Saturday, April 16, 2016

5.03.03 Chronological Observations and Notes: Notebook 4 (continued): Forwards from 16th April 2016

April 16, 2016
This is a continuation of notes from

This previous note list is continued here because SKNF interference is preventing the previous report from being saved and opened again by me. Date:April 16 2015, Time:10:50am

16/04/2016-1:Time 1000am
-SKNF have dismantled the electronic defense protecting us.
The SKNF within the MSC and about San Francisco in their guise of Police, security services and their street gangs as well as those within psyops etc have been making threat of physical violence.
They have placed a heavy box above my bed at the MSC so that they can throw this on me in my sleep. They have their Police garbed ones threatening to use their weapons as well as their vehicles as weapons. They have their 'gang' ones throwing punches.
I have just been involved in an altercation with a SKNF 'gang' vermin in which I lost my glasses in a punch. This even though we are meant to be protected by advanced weaponry from these kinds of attacks.
The SKNF have been ordering their SKNF vermin to commit every violence and atrocity. The SKNF have been disobeying because they believe that they will been struck by advanced weapons. This event has given the SKNF traction to terrorize and cause harm and it is detrimental to security as well as the sense of safety that is should be felt by the populace.
The SKNF now have the traction to obtain telepathic support in their attacks on the lords and the populace because of this failure in security. It is a danger to us all.
The SKNF are specifically targeting the lords' people, especially those within psyops. The ones in psyops are our last line of defense.
The SKNF have been attempting to have the lords' good people not do all that is good but actually follow the SKNF's very corrupt and intentionally security deprecating orders and directions. The lords need to emplace a real defense instead of an imaginary one by doing all things that are supportive towards security.
-In regards to myself, I am requesting that I be put somewhere safer as well as provide support to the defense by real means ie being put behind a psyops computer.
I however do not buy into the code of stupidity and buy into logical and rational behavior only.
I also need a new pair of spectacles immediately. The same prescription and type that I had had made in Malaysia. I need this immediately as the SKNF have been trying to use my myopia as a method to have me run over or such like.
-The implications of this failure in defense is serious. It means that the lords' people, in all positions, are not being protected. We need the lords' people to use their seniority to ensure our security. We also need the lords' people to take personal responsibility for the priority things ie our security. We need the lords' people to be like Lindsay Fox!
It is clear that the SKNF's exponential increase in psychosis needs to be put down again if we are to ensure that things are kept safe and the SKNF deterred from doing evil.
-What has happened is a reflection of why things are not being done rationally ie why things are not being straightened out even though they are able to do this in the most difficult places ie Perth. It also is also a reflection of why we are seeing the lords' signals pointing in 2 opposite directions ie are we going to be doing what is logical or are we going to sweep the SKNF threat under the carpet. It is no wonder that the general populace are not doing what is logical in regards to their welfare and safety and continue to wait for the lords to follow through on what has been said that is needed to be done so that the SKNF threat is extinguished.
-The SKNF vermin that attacked me is a male, in his 20's, has the garb of a 'gang' member, a foreign SKNF vermin probably from New Zealand, Australia or the Polynesian islands. Is one of the SKNF terrorist sent from overseas to the USA. He is approximately 5' 9" tall, average build, Polynesia ethnic, slight beard and moustache.
This variety of SKNF is being used to gain support for the SKNF in New Zealand and other places with Polynesian people. They are being used as a threat to the poor there.
The lords' have already been informed that the SKNF are trying to terrorize the poor and unprotected into supporting the SKNF. Without clear and real example the poor and other unprotected have been shown to be likely to be forced into supporting these terrorist vermin.
-The lords' good psyops are being kept separate and not being allowed to support each other. This is being done by the SKNF infestation within the senior positions in psyops and defense. We need to solve this problem immediately and have good people in senior positions to give orders and advice especially to the new psyop members.
Two (2) recommendations as a result of incident and what it means
1.The agent sent here to retrieve me and that is carrying my travel documents be IMMEDIATELY given a senior command directly under the Regional Commander for this region
This agent also to do all things required of that position especially assembling his own security team including psyops.
This agent is very experienced and will do the job well.
2.The lords' good people especially psyops to be joined together to support each other
This will negate the SKNF's attempts at attacking the lords' people piecemeal while they are commanded by the SKNF vermin to not join together. The SKNF are attacking them piecemeal already. These attacks are also being performed against the families of the lords' security services including psyops.
The lords' people will need to have clear lines of communications between inter and intra national psyops and lords' other good people. This to be done using the lords' good psyops using what has been learned in Perth ie. to know and see clearly who they are talking to, taking orders from, to be sure that the communications lines are free of SKNF and NUT-1 etc etc.

-The incident where I was punched has turned to indicate a deeper rot then was being advertised by the lords.
If the logical things are not performed, including the recommendations listed in note date 16th April 2016 number 1 to be done immediately, are not performed then it is likely that the SKNF threat will be swept under the carpet and the SKNF etc will commit atrocity on us and destroy the world in a very short time.
This will show insanity and vermin infestation at the highest of all levels and being in a way such that NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1.
This will mean that NUT-1 are the people with the advanced weapons and all of the activity has been to hide their complicity.
If this is the case then we need to get our Kevorkian kits ready see
The paths, either that of doing the rational and logical thing about the SKNF threat or sweeping the SKNF threat under the carpet, are mutually exclusive ie it is one and not the other.
Both paths being taken is the same as sweeping the SKNF threat under the carpet and means us suffering atrocity prior to the end of the world.

-The note yesterday regarding the state of the resolution of the SKNF threat reports correctly. The SKNF are vibrating more crazily then I have seen before.
The secret service and the lords already know which path we are taking. I will know for sure which path we will be on by Sunday next week. The path appears to be the logical one but I am unwilling to say that is for sure until the end of next week.
In fact it will be clear to everyone on the planet as it will be clearly visible to all.
The date chosen for the decision to be made ie yesterday (16/04/2016) is an SKNF contrivance with the lords playing along. For those that don't know, 16 is 42 which the SKNF intended for this string of numbers to basically be a string of the number 4. There is a Chinese thing about the number 4. The Cantonese pronunciation is similar to that of the Cantonese pronunciation for death. I am unsure what the SKNF reasons are for this, probably related to their sense of being super smart at everything.
Like the Al Quran, the lords just played along. Again for those that don't know, the lords' messages in the Al Quran were few but direct, most of the rest being a song sung with the enemy of that time making lies, subterfuge and propaganda.

The following are the only possible scenarios that can exist.
>>1.FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1: Logical and rational path.
:This can only occur if FAMILY-1 is in total control of the advanced weapons.
:The outcome is that we will see in a very short time ie immediately (or for those not within Family/Lords security services and/or closest representatives I have said until next Sunday, 24th April 2016 at the very most) the SKNF being ejected and incarcerated and even probably exterminated.
>>2.NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1: Crazy path.
:This can only occur if NUT-1 is in total or even partial control of the advanced weapons.
:This will mean that the counterplan will be applied but in modified form because
a.NUT-1 now totally aware of closest subordinates intention to take over etc and
b.also fact that whole world aware of what is going on etc etc.
NUT-1 is crazier or as crazy as Fruitcake and hence will want to make an 'exciting' show before almost complete decimation of the human species including Family/Lords, this includes FAMILY-1.
~~~Likely SKNF strategy and tactics~~~
:Nothing, very little or only superficial things will be done about the SKNF threat and resolving WW3.
:The poor up to upper middle classes will be terrorized and will be made to support the SKNF in every way, especially telepathically. This has been worked on for sometime now and the well publicized attack on myself will seal this as being the best SKNF strategy to overwhelm the lords' telepathic power, the poor etc will be under no illusions of safety. This group consists of over 90% of the world's population. This power base will develop very quickly (well under a month).
:Lords' psyops and security services will be prevented from joining together and supporting each other as is already the case. This will allow the SKNF to attack this last and only line of defense piecemeal and simply dismember it. The SKNF even without the poor etc are sizeable enough to beat any single subset of the lords' telepathic defense if they are not coordinating and supporting each other already. The SKNF will be overwhelmingly telepathically powerful (as well as physically overwhelmingly more powerful) with the poor in support.
:Exponentially escalating violence that increases within hours or days at most on a widespread, global and overwhelming level. The SKNF are already doing military style planning without the careless and overconfident mistakes of the past 4 years. The attacks will be on the schools, hospitals, rich property owners and will capture the population centers for a show of atrocities. It will be much worse than what happened in Perth. Small portable nukes will be used as this will make the attacks more spectacular and this tends to please the psychos.
:The SKNF tactics are either distributed small group attacks or will band together in larger groups (see non-SKNF strategy in comparison)
~~~Likely Non-SKNF strategy and tactics~~~
:Family/Lords have always proven to be logical and rational so it is unlikely that they will be otherwise now. They are well aware of the threat to their telepathic and only defense if the poor falls to the SKNF and/or if their psyops are not allowed to support each other. They will react like anyone sane that have had attempts to commit atrocity on themselves and/or attempts on their lives ie they will try to survive and even fight.
:The non-SKNF's only grouping tactic is to get together in interconnected and communicating groups. The SKNF will be sitting ducks if they attack in single or small and distributed groups and banding together will make them an even more desirable target as you get more with one go.
:The non-SKNF need to offer the poor shelter immediately and conscript them into the lords' army. Most of the poor will join up as they are also good (but very bent) people. Will happen immediately.
:Family/Lords will need to arm the non-SKNF as well as lead by example ie join the army of the non-SKNF at the front. This will gain support for them as well.
:The non-SKNF will need to carry portable nuclear devices as their main arsenal. Most are untrained and will not be able to aim properly or be tactically superior to the SKNF otherwise. Will happen immediately.
:The non-SKNF will require Kevorkian kits see Will need to happen immediately.
:The support for Family/Lords will be contingent on the non-SKNF obtaining weapons with especial mention of the portable nuclear devices and a way of launching them a distance.
:Recommendation is to use school children and have school suspended. Have women in the back doing psyops, caring for the young, weak etc. Have men in the front as we are more muscled. All groups to have portable nuclear devices for defense and suicide purposes.
:The reason for the whole show is that NUT-1 (and the SKNF) wants to
a.Remove the power of telepathy from the general populace and have only an elite aware of it. This psychosis is so that they can have 'magical' control over the populace and have the populace made into zombies and slaves.
b.Rewrite history in whatever reflection of psychosis that is in the SKNF's and/or NUT-1's head.
c.Repopulate the Earth by rape.
d.Have a totally enslaved populace run by a super powered elite.
e.Due to a pathological mental defect wants to own all science and technology like the proverbial spoiled brat not sharing his/her toys.
:You will be able to see whether the Lord of SF is SKNF by whether he implements recommendation 1 of this note: note date 16th April 2016 number 1 if you do not have access to the list of SKNF vermin. My guess by my observations is that the Lord of SF is not SKNF.
:Family/Lords (I have been calling them lords due to laziness) doing otherwise to that mentioned above will show insanity. It is possible that things are so bad that they has decided to go along with the 'show'. If this is so then expect the worse atrocities and evil and not being able to do a thing about it. Following this will be some bullshit saving of the Earth according to 'script'.
:The outcome in this scenario is the end of the Earth and the populace to suffer atrocity before this happens.
-The SKNF continue in their planned activities like nothing has changed at the moment but this is just an illusion to fool everyone into thinking they are safe. The SKNF want to surprise an unsuspecting populace as this seems to feed their psychosis. The world has been informed and have been told to take all precautions.
:Another outcome of this scenario is a limited nuclear strike with large nukes to decimate the population even after the battles between the SKNF and the non-SKNF. NUT-1 will want to get rid of threats to themselves as well as depopulate the Earth. However the variation to the counterplan in this scenario is that most of the ecosystem is saved and not destroyed.
:Possible reason why we observe what we are observing and that this scenario (crazy path) can still exist is that NUT-1 has all the winning cards and Family/Lords and their representatives and defense are trying to make the best of it. The foreseen outcome is still global atrocity and end.
-United we stand, divided we fall.

-As a planet we have
:Rudimentary and stupid Artificial Intelligence systems
:Rudimentary and most basic control over our telekinetic gifts
:No Universal Translator device.
-SKNF in advanced science told the rest of the SKNF that the highest members in Family ie FAMILY-1 and NUT-1 have the advanced weaponry and systems keyed to their living complex structure or what I call an information shape. This being the reason why the SKNF have been unable to break the encryption on the advanced weapons. The SKNF are building advanced systems that will allow them to take over the lords' weaponry and assets.
The SKNF had tried to point the weaponry at FAMILY-1 and NUT-1, and had tried to hold them hostage but were unsuccessful.
Family/Lords told NUT-1 and again protected them from being held hostage, suffering atrocity and murder.
-At present things look like we are going to be experiencing scenario 2 ie see note 18th April 2016 Scenario 2: NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1: Crazy Path.
:Everyone of the lords' good people and non-SKNF globally have asked for the things mentioned in Scenario 2 if this is the case.
:Also asked for are ways to handle the SKNF's long range weapons eg tanks, battle ships etc etc.
:Lords also have been informed that the poor and the rest of the populace need support IMMEDIATELY (weapons, defenses, everything else that's required) or will fall to the SKNF to avoid atrocity and pain. This even though we will die anyway ie the lords telepathic defense will be nullified in a very very short time.

-Hypothesis: If you meet a scientifically advanced species and it tells you that it does not know the difference between right or wrong then it is likely that you are speaking to a crazy of that species, and possibly SKNF level psychotic variety.
-SKNF and non-SKNF appear to both be confused as to what the real scenario is. No one seems to know whether it is Scenario 1: FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1->Logical and rational path or Scenario 2: NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1->Crazy Path.
This tends to indicate that there is something that we don't know about and that this is what is causing this transition and interim period.
Meanwhile FAMILY-1 including all of Family/Lords and the rest of the non-SKNF (and the SKNF and NUT-1) know that the non-SKNF are working against the clock.
The longer it takes the more likely the SKNF will win as they are working really hard on the poor and turning them to the SKNF's etc cause. The braver ones within the poor have already alerted the lords on very many occasions and the lords have responded that they have received the message loud and clearly.
Family/Lords (the lords) are doing nothing about this real and growing problem.
-Non-SKNF have been advised to get a Kevorkian kit as precaution immediately.

-Reiterating what has been mentioned already. The lords and their good security services know the situation already.
From my perspective, being outside of the lords security services, the signs are confusing and difficult even impossible to read. I think we will win but I cannot base this on what I am observing and am only making a wild guess. Maybe subconsciously having wishful thinking.
These are the observable signs to me:
The poor are under a huge amount of pressure. The risk of the poor falling to the SKNF is a significant threat as it would mean that the lords' telepathic strength will not only be nullified by overwhelmed. This has been mentioned many times previously and is acknowledged by the lords.
The poor have shown to be good and resistant to joining the SKNF but will fall if under sufficient pressure. This pressure has been an ongoing and increasing thing against them for some time.
For instance, the SKNF had something called a 4/20 party yesterday where they invited everybody to go out to the parks and start smoking marijuana. They mentioned that smoking it is illegal well afterwards. This is so that the SKNF can use their already sacked serial killing perverts in Police uniform to incarcerate and torture the young and unaware. Apparently the attendance was huge. Many of the people there were told to go to the park and smoke this marijuana by the SKNF contaminated psyops. The SKNF even had pretty girls wondering around to attract as many of these young as possible.
The poor are also being beaten and under constant threat of violence.
The lords, regardless of the circumstances, cannot accept anyone trying to kill them, to do so is self destruction. The poor on the other hand are forced into a false choice situation where whatever they do is wrong. On the one hand they will suffer, on the other hand they will suffer as well. The fact that the lords are, by all appearances, not doing anything about this is detrimental to the lords as well as they will lose the trust the population has for them. This loss of trust is a social credit that will be lost for long periods of time and is difficult to regather.
There is no logistics time to resolving the SKNF threat. The machinery is in place already and it is done remotely.
There is a time constraint on the lords. The poor are being forced into siding with the SKNF. The SKNF will not take any chances and will only attack when they have telepathic superiority. This is likely to be very soon.
There was a thought that what we may be seeing is the lords getting their communication channels and defenses organized. This actually points to Scenario 2 as it should have been organized already. This could show that while the lords are good people, they are making the best of a really bad situation.
On the other hand what has also been shown clearly is that the SKNF appear to be similarly confused and not confident about the situation. They are reluctant to violence, this being very unusual and not representative of their characteristics and mentality.
The SKNF have also been shown not to have full control over the advanced weaponry. NUT-1 however may have control over some or all of the weaponry. NUT-1's behavior, indicative of their mentality, says that they will still try to destroy the world and commit atrocity on everyone including their own family, even though this is detrimental to themselves. The psychos, the SKNF and NUT-1 share this characteristic.
As a side note, I still say the Lord of SF is one of the good guys bur I am unsure as I have not seen the list.

-The practice of forming 2 competing organizations so that corruption does not take over the assets needs to evolve. The SKNF has learned to deal with this by corrupting both organizations and colluding. They then cause one to be almost a monopoly while the other whatever is left.
The answer to this problem is to do all good things but I do not know what this means specifically at each moment in time. There will probably be things that are common to all organizations and things specific to that organization. What is required is not to throw of the model but to evolve it.
Organizations are like organisms in many ways so this probably means that the solutions will be complex but well ordered and having many buffers that are efficiently in-built.

-President Obama in UK, meets Queen and Royal family. Likely to be something significant in regards to SKNF threat. SKNF taking it badly.
Things to be remembered must include
1.People of all walks of life are generally good >> looks good for the future.
2.The people in what is commonly seen as the highest parts of society have become too used to people trying to kill them. This needs to be straightened and corrected.
-We are definitely being protected from the SKNF. They are like rabid animals being held on leash.

-Still waiting for lords response to SKNF threat. SKNF seem very worried. I suspect that the logical path will be taken ie note 18th April 2016 Scenario 1: FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1 : Logical and rational path.
-President Obama is in Europe. Probably business related to resolution of the SKNF threat.

-We are waiting to see if we are at Scenario 1: FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1->Logical and rational path or Scenario 2: NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1->Crazy Path.
It appears that President Obama has made his final report and completed the largest and most important part of his brief. The rest is now in the hands of the top most part of our hierarchy.
The amount of time taken to resolution of the SKNF threat will inform us of which scenario it is, this even if things are hidden from us. The truth will be plain for all to see.
-Meanwhile Fruitcake continues to fiddle with his turds and goes one better by getting his subordinates to telepathically support his fiddling habit as he is too numb to go it alone.

-SKNF and NUT-1 continue with a stream of verbiage using lords representatives to gain propaganda mileage.
This has always been a good sign that the SKNF and NUT-1 are about to see a Scenario 1: FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1->Logical and rational path. Both SKNF and NUT-1 are showing no remorse or contrition.
1247pm: I am now sure that it will be Scenario 1: FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1->Logical and rational path. What convinced me was the way Fruitcake started his mad head swinging causing his head to become very swollen similar to the time he didn't want to participate in something and his subconscious took over: see
I wonder when we will see it happen.

-Still lots of talk but no action as usual. Action is what we are looking for.
-A message

Scenario 1: FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1->Logical and rational path or Scenario 2: NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1->Crazy Path.

-Another message

From and

-I made a statement that the delay is due to the Regional Commanders having some of them being SKNF and that this is the reason for why logical things have not been done. This statement was probably pushed by the SKNF and is probably a
Take-All-Sides-Trick. It is probably true that some of the Regional Commanders are SKNF etc however this is well known and already planned for by the lords.
Another message that I made and was probably pushed by the SKNF is that the lords need to take action now and not wait any longer as the SKNF etc are making deep in-roads into taking over the lords' advanced weaponry by solving the encryption problem that protects these weapons against being taken over by the SKNF. This message is also probably a Take-All-Sides-Trick by the SKNF etc to inform the rest of the SKNF etc that the lords have given orders to go ahead without delay to resolving the SKNF threat ie to make real Scenario 1: FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1->Logical and rational path.
The delay then is a result of the SKNF's deep and widespread infestation of the lords' defenses.
I already know what the outcome will be. It will be Scenario 1. I found this out because Fruitcake did an Oracle of Delphi test of truth and reacted to it as described in note entry dated 26th April 2016: Precognition is real (see
In summary, the resolution of the SKNF threat by Family/Lords and their people is NOW.

-I am now positive that the messages and signals over the last few days spells the end of the SKNF threat, that FAMILY-1 and the rest of Family/Lords as well as their people are going to now exterminate the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin. We should start seeing the effects of this in front of us now or very very shortly (this week?, next week???).

-Fruitcake's related but parallel incidents of ultra-craziness to the lords' resolution of the SKNF threat has taken another exponential leap into the place that only madness knows. This being a characteristic of Fruitcake's behavior.
If I were to give his craziness a mathematical formula, it would be something like
where i is a count of the number of incidents of craziness starting from April 2012.
Desperate_Dad usually limits Fruitcake's exponential increase in psychosis by giving him what as a child Fruitcake would have perceived as loving attention. The exponential increase in psychosis has happened faster and reached even higher levels of craziness when Desperate_Dad had not performed this unconscious ritual.
Unfortunately this not giving Fruitcake the attention he desires has happened more than once in short order. Fruitcake is now hellbent on killing Strutter Nutter by denying him his oxygen tanks and oxygen for his very damaged lungs and emphysema.
On top of that Fruitcake has requested and has received the electronic controls that can cause any object, including ourselves, to fly, even into space, using the embedded swarming microbots.
Coupled with how Fruitcake has mined his subordinates, colleagues and family and have the triggers for these mines close at hand, and has shown on one occasion to have gotten so excited as to use the mines against a colleague's home, this all spells real trouble!

-Frankie-the-Fruit is now forcing his subordinate who he thinks are disobedient (eg for not taking their WIM so they do not become drug addicts) to smoke the asphyxiation causing poison and take the antidote. This happened at least 3 times in the past week by my count. This supposedly as part of the attack against the non-SKNF.
Once again proving how lucky we are to have survived WW3. Let this be reason for everyone to make every effort to distance ourselves from the current state of sure destruction and atrocity that we are in.

Recommendations to be implemented immediately
1.Family/Lords to provide electronic defense to all of psyops and population (excluding SKNF and NUT-1) immediately.
The lords' good people are under attack both telepathically and electronically. For instance, their respiratory systems are being attacked by having their lungs become congealed.
2.Each team to have a number of good senior and experienced people team leads and to cover 24 hours of operations.
The SKNF infestation have not provided team training nor telepathic training. This has led the lords' good people to be not only disorganized but also inefficient in their defense. For instance, the SKNF are attacking the lords' psyops and other good people's families and the populace in general. The good psyops are defending themselves piecemeal with defenses replicated over many of the teams locally and internationally. It would be better to have a specialized and rotating set of teams which are comfortably protecting the lords' good people, themselves and the population in general (excluding the SKNF and NUT-1) from these attacks. Also they need to know the best method to protect from these telepathic attacks. For instance, filtering out the SKNF's telepathic attacks altogether or if the team is too small, to force your lungs to breath and aerate. With our size, the teams should never be too small, it would be an indication of a SKNF infestation and attack.
3.Teams to connect with each other intra and inter-nationally.
This will strengthen the lords' defenses as well as allow teams to support each other and provide supporting man-power. At our size we should be able to do everything comfortably and easily.
4.Team leads to organize effective and efficient defenses.
We need to have multiple teams rotating into specific jobs (eg looking after our breathing and other body functions) in the most effective and efficient manner (eg filtering out SKNF and NUT-1 attacks without resorting to forcing our breathing and other difficult techniques. And if we need to do difficult techniques then to do it in a comfortable way ie without getting tired and doing these techniques for long periods of time without support from others etc)
5.Lords' good people to protect the total populace excluding the SKNF and NUT-1
The SKNF are trying every technique including machismo to try and weaken the lords. One of these techniques is telling and (in the past) ordering the lords' good people in psyops not to protect the populace in general. It costs the lords' good psyops nothing to extend their protection over the populace in general excluding SKNF and NUT-1. Protecting the populace in general may actually result in a gain as the populace will be supported in their resistance against the SKNF, may actually support the good instead of being neutral or worse and will likely not fall to the SKNF.
6.Everyone of the lords' good people to encourage everybody, excluding the SKNF and NUT-1, to give their power to what is good using the multitasking method (see Multitasking method:
7.Lords' teams to support each other with whatever good idea or means without suffering because we don't want to look like we are weakening the team
This is actually an extension of using knowledge and logic to counteract the weaknesses of our reactions due to basic biology and inexperience ie we become even better when we are conscious and mindful.
8.All psyops and lords' people to keep a notebook especially for things to be done by themselves and other parts of lords' defenses
a.Have a pre-meeting before any meeting to consolidate all notes into one list.
b.Keep track of what has been said in meetings and tick off things that are passed on from own notes. This will ensure that all good things are being performed without relying on any assumption of goodness (all defenses to be emplaced for all eternity). Raise at higher levels things not passed on. Will also ensure nothing is missed. Also follow up on timing, where things are at etc etc (do all good things).
9.Lords' and their people to be more proactive in preventing SKNF infestation
Please ensure that the teams are being led by good people!!!

-I received a message to tell the lords that their good people in psyops and elsewhere are not only under attack but are being taken off monitoring and other important duties and being put onto trivial and mind-numbing duties. This means that no one was looking after us and not only that but even worse, the SKNF were the only ones being put into these critical roles.
Furthermore the lords' good people had been sworn into the code of secrecy-aka-stupidity and had been ordered not to tell anyone including the lords.
The mind numbing and trivial jobs is part of a strategy and set of tactics to have the lords' good people leave security in one way or another and hence have only the SKNF in those roles.
I am being surrounded and threatened by SKNF muscled serial killing perverts in groups and gangs. This was especially pronounced prior to receiving this message to communicate to the lords. One of the things the SKNF are trying to do is to try and bend me. I however know that we will all suffer and die if they are allowed to win.
What this was was part of a Take-All-Sides-Trick and actually shows that the lords' communications pathways are contaminated with SKNF, that the advanced weapons etc etc are also contaminated with SKNF colluding in their corrupt manner. They thought they would bend me into not saying anything but in case that didnt work, they would hide their collusive and corrupt other hands anyway.
It is possible that what I experienced is some kind of elaborate SKNF trick to make it seem that the lords' good people are SKNF.
The lords must know by now that I will always do what is good regardless of circumstance.
In this case we need to be reminded of the dangers even if what I experienced is an elaborate lie and hence it was good to still pass on the message although the message may have been different if I had full information of what really was going on.
If what I had experienced is not some kind of elaborate SKNF trick then what it shows is that the lords and their good people are not being serious and proactive enough.
The lords and their good people, especially the senior ones, need to be far more serious and proactive!
Lindsay can save Perth from Melbourne in even more difficult circumstances because he takes personal responsibility and does not leave things to others. We on the other hand almost suffered atrocity last night and can't seem to even look after ourselves. Not only that but we leave our children and the people protecting us undefended, making all the mistakes we made in the past!
If what happened last night is an SKNF collusion and part of a larger attack then what it showed is that
a.The lords' senior people and the lords must be more serious and proactive
b.We are disorganized.
c.We are not united. The SKNF have a strategy and are successfully attacking us piecemeal!
d.We are taking orders from the SKNF.
e.Our communication pathways are infested with SKNF
f.The advanced weapons protecting us and the other parts of the lords defenses are infested with SKNF.
The lords need to IMMEDIATELY and take no rest until completed
a.Organize us
b.Unite us
c.Make us efficient
d.Train us
f.Put good people in senior positions, team leads etc
g.Ensure communication pathways are clear of SKNF
h.Order our guys to Be Good and Do All Good Things and to NOT buy into the code of stupidity!!!
i.We need to know who the SKNF are and need to have access to the LIST!!!
j.We need to stop taking orders from the enemy ie the SKNF etc
k.We need to have all our guys follow up on things etc etc (see all recommendations!!!). Everybody needs to take personal responsibility to ensure things are done!
l.We need to have electronics and advanced weapons support!!!!!!! Why aren't the SKNF being destroyed!!!!!!
m.The lords and their good senior people need to keep us informed of the status of things and what is going on. This is part of a method that will eliminate corruption and does not rely on the assumption of a person being good (do all good things!).
All these things need to happen NOW. We can't afford slackness and we can't afford to overwork the lords people.
We almost lost a whole bunch of people to atrocity last night due to not being serious and proactive enough.
-Another message from :

Youtube source here:
From Titled 'Prince Harry and Michelle Obama speeches at the Invictus Games Orlando Opening Ceremony'

-SKNF contamination within psyops have deleted and modified earlier notes and messages. The one that was added over the last few days and on the 9th May 2016 has been deleted and parts of it joined to the note on 5th May 2016.
I have tried to rectify this by adding when I recall to the notes below.

We must continue to strengthen and do all things especially unite, be organized, trained, made efficient, have electronics and advanced weapons support etc etc without rest until completion.
We must not relax until after the SKNF threat is resolved. The state of danger will persist and will do so even after the extermination of the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin!

-The SKNF successfully tested the theory that a smaller army can successfully attack a larger army if the larger army is disorganized, inefficient, untrained, disunited and being pried apart by enemy agents within its ranks, in many positions both senior and everywhere else. Especially if the larger army has bought into the code of stupidity.
The SKNF etc proved this by supporting Fruitcake's mad head swinging attack on FAMILY-1, Family/Lords and everybody else not in the SKNF, even though they themselves were caught in reflection.
The Queen and her family, including the children, FAMILY-1 etc all suffered this attack, even though this should not be possible if we were doing things properly.
This means that the piecemeal attack and its preparations against us are successful.
If any part of us fall ie the civilian support and/or the psyops and/or the lords and their advanced weapons and electronics then all will fall.


-Indications are that FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1 ie FAMILY-1 is in full control of the advanced weaponry.
This then raises the question of why the delay, why has all the things that should be done are not done and other questions.
It is probable that FAMILY-1 and Family/Lords are completely surrounded by the SKNF and NUT-1 agents. This corruption is the result of long time effort and strategy by the SKNF and NUT-1 in effort destroy, cause atrocity and kill FAMILY-1 and Family/Lords.
It is then probable that it is only now that FAMILY-1 and Family/Lords have been made aware of the extent of the danger that they are facing, information pertaining to this dangerous situation previously hidden away from them.

-Fruitcake has been given a massive psyops team of crazies to be the attack on the lords' psyops when the time for attack comes.
He has already begun this part of the attack by sleep deprivation on the lords' psyops, the lords and other defenders. I hear other types of attacks on the lords and lords' people occurring worldwide. Although the poor are being beaten non of these attacks are of the worse type of atrocities.
The lords themselves are having the SKNF in massive numbers telepathically and in other ways disorient and misdirect them on a continuous basis.
-We are still disunited, disorganized, untrained, inefficient and kept from joining as a single group. This for the purpose of the SKNF's piecemeal attack on us.
As mentioned previously, a smaller army can successfully attack a larger army if that larger army is in a disunited, inefficient and disorganized state.
This disunited, inefficient and disorganized state can only come about by having enemy agents within the ranks of the larger army in both senior and other positions.
The smaller enemy army attacks all the disunited subunits as if the larger army is smaller as each subunit is smaller than the enemy's total army.
The larger army can only defend itself if it unites, organizes and makes itself efficient.

-The question of what is to be done about the SKNF threat lies solely with FAMILY-1 even though SKNF propaganda tries to tell us that NUT-1 and the SKNF have a say in the process and decision.
FAMILY-1 and Family/Lords know everything there is to know about the SKNF and NUT-1.
We are now in a period of waiting for that decision to eventuate. My educated guess is that it will be the logical and rational path.

-We are all being lulled into a false sense of safety and security.
-The lords are concentrating on organizing their own defenses. They are under constant telepathic confusion and misdirection attacks.
-Everybody has been instructed to do all they can to organize, make efficient, train, unite themselves, ensure clear and non-corrupted communication channels, to not take orders from the SKNF etc, to not buy into the code of stupidity and everything else that needs to be done as far as possible.
This will assist the lords as these things will happen in parallel thus saving time while the lords are occupied with their own defenses. It will also ensure our own safety.
Everybody has been told to take personal responsibility to ensure everything is being done at best time in the best way. This goes especially for the lords' senior people.
-The lords' senior people have to protect the lords' less senior people from taking dangerous orders from the SKNF etc in their guise of senior officials.
For instance, the SKNF etc are trying to have all the lords' psyops walk away from their jobs at the same time by sacking them, having them do a training exercises at the same time and so on.

-We must also do all the other things as soon as possible.
For instance, we need to start preparing and implementing Education and its infrastructure when the martial defenses are sufficiently emplaced to support this and other activities. This includes things like 'SkillsFuture', mobile schools, all schools a good school and so on.
We must not stop only at martial defenses as all other things are also part of the security and defense infrastructure against evil such as the SKNF.

-A message (assuming this is not a SKNF trick) from
Youtube link:

-The SKNF etc problem, its extent of infestation and corruption and every other evil it has brought and is doing, is so bad that the lords' good people, everyone under FAMILY-1, including
Family/Lords that are not in FAMILY-1, are unable prepare and implement anything, even whatever it takes to achieve sufficient martial readiness and hence those other things that should be done in parallel to what FAMILY-1 should do.
We now wait for FAMILY-1 to solve the first part of the SKNF threat, the extermination of the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin, before anything else can be done.
The lords' good people are unable to unite, to be made efficient, to train, to organize themselves etc etc.
Things continue to be totally unsafe and the dangers of the imminent SKNF worldwide mass atrocity attack continues to grow.
The SKNF are continuing to test new tactics in order to defeat the lords' very broken defenses. We expect an SKNF etc eventual breakthrough that will result in world mass atrocity and finally world end.
-We are again shown how fortunate we have been not to have suffered global atrocity and end.
We are shown clearly in real time that all the lords' previous efforts to straighten and right itself piecemeal, the who, whys, whats etc, without the big steps of solving the structural and foundational evil that is causing all their failures and other evil, would and had come to nothing, all for very real and actual reasons.
-We are also shown that the context we face when we do move ourselves from this state of guaranteed failure is one step away from being the worse possible scenario.
The worse possible contextual scenario would have the enemy, either the SKNF and/or NUT-1 having any control over advanced weapons.
The one good thing that has been shown is that most of the Earth's human residents are good, even though they have suffered all kinds of atrocities and the SKNF etc have made every effort to make them evil, psychotic and bent and hence become mad like they are.
-FAMILY-1 are in total control of the advanced weaponry and know everything there is to know about the SKNF and NUT-1.
The decision on what to do about the SKNF etc threat lies solely with them.
The implementation of that decision regarding the actions to take against the SKNF threat also initially lies solely with them.

2 messages:
a.From the Whitehouse
b.From #InvictusOrlando Closing Ceremony

Youtube link:

Be good. Do all good things. Do not buy into the code of stupidity.
The performance of these three very simple things will actually be the foundation that saves us, and is actually the reason why we are at the very edge of the gang-plank which sits over the abyss of total failure and pain of atrocity prior to end.
Another instance of proof of this is the protection racket that is and was being perpetrated by the SKNF and NUT-1.
This protection racket consisted of the promise of protection from evil and atrocity but only if you were to pay for it directly. This payment then would supposedly extend this protection to those that you specify directly to be within your group, where you are something like their owner or, less correctly defined, their patron.
It is more logical for the lords that the defensive umbrella covers everyone that is not the enemy. This will ensure that the things that gives the enemy and evil strength, the things that we have observed directly in WW3 and the SKNF etc threat, things like the enslavement of humanity etc, do not grow nor gain momentum.
The defensive umbrella has actually been paid for already but had been corrupted and had hence become a tool and practically owned by the enemy. The wealthy are then made to pay more for protection for them and those they chose.
The premise that paying extra for this protection will give one protection has proven to be false. Not only that but actually it resulted in a false sense of security as well. Many have suffered atrocity from this incorrect belief.
Furthermore it actually weakened the lords by allowing the enemy to gain strength from those not under the umbrella of protection. The enemy could then not only build up its strength by causing atrocity on the weak, they could also use the weak to give strength to the continuous misdirection and telepathic induction that makes the lords believe the SKNF's propaganda and lies. The worse outcome of this being that the lords begin to see the less wealthy as being a mob of evil, a meme and misdirection that has proven to be totally false and a part of the SKNF's etc intentional attack against them.
What happens then is that the lords are weakened by not being able to build up their telepathic and man-power defenses, while the enemy is given populations without restriction, populations that suffer all kinds of evil to bend them towards evil and hence the propensity to more evil and becoming enemy towards the lords. Not only does this affect the lords' safety directly but also indirectly by impoverishing the lords through attacks on their assets, their businesses and their other wealth.
The SKNF etc with the intention of weakening the lords do everything to isolate the them from the good.
The evil perpetrated by the SKNF etc is also an expression of their psychosis.

-Saved by incredible good fortune in the form of Fruitcake's buffoonery again!!
The SKNF etc have exponentially multiplied the probability of OUR LOSING and the risk of our failure, death by atrocity and end of the world.
The SKNF have done this by ordering each of the lords' people within psyops not to communicate with any other, even if that other is within their own team and arms length of themselves.
In effect the SKNF has made the size of the lords army into subunits of one ie a single individual, this to stand against the cumulative SKNF army.
A larger army can lose to a smaller one by being broken into subunits smaller then the enemy's total army by infesting enemy agents. These subunits are then made disunited, un-communicating, inefficient, disorganized etc. The problem and DANGER is at its maximum if each subunit consists of only one person as we are now suffering.
The lords have ordered that the psyops be made safe by distancing themselves physically from the SKNF within the martial forces and wherever else and have them put within hotels, this to be done IMMEDIATELY!
The lords' people must now follow the strategy of
a.Being good.
b.Doing all good things.
c.Not to buy into the code of stupidity ie to BE LOGICAL, RATIONAL AND SANE! RID ourselves of the SKNF contaminant within our ranks etc!!!

The knowledge of this SKNF preparation to attack the lords' psyops especially and everybody else, the implementation of this attack and its method came about because Fruitcake's was testing his telepathic strength based on this strategy in his daily morning attack on me. This then reminded one of the lords' people of this observation, this person put two and two together and before he could pass on the information telepathically, I was told of this new SKNF tactic by the SKNF in a subterfuge to cover their SKNF membership.
This person in the lords' psyops had already reported this attack earlier but the information had not got through to the rest of the lords' people due to the SKNF etc infestation.
This person is also suffering the SKNF attack and is acting as a subunit of one as well and was almost unable to apply a defence by passing on the information of the SKNF's etc tactic.
I told everyone about this attack this morning and informed them that they need to be more proactive, LOGICAL, follow up and look after their people and especially their children who they have made sit right within the enemy's den.
One other thing. We cannot continue to rely on good fortune as the basis of our defence!

-In regards to the finances etc for the defence against the SKNF threat
We were again reminded that the decision regarding what to do about the SKNF threat is solely with FAMILY-1.
As well, the means to deal with the SKNF threat also lies solely with FAMILY-1 INITIALLY.
ie.The finances etc are already available with regards to dealing with the SKNF threat.

Turns out that the part about Fruitcake performing another one of his predictable boomerang attacks mistakes (see note 18th May 2016) was actually a part of a multipart subterfuge.
Fruitcake was pushed into testing the SKNF's telepathic power and disorganization tactics by the SKNF and predictably went ahead without thinking, as if he could think past his psychosis. The SKNF desperately pushing the lie that the attack on the lords during the events surrounding the Mexican Standoff was actually pushed by the lords and not a manifestation of the SKNF's psychosis in general and that of Serial Killer, Fruitcake etc in particular.
Other parts of this subterfuge was to hide the fact that the order from the lords to their good people to do everything that should be done had been blocked and prevented from reaching them by the SKNF infestation within the lords' defenses, the communication channels and within everything else.
The order to do all things that should be done had been given quite some time before the 18th of May, 2016.
And if the order was to make it through to force the communication then the SKNF were to include myself so that it supports the SKNF's other desperate lie that I am part of the security services, the SKNF etc having made a custom of the evil of being allowed to commit atrocities on anyone of the lords' people because they are 'black'.
The SKNF then made sure that the message to give the order to do all the things that needed to be done and of which I was part of yesterday, 18th May 2016, happened on the 18th ie (3 x 6) so that they could make the lie that they were going to communicate the order but were waiting for this date with three sixes (a SKNF ignorant use of the actual meaning behind Revelation 13:18 for which they only took the message of being a beast).
This is yet another example of a very well used SKNF etc subterfuge and the stuff of stupidity that is typically believed by the lords good people who have been bent by the SKNF etc using atrocity, corruption and deep and widespread collusion as method of 'brain washing'.
The lords' message yesterday also included the wish for all their people to think and not follow the code of stupidity.
The other subterfuge the SKNF then tried to use was to make sure that the lords' good people only use the database list of SKNF etc agents instead of every good method. This so that the SKNF can infest the lords' security and other structures with SKNF etc agents by using a fraudulent database of this list.

-The SKNF etc are recruiting everyone that subscribes to being a serial killing pervert vermin but for one reason or another are not part of the SKNF or NUT-1.
The SKNF etc plans to insert these new SKNF etc recruits into key and probably any other positions within the lords' reconstituted defenses eg in psyops, control and command positions etc etc.
The plan is to grow the SKNF presence within the lords' reconstituted defence and corrupt and attack the lords from within again.
We need to do all good things. This applies especially to the selection of people within the lords' defenses in all roles whether key or any other.
This SKNF etc tactic, even if not successful against the current resolution of the human part of the SKNF threat, can and will cause the another SKNF to propagate and rise immediately after like an infection within a host recovering from a malignant disease.
We must choose good people first and then only choose on technical skill. This part of doing all good things.

-Fruitcake's attack on lords' people this afternoon at approx 12pm, attacking their respiratory system both electronically and telepathically and making it difficult for them to breath, has provided provisional information to me that the lords are making progress towards their defense against the SKNF threat.
The SKNF are on full attack mode and are trying to not only commit every atrocity but also attacking the population's morale.
-It is obvious that Fruitcake is insane, this told by his mad head swinging even though he is suffering considerable brain injury. I saw some pictures of his brain taken by the swarming microbots. It appears to be bleeding from many wounds that have formed all over it, especially at the divider between the two lobes. The fluid (intracranial?) is very bloody and deepening in red color as time goes on. There is lots of debris from the dried blood caps that are being ripped off and reformed as he continues to swing his head madly. He has a complex where part of the expression of his psychosis is to use his injuries to get his father's love and attention somewhat like when he was a child and was attended to and loved when hurt. He is right this minute being supported and fiddling madly with his genitalia with the supposed purpose of attracting attention to himself but actually because he wanks constantly and uncontrollably as evidenced by his 'semen encrustations' even though his medicines have rendered him unable to feel anything and hence also suffering from erectile dysfunction.

-We need to put in every defense against the regrouping, reforming and rise of Evil in the form of another SKNF etc. We cannot do this by evil but by all good things only. We need to give thought to what we do.
For instance, the evil that is the SKNF comes from those that subscribe to being a serial killing pervert vermin and all the evil that this relates to. This subset of humanity occurs within all parts of society, even in the wealthy.
The evil that is generated by the wealthy who subscribes to evil generates even more evil elsewhere like the proverbial snowball or rotten apple in the barrel. These potential SKNF wealthy will own real property which they can build on to create an infinite money making machine.
The right way to deal with this particular problem would be to put in every good defense against the rise of the SKNF. It would be wrong to limit or take away ownership of the property from the psycho land owner as this has implications against the good land owners and opens the door for attacks by Evil using corruption to steal the lords' property. The SKNF and its other manifestations of evil will then allow the feeding of the opportunity to alienate the good from their property rights eg using mechanisms of Government and every other way. Property rights are the basis of our economy and our society.
We must acknowledge the structure of our biology.
We must remove the incentives that feed the opportunities for evil and push the incentives towards the opportunities that create good.
-As expected, the SKNF are exhibiting more Fruitcake like behavior as the pressure against their threat increases. The attention seeking and being seen as the most fearsome increasingly pronounced.

Artist depiction of Fruitcake should he ever emerge from the stool house
Fruitcake's other new super powers include spastic shaking, enlarged liver, bulging left eye, asymmetrically focusing eyes, protruding palsy left part of face and lip and many more....:D

-It was predicted that Palsy the Spastic Man would need his father to go into his room, show full attention to Palsy, even put clothes on him and possibly even forcibly remove him from his computer room so that they could get him treated in a hospital. It was predicted that Palsy would make a scene, draw attention to himself, use the story of danger to his life and everything else so that he can get the loving attention that he actually subconsciously wants. That the whole of the SKNF psyops would need to try and persuade him and so on.
This is actually what happened.
Yesterday, as Palsy is now suffering palsy and spastic symptoms, Palsy's father and his colleagues seemed to attempt to try and get Palsy to a luxury room in a hospital so that he may recover from his self inflicted brain damage. Palsy then not only made a scene and had everybody including an ambulance wait for him, he threatened everyone at the Auckland Police station with his bombs etc. He then tried to bring guns and mini-mines etc with him to the hospital.
The hospital was informed of the danger. They asked for him not to have any dangerous weapons on him. He also threatened the staff at the hospital as well. The staff at the hospital were also informed that Palsy will obsess over them once they range within his line of sight and hence be implanted in his consciousness, this obsession will lead to attacks on the staff at that hospital. These attacks will also include the other patients, the infants etc etc.
Palsy ended up not going to the hospital which was expected regarding Palsy and shows that his father also has ulterior motives regarding not having Palsy recover from his insanity.
Prediction is that Palsy will suffer paralysis and will eventually need to be hospitalized hopefully soon and as long as possible.
Palsy is even giving his brain electric shocks so that he can induce pain in everyone he attacks.
-We can't help but observed that regardless of all the noise otherwise that the SKNF threat is not being resolved or mitigated in any way even though this is within FAMILY-1's capabilities and the role is solely FAMILY-1's.
The signs are NOT good.
I recommend that everyone prepare their Kevorkian kits and not take risk, see this

-The Reality
:The lords including FAMILY-1 know all there is to know about the SKNF and NUT-1.
:The decision of what to do about the SKNF etc threat lies solely with FAMILY-1.
:FAMILY-1 are the only ones with the capacity and means to deal with the SKNF etc threat, are the only ones that can initiate the resolution to the SKNF threat.
:It has already been shown that at least one variety of NUT-1 has been deposed by their subordinates. This variety is the one in which all or most of their subordinates are SKNF. It is possible that there is a variety of NUT-1 that has NUT-1, FAMILY-1 or some variety of Family as their subordinates.
It may then be possible that not all of NUT-1 has been deposed.
I think that this is very unlikely and that all of NUT-1 has been deposed. My thinking comes from observing the structure of the SKNF. The top most variety of psycho does not tend to procreate easily and when they do it is more to create an heir rather than anything to do with anything sane. However it is still possible. The sane avoid them as well as they are dangerous to be near and have a passion for doing evil against the good and sane.
-These are two of the pertinent question:
1.Why are the SKNF allowed to be at full strength and allowed to be at maximum readiness while they are allowed every opportunity to break the lords' encryption protecting the advanced weapons? ie why do the lords not press the button and destroy the enemy as anyone would in any situation of war or when one is under attack?
2.Why are the SKNF allowed to perpetrate every evil and why is the code of stupidity being used to protect them. The poor and everyone else are being bent as hard as the SKNF can without mitigation of any kind.
-Possible answers:
1.The lords are unready. Seems VERY unlikely as we are shown everyday that the lords are ready by the fact that the SKNF atrocities are being suppressed everywhere.
2.That actually it is the variety of NUT-1 that still retains its power and that has all (very improbable and I would say impossible) or some (possible but I still say very improbable, the lords seem totally aware of who is a nut within their family) of the power over advanced weapons.
If this second scenario is the case then it is likely that the situation is this:
NUT-1 having discovered their error regarding their safety are using the good people as a bulwark while they put together their army of psychos. Meanwhile they are putting together an illusion of an emergency that initiates a major war. This illusion is one where the enemy manages to get hold of the advanced weapons, destroys large parts of the world before being subdued by even more advanced weapons. The gravity weapons that I have seen used were actually around by 1970. That means that we have had a further 40 years of new weapons development and those are the older weapons. The lords do not give their best stuff away. The lords only allow others access to weapons that have multiple defenses against their use.
The supposed reason for NUT-1 to do this is to gain control over every asset and wealth and to kill off everybody that owns anything. NUT-1 also wants to create a world populated by slaves that are unaware of their telepathy and are made totally dumb.
NUT-1 also wants to repopulate the world with their own seed or with the seed of their psychos.
NUT-1 also wants to rewrite history.
NUT-1 is far crazier then Fruitcake.
If this second scenario is the case then the recommendation to good people is to stay low and not make yourselves a target. To give the psychos anything they want and to get your Kevorkian kits and not take risk, see this
The serial killing pervert vermin in all varieties are mad. They enjoy causing atrocity and evil. They cannot be reasoned with even though they may wear the guise of sanity. They are a monoculture of psychosis.
-The SKNF etc problem described above is worldwide and not as the SKNF are trying say ie the SKNF etc is trying to make a lie that the problem is only in the US. The fact that the SKNF etc are trying their hardest to push this lie just shows the truth about what happens when crazy people get an idea in their head. They are trying to recover part of their original plan for global annihilation ie the part where history was meant to record that the US went mad and initiated the global holocaust.

