Saturday, March 7, 2015

6.00 Analysis and Recommendations

February 22, 2015
I have stopped writing this report for the moment due to ongoing SKNF attacks. I will likely complete this report sometime before the end of this year when the SKNF threat has been nullified in compliance with orders from the Regional Commander.

The SKNF contaminant in local psyops, US security services etc are playing Take-All-Sides-Tricks in collusion with the FoM and other SKNF elements. The number of attacks have made it impossible to continue.

These attacks have not only included fraudulent alterations to this report but also to the written documents, the ones I have now being fraudulently forged. These fraudulently forged insertions and alterations are being used by the SKNF contaminant in the security services, especially the very privileged but treacherous psyops as tools for organizing the SKNF, tools for UN based SKNF subterfuge and hence a tool for attempting to take hostages and commit atrocities.

Also the Regional Commander and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (USA) has ordered my safety and safe return to Malaysia. The SKNF contaminant within the security services, especially psyops have disobeyed and are now secretly trying to torture me and kill me. The current attacks being trying to starve me, to make sure I am unable to attend to my hygiene requirements, deprive me of sleep, wet me with eczema pathogen, inject me with pathogen, beat me etc etc. All this being done with collusion of not only SKNF in psyops but at the shelters, within the Police, military, UN, etc etc.

The SKNF contaminant in psyops are offering to save me only if I become a member of the SKNF and support the SKNF. I have said that I hope Family/Lords use my example the only example as to what must be done in the event that there is a malevolent evil that wishes to attack them.

1.The ongoing attacks have resulted in this report being used by the local and foreign SKNF as a means for their propaganda.

2.The local SKNF are using my compliance to the Regional Commander's orders to provide a complete, comprehensive, clear and precise report on the SKNF conspiracy as a SKNF means to attack the Regional Commander.

3.The local SKNF in collusion with the SKNF elements elsewhere especially with SKNF-NZ and the Fruit of Manukau (SKNF psyops Counties-Manukau, New Zealand Police)
-a.Use this report as a propaganda tool by modifying the report as well as forging copies of the originating document
-b.Have used it as a SKNF organization and information tool to advise their second class SKNF citizens
-c.As a support tool for the SKNF elements within the UN for whatever new SKNF lie-du-jour is being bandied about
-d.As a means of hiding their complicity in the SKNF and SKNF conspiracy and threat by saying that they are unable to prevent the attacks using this report as example

3.The SKNF in psyops are using it as a means to subtract from the Regional Commander's authority by implying that their HOD's commands to allow the failure to follow orders take precedence over that of their Regional Commander

4.The SKNF in psyops are using this report to give themselves excuse for not complying with their Regional Commanders.

5.The SKNF in psyops are using this report to give themselves credibility as to the lie that they cannot stop the SKNF.