even tried to legislate the lord's wealth, authority and rights, all the way up to FAMILY-1 level. I personally have a huge list of SKNF originated warrants for my arrest that are not enforced only for fear of being lasered. They used the courts, police and their secret SKNF army to try to create riots by killing African Americans and trying to create the case for a LA type riot in New York, San Francisco and elsewhere.

The SKNF offers me sexual services, money, narcotics and once even an island in the tropics to support their lies. They cycle through their psychotic nuttery. There are threats such as death threats, Police and mental institution incarceration, physical violence, expulsion so that I live on the streets. There are the lies that I am a narcotics seller. There are their blustering orders that I have to be working ie selling their narcotics, but since they are so nice, I can also be a "dish washer" ie selling their prostitutes.

Their lies of duress were most telling when the SKNF senior level, especially psyops started ordering the SKNF paramilitary and street gangs, the 2nd level citizens to riot, this on many occasions. These 2nd class SKNF members all refused and chose to support the SKNF telepathically instead as they knew they were outgunned. The Police and military were then ordered to do the same but they also refused for the same reason. Instead they chose to perform the sympathy sucking trick where the SKNF would scream McCarthyism and lean on their good guy propaganda instead. Even at this late stage the SKNF continues to try to attack, especially trying to hold hostages, and are especially hanging around children. The SKNF are also threatening and terrorizing everyone that is obeying FAMILY-1's and NUT-1 order to write a report complete, comprehensive, clear and precise report concerning the SKNF threat and conspiracy. They are playing friendly, dead dog, best pals, but I can see and have experienced the reality. They are trying to make their intended victims lower their guard. And they are also using they very powerful, massive group, telepathic induction to try and make us make a mistake, in one way or another, whether Family or not, whether in the lord's response to the SKNF threat or just a lapse of taking all precautions.

I recall an incident where the SKNF agents in the guise of guests and staff at St. Anthony’s ambushed me with the screams of a young Thai girl who had her hands smashed with a sledge hammer, and then the sound of her brother crying in fear as the serial killing pervert vermin stood next to him forcing him to watch this atrocity. They all kept quiet, and then got all excited, some of the smiling broadly at their amazing evilness.

They are also feeding of their atrocity psychosis and need to cause terror. Currently (20th December, 2014) the SKNF, both elderly women, young men, thugs, military nuts etc are slapping their hands together in time with the hammering sounds from atrocities in Perth where the victim is being nailed to what sounds like a wooden base, or to sounds of the victims being hammered continuously with a claw hammer.

The fact that the SKNF's activities are tolerated at all, when the security forces at the highest levels have been ordered to have no tolerance whatsoever, being able to use their advanced weapons to sting as well as to kill indicates the level of SKNF contamination even in these levels. It explains the protest-intended-riots and it explains the recent attacks on myself. It explains why I have not been given the appropriate resources to do this report properly. It explains why I am still held hostage in SF against the orders from the highest command.It explains why Bestus Lieutenant is allowed to bring war to the US. It explains why SKNF, especially the FoM, who the world over knows are SKNF, are allowed their computer and electronic weaponry.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report [see report formatting]

The FoM accidental and unintentional contribution to the SKNF eventually losing should not be underestimated, and actually may have even saved the Earth. Their buffoonery had resulted in Family having to actively and personally take charge of the defences against the SKNF threat. This had come about by the FoM attempting to capture a US Nut-Lord and thus capture the USA's super-power science and technologies. SKNF-USA and the rest of the SKNF's response was to hold all the lords hostage, thereby proving the case of conspiracy to coup. The subsequent atrocities, attacks on Family, beating of the Nut-Lords, the SKNF lies, the disobedience by the security forces all adding to that proof and providing a clear and unmistakable picture of the extent of the threat.