-The agent sent to retrieve me has asked to be allowed to return to Malaysia/Singapore along with me. He is also being held hostage as I am.

-SKNF etc have been ordered to make and take every opportunity to cause atrocity, destruction and evil, to make very threat etc.
Everybody need to take all precautions and lower the risk of being harmed.

-It appears that what is happening is a struggle between FAMILY-1 and the rest of the lords and their good people and probably the variety of NUT-1 that have Family who are serial killing pervert vermin but not classed as NUT-1 due to their wealth. This NUT-1 combo FamilyNuts group are being supported by the SKNF.
The signs are that FAMILY-1 is winning. The most pertinent of these signs being the fact that the world is not being shaken by extinction level events eg large nukes, asteroids, disrupter attacks etc caused by NUT-1 etc.
-Lesson of the Nutcake: If you do not solve an insanity and/or problem logically and immediately it will likely spiral out of control to become almost unsolvable.
For instance, Fruitcake's and Desperate_Dad's colleagues should have solved the problem of Fruitcake's etc insanity and their attempts at trying to kill them when they could.
Instead they chose to kill Fruitcake's mother and her parents for their property as their solution to the Fruitcake problem and how he is the vehicle for Fruitcake's supporters to get property and control in NZ.
The problem has now reached a point where they may not be able to solve it.
There is no way they can get at Fruitcake etc now as he is too well protected and has too many super powers. Meanwhile Fruitcake is chipping away at them by his insane actions that are exponentially increasing. These actions are sometime purposeful but usually are just random pranks that go wrong from a fruitcake.
Also Fruitcake has become such an asset to his sponsors by virtue of his insanity that it is unlikely that his sponsors will even want to be rid of him.
Fruitcake is the perfect tool! He apparently wants for nothing other then to attract attention to himself, masturbate constantly, snort coke and kill everyone. He cannot own anything because he is known by anyone asked as being mad. He can never leave his computer room because of his madness etc.
Something similar can be said for Desperate_Dad as well.
This is also another lesson in why it is necessary to have only sane people within security. To do so otherwise will weaken one to extinction.

-We know 4 things for certain
1.The SKNF etc have not only reached maximum readiness but are being allowed to do everything else, things like work on breaking the lords' encryption protecting the advanced weapons from being taken over by the enemy, attacking the poor so that they can be used as a telepathic and other support weapon against the lords and their people etc.
2.We know that the button to mitigate and even rid the world of the human element of the SKNF threat has not been pushed.
3.We know that the majority of us are under the lords' protection and are being saved from atrocity.
4.We know that extinction level events from SKNF etc attacks have not happened. The meaning of this one points to the lords having absolute control over the advanced weapons. A very big positive and may actually mean that we will win.
-For some crazy reason Fruitcake informs in his usual crazy way informs me that Serial Killer and/or Screeching-Mad-Wife have killed themselves. This may be a bluff and may be Serial Killer etc offering to escape his prison by being recorded as being dead ie he then becomes one of those serial killing perverts in the security services that performs atrocities on demand.
-I discovered that 'jaundice' is actually the serial killing pervert vermin telling the hospital and medical people to commit murder on new born infants that the serial killing pervert vermin want to kill. The yellowing of the skin is due to swarming microbots. The medical staff put the infants in UV boxes as signal that the Police (the blue) are protecting the child, quite a subterfuge. (John Dies ie message from ' the 'John' which is a sobriquet or nick name for Police that the subject dies, is to be murdered etc)

-Family/Lords and their good people have let it be known that they are at maximum readiness possible. They cannot become readier because of the widespread and deep SKNF infestation and the support given to the SKNF and infestation by NUT-1 and FamilyNuts.
We continue to wait for FAMILY-1 to take the first steps against the SKNF threat.
Would we would observe if the logical thing is happening (ie something is being done against the SKNF) is the deaths and extermination of the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin.
However nothing has been done even though Family/Lords and their good people have been at maximum readiness for at least 3 weeks now and probably even longer, and have indicated as such to everyone.
-The SKNF in their need to perform atrocity in order that they feed their psychosis has started their attacks against the populace.
These attacks are against the weakest members of society with the SKNF pretending to be official security services even though they have all been sacked. They are roaming about in the Police uniforms arresting and pressuring everyone they can for any reason they can.
Fruitcake's sleep deprivation and constant verbiage also part of this global attack. As well his enlarged group's constant wanking a way to get people to visit places and people that the SKNF in their Police garb and lie of being official security will use to compromise them.
They are also trapping people that travel overseas in foreign countries leaving them there until they run out of finances.
The SKNF etc are holding good people hostage everywhere.
In other words they are doing all evil that is available to them.
-The lords' good people have requested that should we travel down crazy path that we be provided a means to attack the SKNF as described earlier.
-Summary of what is happening:
There are 2 possible explanations to the delay.
1.We are waiting for FAMILY-1 and the time for action is now.
2.If things drag on then it means that FAMILY-1 is less powerful then NUT-1 and the world is about to come to an end and everybody will suffer atrocity. That means that instead of the wealthy having become too used to atrocities and murderous attempts on themselves the underlying reason for world's evil is that the world is run by evil and insanity and this is its natural outcome.

-THe SKNF's attacks are on everyone and every place they can. Many people are stuck overseas. They have been advised to altogether save their money, beware of SKNF surrounding them (hence do it altogether so the lesser number of SKNF has less chance of organising into large groups and acting on smaller numbers), connect up with the lords so that they can see the SKNF vermin, help out others (protect everyone excluding the SKNF and NUT-1, return home if they can etc.
SKNF etc are also attacking the financial system and businesses by blocking business transactions, stealing sent moneys, blocking LCs (letters of credit) etc amongst the vast variety of other SKNF etc attacks.
It also appears that Perth has been fortunate in that it managed to get help. There are places that have suffered SKNF attacks, in the USA and elsewhere, that have still not been helped and people are still suffering.
-All signs are pointing to us winning but we, everybody must be logical, help each other. Be good. Do all good things. Do not buy into the code of stupidity. And beware of the SKNF by taking all precautions (you need access to the lords good people and the list of SKNF etc vermin!!!).

-We know 5 things now for certain
1.The SKNF etc have not only reached maximum readiness but are being allowed to do everything else, things like work on breaking the lords' encryption protecting the advanced weapons from being taken over by the enemy, attacking the poor so that they can be used as a telepathic and other support weapon against the lords and their people etc.
2.We know that the button to mitigate and even rid the world of the human element of the SKNF threat has not been pushed.
3.We know that the majority of us are under the lords' protection and are being saved from atrocity.
4.We know that extinction level events from SKNF etc attacks have not happened. The meaning of this one points to the lords having absolute control over the advanced weapons. A very big positive and may actually mean that we will win.
5.The SKNF etc have begun their worldwide attacks in earnest and will follow and are following their usually exponential curve in psychosis.
-The fact that FAMILY-1 has still not performed the obvious ie exterminate the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin is indicative that their SKNF, FamilyNuts and NUT-1 infestation within their defenses are playing the Pass-The-Buck-Trick and Take-All-Sides-Trick with the vermin that are external to their defenses.
The lords' good people are still disorganized, disunited, being trained with bullshit etc. The lords and their good people are also being attacked in every other way.

-SKNF are at full atrocity, evil and conflict mode. They are attacking everything and everyone where they can but are being secretive about their attacks.
The economy is being attacked via every part of the infestation, from the banking system, businesses and their systems, printing of unauthorized money etc etc.
The lords are protecting us.
This looks like the end of the SKNF. Unsure how long it will take to put these vermin down. Everybody are being advised to take all precautions, be good, do all good things, not buy into the code of stupidity, connect up to the lords and help out.

-I was told that there was an unsuccessful attempt on the President and his family's life by the SKNF etc infestation within the security services at the Whitehouse yesterday or the night before.

-The lords have requested that FAMILY-1 exterminate the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin. This is also the only way in which anything can be done as the SKNF etc infestation of everything has made doing anything impossible as well as being about the destroy the economy etc.
The destruction of the economy will lead to the poor falling to the SKNF etc.
However the fact that it would be allowed would indicate that we are at the scenario where NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1 and that the world was about to end anyway, everything else just being the manifestation of the psychosis that the evil are.
We have come down to the moment where we learn whether WW3 will end with the destruction of the human component of the evil that is the SKNF vermin or whether we will see the Earth be destroyed and everybody suffering atrocity prior to its destruction.
People should start stocking up on non-perishable food and other necessary consumables by Monday next week (6th June 2016) if the SKNF are not destroyed as the probability that it is the worse case scenario is exponentially increasing. The SKNF are probably going to pull the economy down at the end of the month when no one has any money and are waiting for the next pay cheque.

-The SKNF etc are doing everything to attack the lords, their defenses and their good people as well as trying to commit every atrocity and evil. People have been told to prepare themselves in case of the worse outcome or that the destruction of the SKNF does not come fast enough. To prepare themselves in food and all things necessary as far as possible. To firstly get in touch with the lords people so that they can see the SKNF etc as well as afterwards being able to contribute to the defense against the evil that is the SKNF.
The word has got around that the sense of well being we are feeling, that everything is going to be all right and thus we need not take precautions, is an SKNF etc attack. Similar to the situation when the SKNF the attacked Perth, where they poisoned the water and then told everyone that it was a small accident and meant nothing, all that before the mass atrocities.
We know that if things take too long then it is likely the worse case scenario but we are also giving time for the lords to get their defenses in order. We hope that they manage this before the impact of economic failure is felt, a domino like, escalating and exponential failure that will cause the world to fall.

-SKNF etc psyops and rest of SKNF etc starting to show increasing signs of psychosis in the mannerisms, their thoughts and their actions, behaviors that are similar to Fruitcake. They are being buffered and controlled by their numbers as they are not in sync with each other but the gross effects are visible.
The one thing that seems to bother them the most, as measured by the exponentially increasing whinging and whining as if they did not receive a toy that they should have, is the fact that they are unable to use their telepathy to make it rain. They then try to camouflage this psychotic frustration with the semblance of an argument that the lords are disempowering them in some way and empowering everybody else.
To compensate, their subordinates then go into a kind of mental support group for what appears to be the danger of them having deflated egos. This ego support is done by their subordinates overlaying any thought, or word or anything that means what is shown in reality with whatever feelings and thoughts that makes the nutcases feel better.
Meanwhile the terrorist and violence psychosis that comes after is becoming more frequent and pronounced. This appears to be a dysfunctional development from the temper tantrums of a dysfunctional and homicidal upbringing.
The SKNF's etc mask of sanity and normalcy only just manages to cover the insanity that is obviously subconsciously bubbling below. A monoculture of crazies is true.
-The thought of what happens if the worst situation turns out to be true is always being hoisted on us by the terrorist evil that is the SKNF etc.
The outcome of this worse case scenario is that what we deem as reality, ie that the owners of property have any rights whatsoever and that they are protected from atrocity etc etc, will be proven to be a lie and that the worse is about to happen.

-A message from

Link to Youtube site here
Title: World Oceans Day 2016

-Prediction: Die Dag das 1st.
-People everywhere are being asked to
1.Connect up to lords good people so that they can identify the SKNF. But not only use the lords list to identify the SKNF but by doing so by all other means in a multi-defense approach.
2.To help out
3.Those overseas are being advised to do everything to save money. Many people are caught overseas by the SKNF and are unable to return. People are being asked to help them and they are being asked to be careful not to be caught by the SKNF etc.
4.All are asked to be good and do all good things and not buy into the code of stupidity.

-All signs show that not only are the SKNF in full atrocity and attack mode but they are also attacking the poor and other weakest members of our society right now, are implementing their greater attacks on everybody else and that this will become obvious to everyone by the end of this month at most. Many people are already seeing and experiencing the SKNF's global attack.
The SKNF etc are hiding their activities as best they can so as to ambush the populace as they do before and when performing their atrocities. The SKNF etc enjoy committing atrocities and evil.
I recall seeing people in Perth welcoming these serial killing pervert vermin into their homes with happy smiles, the vermin all dressed in their Police uniforms in pretense that their visit being friendly as if in their continuous television and media propaganda. The countenance of these invariable victims of SKNF etc atrocities changed from smiling to fear on opening their doors and discovering the Police garbed and smiling SKNF serial killing pervert vermin standing in front of them. This when the screams and evil became pervasive and could not be hidden locally easily.
This is where we are at.
The lords know that the poor and many others are under a lot of pressure and do not have much buffer space in terms of resources or physical strength, and hence cannot resist the SKNF etc vermin long. We hope the lords end the threat ASAP.

-Two messages
1.From Title:President Obama on tragio shooting in Orlando
(There was no shooting but is a SKNF terrorist trick to terrorize the populace)

Original link:

Youtube link:
Title: The Duke of Cambridge speaks at the Patrons lunch
Date: 12 June 2016.
(Note dated 13th June 2016, MC: The so called messages above date 12th June 2016 appears to me to be just another time sucking tactic by the SKNF using the lords and their good people.)

-The lords' good people and agents are also under considerable pressure, especially the ones overseas.
They are not only being threatened physically but the ones overseas are being told that they will be driven to the street if the do not buy into the code of stupidity. This threat is being taken seriously by all.
-FAMILY-1 has to make the decision to eradicate the SKNF NOW.
The state of SKNF etc attack and the threat and probability of failure has now gone past the 45o angle on the exponential curve, the 45o angle probably occurred sometime before the 10th of June 2016.
If FAMILY-1 does not do so then it is increasingly probable that NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1 on account that NUT-1 has control over some advanced weaponry, but likely not control over all advanced weaponry.
This implies that FAMILY-1 has chosen to try and salvage the world by buying time. I predict that they will not be successful but it is worth a try.
We have asked FAMILY-1 and the lords to negotiate on our behalf to then give us the means to make a show of it, to teach the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin a lesson even if at the end of the day we die. We believe that NUT-1 will agree as the SKNF have consistently attacked it and tried to hold it hostage. Also it will allow us to organize the women and children and separate them from the men, something that NUT-1 and FamilyNuts will agree is useful to them, if only to make it seem that their rape is not a rape, their slavery not a enslavement.
A message agreeing:

Direct link:

-It appears that what is happening is that FAMILY-1 and the lords are now in the process of eradicating the SKNF and managing NUT-1.
This is indicated by how we are not going to put on a show but actually are doing something about the SKNF threat and WW3. :D
SKNF vermin really psychotic!
-Possible message from

Youtube link: title: The Princess Royal on the Queen's love of horses.
-Another probable message embedded only in Youtube

Youtube link:
Title: Why Obama is one of the most consequential presidents in American history.
(Authors note 15th June 2016 MC: All signs are pointing to this note on 14th June 2016 being 100% ocrrect).

-SKNF etc have chosen to try and escalate their acts of terror and atrocities even though they have no chance of winning. They will not surrender even when reminded that that is their only option.
They are using the media as a terror weapon saying serial killing pervert mass atrocities are occurring even though nothing has happened. They then force the lords' good people into messaging for them using the facade of these false reports of atrocities as if a method to make the message secret.
The SKNF etc are also demonstrating their widespread and deep infestation of all parts of Government, businesses and almost everything else. They are doing this in a way that has a duplicitous cover as if they ones following the SKNF etc orders are doing so because they have been tricked or are under pressure.
Those people who are trying to fool you into believing that they are only doing their attacks and trickery on you because they are under pressure are SKNF etc terrorist. They are trying to commit atrocity on yourselves.
The lords' good people overseas are under enormous pressure. The poor are under even greater pressure.
We are all looking to see what happens this month as I think we may reach breaking point if nothing is done.
-I have now observed directly how the lords' staff, psyops, security and probably every other who are manipulating the lord and probably are SKNF does so to the lords' detriment.
In this case it was apparently Fruitcake's mad whim to force feed his psyops staff cocaine so that they become drug addicts that allowed me to see what happens.
Fruitcake got it into his head to force feed his psyops cocaine supposedly so that they can be controlled like Pavlov's dog. However on closer inspection it is more likely Fruitcake decided to do this, with censure by forcing them to smoke a poison cigarette and then take the antidote (see Emphysema Man), so that he would not be the only constantly fiddling drug addict around and then he could crazily say that what he does is normal.
Fruitcake's psyops team then organized themselves so that only one of them would take cocaine and the whole would make it seem that they were all taking it together, this so that they could pace themselves.
Fruitcake, as he usually does, then ordered a number of his team to masturbate and project the feeling to the people he was attacking yesterday. However it came to be known that only one of them had taken cocaine and the rest were just riding on the feeling of arousal. Strangely the first person he had selected to begin masturbating was the same one that had taken the cocaine, a sure sign that Fruitcake was being 'remote controlled' by his psyops team but had not known about it.
Fruitcake's psyops team then did the usual run around on being discovered.
This is indicative of other instances of Fruitcake being remote controlled by his team.
What is more important is a clear proof of why the lords' not only need be sane but also see the necessity for them to only chose sane and good people. The reason for this is that they risk losing everything and suffering atrocity, as is shown clearly and evidentially by the SKNF etc infestation that is threatening them and everybody else right now.
-Meanwhile Fruitcake's massive brain damage from insane repetitive head swinging has caused him to now look like Quasimodo. Not only are all parts of his head swollen but it is now very asymmetrical, with his eyes not focusing forward in unison etc. The brain area is bloody and raw looking. It appears that the blood has also seeped into his lymph nodes which is causing a massive immune reaction. This only partially describes the symptoms of the injury, list is endless.
I have asked that he is executed in NZ by injection or even advanced weapon if he does not heal as I do not want to baby him after being sent to Malaysia and then being interned in hospital so that he can recover and then be executed anyway. Just send his cremated ashes.

-If the sufficient people fall due to SKNF etc duress (eg the poor) and the SKNF etc achieve telepathic ascendancy then the SKNF etc will use this telepathic superiority to obtain encryption and other secrets from the lords. This will result in the lords defenses falling, atrocity to all and the end of the world.
Meanwhile the problems and cost of resolving the SKNF threat continue to mount exponentially.

-All indications are that the SKNF etc will do what is predicted. Fruitcake is even in combat command mode. I suspect his semen encrustation stain will be a lot bigger this weekend.
Many if not all of lords' foreign based personnel are expressing deep concern and worry about their situation including their financial and being held hostage situation.

-Secretive massive economic attacks now visible and open. SKNF etc attacking world economic system using the deeply and widespread contamination everywhere. Have caused fraudulent and massive shift in exchange rates in Europe and everywhere else by manipulating electronically and being supported by SKNF personnel in Government, banks etc etc (see Brexit bullshit - synonym for 'Break it').

-Reports by lords' good people especially psyops: "Situation is BAD!!!!"
-A message

From Youtube:

-All investments, plans etc need to be reviewed, reworked and re-planed again. NUT-1's, the SKNF's and FamilyNuts' psychosis to be removed and eradicated from all planning, construction and whatever else it has embedded itself into.

-Appears SKNF etc plan for economic destruction is being and has been handled and managed by the lords.
SKNF etc showing very loud and obvious behavior similar to Fruitcake when under stress. Also publically oscillating madly in their 3 phase serial killing pervert psychosis similar to Ted Bundy and every other serial killing pervert.
The male serial killing pervert vermin wonder around with widened shoulders, aggressive stance, gorilla like impersonations, a reflection of an attention seeking and dysfunctional psychological development that once were school yard bullies and now just a bunch of crazies. The serial killing pervert women in counterpoint, most like poor renditions of Screeching-Mad-Wife, try to flirt by protruding their bottoms like some parody of a mating ritual. Meanwhile all the serial killing perverts have become more strident. The wealthier ones, especially those in psyops and those like Bestus-Lieutenant clinging to the thing that is their ego by a performance of being someone important, an act that is all wardrobe and no substance, crutched by the ego of a mad group. One can almost see the ghost of that back bending, tooth sucking thing that the serial killing pervert vermin do being done in synchronicity.
The strangest thing is how the serial killing pervert vermin try to make the sale that we should feel sorry for them.
Meanwhile Fruitcake's evolved attention seeking mechanism is to display his hurt and spasticity to his father indirectly via me in a mad way to show how hard he is while getting his father's sympathy. His father on the other hand makes only a show of trying to stop Fruitcake banging his head around. Most people think the ulterior motive being his hope that Fruitcake ends up with a debilitating stroke and requires permanent care, hence making his father the sole 'regent' of Fruitcake's mother and her parent's estate, the doubly doubtful legacy for being delivered by fraudulent papers, whether Fruitcake's or those drawn up by his father.

-The lords and the good people have been asked to send immediate help to all those communities that have suffered atrocity like Perth but have not been sent emergency and other help.
-The good people have been asked to take the initiative and be personally responsible for what is required and what they must want if the Earth is to not only survive but do well for all eternity.
In other words they need to be good, do all good things and not buy into the code of stupidity. This especially so for those that are further up the wealth and social hierarchy.
-The agent sent to recover me from SF and myself have made specific request for us to be returned home to KL or Singapore immediately and for us to not continue to be held hostage.

-The state of things right now being that at the final resolution of the SKNF threat and WW3
The truth is that even if the state of things now (ie that nothing is being done about the SKNF threat) is the result of some impossible state of the electronic/gravitational/computational technology and systems that controls, powers and weaponises the advanced weapons, new weapons can be mass produced that are totally without fault and corruption. The factories that produces these weapons can produce them automatically and better then the best commercial factory ie without human intervention. That it would take no time at all to build a sufficiently large quantity of these weapons to destroy the SKNF.
If for instance we find that we are still at this state, where the SKNF threat is not resolved, by say the inauguration of the new President, then the SKNF threat is surely being swept under the carpet and that the world will end with mass atrocity and the destruction of planet Earth.
This signal of what FAMILY-1 actually decided to do, if this is what will be done, is for those not within that group that actually knows what has been decided already.
That group already knows what FAMILY-1 has chosen to do and everything else that is to be done.
The action point for the resolution of the first part of the SKNF threat and WW3 is actually here and now.

-The agent sent here to retrieve me and I are still being held hostage. SKNF etc lies saying otherwise.
-SKNF etc intention to try and force and or trick children into supporting them telepathically so that they can attack the lords, their good people etc and get encryption information protecting advanced weapons from being used by the serial killing pervert vermin. They intend to use their SKNF infestation within schools, teachers, Police, senior Government education roles eg Secretary of Education, Minister of Education etc etc.
Everybody including the school students have been told of this SKNF intention. They younger children have been told to only give their power to that which is good and to always include their parents in any telepathic thing that they do regardless of who orders them otherwise.
The SKNF then threatened the children physically which the lords have advised that the terrorist will face an advanced weapon strike on themselves if they do so.
Everybody has been told to continue to be vigilant and remind the children of what they need to do until the end of the war at least.
-A message:
Untitled video with Duke of Cambridge Prince William sitting at a table wearing a white shirt, rolled up sleeves, next to two people, a young male and a adult woman who are both dark skinned probably African ancestry.

Youtube link:

-I advise the lords and other good people that if they are losing their hair it is probably not because of any congenital reason but likely and outcome of being attacked by the swarming microbots that are within all our bodies ie you have been attacked and the SKNF, NUT-1 and FamilyNuts have been testing whether they can attack you. The fact that they have not caused you to be killed is because you have been saved by good people.
When you have the time you need to drink lots of water, have exercise, eat healthily and have someone massage your scalp once a day for at least 2 hours. The hair will grow back after a year. Also good to use Vitamin E suffused message ointment/oil eg coconut oil.
Do not take these signs of attacks on yourselves lightly. It is indicative of deep and widespread rot, disease of corruption and evil that is attacking you and trying to commit atrocity on yourselves.
-We continue to wait and see if the SKNF threat and WW3 will be swept under the carpet and as a consequence whether we will all suffer atrocity and the world end.
-Infant victim of SKNF atrocity in Perth.
Insert in Mazda advert.
Notice how serial killing pervert vermin touches the infants face as if lovingly. Infant had fingers dismember and then screams in pain. Time into advert approx 20s. The serial killing perverts take pleasure in committing evil and atrocity.
Ad name: 2016 Mazda CX-5 Bringing Baby Home TV commercial California


-The world appears to be waiting to see what the outcome of WW3 will be. This is because we do not know what the reason(s) for the delay is regarding the eradication of the SKNF vermin and setting things straight.
Nothing can be done while the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin are around.
The lords' have lost control of their assets and their wealth are constantly being stolen, the state of the world is at greater and greater risk, many good people are in limbo and trapped overseas from their abodes as hostages, many towns have had no help even after suffering atrocity, the SKNF are ever increasing their capacity for atrocity and are in ever heightening readiness to commit atrocity, many people are being terrorized, the economies of the world are almost at full stop etc etc.
The SKNF etc are oscillating in their psychosis at an even greater rate and seem unable to hide behind that mask of sanity because of it. Their lies and tricks are now fully visible to everyone yet the SKNF continue to believe their self importance and self aggrandised cleverness. Their most visible terror weapon at the moment is their mass telepathically induced, every television station and media as well as vermin supported propaganda.

-STEM is a SKNF etc trick to dumb down and impoverish the populace.

-I believe that the lords are preparing their offensive against the SKNF etc. They must do so as the alternative is atrocity on themselves.
The fact that the advanced weapons were not used against the SKNF is final proof of NUT-1's and FamilyNuts' duplicity and complicity in all the atrocities and the mad plan for world destruction, this against everybody and worse still, against the own family.
The SKNF etc contaminant have tried all lies. One of the lies the psychos said was that they could not use the advanced weapons against the SKNF because of corruption in the software rendering this dangerous. This is a lie as new advanced weapons could be mass produced that are not corrupted as mentioned in a previous note.
SKNF are still attacking but hiding these attacks and being very secretive. One gets the feeling that they are waiting for the time when they are free to attack openly and are hedging their bets by appearing as if they are not committing evil in case it goes against them.
-On a lighter note, Fruitcake's constant and psychotic wanking has evolved into including sticking a finger in his bottom and then licking this soiled finger. This was done supposedly because he wants to disgust everyone with the resultant taste and flavour and, as well as, provide evidence that the notorious event where one of his subordinates mixed toothpaste with an accidental turd obtained from an arse fiddling and then swallowed the concoction is also a psyops method of attack.
Fruitcake's evolved wanking now also includes mass turd spread across the building, including the ventilation systems, coupled with peeing everywhere and ejaculating on his colleague's work areas when they are away from work.
The staff are complaining of the smell as well as catching 'flu like symptoms.

-I have been told that the lords' people are being informed of who is SKNF etc. That if this is not being done that one should be extremely cautious as it is indicative of SKNF contamination and control by SKNF psyops vermin. I have also been told that one must not only rely on one form of verification but many to ensure that the information is not coming from the SKNF.
Being good and doing all good things is a defense and method of auditing psyops, other agents etc etc. I have also been told that this is something that the lords people should expect from all the lords people to ensure no contamination by evil.
It is also the only way out of abyss.

-SKNF agents in guise of tourist on tour groups are trying to entice and seduce the populace to travel with the intention of having them trapped overseas. Observed this with Indian and Chinese ethnic SKNF in San Francisco. These SKNF vermin were transmitting by telepathy the impression that they were just a normal tour group. They were also using a large number of them such that it gave the impression that it is totally safe to travel while the reality is that it is not only unsafe but many people are already trapped overseas and being held hostage.

-We should be organizing and implementing everything that needs to be done to straighten the world eg Education, Health, every business, every organization etc. Education needs to collaborate. We need to have the skeleton of the new system and at least 1 curriculum (and actually more) in place, all fully tested within 2 years.
This means that we need to connect up with the lords so that we can exclude the SKNF etc.
We need to give our power to that which is good.
We need to understand what our direction will be.
Devise how we are to get there. Devise what is needed etc etc.
We need to use our telepathy and every other capability to choose our personnel.
We need to finance what we are doing etc etc.
We need to put in every defense against corruption and evil and the likelihood of it rising again.
We need to eradicate all forms of poverty.
We need to begin now.

-Everybody has been told that they need to connect up with the lords so that they know who are the SKNF vermin and give their power to that which is good.
They have been told that this is all the more important now as the world economy has failed and has stopped altogether.
Those that are currently employed and facing unemployment can use their connection to the lords and their own group telepathy to determine if their employer is SKNF etc. If their employer is not SKNF etc then their employer should be asked to connect to the lords so that they can perform the work necessary to ensure the eradication of the SKNF and its future threat. For instance work such as reorganizing and straightening our Education system, skillsfuture etc etc. Every other part of the economy also needs to be worked at. The cost has already been incurred and the remedial work still needs to be done.
The lords are already financing this.
This will ensure that the population is not handed to the SKNF if nothing is done and employers are not able to pay their employees and are laid off.
Employers can now bridge this economic problem by doing other necessary and paid work while waiting for WW3 to end and the economy to straighten out.
The economy will also be stronger if this necessary work is done.
The lords and their agents need to be proactive in getting the population into motion. They cannot wait for the population as it has been shown to be bent also into inaction.
The SKNF etc are also not helping but are trying to ensure that the population stay inactive so that the economy will fall and they become beneficiaries of the evil. The SKNF will then build their telepathic base and steal the encryption that is protecting the advanced weapons from their use.
I hope that the plans for the work that needs to be done have already been devised. This is just another lesson in why it is necessary to always plan ahead and not think that one has sufficient time.
-Fruitcake is using his brain damage as a weapon. He psychosis has resulted in him being permanently very dizzy if not for the support of his subordinates. His subordinates and himself as well as the SKNF at times are now telepathically inducing this dizziness in everybody on the planet or every person that is not a senior person in security and not SKNF etc. Their intention is to cause accidents, atrocity and death.
The lords should be checking whether other people apart from myself and the SKNF etc are suffering this dizziness.
If this is so that it indicates that we are still disorganized, disunited etc.
If we are still disorganized, disunited etc then it indicates SKNF etc corruption and collusion within the lords' defensive ranks.
-We are now going to openly find out whether WW3 and the SKNF threat are going to be swept under the carpet. This is because the remedial action has to be necessarily against the code of stupidity. If we retain the code of stupidity then we know that the world will face atrocity and destruction.
-The lords should be running the remedial work properly, at best pace and not in a mad rush because of an emergency situation.
Work at best pace. For instance, get the old and retired professionals involved as they are very knowledgeable and skilled. Do this instead of putting an unemployed worker because the worker needs a job. However we still need to work at best pace.
-The measure of whether the SKNF etc have been removed from the lords and our security and later after WW3 whether the SKNF etc or its like have been eradicated altogether is whether all good things are being done.
Anything else would be proof of rot and evil.

-"As long as I take you out!": SKNF psychotic words while threatening the destruction of the planet by dropping a large asteroid on it.

-I observed by a successful SKNF telepathic attack on a colleague of mine that we are still disorganized, disunited, inefficient etc.
I continue to observe that the lords' good people are still supporting the SKNF lies and performing SKNF supporting activities under the code of stupidity.
We are now required to prevent a SKNF etc attack that is a planned global poverty by the also SKNF etc planned current global economic failure and thus prevent growing the SKNF etc's ranks. This in turn will result in loss of control over the advanced weapons.
These are three very high priority things that need to be attended to that can be observed publicly. At least two of them have not been attended to and show SKNF etc corruption and collusion within the lords' ranks.
There are probably many more things that need to be done that have not been done due to SKNF etc corruption and collusion.
I wonder why things have not been sorted out before now when we have had more then sufficient time.
This is why I believe that it would show that there is an ulterior motive within the lords if the lords do not take up the solution to the problem of economic failure. The ulterior motive would be that there is duplicity and they using the Take-All-Sides-Trick to hide their complicity in the SKNF etc's global holocaust plan. The SKNF's etc psychotic idea is to then blame the populace for the global holocaust saying that the populace warred against the lords.
For myself, I thought that I would know what the state of things are when the new Presidency occurs in November 2016. If they do not do all good things then it would be indicative of duplicity and a plan to cause global holocaust.
This information will now be known earlier because of the urgency of the problem that is the global economic failure.
For someone like me who is without telepathic support the action or inaction to prevent global poverty will show publicly what the real situation is within 1 1/2 months at most.
Verification of intention is shown by adherence to doing all that is good. Any deviation from this is indicative of SKNF etc (or their like) corruption and collusion. This is why it is such a good defence. The test is not a once off but must occur for all eternity.
One further meaning to this. We are at the last line of defence. If it is true that the corruption within the lords makes it so that NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1, this can only be on account of having control over the advanced weapons, then we are facing global extinction and we must prepare our Kevorkian kits (see this

Something I was reminded off a little before writing this. There is also the highest priority and best solution that is still not being performed. This is the use of the advanced weapons against the SKNF.
The reason this action has not been performed is because of SKNF, FamilyNuts and NUT-1 collusion and corruption within the lords.
And there is no rational excuse that the lords can make for allowing this collusion and corruption to continue to infest their defenses.
The lords' and their people have been and are telepathically superior to the SKNF etc vermin and have been for quite some time. Furthermore the evidential proof of collusion and corruption is overwhelming and certain and, also, has been for quite some time.

-An analogy to where we are in WW3.
We are at the point just before the finishing line, just touching the tape that marks this line.
Anybody that can pull together a team of people will know what the true situation by telepathy. The SKNF etc are unable to block or make lie of their telepathic findings because their telepathy will be supported by the huge number of people globally that are giving their power to that which is good.
For those like me who are unable to pull together a telepathic team, we just have to wait for a sufficient amount of time, the wait time being self chosen. The reason for this is that there is a global economic failure occurring already and if nothing is done or things are being done in the usual SKNF etc parasitic way then this means that the SKNF etc will be able to build a large telepathic resource against the lords who are not SKNF etc. This means that NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1. This can only occur if NUT-1 has control over some of the advanced weapons.
It is impossible for NUT-1 to have full control over all the advanced weapons as we would already be suffering global atrocity.
In my case I see 2 possible endings.
If FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1 then we will see that the SKNF etc and their threat will be resolved logically ie with the advanced weapons and this will happen now or in a very short time. This scenario will mean that we will likely be trying to eradicate all forms of poverty, most importantly the poverty of loss of the planet and atrocity on her people.
The other possible ending is if NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1. This will be indicated by anything else but using the advanced weapons on the human element of the SKNF threat, the illogical and irrational resolution. This scenario means that the planet will not survive for any length of time and we will all suffer atrocity. The manner of what is done will be indicative of the amount of time it does survive before atrocity and destruction. The more SKNF etc leaning the manner the less time until destruction and atrocity.
The lords have had more then sufficient time to do everything that was needed to be done. The lords have more then sufficient information and resources to know who is in the SKNF etc. They will be ready if the scenario is one where FAMILY-1 overrules NUT-1.
-All scenarios ends in global atrocity and destruction in the case where NUT-1 overrules FAMILY-1
For instance if the SKNF etc allow global failure to build its ranks. FAMILY-1 will know that this will result in FAMILY-1 losing control over its advanced weapons. It will take steps to prevent this which will result in the advanced weapons being used and global atrocity and destruction.
-Situation confirmed by lords' good representatives at approx 1230pm 22nd July 2016.

-The chaos that is occurring in the Auckland Region Police buildings with regards to Fruitcake and the Idiot_Sons planting their turds everywhere is an example of what is really happening within the lords' security services and elsewhere including civilian organizations.
Fruitcake etc are now spraying their colleagues and the building with liquidized feces, urine, pathogenic bacteria etc using the ventilation system as the tool and vector. They are placing of urine, other liquidized excrement etc into the ventilation system so that the air-flow within these systems sprays their colleagues, staff and everybody within the buildings. It is also a combination of 2 of Fruitcake's list of 4 hobbies, this being killing and masturbating.
One has to remember that the people being attacked, as well as some being SKNF colleagues of Fruitcake, also probably includes the lords' good people who are in the security services, psyops and are the last line of the lords' defenses. Another sign that things are in a bad way and that the lords' defenses are still disorganized, disunited, inefficient, being attacked without the lords defending them etc.
(25th July 2016: The staff who have suffered from Fruitcake's 'mist of shit' attacks found that their skin was covered with shit and urine. They could visibly see this by simply wiping their face with a white tissue paper.)

-I have been told and it has been confirmed by at least one of the lords' representatives that we will be separated from the SKNF etc in one way or another. That this means the lords will be doing everything possible such that the SKNF vermin will be eradicated and, if not possible then we will not interact or do anything with them at all, as if they had been eradicated.
We will be able to measure the truth of this by observing whether all good things are being done and whether we are being good.
We should also be able to observe the truth of this by what we see in reality. For instance are the lords people being proactive. Are they being protected from SKNF etc attacks (eg psyops and Fruitcake's 'mist of shit' attacks). Are they planning and performing remedial works without the SKNF infecting the organizations involved. Are these remedial works being done properly (eg maximising the returns on investment). Etc etc.
-The lords' people need to be proactive in their security role. They need to ensure that the good parts of the populace can and are connecting up with the lords.
The populace needs to be given the means and the momentum to connect up with the lords.
The resistance to connecting up with the lords is part of the legacy of SKNF evil as well as partially due to our learned behavior. This is being observed in reality.

Continued from yesterdays note regarding Fruitcake's attacks on staff within the Auckland Region Police buildings: The staff who have suffered from Fruitcake's 'mist of shit' attacks found that their skin was covered with shit and urine. They could visibly see this by simply wiping their face with a white tissue paper.

-The only ones with advanced weapons manufacture, command, control, power etc are those at the highest of our social and economic hierarchy.
-Everything that needs to be done has been done already.
If we observe actions that indicate otherwise then it is indicative of SKNF, NUT-1 and FamilyNuts being the majority. This would mean that most or even all of the highest within our social and economic hierarchy are actually insane and that the sane ones, FAMILY-1 may not even be existent.
This would explain why the lords' good people, even those that have historically been seen as so important such that they are protected within the hardest defenses (psyops), are under constant and persistent attack. The new ones are placed in places where they are almost irrelevant to assisting the defense against the SKNF etc. The older ones are harassed continually so that they are unable to assist the defense and are actually being harmed (eg like Fruitcake's mist of shit attacks).
This would also explain why the SKNF etc are being allowed to build an army via the method of economic failure, a SKNF etc scam to blame the populace for global atrocity and destruction.
This would explain all the other things that are not being done to support the good and all the things that are being done to support the evil, this seemingly all that is really being done.
There is no good reason for the delay.
(Approx 0932am 26th July 2016: Many of lords good and most senior representative agree with note}.

-The measure of social and economic position in the hierarchy comes also from being able to protect oneself ie to be at the very top you will certainly have advanced weapons.
-If there is no FAMILY-1 then there is only NUT-1.
This means that we are all going to suffer atrocity already regardless of what we do. This does not appear to be the likely scenario because global atrocity has not happened and NUT-1, like all other serial killing pervert vermin, takes pleasure in committing atrocity.
We will know the true state of things even without telepathy by observing what happens in the very near future, I say at most a month.

-It is probable that the current observed situation is because there is a FAMILY-1 and that NUT-1 has advanced weapons as well.
This means that FAMILY-1 is buying time and NUT-1 has threatened global destruction.

-The lords' people and all good people have agreed that we must separate from the SKNF, NUT-1 and FamilyNuts.
We want to and will separate from the SKNF etc.
We will do all good things.
For instance this means that we will do what we need to do regarding the economy, education etc etc. Organise infrastructure that does not include the SKNF etc, this so that the lords gain back control over their assets as well. We also want and need to be separated from the vermin. We will also unite.
We will head away from this psychotic abyss of atrocity and destruction and make our efforts in the best direction only. This means we will eradicate poverty. Etc etc.
We will not include the SKNF etc.
We require the lords' to give us the means to do so. We will also provide the means where we can.
(27 July 2016 approx 0940am: All of lords highest representatives agree).

-The note dated 27/07/2016-3 is true.

-The Hilary Clinton Democratic nomination speech was crafted by the SKNF etc to demoralize, to diminish the Clinton's and Obama's reputation, to promote Joe Biden the serial killing pervert VP, to give lip service to what needs to be done and continue attacking the Earth, to prepare the way for the theft of all assets starting with that belonging to the lords, atrocity and the destruction of planet Earth...
I was reminded that 'Do all good things' means anything else is a sure indication of corruption, evil and the serial killing pervert vermin.
Again reminded the candidates that the SKNF etc are planning to assassinate anyone of them and put in Joe Biden, Ryan or other variations of this.

-As an example of what the lords are experiencing in regards to their assets.
It was explained to me what I had observed regarding the Lord of SF's priceless antique gun collection and his property here in SF.
The gun collection has been stolen and is used to taunt him. His property has also been stolen and has had its gates taken down, the pathways used as part of the SF road network, the trees cut down and houses built on it. Not to mention laying anti-personnel mines all over the place.

-The SKNF etc are really reacting madly as the pressure increases on them, much in the same manner as Fruitcake.
I am now fairly sure (my working hypothesis is more solid anyway) that what is going on is that there is actually a FAMILY-1.
The delay in eradicating the SKNF is related to the lords shifting their organizations from those which included NUT-1's offensive and defensive weaponry systems to FAMILY-1's systems. This may indicate the way in which global security is organized?
I am also fairly certain that FAMILY-1's overrules NUT-1.
I am waiting for a sufficient amount of time to confirm this due to not having the telepathic capability to confirm these things.

-The situation world wide is very bad.
The SKNF etc are attacking everyone they can especially psyops. For instanceFruitcake and the Idiot_Sons are constantly planting their diarrhea and turds, urinating and ejaculating everywhere in the Auckland Region Police building to the extent that it has become uninhabitable due to the mist of shit and urine as well as pathogens including the turd of death variety. One just needs to hang around a corridor for a short time then run a white Kleenex on their face. Apparently is comes out orangy, yellow ochre.
The global economy is dead. The SKNF etc are trying to build their telepathic ability by using the newly poor and unemployed, the SKNF etc are planting bombs everywhere, the lord have lost control of their assets, people are trapped overseas, towns who have suffered atrocity still require help etc etc.

-I observed the SKNF elements within the MSC shelter working in collusion with other SKNF within psyops and elsewhere testing the lords' telepathic defenses so as to be able to quantify how powerful the lords telepathic defenses are.
They did this by what appears to be standard sized groups being incrementally added to their attacking telepathic groups who were using noise and other attacks on the lords and the lords' people.
We must organize, unite, be made efficient as well as get everyone involved in the defense. We can do this while we are doing the remedial work. We need to be proactive in doing this.

-I thought to begin the final draft of my report but have been unable to as my original notes, as well as first draft of my report (all parts) have been fraudulently changed by the SKNF and filled with SKNF propaganda and nonsense. I will wait until the time when my original notes and other reports are returned to me before I begin. It was funny however to re-read the events around December 2014 when Fruitcake went off and attacked his father. The consequent reaction by
Fruitcake when the memory reiterated was just as hilarious.
-More evidence that the SKNF mentality is not that much different from Fruitcake's. They see nothing wrong with attacking their own families. Their attacks on others are being reflected back on them yet they continue their attacks regardless, all the SKNF not only Fruitcake and the Idiot_Sons. They are also behaving much in the same way Fruitcake does when it rebounds ie blaming the subject of their attacks but continuing to attack anyway.
What is really being observed is the symptoms of their psychosis. This being just another sign that the pressure is really building on the SKNF etc.
-I observe that all the SKNF are on full offensive mode, trying every trick they know, some almost desperately.
I observed a variation of their plan to build their telepathic base using the new unemployed and desperate.
The SKNF are currently targeting those people that do not have a telepathic support group eg loners, orphans, people without family etc. They are trying to fool them into supporting the SKNF, cause them to fall under pressure so that the SKNF can control them etc etc. I mentioned to them to try and connect up to the lords and for the lords people to be proactive in communicating with them.
All of the lords people are under constant attack.
The SKNF etc are using trickery to fool the lords' younger members, especially those in psyops, into supporting the SKNF's activities. The SKNF are lying by saying that the things that are being done poorly, in support of the SKNF, corruptly etc are actually being done as would the lords' will. That these younger members are too inexperienced to tell otherwise, do not know the reason why these corrupt things are being done and hence they only appear corrupt and every other trickery and bullshit that the SKNF etc has commonly used to get away with their corrupt practices.
The lords' people in security were reminded that they are in security and hence need to do all thing that one in security need do. Furthermore they need the tools to perform their work eg the list of SKNF etc vermin so that they do not take orders from the enemy. They need to group for strength, organize, become efficient etc.
If none of these are happening then they need to go to someone senior who is not in the SKNF etc and inform them of the problems directly.
They need to learn from the mistakes made by the lords' in Fruitcake's part of psyops if they do not wish to repeat them.
The lords have already said that all the lords' people must do all good things. Anything else is due to corruption by the serial killing pervert vermin.
-I am quite confident that we will win if we do all good things only.
-More on the evolving nature of Fruitcake's and the Idiot_Sons fiddling: It now has developed into physically wiping their turds on their colleague's work surfaces (eg desks, keyboards, chairs etc) before dumping them in the vents, on the floors, behind doors etc.

-I hope the lords are protecting me with their weaponry. The SKNF are threatening violence every where I go. There is this large Maori guy and a whole bunch of others at MSC South, not to include the bunches of other psychos that cross my path every where I go. I hope they get the electric chair, especially the foreign ones.

-Message from the lords: All the lords and their good people must take the initiative and be proactive. This includes taking personal responsibility for things that are anticipated to be required.
Be good. Do all good things.
-FAMILY-1 and the lords need to concentrate on the primary defenses. The lords good people need to work on everything else.
If we lose the primary defenses that all will be lost to atrocity and destruction. The same but at a lesser pace if we lose everything else that needs to be done. We cannot have the dam break in to many places. Hence take the initiative.

-Some of Fruitcake's Idiot_Sons showing cold like symptoms (runny nose, throat infection). They take anti-biotics continually. Implies that even they are being affected and infected. Must be worse everywhere else. Good lesson. Lesson of the Nutcake.

-SKNF etc offers for truce include taking all of lords assets and paying them off with unauthorized money.

-SKNF etc attention seeking psychosis makes localised spike. In their roughest toughest manner they chant "thats what we are gonna do..." after dropping Onagawa SKNF etc atrocity on my youtube list.
-SKNF continuing to have to get off on recording of their last atrocities. Child victims dying very slowly and suffering tremendous pain. We need to ensure we leave a real deterrent as well.

-Fruitcake's and the Idiot_Sons' expression of two of Fruitcake's favorite hobbies and de_facto job description items, masturbating and killing, in this case using and spreading all expulsions of their feces, urine and semen over everywhere in the Auckland Region Police buildings, has led to a massive epidemic of 'flu like symptoms. SKNF also affected.
Fruitcake and the Idiot_Sons however continue in their new standard of behavior as predicted by everyone.

-Current situation regarding WW3 is that
1. There is a FAMILY-1. This is a precursor to us actually winning.
2. We must be good and do all good things.
3. Repeat of note on 1st August 2016. ie
Message from the lords: All the lords and their good people must take the initiative and be proactive. This includes taking personal responsibility for things that are anticipated to be required.
Be good. Do all good things.
FAMILY-1 and the lords need to concentrate on the primary defenses. The lords good people need to work on everything else.
If we lose the primary defenses that all will be lost to atrocity and destruction. The same but at a lesser pace if we lose everything else that needs to be done. We cannot have the dam break in to many places. Hence take the initiative.
-We will win faster if everyone contributes and pulls their weight. We can lose if we do not pull together.

-For us who are opposing the SKNF etc:
The ball is firstly within FAMILY-1's court and secondly within Family/Lords' court.
The proof of sanity and doing something to extinguish the SKNF threat, resolve WW3 and give us a chance to achieve eternity successfully is whether all good things are being done.
If true then we will win. If not true then we will face atrocity and the destruction of planet Earth.
For instance: We outnumber the SKNF etc at least in a ratio of 1000:1. We can start straightening everything at once. Observing anything else is indicative of corruption and evil.
We are waiting for them to begin the things that need to be doing.

-Whatever is going on has surely caused the SKNF's psychosis to become more agitated. It is like one of those movies where the villain is harmed mortally and screeches obscenities before it dies.
SKNF etc are attacking the lords and everybody else using the weaknesses in our defenses that the SKNF etc themselves had created and devised. They are attacking them using telepathy, trying to deprive them of sleep, attacking them with noise and threats of violence. It is also doing that inane thing where they have something said then imply another meaning that tends to be evil and corrupt and then project their inane and cynical smile behind it. In fact it is using all its bag of tricks and every other way to attack the lords and everybody else.

-SKNF etc Fruitcake similarities also appears to extend to behavior when frustrated.
Fruitcake when frustrated will throw all manner of violence at whatever frustrates him, this incidentally leading up to his significant brain damage from violent head swinging with the intention of telepathically inducing mad head swinging in his victims of telepathic attack.
Similar observation with SKNF etc in SF. My pointing out their serial killing pervert nature in enjoying and wanting more atrocities has led them to simulate and replay recordings of their earlier atrocities as well as reprint them in manuscripts so that they forcibly make me see them and remember them.
Once again proving that Fruitcake's psychosis in not at all different to that exhibited by the rest of the nutters.

-All the lords' good people are asking to be returned to their homes and places of safety immediately.

-There is significant concern amongst the lords' good people about the possibility:
1. That there is no FAMILY-1. That what we are observing is actually a whole bunch of distinct NUT-1s in competition with one another, as well as sharing a similar psychosis ie. destruction of Earth is best, enslavement and rape is the best....
2. That the lords' have sold out as a result of not having a FAMILY-1. Hence the observation that even good people are supporting the SKNF etc lies.
3. That economic pressures and every other trick of evil (eg enslavement, impoverishment) are being put on the population to create a lie that the population is the cause of global holocaust and atrocity to shore up the psychotic plan that is the SKNF conspiracy.
4. That we are being left to suffer atrocity without being given our own abilities to defend ourselves. Many of the lords' people have families with young children. We do not wish to suffer atrocity.
-The lords' good people note that the SKNF etc are allowed to do anything they want and are being rewarded with whatever they wish while the lords' good people are punished, held hostage awaiting atrocity, are and have suffered the worse atrocity and evil in comparison. They wonder if this is indicative of a hidden psychosis that has only just been revealed.
-The lords' good people have reminded that lords' that going with the SKNF is suicide in the worse way and that they should adhere to their fundamentals and support their foundations.
-What we have and also are observing is that the lords' good people in psyops and elsewhere are put under SKNF etc commands that then proceed to harm the lords good people. This appears to be a sideways way of telling the lords good people to do evil without actually telling them directly.

-The SKNF and possibly the lords' have begun tapping the huge potential of evil that has come about from allowing the economic failure to build without any remedy. They are working in every way to try and get these poor to join them.
I have observed this myself.
I also observed directly the mechanism and methods the SKNF use to create this evil and problem to world security.
The Polynesian SKNF serial killing pervert vermin are fishing for new SKNF recruits using their SKNF etc constructed bent and psychotic sense of identity and unity within the enslaved and impoverished Polynesian population.
The African Americans are doing the same but with the sell of the poor African American poor and enslaved becoming wealthy.
These are all part and parcel of the SKNF's local and global intentional build of an army of evil against the good people of Earth.
The poor, now aware of the true nature of what their world experience is and the reason for their poverty and enslavement, appears to be resisting to some extent. However the economic failure is undermining their ability to resist. And the lords, if they are not doing anything about this, and from my own observations I see nothing being done about this, appear to be allowing this to happen.

-In summary.
The test is be good and do all good things.
What is being observed is make it seem that it is good but do otherwise.

-Williams sisters of tennis fame continue to be attacked as the SKNF etc try to drive them out of the game for Serena Williams not taking kindly to the SKNF trying to pimp her in an attempt to show their psychosis disguised as power to me. Their latest show of Fruitcake like behavior during the Olympics tennis.
Other athletes also being attacked in similar ways as the nutters try to terrorize everyone into respecting a bunch of serial killing pervert rapist vermin.

-It appears that the lords are not going to help their good people return to their safe places. This is being indicated by the fact that their good people's request for safe return is not being responded to. "The silence is deafening".
It appears to those that are as blind as I am that all the lords good people are being held hostage while the SKNF etc are the only ones allowed to travel. THis goes with the fact that the SKNF etc are allowed to do all evil and everything else they wish and are rewarded for it.
This may be because that there is no such thing as FAMILY-1 and what we are observing is a result of there being a whole bunch of distinct NUT-1s banging away at each other and everybody else.

-All good things will be done if there is a FAMILY-1.
If there is no FAMILY-1 and thus there being only a whole bunch of distinct NUT-1s banging away at each other and everybody else than the best option is for the lords' to provide everyone of their good people, as well as themselves, Kevorkian kits (see
-NUT-1 has already agreed to the Kevorkian kit.

-Speaking for myself and understanding that I have only my very restricted capabilities that only include what I see in front of my face: Things are very bad.
The lords support the SKNF lies as well as attempt to put their good into things. SKNF being able to do everything to cause evil. etc etc.
The test is whether all good things are done. Not half of the good things. Not one good thing. All good things.

-The SKNF's etc main and secretive focus appears to be specifically on the economic failure and their planned boosting of their telepathic capabilities with newly slaved impoverished.
The SKNF etc are intentionally making it appears that this is nothing special and only part of their general and usual running about and doing and preparing all things evil.

-We need a FAMILY-1 is we are to win.
The SKNF's etc plan if we have only a bunch of NUT-1s is to commit atrocity on everyone in a way surpassing the atrocities in Perth and its surrounding areas.
The SKNF etc are planning to use the newly enslaved impoverished to support their telepathic power.
The SKNF etc plan to commit these mass global atrocities in absolute secrecy unlike their actions over the last 4 years where they were over-confident. The reason is that the SKNF etc were actually winning when no one knew about what was going on and wish to return to that winning state. The recent SKNF etc playback of atrocities as real events will be used by the SKNF etc as cover for when the atrocities actually start.
The SKNF etc are totally and even more prepared with the atrocity teams and plans then they were when I arrived in SF. Perth suffered more then most people know and think.
This is the SKNF etc (the etc means including the NUT-1s and FamilyNuts) primary plan. All other parts of their evil is just harassing, general evil actions and secondary to this plan. Hence explaining why the world's economic collapse continues in exponential rate without remedy.

=It was again revealed that NUT-1s and FamilyNuts have continually deluded themselves as to their safety, this delusion similar to Fruitcake's expressions of psychosis.
The SKNF etc have lined their defenses with traps which NUT-1 and FamilyNuts are unable to disable due to their whole systems being riddled with backdoors and other technological information system mines. It only takes NUT-1 to allow one signal through for the SKNF etc to attempt and have full takeover if they have not done so already.
SKNF etc reaction to this being revealed at my level was similar to Fruitcake's when he is rebuffed by his father [13th August 2016 MC: Apparently called 'adult-swim'].
NUT-1 has been aware of this problem since 2014 and I believe even earlier but psychotically wish to believe that they are in control and that the SKNF etc are not trying to kill them and take over. Another example of similarities and parallels in the SKNF etc psychosis in general.
Indications that whole of SKNF involved in this attack on their head, NUT-1 and secondarily FamilyNuts, is the fact that NUT-1 and FamilyNuts are unable to detect this continuous attempt on their lives telepathically.
This means that the majority of the SKNF and evidentially all of the SKNF are working in collusion against their boss and for quite some time now. Something that NUT-1 and FamilyNuts should have known and probably would know if not for psychosis. This is because everyone told them and showed them clearly.
NUT-1 like the SKNF will rather destroy the whole world and themselves then admit they are wrong. Similar psychosis as SKNF. Clearly exemplified by Fruitcake's very public show. Ask anyone.

-Prediction is that Olympians in Rio Olympics 2016 will be held hostage like all of the lords' good people. They have been informed. SKNF etc playing Take-All-Sides-Tricks, Pass-The-Buck-Tricks and Bugger-Me-While-I-Thank-You-Trick, attempting to fool these new victims into trusting the SKNF especially those within psyops.
Psyops etc would have warned them before they left their respective countries if all was well.
The athletes appear to be being verbally terrorized already by SKNF vermin.

-General sense of things is like the evil is snow-balling and accumulating and that if we don't do something now then it will get out of control and atrocity. Pretty hard to describe the tension and unease sufficiently.

-The SKNF are saying that NUT-1 and the FamilyNuts' telepathic inability is due to us giving our telepathic power to that which is good.
However the truth is that the SKNF are able to see what is going on within the SKNF telepathically, something that FamilyNuts and NUT-1 are unable to do.
This means that (evidentially ALL) the SKNF are withholding their telepathic power from NUT-1 and FamilyNuts.
-The SKNF are also trying to make NUT-1 attack them in retaliation. They are also taunting NUT-1 for the same reason.
The thinking is that trying to make NUT-1 will spring a informational technology trap and cause the advanced weapons to fall into the SKNFs hands.
It is probable that NUT-1 has tried something already which should have resulted in the SKNF getting control of the advanced weapons. However the trap was probably defused beforehand without the SKNF's knowledge.
Strangely this points at there being a FAMILY-1. But then this does not explain why nothing is being done.

-Signs of new SKNF orders to create more evil and chaos. Probably a prelude to their main strategy of using the global economic failure as the starting point to bolster their numbers, crack the encryption, take over the advanced weaponry and the commit mass atrocity like in Perth but at a greater scale.
I can tell that this is true from the size of Fruitcake's constant 'semen encrustation'. The more excited he is the larger this is.
The fact that the supposedly existent FAMILY-1 is allowing this may be indicative that there is no FAMILY-1.
We may then be observing the fabrication of a fraudulent story for the future survivors in which the blame for WW3 is placed on the human population and not the SKNF etc.
The answer to this is yet to be clear to me as I am unable to test the existence of FAMILY-1.
-Lords have been told directly that their primary defense (psyops etc) is under siege and requires immediate help.
We wonder if help will be forthcoming as this message has been passed in everyway, by many people and at many times and yet help has not arrived or when it has the help has been such as being placed in more of the same.
-SKNF after 2 days continue to deprive NUT-1 the use of their telepathic power even after their make believe act of being put out by this revelation. The make believe act being another cover for the primary attack strategy of global impoverishment.

-This is what I believe to be true.
1.There is a FAMILY-1.
This means that we will win.
2.The evil I am observing that is inconsistent with there being a FAMILY-1 is likely due to some part of the picture that I am missing.
-We will be able to tell the truth of this by whether all good things are being done.
For instance:
~a.Are priorities are being met and resolved properly:
Eg. The psyops and rest of the good people are under attack and should and must be made safe.
Currently we observe that even though psyops is the lords' last line of defence they are yet under siege. Likewise all the lords' good people are also under siege. This is a BIG BAD!
~b.The actions of public members of the lords' and FAMILY-1's and their other members of their inner circle must reflect performing all good things.
Eg. Supporting the SKNF etc lies and subterfuge is not all good things.
Eg. Hillary Clinton is already the President.
If she continues to support the SKNF's words and subterfuge then this would mean something is definitely wrong. Hillary Clinton is an good person so the wrong is an indication that she is under duress and that the duress comes from the level of FAMILY-1.
This would point to FAMILY-1 actually being a variant of NUT-1 and there actually is no such thing as a FAMILY-1.
~c.The lords have known about the SKNF etc infestation and the SKNF conspiracy for far too long not to know all there is to know about what is going on.
Therefore if we do not see all good things being done then it is because of duress and there being no FAMILY-1. The lords by definition are not SKNF etc. and hence are sane.
Eg. The economic failure will result in the enslaved impoverished bolstering the ranks of the SKNF.
The lords and FAMILY-1 know this and should have plans in place already as well as doing something about it. Something we are not observing.
For instance: They can destroy the unauthorised money being used to cause massive inflation and resulting deflation with their advanced weapons. Something we are not observing.
Eg. They should have the remedial work that needs to happen already planned out and start implementing it without the SKNF etc being involved. Something we are not observing.
Eg. Communications with the population is necessary. If television is required then FAMILY-1 and the lords have all the means to acquire it. The television stations already belong to them and have been stolen by their (and our) enemies. To give it to them would be a BIG BAD and something we are currently observing.
Eg: We are currently observing the lords allowing their primary defense (psyops) to be attacked and bent to evil when it means that it would result in atrocity on those in their primary defenses and themselves. An obvious indication of psychosis and BAD! Etc etc.
~d.The lords and FAMILY-1 have had more then sufficient time to prepare themselves. They themselves have said so. Even I can see that this is obviously true.
We are however not observing the lords and FAMILY-1 doing all good things.
~e.Indications are that NUT-1 and FamilyNuts have lost control of all of their advanced weaponry and technologies.
This means that the only one with control over the advanced technologies and advanced weaponry is FAMILY-1.
However this is actually trivial as the same actions must be done even if FAMILY-1 and NUT-1 have advanced weaponry ie we will do all good things without consulting NUT-1 and rely on NUT-1's survival instincts in light of their SKNF's accomplices continuous attempts on their lives and how the lords and FAMILY-1 continue to save them to knock some sense into NUT-1.
There is no indication that the SKNF have advanced weaponry control at all.
~e.Indications are that FAMILY-1 has full control over the advanced weaponry.
This means that ultimately the responsibility for doing all good things lies with FAMILY-1 regardless of the lords.
It is logical to want to save oneself from atrocity.
Therefore even if the lords are for whatever (crazy) reason not being responsible then FAMILY-1 will still and must act.
To observe otherwise means that there is no such thing as a FAMILY-1.
-Those with telepathy groups will already know the truth whether a FAMILY-1 exists or not.
-It is possible that the inconsistencies in whether there is a FAMILY-1 or not that we have been observing up to now is the lords getting their defenses and selves together and confirming what has been reported to them about who is in the SKNF etc.
This is however becoming less likely the longer things are allowed to get worse.
-Hillary Clinton has again been told about the SKNF etc plans to assassinate her.
-1107am Confirmed by FAMILY-1's and lords' representatives.

-More on the observations of evil that is inconsistent with there being a FAMILY-1 and probably is related to some part of the picture that I am not able to observe:
~~The lords' assets (for example Alice Smith Schools and all other International Schools in South East Asia and every other private school in the world, the city of San Francisco, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, every other city on Earth and population center etc etc).
The lords' continue to allow their assets to be stolen, mismanaged by the SKNF etc when what we should be observing is the lords taking control of their assets and straightening them out.
Instead what we observed again today and continue to observe is that the lords are allowing the SKNF etc to blame their good people for the problems and attacks on themselves as well as allow the SKNF etc to continue to do all the things that weakened the lords with intent to atrocity in the lords' ignorance of the collusion and extent of corruption by the serial killing pervert rapist vermin.
We observe this happening with all the lords' assets. From the smallest and least inconsequential to the largest.
Actually thinking again. The lords do not have to wait for FAMILY-1 to do many of the things that they need to do anyway. That this observation of evil is actually related somehow to the lords themselves. Lords here means Family/Lords. And also is related to problems within FAMILY-1.
I have and can observe the lords (Family/Lords) directly and I know for sure that they are good. By extension I likewise know FAMILY-1 is also good.
~~WHAT is also true is that FAMILY-1 can stop and resolve the SKNF threat, or at least the first part of it being eradicating the human element of the SKNF threat, right now.
What we are observing is the precise opposite.

-I am now very sure that FAMILY-1 exists. This is the only precursor to us winning.

-Not all the Nut-Lords were taken and held captive by their subordinates in collusion with the SKNF etc elsewhere.
However it is probably true that these Nut-Lords are actually hostages in waiting to be held captive. This is due to the SKNF's etc general tendency to attack their superiors. This fact has been proven evidentially time and again even where NUT-1 is concerned.
Some of these Nut-Lords are Regional Commanders.
The Nut-Lords like every other property owner and other type of owner of real and other valuable property determines who their security personnel and every other personnel are. It is clear that we will not see all good things occurring in the organizations these Nut-Lords own.
The problem is that we are also not seeing all good things occurring within the organizations owned by FAMILY-1 and Family/Lords (whom I have called lords in my lazy way). This is what I cannot understand at the moment and as usual is probably related to something I am unaware off.
It is also true that FAMILY-1 has the means to eradicate the SKNF vermin immediately. I and everyone of the lords' etc good people observe this everyday when they foil the numerous attempts on our lives.
I do not know what the delay is but will probably conclude that should the SKNF vermin not be eradicated by November 2016 when the Presidency of the USA is officially determined then it probably means that there is no real FAMILY-1 and the whole bunch are actually a bunch of NUT-1s. This means that they will psychotically sweep the whole SKNF threat under the carpet and pretend that nothing had happened and nothing will happen.
This is not to say that the USA is the source of the SKNF threat. The SKNF threat is worldwide. The Nut-Lords, NUT-1, FamilyNuts and the SKNF are within all countries on the planet. We can observe proof of this by how every country and regional grouping are not acting against the local SKNF threat. This is contrary to every action they have performed throughout all of history. They have never waited on any other to do anything that is beneficial to themselves.
While I do think that FAMILY-1 does exist my experience tells me to let reality prove it first.
-Recent observation tells me that the implication of the whole bunch being NUT-1s is that we will experience atrocity and then the end of existence in WW3 and not WW4 as I had previously thought more likely.
This came from the fact that the SKNF etc in general are withholding their telepathic support from the NUT-1s as well as the Nut-Lords and intermittently supporting some or the other in some kind of web of psychotic relationships.
This will lead to all the nutters fighting it out. When they fight it out they will throw everything before they die even if it means destroying the planet, other planets, solar system etc.
-The lords people are still under siege, under attack of every sort including attack by advanced weapons such as the swarming microbots attacking us internally, attempts to blind us using x-ray and laser weapons etc etc.

-Some or even up to all of the Regional Commanders are SKNF, NUT-1 or FamilyNuts.
Explains why nothing is being done worldwide when in all other cases they would act independently.
I recall seeing Malay Royal Family members being tortured in Perth when they could have been saved using the advanced weapons of SEA.
I recall the SKNF replaying the weeping of a young girl who was apparently a member of the Malay Royal Family and had tried to return to Malaysia from Perth. She was allowed to sit in the departure lounge until the last moment when the serial killing perverts in their Police uniforms stopped her, at which point she started weeping and crying to be let home. They took her home and then tortured her.
Reminiscent of Princess Diana and the Nepalese Royal Family atrocities.
These are only what we see publicly. The monsters in there have probably caused even more atrocity.
Explains why the rich cower when they should be standing straight.
Explains why the lords good people and new psyops are being put under commands that are controlled by serial killing pervert vermin.
Explains the attacks on the lords' good people.
Use of the Pass-The-Buck-Tricks and Take-All-Sides-Tricks to hide their complicity.
-Had lunch at St. Anthony's. Prior to that was at the Victoria Manolo park. Got to experience how the SKNF manipulate the wealthy. They impoverish parts of their family. Then get them to appear incorrectly behaved in front of the wealthier parts of the family. The SKNF etc then do the Take-All-Sides-Trick like a snake amidst the group acting to poison whatever is said and done. You would think that these wealthy would be conscious of this but the evidence is that they have been continually fooled by this very trick for a very long time. The SKNF even love to pull out the race card when these clans have members from outside the main ethnic group.
I felt like I was sitting next to a large slimy oily but smiling turd that was going on about how rude I am when actually it was the SKNF vermin that was directing the show.

-Evolution of Fruitcake's 'stool milking' and general turd fiddling: He and his team are spreading their turds like Marmite on toast on the walls of the building they are situated within. They are also taking large amounts of laxatives, sitting on their office chairs and allowing the leakage of liquidized stool (ie diarrhea) into the cushions of said office chairs. This on a daily basis.
"The whole building smells like his room..."!

-Lords' defenses still continue to be disorganized and disunited due to being under SKNF etc control. Lords' defense also continues to be attacked constantly and under siege.
-Auckland Region Police buildings ventilation systems are now 'snowing' turd dust as Fruitcake's and his teams feces age and dries and the urine and other fluids that were put with the feces already made windborne.

-It appears that Fruitcake's psyops group are grumbling and 'taking the piss' within their group about how Fruitcake needs to masturbate with their support due to his erectile dysfunction. They are doing this without Fruitcake's knowledge.
Fruitcake, on hearing this, managed to hold back for a day but then went back to having his group support his masturbating again.
This time however the guy doing the masturbating, while the rest of the group transmitted the erection and sensation, was slower and more deliberate and not in a race to get it over and done with as he did not want Fruitcake to be sure that he and the rest of the group had been talking about this very strange, and funny, expression of psychosis.
-Fruitcake's mad head swinging has left a part of one of his vertebrae so damaged that one can see the spinal cord within. He occasionally tosses his head so hard that his autonomous systems are affected to the extent that he finds it difficult to breath as well. Nobody seems to mind however and it does elicit some laughter.

-Things are so bad that nothing is being done about how President Obama and his children are being held hostage in Washington DC. The President had wanted to send his wife and children away to his relatives and parents in Africa but were forced into not doing so.
The President and his family has already been attacked on numerous occasion by the supposed bodyguards. The last time this happen it was very open and clear that they were going to commit atrocity of the President and his family.

-Repeating what was mentioned yesterday:
President Barrack Obama, the President of the United States of America, and his family, which consist of his wife, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, and his two daughters, are currently being held hostage in Washington DC.
They are being held hostage by the SKNF and NUT-1 etc.
These SKNF terrorist include the so called security guards surrounding the President and his family.
The intention of the SKNF etc terrorist is to commit atrocity on the President and his family.
It appears that all the lords' good people are being held hostage.

-Another example of how the SKNF etc pervert and parasitize everything.
The concept of 'sustainability' in business and accounting was raised to take into account the 'going concern' principle.
For instance JIT, TQM, Kaizen, Kanban, 6 sigma, R&D and so on are actually sustainability issues as well as those of environment, community wealth building (relates to how the bread and butter business can be grown to form a business' economic foundations) and many other things.
The SKNF etc then took this requirement and twisted it so that it became difficult and almost impossible to understand and, even more so, to implement even disregarding the contribution of the corruption within organizations in general.
One of the reasons for this was that no one could understand how what was reported as 'sustainability' could be remotely related to the going concern of a company ie how did it relate to the organizations wealth creation and hence prosperity and longevity. For instance, how do I connect environmental concerns to the increase in the value of share holders equity.
This was what the SKNF etc intended and it appears that they have been extremely successful. Look at how the auditors have been accepting assumptions of going concern for every organization in the world. Most of the people are very skillful, professional and good people.
Someone actually had to tell me what sustainability meant before I understood it. It is a very simple thing and is extremely important.
Whenever the SKNF etc metioned sustainability they would always be derisory and contemptuous in their usual way. Their intention being to kill the message, kill the messenger or, even better, kill both the message and messenger.
Some lessons here are not to accept assumptions as the basis for good practice and governance. Things must be shown in reality. And just because someone says something in a derisory way it does not mean that that thing is not good and desirable.

-Observed this morning:
Temptation getting the better of Fruitcake as he gets his subordinates to support a slow paced camouflaged wank even though it really is skimming bumping into the rim of the convention against hemophilia. Went back to sleep.
Lights go on. Wake up for breakfast. I hear Fruitcake say "We are hard men!" as the Harem Bros sniff their anus' in synchrony.
Elicits more laughter.

-It appears that all the lords' good people are being held hostage and that the SKNF etc serial killing pervert vermin's intention is to commit atrocity on them.

-The recommendation to the lords' good people is not to travel as the SKNF etc will hold them hostage outside of their home bases.
The SKNF etc serial killing pervert vermin are trying to have the lords' representatives and other VIP people leave their country of origin on one errand or another with the subterfuge that the errand is important.
The real reason of the errand is to have the lords' representative leave the country and then hold them hostage outside of their country of origin.

-The wholesale hostage taking by the SKNF etc serial killing pervert vermin is also an indicator of their state of readiness and intentions to commit atrocity worldwide on a large and all inclusive scale.
There is no one that can disagree with this assessment now.

-I observed the SKNF serial killing pervert rapist vermin threatening President Obama with violence and atrocity to him and his family at about 0900-1000am this morning.
The SKNF's thuggish and threatening behavior the President is experiencing is like what I experience daily at MSC South homeless shelter in San Francisco by the SKNF vermin there.
The President is no ordinary person but is a representative of the highest in society.
What we are observing is not only a complete disrespect but the SKNF's etc promise of atrocity to come should they win.
The SKNF's promise of atrocity on the President is reminiscent of what the Romanovs, the Russian Royal family, suffered. This was rape of all their daughters followed by atrocity and serial killing and then murder, all while observed by their extended family.

-SKNF etc behavior is like watching a rabid dog covered by a large heavy blanket. You know it is frothing at the mouth but it is being dampened by needing to wait until it finds its way out from under the cover.

-I believe that we are going to win and the SKNF etc routed very soon.

-On a lighter note....Fruitcake, who may or may not be exhibiting an increased level of psychosis as per his usual exponential rate of increase (its hard to say as it's got so bad that the variations in behavior are not as clear anymore), threw his head so hard last night that it felt that his head was going to dislocate itself from his neck. It did prove that there is no such thing as a centrifugal force and it also elicited quite a lot of laughter.

-It appears that Fruitcake's shortness of breath and new symptom of massive damage to his Central Nervous System is far more then it appears.
The only thing holding his vertebrae together is his spinal cord so he finds that he gets a shortness of breath every time he does his mad head tossing thing. There are also other symptoms such as the feeling of being bodily stunned etc.
Some or all of his colleagues also moved away from him but yet he still managed to get their office chairs as well as shat on them early this morning (approx. 3am NZ time). I wonder if they moved far enough away.

-Truth is that if Hilary Clinton takes the Presidency, or even Donald Trump, before the SKNF threat is resolved then it means that we have lost and the world is facing mass atrocity and destruction.
We will know what is going to happen for sure well before the end of November even without telepathy because of the upcoming Presidential election.
The Presidential election is on November 8th 2016, precisely 2 months from now.
The lords are well aware of the threat and could not possibly deny it. The fact that President Obama and his family are held hostage is not only just another reason for this but also it tells them about the atrocity that awaits them if we lose.
President Obama and his family being held hostage is also another proof that the SKNF etc had planned and given no chance for the President to fulfill the most important part of his brief, this being proving the SKNF conspiracy and threat.
We have been fortunate is so many ways. The lords have and are doing all they can. If we do not win this then we were never going to anyway.

-Another reason pointing towards global atrocity and then destruction should there be no FAMILY-1 and only NUT-1s is that the NUT-1s have tied their death to the advanced weapons going off and destroying the world. The only time this trigger can be halted is if NUT-1s halts it.
Consider the craziness of this.
Not only has NUT-1s lost control of their advanced weapons to their SKNF majority but the tendency towards death by murder is extremely high due to their propensity to hire crazies around them and in senior positions too.
There is also the possibility of accidental death which no one can plan for.
-If the Presidential elections happen without the SKNF threat being resolved and should Hilary Clinton be one of the candidates then it means that she is doing so under duress and with a gun pointed to her head. The same goes for Donald Trump.
-There is no law or economy at present and should there be no FAMILY-1 then the mirage of there being a law or economy is actually a symptom and expression of the SKNF etc's psychosis.
The SKNF etc act like Fruitcake when confronted with this 'reality dissonance and dysfunction' in that they will point somewhere else much in the same way Fruitcake will point at me when confronted with the reality of his psychosis.
Fruitcake's psychosis is undeniable even to him as it is obvious due to the fact of his self inflicted and now very asymmetrical, bloated and swollen head and neck.

-We were told that the reason(s) given by FAMILY-1's defenses regarding the delay in performing their orders to resolve the SKNF threat is not credible at all as the amount of time taken is beyond the realms of credibility.
I myself heard this or last week sometime.
FAMILY-1, should it exist, has had more then sufficient time to rectify this properly.

-SKNF floating what happened to Michelle Beh when the serial killing perverts committed the atrocities on her and her family. The floating is over a SKNF directed Singapore made short film supposedly from SOTA Singapore whose purpose is to also show the same. The purpose of this part of this short film is also the SKNF etc serial killing pervert vermin's way of taunting those good people within the lords' defenses with the atrocities and evil committed on their families.

Original Youtube link is
Short film title: Take 1 Short Films by SOTA's Graduating Film Cohort of 2013
The insert was at 57 to 1 min 4 seconds into vid at the time of writing this .
It appears that the serial killing pervert vermin knocked on her door and when she opened it they punched her in the face. She then appears to have turned towards them in tears and realized what was about to happen.
I hope they have chosen to send these vermin to Singapore for a hanging.

-Observation: Good looking female musicians being typecasted by SKNF etc to only sing love songs.
Hypothesis: I suspect this particular SKNF etc psychosis comes from the wealthy ones in the SKNF etc being brought up in homes with many expensive bits of furniture and ornaments and being scolded and whipped for breaking them by their parents. Hence the SKNF etc when they get older combine their sexual dysfunction with needing to place things in a precise psychotic order.
A good parent would understand that children need a safe home and make that home safe. It is called using you brains.

-Fruitcake and his team are now defecating and soiling their ex-colleagues new place that they moved to so that they are not snowed and rained on by feces and other poisons.
Fruitcake etc are leaking into their ex-colleagues office chairs and rubbing turds all over their work surfaces, fittings, doors etc so that these ex-colleagues become secretly soiled and then become sick when they ingest Fruitcake etc's feces and other poisons including 'turd of death' pathogens.
It is not accidental that the supposed resolution to Fruitcake etc's attacks is not working as this is just another example of a the SKNF etc working in collusion as part of an attack.

-Family/Lords openly asks the highest in the human social heap and the ones with full control over advanced weaponry to make a final decision on which direction it wants to take.
I expect this group will be FAMILY-1 as it would explain all I am observing.
However it could also be a part of NUT-1 as my belief that this is FAMILY-1 is yet to be confirmed in reality. My uncertainty is due to my context and specific perspective, very low down in hierarchy and in not being able to verify what I am thinking with other good people.
-There appears to be one group only with full control over advanced weaponry.

-Fruitcake and the Harem Boys continue to enjoy their fecal fiddling, eating and other sexual unusualness.

-Family/Lords' and FAMILY-1's (should it exist) representatives all say that those highest in our economic, social, and every other hierarchy, those that have full control of the advanced weaponry, will make a final decision on what action to perform with respect to resolving the SKNF threat ie the situation being the reality of the SKNF threat, the depth and widespread corruption and collusion and its plans for evil, atrocity and ultimately global destruction.
-With respect to myself, I think that we will see the results of this decision within a month and at most by the 10th of October 2016.
The lords' defences should be all ready and there is no reason for a time delay due to there being no requirement to get ready logistically or for any other reason.
I personally observed Family/Lords and FAMILY-1 and their representatives agree that this is the case.
-If we do not see anything happening then it means that there is no FAMILY-1. In that case it means that there is one of two possibilities occurring.
1.Family/Lords' are arming the non-SKNF with Kevorkian kits (see earlier notes and this: with the intention of taking out the SKNF to provide the world at least some chance of survival no matter how slight.
2.We have not been given any way of fighting against the SKNF and are to suffer their atrocities on ourselves. This means that we have to find our own Keverkian kit (see earlier notes and this: This option has no chance of global survival.
In both cases the probability of global survival is almost null.

-SKNF etc continuing in their crazy plans regardless of circumstance. They are reporting in all media cum propaganda machines that Hilary Clinton is suffering from pneumonia. The probability is that they will report Hilary Clinton as having died or incapacitated in some way. And in true Take-All-Sides-Trick will also blame Hilary for not wanting to take the Presidency even though the world knows that it is actually a trap to assassinate her and then put a SKNF nutter in the President's office.
This is indicative of a similar psychosis that Serial Killer and Fruitcake etc exhibit in publicly and which is known by everybody globally.
The psychosis is this: When crazy nutter gets something into their heads they will continue to pursue it regardless of reality. This is shown by how the SKNF etc love scheming even though, when analysed closely, the reason for whatever complex scheme they come up with is due to some expression of psychosis and a need to seem smarter in front of their colleagues.
What we are thus observing is the SKNF etc preparing the ground to implement the SKNF conspiracy even though everyone on Earth knows about it and acknowledges that it is real. It appears that the SKNF etc still want to destroy the Earth and blame it all on the USA.
The probable method that the SKNF etc will employ is to fraudulently put one of the SKNF in as President and then get this nutter to make believe a call for war on the rest of the world with the rest of the SKNF etc worldwide playing along in collusion. I observe that they are prepping Joe Biden the serial killing pervert vermin and I wonder if he will be nominated for this role. The whole SKNF have actually been sacked and do not hold any office as well.
Meanwhile Fruitcake has been testing his anti-personnel mini-mines in the Auckland Region Police buildings. He let off a toxic gas mini-mine in what I believe to be the new offices for the lords' psyops defence. They were moved from their old offices because Fruitcake etc was defacating all over it and soiling it in entirety. Fruitcake also continues to soil these new offices as well. It appears that these new offices were selected in collusion with the other SKNF so that the lords good people (I think as unable to verify) can continue to be attacked and be put under siege.

Fruitcake gets a new 'Also Known As (Aka)' name. New Aka being 'Yeast Flakes'.
This has come about because his abuse and overuse of antibiotics has caused an imbalance in his gut. This imbalance has resulted in what seems like a rectal thrush infection. A symptom of this is an odor of yeast flakes and sweaty rubber gloves. His breath, nose and throat has the sense of this same odors and flavors.
This has come about from his anal fiddling and tendency to lick and consume the feces off his fingers.
This too elicits laughter.

-Serial killing pervert vermin in Police cum Emergency services blue attempt to do one of those serial killing pervert vermin things on me last night.
They appear secretly very late at night and early in the morning when few are awake, fully dressed in their bullet proof blue uniforms. They then take you away under the guise of official duty and then start performing a serial killing on you.
This reminiscent of them coming to your home, knocking on the door to be let in with their team of serial killing pervert vermin wearing their Police uniforms with full bullet proofing where they then have you in conversation while they take your children out the back to perform a serial killing. This begins with what they think would be most horrific when you walk in to check on your children. I observed that they liked performing a scalping while holding the child's mouth shut, almost suffocating them.
Please remember my request to have a number of those sent to Malaysia for a hanging with the exception of Yeast Flakes.

FAMILY-1, Family/Lords and other independently wealthy are being ripped off by the SKNF etc again but this time due to their own mismanagement and not having their 'head screwed on properly'.
The SKNF etc are using the funds from whatever contract it was that these independently wealthy signed in order to finance the defence against the SKNF etc and the SKNF threat. See Fruitcake and the Harem Boys, the shitting all over the Auckland Region Police buildings, the rental of a new building and the subsequent continuation of the same defecating all over this new building and how this was planned and happened in collusion with the rest of the SKNF etc corruption so that the people affected continue to be under siege as a real life in-your-face example of what is going on everywhere. And the people that arranged the rental of this new building are not even officers of the organization but had been sacked for being terrorists.
This means that the SKNF etc have placed their own people within the funding structures in their corrupt and collusive way and are robbing these independently wealthy people and with these independently wealthy people's apparent consent.
These independently wealthy people need to take immediate control of the situation.
They also need to apply the appropriate actions according to the REAL context and not some read abstraction eg do not flap lips and say competition is required but come up with a REAL solution that completely addresses the problems. Collaborate!

-I had thought that I would leave out writing about all of Fruitcake's expressions of psychosis and leave the visual and actual recorded evidence to speak for itself, much like a programmatic 'easter egg'. Some of these expressions of psychosis are worth reporting however as it points to what happens if you leave that psychosis to develop and grow without hospitalization, management and control.
So. Fruitcake took a large amount of laxative this morning purportedly to try and get me to defecate in sympathy. He then began his usual exercise of defecating on his office chair. The soiling was expectedly large. He then wiped himself as best he could with some towels which he proceeded to hand to his subordinates who then went off and wiped the feces on their colleague's work surfaces. However Fruitcake, instead of then cleaning himself off by showering, continued to sit in his chair even up to the time of writing this note. He will probably continue to sit in his feces until late tonight when his colleagues return home. That will make it about 21 hours the time he will spend wallowing in his own feces.
He is becoming even crazier.

-Observation: If you eat your turds like the Harem Boys do you will end up with breath that smells like your anus. This is probably due to micro-biota from your gut forming successful colonies in your mouth. Fruitcake is also enjoying something similar except it is mostly gut yeast.

-SKNF etc psyops and others high in their imaginary hierarchy acting more and more like Fruitcake during his frustration fits, this related to his violent and psychotic childhood to adulthood psychological development. Their attempts at trying to annoy includes making their subordinates do makework such as trying to annoy me, walking by me, and basically crowding me in ways that they do with the wealthy.
It seems to be their only option to get attention so they do just that. The trick is to ignore them which results in them getting even more frustrated :D .
The other thing they do is to construct a 'gospelized' model from whatever you are doing and then reason it as to why the world thinks they are a bunch of serial killing perverts in the sense that the world has been hypnotized by this behavior and hence are incorrect in believing the SKNF etc are just a bunch of serial killing rapist pervert vermin.

Fruitcake decided that he needed to show more dominance in his team, be fair to the younger ones of his team that he use to support his erection and not make it appear as if he had a specific sexual interest in the younger ones that support this unusual sexual behavior as well. He has thus had his team take turns in supporting his uncontrollable urge to masturbate.
The older Harem Boys have however retaliated by inducing a sense of disgust, homosexual perversion and even aggression to deter and dissuade him from using them as 'mildos' (monosexual dildos).
The Harem Boys have also been informing their fathers as well as leaking this intel so that it helps dissuade Fruitcake.
Fruitcake is also attacking everyone with sleep deprivation attacks. This aimed primarily at his grandparents as he tries to hurry their death from old age so that he can inherit their estate.

-It is clear that the SKNF specifically will not win WW3 as there is too much and too many arrayed against them.

-President Obama and his family continue to be held hostage by the SKNF etc. The SKNF etc are also using the President's message as a way to hide their plans for global atrocity and destruction. Latest example being reported as the President's last message to the UN:

>Youtube =
Title ~ Watch President Obama give his final speech at United Nations
Dated ~ 20th September 2016
Link ~

-SKNF serial killing rapist pervert vermin indicating that they are in full ready mode and now doing all out attack, especially inducing telepathically that the SKNF etc are our friends and are not about to commit atrocity on the rest of the world.
Fruitcake's interpretation of this SKNF order and strategy resulting in continuation of his usual psychotic behavior. The funny of this being Fruitcake believes that having his subordinates masturbate and support his sexual needs even earlier in the day and for longer will disprove his turning his subordinates into mildos (monosexual dildos).

-SKNF etc now very open about their divisive tactics and other mantras and intentionally nonsensical bullshit dogma.

Fruitcake defecated and then proceeded to sit on his office chair for hours on end again. He then followed this up with a bout of mildo supported wanking which left another layer of semen encrustation added to that formed from wanks previous to his latest need for chair crapping.
He then decided to try and kill one of his subordinates. I believe this subordinate to be the youngest one who he had previously been his favorite mildo before deciding that it was skating too close to the edge of the convention against hemophilia and had then set up a roster so that all of his subordinates could take part in supporting this hobby and defacto job item.
This subordinate incidentally is, and was, suffering from 'flu like symptoms which include fever, fever shakes, very distended lymph nodes etc obtained from consuming his own feces. This was as a result of a probably subconscious sexual desire that is guised as an attack method by Fruitcake's team, its intention to annoy by sniffing their anus after having defecated in their office chairs.
Fruitcake's method of attack on this subordinate was to cause himself to sneeze using chemical means and then have the feces bacteria forced into his subordinate's eyes via lachrymal and other ducts as the subordinate would also be telepathically induced to sneeze as well. Fruitcake's intention was to blind his subordinate using feces bacteria and other gut microbiota. I do not think it is because of the Harem Boy's earlier action attacking Fruitcake that Fruitcake attacked this subordinate in particular. I think the reason is related to the psychosomatic complex that has a sexual component that was last seen when Fruitcake took a part in incapacitating and taking out Strutter Nutter.
This subordinate then began to complain that his symptoms of disease were getting worse and that he needed to go to a doctor. Fruitcake responded by saying that this subordinate was not allowed to and should he decide to do so then was not to return and was to be hit with poison gas attacks similar to that which incapacitated Strutter Nutter. Fruitcake then prescribed and gave this subordinate the same type of antibiotics that Fruitcake is continuously taking and that was prescribed a while ago for either his rotting teeth or some other self inflicted illness.
Fruitcake then started letting off poison gas anti-personnel mines in Strutter Nutter's computer room using it as a poison gas repository. He then used the ventilation system to suck the gas suspended in this room's air and had that poison gas pumped out into other parts of the Auckland Region Police buildings, probably where other staff work. These staff members were told about this this morning and yesterday afternoon.
He also snorted a whole lot of coke prior to this attack. Something which he does when he wants to 'be in the mood' for evil, an action that is almost redundant with him as he is an extremely heavy user of cocaine and a fat arsed drug addict to boot. This in turn probably his interpretation of another general call for the SKNF to start attacking everyone.
Like a ticking timebomb Fruitcake was seen mucking about with his computer based virtual switches which are programmatically linked to methods of electronic attack (swarming microbots cutting and dicing, bombs etc) somewhat like he is having another of his psychotic episodes and is itching to use a weapon. This was some days prior to his cocaine overload followed by the chair shitting/sitting, the crazy attack on his subordinate and finally the poison gassing yesterday.

-The evidence is that we are actually going to win even though the SKNF etc are trying all means to say that there are only NUT-1s and no FAMILY-1.
The SKNF etc is also using massive telepathic propaganda as a means to demoralize the lords good people.

-Fruitcake etc continuing to use Strutter Nutter's room as a poison gas holding tank and then pumping concentrated poison gas suspended in the room's air into other parts of Auckland Region Police buildings. This now appears to be Fruitcake's new level and standard of psychotic expression. This and trying to kill his subordinates by having them consume their own feces after fecal fiddling.

-I was advised that lords, property holders, Government, FAMILY-1 wish and have as requirement that all organizations are operated with the intention that it becomes and is perfect and excellent eg. autonomously continuously improving, will last into eternity, no corruption, all things done well, increasingly wealthy etc etc as one would expect. Any other action is indicative of corruption.
From my perspective it is nice and good to have this confirmed explicitly. We need this to be clearly stated even though it may seem superfluous.

-Confirmed very early this morning (approx. 1am??) that if the SKNF threat is not resolved by 10th October 2016 then there is no FAMILY-1 and the world is ruled by a bunch of NUT-1s only.
Advised that in case of worse case scenario to become invisible and bow really low as well as get a Kevorkian kit for every member of your family and for every body else bar the SKNF etc (see

-Fruitcake etc definitely has leaped to a new level of craziness. Expect bombs, causing flight, attacks with swarming microbots against all those unprotected from him starting with those that are physically at the shortest distance from Fruitcake (including himself).
Also three of the Harem Boys are now down with severe 'flu like symptoms and diarrhea due to eating their own poos. Fruitcake is immune however due to his antibiotic abuse.

-I am quite sure that we will win. All indications pointing in that direction. All indications also pointing to this being mostly attributable to extremely good fortune. This in itself should direct one to consider the possibility of the existence of a supreme being that is colloquially known as God.

The fact that we are saving the world by giving our power to that which is good using the telepathic multi-tasking method again provides more proof that doing good creates more good and increases ones wealth.

-The SKNF directive to attack has now led Fruitcake etc to attack their colleagues (but supposedly only the SKNF etc's enemies) even during work hours, whereas these attacks were usually being done when their colleagues were not at work eg hidden poison needles etc.
Fruitcake again filled Strutter Nutter's room with poison gas and then tried to pump it out via the ventilation system onto his colleagues but this time during work hours.
He the strangely also laid a large turd and sat on it at the same time, the turd looking like a part of an I-beam as it compressed between his arse cheeks.
Also indicative of SKNF activity everywhere else.

-THe SKNF are really working on the minds of all those with advanced weapons including FAMILY-1, Family/Lords, NUT-1, FamilyNuts, Family and other lords. The SKNF are telepathically inducing in them the belief that the SKNF are actually their best friends and allies and to be trusted. This telepathic induction is powerful and able to cause belief because of the corruption and collusion that has resulted in the lords' defenses being uncoordinated.
The only way to prevent being a puppet is to follow a good path ie being good and doing all good things.