But to those non-informed observers, even those informed, the FoM's continual and loud ranting, whether in the act of proving that they are the most fearsome or that they enjoy the act of serial killing or overcompensating to some sleight or helping one of their other country SKNF psyop was also very informative as to what was really occurring. At one point the FoM even started ordering the advanced technology and weapons people in India to give the SKNF their technologies, demonstrating yet again SKNF-NZ's xenophobia. They had never even accidently tried this with the lighter hued super-powers, even if Chinese.

At first the SKNF psyops thought this a hoot, a threatening loudness that terrorized. But when the lords were attacked, this state of affairs began to change. The more rational ones in the SKNF warned that this loudness and attack on the lords was a mistake. After about a year after the lords were attacked, the more rational SKNF had finally had enough of the FoM and started berating and attacking them, trying to silence them. They were over-ruled by their more senior and presumably more military SKNF-muscle type SKNF members. They put up with the FoM's constant ranting for a little more and then stepped in again as the FoM was actually informing the world of the truth of the SKNF conspiracy. The more rational SKNF were again over-ruled. This happened time and time again, even up to today.

Meanwhile the FoM, who were now considered to be a liability by the rest of SKNF psyops and the source of the SKNF's problems, were being constrained to only their own specific geographical areas and to be my monkey on my back. The result of this was that the FoM started attacking their own colleagues, even trying to kill them, so that the FoM would get primacy within their geographical region ie Auckland-Manukau and possibly North Shore and Hamilton, NZ. They tried to hold their colleagues hostage and begin atrocities on them. They started with one group, ended up attacking themselves internally within the FoM itself (the younger FoM attacked the older ones) and now are focused on attacking the Head of their psyops department and his family.
30th July 2016 MC: Bit more to this story.
Fruitcake attacked his father, Desperate_Dad. They are all actually crazy.

The FoM were also loudly advertising and telling the world what was going on within their geographic region, allowing us, the rest of the world, to understand the treacherous dynamics within the security services ie. the military, police, secret service, psyops and whatever else.

What was happening, and what happens commonly in all security services the world over, is that there are at least 2 groups, both opposing but possibly non as psychotically homicidal as the FoM against their adversary colleagues. Each group is protected by a separate member of the highest level's (FAMILY-1 or NUT-1) lieutenants. When the FoM found that they could not attack their adversary as it was to well protected, FoM-younger then turned on FoM-older. I am unsure if FoM-older are the Head of Department's (HoD's) children but FoM-younger is now focused on holding the HOD and his children, who work in the same psyops department hostage and have the HoD become a puppet of FoM-younger.
30th July 2016 MC: More to this. I did not really know the detail until after. Is in notes. Will be made clear in 2nd draft of this report. They are all actually crazy. Turns out HOD mentioned here is actually Desperate_Dad, Fruitcake's father

FoM-younger's power base seems to stem from SKNF-NZ's military, who are trying to obtain a pipeline into the infinite wealth machine of the Auckland-Manukau region and cities. The police in all countries keep the military away from these infinite wealth machines as they consider it to belong to themselves only. If the military manages to get a foothold in, it will is probable that they would be able to take over altogether.

Actually this wealth belongs to the lord of that region and it is being stolen. Also the scheming is widespread and in multiple sub-groups intra and inter security services departments.

Furthermore, the patron super-power which supports these adversaries, may also collude to gain control of that region, probably without Family being aware.