-Thinking is a conscious action. Ideas that pop into your head when you are not thinking about a thing comes from somewhere else.
This does not say that the thoughts you think when thinking can not come from somebody else.
To think you need to think.
Take all things into account in your thinking. If it does not all add up then you are missing some part of the context. For instance the fact that after 50 years we are still not able to solve the problem of organisms dying when going faster then light for any length of time even though we have gone from sailing boats to flying saucers in 70 years.

-We will need to help the other fauna survive and develop their societies when we begin reestablishing the ecosystem.

-Our recommendation is to assist those in the most dangerous places to move to places less dangerous without penalty to their estate ie without stealing from them and having these assets taken. This can be done in a number of very good ways. The lords have said that they need time for the economy to adjust and have agreed that we can help the economy adjust. This should be one of those things that is covered by this.

-Fruitcake is attacking the lords' people by starting and causing fires within the buildings that house these people. He is trying to kill them by having the building put on fire using mini-mine incendiaries.
He is also using 'turd of death', other poisons and other weapons to attack lords' people.
SKNF etc doing likewise worldwide.

-Advice to people who are in dangerous places (eg Perth and surrounding areas) is to relocate to safer regions of the country until things become safer.

-Malaysia has lost out on a great opportunity to take up Singapore's education spill over. Once again proving that there is never enough time to waste it. As ASEAN we should not have our students running overseas for an education.

-Indications are that there are NUT-1s ie those at the highest of all levels and therefore with access to advanced weapons.
I am now waiting for evidence that there are FAMILY-1s. I expect this to be true based on what is happening in front of me ie we are being saved from global atrocity even though NUT-1s have all they need to be able to differentiate the SKNF, ourselves and themselves including FamilyNuts.
-Many of the NUT-1s have been relegated to FamilyNuts status because they have lost all control of their advanced weaponry to the SKNF and probably also to the incumbent FamilyNuts.
I was told that the SKNF have corrupted NUT-1's gravity based multi and parallel super-hard encryption systems. It was only today that NUT-1 discovered this as it was told to me first and I mentioned it openly. The SKNF then went into damage control mode as this is contrary to their telepathic induction of well being and SKNF being friends attack on NUT-1.
Apparently NUT-1 is also unable to detect this corruption and lost of control electronically after checking and fixing. Appears that they have lost everything as predicted by their path.
-Everybody from lowest to highest in wealth hierarchy confirmed that we must do all good things to escape the danger that we are in and must do this for all eternity.
As mentioned earlier everybody wants and wills to be separated in one way or another from the SKNF etc.
This is one of the ways in which we will know whether there is a FAMILY-1. The other ways is that all good things are being done.
This is also FAMILY-1's etc only possible defense and chance of survival.

-This appears to be the current situation:
FAMILY-1 probably does exist. Repeating again, in order to be the highest of the wealth hierarchy you must have advanced weaponry. FAMILY-1 therefore must have advanced weaponry.
NUT-1 does exist for sure. It also has advanced weaponry.
FAMILY-1's only option to ensure their survival is to be good and do all good things. Therefore our proof that FAMILY-1 does exist is the fact that we will see all good thing happening now.
For instance, all the things that need to be done in Education will be done. The populace who are not SKNF etc will be organized, coordinated, the poor and the poverty problem will be straightened out and so on. This will happen regardless even when NUT-1 tries to prevent this and continue on their crazy path to global atrocity and destruction.
The SKNF etc, including NUT-1 are working towards gaining telepathic superiority by using the global economic collapse to bolster their telepathic numbers with the intention of global atrocity and destruction. Therefore FAMILY-1's defensive actions is necessary now and any other thing observed will indicate that there is no such thing as FAMILY-1.
Indications are that all of NUT-1 are under attack by their own subordinates, including FamilyNuts and of course the SKNF.
The latest revealed proof of this was the revelation that some of the NUT-1's most important super hard encryption systems had been tampered with and these NUT-1s were unable to discover this as well as the fact that the encryption system continued to be corrupted even after these these NUT-1s thought they had fixed the problem.
Furthermore only some of the remaining NUT-1s were told of this attack but only after the fact. This indicating that the machinery that had been corrupted was part of a collusive incremental test on whether the corruption and take over of these systems was successful.
The SKNF etc are playing a Take-All-Sides-Trick. The remaining NUT-1s that supposedly did not suffer attacks on their systems have actually surrounded themselves with SKNF etc whose intent is to take over their offensive and defensive weaponry but who are playing loyal subordinates while they work out how to do so.
NUT-1 has known this since at least 2014 but continues to try and cause global atrocity, kill FAMILY-1 and all the other good people who are actually also the only protection NUT-1 has against this internal threat.
The reason for this is because NUT-1 is crazy like the rest of the SKNF and FamilyNuts.
NUT-1 acts like Fruitcake when this threat is pointed out to them and behaves by redirecting attention to anything else but the actual danger and then continues on its crazy path.
FAMILY-1 knows this and is probably trying to manage this craziness and this is probably why we see things as we do right now.
NUT-1 like Fruitcake will be scheming and will also exhibit the same survival behavior as Fruitcake also does. This means that FAMILY-1 will realize this and will go ahead with its only option for survival regardless of any of NUT-1's threats of global extinction events. How this plays out though is unknown as it may mean, in the worse case scenario, this may mean that the SKNF will be kept around but the rest of us will be given the means to identify them and totally disassociate from them in one way or another as we have requested already.
If FAMILY-1 does exist as indicated by everything I see up to now and which I expect to be true then they will manage NUT-1 which will remain alive. We have requested that the SKNF be executed if possible.

-Should FAMILY-1 not exist, an impossibly small probability from my perspective, then all that remains is that the world has only NUT-1. This will mean that we have only the possibility that we organize ourselves and rid the world of the SKNF and then NUT-1 kill us. This scenario is likely to end in global destruction. And if this does not happen then we are just awaiting atrocity on ourselves and global destruction afterwards.

The notes above were confirmed by lords' highest representatives few minutes after writing.

-From my perspective and being unable to use a telepathic group for verification and discovery of the actual situation the evidence indicates:
There is a small but increasing possibility that there is no FAMILY-1 and that all at the highest of our wealth are NUT-1s. This possibility comes about from observing that all good things are NOT being done even though there is no reason for why it is not being done.
Recent information indicates that the option of us organizing then sacrificing good people to destroy the SKNF only is not viable and NOT a good option and the wrong choice of option.
The only possible, viable and good option is to be good and do all good things.
The priority for these actions are:
1.Prioritizing what needs to be done being the first good thing that needs to be done.
2.Give your telepathic power to that which is good. This is powerful and the best option in all cases. For instance, the SKNF etc want and try to use the good people to support their telepathy. However should the good people do something bad then they do not benefit from the telepathic power that is given to that which is good. This has been proven already.
3.Organize yourselves and group under the lords and with good people. This can be done without someone to organize you.
4.Coordinate and organize action to do all good things.
5.Get to your places that will provide the most safety and reduce the immediate risk.
-The recent revelation that NUT-1s has now been relegated to at least FamilyNuts status and probably to having no power at all indicates that organizing ourselves under NUT-1s to destroy the SKNF is the wrong option. The only option for us is to be good and do all good things.

-Fruitcake etc are now letting off poison mini-mines, attacking with turd of death and other poisons as well as putting in explosive and other mines in all other parts of the Auckland Region Police buildings as well as everywhere else. They have advanced from merely filling Strutter Nutter's room with gas and pumping it into the other rooms and places. The vents etc are heavily mined, the floors, homes, cars and every other place.
I hear that the same is going on worldwide especially directed and attacking the lords' psyops defense.

-The lords confirmed within my hearing that the only possible option in resolving the SKNF etc threat is to be good and do all good things.

-Above note was confirmed immediately (approx. 10:34am 3rd October 2016 SF time) by FAMILY-1 if FAMILY-1 exists.
I note again that by my definition FAMILY-1 must have advanced weapons to be called FAMILY-1. Otherwise it is relegated to the status of, and defined as, Family/Lords.

Fruitcake has now got to another level of craziness. He is constantly tasting his yeast infected anus (going 'downtown' in monosexual parlance).

-I think what is going on is that some of those at the highest levels have been proven to be crazy and there is now general acceptance that they are classified as NUT-1s. These people are in truth now classified as FamilyNuts as they have lost control of their advanced weapons to the SKNF and the incumbent FamilyNuts. Actually if not for the lords etc they would have fallen even further and ultimately to atrocity already.
The incumbent FamilyNuts are those that are not as wealthy as NUT-1 but are still members of Family.
Although all indications are that FAMILY-1 does exist this is yet to be proven clearly and completely. For the existence of FAMILY-1 to be proven clearly and completely we would need to publicly observe all good things being done.

-SKNF etc order all their people to concentrate their attacks on lords' encryption protecting lords' defenses from being taken over by SKNF etc. SKNF etc at maximum pressure on poor.
Lords must do all good things and look after the poor.
Do not fall this close to victory.

-SKNF reveal that the technology for faster then light travel exists. However not safe for living organisms. Reason why they did this is their usual, and now desperate, subterfuge and bullshit of trying to protect secrets and hence the reason for their evil.
As an aside, solution to problem is for lords to maximize their expanded brain size by doing all good things see: and

-The good population who are not the lords' or FAMILY-1 or other wealthy are indicating that while they are resisting the SKNF etc, they are also not contributing by giving their power to that which is good nor are doing all good things.
The reason for this is that they are also the sum of their experiences as well as being under huge pressure from the SKNF etc. The only time that they will do all good things as well as give their power to that which is good is when the lords' begin to support them.
Even if there is no FAMILY-1 the lords need to do all good things. This applies to FAMILY-1 if they exist as well. It also applies to everyone else but everyone else need the lords' support before this can happen.
There is only one possible action for the lords, FAMILY-1 and everyone else in all scenarios. This action is to be good and do all good things.
For instance, the lords have to support everybody below them properly and this will enable the population to support the lords, this even if there is no FAMILY-1. The reason for this is that the good are the only ones holding the world together and preventing the SKNF etc from committing global atrocity and global destruction and even on their superiors. This was recently proven again to NUT-1, and soon again to FamilyNuts, and everyone else when the SKNF took control away from NUT-1.
NUT-1 will continue to act like Serial Killer did and ignore the facts of their lives and continue to scheme and bluster against the good people. This is all bluff and we can rely on their well developed survival instincts to go with the good anyway. This behavior is observable in all the SKNF etc and is especially observable in Fruitcake.
-The lords' people overseas again reiterated their desire and want to return to their homes and place of safety. We know we are being held hostage.

-We will know if FAMILY-1 does exists if all good things are being done. We will know if the lords are completely sane if all good things are being done even if it is proven that FAMILY-1 does not exist, the actions performed will reflect the scenario.

-The upcoming Presidential election will be an interesting and important public window into the actual state of things but will not give a complete knowledge of everything.
If Hilary Clinton or even Donald Trump are in the election without all good things being done already then it means that FAMILY-1 does not exist and the lords are also not completely sane nor are being honest with themselves with regards to the actual situation and context.
The implication of this is that the population of the world awaits global atrocity and then global destruction. The population of the world has also proven that it is the sum of its experiences and will not do all good things until it is absolutely clear to them that the path to this is provided and that they are being helped towards it.

All Education literature needs to confirm ALL reported physical constants and specify exactly the precise range of states and conditions where they are true.
:For instance the velocity of light (c) may only be true when measured in low to high gravity fields but may not be true in very strong gravity fields and if the vector of travel is parallel to the radius of the gravity source. See redshift observation resulting from EM wave travelling away from strong gravity fields.

-Situation, context and only possible action as stated by notes above almost immediately confirmed by lords' and FAMILY-1's highest representatives (approximately 0955am 6th October 2016 SF time).

Youtube link:
Youtube title: President Obama delivers a Statement on the Paris Agreement. link on 6th October 2016:

Youtube link:
Youtube title: Joint press conference at Hyderabad Hotel New Delhi, India
Prime Ministers Office Singapore ( link:

-To my employers, my family and the wealthy: PLEASE READ
This is an example of the attacks on yourselves that those of you that are the wealthiest are actually paying for. In effect you are paying the SKNF etc to attack you and use your resources to build weapons against yourselves. And this because you became too used to people trying to kill you and were NOT conscious or mindful. You need to learn from your mistakes.
This is only an example and the virtual particle on top of the Jupiter sized proverbial iceberg of the endless number of attacks against yourselves.
The science fiction author Neal Stephenson wrote the Diamond Age (see sometime between 1995 and 1997. As is sometimes the case, the secret service uses these books as a method for communicating to all of their members.
In this case it turns out that this book is a secretly publicised SKNF etc plan, publicized to the SKNF vermin so that everyone of them will corruptly collude and cause the plan to succeed.
This plan was in place 5 years before I had even thought of leaving NZ. At least 7 years before I met my wife and 9 years before I even knew about telepathy and or even knew about Serial Killer and Fruitcake as well as what they represented.
The SKNF had had my wife take me to see Fruitcake during 2000 to 2003 where he gave me a sneering once over.
The plan was to primarily subvert the lords' business in NZ, Singapore and Malaysia and make it also become a weapon against the lords of these regions.
As well the plan also includes a subplan to attack and impoverish the Chin family of Malaysia
As well the plan also includes a subplan to attack and impoverish the Lee family of Singapore and Malaysia.
As well the plan also includes provisions to have my wife brutalized and beaten, my wife murdered, have my son become a uneducated street kid and SKNF vermin or zombie, kill my son for being irrelevant now that my wife was to be used for something else and to isolate my daughter, my sons murder to be done electronically with the death given the semblance of emphysema and the death blamed on my wife's smoking habit, rape my daughter and then turn her into a prostitute. My daughter would then become a slave of the serial killing pervert vermin in Napier NZ ("Colonel Napier") the purpose of which is to embarrass and stress my brother's relations, employers etc so that they would promote everyone else but him or even cause him to be unemployable. The underlying reason is to actually have the lords' select SKNF vermin as their representatives, surround the lords with evil and separate all good people from them. Also the same to have happened to my brother and his employers in London where the SKNF etc were to reveal the 'evil Chins and their perversities' and hence have reason to demote and sack him etc.
The plan also included provisions to swamp Singapore with young women from China and other Asian countries including Thailand, something like 50000 of them at a time using my employers business as vector and conduit. This so that Singapore is also attacked from the underneath by diluting out their own people with SKNF vermin and slaves.
The book describes these young women as children and 4 year olds, 4 being a synonym for describing those that the SKNF etc call dead. Being a child in vermin slang means not reaching the knowledge of adulthood which in SKNF meaning is to believe the SKNF etc's bullshit on how the world is organized and runs.
The so called 'dead' are those that have been fooled by subterfuge and that results in them believing the SKNF etc bullshit from the SKNF infestation and corruption in Government that they have broken the law and hence are subject to Government penalties which includes incarceration, rape, murder, suffer crimes against humanity etc. The machinery of Government able to be used against them because they allowed it to. The SKNF etc being the only protection from this happening. They are thus enslaved.
The SKNF etc send most of these young women over believing the lies that they are working for the Government, that they would get good jobs, those that choose to go into prostitution that they would be safe and earn good money and not enslaved and any other lies and bullshit to enslave them. They are made unaware of the realities of SKNF etc trickery and propaganda, evil, atrocities and slaving until they believe it is too late. I saw something similar in Malaysia with cheap labor from Bangladesh who were left to fend for themselves in the Klang River and what is now a storm drain. I also saw something similar happening in NZ with the SKNF using the student route as method of passage.
I was meant to have a female child with my wife, leave her for being an evil bitch, in some kind of ill defined way be sucked into believing the SKNF etc propaganda on the organization of the world, be incarcerated in Asia and then enslaved by the SKNF etc in both NZ, Malaysia and Singapore, secretly become a agent for the SKNF while representing my NZ employer in Singapore and South East Asia, marry a SKNF agent and presumably caucasion NZer, have a female child with her this child to be brought up to be hateful and SKNF psychotic, be incarcerated where my caucasion wife and probably SKNF agent will take over and be the representative for my NZ employer in South East Asia and then have have my NZ employer's business in Singapore subverted by the SKNF etc.
The SKNF also have the women with child so that they can brainwash the child into being part of the SKNF etc army as well as have the child be a lever for controlling the female agent's actions by threat of atrocities against the child and the female. A bunch of serial killing rapist pervert vermin 'Men'.
The plan had some wiggle room as long as this wiggle created more evil and mischief. So for instance they had thought to corrupt a daughter of a VIP in Thailand by causing her to go into prostitution, marrying me and have her with child. The Thai based SKNF colluding with the NZ based SKNF. They would then control her by blackmail, threats of atrocity against her as she would also be 'dead'.
After being incarcerated in Malaysia or Singapore I was then to return to NZ with a deep hatred for everything Asian, and become a drug dealer and small time prostitute runner as well as being homeless. This part of the plan being a reflection of the SKNF-NZ's general xenophobia.
The plan was finalized by the SKNF worldwide before 1995 and implemented by 1995.
This explains why I got my job with my NZ based employer.
The fact that it was publicized to the rest of the SKNF in a very famous and top class science fiction novel also means that all the evil I and my family experienced in Malaysia was actually specifically planned by the SKNF from all over the world well before I even got there. This includes the secret service based SKNF in China, NZ, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, USA, England etc. The actual timing of this plan and events being ill defined and contingent on what was actually happening.
The reason why I became aware of this fact is because the SKNF are trying to say that I am a secret agent and that all that has happened in regards to WW3 and the SKNF attack on the lords is because of me and supposedly the lords in some kind of plan to impoverish the wealthy and kill them. The SKNF lie that the fact that I was part of a greater secret service plan proves this as true and not that I was an unwitting component of a SKNF plan. A plan that had gone wrong because they chose to have Serial Killer and his now globally known as a total fruit and crazy Fruitcake to head and manage it.
The principle strategy of this plan was for the SKNF to set up another shop, this for SKNF-NZ, in Singapore where SKNF-NZ had been expelled sometime ago for being psychotic and destructive. The SKNF were to use my NZ employer's business as the cover and vector of attack. The protection to this business being the old excuse to not disturb Western businesses for fear of Western business reprisals and scaring their business away.
I was to be bent by being telepathically induced and manipulated to steal a supposedly secret and western technology and then by every means forced to do anything the SKNF wanted. This subterfuge was to use the superconductor free energy technology as excuse and means of bending a tried and tested SKNF method of coercion and trickery.
Serial Killer was to be the commander of this operation which included Fruitcake as his most senior subordinate.
The SKNF infestation in Malaysia also saw it as another means to attack the Chin family using the well known crazies from NZ as the front and part of a global and all round attack on this very important and wealthy family and their estate.
The SKNF infestation in Malaysia and Singapore also saw it as a means to attack the Lee family also using the crazies from NZ as the front and part of the same global and all round secretive attack on them.
SKNF Singapore also saw it as a way to attack the lords' good people and subordinates in and from Singapore, one of who loss their daughter and her family to atrocity in NZ.
The SKNF vermin in NZ saw it as a way to take control of the lords' organization and defenses in NZ and overseas, as a means to finance SKNF-NZ beholden vermin in South East Asia, promote the SKNF etc attacks on South East Asia especially that occurring within Singapore and Malaysia, attacks that would be hidden by the front of the lords' friends, enrich themselves on the crime, prostitution and narcotics racket in Singapore, Malaysia and South East Asia, enrich themselves on the enslavement racket in SEA and NZ etc etc.
My meeting of a Singapore agent and one of the lords' good people at my NZ employer's place of operations was not coincidental. My going on holiday with him to Singapore and unwittingly being shown around also not coincidental. My meeting of the daughter of a Thai VIP was also not coincidental and the SKNF's attempts to prostitute here was also not coincidental. Vang Li's and other Asian SKNF setting up a interlude with a female Chinese Indonesian agent while I was in Singapore with intention that she become my Singapore based wife also not coincidental, this attempt having had her thrown herself at me but in such away that I would feel obligated to her. The business where I was working being given (insufficient) funds to make a free energy machine albeit unwittingly and with other reasons given to them not a coincidence, the machine itself also unlikely to create free energy (I saw it and it was not capable of this feat) also not a coincidence. My leaving my employer and going to Malaysia where I met my wife was not coincidental. My harassment in Australia and being driven to Malaysia by SKNF telepathic induction as well as SKNF reputation attacks in Australia not coincidental. The attacks on me and my children and temptations on myself that began almost as soon as I arrived in Malaysia not coincidental. All the events to make me 'die' not coincidental.
My sisters, and in one of my sister's case, her husband and children, were even unwittingly arranged work in Australia as a way of holding them hostage pending atrocities as lever to control me. The SKNF in Australia were also to play up the myth of the evil westerners when my sisters suffered the atrocity planned for them, a typical and much used SKNF divisive tactic.
Many of these attacks were planned to lead me to violence against my wife who was made by the SKNF in Malaysia to play the role of prostitute harridan and evil bitch, with Serial Killer's SKNF playing good guy through me.
The idea of this was to destroy the Lee name and reputation as well as physically harm the Lee family. Something the SKNF etc do at every chance and all the time and to all the lords and their good people. And if I were violent against my wife to use it incarcerate me as well as give credence to the SKNF's lies and, because of this the Government documented lies, that I am a psychotic and violent individual.
The SKNF playing their usual Take-All-Sides-Tricks hid their actions from those of the lords' good people in psyops who actually helped stabilize my mind. At the time I was a puppet to telepathic induction due to being unaware of the existence of telepathy nor its capabilities.
The plan failed however.
My wife actually stopped harassing me and chose me to be her husband and I was accepted into the community within Malaysia as what was written about me proved to be SKNF lies and subterfuge.
This resulted in Serial Killer and Fruitcake upping their evil and psychotic behavior, trying to force the outcome predicted and expected by their psychosis, their psychotic minds assuming reflections of themselves.
A psychosis that all the SKNF etc also have.
The less chance the 'Diamond Age' plan had of actually working the more psychotic they including more secretly others in the local and foreign SKNF became and the more open and visible they were. They had finally decided and planned to kill me and all my NZ based family by the time I had returned to NZ in 2011.
The SKNF infestation in Malaysia had also indicated that they wanted to use me as they have some of the Chin family to attack and steal the Chin family estate. They tested this possibility by asking my father while I was in earshot but unaware of who was asking if he were interested in this estate. This was also their sideways way of secretly testing me to see if I would evilly go for this estate.
The 'Diamond Age' plan does not include the Asian SKNF side of the plan but only the Western side.
The idea by the SKNF vermin infestation in Malaysia and Singapore Government was to use the empowered and globally renowned super psychotic wannabes from NZ, Serial Killer's version of a SKNF shop in SEA, the tryhard 'most aggressive' ones, foreign and not reachable ones, to also attack the Chin estate and Chin family as well. It also had plans for theft and attack on the Lee family estate and Lee family as well. This parts of the plan being nebulous and yet to harden and would only harden when Serial Killer established their SKNF operations in Singapore.
This revelation is new knowledge to many of the lords' people including the lords themselves.
Why is it that the lords involved only discovered this attack on themselves 21 years (1995 to 2016) after the plan was implemented and only now? It implies that the lord is extremely fortunate that the corruption that they thought were good people and who they hired to protect themselves had not killed them.
This once again also proves how fortunate we are to not have suffered atrocity and loss the world to the SKNF etc and SKNF conspiracy. Almost all saved due to the buffoonery of Fruitcake and Serial Killer.
We must count our blessings by being good and doing all good things if we wish to survive.

-I also request that all those who injected me with HIV in SF be sent to Malaysia for execution by hanging. Also to be included is the male of Indian ethinicity who in frustration tried to cause me to get AIDs by rubbing the wounds to attempt to make the disease stick when even after all the SKNF's etc attempts I still uninfected.
I also request that Moustachioed_Fruit be sent to Malaysia for execution by hanging also.
All these to then be cremated and their ashes tossed into the closest cess-pit.

-Additional information on the 'Diamond Age Plan' as disguised in Neal Stephenson's book of the same name and recorded earlier in note dated 07/10/2016 yesterday.
The book itself was part of a SKNF etc Take-All-Sides-Trick. The method being that it purportedly reported a impending plan to cause chaos, riot, war and other evils in Asia, via the usual secret service, corruption, collusion etc means. This book was supposedly to alert everyone. The way it was written though said nothing of where this plan was to be implemented.
What the SKNF etc infestation actually did was use this means of communication to prime and prepare all their deep and widespread embedded agents as to a plan that only they were told to be an attack on South East Asia, especially Malaysia with the launching pad being Singapore. The attack to occur with the support of the local SKNF serial killing pervert vermin in corrupt collusion. It did not matter if anyone knew about this plan because the corruption and collusion everywhere especially locally, and the lords being unaware of the widespread and deep corruption and too used to people trying to kill them had made the plan very probable of being a success.
This plan also narrates that once the enslaved (eg prostitutes via brutalization, atrocity and evil to create robots and more SKNF vermin) and other SKNF etc agents are in place and with Serial Killer in command, they and the local SKNF etc would then wage war against SEA. For instance one part of the economic war was done using massive amounts of unauthorized money flushed into the system via these SKNF agents and slaves. All the real estate were then bought up using the valueless currency and thus increased the level of poverty in all the countries including Singapore.
They would also cultivate new agents by every means including blackmail.
They would also then cause war, destruction and rioting to break out in South East Asia as well as in Singapore, much like the LA Riots.
But more then this it also specifically specifies its plans for the lords and their people, especially those related to Lee Kuan Yew.
These plans have been and are applied to all the lords and their people before already and this book is a good example of how premeditated and directed the SKNF are in performing their atrocities.
Take what the SKNF etc planned for my family as an example. This the SKNF had already thought out generally and had made all motion towards.
I and my family have been subject to the SKNF etc deprivations ever since my birth. The evil's constancy, its indicative psychosis and its extent greater the more prominent the family one comes from, no matter how distantly related.
Following on from yesterday's note regarding the SKNF's etc intended plans for members of the Chin and Lee family.
I was to suffer being injected with virii to cause me to have HIV as well as put on the street and made homeless, becoming a drug pusher and prostitute runner.
The female member of the Lee family who has been raped and tortured previously would then have a series of brutish, violent relationships where she would be also directed by the local SKNF infestation in psyops and the secret service in Malaysia and/or Singapore to not intervene in attacks on her children as well. This after I had left her for the SKNF agent I was to marry who would eventually take over my NZ employer's interest in Singapore cum SKNF and Serial Killer's SKNF command and center of operations in South East Asia.
The children would be brutalized and beaten. This would happen for most of the time except when an agent from NZ becomes my wife's boyfriend. This agent's job is to be the contact point for the children later when they would be herded to NZ to escape the evil they were to experience in Malaysia and Singapore.
The young female child and her brother would be unwittingly controlled telepathically and via computer and laptop interactions with SKNF etc agents playing at being good guys and just some people friended on the internet.
The SKNF etc would then cause an event such as the children retaliating by attacking one of the woman's boyfriends making it seem this being as a result of being beaten by this boyfriend. This would then result in the boyfriend terrorizing the children and the children running away and becoming street kids. The older male child already being induced by the same methods to be a street kid.
The young female child and her brother would then live on the streets and suffer rape, beatings etc for a while and then come into the ambit and under the control of the SKNF etc vermin in the narcotics and especially the cocaine trade one of them being Sam Khanna, a pseudonym and someone I have already met.
Sam Khanna is described in this book in the guise of Carl Hollywood and in reality is one of the senior SKNF agents in that region. Sam Khanna who took direct part in the rape and attacks on my family. Sam Khanna who is supported and protected by the local SKNF etc in Malaysia and KL. Sam Khanna who also acts in the same type of role that Bestus-Lieutenant does in San Francisco ie organizing SKNF vermin troop atrocities and attacks, arming the SKNF, economic attacks, crimes against humanity etc etc. Sam Khanna who plays and played a major role in perpetrating WW3 and waging war within and against South East Asia and especially Malaysia. Sam Khanna who I have already requested to be in the list of those to be sent and hanged in Malaysia.
The SKNF vermin would befriend the children and then start passing them around until they end up in NZ via the NZ boyfriend mentioned earlier. At this point the female child would be separated from the male child who would be afterwards killed.
The female child would then be raped and brutalized for a while by the SKNF vermin especially the ones connected to the military and their agents in gangs. The intention being to break the child and totally enslave her mind and body.
She would then end up with a SKNF agent in Christchurch or Napier as a house slave and sex toy.
The lords' good people in Christchurch ie Commander Severe and his family would then be used as the avenue to have this child put amongst the children of the wealthy using a guilt trip and the female child's relationship to myself, the Lee family and the Chin family. The Severe family would not be told that this female child has been brainwashed and is now totally enslaved and probably a SKNF agent as well. She would also be made to live at the home of this pedophile and SKNF agent presumably to not embarrass the Severes.
The intention then is that this female child would corrupt the children of the wealthy and those good and wealthy people around and with Commander Severe and his family.
The method of brainwashing is to have this Lee and Chin family member to hate her family and to despise all good people and then to secretly attack these people and thus also become a serial killing pervert vermin.
When old enough and with enough evil performed to her and by her this Lee and Chin family person and now old woman would be returned to the now devastated Singapore to be a madam in the prostitution and narcotics system of atrocity the SKNF etc has sold as a defence.
My brutalized and now evil daughter, a Lee family and Chin family member, would be returned to Singapore for this purpose to spite these families in just another way.
Serial Killer's, Screeching-Mad-Wife's and Fruitcake's etc rape of my family, their other evils against others of my family as well as that of the SKNF etc in general was actually also an attempt to see these planned outcomes through. The rape of my daughter and wife, the attempt to force my son into gangland and to be a street kid, the use of the computer as a tool for classical condition and reward as well as control are all aspects of this book and plan. We even had a NZ male agent come over to our home dragging a eczema covered woman who was meant to be my new girlfriend and befriending my children. His job to be the contact point for the kids into NZ.
I may request his hanging as well when I consider this a little more.
Fruitcake etc did their best to ensure that these evils occurred even though the plan had failed because they like every other SKNF etc member love causing evil and atrocity.
This book also reflects the mental psychosis that is the SKNF's mind. They use all these evils and take pleasure in committing them. Another example of the nature of the SKNF etc, their reasons for committing atrocities and why we need to place a real deterrent by executing them by electric chair and hanging.
They are a just a bunch of serial killing rapist pervert vermin.
Also remember that this book was printed and sold by 1995. I only met my wife in 2002.
The SKNF in NZ even tried to make a final attempt at implementing this mission when I arrived back in NZ in 2011 by offering an 'acceptable' woman with a Eurasian baby to me whilst I was there.
Some parts of this plan had and is still being implemented even now. For instance the use of unauthorized money from the country's local mints being used to cause hyperinflation and massive theft. And notice how the SKNF etc are justifying keeping me homeless as well as holding me hostage.
I am not the only one being held hostage. President Obama and his family are also being held hostage as are all the lords good people and agents that wish to return to their homes.

-Observed a member of Fruitcake's subordinates, about the same age as Fruitcake, warning him off using a telepathic sense of a growl when Fruitcake wanted to use him as a monosexual dildo at about 3am-4am this morning.

-Lords etc highest representatives again reiterate that what needs to be done needs to be done now and that all proof of who is involved in the SKNF conspiracy as well as the conspiracy itself is comprehensive and complete.

-They showed me the parts of Fruitcake's brain that had died from his mad head swinging. Also other parts of his neck vertebrae and cartilage are falling apart and exposing his spinal cord. :D

-It is probable that all members of NUT-1 have lost control of their advanced weapons to the SKNF as the SKNF work in collusion with each other and if something is successful will repeat it across all parts. The fact that the Earth is not destroyed or it is not raining bombs implies that the SKNF have been unable to take control of the advanced weapons.

09/10/2016 1534pm SF time-4
-SKNF etc orders worldwide global atrocities to begin now. SKNF subordinates refuse as have no defense against advanced weapons.


-The time for decision and action is NOW: There is a window of opportunity that will stay open for only a short time

-The possible scenarios
1.FAMILY-1 does exist. FAMILY-1 does all good things.
Family/Lords also follows FAMILY-1.
Everyone (excluding the crazies) will be good and do all good things.
This will likely lead to survival. We will only succeed and be prosperous once we dig ourselves out of the deep hole and abyss that we are in and get pass survival.
The most probable and likely scenario.
Guestimate: 80% chance of survival.
2.FAMILY-1 does not exist. This appears unlikely at the time of writing this but FAMILY-1's existence is also yet to be proven completely and clearly.
All at the highest levels are NUT-1.
Family/Lords do all good things regardless.
Everybody else except the crazies follow Family/Lords and do all good things.
Guestimate: Under 40% chance of survival but best possible action in this scenario.
3.Family/Lords do not do all good things and prove that they are not sane or truthful to themselves as to the situation.
Everybody else (except the crazies) do all good things.
Guestimate: Under 5% chance of survival.
4.No one does all good things.
No chance of survival (0% chance of survival). Everybody suffers atrocity and Earth destroyed soon after.

-Window of opportunity
The window of opportunity exists because:
1.NUT-1 are being attacked by their own subordinates and are being saved by the good people only.
This means that we do all that is good, save NUT-1 and have NUT-1 be made sane over time. NUT-1 cannot help but knows that we are right.
2.The SKNF etc are using the global economic collapse to build their numbers and hence get telepathic superiority. The good people's telepathic superiority is the only thing that is preventing the SKNF etc from getting control of the advanced weapons and advanced machinery. The good people have telepathic superiority right now but this will be lost in a short time.

-Proof of FAMILY-1's existence and/or Family/Lords doing what is rational
It will be publicly observable.
Defenses will be put up.
People organized etc etc
And every other good thing.....etc etc
We will know what everybody including the highest chose to do well within this week and the actions well within 2 weeks.

-Everybody including the children need to do all good things regardless of scenario
1.Give your power to that which is good.
2.Get together with your families to strengthen your immediate telepathic power.
3.Connect up with other good people.
4.Connect up with the good lords that are sane.
5.Find out what is the precise context and scenario. Organize and do all good things accordingly with respect to scenario. Especially strengthen defenses.

-Note above immediately confirmed by FAMILY-1 (I believe they exist) and Family/Lords' highest representatives at approximately 1045am SF time on 11th October 2016.

Fruitcake and SKNF etc still try and threaten to commit the 'The_Diamond_Age_Plan' atrocities on me. Just a bunch of serial killing rapist pervert vermin.

1.The time for action is now.
2.Be good. Do all good things.
3.The security services (including psyops + secret service etc) are greater then 90% corrupted with SKNF etc vermin. Take all precautions.
4.If you do not see action within (and not by or after but within) 2 weeks then there is no FAMILY-1.

-I just won my bet. I predicted Fruitcake would attack his SKNF etc colleagues before the SKNF decide to get rid of him. He let off some of the bombs within his SKNF etc colleagues car last night in a fit of psychotic behavior. The frequency of his episode of heightened craziness now very high and almost a standard behavior. It can only get worse.

-Observed SKNF etc suckers trick to have anyone and the closer the familial ties the better to cause trouble with wealthy by claiming relationship to their ancestry and then taking them to court or other means including violence to claim their estate. Corruption in judiciary and lawyers, politicians collude to support. They can do this because every human being on the planet is actually related by not some too distant relative. The SKNF etc also trying out that part of the 'The_Diamond_Age_Plan'.

-Count down is 'T minus 5days' for action to be observed.
-SKNF etc doing everything evil.
eg.They are trying all means to build their telepathic strength.
eg.They have ordered all the lords good people to be silent and not to do all good things such as being proactive and helping other good people to organize themselves.
eg.They are trying all means to commit atrocities.
eg.They are trying all means to hide the truth of what is happening.

Fruitcake is in maximum combat mode :D

-We are at T minus 4days and counting.
SKNF etc oscillating madly and with high frequency in Ted Bundy characteristic ie. being most fearsome, being most tricky, sympathy sucking.

-Should we meet a planet and civilization such as ours which is accidentally about to destroy itself due to initial biological context then we must help them. This is good.
I would expect to be helped should I be in an accident.

-SKNF etc setting up conditions and stories in corrupted media to have Donald Trump replaced so that they can put in a serial killing pervert vermin as the Republican nominee for President in the upcoming November 2016 election. Hilary Clinton will probably not want to run or be nominated due to the threat of assassination. The same for Donald Trump. At least showing signs of sanity.

-We are at T minus 3days and counting.

-Younger members of Fruitcake's psyops team are now eating Fruitcake's feces and not only their own as part of their job. :D

-We were again informed that action needs to be taken because the window of opportunity in which to eradicate the SKNF threat is closing rapidly.

-T minus 2days to action.
-We were again told that if the actions against the SKNF threat is not performed and unobserved publicly by Tuesday 18th October 2016 then it would mean that the unlikely possibility that FAMILY-1 does not exist is true.
If this is proven then we will all need to get a Kevorkian kit (see
This will mean that we have to rely on Family/Lords to action all that is good.
It also means that our survivability will fall to something I guess to be around 40%.
If Family/Lords do not start to do anything by Wednesday 19th October 2016 and maybe a little bit more then the probability of survival falls to null as it is unlikely that the rest of the populace will pick up the slack but will instead try to keep head down. Also get a Kevorkian kit (see
All above confirmed by the lords.

-It is T minus 1day and counting.
SKFNF etc oscillations between most fearsome, most tricky and most requiring sympathy at extremely high frequency.
Above confirmed by lords highest representatives and FAMILY-1.

Fruitcake has started fiddling with the switches that detonate the mini-mines on and around his SKNF colleagues again. So far 100% indication that he will trigger a bomb to detonate. SKNF etc overseas supporting Fruitcake have said that they think him an asset and he will continue to be senior to the other SKNF psyops in his team and his dad's team by default. They did this by allowing Fruitcake to force them to eat and wipe his and their poos on themselves and them have them sitting in place without cleaning themselves up. Also allowed Fruitcake to try and blind them with turd bacteria by forcing them to sneeze and have the pathogen travel behind their eyes via the lachrymal and other ducts. See note '15/10/2016-2'.
One of Fruitcake's older subordinates about same age as Fruitcake is in danger of being gassed as he spurned Fruitcake's sexual advanced and forceful order for him to masturbate with the excuse being to attack the populace but actually probably to be Fruitcake's monosexual dildo.

-It is T plus 1 day.
There is no FAMILY-1 but only because the good at the highest of our hierarchy have used commanders and security services that are SKNF etc and hence have lost their advanced weapons to some extent.
Therefore by my definition these good have accidentally demoted themselves to Family/Lords status.
It is now up to Family/Lords to be realistic and win the war. They will need to get back control of all their advanced weaponry and defenses.
The longer it takes from now on, the less likely we will win and the more likely we will suffer atrocity and the world end in destruction.
The reason for this is that the SKNF etc had corrupted the structure too much and Family/Lords had become too used to people tring to kill them. Greater then 95% of security services are SKNF.
-Everybody have been told. They have been advised to
>Give their power to that which is good
>Strengthen their telepathic strength by first working together with their families. Maximize their defenses.
>Get connected with good people and those good Family/Lords that are realistic about the situation and are actively making defense and trying to win.
It may be that some of Family/Lords will not be realistic, 'stick their head in the sand' not doing anything and hope for the best.
A lord that is not doing anything about winning and defense against the SKNF threat may be SKNF eg like the problem within the Regional Commanders being some or all being SKNF etc.
>Coordinate with Family/Lords and be good and do all good things contingent of context.
>At worse Family/Lords must start handing out Kevorkian kits see
>Family/Lords know everything there is to know about the SKNF etc. If the lord is good then you will be given an electronic means for identifying the SKNF etc as well. Must still use telepathy to verify if the electronic means is correct and if wrong why is it wrong.
>Need to be proactive in defense eg. Get those people who are good but not taking thing seriously to connect up to their family to strengthen their telepathic defense.
>Everybody needs to take responsibility and strengthen themselves and contribute to the defense.
>Help each other.
>The window of opportunity for winning this war is closing fast. The SKNF are going to use the massive poor population for telepathic superiority to get full control of advanced weapons. Also NUT-1 and FamilyNuts know that the good are right and regardless of bluster will follow our lead. We can rely on their survival instincts.
>The test is to be good and do all good things.

-The SKNF are actively trying to attack NUT-1 and FamilyNuts.
They have openly indicated this and are making all kinds of excuse why they are allowed to.
This morning the word got out from the SKNF to attack, hold and with extension commit atrocity on NUT-1 and FamilyNuts because they are double agents as their lives are being saved by Family/Lords and are preventing the SKNF from getting control of advanced weaponry and other advanced machinery.

-Someone (don't know who) mentioned that we should get our Kevorkian kits if the SKNF threat is not resolved for at most a month. Probably right.

-The subordinate and older member of Fruitcake's team has now relented and joined him in wanking support. Doubt this will make much difference to the danger Fruitcake poses to him as it is reminiscent of what happened to Strutter Nutter.

-We will win if everybody contributes to the defense and I think we will win.
-All confirmed immediately by Family/Lords some of who are/were FAMILY-1.

-Supposed Presidential debate last night re: Hilary Clinton v Donald Trump but actually SKNF etc subterfuge. SKNF etc threatened Hilary with global destruction coming early and threatened Donald with losing his occupation and income if either he/she did not take Presidency. The SKNF etc are obviously setting them up for an assassination.
Both have been advised not to take Presidency if things not sorted out by then. Being sorted out means at minimum that the good are working as a coordinated group against the SKNF threat.
Right now there is NO LAW and NO ECONOMY.
We are at WAR

-SKNF etc threatening and terrorizing everyone into silence. Everyone advised to fight for as long as it takes.

-Lords must remember the poor.
Good time to coordinate and develop them out of poverty now. This is the SKNF's etc biggest weapon and threat.

Notes 20th October 2016_1to3 confirmed by Family/Lords at 1310 SF time.

-Fruitcake now as standard practice feeding his poos to the Harem Boys.

-Evidence of whether Family/Lords are doing all good things and taking the situation seriously will be in front of our face and publicly observable. And the time for it to happen is NOW.
All that bullshit about secrecy and whatever other lie that is preventing all good things from happening and to be done publicly is SKNF etc bullshit.

21st October 2016 1228pm: Family/Lords and their highest representatives agree that record 21/10/2016-1 above is true.
I would have written FAMILY-1 also but they need to get full control over their advanced machinery before they are re-classed as such.

-SKNF etc infestation within secret service and psyops having difficulty keeping their masks on and hiding themselves. Always a good sign that things are not going well for them. Fruitcake's psychosis also peaking indicated by how he is attacking by mad head swinging the SKNF-USA members that are empowering his father and mostly himself.

-Fruitcake's older subordinate secretly with other SKNF controlling Fruitcake so that Fruitcake is dissuaded from choosing him as a monosexual dildo even though giving the appearance of having relented earlier.

-Additional information on the 'Diamond Age Plan' see note 07-08/10/2016.
The population of 'dead' and 'young' females were/are going to come out of China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Russia and every where else but especially the Asian countries.

This morning (approx. 5am SF time) SKNF telling their nutters to attack immediately. Usual subterfuge used where they hide they orders and advice in an informational such as this mornings as follows.
It may be that Serial Killer and also Fruitcake to some extent were probably enticed, induced and telepathically controlled to go save Nut_Lord01. The purpose of this by the rest of the SKNF etc probably to takeover NZ starting with the properties belonging to the SKNF-NZ Nut-Lord's who also fell for the trap. Probably other reasons for SKNF etc to do so as senior ones knew about the coup plans on themselves but also were/are blind to own subordinates attacking themselves. Probably also trying to spring some kind of electronic trap where lords and crazy lords hand over control to the SKNF etc etc.
If Mexican Standoff taken in isolation that it would appear Fruitcake quite innocent of buffoonery. However ongoing evidence says opposite.
We appear to have been even more fortunate then we thought.

-Waiting for Family/Lords to act.
SKNF etc still trying to convince everyone that either everything is over or that they are still in discussion. All the nutters swarming everywhere like cockroaches in daylight.

>We are waiting for Family/Lords to do all good things according to context. The proof of action will be public eg death of all SKNF and/or public media for coordinating the good and/or database of SKNF etc vermin on protected smartphones etc so we know who they are and who not to interact with etc etc.
-Expected time until observation of Family/Lords actions:
>We were told that since Family/Lords would be well prepared already that the time one would expect for their actions to be publicly observable will be short. They said "1 month would be too long".
The proof that something is being done about the SKNF etc will be publicly observable and will be all good things.

-Confirmed by Family/Lords highest representatives at 23rd October 2016 1243pm SF time.

-Everybody has been advised to prepare themselves by doing all good things including prioritizing what needs to be done.
This also means getting your Kevorkian kit (see

-SKNF etc 95% contamination in Government paid security services and other Government positions are working overtime on their damage control and trying to convince everyone good that they are our friends.

-I am prevented from following my explicit instructions by my chosen lead. Indicative of something evil in the upper hierarchy in SF who is also behaving like Serial Killer did and attacking all those good people that have saved their lives.

Notes 1to3 above has been confirmed by the highest of Family/Lords and who were/are FAMILY-1.
Confirmed on 24th October at 1017am SF time.

-Fruitcake is expected to express an even greater level of psychosis in the very near future as he has burnt the septum inside his nose and its lining and thus cannot intake sufficient cocaine. Last time anyone saw this happen was when his body had become used to his already high intake of cocaine and was showing signs of withdrawals. It wasn't that long ago. He became psychotically even more violent and irrational and exploded a number of bombs under someone's house, tried to kill his subordinates and colleagues etc.
Everyone is saying that his dad needs to get liquid cocaine so he can fix his withdrawal symptoms. And only his dad as it also fixes that part of his attention and approval seeking psychosis.

-SKNF etc via Fruitcake wants me to specify what 'short' time means. 'Short time' is specified as needing to be done by 23rd October 2016 and earlier.

-The lords have said that the time for talk is over and that we are in a fight for our lives.
The date that this became official and known by them was at latest 23rd October 2016 when they had proved everything that needed to be proven.

-The initiative for action is with the lords.
-They are the only ones that have the capability for coordinating all good people.
-It has been proven that greater then 95% of all the official Government financed security services including psyops are SKNF etc vermin. The SKNF etc are also infesting other organizations including all parts of Government.
-The lords are also aware of the SKNF infestation within their own privately funded security.

-We must all be good and do all good things starting with
>Give our telepathic powers to that which is good.
>Strenghten your defenses by:
>>>Getting together with your own family and join minds to access the telepathic enhancement that comes from everybody good giving their power to that which is good.
>>>Practice analysing all interactions before responding ie step back, analyse, respond.
>>>Join up with other good people.
>>>Join up with the good lords.
>>>Discover context and do all good things accordingly.
>>>Get a Kevorkian kit for everyone in your family and group.
>>>Fight the enemy until we win.
-Always test whether what is being done is 'all good things' and always use your telepathy to detect if it is all good things as well.

1.Be good
2.Do all good things.
1.Give your telepathic power to all that is good.
2.Maximise your defenses and coordinate ourselves under the good lords.
3.Everyone is responsible for quality, ensuring success, eliminating corruption
4.Step back, analyse, respond

-We are in a fight FOR our lives.
-The time for talk is over.
-Greater then 95% of the Government financed security services worldwide are SKNF etc.
-The lords' private defenses are also suffering SKNF infestation and corruption.

-The notes above were confirmed almost immediately by the lords.

-The strategy is to be good and do all good things.
-The SKNF etc have infested greater then 95% of the Government financed security services and are widespread and deeply infesting everywhere else.
-Give your power to all that is good. Do all good things especially maximizing your defenses and being coordinated.
-We are in a fight FOR our lives.

-Fruitcake is laying very long and black looking turds, chopping them along their length into sections and feeding it to the Harem Boys like a chocolate log prechristmas snack. The Harem Boys in turn are eating their given sections.
Also observed are the Harem Boys fiddling in quartet with Fruitcake the actual beneficiary seeing as he is temporarily unable to be excited with cocaine abuse and with the usual camouflage of this group fiddling being an attack on the populace.
Fruitcake's vertebrae damage also increasingly funny in that now when he stretches and twist his neck it feels like there is one hanging like a loose ring around a finger.

-I am reminding everyone about the context and what they have to do. This to counteract the SKNF's etc 'trust tricks' that are designed to cause everyone to mistake the need to do things NOW and to trust the SKNF etc.
The SKNF are doing this by causing the populace to not heed the fact that over 95% of the security services are SKNF vermin and be relaxed about the threat that the SKNF etc pose.
This job is for everyone to do. We are all responsible for what we need to do.
The strategy is to be good and do all good things.

-The lords will take the initiative. What we have to do in the meantime is to maximize our own defenses. This means the following as noted previously:
1.Give your power to that which is good.
2.Join your minds with your family.
3,Join your minds with good people
4.Coordinate yourselves under the good lords.
5.Find out what the context and situation is and do all good things accordingly.
-The test and an undefeatable defense is to be good and do all good things. If you are not observing that in others then they are most probably SKNF etc.
This defense also hobbles the SKNF and forces them to do good otherwise they become obviously visible. I observe the SKNF etc really struggling against this by trying to sell the idea that evil is good.
-We must verify and verify again checking for SKNF etc vermin.
We must do this even when we do get the database of SKNF etc vermin provided to us. This will ensure the integrity of the database and our safety.
-The SKNF etc are trying to fool everyone into trusting them.
Be extremely wary and take all precautions.
Their favorite technique is to use very young children, their own or borrowed or get your sympathies by other ways etc etc.

-Infamous excuses: "I did that to clear my sinuses of the (rectal) yeast infection".
From Fruitcake explaining to his father why he took so much cocaine in one go that he chemically burnt and ulcerated the lining inside his nose and throat. The amount of cocaine inhaled was like what the mountain range containing Mt.Everest is to a common beach sand dune.

-Be good and do all good things is actually an order from the lords. The SKNF etc infestation in psyops had received this order but made it seem like an afterthought or something I had just thought of. I heard this order months and months ago, probably even years ago. So long ago I cannot even recall when.

-The lords again confirm that the strategy is be good and do all good things.

-SKNF etc cycling very fast in their Ted Bundy and serial killing pervert vermin characteristics of being the most fearsome, being the trickiest ever and the most sorrowful and worthy of sympathy being.
Also observable is how their egos are being hammered by the idea that I am ordered to join the psyops team.

-The lords have said that we need to know what the situation and context is. The SKNF etc are trying to make everyone believe otherwise.
-Everyone is waiting for the lords to take the initiative. The window of opportunity to win this fight is closing rapidly.
-Everyone is being advised and ordered that
1.The strategy is to be good and do all good things.
Their priority of action is
1.Give their power to that which is good.
2.Join their minds with their family. Discover what the general context is from this point on.
3.Join their minds with good people.
4.Coordinate themselves under the good lords.
5.Find out what the situation and context is in detail and do all good things accordingly.
-Verify everything and everyone continuously.

-SKNF etc trying to make everyone believe that they are under duress and are being forced to do evil and whatever the SKNF etc demand. This performance is their 'feel sorry for me even though I am a serial killing pervert vermin and trying to kill you trick'.

-"Mike what do you taste?!"
As heard by everyone worldwide as Fruitcake sneeringly tastes his yeast infected arse.

-Lords tell us that the window of opportunity is almost shut in regards to the good winning WW3.
The poor are being beaten, starved and attacked in every way and are falling to the SKNF etc. The poor while resistant to the SKNF etc cannot last long.
The good will lose telepathic superiority NOT gradually but in large steps.
If something is going to be done it will be done soon or not at all.
I expect that the lords will do something.

-The initiative for action is with the lords. The window of opportunity to win this war is almost shut.
-The poor are being beaten, starved etc and are being driven into supporting the SKNF etc. If the lords do not do anything then the lost of advantage will be immediate and huge in a step wise way.
-Greater then 95% of the security services are SKNF etc.
-The lords are being overwhelmed with work and hence require all of us to play our part, to take responsibility for our defenses and coordinate ourselves with them.
-The strategy is to be good and do all good things.
-The lords have confirmed this while I was writing these notes.

-Fruitcake decided that his poos were too bug free and hence have his subordinates eating their own. Also observed attacking in usual boomerang attack the psyops that is empowering him and his dad.

-We are waiting for the lords to take the initiative.
It was suggested that the lords have not taken the initiative as they are being unrealistic about the situation. Anyone that has given their power to that which is good, joined the minds with their family etc will be able to tell whether this scenario is true or not.
You need to find out as you need to know whether to get a Kevorkian kit.
The poor have almost fallen to the constant attacks by the SKNF etc and hence to becoming telepathic instruments of the SKNF etc so this will be answered even without the use of telepathy. And when answered it will be by a bunch of serial killing pervert vermin knocking at your door ready to perform atrocities on you and your family.

-Lords advise that there is no law nor is there an economy.
Production is being ripped off by exchanging their outputs for worthless bits of plastic disguised as the means of exchange.
The SKNF etc are advising a false choice by either continuing to produce in exchange for worthless plastic or stop producing altogether and cause massive impoverishment anyway.
In comparison the good are saying that is all a false choice and typical SKNF evil and that we need to coordinate ourselves under the lords, destroy the SKNF threat and bring order back to things, reestablish the economy and law.
We await the lords to take the initiative.

-SKNF etc continue to pretend that we are still in talks and discussion.
-They fear and cannot beat our strategy especially giving our power to that which is good and the test of being good and doing all good things so they make every effort to chip away at this defence.

-We have said we will fight to the end.

-We are again living on extremely good luck. The poor can fall at any time. I hope our defense is not based on good fortune in the future if we win.

-Lords agree and confirm that the poor are about to fall and can fall at any time now.

-We continue to wait for the lords to show the initiative. They would already have plans in place and any delay would indicate that they have lost their minds as well but are not evil.
Meanwhile we still need to be good and do all good things starting with adding our telepathic power to the good, joining minds with our family to maximize our own defenses, etc.
-Lords agree time for action is now (approx. 1300pm). The proof of action will be visible to anyone and not just words. Reaffirmed this again at 1407pm SF time.
-Must be serious. The serial killing perverts reacting as if they had just hit a speed bump while travelling over a hundred. 1451.

-We are still waiting for Family/Lords to show and take the initiative. Meanwhile everybody else have been told to do their best re:give power to that which is good, join minds with own family, etc.
While at the moment we are winning this war we can lose at any time as the poor have been and are under considerable duress eg starvation, violence etc. The SKNF etc vermin infestation have been (mis)advising Family/Lords to the contrary and are giving them a false sense of security and a sense of complacency.
-We were again reminded that there is no law, economy and order and that the SKNF threat will need to be resolved before we can see these good thing return.

-The lords said that "It is now time to apply the agreement (for defense and resolution of the SKNF threat)".
> Was said telepathically by the Family/Lords at approximately 0850am today Tuesday, 8th November 2016.
Example of Family/Lords making statement below. This after telepathic statement.

Youtube link:
Note again the SKNF vermin infestation using this media as propaganda saying that this message is actually a constitutional amendment. This is just another example of the SKNF infestation attacking the rightful and good lords by trying to say that there is law and that the law can be use to deprive these good people of their properties and rights. There is no law, order or economy at the moment as well.

From Youtube:
Again SKNF infestation disguised this message as an US election campaign message under the guise of doing secret service work but actually as a damage control mechanism.

This applies to everyone and not only the lords.

-I discovered that the SKNF etc trick of causing enslaved humanity to power their evil has been going on forever. It is mentioned in every religious text from Buddhist to Christianity to Islam. The lie by the SKNF vermin and subterfuge has been the same all this time ie that the poor are evil. Gollum in Lords of the Rings represents the poor. And the bullshit, see Gandalf explaining to Frodo about Gollum in the first part of this book, is the same bullshit that the SKNF has used even until now. In WW3 it was proven that actually the poor are doing their best to resist the SKNF etc and their evil. If we fall it will be the fault of all those that could do something but chose not to. We have no more excuses in allowing this to recur.

-Family/Lords and defenses beyond the official security services have proven to be heavily infested with SKNF etc vermin. Maybe greater then 95% as well. Order to apply the agreement as given at approx. 0900am San Francisco time yesterday 8th November 2016 was disobeyed and instead the SKNF etc vermin are in full combat and atrocity mode. Their excitement brimmed over and made their psychosis temporarily visible until it was dampened down by other SKNF vermin.
-The lords have asked every good person to give their power to that which is good, join their minds with their family, join their minds with good people, coordinate under the good lords, understand and know the detail of the context and situation and do all good things accordingly. Also to be good and do all good things and to test everyone using telepathy and with this strategy constantly.
Every good person will also be able to know the context and situation when they join their minds with their family and use their telepathy.
Every good person who cannot connect to their family are asked to only be good and do all good things and give their power to that which is good. Also to test everyone with this strategy constantly. The reason is that the SKNF will try to trick them into joining and supporting the SKNF and they will not be able to use their empowered telepathy that one gets with a family to test the SKNF.
The good people are coming and will resolve the SKNF threat.
-The good news is that the SKNF etc still appear not to have any advanced weaponry. This is indicative of even a third and maybe even more levels of defenses. It means that we will win if we all do our part.
-As expected the SKNF etc are now going through with their plan to blame the USA for the atrocities and holocaust that they had planned in the SKNF_Conspiracy.
My reading of today's propaganda is that Donald Trump has won the USA Presidential elections. This means that the SKNF etc are doing all things to bring about global atrocity as fast as possible and have decided that Hilary Clinton will be too well protected for them to assassinate. Hilary was already selected as President even before the elections. The SKNF etc had Trump basically promise to destroy the USA's economy and use the machinery of Government to enslave and commit atrocity. Also judge Trump with your telepathy and whether he does all good things.
But this is just part of the multi-attack approach that the SKNF etc vermin always do.
The SKNF etc are now even more focused on collapsing the poor's resistance to them and having the poor fall to the SKNF etc as this is the only way that they can win.
They are beating and starving the poor and those that they can attack. Those they can't attack the SKNF etc perform school bully tactics and other terrorist things.
-We have a short time until we see the lords resolve the SKNF threat. How short? Use your telepathy to find out.

-Lords tell us to use your telepathy. Verify verify verify again.
-Indications are that we are going to win. Both telepathic and observable. Also indicated by effects of giving our power to that which is good. Verify this for yourselves using your telepathy.
-SKNF etc are in maximum evil mode and are trying to force the poor to support them. Many of them taking their masks off to show their serial killer pervert vermin face during their terrorist threats.
-Time to wait is SHORT. Lords verified this already this morning.

-On the funnier side, Fruitcake's insane head throwing has led his neck and head to accordion. His colleagues have shown him that his neck may only be joined by ligaments and muscle tendons hence the 'jack-in-the-box' feature he now sports. :D
-Just as funny is Fruitcake's halitosis attack proving that he and his subordinates have developed arse breath.


Youtube link:
SKNF hiding themselves behind President Obama. Notice the serial killing pervert Joe Biden doing his impersonation of sanity.
President Obama confirming that Family/Lords will take a short time then we will see them show the initiative.

-Apply the strategy: Be good and do all good things. Also use this as the test of whether someone is a SKNF vermin.
-Again: Give your power to that which is good, join your minds with your family, join your minds with other good people, coordinate yourselves with the good lords, find out what the specifics of the context is and do all good things accordingly.
-We wait for the lords to show the initiative.

-Lords order to apply strategy and order to give power to good, join minds with family,...,coordinate with good lords especially etc is disobeyed by the defense that is "beyond the official defense" and instead they play it like it came from me and not an real order.
-With regards to the US Presidential nomination: The SKNF etc tried to do their multi-attack thing again by using usual many levels of false choices attack. They first tried to say that there is argument within the Electors about Trump's reported nomination saying this is due to the SKNF deep and widespread infestation in psyops etc only and that Hilary Clinton can have the Presidency but she must accept it without the SKNF threat being resolved ie without any security and hence be a target for assassination as well as support the lie that all is in order. They were also trying to divert attention away from the Electors that are guilty for their involvement in the SKNF threat and SKNF_Conspiracy. This all quickly fell through as no one believes their lies.
-SKNF etc excitement has caused many of them to outwardly show their psychosis. One wonders if there will be a breaching point where they won't be able to keep themselves under control anymore.

-Meanwhile the Lords have told everyone to apply the strategy and priority tasks immediately as the SKNF etc have destroyed the economy and are in full attack mode. Also to verify everyone and everything at all times.
-Apply the strategy: Be good and do all good things. Also use this as the test of whether someone is a SKNF vermin.
-Priority tasks: Give your power to that which is good, join your minds with your family, join your minds with other good people, coordinate yourselves with the good lords, find out what the specifics of the context is and do all good things accordingly.
-VERIFY everyone and everything and do this continuously using the measure of whether they are doing all good things and also test them with telepathy.
-USE YOUR TELEPATHY at all times.

-Someone mentioned that President Obama will not be able to accept the SKNF etc's false nomination because it would be against his brief. I wonder what would happen. Probably more electronic imagery tricks one imagines.
-SKNF etc doing all things to commit atrocities. They are playing it quiet for the populace to be lulled into a false sense of complacency while in the background they are especially terrorizing the poor and putting them under a huge amount of pressure to join the SKNF and support the vermin telepathically. Lords need to sort the out now or we will fail.


Supposed message from Lee Hsien Loong, PM Singapore. I do not know what the message is about. Could be another SKNF etc trickery.
Title: Shell Singapore 125th Gala Dinner
Youtube link:

-Harem Boys go back to supporting Fruitcake's penile erection after supposedly forgetting to do so. It was suggested that they may have purposely forgotten in order that Fruitcake stops needing to masturbate so often and thus use them as a kind of monosexual dildo.

-SKNF etc doing their best to cause people to forget that greater then 95% of security services 'beyond that of the official security services' are also SKNF etc vermin. SKNF etc also using telepathic means to cause people to forget the recent public evidence of this.
-SKNF etc also trying to cause the populace to believe that evil is good in their usual 'feel sorry for me cause I am under duress even though I am a serial killing pervert vermin and trying to commit atrocity on you tricks'.
-SKNF etc also using every means to suppress any defense including my usual monologue.
-The SKNF etc are trying to sell the lie that the SKNF etc are winning and are also trying to keep the good people uncoordinated. The good people have every advantage but are not coordinated. We will lose if we fail to coordinate ourselves.

-SKNF etc trying their best to not have the good populace apply the 'good' strategy and do the priority things as well as trying their best to prevent the good population from collaborating and getting together. The SKNF etc infestation within the 'beyond official' defenses are trying their best to stay hidden as well.
The SKNF etc in total are very coordinated and this 'beyond official' vermin are not only coordinated within the SKNF etc attack but are trying to seem that they are unable to coordinate the good and themselves for the good. This is obvious though to everyone that spends a moment thinking about what we are all observing.
The sense though is that we are winning and this due to our immense size compared to the SKNF etc. I find the SKNF etc becoming telepathically weaker even though they are always doing their evil and telepathy at full strength and capacity and are fully coordinated and colluding while we have only just begun to coordinate ourselves.
-SKNF etc also showing all signs of being about to perform a large scale worldwide economic attack.

-Fruitcake has given up cleaning and showering himself even though he is covered with his own poos. It is now day three of his shitting and spreading his feces on himself. The Harem Boys also the same.
Looks like Fruitcake has also empowered himself with the SKNF-NZ military lot and the same ones that were part of the First Avalanche of Disrespect and Annual Xmas Party Escapade of 2014. He then spun off in his crazy way and also attacked their commander because he said the support he was given did not obey him in all things.
People are calling Fruitcake the 'Reverse (centrifugal) Governor' for the way he does these crazy things. Some people are wondering if his shit covering is his application of camouflage theory from his SAS training days.

-I have reminded everyone that I am also a contact point to coordinate with good people and the good lords as I have been ordered to join the good lords' security services. Even though I am being prevented from doing so by the SKNF etc vermin.

Lords message using PM Lee Hsien Loong as conveyor of message. I am unsure what the message is about as I did not hear it except that it was confirmation of the danger the world is in and the need to get on with coordinating ourselves, applying the 'good' strategy and the priority things that need to be done etc immediately.

Youtube link:

-A message from the lords' good people all around especially from the ground to the lords:

-Reminded everyone again that I am a contact for connecting to good people and the good lords if they cannot find one in the Bay Area, California USA.

-Obvious that SKNF etc have only their well practiced collusion and coordination going for them. If we lose it will be for want of trying.

-SKNF etc have all been informed and primed for their economic attacks and already have had the unauthorized cash handed out to them. Many of them are already hoarding and purchasing with this unauthorized cash.
-SKNF etc infestation in lords defenses also doing everything in slowest way possible and not doing what they have been ordered to do. This happening in their multiattack methods as usual.
We are actually waiting for the lords to show the initiative and have known about this for a looooog time.
-SKNF etc vermin were impoverishing the assets and resources of the wealthy during the global financial collapse and even up to now using unauthorized cash to pay for these goods. The threat now is that if they stop it will case a economic collapse. If the don't they are to suffer impoverishment. False choices when the only choice is and was to fix the problem once and for all. Usual SKNF etc multiattack.

-The good populace have again reminded and told the lords that we are ready and that it is time for them to show the initiative and provide us our infrastructure.

-Message from FAMILY-1.
-Duke of Cambridge (member of FAMILY-1) responds 0920 SF time 17th November 2016:
"We can win this battle. And in doing so we can take a small, but very important step in reminding ourselves that we are capable of rising to the challenges of our age"

From: No title.
Youtube link:
Youtube title:A speech by The Duke of Cambridge at the third International Illegal Wildlife Trade conference

-Have reminded the good populace to use their telepathy fully and completely and do not hobble themselves in anyway whatsoever. If what we are doing is bad then we will not be able to tap into the power that comes from giving our telepathic power to all that is good.
Have also reminded the populace that the good lords have also said to use our telepathic power full and completely and that we need to know the details of the context and situation.
-Duke of Cambridge (member of FAMILY-1) responds 0920 SF time 17th November 2016:
"We can win this battle. And in doing so we can take a small, but very important step in reminding ourselves that we are capable of rising to the challenges of our age"

-The strategy and defensive test of doing all good things is unbreakable.
The SKNF managed to con some school students into risking their lives as well as act as a false assurance to the other students that the SKNF are safe. The school that these students come from is infested with SKNF etc agents who had told the students to do this SKNF activity.
The outcome was that the infestation was exposed and we learnt to be more careful and strengthen our own family based telepathic strength and defense. Parents were reminded to speak openly with their children regarding telepathy, what we expect of teachers and other people as well as Government agents within and outside Government bodies, how all Government agents inc. schools etc had received orders to apply the 'good' strategy etc and if they don't then they are SKNF, that the younger ones and in fact everyone need to be shown what clear telepathic communications are etc etc.

-I wish to note a further amendment to my 'hanging list'. I wish to imprison 5 of those list already noted (with the exception of Fruitcake who will be executed with the main bunch) in the following manner.
2 to be executed by hanging etc after the first year of imprisonment. 1 to be executed after 3 years of imprisonment. 1 to be executed after 6 years of imprisonment. The final one to be executed after 10 years of imprisonment. I will make the selection of who I want to be in the group of 5 when we win the first part of this war ie the extermination of the SKNF vermin.

-We have still not received our infrastructure nor have the lords shown the initiative.
We are hoping that we are not being made to repeat the Western Front, Omaha Beach, The Long March, the Malaysian implementation of National Service etc.
Everybody needs to use their telepathy even if only to be prepared and get their Kevorkian kits before the horror begins.
-All that we are getting is more 'secret service' nudge nudge wink wink bullshit. The time for this is over and yet more of the same even though the lords have no excuses.
-The lords were once again told by everybody else this morning (approx. 0800-0900am SF time) that we need our infrastructure and that they need to show the initiative.

-Last night at approx. 1700-1800pm the lords said and confirmed again that they have no other option but to do all good things as the alternative is to suffer atrocity and the global destruction. We have yet to see what they say being congruent to what they do.

This means the 'good' lords.
You will need to use your telepathy to understand this fully but it appears to me anyway that the psychosis wins and we are about to suffer the full SKNF Conspiracy.
The part of the SKNF Conspiracy which I am observing in SF at the moment is where the SKNF etc do something equivalent to Kristallnact and the Night of the Long Knives in the USA publicly and everywhere else secretly with the intention of blaming the USA for the war of atrocity and evil to come.
Kristallnact actually refers to how the serial killing pervert vermin of that time were given amphetamines and cocaine before their widespread attacks and atrocities on the populace. The same as they do today.
The news media, propaganda and serial killing pervert vermin readying and priming machine has told us that the poor will be targeted, especially the undocumented immigrants who were protected by Obama's administration. But like WW2 and the Jews it will not only be them who will be attacked. They will only report it as such. The immigrants were actually brought into the USA and enslaved by the SKNF etc using their usual tricks.
ABC 7 news told this to us by saying that they will be implementing 'President' Trump's stated policies.
The evil has already begun with the SKNF etc exponentially increasing their violence and attacks on the defenseless who are usually the poor. The expectation is that these attacks will spread to everyone else.
The news also acts to prime and ready the serial killing pervert vermin worldwide in the collusive evil. The news media is also selling pure hate in its broadcasts cum propaganda. In the USA they are beginning to blame the Muslims, Mexicans and use every other xenophobic construct as reason, excuse etc. Bet it is similar everywhere else with the USA being sold as the 'great demon'.
-What has also happened is that we are seeing the effectiveness of the test and defense of 'being good and doing all good things'.
The SKNF etc vermin are finding it difficult to hide themselves. Trump, Romney, television personalities, all kinds of people are showing that they are part of the SKNF vermin and are serial killing pervert vermin themselves.
-The message has also gone out to everyone that they need to return home and to their home countries if they can and to use their telepathy at all times.
We expect things to become really bad in the USA if Germany in WW2 is any example.
-I have asked for help and to be taken out of the shelter system here as I am under constant physical attack now.
The AGENT sent here to retrieve me is also saying that he is under constant physical attacks and threats and also wants to leave and return home and is ASKING FOR HELP.

The lords said that they have started to fight back and that this is the final battle. We should soon be observing them show the initiative.

-The lords have asked everyone to
-Apply the strategy: Be good and do all good things. Also use this as the test of whether someone is a SKNF vermin.
-Priority tasks: Give your power to that which is good, join your minds with your family, join your minds with other good people, coordinate yourselves with the good lords, find out what the specifics of the context is and do all good things accordingly.
-VERIFY everyone and everything and do this continuously using the measure of whether they are doing all good things and also test them with telepathy.
-USE YOUR TELEPATHY at all times.

-The "they are not going to give us our infrastructure ..." noted yesterday was actually from the SKNF etc vermin.
-The SKNF etc are attacking the poor in every way with the intention to build their telepathic strength.
The SKNF etc are parading the poor forced to do the SKNF's work also in a show of spite.
The implication of this is that we either will see the lords demonstrate their defense and eradication of the SKNF threat or we will fall to the SKNF etc in a very short time.
This is obviously the FINAL BATTLE.
-I was informed that the agent and I as well as others cannot get a flight out as the SKNF etc vermin are blocking the way.
Everybody has been warned not to travel from their home countries as they are in danger of being held hostage overseas as well.

-Another amendment to my 'hang list'. Please add Tiny Nut to this list. He is to represent the tiny psychos wannnabes that commit atrocities with their serial killing pervert buddies. He was actually put forward by his psyops buddies to spur these cannon fodder elements to sacrifice themselves and cause atrocity before the SKNF gains any weaponry. I have added this nutcase because I think he needs a good lesson. Maybe 3 years in Pudu jail will tiny him even more.

-Final battle in full swing. SKNF looks to be loosing although they put up a front of being otherwise. The SKNF vermin infestation everywhere doing their best to help out but also trying to stay low and invisible. Possibly with the hope of being able to get away from their guilt and punishment but mostly because that is how they work. They are still easy to observe when applying the 'good strategy'.
-SKNF etc now obtaining and using child soldiers. They also received an order to do this worldwide in their usual collusive way. They are terrorizing children into helping them. Reminiscent of what was publicized as happening in Africa in the 70's, 80s etc. SKNF also doing all other terrorist things.
-SKNF etc mask slippage more common. They are showing more of they psychopathy then usual. It appears that they do believe much of their nonsensical verbiage. It is strange because they cause the problem, event, 'intrigue' (read real world happening that occurs as a result of a pre-occurring psychotic action usually from the one saying it is intrigue) etc and the resulting reactions causes a snowballing of paranoid reactions and rereacticns etc that the SKNF etc vermin feed off and feel important by.

-Lords reiterating over and over again to
-Apply the strategy: Be good and do all good things. Also use this as the test of whether someone is a SKNF vermin.
-Priority tasks: Give your power to that which is good, join your minds with your family, join your minds with other good people, coordinate yourselves with the good lords, find out what the specifics of the context is and do all good things accordingly.
-VERIFY everyone and everything and do this continuously using the measure of whether they are doing all good things and also test them with telepathy.
-USE YOUR TELEPATHY at all times.
-VERIFY everyone and everything and do this over and over again.

-If we lose this it is because it was intentionally caused and obviously by crazies at the top of the social hierarchy. We have all the advantages and numbers.

-SKNF etc use the news media to prime the other serial killing pervert vermin about the SKNF etc plans to do Nazi Germany style detention and atrocities on the rich and others using the lie of being 'Government' and with the excuse of the good lords and other good people being criminal.
Example of this SKNF etc collusive priming using the usual doublespeak is this strait times report:
Also the USA is to play public enemy number 1 just like the SKNF etc did to Germany and Japan in WW2 and the rest of the SKNF etc worldwide to commit same atrocities but secretly in all other countries.

-There were 2 turning points in the implementation of the SKNF_Conspiracy and WW3.
The first was that initiated by Serial Killer primarily and, in close second, Fruitcake in their grab for advanced science and technology and leading to the events surrounding the Mexican Standoff. It may have been also pushed by other SKNF etc impatient to see their plans in action but these urgings are common and tend to be considered thoroughly by other SKNF as they can also be self detrimental as the SKNF also tend to attack themselves and/or have others take the risk. This however was OK with Serial Killer and Fruitcake in the past as they were well protected by being located in NZ, are protected by SKNF colluding globally and also were mostly active in SEA where their stolen wealth easily bought them lesser serial killing pervert vermin.
The second turning point was when many people gave their telepathic power to that which is good. This gave the lords the capacity to see the serial killing pervert vermin in entirety. The SKNF etc collusion worldwide previously had prevented the good and the good lords from being able to use their telepathy without harassment, terror, vermin trickery and without being fooled.

-Possible message from President Obama seen at 1012 on Youtube only. May also be another SKNF etc bullshit. Use your telepathy to find out. I could not hear what they said.

Youtube link:
Title:President Obama awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom

-11 days since last record and since Fruitcake did any self hygiene cleaning eg showering, scraping the daily increment and past deposits of poos, urine, semen etc off himself etc. He really has turned a new corner in craziness.

-I have reiterated to the lords and people protecting me that I need to be placed somewhere safe and not left to SKNF etc devices as well as have accepted their orders to support security services. SKNF etc are preventing me from following through with these orders as well.

-Hang List Amendment
Another amendment to my 'hang list' please. I wish the procedure to be as follows:
2 at one year after incarceration, 2 at 3 years after incarceration, 2 at 6 years after incarceration, 2 at 10 years after incarceration. Bodies to be cremated and tossed into cesspit etc.
-I wish to add more persons specifically to this 'hang list'.
Gary and his boyfriend who lives or lived at Palladium condominiums and were part of the serial killing pervert group involved in the rape of my family in 2008 and is now hanging around them to commit even more atrocities. Also to be included are anymore of Gary and his group or any other person doing the same and coming close to my family.
As mentioned earlier, I will select who will be in this group of 8 that will be hanged in the order mentioned above. All others to be hanged within one day of being held for that purpose or as soon as possible.

-SKNF etc yesterday sent out a global message for all the SKNF etc to focus as much as possible on causing the poor to fall into desperation and then become pawns of the SKNF etc in reaction to the lords are removing this option as threat that can be used by the SKNF etc. We outnumber the SKNF etc vermin 1000:1 so we will win if we all do what we can and have to do.

-SKNF etc causing maximum evil and impoverishment by sacking every good person wherever they can (Govt, private industry etc etc) and filling place with serial killing pervert vermin. SKNF etc infestation advised each other to do this in their usual collusive manner.
Meanwhile the SKNF etc infestation in the USA is obviously setting themselves for the evil that the Trump administration will bring, serial killing pervert vermin infestation within Electors showing their true evil faces. NUT-1 and FamilyNuts variety elsewhere still trying to have their hand stay invisible while they try and commit every atrocity in resonance to their insanity and evil and that of the insanity and evil of those mad Electors.
The outward beautiful and clear skinned vermin starting to look more like themselves, their easy speeches now descending into sour cynical cankers of hate. That beautiful face twisted into the evil that it is.

-The people remind the good lords that we are in partnership and not cannon fodder in resolving the SKNF etc threat. We reminded them that they need to resolve this SKNF etc threat now as the danger is to all of us, that we will all suffer atrocity and then the destruction of the Earth.
It is obvious that NUT-1 in the public form of some or even all of the Electros in the USA, their counterparts secretly elsewhere, are intent of seeing through the SKNF_Conspiracy and have started this through mass impoverishment by every means available to them. It is likewise obvious that FamilyNuts and the SKNF not only intend likewise but are also likewise insane much in the same way as Fruitcake.
Therefore it is also obvious that the responsibility for action comes from FAMILY-1 and Family/Lords primarily and secondarily from all other good people on the planet. This truth has been known by everyone for quite a while now.
What we are observing however is not the application of the ordered and directed strategy of being good and doing all good things.
FAMILY-1 and Family/Lords are not doing all good things. There are many examples of this.
For instance, the poor and many other good people are being attacked and the reason given is that they have not coordinated under the good lords. Those coordinated under the good lords are apparently and supposedly, but this is also probably untrue, protected from telepathic attack, minds being read etc. However it makes sense to protect all good people from the SKNF etc so that they gain confidence and the propensity for them to be coordinated under the good lords increases. The fact that it is not being done possibly points to a canker of evil that is growing and exists even within the good lords. Have they sold us out is a question that sits on my mind, my situation being I am unable to verify what is going on with telepathy due to being isolated by the SKNF etc vermin.
It is obvious that the only reason why the SKNF etc have not rained down atrocity on the planet is because the evil ones have lost their advanced weaponry and advanced systems control. This could only come about because they acheived telepathic superiority. And this could only come about because many of the good gave their telepathic power to that which is good.
It appears to be a truth that the evil ones surround themselves with other nutters when in senior positions. The evil accumulate together and the good accumulate together. We can tell this by simple observation of reality. The implications of this is that the ones that took control of all the advanced weapons were mostly good and by now would be all good. So there are no more excuses why what needs to be done is not done.
Another instance of dissonance and discrepancy between what one would logically expect and what is being observed is how the good, even those that are protecting the good lords, are being penalized and the evil are being given free rein to forward and implement their evil. The fact that the populace are now being herded into supporting the SKNF and their evil is clear and indicative of something evil and of evil intentions by those that are meant to save the world. And there is no other possible options or methods to victory and safety except to be good and do all good things.
The meaning of all this is that there may be no good lords and that they have all bought into the SKNF_Conspiracy. If there were any good lords then they would have taken control of the situation already since they completely cover all aspects of the main defense, that of the advanced weaponry, in both reseach, application, production, psyops etc etc. And by implication they would have already have plans to do what needs to be done if not having done so already.
It was again raised and noted this morning that the good are in this together in partnership and not as cannon fodder. That if the 'good' lords have chosen to do evil then the rest of us should will the option given by NUT-1. We can make a good show of it by taking destruction to the SKNF if only so we don't suffer the pain of atrocity and in truth we also really want to teach those fuckers a lesson. It would all be a show anyway and we will lose the planet by an accident of biology.

-Give your telepathic power to that which is good and continue to verify whether the option given by NUT-1 is bad or has become good.
This option is the one where we fight physically against the SKNF and be armed to do so as all the lords turn out to be crazy and they just want a show. It will become good if the actions of the good lords turn bad and this crazy option turns out to be the only good option.
I am unable to say why the good lords are not doing all good things. However the indications are is that they are not crazy. I can say this to be true as it is not a good thing to take the NUT-1 option. Those with use of their telepathy will know more.
What has been offered and agreed to amongst the good is that all the good people be evacuated from the USA, and elsewhere if elsewhere is suffering the same, and replaced in the Antipodes and other countries according to the good lords wishes of those countries and not with the SKNF etc vermin there. This since it appears that the NUT-1's in the form of the crazy Electors in the USA and whatever they call themselves elsewhere have chosen to do what they did in Nazi Germany to the USA in their crazy pursuit and implementation of the evil SKNF_Conspiracy.
These refugees will not suffer loss and their assets and the fruit of their assets will remain theirs until a time they choose to part ownership of these assets. These assets will be reclaimed when we are able. In other words the good lords, and everyone else, agree totally to uphold the agreement that the lords had made until presumably such time that it becomes impossible. Even though the SKNF etc keep trying to vary it so that they can commit even more evil and insanity.
We have chosen to rid ourselves of the SKNF etc in any way possible. Ideally we wish to see them executed. If not we will not interact with them at all. Everyone has agreed and says the same.
-On a side note. This giving our power to that which is good and us being able to observe the changes in whether a thing is good or not shows that the results of precognition is good when the answer is given at that time. The future is not set and things can turn on the slightest changes. Hence how the SKNF etc went from being guaranteed to win to what it is now on the buffoonery of team buffoon.

-All the good lords said (approx.: before 1000am today)
"We do not wish to lose the beauty that can exist on planet Earth, we do not wish to lose the planet and we do not wish to lose the human species. This is where we stand."
The situation is this. We have already beaten the SKNF etc. We have all the telepathic strength, the advanced weaponry and every other thing. However it appears that there is psychosis at the very top of our hierarchy that is scheming to cause the SKNF etc to win in pursuit and implementation of the SKNF_Conspiracy. Much like Serial Killer and Fruitcake these nutters at the very top are going to turn about our guaranteed win against the SKNF etc vermin to a loss but this time not accidentally. A lost that will see themselves also suffer atrocity and their destruction.
This proves what I have often said, that the only ones I found crazier then Fruitcake is NUT-1 and FamilyNuts.
NUT-1 and FamilyNuts like the SKNF crazies see all this as some kind of psychotic chess game, their words. It is not. Reality is not a chess game and only a nut would play psycho-chess.
The good lords have spoken. Now we see what happens next.

-The good lords have reiterated that we can meet the challenges of our time. They have said that we know how to ensure the success of the human species and that of Earth even if the whole of the USA was evacuated. We will exceed the break even.

-This appears to be the situation.
>>The very top of our hierarchy in all global regions appears to be playing psycho chess. This is the reason why we see them allowing the SKNF etc to rebuild and regroup and hence return with evil but without mistake. We have already won but they are now building up the enemy again.
It appears that they are going ahead with the Nazi Germany show but doing it on the USA and calling it Republican USA. The SKNF etc are doing the same in secret everywhere else.
It appears that their intention is to herd everyone into cities and steal all property and this done by atrocity on those in the country.
There is no reason for this except being insane and being evil as by doing all good things the wealthy will become even wealthier as property is now a manufacturable product and it is humanity and all living things that are the scarcity and the are the things that make wealth.
They are also keeping Fruitcake in position to take over all of NZ in regards to the Western variety of this group.
Their intention is to cause the SKNF_Conspiracy to realization while hiding their hand. A variety and instance of the Take-All-Sides-Trick. The same trick that they pulled in WW2, WW1 and every war in between until WW3.
The greater then 95% SKNF vermin within the security services are playing faithful servant and these NUT-1s and FamilyNuts are playing chess master, crazies in an illusion of sanity. The SKNF has tried to kill these higher ups and infinite number of times in a long continuum but it seems that the lesson will never be learnt.
It also explains why the good people were suffering the SKNF's etc atrocities. The crazies enjoy committing atrocity as well as telling each other how clever they are by scheming one crazy scheme after the other even until their own end.
See how the SKNF in Auckland chose to kill Fruitcake's mother instead of dealing with Fruitcake and his father's self parasitization. Fruitcake has now covered the building he works in in feces and is now well on the way according to his usual modus operandi in blowing up some person's home with anti-personnel devices. This house subsided as yesterday as Fruitcake destroyed the struts holding the floors up off the foundations. And for no other reason then Fruitcake getting excited and itchy fingers.
See how so many good people have suffered in the worse way while doing the lord's work.
See how the topmost crazies are now attacking the good people even though the good have saved them from the SKNF vermin that are promoted and hired by themselves.
>>The good lords have signaled that all good people including themselves have to take responsibility for doing all that is good and eventually make all thing safe and right.
For us and themselves we need to apply the 'good' strategy, the priority things that need to be done (give power to that which is good, join minds with own family etc) and also we all need to GET KEVORKIAN (suicide) KITS for ourselves and our families and all other good people in case the SKNF etc vermin break through our defenses.
>>In effect the good people have to recognize the context that we are in and do all good actions accordingly. If we fail it must be for not want of trying as if we do not try the SKNF etc will be given the opportunity to enjoy their psychosis of committing atrocities on the good populace and telling themselves how fearsome they are.
Bow low but do all good things. The highest ones will come around when they see that we are right. The highest ones will be made sane again when good and positive things overwhelm all the evil. And not all of them are insane.
>>Beware of the SKNF etc vermin especially in the military and other security forces. They are using telepathy and other propaganda and soft sell methods to get our trust.
>>If the good lords seem silent it is because they are being ordered to be and are being threatened. They are good and are doing their best.
(The knowledge and ability to test that which is good and to find out if something is good has been with us for thousands of years. The fact that it is not used tells us much about what has really been happening in history. A biological mistake because the logical way and best way is not being taken and it is the propensity to psychosis from this biological outcome that holds sway).

-I was shown what the NUT-1s and FamilyNuts are experiencing and how they are being puppetted by their SKNF etc counterparts.
It is easy to see how they are unable to become sane. The insane are easy to puppet. They think it is themselves wishing and making the action hence this is why they do things that are destructive to themselves.
Humanity's failure and global destruction, if it comes about, is a result of a biological mistake.
The short term and primitive gains from having more musculature has met the use of our brains and the advances in science, knowledge and technology. The nutters with the weaponry have not evolved accordingly because the social structures and defenses against psychosis have not been developed in line with the destructive technologies.
Most of humanity has evolved but we are unable to solve the problem of this psychosis immediately because of the biologically determined shape of our society's hierarchy and how power came to be historically.
What we need now is evolution. If we fail it will be because of a biological accident.
(The SKNF etc were actually trying to bend me because they think they are so amazing and are 'Wizards' with their group telepathy.

-Another amendment to my hang list please. Please add Bestus-Lieutenant. He will likely be added to the 10 year prison before hanging group. To be cremated after etc.... This for trying to kill me.


The very top of the wealth hierarchy in all global regions appears to be playing psycho chess.
>>We have actually won in every way. The only thing that has not happened is that the SKNF have not been executed.
Instead what is happening is that the very top of the wealth hierarchy are building up the SKNF and forwarding the SKNF_Conspiracy in a Take-All-Sides-Trick way, the SKNF_Conspiracy turning into a 'flexiplan'.
They equate this scheming to super_capable_intelligent_behavior, a psychosis shared by all these crazies and exhibited publicly by Fruitcake and Serial Killer. In truth it almost caused them to suffer atrocity and destruction if not for being saved by the good people whom they irrationally hate.
>>A message has gone out to every good person on the planet that this is the situation and that we have to adjust our plans to straighten things up accordingly and start implementing what we have to do right now. We have to do all that is good and not play a game. We must not fall into reacting stupidly to the SKNF etc harassment but stop, analyse and then respond correctly according to the context otherwise we become pawns and part of their game. We must approach this like sane adults and not respond like a child would. The SKNF etc are trying to make evil and then they will use any evil returned against us. And we cannot allow the SKNF etc to get their evil into anyone. Everyone not in the SKNF is to be included in this action. We cannot feed this evil cancer by giving them victims of evil. This is how we will win.
Everyone has a responsibility to contribute where and what they can. The way things are done must be done in the best way. TO DO ALL GOOD THINGS. And it must be done SYMBIOTICALLY.

Everyone including the good lords has reiterated the need, will and want to disconnect and stop interacting altogether with the SKNF.
>>If SKNF are too busy feeding themselves from their own hard work they won't be able to commit evil. It is also a lesson and they are dangerous and a bunch of serial killing pervert vermin. There are many other reasons as well.
The responsibility for this is with each and everyone of the good people.
>>The only way we can lose is if the evil is too great and causes us to lose intentionally. Saying and acknowledging this situation everyone has been told to get themselves and their family Kevorkian (suicide) kits.

-Lords agree publicly at 0940am SF time today straight after note written.

-For ASEAN and especially Chin and Lee family: SKNF etc trying to revive the Diamond Age Plan. They were offering me all kinds of things from sexual favors to wealth again and they seem quite obsessed with this seeing this plan through.

-This morning's message is a reiteration of what was said yesterday and previously as well as saying what the outcome of WW3 is and that we have now entered WW4, what we have to do and where we must head.

The outcome of WW3
1.Unlike WW2, we now know what the context within which we live is.
>>All those at the very pinnacle of our society who have committed evil and war against their own families and hence themselves, as well as committed atrocity and evil against the population in general and their good people in particular and who do not have a large protective family have lost all their wealth and power to their SKNF staff and are purely puppets of the SKNF and in a much more minor way FamilyNuts ie these NUT-1s have now lost all wealth and power. They will now try to convince those others not so affected and their families, whether FamilyNuts and/or Family/Lords, to make the same mistake.
We did not know about the situation and context in WW2. We did not know that the highest had been bent so much as to attack themselves, their families and the good populace. They have been telepathically and in every other way bent to do so, a result of our biological realities. We did not know who the evil was as we were coordinated not to give our power to that which is good but to give it to particular groups who have been found to be greater then 95% infested with SKNF vermin.
The truth also is that the NUT-1s across the planet are still fighting and hitting out at each other and more so on ethnic lines, even though their families are truly multinational. A reflection of our past in biological and evolutionary systems.
2.There is no such thing as FAMILY-1.
>>Again in order that there be a FAMILY-1 it must have full control of its advanced machinery, wealth, weaponry etc. Family/Lords are classed as so because they may have all these things except advanced weaponry. In other words the highest of the good are at Family/Lords level only even though people in this classification can be second only to those very highest who have advanced weapon control.
3.We have won WW3 but not in all the ways that we needed to. To win and succeed as a species and planet we need to win WW4.
>>What we have won is the knowledge of what the true context is.
Singapore proved it could still succeed to a large extent even with evil arrayed against it as the overwhelming numbers of good people and the overwhelming returns of good exceeds all that evil can do. Singapore after WW2 did not know the true context it existed in. This time we know what the true context of what we exist in.
What we have also won as a kind of consolation prize is that we need not suffer atrocity even if all the highest are arrayed against us. GET YOUR KEVORKIAN KITS in case we or anyone of us fall to the SKNF vermin.
>>We know who the enemy is and what they are
We could not see the enemy in the past. We now can.
The enemy are a bunch of serial killing pervert vermin who are insane. They love committing atrocity. The only possible outcome of their actions as has been proven is global atrocity and then global destruction.
4.In order to win WW4 we need to apply the strategy BE GOOD AND DO ALL GOOD THINGS
>>Each and everyone of us good people must contribute all we can and pull the weight which we are capable.
>>We must collaborate but take into account the true context of things.
>>We must do all good things.
>>We will win when the proof of good in what we have done and what our sane rationality shows overwhelms the evil and the psychosis it actively encourages and develops. The truth will always win over the lies.
>>We must not succumb to the SKNF's temptations and invitations to respond to their evil by more evil as it will cause evil to grow and empower the SKNF.
We must not act like a child in responding but do so as adults with sane and rational minds. We will fail if we do not think and hit back every time the SKNF etc incites us to. That is just playing to their game.
Those who think this is a game are not sane. The sane must treat this as reality.
We can win in only one way so that is how we win.
5.We must dissociate from the SKNF in entirety
>>We will win only if we do this in every way possible.
The SKNF cannot do evil when they are too busy taking care of their basic needs. Idle hands is the devils.
6.Apply the 'good' strategy
>>First priority things that you need to do in order of importance.
i.Be good and do all good things.
ii.Apply the test of whether someone is doing all good things and apply this test at all times.
This is a great defense because the SKNF etc are forced to do all good things even if you do not use telepathy or have the use of telepathy to discover whether someone is SKNF etc or not.
iii.Give your power to all that is good.
Good not being a person but everything that is good including a person if they are good. Do not give your power to the SKNF etc. The power given to the good is the good in every instance whether the instance is for the specifics of a large group or that of a single person.
iv.Join your minds with your family first.
This will give you access to using your telepathy. It takes a group of more then one person to be able to use telepathy easily.
v.Join your minds with good people.
The larger the group the more powerful your telepathy.
vi.Coordinate under the good lords.
vii.Find out the detail of the situation and do all good things accordingly.
viii.Get your Kevorkian (suicide) kits for yourself, your family and all good people.
7.We have the telepathic advantage and strength
The SKNF vermin in the past instructed everyone to give their telepathic power to themselves. This led to the SKNF vermin to being able to hide and then hid their corrupt collusion and evil.
This 'super snake' as they like calling themselves became blind and lost their power and advantage when many people from 2013 and 2014 and onwards gave their power to that which is good. This is what allowed us to win WW3. This is what is saving us from suffering atrocity.
Anyone can access the telepathic power given to that which is good only if what they are using it for is good.
For instance, the SKNF etc lie to NUT-1 that the reason why NUT-1 has no telepathy is because of the good giving their power to that which is good. However the SKNF are able to use their telepathy within themselves and within other the evil ones. In other words it showed that the SKNF are withholding their telepathic power from their seniors, another continuing example of the SKNF's evil intentions.
The good lords and good people tested out the premise that this good power can be tapped by someone whose intention is evil and wrong. It was proven that it could not be tapped even if that person is good.
The implications of this is also what has been shown in an infinite number of times. That the highest ones doing evil are doing evil including killing themselves and their families much in the same way Fruitcake is and hence are not able to tap into the power of the good.
8.Good lords under lots of pressure
>>The responsibility for applying the 'good' strategy is all of ours and not only theirs. If they seem reluctant to say anything it is because they have a gun to their head.