Anyway, FoM-younger, have a psychology of trying to be the most fearsome, an outcome of parental neglect and poor psychological development. They tend to be attention seeking and have a range of other psychosis. I have seen them interact with their relatives, they manipulate them. When the FoM were asked by their relatives to stop attacking me telepathically as I would reflect these attacks back to them, they became resentful and started attacking their parents. To be the most fearful they have aligned themselves with SKNF-muscle and are rewarded by actions that are the "roughest and toughest". They told their colleagues that they "don't mind" watching the atrocities. They did SAS training. They choose the extreme of any violent behavior. They have become heavily addicted to cocaine over the last 2 1/2 years and have a correlated increase in psychotic behavior, symptoms including constantly masturbating, playing with their anus’ and at one time even, when trying to be the most fearsome, taking a mouthful of saliva, tooth-paste and fecal matter (obtained during a period of fiddling with his anus). So when they attacked their colleagues they chose the fearsome SKNF-muscle over the SKNF-brain as their ally. The FoM have now armed themselves with ABC suits, machine gun, grenade and pistol within their computer rooms, waiting to ambush their now want-to-be-ex-colleagues and their HoD. Yet the HoD does not do what is necessary and has the same priority in the hierarchy of needs as breathing, he does not arrest FoM-younger but gives them all the time to prepare themselves. The outcome is obviously going to be bad for the want-to-be-ex-colleagues and/or the HoD, mostly the HoD as the others have proven time and time again to be hard targets.
30th July 2016 MC: More to this. I did not really know the detail until after. Is in notes. Will be made clear in 2nd draft of this report. They are all actually crazy.

SKNF-muscle knows that the FoM were responsible for sinking the SKNF fleet but it supports them regardless of other SKNF complaining so that it can get its claws into the infinite money making machine of Auckland region. It did this regardless of the damage the FoM had done to the SKNF conspiracy. This has been good fortune for the rest of the world because it allowed us to understand and fill in the gaps about what the SKNF contamination actually is.

The FoM, their sinking of the SKNF fleet and how they are rewarded instead of punished by the SKNF can be seen as an allegory and lesson, one which I like to call the Lesson of the Nutcake. The lesson is that we must do what is rational and logical, what is fundamental. To not do so invites irrationalities and disaster. You must give the insane weaponry of any kind. You must love your family and not try to kill them. You must not have a nuclear holocaust and global extinction event. You must deal immediately and decisively with serial killing perverts. The SKNF must be annihilated completely, in body and imprint. The world must be straightened out, our technologies have gone past the point where we can be tolerant of insanity. Some of the corollaries to this. lesson.;<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

It may be that my contribution was to alert and warn the world of the SKNF threat. I contributed because I was trapped by the SKNF and because I did not wish to lose anything else to the SKNF seeing as my life was probably forfeit. It was not heroics at all. If I had managed to get to England, things may have been entirely different.

The secret service have sent a number of people I know personally to walk or drive past me in SF. Some of these secret services are SKNF and had then tried or even murdered my friends. These people are Antares, Fabian Perko (who actually threatened me being ordered to do so by SKNF-NZ), Lisa Perko, Wandee Pibalchan, Rofi Pillai (who was sent by SKNF-AUS in Perth and then escaped their atrocity by suicide). I also saw Guy Waipara in a movie and a number of advertisements.

President Obama and the other Family representatives had been set up to fail in their endeavor to expose the SKNF. Vladimir Putin return as Russia's President was televised as under massive protest. The investigation was rigged from top to bottom, left to right with SKNF agents. From the MSC, to the UN, to the courts, everywhere. It and all the participants were constrained under the guise and SKNF weapon of secrecy. If not for SKNF-muscle's psychosis of trying to be seen as the most fearsome and the unexpected SKNF attack on itself started by Serial Killer and followed through by FoM, Family would not have taken charge of the situation and faced the SKNF threat directly.

If Serial Killer and the FoM had not turned events than I speculate that what would probably have happened would be that the SKNF would be the following. President Obama's term in office would have reached completion. The next President would probably have been a SKNF agent as both Republicans and Democrats would have fielded the SKNF. Already Joe Biden the Vice President and an SKNF agent is being mentioned as a possibility for being fielded in the next run for the Presidency. If not, the next President would have been assassinated and a cause for war, pumped by a SKNF takeover of the President's position would occur. This would have led to attempted nuclear holocaust, and if unsuccessful, rioting and then, under the guise of an order by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, worldwide martial law, holding each city hostage and ripe for atrocity, as we see in Perth, and SKNF army building. The SKNF would then have dismantled Family's power base piecemeal, first its telepathy, then its advanced weapons. And all under the cover and order of secrecy, a very successful ploy used by the SKNF as weapon. I would suggest that at the very end, Family in desperation, would probably have pressed every button and used every weapon to defend itself, having loss its advantage in telepathic strength and advanced weaponry. Family does not have the advantage when it comes to already armed and trained soldiers. The end of the world may have been postponed due to Family's fail-safes and advanced weapons safeguards but the SKNF would have quickly developed this after the chaos of WW3 and would likely have again attacked the now weakened Family, in WW4. The end result probably being global extinction of all life.