-The good lords all confirmed that this is the way that they will go and wish to go even before the completion of this note at about 1021am SF time today, Thursday 7th of December 2016. We now await real proof that we are going towards what we have to do to succeed as a species and a planet or of the alternative which is atrocity and destruction of Earth.

-I remind everyone again that our orders of which I am applying as best I can even though under constant attack from the SKNF vermin is to be good and do all good things.

-I wish to lay a wager:
The wager
I bet RM2000 to USD20. If I win you pay me USD20 immediately and if I lose I pay you RM2000 when I start working again.
Background to this wager
 The universe we live in consists of many infinites. Infinite size in terms of spatial dimensions, infinite shapes in terms of information dimensions and even more kinds of infinites. Anything is possible in a single infinite. In many infinites if it is possible it must then exist. This is especially true in information based infinites as it is not constrained as much as spatial infinites and also since information is a shape then all shapes must exist.
Specific relevance of this wager with respect to the insanity of perpetuating the SKNF_Conspiracy
 The SKNF_Conspiracy is to commit humanity to atrocity, to murder and then to perpetual enslavement. The highest and actually all that pursue this atrocity say it is to enrich themselves by forcing all material wealth and all knowledge wealth under themselves.
 However the truth is that it actually does the precise opposite. It impoverishes and ends up causing atrocity and destruction on those perpetrating these crimes. This has been proven in every way conceivable, both by purpose investigation and by accidental observation.
 In summary, what the highest are doing, those that are implementing this crazy plan, is in analogy what Fruitcake does to himself and is even crazier.
 It is actually humanity primarily and secondarily the rest of the biosphere and its requirements that are producing wealth and making you richer. They saved your life when you had no chance at all, the beginning of wealth. Killing them, metaphorically and/or in reality, is just crazy.
In other words apply your logic, science and rationality.
Method of verifying this wager
  Using telepathic method to verify truth: see
The waged proposition
 I bet that there is a way of getting Yoda like telekinesis without the need for any machinery outside of what we are born with.
 I bet that this is learnable and can be developed by each individual .
 I bet that all we need to do is analyse how telekinesis works and then find a suitable 'shape' or shapes to do this ie the shortcut. I also bet that there are shortcuts in information shapes that will allow this to happen easily.

-Fruitcake spent all last night shitting diarrhea and covering himself with in and has got his subordinates to do likewise. He supposedly did this to his subordinates because they had tried to kill him but those of us that have been observing his behavior for some time say it is because his subconscious wants to make excuse for his incredible psychosis by saying it is vocation related.
Fruitcake has diarrhea from eating his poos.
Fruitcake has also destroyed the ventilation system within the building he is housed. Whenever he gets excitable he poison gasses Strutter Nutter's all room as a kind of reservoir and now has started pumping out the gasses into the ventilation system The gasses are being trapped there by the other psyops closing the vent escapes. However the poisons have settled as dust in these vents and hence these vents are now unusable and toxic. He has also laid plastic explosives across the building and everywhere these other psyops are in crazier and crazier manner.

-Apparently two of Fruitcake's subordinates have gone for major medical intervention which apparently includes having them heavily sedated, oxygenating their blood via machine and washing the turd fragments in their lungs. Long recovery times expected.

-SKNF acting very odd in the way that happens when they suffer a major loss, strange for those whose strategy is set and only implementation awaits.
I don't know what it is but I hope it is the highest who are bent straightening their minds and psychology with the reality of the evidence, the near total loss experience, their sane families supporting them, the total loss of other highest ones to the SKNF vermin due to having the SKNF vermin as their majority in their structure etc.
If this is so then this is a very good sign. The longer we do all good things the more they will strengthen and straighten.

-The snake/worm at world's end, the collusive corrupt SKNF vermin, has lost its telepathic dominance and strength but it is still very dangerous and very empowered. This power will fall and this snake destroyed at some time in the future when we have done all good things and continue to do so. This snake has been unassailable and most powerful for well over 100 years now. Lets hope the highest do all good things so that this snake dies and never returns. Before 2014 it blocked all others from their telepathy and only because the populace were terrorized into not getting together and also did not give their power to that which is good. The members of the snake are now visible as well. This must be something to take into perpetuity.

Lesson of the Nutcake
-SKNF are frequently and openly attacking the NUT-1's and FamilyNuts that are surrounded by the SKNF instead of Family/Lords and good people. Also doing the same to the Nut-Lords that were not held hostage.
The SKNF are doing this in their usual multiattack way.
The SKNF_ground nuts sent a global message through me with the SKNF elsewhere to be primed and prepared to do so. The psyops receiving it told them to wait for the right moment. The attack will come from the surrounding staff and security SKNF infestation.
The SKNF are saying that their heads are trying to fool the good lords (which is also true), that it is a feint (not true) and any other gain they can get from it (property etc etc, hostage situation etc etc, actually just plain insane and predictable).
The lesson is obvious. Evil begats evil and is self destructive. Same message recurring.

-Fruitcake's predictable exponential rise in attacks on his colleagues and subordinates after 'attack feelers' is now in progress.
He burned holes throughout the ventilation shafts so that the poison gas he pumped into them could escape onto his colleagues. He exploded anti-personnel minimines on their rooms and their homes. Many homes now destroyed. He has larger plastic explosive mines sitting above their heads on the floors above them. The sprinkler system had to be set off due to fire but mostly so that the poison gas suspension could be take out of the air. He got rid of 2-3 of his subordinates and now is getting approx. 10 new subordinates to fill their rooms, all being paid by stealing money from the population's private bank accounts. Publicly financed building housing the psyops and security services however infested is being damaged. This inter-SKNF attack is actually harming good people by damaging private property.
This is expected to be another SKNF multiattack and will use the widening of these attacks as excuse for attacks on the good people and populace as well as steal property and take over NZ and do all other things that they can do etc etc.
What I am observing is likely to be only the visible surface of a MUCH LARGER GLOBAL WIDESCALE ATTACKS.

-Fruitcake very excited. Spent quite a lot of time telling me how he is going to grow his army behind him. I am quite sure I heard this faint monotonic rhythmic thumping sound.

-SKNF globally on attack but halted temporarily in all places except Auckland, NZ.
Fruitcake in Auckland had stopped momentarily but has now restarted attacking his SKNF colleagues on premise that his attacks are inter-SKNF only and can hence move forward with this localized part of the takeover of NZ. However the damage being done is also to public property as well as to public wealth eg they are using unauthorized money to pay for his new SKNF subordinates as well as stealing money from the populace's bank accounts and by every other means impoverishing the country as usual.
I smell the carrier solvent for the poison gas coming through the very damaged ventilation systems. The competing psyops rooms in the same building now has no door.
-SKNF global signal for attack or go ahead appears to be two signals. In this latest one it was attack on NUT-1's and Fruitcake's attack with idea that expands to include everyone.

-Fruitcake's, his father and their colleagues/subordinates example of scheming too much and not dealing directly with the danger has many of Fruitcake's etc colleagues homes burnt and cost of their deciding to kill Fruitcake's mother instead of doing what they should have done escalating exponentially. I observed homes with much damage from small bombs, burnt shells of garages and homes etc etc ongoing.
This is a microcosm of the lesson to all the lords and actually to everyone and very good example of the Lesson of the Nutcake.

-We will not be able to tell using telepathy only if the SKNF have telepathic superiority unless it is to be reading their minds and not being able to but instead being misdirected and fooled into believing that we still have telepathic superioriry. We will find out when what we observe does not corroborate with what our telepathy tells us.
By then it will be too late. We appear to be headed towards this at the moment.
-If the highest ones that have the advanced weapons turn out to be in the same vein as Serial Killer and/or Fruitcake like all the NUT-1s and FamilyNuts that have actually lost all their wealth and are under the SKNF's thrall then they will likely think that they can build the SKNF so that it can be telepathically superior and still win as they know everything about all of the SKNF agents and have automated systems pointing the advanced weapons at them. The SKNF know this as well. The SKNF are and will then play good servant to these highest ones and the population will suffer atrocity and many of the SKNF will die after. It may be possible that these highest will keep some of the SKNF around or may not.
However what will happen afterwards in WW4-WW5 is that this insanity will breed a new SKNF and this SKNF will not make the mistake of its predecessors. The surviving part of Family will be the kernel of a new series of atrocities and the end of the Earth. And the suffering will be greater as they will be fooled into thinking that they are inviolable.
The question we face today is whether sanity will win over insanity. Unfortunately current events and indicators point in the wrong direction. We appear headed for the 'Nazi Germany cum Republican USA show'.

-The guy who earlier had his house's foundations destroyed by Fruitcake got some engineers to come in an fix the problem. They dismantled the house as it was a prefab wooden construct and stored it in a barn so that they could get to the foundations.
Fruitcake burned down this barn with the house inside.
The cost to the local SKNF of not doing what they should have done escalating exponentially.
-11:20 Currently listening to a single long winded monolog of hate with every second word being fuck in NZ nasal accent from a psyops based serial killing pervert whose only way of getting laid is to emphasize a NZ accent in the USA because the babes there think you're cool when you come from overseas

-With respect to the note dated 14th December 2016 number 2 (14/12/2016-2): Someone pointed out that by allowing the SKNF to build their telepathy by terrorizing the poor will actually result in the SKNF winning and that Family as well as all good people will suffer atrocity. This is true.
The reason for this is that the SKNF will fool the good until the point where they are guaranteed to win. The good won't know any different as they will see corroboration between their telepathy and real observations even at the advanced machinery level.
What is more is that the shift in telepathic superiority will be a lot faster and will have a larger then expected effect if for instance the people not giving their power to that which is good or the people not under the good lords are allowed to be killed or taken prisoner by the SKNF. This is because these good people are actually also subconsciously contributing the power of their good to the good. On top of that they also contribute a 'coexistent' contribution in that their good also spurs the components that vector the good power from every other thing, human, flora, fauna and even inanimate Earth to contribute to that which is good.
I recall doing a similar experiment when being hassled by Fruitcake by myself and without telepathic support and found that it did increase my telepathic power when I chose for the subconscious of everything (flora and fauna) to contribute their power to me to block something Fruitcake was harassing me with. It actually worked. Obviously if these people held hostage did this consciously their power contributed would be even greater.
We cannot allow the SKNF snake to return.

-It was pointed out that the good lords' agreement has all of the SKNF's assets given to the highest already as penalty for the attack on themselves. :D Good old Fruitcake and his get rich quick psychosis!

-All the good lords in agreement even before I wrote these notes well before 1300pm today Friday 16th December 2016 SF time.

-SKNF last ditch efforts to commit atrocity on the world tells us not to use any technology or science as it steals from the lords horde of wealth. I suddenly don't feel like ripping off my clothes and taking a crap in the corner of the room.

-The good will win WW3 if
a.They are sane, mature and apply their rationality. This means apply the 'good strategy' and starting with giving power to that which is good etc...
b.There is sufficient sanity at the very highest level to do what is good.

-I have heard that the SKNF etc have written as legal bill to be made USA law and other things for automatic approval, 'rubber stamping', every thing and way to cause the SKNF_Conspiracy to be successful with the Trump administration as the Hitler to the Republican USA as Nazi Germany, Evil Japan show. It is obvious to everyone that the SKNF will win if the very highest intentionally allows them and at the cost of global atrocity and destruction, even to themselves. 28 more days until the show begins. Trump Presidential inauguration on 20th Jan 2017 and 1 day after.
-As expected Fruitcake aka the Uncanny Mr.100% may have caused to need to be torn down or at least severely damaged the structural integrity of the building the psyops and himself use in Auckland. This he did by setting off a plastic explosive bomb in just the right place on the floor above himself, the ceiling to the floor he sits on, so that the prefab concrete beams making up the floor's base had become very powerful levers thus lifting the rest of the building.
The building has also become hazardous because Fruitcake is pouring that red and very poisonous contact and nerve agent all over the place. Someone's hand was burnt by said poison by just touching the drips seeping down into the floor below and this even before Fruitcake really got into full swing and started increasing the concentration of this and other contact poisons in the air and on the floor. Many other crazy and dangerous things happening.
It is possible that he was manipulated into it by the SKNF. The SKNF etc are doing one of their misdirection stories saying that the good lords did a similar thing to them during the time prior to the Mexican Standoff and hence are the cause of the attacks on themselves and the world.
Actually the truth is that some of the SKNF got tired of waiting and had urged by telepathy Serial Killer's initiative. The whole SKNF were extremely confident of winning since their observations and oracle of Delphi precognition techniques had told them they would and had wanted to speed up their expected win.
What is also true is that the SKNF etc urge each other to do things like this all the time and most of them do not as it sticks their neck out too far and is extremely risky. Serial Killer and Fruitcake however try to be perceived to be the most aggressive as they have no real basis for their SKNF's colleagues regard. Also true is that it is now impossible for anyone to deny that Fruitcake is insane.
I think the building Fruitcake is near the building with the super sized chess set if it still exists or near the court building (Between Albert St?? and Queen St). I believe I may have been inside it for a moment in the 1990's. Extremely expensive building and one the taxpayer should not have to pay for considering everyone was warned slightly before that Fruitcake was likely to damage it beyond repair. The funds would have been better spent developing NZ's capabilities, economy and wealth instead of throwing it away foolishly especially when one considers NZ's specific context of not having the luxury of being able to make mistakes with it's economy and still succeed.
This warning probably came from the SKNF as part of their Take-All-Sides-Trick. Most of the SKNF want to get rid of Fruitcake because he is part of team buffoon and, by my estimation they are correct, that he played a major role in causing the SKNF to, at this time, almost lose. The SKNF can only win if the highest are crazy and allows them to.
The SKNF are also actually doing all this as a kind of time filler, misdirection device so that the world does not see what they really want and good servant act to the ones they are actually targeting, as they wait for the Trump/Hitler Nazi Germany cum Republican USA "show" to happen, it being their only way to win.
-Fruitcake also exponentially increasing his attacks on his SKNF colleagues. Many of their farm based homes are burned to the ground, many of their city based homes heavily damaged by anti-personnel explosives. Good lords preventing Fruitcake from firing city homes of the SKNF in case fire spreads to non-SKNF homes. Also these colleagues credit cards and bank cards to allow them to access money have been stopped. Some of these colleagues appear to be psyops. I hear Fruitcake colleagues want to stuff him and his dad into Heinz ketchup bottles in response.

-The Fruitcake analogy of the current situation
Fruitcake's perception of himself is that of being the greatest strategist cum tactician known to humanity, the Earth and anywhere else in the Universe and that he is playing a game of chess, the good against the evil and himself as THE CHESS GRANDMASTER, the master scheme, the grand show, to do the unexpected, to boldly go where no man has gone before....
The truth one observes is someone who has covered himself with his feces, is suffering disease from the parasites that he has introduced into and onto his body and is slowly dying as well he is killing and has killed his brain (the human species in analogy) and causing all kinds of other harm to his body and calling himself a success at "getting at Mike".

-Apparently Fruitcake is now taking Viagra. If this is true then it started as a kind of dominance thing he was doing with his subordinates where he was having them take crack and Viagra because it was suggested that this should have the same effect as cocaine and he could use this as a substitute during this time when his nose is still healing. Everyone predicted that his subconscious would find a reason and camouflage for him to take this substitute. We only got it half right.

-SKNF using me as a telephone with the message to the other SKNF that the highest ones of all that do not have the mental support of a large family around them (these are most probably some of the ones that have gained kingly wealth or country size power from new conquests over the last century or so) and are in reality under direct threat from being surrounded by SKNF vermin who have been empowered by themselves are making themselves and their families safer by relocating to places that other parts of their family control which are safer. These places belong to those of the highest who have very large families, have been there longer and hence had fewer SKNF within their highest ranks. The SKNF's intention with this message was to try to prevent the highest ones that in all but SKNF action are being held hostage and have lost all their wealth and are about to suffer atrocity as well from leaving. The SKNF are using all means including telepathic, chiding etc etc.
This is actually a good sign that sanity is gaining traction and that these highest, while requiring at least two generations to finally come together and maximize this part of their required infinite number of defenses, are becoming straighter and less bent by the SKNF.
A incidental note about this. This once again proves that we need to use science instead of psychosis when we do anything. What we are observing when we analyse this and make sense of this is that reality is causing sanity to prevail over insanity. This is what you would expect and it is a biological process and phenomenon related to our physics and hence chemistry. Insanity needs to be managed if one is to become sane and the management of it is based on experiencing reality and truth regardless of the extent of the insanity. Sanity will always win given sufficient and relevant experience.
The reason is that reality rewards for being sane. Rewards for insanity can come about but lasts only if one is under attack. Rewards for being insane is a mistake and leads to more insanity. A note for future NS and Ed.
A further note about this. If good leads to such positive outcomes then why not take it all the way. For instance why not make Ed and NS a much desired experience and a total positive for all its stakeholders. Choosing to make it a negative when analysed is actually an expression of experientially as well as enemy created psychosis. Choose to use science and not psychosis and the gains in wealth becomes available.

-The Attack From All Sides Trick.
An attack that is commonly used by the SKNF, FamilyNuts and NUT-1. This usually is a collusion between the local and foreign based SKNF etc. Can range in size from small to large assets and property, especially real assets. The attack from the foreign SKNF etc is also by way of economic sanctions with excuse that the local lords are impeding their fair use of their own assets as well as by the local SKNF using every and all tricks.
Examples of which are:
:Diamond Age Plan.
:The taking over of expensive NZ property at Paratai Drive and all over the place by the purchasing of these properties with unauthorized and hence worthless money or by other illegal means. In this case being performed by SKNF from China with the aid of Vang Lee and family and SKNF-NZ-Police variety of vermin. They then lower the cost of the surrounding property using undesirables to purchase a property and then having these undesirables cause mayhem at these purchased properties driving the local residents away and causing a property fire sale.
:The 'High Speed Rail" project between Singapore and Malaysia and extending elsewhere as reported in the SKNF propaganda/news media. The real estate, building materials and labor as well as construction is purchased using unauthorized money. The operations is so corrupt as to cause a drain on both countries economy. Done by intentional damage both using SKNF vermin in psyops and everywhere else. The investment instead of allowing for R&D in new tech and hence a positive ROI actually provides a negative return to the region as it is very old and known technology and hence not only does not add anything to wealth but sucks up the resources that is being put by other countries towards more advanced logistics and other technologies. By the time this HSR system starts everyone else will be using these more efficient and advanced technologies and ASEAN will be stuck with rubbish and hence be even more uncompetitive. A parasitization and impoverishment in every way.

-Mire hilarity from Fruitcake. He has swung his head so much that the rip in the intervertebral cartilage has widen so much as to now almost encompass the whole vertebrae. He then yesterday swung his head once too often which has caused the ripping and remaining cartilage attachment being imbalanced and his head now being in lopsided measured against the vertical of his upright but very twisted spine. Combine this with the humps (both sides of his back) and hunchback he really is starting to look like Igor.
He is now taking Viagra with his cocaine, his nose finally healed enough to do so. No bookie wanted to take the bet that he would as it was deemed to be a sure thing. Consequent fiddling increased.

-I observed an example of the SKNF puppeting and mentally controlling the highest in our society this morning at approximately 0800am SF time.
A telepathic conversation was occurring whereas the highest were being told about how they have been continuously manipulated, brainwashed and puppeted from the moment they were born by millions of the highest's enemies in the form of the SKNF and self described "Snake/Worm at World End". That their state of mind is a result of this and that this self destructiveness is intentionally created by the highest's enemy so that the enemy can continue to impoverish the highest in everyway including causing atrocity on the highest.
Someone pointed out as example that the frequent anger and animosity that the highest had felt towards their childhood companions when they played with the highest's toys, for instance the Nintendo or X-Box was a result of the enemy's telepathic manipulations and brainwashing techniques. The companions of the highest had also felt, but for apparently converse reasons, a similar animosity towards the highest. The source of this animosity was always the SKNF and enemies of the highest this so that the enemy would drive a wedge between their family and isolate them so that the enemy can surround them and control them. It was then asked of the highest to verify this as well as develop skills and defenses to monitor these events eg write it down in a notebooks and verify who, why, what etc were part of this attack.
The SKNF then immediately attacked by removing all memory of the conversation and preventing anyone from thinking about it. The SKNF has also been telepathically inducing the highest preventing them from developing defensive skills and making it seem that it is the highest's fault eg by making them think that they are being lazy.
What also was said that the highest has only recently received one of the most important of their gifts, that of full use of their telepathy, and that this gift is one of the fundamental origins of all their wealth and must never again be lost again. The highest was advised not to allow the "Snake/Worm at World End" to be empowered and allowed to return for obvious reasons. That the highest has just received the gift of their telepathy only by the actions of those who are good and are giving their power, whether subconsciously or consciously, to that which is good. Implying that the 'good strategy' needs to be strengthened.

-SKNF trying to sell the idea that the order to "be good and do all good things" can be interpreted as 'let's kill the boss'.
-Every good person is wondering if the highest will straighten up and do what is rational and logical before the SKNF win or whether the highest, like Fruitcake, are "too far gone".
-President Obama's final speech last night a SKNF created propaganda campaign that basically said "let's kill the boss" is being good and doing all good things. It went on to say that the military and security structure is perfect and not a total failure and sold Joe Biden as if he had not already impoverished the lords and highest and were not trying to commit atrocity on them as well. What came to mind was the scene from Excalibur where the state of the land reflected the state of the King's health and vice versa. Fruitcake as expected became sexually aroused at the mention of Excalibur and as he recalled the sex scene therein.

-Request to have Fruitcake unable to explode explosives and destroy building he is housed within falls on deaf ears. He has blown a much bigger hole then previous through the ceiling/floor of another part of the building. The force of the explosion is expected to have large lever effects on the building's infrastructure thus making everyone wonder if the building is at risk of toppling.

-Damage caused by Fruitcake to building he is housed in much more severe then was shown to me. Many more holes caused by other explosions. Toxic water also leaking out onto outside of building from holes in external walls and threatening pedestrians and those walking by with contact nerve toxin.
-Fruitcake is also beginning his usual exponentially increasing attacks on what used to be the Sheraton Hotel on Mayoral drive in Auckland and which according to Google is now the Grand Millenium in Auckland. If not stopped then expect the hotel to end up like the building he works in. Have told lords etc.

-I observed the highest being puppeted by the SKNF but this time in another context where the local and foreign SKNF were working in collusion and also applied the Attack From All Sides Trick.
In this case I was discussing how Proton vehicles even 5 years after bringing up the SKNF corruption which has made this business extremely uncompetitive hence impoverishing the highest in everyway, including having the highest's supporters and family attacked and made to seem as if they are the enemy to the highest, and through the SKNF parasitizing the highest has empowered and enriched the SKNF enemy.
The SKNF vermin then attacked with both local and foreign SKNF colluding.
The sense of the attack was that foreign countries should ban products from those countries that have these economic barriers whose real reason for existence is to establish the economic entities of production and hence the non-property based wealth thus allowing these countries to be competitive and more on an equal footing with their better developed cousins. The SKNF vermin then used the cousins of these local highests like puppets as well, these cousins who themselves are highest in their own countries, like a weapon and tool of attack.
The telepathic method of the attack is the sense induced into both of these highest from these different countries that they are in opposition with each other and enemy of each other, and hiding by a form of forgetfulness the real enemy and source of this telepathic puppeting, the real danger being the SKNF vermin.
The highest from the country with the economic control and barriers is induced to feel aggression and defensiveness as they know that all countries have economic barriers. This induced aggression in the highest makes the highest direct this negativity at the populace in general, the populace who not only have been fooled by the local and foreign SKNF propaganda/media and divisive tactics, direct the negativity to the highest's cousins for apparently attacking them and direct this induced negativity towards everyone else. The enemy's intention and controlling hand hidden also by telepathic methods.
The highest from the other country is made to feel that the attack on the so called poorer country is correct and that they should attack these countries in every way instead of working in symbiosis and constructively with them to the benefit of both. Again the SKNF vermin's hand and telepathic induction techniques is hidden and made to be forgotten, the idea and blame seeming to only stem from the highest.
The telepathic induction technique is an intentional one and is developed in the following way. A lie is propagated by the SKNF, the local ones taking the local defensive side, the foreign ones told a whole lot of bullshit using bullshit and psudo-logic argument for why they should be taking a competitive and attacking stance against the own family. The psudo-logic and bullshit/nonsense forms a basis for mental and rational blinkering that is enforced by telepathic induction, a verbalization of an idea and meme complex that is never reanalyzed and if it is the subject of the attack (the highest) receives the blame anyway for being not smart enough (eg. the trade barriers are there to impoverish you on the foreign side and on the side of the attacking one the bullshit is that they are trying is trying to steal your market). Then much like how we can give our power to all that is good, the SKNF give their power to whatever makes divisiveness and impoverishes the highest. One of the symptoms of this is that the bullshit peudo-logic perpetuated by the SKNF then comes to the highest's minds, each one receiving the nonsense that pertains to their specific context (eg whether the local highest or the foreign highest). The psudo-logic is never repeated in detail again hence reducing the chance that the psydo-logic is ripped apart by reanalysis.
A variant of the Attack By Psudo-Logic Meme Trick.

-Highest ones from all countries continue to finance and support the SKNF even though the SKNF are trying to commit atrocity and incidentally kill them and have been impoverishing and puppeting them since the moment of their birth. The highest ones have only discovered the extent of their mental slavery however.
Unable to say if highest will continue this bent self-destructive course as they are also saving us. In my case and that of the agent sent to retrieve me, saving us and punishing us by keeping us hostage even though we saved them.

-All of the highest's good people continue to advise them to do that which is rational and go with the "good strategy".
Everybody else are advised to push forward with the "good strategy", each according to their strengths, starting with priorities and everything else according to capacity to do so.
Benefit of this is that it will help straighten out and strengthen the highest, weaken the SKNF and give the Earth and the human species the greatest chance of survival and once pass that, prosperity and growth.
One instance of advantage in this is that the SKNF will hide from the highest all the evil that they are doing and the impoverishment of the highest and attacks on the highest whereas what we do will be upfront and easily proven to enrich and make the highest safer.
The highest were once again reminded that they are financing the enemy with the apparent intent of impoverishing , commit atrocity and incidentally kill the highest themselves.
Fruitcake's (recent) cost of damage to the highest's assets in Auckland a good example of which. All the furniture and fittings in that building needs to be replaced. Cost expected to be about NZD 100million. This actually a drop in the ocean of what the SKNF are costing the highest. Other examples are the lost of the infinite wealth of a state including its advanced weapons and other advanced science and technologies (eg California which was reported to be lost to the SKNF if not for the highest's family elsewhere who survived because they are closer, a larger grouping and hence slightly less susceptible to being puppeted by the enemy, the "snake/worm at world's ends" aka the SKNF).
(Note addendum 18th Jaunary 2017: It is also true that the highest of the states which have all but fallen to the SKNF vermin have also been attacking their cousins who are highest in their own states and who have saved them. This because of being 'sat on' and puppeted by the SKNF vermin from the moment of their birth. This once again emphasizes the need for these 'kings' to rebuild their relationships with their family and not do their family any harm but do all good with each other. This is a defense against these kinds of divisive attacks. These 'kings' need to have all defenses as this is the only true defense and only when united are they strongest.)

-From an earlier note entry. My current incarnation of notes tell me this is from the 2nd of May 2016 but the SKNF has been screwing around with these notes for some time now and I suspect it may be wrong. I think the original formula was
Fruitcake's related but parallel incidents of ultra-craziness to the lords' resolution of the SKNF threat has taken another exponential leap into the place that only madness knows. This being a characteristic of Fruitcake's behavior.
If I were to give his craziness a mathematical formula, it would be something like
where i is a count of the number of incidents of craziness starting from April 2012.
The cost of repairing the building that Fruitcake is housed in and has damaged is roughly but officially estimated to be somewhere between NZD300million-NZD500million (three hundred million to five hundred million NZD).
Everyone is saying that we can expect this cost the exponentially increase if he is not stopped. The bet is that the building next door will be the first hit in the same way as it is geographically closest.

-Every person not in the SKNF have advised and been told to push ahead with the 'good strategy'. One expected outcome is that the 'kings' will follow as they straighten out. Furthermore we have been advised and have said that we can be honest and direct about whatever we are doing because the outcome of which is to strengthen, enrich and make safer the 'kings' whereas the SKNF will need to hide and use trickery as they intention is to impoverish and commit atrocity on them.

"What's it to you!!!"
-Fruitcake exclaiming as people were trying to put into perspective the cost of repairing the damage he has personally caused to the building he is housed in and which belongs to the 'kings' of NZ.
It was said that if all the SKNF did the same the cost would be greater then NZD100,000,000,000,000,000 (NZD 1 x 1017) or if converted to houses that are NZD1million each with a quarter acre property then would equate to 100,000,000,000 homes or 10 x 1million dollar homes for each and every person on the planet or would equate to needing approximately 2.5 x Earth's surface area including the surface areas of the oceans/seas or what would happen if the senior accountant and/or auditor handed in the financial reports and yelled "what's it to you!!!" at the boss or this being equivalent to about 100million times Keppel Corps net profit for 2015 or 8million times Microsoft Corp's net profit for 2015 etc....
The discussion then went on to wagering which building would be next. It appears the identical building next door is expected to be the likely target with a subsequent doubling of the cost. The hotels that Fruitcake is currently attacking were also given high probability of being victim to the next attack of psychotic behavior as Fruitcake's damage causing has always been exponential without variance much like his daily attention seeking. This will more then double the cost thus far.
Also mentioned is the daily incrementing and growing cost and increasing amount of undone work due to the staff having no equipment or place to do their work.

An example of Attacks By Psudo-Logic Meme Trick how the 'kings' have been bent and what I observed early this morning.

-Fruitcake furthering SKNF plans to cause massive damage. He has ordered his parasitic-symbionts to begin destroying more property including the hotels and building next door. Predicted cost to exceed NZD5Billion if he is not stopped now. Good people in NZ told to put up best defense through highest levels and best way to maximize gains as well a minimize SKNF.

The state of the world's economies is a product of the SKNF intentional implantation of the Capitalist Manifesto: (see The 'kings' good people have been advising so for some time but have been unable to win against the SKNF snake because it and its attack was invisible to all including the 'kings'.

-Some of the directives from the 'kings' conveyed via their highest good representatives:
1.Make sure and look after as best you can our relationships with other 'kings'.
2.We want our organisations to be run perfectly and be excellent.
3.We are not adverse to science and technology. On the contrary, the more knowledge the better and this is what you should be doing.
4.Interpret be good and do all good things as what it means and not "lets kill the boss".
5.The agreement that was signed by the highest lords is the only agreement that they want and will be adhered to.
6.Verify everyone and everything and use your telepathy to its fullest capability.
7.Apply the 'good' strategy and do the priority parts first (apply good strategy, give power to good etc)
-The way the SKNF keep trying to claim ownership of all science and technology is a result of their psychosis like their naughty thing psychosis and which everything reverts to their genitalia and shit. They were actually "sat on" when young to not share their toys and they have added this into the complex of misaligned summations of experiences which is also described in summary as their psychosis and insanity. Go check using telepathy if you don't believe this. It is obvious also when observing their behavior.

-It had to be Elliot St.!!!

-It was reported last night that Fruitcake started destroying the similar and attached building next door to the one he has buried himself away in. If this is true then it looks like either the good people in NZ did not take the advise given them seriously or were unable to.
Cost expected to exceed NZD5billion in short order when he expands his exponentially increasing attacks to even more property. Cost of damaging this next door building expected to exceed the previous NZD500million of furniture & fittings for the first building.
Good ppl in NZ warned again and also reminded about advice on how to organize themselves and to be quick.
Fruitcake's response today is to give him and other SKNF the job to refit and also remarked "Whatsitoyou!!!" (see

-Some proofs that 'kings' have been and are being INTENTIONALY and MALIGNANTLY brainwashed was given to me this morning. Also proof applies to everyone else, from wealthy to poor, who are and have been similarly INTENTIONALY and MALIGNANTLY brainwashed:
1.There has been no defenses against this develop even though the problem has been recorded, talked about, mentioned etc by many people including many of the 'kings' good people.
2.The 'kings' and others with their 100% knowledge and now full use of their telepathic gift can even tell how the method of attack was communicated to each member of the SKNF, when it was communicated, who was around, who was involved, whether it was passed from father to son or otherwise etc etc.
3.No record of this attack and brainwashing of the 'kings' in any of their records or recording systems.
4.SKNF in reaction to this being known showing their attack more openly recently (another accidentally found proof)
The 'kings' good people said that all this was proven in every conceivable way, including by accident when the SKNF went crazy.

-Indications are that sanity is prevailing and 'good' strategy gaining even more momentum especially in highest levels.

-Teach students to look for mutually symbiotic and beneficial ('win-win') actions and resultant outcomes first, group with good people and take their time to analyze problems. This is a defense against SKNF type puppeting, brainwashing and mind-control.
:For instance, the convincing nature in which the SKNF fool everyone into believing that the land owners will increase their wealth when the land owner attacks the residents living on their land. eg HDB flats that are aging and which the land can be used for higher revenue and wealth generating purposes. My mind was also controlled and blinkered so that I was also convinced. This is also used a variant of the Attack By Psudo-Logic Meme Trick. The SKNF ambushed me as the do the kings with the meme that there is no other logical solution to this problem but atrocity and thieving the savings of these HDB flat owners. The good guys then dropped a few hints a few hours later that there are actually many solutions that result in a win-win to both the landowner and the HDB flat owner even though the 'good' solutions are also not yet comprehensive and hence fully powered up. This requires the other things to be straighten up first as well as further analysis and integration ie doing things properly.
The atrocities that the SKNF advise the kings to perform include burning down the buildings, nuclear holocaust and world war etc (see the Capitalise Manifesto:
And there are even more solutions now considering that we are in the 21st century with 21st century technologies.

Fruitcake has been liken to Dr.Evil. The similarity rising in the ridiculous when one considers what he looked like in 2014 when his father told him to go "full tilt" and what the outcome is 2 years later today. Swollen body and head, rotting teeth, broken neck, brain damage, semen, shit and urine covered, hasn't had a shower in about 3 months...

Laparoscopic integumentation: Famous last words...

-Eisenhower was a great general. For instance, not only did he win the "Western" part of WW2 to the extent that could be done at the time AND he did not arm the 'kings' enemies. He would not have handed all the 'kings' assets, wealth, defensive tools and offensive weaponry and everything else to the 'kings' enemies nor would he have financed the 'kings' enemies to commit atrocities on the 'kings' and/or allowed the 'kings' enemies to impoverish the 'kings' in every way.
Would not have bought into the Capitalise Manifesto:

-The struggle to change to the logical "accrual" accounting from the nonsensical and so called "cash accounting" methods in NZ was related to how the SKNF tried to continue doing all things to corrupt and impoverish the country.
Singapore's failures is a result of having the SKNF infesting its body. Its long term economic strategy is correct. It has failed somewhat only because of its now known SKNF parasites killing the host.
Singapore's only mistake is to be too narrow in determining it's population. It does not exist in isolation. Its internationality is like that of England and like England it brings huge wealth eg Tamarillo jam made by a certain Ahipara family. Bring depth. And maximize its knowledge net to create even more depth. Like Education should, create many pillars to support each enterprise/endeavor. An example of a pillar for Ed is the sailing school support, accreditation, safety etc as a extension of Ed and creation of new wealth: see And basing wealth on real value and not corruption and bentness creating artificial and illusory gains.
The logic of today and the future is this. There is actually no reason for economic failure and poverty of any sort except for the existence of psychosis. There is infinite space and infinite wealth from infinite accumulations and application of knowledge and in truth all material is made from nothing.

Link here for clearer larger image:
SKNF immediate reaction to yesterday's note and this morning conversation regarding how the SKNF is the cause of all failures to the economy and how they impoverish the world including 'God'. The SKNF then used the equipment that 'God' has armed them with to attack 'God' with propaganda with the intention of further impoverishment and ultimately committing atrocity on 'God' and the rest of the world.

-'God' is empowering, has armed and financing 'God' enemies to commit atrocity on 'God' and impoverish 'God'.
'Gods' good people have said to God that God and the good people will lose as well as be unable to implement their economic, defense, Education etc etc strategies properly if God does not emplace all Gods defenses starting with removing the enemy from places where they can impoverish and attack God eg the administration, ministries and department, security etc.
We will lose because there will be too much arrayed against us.

-Everyone is aware of that we will lose if the SKNF continue to be supported. The expectation is that the 'kings' (colloquially also known as 'God') will do the sane thing and disengage the SKNF from 'the kings' finances, weapons, tools and from being employed by the 'kings'.
-Singapore's Committee on the Future Economy report completed and submitted to PM. Appears sane and good. (Good and properly thought out without corruption and SKNF attacks etc) implementation mentioned to be critical for success.
Internet version of the report corrupted immediately by SKNF using tools provided by the 'kings' for the usual reason that SKNF trying to commit all atrocities on kings and impoverish them. I hope we escape the Twilight Zone soon.
-Meanwhile Fruitcake's continues to swell making him more "Michelin Mannish". :D

-"God's" good people say that we will lose if SKNF continue to be empowered by the "Gods". The truth of whether the Gods do what is sane and good will be evident to all as its actions cannot be hidden and will be observable.
If all good things are not being done as observed, for instance, if the so called 'High Speed Rail' between Singapore and KL is allowed to continue, then it is obvious that the highest are "too far gone" in the same way that Fruitcake is "too far gone". The implication of this is that we are headed towards global atrocity and probably the destruction of the world.
Everyone has been told to continue with the "good strategy" and use the test of whether all good things are being done. If it appears that all good things are not being done then everyone are advised to get their Kevorkian kits (see: suicide pills etc).
However what everyone expects to happen is that the "Gods" will do what is sane and good. This expectation comes from observing "Gods" historical actions (they have always got together as family when under threat), as well as observing what we see today (they are saving us all and are very deliberate in action indicating sanity even while being bent) as well as looking at the probability that the "Gods" are all as crazy as Fruitcake (probability close to nil).
All it takes is for one of the "Gods" to do all good things and the rest will follow as the leader will develop and become wealthy, safer and even more powerful very quickly instead of being in this sickly state.
In fact the nature of the "Gods" SKNF puppetted fractious relationship with their other God cousins turns out to be a positive driver towards straightening out as all of them will wish to retain their balance of power with each other. Furthermore they will stop attacking each other if they "do all good things", putting in all their defenses, which will result in them eventually uniting as one. This is as it should be instead of falling to SKNF trickery and puppetting and trying to harm their own family ie they will stop supporting the enemy's team and start supporting their own. This legacy of being puppetted so that the Gods end up attacking each other will take time to extinguish and make a thing of history. The journey towards it if halted and returned towards this atrocity against themselves will also act to signal whether the evil that is the SKNF has returned. It is all good.

-Laporoscopic Integumentation may not have been eye rollingly embarrassing as first thought and it has many people wondering whether Fruitcake is actually traveling backwards through time. This byword polysyllabic and his promise that he has an army behind him.
It appears that his mad head swinging has caused massive injury to his neck vertebrae. The cartilage between a couple of these bones being almost totally ripped through with the bones being attached by the merest of cartilage "integuments" and only at the right forward corner.
He went through the usual attention seeking and father-love thing that he does when he gets into trouble, with everyone, doctors, his father, his colleagues etc, advising him to admit himself into hospital care and him playing "hard to get" in a struggle and tug between what he must do and what he wants to do.
I expect it to go the usual way, he continuing to stay in his very defecated room. The outcome is probably him ending up paralyzed from the neck down. :D
It must be a relief to his subordinates who are suffering all kinds of serious feces related and cocaine addiction diseases.

-Fruitcake is "too far gone"/too insane to hospitalize himself especially for his shattered neck vertebrae. It was said that his father will need to make the decision whether to hospitalize him or not. They were told that the mines etc will be disabled contingent on his father's wishes.
The frequency of this do you love me events with his father increasing exponentially. An ambulance sent was again left to wait. However all was not a waste of time as they also found that they were unprepared as the building is extremely toxic with the respiratory poison and the contact poisons as well as all the shit and other human waste lying about. I heard the ambulance people if called would send specialized equipment and teams that know how to work in toxic environments.

-The "father-love thing" that Fruitcake does with his dad is the I-will-hurt-myself-if-you-don-not-stop-me thing that some very young children do.
-Medical staff that have been admitting Fruitcake's team currently and will likely admit Fruitcake himself in the future have been told to take maximum precautions with them as they are psychotically and homicidally violent. This has been proven on many occasions including just the last few days when Fruitcake tried to have the ambulance people without proper ABC gear to enter the building he and his team are housed so that they are poisoned. He and his team also attacked some doctors this morning as well.
-Fruitcake's neck is broken all the way through. He has had his subordinates purchase a La=Z-Boy type chair with the slumber mechanisms so that he can sit up and lie down while still seated without putting pressure on the break in his neck.
His father is pretending that it is up to Fruitcake to call for an ambulance and pretending that he has nothing to do with Fruitcake. The hospital has said that his father is the only one that they will listen to as Fruitcake is obviously insane.

-With regards to WW3 the advise and information given is the same as note 10th February 2017, repeated below this:

"God's" good people say that we will lose if SKNF continue to be empowered by the "Gods". The truth of whether the Gods do what is sane and good will be evident to all as its actions cannot be hidden and will be observable.
If all good things are not being done as observed, for instance, if the so called 'High Speed Rail' between Singapore and KL is allowed to continue, then it is obvious that the highest are "too far gone" in the same way that Fruitcake is "too far gone". The implication of this is that we are headed towards global atrocity and probably the destruction of the world.
Everyone has been told to continue with the "good strategy" and use the test of whether all good things are being done. If it appears that all good things are not being done then everyone are advised to get their Kevorkian kits (see: suicide pills etc).
However what everyone expects to happen is that the "Gods" will do what is sane and good. This expectation comes from observing "Gods" historical actions (they have always got together as family when under threat), as well as observing what we see today (they are saving us all and are very deliberate in action indicating sanity even while being bent) as well as looking at the probability that the "Gods" are all as crazy as Fruitcake (probability close to nil).
All it takes is for one of the "Gods" to do all good things and the rest will follow as the leader will develop and become wealthy, safer and even more powerful very quickly instead of being in this sickly state.
In fact the nature of the "Gods" SKNF puppetted fractious relationship with their other God cousins turns out to be a positive driver towards straightening out as all of them will wish to retain their balance of power with each other. Furthermore they will stop attacking each other if they "do all good things", putting in all their defenses, which will result in them eventually uniting as one. This is as it should be instead of falling to SKNF trickery and puppetting and trying to harm their own family ie they will stop supporting the enemy's team and start supporting their own. This legacy of being puppetted so that the Gods end up attacking each other will take time to extinguish and make a thing of history. The journey towards it if halted and returned towards this atrocity against themselves will also act to signal whether the evil that is the SKNF has returned. It is all good.

-Turns out it wasn't a LaZBoy chair at all but one of those high end mobile wheelchairs with powered everything including reclining functions etc.
-Auckland also experienced observing a fire in the buildings on Elliot St (Le Lion St ie belongs to God/Lord) where Fruitcake is housed. He set a fire in one of the lower floors and then put the fire out after a while using the sprinkler systems. I was told that this causes the metal rebar to expand and weaken the concrete super-structure damaging and endangering the building by structural failure.
-I suspect Fruitcake's subordinates are just as insane. Some are going blind and it is almost sure that all of them have amoeba in their lungs from inhaling "arse-coke" since this was found in at least one of them that was admitted into hospital when he almost died from dysentery. They are allowed to leave to be hospitalized but Fruitcake has said they cannot return. Actually they have been told that it is up to his father as Fruitcake is "obviously insane".
They also shot out some windows using their pistols and Kevlar bullets and this probably because they just wanted to see what happens. Many other glass panels smashed as well so they could let air in and cool off their very warm rooms. Seeing it is an Auckland summer I expect it is quite hot and fortunate they spend all their time naked. :D
-Fruitcake was already considered crazy by everyone even before I knew about telepathy, before I got to Malaysia, before I knew about the 'The_Diamond_Age_Plan, before...
Unknown to me they were already calling him "Fruit" in Malaysia years ago (well before 2004 anyway).

-The microcosm of insanity that is Fruitcake, his subordinates, Desperate_Dad (Fruitcake's father) and his subordinates exemplifies what is going on with the 'kings' and what we see in front of us ie the continuing empowerment of the SKNF and their continuing attempts at atrocity and destruction as well as corruption and such like evil and negatives on the one hand and the fact that we are all being saved by the 'kings' and other good things on the other. The silence hides many things like Desperate_Dad's and his subordinates silence hides many things.
It is obvious that some of the 'kings' are "too far gone" but not all. The majority of the kings while also having been bent are sane and the more that the rest of us as well as themselves apply the "good strategy" the more we win and the straighter, safer etc the 'kings' become as well as ourselves. This explains what we are observing today.
What the 'kings' have been advised by the 'kings' themselves as well as their good people is that the kings and the rest of us will lose if the SKNF continue to be empowered. That the only solution is to do what is rational and logical and disempower the SKNF and empower their good people and do all good things and straighten everything up.
This also one again proves that we all have a part to play and a responsibility to ensure that we do well no matter how small or large.

-What we have observed recently concerning Fruitcake and Desperate_Dad and their respective subordinates:
Fruitcake's continued destructive activities with bombs, hand weapons etc within the building on Elliot St. in Auckland has alarmed a number of engineers who say that the building is at high risk of toppling as the super structure is being heavily damaged. All the damage is bad but the worse is the damage to the bracing walls because these walls prevent the resonant twisting effects that oblong and round buildings like these experience. Furthermore his subordinates are suffering serious disease from ingesting and covering themselves with Fruitcake's and their own poohs. They can actually leave and get themselves treated but they way they were brought up has made them insane. So they sit there and only leave when they have proven to their fathers, subordinates of Desperate_Dad, that their sons have suffered as a man should suffer before giving up.
Meanwhile Desperate_Dad has been made responsible for Fruitcake. However instead of hospitalizing him for his various pooh caused diseases and mental illness Desperate_Dad has chosen to leave him in place to continue to burn down his colleagues homes, try to kill both their subordinates etc. This proving that Desperate_Dad is likewise insane and his taking responsibility for these attacks. This insanity was proven earlier when he tried to kill his own parents.
He and Fruitcake and their subordinates are also making every attempt to kill Fruitcake's mother and her parents. This includes every trick to T-bone her car with trucks other vehicles, putting oil on the road so she careens off at high speed, electronically taking over the steering mechanism of her car and causing the car to careen out of control and basically one long continuous attempts on their lives.
Desperate_Dad's subordinates are likewise as insane but like the rest exhibit this insanity within their specific context. In their context they keep their sons within the psyops rooms with Fruitcake until they almost die and then ask Desperate_Dad to ask the higher psyops to allow them to be released. These sons of psycho then stumble out and get taken away to a hospital where they are treated. This and their continuing attempts at atrocity.
Fruitcake is attacking their sons also because they tried to kill him as Desperate_Dad's subordinates also tried to kill Desperate_Dad as well.

-One of Desperate_Dad's committed atrocities and crimes against humanity was let known. This was a serial killing of a family that owned a farm and which farm then ended up in Desperate_Dad's ownership.
The scene I saw was Desperate_Dad shooting the family's young daughter in front of them as they were forced to sit on the couch and watch. The child was very young, blonde haired. The family were Caucasian, blonde to light brown haired. House on that farm was largish and well furnished and by implication the deceased family were fairly wealthy.
-I finally saw a picture of the young woman that Fruitcake raped and then ordered to be murdered and then her body cremated. She had honey blonde hair. Very pretty. Seemed quite vivacious. She stumbled into Fruitcake's line of sight and hence his evil insanity.

Is this a message from the 'kings' regarding their intentions? The inclusion of SKNF psychosis in the message is what happens when the SKNF are empowered. The truth is that we will observe what the 'kings' intentions are and as mentioned previously it is probably going to be a sane response to the SKNF threat. However we still need to wait and judge by what happens in reality.
The nature of the context also tells us that there is no half way, no allowing the SKNF to be part of this or that. Either they are empowered or not. A binary answer. Yes they are empowered or no they are not.
Also the fact that what needs to be done, rational and sane things that need to be done, needs to be done immediately. We are well on the way to atrocity and destruction due to SKNF continuing empowerment and activity. This tells us that if we do not see the disempowerment of the SKNF happening now/soon then it will not happen at all and that the 'kings', like Fruitcake, are "too far gone".
My observations is that the 'kings' are generally sane and leads me to expect that they will do what is rational and what is good.

-Hospital where Fruitcake's subordinates are being treated for shit related diseases due to Fruitcake etc psychosis was attacked by Fruitcake last night.
At least one or more patients at the hospital were attacked telepathically as well as were threatened. This is as was predicted would happen.
The hospital was told that this is a precursor to Fruitcake's exponentially increasing frequency and violence of attacks on the hospital, its staff and patients.
They need to get protection against Fruitcake and his subordinates from the highest and they need to do it with urgency (NOW!). This was told to them before 10am this morning SF time, before 09am this morning on the 19th Feb 2017 NZ time.
The hospital was told that if they are not guaranteed protection by 'God' then they need to have Fruitcake's subordinates hospitalized somewhere isolated from the other patients and in a place of their own. I suggest an insane asylum. They are insane. The attacks will occur but will peter out eventually.
Fruitcake already has in his head to attack the surgeons when they are in operation so that a slip and/or mistakes occurs and the patient dies or his harmed permanently and seriously.

Vietnam war, Korean war, Revolutionary war in Russia, China, Asia etc (prelude to WW1 and then WW2) are examples of the SKNF doing a collusive and corrupt variant of the Take-All-Sides-Trick. The good eventually came together and won the war but not without massive evil perpetrated. This is a common SKNF trick and one being done even now with the USA vs China or Russia or Mexico or North Korea or Syria or ....

-Fruitcake has a new name: Bloated Obese Corpse: because he looks like one.

-Fruitcake and Desperate_Dad, their subordinates and, in support, the rest of the SKNF, especially those in psyops, have been trying to cause serious injury and kill the emergency crew attending to Fruitcake's fires and emergency callouts whenever one of his subordinates becomes incapacitated with poison or disease.
They are doing this by not telling the emergency crew of the dangers that they face when they respond to Fruitcake's etc psychosis.
The emergency crew are being told to enter without proper ABC protection the extremely hazardous environment that is now the standard of the building on Elliot St Auckland where Fruitcake etc is housed.
The dangers include being poisoned by respiratory weapons and that red poison gas/contact poison.
The attacks also include attacks on the hospital staff such as the doctors and surgeons and their patients.
Fruitcake has obtained a number of large bags of the crystalized version of that red contact poison. Yesterday he had one of his subordinates empty a whole bag of this contact poison into the fouled water from the sprikler systems as a type of anti-personnel mine for the planned attack on the emergency staff that were called out, emergency staff being fire response and ambulance.
This backfired as well and this subordinate inhaled poison gas that immediately emanated when the crystal dissolved in the water. They then called the ambulance which was at risk of being similarly poisoned by residual material on this subordinates clothes as well as if they had entered the building.
Meanwhile Fruitcake had lit another fire in the building and fire staff were attending to the fire and inhaling the toxic smoke that has also traces of these poisons from Fruitcake's etc earlier and current activities.
Other people in the vicinity were also told to get their vehicles from the parking spaces below as well as not to return to the building until it is made safe. One of the reasons for this was that the dissolved concentrated poisons were leaking down into the shopping area and the car parks below, the other general reasons being it has become too dangerous for all these reasons above as well as Fruitcake's etc violent attacks..
The SKNF then had me tell the emergency crew of their danger in another one of their tricks and pretence that I am their telephone. Their intention is to harm the emergency crew as well as others within the vicinity.
Apparently the amount of red toxin used by Fruitcake last night is enough to kill a city.
The world using Auckland and Fruitcake etc as an example was again told to apply the "good strategy" and that each and every person has a responsibility for their safety.
They were also told that one of the reasons that they need to apply the "good strategy" is that the SKNF are also in senior positions everywhere. For instance in this case it is probable that the reason why the emergency crew and other staff are continually attacked by the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin is that there is SKNF pretending incompetence at the very top of the emergency/hospital system and hence these organizations are not doing what is rational ie informing the staff, putting and implementing emergency response plans etc that takes into account the current context.
The example of the SKNF serial killing pervert vermin senior doctor and member of the board at SFGH was given as example and how he not only has tried to kill me but has entered lies into the medical documents regarding myself.
The emergency crew, the medical staff and the whole world were told once again that yes the SKNF are trying to commit atrocity on them.

-The prediction is that the SKNF via Fruitcake will try to poison all of Auckland and the surrounding areas.
It is expected that his subordinates will dust the city with yellowcake and/or that red and very toxic poison gas crystals and/or the white respiratory poison powder weapon all of which Fruitcake etc have plenty of and probably enough to poison all of NZ.
They are expected to do this by tossing it off the building and/or via the buildings broken windows. The building will probably be the one Fruitcake is housed in ie on Elliot St, Auckland NZ. He could also do it from other connecting buildings.

-Fruitcake is a fat bloated corpse suffering from fecal bovine syndrome.

-'Kings' good people once again reiterate that nothing can be done to straighten things up, make things safe etc until SKNF is disempowered.

-Best of Fruitcake: He could only fit into his ABC helmet so they had to get him a much larger ABC "fat" suit

-Repeating again what the situation is:
1.The kings and their good people have asked every good person to apply the "good strategy".
2.The kings good people and the kings have said that nothing can be done regarding straightening up everything, eliminating total failure etc until SKNF are disempowered.
3.Probability of SKNF winning due to total failure in kings (ie the kings being majority and/or critical elements insane) is nil.
4.Resolution of first part of SKNF threat lies with the kings.
5.Everybody has a responsibility to contribute to winning and to seeing the success of humanity and Earth.
6.SKNF making every attempt to commit atrocity on the world and if they are successful will result in total global destruction
7.Due to context, amount of evil and damage etc etc we need to collaborate at every level including internationally and intranationally to get the job done properly and efficiently.
8.We need to have every defense implemented for all eternity etc.

-Some of the diseases you can get if you inhale feces: tuberculosis, lesions and sores on your lungs on other parts of the respiratory system, lung warts (wet warts clusters in your lungs and other parts of the respiratory system), cancer...
Fruitcake's subordinates who have been inhaling "arse coke" have all the above.
Not to mention the cocaine addiction and withdrawals...

-The following is another example of a very insidious and subtle SKNF trick and which we already have a trigger mechanism in which to activate our defenses but for the fact that we have taken our fundamental lessons for granted.
  The SKNF impoverish all parts of a family. The larger families suffer this in particular as the assets and estate are in the hands of those at the very top of the wealth hierarchy in that family while the total members of that family usually have some form of a claim on those assets, these claims can be made to seem greater (and hence expensive to defend against) when there is corruption within the legal and judiciary bodies. These family members range in levels of wealth from being extremely poor, this due to SKNF impoverishment, to relatively wealthy. It is usually these poor that the SKNF use as tools of attack but the attack can be from anywhere especially if members of that family are bent by SKNF brainwashing and telepathy.
  What usually happens is that the SKNF will offer to enrich members of a family if those members help the SKNF obtain that family's estate, especially land. What also happens is that most of the members of that family will say that they do not want anything to do with the property and resist being included into any decisions regarding that property. This so they are not used as pawns against their own family and also to show respect to their own family. And usually we think we have won.
  However actually the SKNF has just won.
  The reason for this is as follows:
The fundamental lesson for any family whatsoever is that they must be symbiotic and synergistic with each other. Family members must also never attack each other. The SKNF wins in this case because the family has accidentally forgot this fundamental requirement to be symbiotic. They show this forgetfulness when they disassociate from each other. This then allows the SKNF to overwhelm telepathically and by crowding out the wealthy and key members of the family as they have now been isolated and are susceptible to being puppeted, telepathically manipulated etc. An accidental breakdown of the family's fundamental defense and an attack that the SKNF uses all the time.
  One of the reasons why this happens is that every successful family will reach a size where it is impossible to do what can be done in smaller families ie get together, get to know each other, grow up with each other etc.
  This does not mean that the fundamental of being symbiotic within families can be ignored and disregarded.
  What it means is that the methods required to ensure that this fundamental symbiosis is maintained needs to be expanded and increased.
For instance, it should be part of our Education and social practices including the history of why we do things. All forms of poverty must be eliminated. Mechanisms for eliminating poverty such as the HDB and PR1MA housing are other instances where the fundamental of maintaining family strength is correctly inculcated.
  In other words every good thing must be done. This is also a way of putting in every defense against the SKNF. Families need to work together within and with other families.
  This problem has been around for as long as humanity has been around and can be found recorded in our historical documents including the bible. It is about time we as a species make conscious effort to be rational and sane and put in every defense and structure against or biological inadequacies.
  With respect to the specific context of a family: I say that the family must ask themselves what is it that they want. The answer should be everything there is to have without evil. Then to get what the family wants it is a simple and well known procedure of going through what is possible, looking at what the family has including what is can obtain, adhering to the simple and rational fundamentals and planning and implementing direction. This will lead to a win-win and will eliminate all poverty. Simple.

-Repeating again what the situation is:
1.The kings and their good people have asked every good person to apply the "good strategy".
2.The kings good people and the kings have said that nothing can be done regarding straightening up everything, eliminating total failure etc until SKNF are disempowered.
3.Probability of SKNF winning due to total failure in kings (ie the kings being majority and/or critical elements insane) is nil.
4.Resolution of first part of SKNF threat lies with the kings.
5.Everybody has a responsibility to contribute to winning and to seeing the success of humanity and Earth.
6.SKNF making every attempt to commit atrocity on the world and if they are successful will result in total global destruction
7.Due to context, amount of evil and damage etc etc we need to collaborate at every level including internationally and intranationally to get the job done properly and efficiently.
8.We need to have every defense implemented for all eternity etc.
The 'kings' said that we will observe the SKNF being taken down SOON

-Artist impression of what Fruitcake may currently look like

-'Kings' who own NZ have been told about Fruitcake's exponentially increasing attacks on the population of Auckland and with specific reference to the medical personnel who have fallen into his line of sight. They have been told that if they do not arrest these attacks immediately and directly then, with respect to these medical personnel, patients will be seriously harmed. And the cost will far exceed the >NZD500million it has cost already with respect to Auckland and NZ.
The 'kings' have been told that there are only 2 ways to stop Fruitcake. One way is to have him killed by advance weapons. The other way is to hospitalize him and have him sedated until they finally resolve the SKNF threat.
  What actually happens will be indicative of whether NZ is being managed by "crazy god" or, as is expected by everybody, by "sane god". It was mentioned that if it is "crazy god" then the non-SKNF populace there are in deep trouble and need to at least get their Kevorkian kits ready.
-As predicted would happen Fruitcake has started using the yellowcake and phosgene poison together with the intention of poisoning all of Auckland.
He has spread the yellowcake and phosgene crystals in the arcade part of the building on Elliot St, Auckland NZ. The phosgene crystal being hygroscopic has absorbed water from the air and has become a concentrated liquid poison and poison gas and has mixed with the yellowcake. This is expected to cause the yellowcake to also become gaseous or airborne.
It is obvious that "sane god" is using the advanced weapons to destroy the poison(s) that are escaping the building.
-The SKNF are all keeping an eye on the medical centers with the intention of doing what Fruitcake intends to do.
-The SKNF, like Fruitcake is doing in Auckland, are trying to maximize impoverishment in order to forward their only and winning strategy ie growing their enslaved numbers to get telepathic dominance. This is also one of the reasons why Fruitcake and the SKNF's attacks in Auckland and NZ is indicative of "crazy god" being in charge.

-Repeating again what the situation is:
1.The kings and their good people have asked every good person to apply the "good strategy".
2.The kings good people and the kings have said that nothing can be done regarding straightening up everything, eliminating total failure etc until SKNF are disempowered.
3.Probability of SKNF winning due to total failure in kings (ie the mad kings being majority and/or critical elements insane) is nil.
4.Resolution of first part of SKNF threat lies with the kings.
5.Everybody has a responsibility to contribute to winning and to seeing the success of humanity and Earth.
6.SKNF making every attempt to commit atrocity on the world and if they are successful will result in total global destruction
7.Due to context, amount of evil and damage etc etc we need to collaborate at every level including internationally and intranationally to get the job done properly and efficiently.
8.We need to have every defense implemented for all eternity etc.
The 'kings' said that we will observe the SKNF being taken down SOON

-Nothing has been done about the specific threat and attacks that Fruitcake is and is doing. This means that NZ, same as everywhere else is suffering from "mad king problem".
  "Mad kings" are behaving in the same way that Serial Killer had during 2014-2015 when he was given the opportunity to lead and command an attack on the Auckland pysops building and especially the SKNF within. He seemed to become much happier, went into that 1000 yard stare mode, grew in apparent self esteem and then became deflated when it fell apart. Appears "mad kings" also seeking companionship from their enemies like Serial Killer used to every Xmas holidays and even when held hostage.
  Advice by "sane kings" is to continue with and do "good strategy".
This especially so for medical personnel that have been and are under immediate threat from being in Fruitcake's line of sight.

-This morning the SKNF were signaled by their SKNF superiors and the "mad kings" to do what Fruitcake is doing and cause as much damage and chaos as possible with especial focus on causing impoverishment and poverty much like the area around Elliot St is experiencing from Fruitcake's continuing attacks and psychosis.
The SKNF have been told to use all and any means including employment by false charges, damage to organizations and business etc etc.

1.The kings and their good people have asked every good person to apply the "good strategy".
2.The kings good people and the kings have said that nothing can be done regarding straightening up everything, eliminating total failure etc until SKNF are disempowered.
3.Probability of SKNF winning due to total failure in kings (ie the "mad kings" being majority of highest and/or most important parts of security services and critical elements insane) is nil.
4.Resolution of first part of SKNF threat lies with the kings.
5.Everybody has a responsibility to contribute to winning and to seeing the success of humanity and Earth.
6.SKNF making every attempt to commit atrocity on the world and if they are successful will result in total global destruction
7.Due to context, amount of evil and damage etc etc we need to collaborate at every level including internationally and intranationally to get the job done properly and efficiently.
8.We need to have every defense implemented for all eternity etc.
The 'kings' said that we will observe the SKNF being taken down SOON

-See the vision and beware the "It can't be done because....." or "it was done badly because..."

-Fruitcake etc has thrown bags of plastic explosives, phosgene and yellowcake down the elevator shaft of the other building, twin to the one that he is housed in, on Elliot St, Auckland.
The bags have split open, the phosgene forming a concentrated liquid which is also absorbing the yellowcake. This has formed a VERY TOXIC GAS as well.
This VERY TOXIC RADIOACTIVE POISON GAS is expected to permeate all levels of this building and other conjoining buildings through the elevator shafts and corridors and if the problem is not fixed will poison the whole area and buildings as well.

-Fruitcake etc reportedly throwing yellowcake and phosgene bags out of smashed building windows trying to poison external to building and Auckland specifically. Phosgene will likely form concentrated liquid and toxic gas along with yellowcake suspension.
-Fruitcake etc are also attacking the patients at the hospital(s) as predicted.
-Fruitcake going blind from "arse eye disease".

-Brexit (aka Break It) and Trump Administration and other public indications of corruption in the guise of incompetence and supposed Government work are symptoms of SKNF and mad gods attempts to maximize chaos with especial focus on causing mass impoverishment. The SKNF's etc underlying intention of this is the primary SKNF strategy which is to build their telepathic strength by enslaving the poor to telepathic superiority and hence obtain encryption protecting weaponry and sane gods other assets in pursuit of SKNF conspiracy and committing global atrocity.
A snowflake compared to all the ice in the solar system when measured against every attempt and evil the SKNF etc are doing.
-Everyone on Earth are continuing to be told to do the "good strategy" as their topmost priority.

-Sane lords and gods have been asked if we can begin, and to direct and facilitate URGENT, straightening work as there is so much to do and most of the completion times are externally determined eg estimated over 100million people leaving our education systems without an education thus increasing poverty and supporting SKNF threat type failures. Education needs to be ready at most in 2 years.
Preparatory work should begin now.

-Fruitcake etc appears to be taking every bag of yellowcake and phosgene crystals in the Auckland region and have started peppering and dusting the area from the building they are housed in on Elliot St Auckland and other adjoining buildings with the intention of poisoning the whole of Auckland, causing massive evil and chaos and with the ultimate goal of causing mass unemployment and poverty. They are also trying to break the encryption that are protecting the advanced weapons from enemy control.
Their ultimate objective is the SKNF's one of building an army of compliant slaves so that they can get telepathic superiority and hence take control of the good lords/sane gods machinery by obtaining encryption information.
The reason why Fruitcake etc are allowed to do so is probably related the corruption within the "sane kings" security services. This corrupt enemy within are not directly resolving the cause of the problem but only attending to the symptoms so that they can get signaling information and attempt to break the encryption protecting the advanced weapons from enemy control. The advanced weapons are being used to destroy the poisons and hence are preventing the whole of Auckland from being destroyed by dirty nuclear bomb and phosgene toxin.
Once again proving how fortunate we are and how deeply corrupted and embedded the enemy is and was.

-Repeating what the state of things are:
1.The kings and their good people have asked every good person to apply the "good strategy".
2.The kings good people and the kings have said that nothing can be done regarding straightening up everything, eliminating total failure etc until SKNF are disempowered.
3.Probability of SKNF winning due to total failure in kings (ie the "mad kings" being majority of highest and/or most important parts of security services and critical elements insane) is nil.
4.Resolution of first part of SKNF threat lies with the kings.
5.Everybody has a responsibility to contribute to winning and to seeing the success of humanity and Earth.
6.SKNF making every attempt to commit atrocity on the world and if they are successful will result in total global destruction
7.Due to context, amount of evil and damage etc etc we need to collaborate at every level including internationally and intranationally to get the job done properly and efficiently.
8.We need to have every defense implemented for all eternity etc.
The 'kings' said that we will observe the SKNF being taken down SOON

-Fruitcake's "arse eye disease" progressed to as below and probably even worse. There are pustules growing underneath the eyelids and touching the eyes forming what seems like "pillows". :D

-Fruitcake set off a large bomb in the elevator well of the TWIN to the building he is housed in on Elliot St, Auckland.
Apparently the whole of Auckland felt and heard it. It probably caused substantial damage to the elevator well. Everyone is wondering if the effect will be enough to cause the building to collapse as the elevator shaft appears to be a significant part to what holds the building up.
The bomb itself was surrounded by split bags of yellowcake and phosgene which was then spread by the explosion. It is expected that these toxin will spread to all the adjoining buildings.
Fruitcake also set alight a number of floors in this twin building, smoke could be seen clear across Auckland.

-Fruitcake is now blind.
He is incapacitated and cannot function without caregiving. He is using his subordinates as a kind of "seeing eye subordinate" and having them be his caregivers. His eyes look somewhat like the image below.

His eye sight is expected to become even worse without medical intervention. There has been talk of the infection travelling up his optic nerves which will cause total and irreparable blindness and even into what's left of his brain.
-Fruitcake's subordinates have been asked by senior SKNF to leave in order that they do not do what Fruitcake and his father are doing. Fruitcake and his father are burning down and blowing up SKNF homes in the Auckland region and are expected to do the same to SKNF homes all over NZ.
While it is too early to say for sure it looks like Fruitcake's subordinates are as crazy as Desperate_Dad and will not take this opportunity to stop attacking their own SKNF colleagues.
Fruitcake's subordinates were able to lay the responsibility of these attacks on their SKNF colleagues on Fruitcake before he became blind.
-The SKNF are all also destroying public property like the twin security buildings on Elliot St and their adjoining buildings, trying to poison everyone in Auckland with phosgene and yellowcake and also probably the white powdered respiratory toxin and attempting by every means to forward the SKNF primary objective of mass atrocity, impoverishment and enslavement.

-I and every other person in San Francisco heard the order to house me as directed.

-Fruitcake's subordinates are showing even more signs of taking up where Fruitcake has left off and will continue in the burning and bombing of their colleague's homes.
Like Desperate_Dad they are pretending that they are not responsible and are instead being coerced by Fruitcake, an excuse they had had until yesterday.
Fruitcake had been forcing his subordinates to defecate on themselves, eat his and their own feces and the feces of their team etc by gassing them and corralling them in their rooms using antipersonnel mines and shooting at them. This all ended yesterday with Fruitcake's blindness. This means that they have decided to be co-responsible with Fruitcake and his father for the cost to their SKNF-NZ colleague's estates.
I expect their fathers will be the same as Desperate_Dad.
This probably explains why they seem unworried that their grandparents are also being caught up in sleeplessness, danger to themselves from reprisals and so on. Fruitcake had mentioned that they stand to inherit their grandparents estate. I had thought this a joke.
-Fruitcake's reaction to his recent blindness has been a change in tone if not unconscious intent with his subordinates. He has started speaking nicely to them and even attempts to sound jokey while he still has them fiddling with their poos and diarrhea. They continue to fiddle with their poos making one wonder if there is some sadomasochism thing going on here. He is now totally reliant on them which means that they have seen his boils, pimples, sores and poo covered totality and his bloated hunchbacked body. :D
(20th March 2017 MC: I forgot to mention how Fruitcake went through a series of mental states. These were a)Jokey and friendly with subordinates even while they were eating their poos - first time observed b)The soliloquy of hate where I am to expect the wrath of all that is evil c)Superactive commander who has suffered "just a scratch"

d)Battle mode...)

-Good kings and lords tell us to continue doing the "good strategy"
-Repeating what the state of things are:
1.The kings and their good people have asked every good person to apply the "good strategy".
2.The kings good people and the kings have said that nothing can be done regarding straightening up everything, eliminating total failure etc until SKNF are disempowered.
3.Probability of SKNF winning due to total failure in kings (ie the "mad kings" being majority of highest and/or most important parts of security services and critical elements insane) is nil.
4.Resolution of first part of SKNF threat lies with the kings.
5.Everybody has a responsibility to contribute to winning and to seeing the success of humanity and Earth.
6.SKNF making every attempt to commit atrocity on the world and if they are successful will result in total global destruction
7.Due to context, amount of evil and damage etc etc we need to collaborate at every level including internationally and intranationally to get the job done properly and efficiently.
8.We need to have every defense implemented for all eternity etc.
The 'kings' said that we will observe the SKNF being taken down SOON
-There are 2 armies.
1.The mad gods and the SKNF. Many of these mad gods have lost all to the senior SKNF within their electronics and advanced tech divisions so their command is a little nebulous.
2.The sane gods and all the rest of us who are NOT SKNF.

-Fruitcake and Desperate_Dad and their team have moved into "battle mode" as well as continuing to blow up by explosive and burn their SKNF colleague's homes as well as the Lord of Auckland's Elliot St properties.
The word is that Fruitcake etc are destroying the homes of the 'smaller' members of the local SKNF in order that all the hotel rooms be taken before they do the same to the homes of the 'larger' and senior colleagues, hence with the intention of leaving them stranded and without sufficient housing. A "crafty" plan

-Good kings and lords tell us to continue doing the "good strategy".
-Repeating what the state of things are:
1.The kings and their good people have asked every good person to apply the "good strategy".
2.The kings good people and the sane kings have said that nothing can be done regarding straightening up everything, eliminating total failure etc until SKNF are disempowered.
3.Probability of SKNF winning due to total failure in kings (ie the "mad kings" being majority of highest and/or most important parts of security services and critical elements insane) is nil.
4.Resolution of first part of SKNF threat lies with the kings.
5.Everybody has a responsibility to contribute to winning and to seeing the success of humanity and Earth.
6.SKNF making every attempt to commit atrocity on the world and if they are successful will result in total global destruction
7.Due to context, amount of evil and damage etc etc we need to collaborate at every level including internationally and intranationally to get the job done properly and efficiently.
8.We need to have every defense implemented for all eternity etc.
The 'kings' said that we will observe the SKNF being taken down SOON
-There are 2 armies.
1.The mad gods and the SKNF. Many of these mad gods have lost all to the senior SKNF within their electronics and advanced tech divisions hence SKNF command is a little nebulous.
2.The sane gods and all the rest of us who are NOT SKNF.

-This is an example of what all the SKNF are doing in order to further their atrocities and evil.
Fruitcake's team are entering themselves into hospital under the guise of their self inflicted feces ingestion etc and related injuries in order that they have someone in the hospital to cause damage, chaos, kill and other atrocities to the patients, medical staff and the building itself.
The medical staff have been advised to sedate the SKNF when admitted.

-Maths questions:
If 'bin poo' is worse then 'new poo' and 'shoe poo' is worse then 'bin poo' then what is 'new poo' to 'shoe poo' when eaten orally?

-The Idiot-Sons are now starting to attack the adjoining buildings to the psyops twin buildings on Elliot St. It was reported that they are defecating in the corridors of the adjoining hotels.
The Idiot-Sons are pretending that blind Fruitcake is in control and ordering them to do this and that they have no choice. This is a lie. They are attacking autonomously as well as have been observed to be having a laugh at Fruitcake's grotesqueness.
Expect the buildings and surrounding area totally destroyed if they are not reprimanded in the most direct and deterring manner. They, like versions of Fruitcake, have that behavioral thing where they send a feeler in and if not dealt to will increase the attacks and damage exponentially.

-"If it were possible it would have happened already.":Reason why Fruitcake, his team and their fathers cannot stop doing insane things. It is because they are all insane.
-Bombs and fires are going off all over Auckland as Idiot-Sons go for "everything" and attack their SKNF colleagues. "Crafty plan" falling apart slightly as Idiot-Sons open a new front of US based SKNF. The plan called for attacks on other regions outside of Auckland after Auckland is taken. My wager is on Whangerei.
-I had thought that one of the reasons for the pressures on Fruitcake to be an important part of what initiated the Mexican Standoff was in part external competition for seniority in a very important employment role. It appears that the competition actually came mainly from the internal team.
Fruitcake's team and their fathers are not only acting like Fruitcake in their constant attacks on their SKNF colleagues as well as their other superiors but are also telepathically and every other way blaming their actions on Fruitcake and his father. Meanwhile they are also doing crazy things like eating their poos even while attending to their hygiene like having more showers.
Again I suspect there is an element of sadomasochism in their insane psychotic complex.

-World continue to be told to prioritize doing the "good strategy" as SKNF in full attack mode which includes impoverishment by causing interest to raise until loans are unpayable. This means that SKNF corruption in collusion in banking system. I also observed many schools in SF taking orders from the SKNF and sending the young to places where they are fooled by the SKNF, endangered by the SKNF etc etc. Means heavy SKNF infestation within schools.
The evil is showing its face more openly. Also means we are winning.

-The Fruitcake and the Idiot-Sons and their fathers also paid for the assassination of some SKNF using their NZ Police cum security services provided credit cards as they did not want to use their own money. This a symptom of the corruption within the security services, banking system etc etc.

-Idiot-Sons have abandoned Fruitcake altogether and are only pretending to see him as a superior.
Observed yesterday during altercation with other parts of SKNF trying to rid themselves of the Idiot-Sons' and their father's and Desperate_Dad's attack on themselves, They donned their ABC suits and did not help Fruitcake into his even though he asked for help a number of times. Fruitcake then got out of his chair, groped around for his blanket and covered himself with it. One could hear the tune of the Thornbirds tear jerker violins in the background. Also heard was mention of suicide instead of surrender.
The white colored respiratory poison gas and a number of small explosives were detonated on the floor in the building on Elliot St, Auckland, where the Idiot-Sons' are housed. There was also some spilled phosgene liquid. Also all the yellowcake bags had split leaving a couple of tons of yellowcake powder free in the corridor adjoining their rooms.
The yellowcake is radioactive and there are early signs that the Idiot-Sons and Fruitcake are suffering from radiation exposure. This in the form of swollen neck lymph nodes.
The yellowcake has been in that corridor for quite a while, over 15 days at least.
The rough estimate of the number of neutrons given off is something like 1-2 x 1014 rads over the pass 10 days.
Idiot-Sons and Fruitcake have probably absorbed quite a few rads. They continue to absorb more radiation the longer they hole up in their sewer.
Also observed were 2 of the Idiot-Sons being taken away, one to hospital and one to prison.
The one to hospital suffered a bomb explosion as repercussion for attacking SKNF_USA. The other was going to get dinner for his team and was ambushed by the local SKNF_NZ who are under attack from the Idiot-Sons etc. The Idiot-Sons and Fruitcake are now eating MREs (military packaged meals that are self cooking without using flames ie Meals Ready to Eat) and are not venturing outside of their building/sewer.
Expectation is that the Idiot-Sons etc will collapse anytime soon.
-Also observed was the two opposing SKNF groups (Idiot-Sons etc and their fathers vs SKNF-NZ_Auckland_NorthShore_Other?) in full battle gear waiting for orders to attack each other. They were also using it as an opportunity to attack the non-SKNF under the guise of their interSKNF altercation.

-Sane and good lords/kings ask us to continue doing the good strategy.
-Current situation is repeated below:
Repeating what the state of things are:
1.The kings and their good people have asked every good person to apply the "good strategy".
2.The kings good people and the sane kings have said that nothing can be done regarding straightening up everything, eliminating total failure etc until SKNF are disempowered.
3.Probability of SKNF winning due to total failure in kings (ie the "mad kings" being majority of highest and/or most important parts of security services and critical elements insane) is nil.
4.Resolution of first part of SKNF threat lies with the kings.
5.Everybody has a responsibility to contribute to winning and to seeing the success of humanity and Earth.
6.SKNF making every attempt to commit atrocity on the world and if they are successful will result in total global destruction
7.Due to context, amount of evil and damage etc etc we need to collaborate at every level including internationally and intranationally to get the job done properly and efficiently.
8.We need to have every defense implemented for all eternity etc.
The 'kings' said that we will observe the SKNF being taken down SOON
There are 2 armies:
1.The mad gods and the SKNF. Many of these mad gods have lost all to the senior SKNF within their electronics and advanced tech divisions hence SKNF command is a little nebulous.
2.The sane gods and all the rest of us who are NOT SKNF.
We are winning.

-The SKNF are working at maximum capacity using all their embedded serial killing pervert vermin in Government, schools, within the poor and broken families, within young children etc etc to grow their telepathic power by securing slaves.
The weakest and youngest are being especially targeted.
This works towards their PRIMARY and WINNING STRATEGY.
We must BE MORE PROACTIVE and take the initiative.
Are we too disorganized?
Prioritize our organization to fix this problem IMMEDIATELY and get people that are not doing the good strategy to do so.
Everyone again advised to do the "good" strategy.

-Overheard from one of the Idiot-Sons' father (not Desperate_Dad) : "Burn them all down!!!" (SKNF houses in NZ).

The "Crafty Plan" has been dropped by the Idiot-Sons', ex-subordinates of Fester Ring-Pile aka Fruitcake.
The Idiot-Sons' are now attacking the most senior members of SKNF-NZ in Auckland with almost guaranteed probability that it will extend out to all SKNF-NZ, starting with the highest ranking members, in all regions of NZ.
The reason for this is that the Idiot-Sons are offering all the lower ranks of SKNF-NZ wealth and "everything" if they join with the Idiot-Sons.
This is a very good lesson for everyone including the SKNF as to why order and sanity is important. The Idiot-Sons in trying to convince the rest of the SKNF why they should be on the side of the Idiot-Sons went deep into the psychotic complex that is the SKNF's mindset and actually caused everyone to notice how (self) destructive and insane their worldview is, the one where they take what they see and that they are the wolves (rabid) amongst sheep so are right in committing their evils and atrocities. Had all the SKNF thinking as they are all actually the same as the Idiot-Sons but for specific context.
The Idiot-Sons' context is a small nation within a ethnic primacy who needs to punch above their weight to be respected, buying into the SKNF's own propaganda as if it were real.
-Fester Ring-Pile aka Fruitcake being treated badly. THe Idiot-Sons are only helping him in exchange for his antibiotics and pain relievers. The pain relievers as they are suffering injuries from their altercation. The antibiotics because they continue to eat their poos.
-The Idiot-Sons are throwing yellowcake, phosgene, the respiratory poison and poos from the top of the building on Elliot St Auckland where they are housed in. Reminds me of the monkey cages when going to a zoo.
They are also shooting their automatic rifles and guns at everyone.

-SKNF agents in SF have prevented me from getting a referral to SFGH for the yearly TB test that is required for use of the shelters and other homeless services as expected.
I went to the 165 Capp St free clinic. There was a female SKNF agent there that made a lie as to why she could not give me a referral. She then told me to use the other SKNF fake services that pretends to be TB clinics but are actually, by my experience over the last 5 years here is SF, are used to infect victims of SKNF atrocity with HIV, parasitic worms etc. These SKNF weapons are not staffed by medical staff and if so are staffed by SKNF agents who are also a bunch of serial killing pervert vermin. They also do not enter their 'treatments' into the medical database that connects the hospitals.
The female SKNF agent at the free clinic is approximately 5'5" tall, 40-50 years of age, dumpy, brown haired, Mexican descent.
My TB clearance runs out on 5th April 2017.
This is also an example of the all out attacks that the populace are suffering from the SKNF's infestation in Government, almost every Government related service and within many organizations.
The SKNF agents will now try to make pretense that I have been offered the service but have refused. They will be in collusion with each other.
The public nature of the SKNF's telepathic broadcast of what happened this morning at approx. 0830 SF time is with the intention of terrorizing the population so that it is enslaved and then supports the SKNF's telepathic strength and its primary strategy. The SKNF etc primary strategy is to get telepathic superiority so that the SKNF can obtain the encryption information that protects the advanced weapons from being hijacked by themselves and then used to commit atrocity on the world and global destruction.
The SKNF continue to try and sell their lie that the SKNF are one with the people protecting us and the non-SKNF and that the SKNF infestation have authority. The SKNF are also trying to hide themselves with the lie that their actions are compliant with the 'be good do all good things' orders.

-There are small but numerous signs that the SKNF are failing and losing.
The latest loud one I observed last night was the SKNF using terrorist suggestion, the television coupled with their full telepathic strength and shelter based SKNF agent television watchers to transmit a false serial killing dismemberment.
The story they were selling was that one of the Idiot-Sons was being dismembered by angry SKNF-NZ agents and Fester Ring-Pile aka Fruitcake and the Idiot-Sons being slowly chopped apart by smart bullets from snipers in the neighboring building. Fruitcake was made to look heroic even though he supposedly had lost body parts. The Idiot-Sons intention for doing this was to blame Fruitcake and his father for the attacks on their SKNF colleagues. Reminiscent of when Serial Killer was asked to lead an attack on the psyops in Auckland, became inflated with pleasure then deflated when it all fell through.
The intention of this was to terrorize the global populace using large group SKNF telepathic induction and lots of recordings of the now deceased victims of SKNF atrocity weeping etc. Compare this to how the SKNF have been playing the whole war and their atrocities down and telling everyone that it is over.
SKNF seems to be becoming desperate which is a good sign.

-Expect the rest of SKNF-NZ in all parts of NZ to be hit by the Idiot-Sons' etc bombing and burning.
Yesterday the Idiot-Sons told all of SKNF-NZ that they would if SKNF-NZ does not become subservient to the Idiot-Sons etc.

We must do the things of priority with intention and not hope it will just go away or accidentally. eg fix the mutilations and physical medical damage to the human populace. eg Fix the environment.

-The prediction regarding Idiot-Sons etc expanding their attacks on SKNF-NZ all over NZ is correct. They have expanded to the hills near Tauranga and the river Waikato. I believe they chose not to expand to Whangerei because I made a wager that they would do so first.

-Repeating what the state of things are:
1.The kings and their good people have asked every good person to apply the "good strategy".
2.The kings good people and the sane kings have said that nothing can be done regarding straightening up everything, eliminating total failure etc until SKNF are disempowered.
3.Probability of SKNF winning due to total failure in kings (ie the "mad kings" being majority of highest and/or most important parts of security services and critical elements insane) is nil.
4.Resolution of first part of SKNF threat lies with the kings.
5.Everybody has a responsibility to contribute to winning and to seeing the success of humanity and Earth.
6.SKNF making every attempt to commit atrocity on the world and if they are successful will result in total global destruction
7.Due to context, amount of evil and damage etc etc we need to collaborate at every level including internationally and intranationally to get the job done properly and efficiently.
8.We need to have every defense implemented for all eternity etc.
The 'kings' said that we will observe the SKNF being taken down SOON
There is a war on (WW3). There are 2 armies:
1.The mad gods and the SKNF. Many of these mad gods have lost all to the senior SKNF within their electronics and advanced tech divisions hence SKNF command is a little nebulous.
2.The sane gods and all the rest of us who are NOT SKNF.
We are winning.

-It appears that the Idiot-Sons are telepathically supporting Fruitcake's mad head swinging which is being reflected onto their dads because they want their fathers to be too sleepy to stay awake at night. They are being woken at 3am in the morning NZ time, 6am SF time (3 hour difference due to daylight saving).
The Idiot-Sons are doing this because they do their planning and discussion with their electronics providing patron at night and want to discuss things without their fathers getting involved and knowing what is being discussed. The Idiot-Sons have the same type of relationship with their fathers as Fruitcake has with his and are trying to leave them out of the (illusory) rewards they see themselves getting from their attacks on their SKNF colleagues.

-Last night the Fruitcake's etc patron told Fruitcake that he should leave due to his multitude of injuries. This including gangrene now forming on his legs. Fruitcake chose not to as expected as he is insane.
Desperate_Dad was given the power to have Fruitcake sent to hospital but again deferred the choice to Fruitcake in a pretense that Fruitcake is of sound mind. Both are really crazy as are the Idiot-Sons, their fathers and the rest of the SKNF.
Again, one of the reasons why I note these things is because it is a sampling of the SKNF and how insane they are.
For instance, there has been a twist to the Idiot-Sons' etc "crafty plan".
The reality is that the SKNF actually should be focusing on the primary threat to themselves which is that of the good people taking them down. They should be dealing with the internal Idiot-Sons problem that is distracting SKNF-NZ in particular.
The way that was suggested for it be resolved is to give by deed all Serial Killer's etc, the Idiot-Sons and their father's etc, Desperate_Dad's and, to a much smaller extent as all he has is his savings, Fruitcake's assets to their SKNF patron.
The reality of this is that actually in makes no real impact as there won't be a truce between the sane kings and their people and that of the crazy kings and the SKNF. Furthermore the sane kings etc have agreement where they remain king of their estate and properties and that the enemy would lose their estates to the sane kings etc. The crazy kings are to be managed by the sane kings and actually when they are sane become king again.
The only way that any of these properties can be owned by the SKNF is if they win. And if the SKNF wins anyone without advanced weaponry (the Idiot-Sons, SKNF-NZ etc) will lose their estate anyway and probably their lives as they are unnecessary to owning everything. Not to mention global destruction etc etc.
However as if living in an alternate (illusory) universe, some of the senior SKNF-NZ have decided not to do what makes sense and are trying to hang onto Serial Killer's etc estate hence are also knowingly and purposely empowering the Idiot-Sons etc and hence the continuation of the attacks against SKNF-NZ by SKNF-NZ-Idiot-Sons_etc. These senior SKNF-NZ also think to pick up some of the other SKNF-NZ properties as well.
Desperate_Dad and Fruitcake can be discounted altogether as Fruitcake is totally incapacitated from his blindness and other now worsening injuries and Desperate_Dad is seen as this well past retirement aged crazy hanging around the Auckland Police buildings. The Idiot-Sons and their fathers keep them there as a kind of hide and for someone to blame even though not a person on Earth believes this lie.

-Repeating what the state of things are:
1.The kings and their good people have asked every good person to apply the "good strategy".
2.The kings good people and the sane kings have said that nothing can be done regarding straightening up everything, eliminating total failure etc until SKNF are disempowered.
3.Probability of SKNF winning due to total failure in kings (ie the "mad kings" being majority of highest and/or most important parts of security services and critical elements SKNF or mad kings and insane) is nil.
4.Resolution of first part of SKNF threat lies with the kings.
5.Everybody has a responsibility to contribute to winning and to seeing the success of humanity and Earth.
6.SKNF making every attempt to commit atrocity on the world and if they are successful will result in total global destruction
7.Due to context, amount of evil and damage etc etc we need to collaborate at every level including internationally and intranationally to get the job done properly and efficiently.
8.We need to have every defense implemented for all eternity etc.
The 'kings' said that we will observe the SKNF being taken down SOON
There is a war on (WW3). There are 2 armies:
1.The mad gods and the SKNF. Many of these mad gods have lost all to the senior SKNF within their electronics and advanced tech divisions hence SKNF command is a little nebulous.
2.The sane gods and all the rest of us who are NOT SKNF.
We are winning.

-Fruitcake's mother made the sensible choice and asked for him to be admitted to hospital. The responsibility for organizing the field restraints and flying the chair down to the ambulance lies with the Idiot-Sons' etc patron.
Bearing the cost for medical care is with NZ-Auckland Police. The hospital handles all the medical care including precleaning Fruitcake from yellowcake, phosgene, poos etc contamination.
Idiot-Sons' and their fathers and Desperate_Dad tried to use the opportunity to attack Fruitcake's mother and her parents.
SKNF tried to use the opportunity to make everyone feel sorry for them.

-All good people told that the priority is the war but other things are not mutually exclusive but are also important in winning the war and ensuring humanity lives and prospers into eternity.
For instance, many of the new psyops are now 2 years out of school and are wondering if they should leave psyops to pursue their studies. They have been advised to win the war first and do one thing at a time. However it is also possible to begin their studies or part of what they need at the same time. Things like these need to be thought about and organized properly.
We have been told to advise our superiors early and immediately so that they can work on the problem and come up with a solution.
The thing is that the organizations not directly involved in defense also need to be supported with good and replacement staff. Leaving these related things as if it is not part of the war effort or part of resolving the SKNF threat leaves a hole open for the SKNF to exploit and which they will exploit.

-It is clear to everyone that we are finally breaking out of the flaming smoking crash dive that the Earth was in and are starting to climb out of the very deep hole we have found ourselves.
Focus on winning the war. You cannot do more than one thing at a time.


'The 'kings' said that we will observe the SKNF being taken down SOON'
I was told that the kings (with the meaning and a likelihood of 100% that kings mean the sane kings) have full control over the electronics, advanced weapons and all other powers. Publicly observable evidence says this is true.
I have surmised from this by educated guess that the outside possible limit for 'SOON', the maximum possible time to expect the SKNF vermin eradicated, is 31st December 2017.
If this does not happen by this time then it is the insane kings that have the powers and we should all be seeking our Kevorkian kits. The likelihood of the insane kings having all the powers is nil.
For myself I am happy to finally have an end date and expect this part of the SKNF threat to be resolved much sooner.
The SKNF are doing everything in their power to enslave and force the populace to support the SKNF's telepathy in order that the SKNF have telepathic superiority over the sane kings. The SKNF will use this telepathic superiority to obtain the encryption protecting the advance weapons from being taken over by them. This is the SKNF's primary strategy. The SKNF are being given every opportunity to pursue this strategy and given sufficient time WILL achieve this objective. I do not have an answer as to why they are being allowed to do so.

-I am now truly without shelter and in danger of suffering exposure.
The SKNF vermin have contrived this to be so and not only that but have made the weather to rain. I am hoping that this be remedied today.
The SKNF are using this opportunity to not only try to kill me but are trying to get maximum propaganda value from this to cause the populace to be terrorized and to fall to the SKNF.
How the kings allow this is quite a mystery to me. I do not think it has anything to do with the insane kings having all the super powers as the SKNF are trying to say. Probably something I am not aware of again.
It was shown that most if not all the Malaysian contingent in SF are SKNF as they were ordered to provide me a room in the 'Avenue-K' like buildings along Bryant(?) St. They have disobeyed their order completely even though they have had more then sufficient time to do as directed.
The agent sent to retrieve me is also being heavily threatened with being put on the street. I expect the same to happen to him (today possibly) if he is not supported by the kings' good people.
-The SKNF are trying their best to attack me and the agent sent here to retrieve me. The agent appears to be their primary target as security in SF has improved immeasurably since his arrival here.
The SKNF appear to have given this agent a set of choices all of which is bad for us, the populace and for SF specifically.
One choice is for him to stay and have me leave thereby leaving him with even less support then he has had. He needs someone he knows well to support him as is the intention of the good kings' orders. Another choice is to have him leave thereby leaving SF's security to fail and me killed. Another choice is to have both of us leave and have SF's security fail.
I am awaiting his decision on what he will do and what will happen to me.

-I bet Fruitcake will be left to really become a festering pile. His patron seems to have chosen to not provide the logistics of having him sent to hospital.

-Relevant good people in SF ordered to carry out directive in regards to my housing needs. I have requested that this is done with utmost urgency as under significant stress from not having shelter and having to deal with bad rainy weather.
The job to complete the directive with regards to my housing needs was ignored again by staff and SKNF_Malaysia infestation within 'Avenue K' lookalike buildings in SF. A deadline was provided. The staff lied about doing something and then they let the deadline lapse and in some cases even went home using the lie that they had done all the could etc. It appears that most or all of these staff are SKNF as expected and have done what everyone thought they would.
The SKNF once in a position of power will 'steal' a property by only hiring more SKNF thus empowering themselves and the SKNF using someone else's wealth much as they do with (other) Government based assets.
The "relevant good people" in SF have sent a request for advanced technologies including weapons to be used to resolve this problem as it is the only way at present until the properties can be taken back from this theft.
SKNF_Malaysia vermin were warned of this possibility on the early morning of the 6th April, 2017. They appear to be like the Idiot-Sons etc and wish to take a losing proposition to its logical conclusion.
The Idiot-Sons have suffered all kinds of serious injuries and death in their recent attacks on SKNF-NZ and are still refusing to surrender.