;<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

FAMILY-1 performed a test on their own personal security about a week ago (December 14-21, 2014). They ordered them to arrest the SKNF. FAMILY-1’s personal security disobeyed. Family's representatives and supporters have already recommended that their security and advanced weapons and technologies be staffed by Family/Lord's only as this is the safest option.

;<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SKNF Tampering Attacks on computer preventing me from writing  this report

February 22, 2015
I have stopped writing this report for the moment due to ongoing SKNF attacks. I will likely complete this report sometime before the end of this year when the SKNF threat has been nullified in compliance with orders from the Regional Commander.

The SKNF contaminant in local psyops, US security services etc are playing Take-All-Sides-Tricks in collusion with the FoM and other SKNF elements. The number of attacks have made it impossible to continue.

These attacks have not only included fraudulent alterations to this report but also to the written documents, the ones I have now being fraudulently forged. These fraudulently forged insertions and alterations are being used by the SKNF contaminant in the security services, especially the very privileged but treacherous psyops as tools for organizing the SKNF, tools for UN based SKNF subterfuge and hence a tool for attempting to take hostages and commit atrocities.

Also the Regional Commander and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (USA) has ordered my safety and safe return to Malaysia. The SKNF contaminant within the security services, especially psyops have disobeyed and are now secretly trying to torture me and kill me. The current attacks being trying to starve me, to make sure I am unable to attend to my hygiene requirements, deprive me of sleep, wet me with eczema pathogen, inject me with pathogen, beat me etc etc. All this being done with collusion of not only SKNF in psyops but at the shelters, within the Police, military, UN, etc etc.

The SKNF contaminant in psyops are offering to save me only if I become a member of the SKNF and support the SKNF. I have said that I hope Family/Lords use my example the only example as to what must be done in the event that there is a malevolent evil that wishes to attack them.

1.The ongoing attacks have resulted in this report being used by the local and foreign SKNF as a means for their propaganda.

2.The local SKNF are using my compliance to the Regional Commander's orders to provide a complete, comprehensive, clear and precise report on the SKNF conspiracy as a SKNF means to attack the Regional Commander.

3.The local SKNF in collusion with the SKNF elements elsewhere especially with SKNF-NZ and the Fruit of Manukau (SKNF psyops Counties-Manukau, New Zealand Police)
-a.Use this report as a propaganda tool by modifying the report as well as forging copies of the originating document
-b.Have used it as a SKNF organization and information tool to advise their second class SKNF citizens
-c.As a support tool for the SKNF elements within the UN for whatever new SKNF lie-du-jour is being bandied about
-d.As a means of hiding their complicity in the SKNF and SKNF conspiracy and threat by saying that they are unable to prevent the attacks using this report as example

3.The SKNF in psyops are using it as a means to subtract from the Regional Commander's authority by implying that their HOD's commands to allow the failure to follow orders take precedence over that of their Regional Commander

4.The SKNF in psyops are using this report to give themselves excuse for not complying with their Regional Commanders.

5.The SKNF in psyops are using this report to give themselves credibility as to the lie that they cannot stop the SKNF.

Links to copy into report:
Added after 30th July 2016 in preparation for completion of 1st draft and on to 2nd draft

30th July 2016 MC: More to this. I did not really know the detail until after I wrote this. Is in notes. Will be made clear in 2nd draft of this report. They are all actually crazy.



I think refer to December 2014 for events not included in this part of report on circumstances.


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