From note dated 6th April 2017
I was told that the kings (with the meaning and a likelihood of 100% that kings mean the sane kings) have full control over the electronics, advanced weapons and all other powers. Publicly observable evidence says this is true.
  Suffered another night at the SKNF's attempts for me to die from exposure.
  It appears that the plan for me and the agent sent here to retrieve me is for us to be killed with me first.
I am to be murdered by exposure to bad weather, rain, cold and its subsequent effects on a persons health.
  The agent sent here to retrieve me will also probably suffer the same with the contrivance of the SKNF and the kings.
  The reason for this punishment and sentencing is the "crime" of saving the kings and their family from atrocity and coup as well as saving the world.
  The Malaysian kings could easily have provided me a key to a room in the building that they have here in SF using their advanced technologies. Probably wouldn't have taken a second. Instead what was observed was a Pass-The-Buck-Trick to the SF/California kings who passed it back again in what appears to be a Take-All-Sides-Trick. The order and directive for my being housed properly also came from the Malaysian kings.
  If the California kings had wanted us to leave they could have easily provided the necessary documentation but instead laid a trap and beckoned for us together or by ourselves to enter this trap. The trap is to make us believe we can leave without the necessary documentation and OK from the kings and then make a show of arresting us at the airport gate or even not providing the tickets to return home or some other variant with the same effect.
  The SKNF are crowing with delight even while trying their very hardest to kill these same kings who both the agent and I have had direct parts in saving as well as protecting their properties from SKNF theft.
  What is happening? I am unsure and what is being observed may just be an aberration from something that is happening in the realm of the kings. An invisible realm to the general populace and where I suspect all respect must be shown to each other for the good reason that they have been banging at each other because they have been puppetted by the SKNF enemy.
  Or it could be as was suggested and which given sufficient time we will know for sure, that my assumption of sanity is wrong. The assumption is that the probability is nil that the SKNF will win due to total failure in the kings because the majority of the kings in the important positions are mad or the majority or all of the kings are mad.
  Anyway should it come down to my murder at least I made an attempt at saving the world and wish for everyone to continue doing the 'good strategy', the only strategy that allows us to do so regardless of how bad things get. And get your Kevorkian kits if it proves that we are about to suffer atrocity.

-The kings have the power to eradicate the SKNF now but are choosing not to for reasons only known to themselves. We await the outcome and their decision.
Meanwhile the SKNF are gaining traction and telepathic numbers. This is being reported from everywhere all over the world and by all the kings' good people.

-The SKNF's behavior seems increasingly divergent from reality as if they were driving on a parallel road with the sane and then suddenly and exponentially have taken off in another direction altogether. They continue to do the secret agent with the authority of the king and that their violence is part of their job act when in reality it is actually game over and we are waiting for the kings to do as should be expected.
Their behavior leaves me with this weird feeling as if I am watching a parallel alternate reality that is somehow intersecting with the reality I was born in. It is somewhat like watching Fruitcake etc and observing that the SKNF think this is all just some part of sanity.
I feel distanced somehow and even though I know what I am seeing is real it just seems really unreal.

-Now that I have thought a little more about the evidence I think that we are about to see the end of the SKNF. Behavior of the SKNF agents around me and the psyops also supporting this.

-I was told that the sane kings have been asked to use the advanced weapons against the SKNF to dislodge them and begin their disempowerment. The evidence I see before me says that this is the truth. I believe this to be the truth and the case.
-If nothing is done within a week then it would mean that the insane kings have control over the advanced weapons. The implication of this is for all of us is to
1.Get a Kevorkian kits.
2.Continue doing the "good" strategy as this is the only strategy that will give any chance of winning.
-I believe that things will go the good way and that the SKNF will be disempowered.

-I need immediate help and shelter. The agent sent here to support me is also in trouble and needs help as well.

-The SKNF reaction to the request for the use of advanced weapons has been one of initial disorderliness amongst all of them followed by a 'Ted Bundyesque' session where if they had the means would be at every house committing atrocity but instead had their vermin borrowing children, threatening whole families, using that dangerous child carrying device which can break a child's back and render them paralysed, yelling loudly and basically acting as if shot by a spark of psycho. Generally attention seeking and showing how very dangerous and fearsome they are.
The call to use advanced weapons on the SKNF has left the SKNF doing all the evil it can get away with.

-Fruitcake and the Idiot-Sons have been infected by an antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria that is resistant to the antibiotics that Fruitcake etc has been using.
This bacteria is slowly but seemingly unstoppably eating away at Fruitcake's skin and leaving him as a festering wet smudge.
The same happening to the Idiot-Sons.
Is this the last of the roughest toughest? Tune back next week.....[

-I expect what would happen is that after a week advanced weapons will not have done a thing and the rest of the SKNF will try to convince me and everyone else that it is because the SKNF or/and mad kings have all the advanced technologies including weapons.
  I think what we are actually seeing is something that is going on in the realm of the kings and a partial peephole with a view to a test.
  This part of the security system is staffed by the kings' children and the sane kings need to be absolutely sure of what they need to do as the SKNF will try everything to have them kill their own.
  I am now sure that we will win and the lessons and things that we will learn about our weaknesses and where we need to strengthen immediately will be innumerable.

-The sane kings have asked all good people to continue doing the good strategy. They have also said that the first part of WW3 is almost over and will be over soon. The first part being the disempowerment and eradication of the SKNF vermin.

-Today is a day of signs and portents. It will tell us like a preview of what will be and perhaps what could have been.

-SKNF let it be known that they still can eavesdrop on the good lords and kings and their people. They are probably doing this through the swarming microbots.
-Sane kings are making inroads into strengthening their defenses and securing their properties.
-It is expected that the sane kings' advanced weaponry will be used against the SKNF sometime by the end of April 2017. It may be a bad sign if it is not. All indications are that the sane kings will win WW3.
-SKNF appear slightly disorganized and teetering and will likely try to make a counterattack.
-Good kings continue to ask everyone to do the 'good strategy'.

-Fruitcake rotting away with flesh eating bacteria on top of all his other self inflicted and otherwise injuries. He has lost a substantial amount of skin, his eyes are likely irreparably bling due to same flesh eating bacteria and now the same bacteria has given him uncontrollable and constant diarrhea. He tries to eat but have lost appetite as well. The end is probably close.

-SKNF are placing people incarcerated in prison on the streets and having them suffer from exposure. These victims of SKNF atrocity are being observed all over SF.

-I believe that we will see a change within the next week (week ending 23 April 2017).
Many signs pointing in this direction not least the fact that the populace in general are under significant pressure and the SKNF needs to be disempowered before the pressure is alleviated.
If the populace faces this pressure for too long then its resistance to the SKNF will collapse and the SKNF will gain telepathic supremacy and will then be able to forward their primary strategy and win.
-Advanced weapons as expected has disobeyed their orders and have not disempowered the SKNF thus showing that they are colluding with the SKNF in the SKNF threat and conspiracy.
I believe this was expected by the good kings and provision made for it.


Artist impression of Fruitcake

-Everybody is expecting something to happen. SKNF trying to get populace to riot etc. Populace told about SKNF actions and to be careful not to get caught up in their chaos.

-Reiterating: The underlying cause of the SKNF threat is evil insanity within the human species that has become self perpetuating as well as self agglomerating.
-The kings will need to collaborate in order to have all the required things done. On the other hand there is an opposing vector from being puppeted by the SKNF and that has caused the kings to be in conflict with each other in the past. This means that the kings must intentionally develop their united strength and not allow it to come about by accident. This requires them to be conscious, mindful and logical. All good things as it requires their need for peaceful unity to remain in their consciousness and be a need.

-The expectation is that the SKNF will be disempowered before or by the end of April 2017.
If the very unlikely event of this not happening happens then it is the worse case scenario and we will all have to get our Kevorkian kits.

-Apparently I have a room already prepared for me but the agent that was sent here to retrieve me has yet to come to me to bring me there. I am unsure why the agent is being stopped but would appreciate assistance in allowing the agent to do this.
This agent is the only one that I trust to take me to my room.
The SKNF will play all kinds of tricks to get me incarcerated including vagrant found in the hotel trick.

-To the sane kings and lords: A message from most if not all your good people
If your resolution of WW3 turns out to be another one of those schemes which are so loved by the SKNF and are to have the left and the right fighting it out etc and basically a result of brainwashing and insanity then we would ask you to provide us a Kevorkian kit for each and every of your good people and their families.
We reason that we do not wish to partake in attacking you even if under duress. We owe you much. We are your friends. We are not insane.
We would rather opt out of this rolling comic snowball of insanity and go a third way instead of being under duress and enslaved and then being forced to do what must never be allowed.
The result would be the same and we get to not kill our friends. As well the evil of atrocity is minimized.

-Observed this morning:
SKNF asking if it is OK to start committing mass atrocities without being destroyed by advanced weapons (sometime between 5am - 6am).
This was followed by the SKNF then sitting on the California kings' heads trying to get them to kill me. One of their family members then pointed out to them what was happening as they were being puppeted. SKNF then made a show of apologizing and even started taunting these kings. I surmise that California has lost control of all their advanced weaponry if not for the California kings' other families.

-I have heard that the agent sent to retrieve me and other local good people are trying to get the documentation necessary for us to leave SF. I hope the kings and lords will assist us in leaving.

-It appears that Fruitcake's department are all in various stages of becoming variants of Fat Bastard. This is due to their cocaine addiction and being psychotic. They all have a tendency to eat their poos, are becoming or are obese and have no sense of hygiene whatsoever. Also observed them having are sores, anal warts from sitting on their poos, sores on their buttocks, pimpling and boils, uncontrollable and constant masturbating etc. Its a veritable Fat Bastard factory. Cocaine drives you crazy.

-It is possible that the SKNF were told to surrender by the sane kings on 18th April 2017 and again this message was repeated by many on 19th April 2017. The SKNF have chosen to continue to attack.
We will know by 1 May the truth of this. There is much speculation that we may even find that the critical area of advanced weapons is populated NOT by the sane kings and hence we may see an illogical and irrational response to the SKNF threat.

-I have been told that the agent sent to retrieve me has all the documents and have or can get the airline reservations easily for us to leave SF. The reason why we have not is because he has been ordered not to by someone in the hierarchy with sufficient authority to be obeyed even if it is detrimental to my and his wellbeing.

-Fruitcake is suffering gas gangrene. He is emitting an odor that smells like a decomposing dead mouse.

-At approximately 0100am last night I and many of the kings good people requested that the kings of Malaysia and SF and California to make a directive to everyone including the agent sent to retrieve me for the agent's and my earliest return to Malaysia via Singapore from SFO (SF International Airport).
This request was made because it appears that what is happening in SF and Malaysia is that some very senior people who are claiming to be members of the kings are trying to kill the agent and I. They are holding the agent back here by ordering him to stay and having me live exposed on the streets.
The kings were asked directly so as to bypass any Pass-The-Buck-Tricks or any other tricks such as the one where the enemy uses sequentially more senior people to countermand sequentially more senior commands from the kings' senior staff to allow us to return with the intention to delay our return. This so that I die of exposure, our visas expire and then the agent turned out onto the street for more of the same. Asking the kings directly short circuits any of this trickery. The agent will do as ordered by the kings over any counter order.
I will know if the kings make order for our release and repatriation because the agent sent here to retrieve me will act on it immediately as he has also requested to have us repatriated ASAP.
There is nothing the SKNF can do that will prevent us from leaving.
What also came up during this request was a possible reason for the delay. It may be that the sane kings are giving sufficient time considering the question of what they priority actions are.
It appears that they are considering 2 options. One is to disempower the SKNF then do the straightening up. The second option is to put in a permanent chain of command before they disempower the SKNF.
The SKNF are attacking the kings by having them overworked by even trivial things such as the repatriation of the agent sent to retrieve me and I. This is happening because they are infesting the chain of command as well as every other place.
The first option is the logical and rational one as the SKNF are actually becoming stronger the longer they are empowered and are threatening the kings' security, safety and welfare. The world is 90% impoverished and the impoverished are being bent into being SKNF slaves and are strengthening the SKNF's telepathic powers.
The first option can be done without losing control of the kings machinery as the kings and their good people have sufficient structures to take over and then allow for more permanent solutions to be emplaced. Also leaving the SKNF empowered actually causes more chaos, cost and destruction and does not add to order and proper functioning.
The kings' enemies are trying to sell the second option.
It was suggested that this is occasion to test whether the kings' are being held hostage by the insane kings. This can only happen if the advanced weapons and maybe a few critical functions are totally controlled by this subset of the kings. If the insane kings are in control then they will likely try to kill me and the agent sent to retrieve me. They will also carry on in a irrational scheme for "total world domination and control" but which will have the effect of a SKNF win. A SKNF win in the least sense is one where the world is destroyed and everyone suffers atrocity. This is the predicted outcome should the SKNF win.
Something these 'bent kings' may have said gives me hope that they are not insane but just very bent by the years of SKNF puppeting. They said something to the effect that they agree that they have been brainwashed by the SKNF and have done their research proving it to themselves. This is the first step to correcting their dive towards self destruction. They must now make action towards strengthening themselves and recovering their fundamental and other wealth lost.
However if these 'bent kings' all turn out to be as crazy as Fruitcake and/or Serial Killer and this being the cause of this attempt to kill me and the agent sent to retrieve me even though we saved their lives then well at least I don't have gas gangrene.

-It also appears that the kings have done something that actually supports the SKNF. This is not allowing their good persons including their security, psyops etc access to the database that tells them who is in SKNF.
This means that the sane kings' security etc is blind and cannot tell who is in the SKNF. The sane kings good people have to treat the SKNF enemy as if they are friends. This is a sure way to lose and really weakens the kings' and their good people's security, safety and welfare.

-All the kings' good people are advising and have been advising for some time now that the SKNF be disempowered. The alternative is for the SKNF to win, global atrocity and destruction. We still await the kings' decision but this waiting has been going on for a very long time.

-The agent sent here to retrieve me apparently has the Malaysia kings directive to be repatriated to Malaysia and is only waiting on that of the kings of California and SF.

-Another good sign that the kings will not succumb to insanity but do the rational and logical thing and disempower the SKNF is that they have good advisors and good people surrounding them as well all through their lives. This would strengthen themselves against SKNF psychosis and also be part of their sum of experiences.

-Looks like the "kings of SF and California" are not only trying to kill me and the agent sent to retrieve me but are attempting to do it by atrocity. This even though we saved and are saving their lives.
  I had not really believed my earlier note when the Lord of SF was said to be part of the SKNF threat and a member of the insane kings. This is now proven obviously.
  The insane kings have withheld their permission for the agent and I to be repatriated to Malaysia and instead have played a game of silence, much as they did with what was described as their friends being tortured on that farm in 2013. These victims of atrocity were in the USA and American.
  These 'friends' of these insane kings suffered the worst atrocity while the SKNF sold me the lie that these insane kings were unable to stop the atrocity and hence were suffering in silence over the evil these victims of atrocity suffered. The part of the atrocity that I observed was a male member of the family who owned that very expensive and large property having to hold up the hip to legs of his father who had been cut in half in a kind of friendly arm over shoulder in a SKNF thought funny parody of love within a family. I then heard the son of this man being dragged off to be tortured and the young boy with his very expensive accent saying "hands off!" "hands off!" to the vermin that were about to torture him. I can imagine the vermin smirking at the thought of so cleverly hiding their hands as they rubbed them together in glee at having acquired new property from these unsuspecting "fools".
  I observed a huge amount of concern and consternation in the population of good people, including the sane kings' good people, in SF when the truth of being under the insane kings was revealed in SF. I believe that there has been requests by many people from overseas for the sane kings to immediately facilitate our repatriations to our homelands immediately after this truth became known. Many of these good people have young families here.

-The actions by these insane kings in SF and California has once again confirmed that they share all Serial Killer's characteristics.
  For instance that they will choose global destruction over admitting failure in their mad plans in a "if I can't have them then no one can" way. I was shown a large asteroid destroyed by advanced weaponry before able to smash into the Earth. It was launched by the SKNF and insane kings against the Earth.
  For instance that they hate good people and only want to commit atrocity on them even though their own lives have been saved by these people. A wolf vs sheep psychosis that is so prevalent in the SKNF.
  For instance that they seek companionship with the psychos of the SKNF even when trying to kill each other as observed in that very public statistical sample of the psychosis that threatens the world in Serial Killer, Fruitcake and the Idiot_Sons and their fathers.

-There is some good news though even as I sit here and wonder if I will survive the attempts to kill by atrocity me and the agent sent to retrive me.
  It appears that the sane kings are keeping the world safe if only for this predicted short moment of their telepathic superiority if nothing is done to disempower the SKNF.
  That there is another set of advanced weapons controlled by the sane kings even though it was shown that the 'main' set of advanced weapons is controlled by the insane kings.
  If the insane kings were the only ones with advanced weapons and were holding the sane kings hostage then we would already be observing atrocity after atrocity being committed against the Earth and its populations including on the sane kings. This is a characteristic of this evil insanity that is threatening us. The fact is that we are not observing this.
  I do not know what is going on precisely but it gives me hope that this insanity will be ended soon. It must be ended soon or the sane kings will lose and the evil will win. This will be recognized as true any and all that is sane and has been repeated many times by all the sane kings' good advisors and good people.

-I have not consulted the agent sent to retrieve me as he appears to be under some psychotic orders by the SKNF and/or the insane kings to be silent with me as they try to denigrate the sane kings' orders regarding us.
  I think I speak for him when I say that we wish is to be repatriated to Malaysia immediately and request that the sane kings assist us with urgency. The SKNF and the insane kings are right now trying to kill us by atrocity.

-The agent sent to retrieve me is awaiting instructions and orders from the sane kings for repatriation of both of us to Malaysia.
-The sane kings have won WW3.

-The sane kings started the process of disempowering the SKNF yesterday. This is what was meant by the sane kings winning WW3. I now understand what Churchill meant.
-Sane kings ask us all to continue doing the 'good strategy' and giving our power to that which is good.

-Insane kings have openly joined with SKNF and are directly as opposed to indirectly trying to kill sane kings and all their good people.

-It is very probable that the sane kings have their command and organizational structures already established and known by the sane kings' good people responsible for disempowering the SKNF.
I had heard that the insane kings tried to pull rank on the sane kings' good people but to no effect. This implies that the sane kings' have organized their people.
I have also heard that the sane kings are handing out electronic authority and everything else to their SKNF would be assassins but have not been able to cause the evil that they are seeking. This implies that the sane kings have full electronic control over everything.
I hope this also means that the agent sent here to retrieve me and I will be repatriated soon. I think this may be true.

-Telepathic consensus this morning revealed that the insane kings of California are playing a Take-All-Sides-Trick in detaining the agent sent here to retrieve me and myself in SF. SF or some other is playing the evil villain while some other California king is playing at the good king that just happens to want to kill me by the atrocity of dying from exposure and hence is not allowing anyone to come to my rescue.
  This led to discussion on what it means to everybody else and especially to the sane kings good people.
It was decided that there must be sane kings and that they hold control over all advanced technologies and weapons for if this were not so then the world would already be decimated by asteroids and advanced weaponry and would probably have been destroyed altogether.
If the assumption of the sane kings and their control over advanced technologies is true which is most probably is, and has been shown to be true by both telepathy and observation of reality, then what we are seeing is the sane kings showing the other good people, sane kings and so the danger that the insane kings are and why the clauses relating to such things in the agreement that they signed and agreed to must be imposed.
  The agent and I also asked to be repatriated immediately. We can be repatriated only if there are sane kings and that they have control over advanced weapons and technologies.
What was said was that the implication of us not being repatriated is bad for all the kings' good people especially the ones from overseas. It meant that there are no sane kings whatsoever and that what we are actually observing is part of an insane scheme being perpetrated by the insane kings, the reason for the scheme being because they are insane and seem to get a kick out of creating and implementing crazy schemes that lead to atrocity and evil similar to how Serial Killer did. It also meant that the insane kings are the ones with control over advanced technology and weapons and that we have to get our Kevorkian kits ASAP.
IF the retrieving agent and Michael Chin are not repatriated normally we then asked for a rescue to be mounted to retrieve us from SF and probably from all of California. It was also suggested that we swing through Singapore and Malaysia to pick up our Kevorkian kits as we know that the kings of these two countries are definitely sane.
  Also the sane kings have control over advanced weapons and technology because many of the kings' good people gave their telepathic power to that which is good giving the sane kings telepathic superiority. The sane kings were then able to obtain the encryption information from the SKNF and insane kings' technologies and gain control over them thus rendering the SKNF and insane kings unable to cause devastation, chaos and evil.
This is the only possibility of giving our power to that which is good. For the SKNF and/or insane kings to have control over advanced weapons and technologies would mean that there are no sane kings and that all of them are insane and hence the insane ones are colluding in a vast crazy scheme. This is NOT what is being observed.

-The telepathic consensus agreed that we are now going pass the point of credulity that something logical is going to be done about the SKNF threat and conspiracy and that it is a very significant sign that bad things are about to happen.
It has been shown that the sane kings are fully organized and ready to implement the kings' agreement with respect to an orderly "straightening" of the world and push away from atrocity and total destruction.
If this is done or not will act as another sign of where things will end up. Our repatriation is a sign as well.

-The time for action against the SKNF threat and conspiracy is well past its point of credulity that something is going to be done by those who are expected to do something.
Everybody thinks that what is happening is that the sane kings gave the insane kings all the time they could possibly need at ridiculous levels to resolve the SKNF threat as proof of the insane kings' insanity. That the insane kings have proved that they are trying to kill by atrocity the sane kings and their good people regardless of the fact that the SKNF are trying to kill the insane kings, the SKNF have puppeted the insane kings and how the sane kings and their good people have saved the insane kings and continue to protect them from atrocity.
Even though everything is seemingly quieter the thinking is that the sane kings are now going to take over and get the job of resolving the SKNF threat and conspiracy done.
The SKNF are of course doing everything in their power to bring atrocity and destruction to the planet even now on the eve of their total failure.

-The circumstances with regards to the rotting and festering corpse that is Fruitcake and the subsequent actions by the Idiot_Sons aka the Microscopic Men has taken on a kind of metaphorical parallel to the insane kings trying to kill their protectors and families in what can be said to be a cautionary tale.
Fruitcake is badly incapacitated with unstoppable diarrhea and vomiting as well as running extremely and dangerously high temperature in a feverish state. He has been unable to eat or drink and sustain his body energy and nutritional requirements as well as unable to ingest his anti-swelling, pain relieving and antibiotic medicines that he has been taking for his previously self inflicted injuries, including gas gangrene, which will lead to even more pain and compounding problems. Many are saying that he may actually die in his room.
Fruitcake had previously said that the only time that he will leave his computer room and be hospitalized is if his (ex)subordinates leave and when I am murdered.
His (ex)subordinates have been told that Fruitcake is still in charge and can order them to leave if he wants and that this will be supported in force by Fruitcake's patron if necessary.
Fruitcake almost called his patron to have him hospitalized last night but was telepathicly induced and puppetted to continue to wallow in his filth and stay in his computer room by the Idiot_Sons even though Fruitcake is on his deathbed. They had even stolen Fruitcake's portable computers beforehand so that Fruitcake could not have access to the electronic switches that can set of the explosives within the Idiot_Sons' rooms so that he can enforce his will of having the Idiot_Sons leave.
The Idiot_Sons did this so that they can continue to stay in their computer rooms as well as gain supremacy over the Auckland region and their psyops and Police colleagues which also includes Fruitcake's father. The Idiot_Sons are already harassing Fruitcake's father using the guise of attacking me telepathically and are disobeying Fruitcake's father when he orders them to stop.
Meanwhile the Idiot_Sons have also began to fight for supremacy within their own ranks.
The apparent one leading the race is a dark haired fat cocaine addict who is very much like Fruitcake in every behavior including poor personal hygiene, uncontrollable masturbating, attention seeking and anal warts which includes a patch that is so saturated with anal warts that the warts appear to be almost growing on each other and crowding out each other in what has been described as one of the most horrible sights on Earth (and second only to Fruitcake's anal wart mass which is actually larger in surface area).
The Idiot_Sons are trying to do 'business' with Fruitcake's patron who seems to be choosing smaller and smaller clients starting with Serial Killer, then Fruitcake and his dad and now possibly the microscopicly tiny Idiot_Sons. The rest of psyops are wondering where this Matryoshka doll set ends with jokes of embryos and blastulae.
The Idiot_Sons continue to attack their colleagues by destroying their homes with fire and bombs as well as trying to kill them by firing and bombing these homes while their colleagues are home and can be incidentally killed eg while asleep or standing over a bomb.
I bet cocaine abuse is a great part in both the insanity of the kings and the SKNF. Cocaine makes you insane.

-More on the cautionary tale that is the hospitalization of Fruitcake and the Idiot_Sons subordinates that are trying to kill him.
  The Idiot_Sons spent all last night trying to keep the now almost comatose Fruitcake awake with the intention of seeing him die from exhaustion and the complications of his now almost fatal and many diseases.
They did the same this morning when they used the swarming microbots to freeze Fruitcake with the lie that they were trying to lower Fruitcake's dangerously high body temperature.
The Idiot_Sons also projected a very crippling sciatic nerve problem that one of them suffers due to a previous injury doing squats at the gym which was reflected back on them and their relatives. Fruitcake's father and other senior officers ordered them to stop but they continued to do so as they think that they have seniority by being in psyops.
They were thinking that their "business" deal with Fruitcake's patron is a sure thing which would make them lords themselves. This even though all of them are not independently wealthy but have mortgages and the usual working class liabilities.
Many people are wondering if the so called ozone hole in NZ has caused radiation retardation in this particular group.
  Fruitcake had ordered the Idiot_Sons to leave and return his stolen computer tablet so he could activate the explosives and sweep them out of their rooms. They refused and instead continued attacking him.
  Fruitcake had telepathically asked to be hospitalized as well but the Idiot_Sons were continually masking his requests so that he was seemingly wanting to stay.
  I suspect Fruitcake will be hospitalized by today.

-The Idiot_Sons under their new leader, the fat and newly sprouted dark haired 'Fat Bastard' now nicknamed Blastula_Beanspiller continue to attack Fruitcake even after he has been admitted to hospital.
He and his subordinate crazy antics have alarmed their now wiser after the reign of Fruitcake colleagues and they have all asked for Blastula_Beanspiller to be replaced. Fruitcake's father has even ordered that Blastula Beanspiller be made redundant and sacked, this order having been entered into the HR system already.
He is a member of the Idiot_Sons who came to seniority after Fruitcake was admitted into hospital on the 4th of April 2017 NZ (NZ date approx. 8am) by default.
His opening soliloquy quoting the bible, 1 Kings 12:11 (according to my very corrupted bible gateway resource), that he will chastise Michael Chin and presumably everybody else with scorpions. He mentioned how he and his immediate supporters in the Idiot_Sons are the aggression behind the most aggressive and how Fruitcake was too soft compared to what Blastula etc would do. He also mentioned how he did not come from some "namby pamby" school like Kings College NZ but is working class and from the school of hard knocks - to much laughter. The seemingly SKNF conspiracy message in the 1 Kings 12:11 reference is most probably an afterthought so as to not seem so idiotic.
He and his team are now openly defiant and attacking Fruitcake's father and everybody else on Fruitcake's hit list even though he has been warned that he could face what happened to Fruitcake.
He has started the mad head swinging also most aggressively with the outcome being accumulating brain damage as Fruitcake suffers.
He is also a cocaine addict and has a mass of anal warts second only to Fruitcake's in surface area and quantity.
He also appears to share the same defacto job description as Fruitcake.
His other characteristics are similar to Fruitcake's eg poor personal hygeine, poo eating, uncontrollable masturbating etc.
Possibly brunette haired and unhealthily fat. Also a turd fiddler.
Blastula_Beanspiller let it be known by way of a fragment of his sum of experiences that his father would say that "You don't learn" before whipping him with his belt.

-My and the agent sent to retrieve me repatriation to Malaysia has drawn a lot of interest worldwide as it is a very good indicator as to the sanity of the kings that hold control over the advanced weapons and technologies.
  If we are not repatriated shortly, and this means either today or within a few days, then it means that the advanced weapons are controlled by the insane kings and that the SKNF threat will not be resolved logically but the SKNF will be given every chance to make a comeback in an insane scheme to concentrate all wealth under themselves.
However it does not rule out this possibility even if we are repatriated as expected.
It would only support the assumption that the sane kings are in control of all the advanced technologies and will resolve the SKNF threat rationally and logically.
The proof that the sane kings control all advanced technologies is when the SKNF threat is resolved rationally and logically. If the expectation of sanity in control is true then the SKNF threat will be resolved very shortly as well and will not drag on as it appears to be doing now.
  One possibility for why things have dragged on is that the insane kings have power of command over the advanced weaponry and they were given every opportunity to resolve the SKNF threat and have by now been deemed to have failed and are pursuing an insane scheme and doing it by way of a Take-All-Sides-Trick.
Another possibility is that they are doing a Take-All-Sides-Trick because they are strangely embarrassed about trying to commit atrocity on their own supporting and direct families and are trying to hide this fact.

-Final note of the ongoing cautionary tale of the Idiot_Sons under their new leader, the fat and newly sprouted dark haired 'Fat Bastard' Blastula_Beanspiller and his activities including attacks on the heavily sedated Fruitcake and his father and other senior members of the NZ security services and SKNF members.
  Blastula_Beanspiller is continuing his attacks on Fruitcake, his father and some of the senior SKNF-NZ security services based seniors by telepathically inducing the crippling sciatic nerve stimulation by electric pulse attacks as well as mad head swinging and also trying to destroy their homes by shifting them off their foundations using the swarming microbots.
He appears to have a chip on his shoulder against the wealthy , he sees himself as a working class super aggressor more aggressive then the rich and those that went to Kings College NZ.
  Being made redundant like the other subordinates he has lost the use of his credit card and did not want to spend any of his savings to buy his meals. He was saved by his father who appears to see the psyops position in the same way as Blastula_Beanspiller in that anyone who has a trusted member in or is in psyops is of the highest rank.
Blastula_Beanspiller's father then paid for his meals along with many of Fruitcake's father's colleagues doing the same for their sons in psyops and who are subordinate to Fruitcake. They even bought them cold beer to celebrate this new found virtual promotion.
It appears that Fruitcake's father's subordinates are also attacking Fruitcake's father.

-The tickets for the agent sent to retrieve me and for myself were allowed to lapse by the insane California kings. The confirmation for flight out of California was this morning at 11am and we had to be at the airport checking in a little earlier. Instead they threatened the agent and tried to have me wonder around SF looking for him as they find this funny.
  The SKNF over here became very excited and were expressing their evil intent loudly and clearly in the way they were doing in 2012 when they thought they were winning and no one could prevent them from committing atrocity on everyone.
What it did show was that the insane kings are actively supporting and directing atrocity attacks on the good people and sane kings that have saved them from atrocity.
These same insane kings are also actively supporting the SKNF enemy that puppet them, impoverish them and have been shown clearly to have designs on taking over from them by way of atrocity.
  For me it was a moment of depression and worry as I had thought that this meant that there are no sane kings in control of advanced technologies and weapons.
If there are no sane kings and good people within advanced technologies and weapons then it would mean that not only does the insane kings have control over this most important part of the defense but it would also mean that the SKNF also has it too.
The SKFN would have advanced technologies and weapons because they have acquired them through subversion of the insane kings' advanced technologies and weapons.
Both the SKNF and insane kings would not have access to the power given to that which is good. This would make the SKNF able to take control of the insane kings' weapons and technologies as the insane kings are the smaller group.
In other words the SKNF would be the superior force now instead of my expectation that the SKNF would need to build their telepathic superiority over a relatively short time. Not that this would make much difference as the insane kings are as bad as their SKNF companions.
It would mean that worse then seeing the end of the world and before that massive atrocity we would also be unable to get our Kevorkian kits to escape their insanity.
  I was then told that my worry was based on nothing.
The obvious evidence which is also publicly observable is that the sane kings have control over the advanced technologies and weapons.
This is clear because the atrocities worldwide have stopped altogether and the world continues to a great extent be orderly. The asteroids sent to destroy Earth are being destroyed, the nukes disabled etc etc. Actualization of the SKNF's "if I can't have it no one can" psychosis is not observed.
To win all we needed was to have one sane king with advanced technologies and with the power that is given to that which is good they would be able to gain control over all the advanced technologies worldwide. We have many more then one sane king.
  I do not know what is happening now with regards to the resolution of the SKNF threat but it was mentioned that the sane kings will be doing something in a time that can be counted in DAYS. It also means that I and the agent will be repatriated possibly within the next 24 hours.
  The SKNF have now returned to being secretly evil from their excitable high this morning. Their face turned once again when they discovered they are actually losing.

-A riddle was raised and a request from the sane kings to grant repatriation of the agent sent here to retrieve and myself.
The riddle raised is that how can the mutually exclusive nature of insanity and sanity be in observed together in the same group when that group has a 360 degree view and perfect information.
  The observation is that the sane kings have complete control over the advanced technologies and weapons. This came about from their good people giving their telepathic power to that which is good.
However this sane group are exhibiting insanity.
For instance the attempts at murder by the atrocity of death by exposure to the elements on me and the constant threats on the life of the agent sent here to retrieve me as well as the likely attempt to murder him in the same manner that they are trying to me.
For instance the purposeful lapsing of our return tickets on Friday and refusing to repatriate us. This refusal to repatriate us and lapsing of the tickets are also attacks on their sane kings of Malaysia allies.
For instance allowing the SKNF all the time necessary to gain telepathic superiority.
For instance the allowing for the population to be harried so that they are enslaved and turned into telepathic armies against the sane kings.
There are many other examples.
  I do not have an answer for how these two mutually exclusive possibilities can coexist.
It has however raised an alarm in the sane kings because it means that the SKNF and insane kings can and may have obtained control over advanced weapons and technology through this insane avenue within the sane kings. It also leaves the question on how is it possible that insanity crept within the sane kings.
-(1735 SF: I don't believe the insane kings and/or the SKNF have advanced weapons thinking about it now. They would have already used them. It is a hell of a mystery what is really happening though.)

-I have mentioned to the sane kings that I am at the last of my resources and cannot continue to withstand the attacks that the SKNF and the insane kings are assailing me with.

-The agent and I have asked that all urgency and speed be put towards our repatriation and that there is no reason why it cannot be done even today.
We could be given our confirmed tickets for the flight tomorrow (7th May 2017 at 1100am SF time) and leave SF for SFO international airport this evening and stay overnight there to catch the 11am plane to Singapore.

-The sane kings were also told that the SKNF and insane kings are making delays so that our USA visas expire. Now not only would we be under constant attack but now susceptible to the lie that we are overstaying and hence a false reason for our imprisonment.
The sane kings can solve all our problems by "opening the door" for our repatriation using the goad of advanced technologies and the shield using their control over all technologies.

-Fairly sure that sane kings control all advanced weaponry and technologies. I can make no sense of why we are still observing insanity appearing from the sane place.
Suspect that the agent and I may be released today. Waiting to see with much anticipation and not a little worry.
Apparently from what I am told the agent is waiting for confirmation of the repatriation directive by his trusted team in Malaysia.

-Blastula_Beanspiller and father and others have redundancy confirmed after arbitration. Blastula continues to stay in his computer room in denial.

-There are two possibilities for what is being observed:

Possibility 1
  The sane kings needed to show the existence of the insane kings and the nature of their relationship with the SKNF, the SKNF threat and conspiracy.
The reason for this is that their agreement requires for the sane kings to put in regents in place of the sane kings while the process of making the crazy kings sane is taking place.
There are examples of this in UK history with England and Scotland.
The evidence points towards the sane kings having absolute but not permanent control over advanced weapons and technologies. Not permanent control because the SKNF and the insane kings can and are obtaining telepathic superiority and will do so given sufficient time.
What the sane kings are doing bodes extremely well for the future as it shows a total rational and logical state of mind.
There are many publicly observable evidences that support this hypothesis.

Possibility 2
  What is being observed in that the mutually exclusive states of insanity is coexisting with sanity in a single group to people with imperfect information.
That a crazy scheme is being played. The scheme being the usual good against bad with the invisible winner taking the spoils much as was seen in WW1, WW2 and every war in between.
The implication of this is that we are headed towards mass atrocity and global destruction.
There are many publicly observable evidences that support this hypothesis as well. However some of the indicators are at variance to what is usually observed and are common characteristics of the SKNF and insane kings eg. they will try to cause maximum evil if given any opportunity such as dropping asteroids on the planet, what is happening in NZ, Perth and so on.
This situation may have come about because the SKNF had telepathic superiority before 2012 and had populated the key departments of advanced weapons and technologies with crazies in a way that was unsuspected by the sane kings. This means that the sane kings are being held hostage and the indicators point towards a crazy scheme.

-Get your Kevorkian kits as it may be required. If it is not required then throw it away. Lessen the risk of atrocity to yourselves.
At this point I would with my imperfect information and very risk averse stance give the probabilities of each hypothesis 50% each.

-Yesterday evening approximately 1900pm SF time sane kings' representatives were heard to say that the sane kings are doing something about the SKNF threat now.
Also said by these same representatives was that if nothing is done then nothing will ever be done and to expect global atrocity and destruction in the very near future and to get a Kevorkian kit.
The sane kings' representatives said that they expect the sane kings to win.

-Blastula_Beanspiller's colleagues within psyops department and who were subordinates of Fruitcake are afraid to leave their computer room to buy their meals as they are afraid that Blastula will exchange his shat on office chair with their clean office chairs thus having them forced to buy a new office chair with their own earnings. They have all been made redundant from psyops and are actually squatting in the psyops building on Elliot St Auckland.

-Blastula_Beanspiller's and his colleague ex-subordinates of Fruitcake are being given an opportunity to remain within the security services but not within a psyops capacity. The same for their fathers.
The deal is that they abandon their computers and hence blowing up their excolleagues and then their fathers and themselves get reinstated with themselves in a different capacity.
The Idiot_Sons even after being offered refuge earlier by their fathers and later this deal chose to instead destroy a few more of their excolleague's and SKNF-NZ homes instead.
Their fathers were feeling better and less worried for the moment before their son's psychotic actions.
The door is apparently still open but will likely close when it is sufficiently shown that the Idiot_Sons are just too crazy.
  Things must be looking pretty bleak for SKNF-NZ as the Idiot_Sons via Blastula_Beanspiller's had earlier said that they would rather destroy all SKNF-NZ homes, probably try to kill them all as well and at the very end commit suicide using suicide pills.
The immediate meaning everyone took from this is kill or be killed.
  Also many if not all of the Idiot_Sons are suffering flesh eating bacteria infections.
-Fruitcake had chosen the escape of medically assisted suicide.
The doctors apparently had to amputate three of his limbs and remove some of his organs to save him and he would have remained permanently blind, suffering cancer, scarred and disfigured. His treatment had taken a large dedicated specialist team and no expense or treatment was spared. The medical team woke him from deep sedation and told him his condition where he then chose this exit.
This is a metaphor of what the insane kings are doing to themselves.

-SKNF cycling in Ted Bundyesque most evil, feel sorry for me and most tricky phases.
SKNF last night using Idiot_Sons showed more of the horrors that occurred in Perth. Apparently Perth has been all but totally abandoned.

-I believe we will win WW3. All signs indicate sane kings winning.

-Remaining Idiot_Sons in their computer room including Blastula_Beanspiller's have decided to commit suicide after another of their Idiot_Sons colleagues has his limbs amputated due to gas gangrene.
Most if not all of them are suffering this disease and have left the disease for so long that the only recourse is to amputate the infected limbs and organs.
It is likely that this colleague that has become an amputee will also ask for medically assisted suicide.
  Apparently the Idiot_Sons plan maximum chaos before they suicide.
This is especially pertinent with regards to their SKNF-NZ colleagues whose homes will likely be destroyed and they themselves killed by the weapons available to the Idiot_Sons.
  Sane kings' good people and non SKNF are being protected by the sane kings.

-I was told this morning SF time:
The sane kings' defenses and sane kings' good people to replace SKNF members forced to vacate their positions are organized, in position and ready.

-Remaining Idiot_Sons psychosis now very visible and pronounced.
  Their fathers went to visit them to have them leave as the Idiot_Sons have actually lost and will likely also lose their savings for rental and damage to the building they are housed in but will not admit it.
They had had their fathers waiting in a poo covered corridor while the Idiot_Sons sat around naked within their rooms masturbating and snorting cocaine.
It became apparent that the Idiot_Sons were acting out a retaliation for the abuse and punishments that their fathers had given them while they were in their father's care even as the Idiot_Sons denied this was what was happening.
One could almost hear the violins playing the sad tune to the Thorn Birds in the background (

-My telepathic test tells me that what I was told re:sane kings defenses being ready is true. I will now use this to test whether my telepathic tests are being interfered with.

-We were informed last night at approximately 0100am that the sane kings have ordered their forces to deploy and presumably win the first part of WW3.
 The first part of WW3 is the disempowerment of the SKNF and the eradication of this part of the SKNF threat.
 The second part of WW3 will take a minimum of 60 years and hopefully will be continued into eternity. This part is the eradication of poverty and to perform all other good things to ensure that evils like the SKNF threat can never happen again.

-Mass telepathic conversation regarding WW3, the inaction by the sane kings' defense and its meaning last night.
  It appears likely that the sane kings' advanced technologies and weapons defense is infested with insane kings who are likely to be holding the sane kings hostage and are playing out a Take-All-Sides-Trick scheme for good against bad etc.
This however may not be the precise context as there is speculation that there MAY be an infinitesimally small chance that the sane kings have a defense that is staffed only by sane kings.
The allotted time and due by date for action against the SKNF threat by the sane kings' defense is next Monday 22nd May 2017 SF time.
  What happens if it turns out to be true that the sane kings' defense is holding the sane kings hostage and are themselves insane kings etc?
The publicly observable indications are that the probability that the sane kings have a third level of defense that is staffed by sane kings only etc is very small and is likely but not absolutely nonexistent. This third level of defense may exist and we will know about it almost immediately after the Monday 22nd May 2017 or possibly even earlier as the sane kings with their perfect information will want to resolve the SKNF threat without undue delay.
Putting aside this very small possibility that the sane kings have a third level of defense what was said this morning is that the populace are to continue doing the good strategy with in addition also get our Kevorkian kits.
The good populace will need to do all good things and stand united. Again it was mentioned and agreed that together we stand, divided we fall.
We need to "circle our wagons" and make a unified defense together.
For instance this means that the large property owners need to automate their property's agriculture etc and move into population centers so that they are not left exposed by themselves and are instead surrounded by friends and help form an armed defense against opportunistic SKNF atrocities. Meanwhile we also continue to help the insane kings straighten out. The insane kings may do so as they are now fully aware of the danger they have exposed themselves to and their sum of experiences varies from the SKNF in that they have good advisors as well even though they continue to seek companionship from their enemies.
  We can still win even if the insane kings hold all the advanced weapons. It requires all good people to pull their weight and help make it true that the good people win. The good populace will also need to collaborate and be united.
  The application of the "good strategy" is the same regardless of whether it is the worse case of having the insane kings being the only ones with advanced technology and weaponry control or the best case which is where the sane kings have control over the advanced technologies and weapons. The only difference between these two scenarios is the need to get a Kevorkian kit.

-It appears that Spotty-the-Fruit was competing against Blastula_Beanspiller for seniority.
  Indications of this is that Spotty-the-Fruit was observed to try and make the likely to commit suicide Blastula_Beanspiller suffer suffocation by having him inject the heart stopping poisons into his right arm which would cause him to suffer respiratory paralysis before paralysis of heart, a prolonged and painful death.
Blastula_Beanspiller gut is now distended from gases as he lies prone on his computer room cot in an almost dead state and has been on this downward spiral for at least a week. He probably cannot take the orally administered suicide toxins due to his illness and incapacitation.

-It is now pretty certain that the sane kings' advanced weapons are disobeying their orders and instead have chosen inaction against the SKNF threat.
  The speculation whether the sane kings have a backup and failsafe advanced weapons and technologies that is under their command will be answered in days. I am fairly sure that we will know the truth of this by at most next Wednesday 24th April 2017. The sane kings will not wait but will go straight into righting this situation if they can.
If nothing is done about the SKNF threat then the sane kings are being held hostage by their own family and insane kings who have taken the critically important advanced weapons section as their own.
  The SKNF have gone about saying that a discussion is occurring between the insane kings and sane kings about what should or will be done. I do not believe this to be true.
We have already been told what the sane kings will choose to do. It will be the good strategy, all good things with the addition of every good person getting a Kevorkian kit and with us making every effort to save the world and the insane kings from themselves while we straighten and strengthen them should it be that the insane kings have full control over advanced weapons and technologies. If the sane kings have full control over advanced weapons and technologies then what would be done is pretty much the same but without the need for a Kevorkian kit and without the need to explain to the insane kings our actions that we make to protect them.
If the insane kings have full control of advanced weapons and technologies and follow their Take-All-Sides-Trick scheme then the good people's job is clear. It is to beat the SKNF and win WW4 which is the continuation of the SKNF threat of WW3 but with the SKNF reverting to their secret war, build up of their telepathic strength, puppetting of the kings etc and committing atrocities as it was prior to 2012. It will be a difficult and dangerous journey which we can win but we will need every good person aware of what we are doing and pulling their weight. This was what was said this morning.
Our strength and ability to win if the worse case scenario is true relies on us being good, following the good strategy, following our chain of command with the sane kings and good lords, always being honest with the insane kings even if it means we have to weather a slap or two as they may lose control of themselves momentarily and ensure that we do not lose credibility with them.
We must recognize the real context we are within, that of world's end and global atrocity if we fail and face the fact that the insane kings will take a little time to be straighten up.
  All the kings are aware of how the SKNF have been puppetting them. It was shown a number of times even this morning.
In one instance it was shown that the wealthy and kings (all) were being puppetted to be irrational about their personal safety and the actions that need to be taken to avoid the risk of suffering atrocity. They were made to take the risk to themselves and family so lightly as to ignore them and actually increase those risk. To disregard the recent horrors of Perth even though they just only happened.
In another instance it was shown that the SKNF have been trying hard to puppet the kings and have the kings party with the SKNF as if the SKNF have not been trying to kill them, have not stolen their advanced technologies and weapons already etc.
  In summary the sane kings have chosen to do all good things regardless of whether they have control over advanced weapons and technologies or not. The good populace have said that we will also do the same with reference to our specific contexts and circumstances and support the sane kings completely. The only difference being that if the sane kings have full control over advanced technology and weapons then we will not need to get our Kevorkian kits nor do we need to explain to the kings why we perform whatever actions that are saving them, the situation that would be if the insane kings are in control of advanced weapons and technologies.

-The sane kings have wanted to exploit and colonise space properly since at least the 1960's. To the sane kings proper colonization of space means something like what is written in Iain Bank's Culture novels (see 'Look To Windward' for a good example) ignoring the secret service messages within these novels.
The SKNF have been pushing a model that is based on Dante's hells where almost everyone lives in a variety of hell and only the so called very special, namely themselves, live in something humanly habitable.
For instance the SKNF would have humanity put on the other solar system's planets even though they are uninhabitable and dangerous to humanity and Earth based organisms. The SKNF's mad and impossible reasoning is that we will eventually evolve to fit the specific environment of these planets.

-I think the sane kings have full control over the advanced weapons and have that third defence and that we, the sane people, will win WW3 judging from the state of things on Earth ie asteroids have not collided into Earth, mass atrocity not occurring etc.
I am looking forward to going home.

-Spotty-the-Fruit and Blastula_Beanspiller are now incapacitated by gastrointestinal disease and are both heading towards death.
Blastula_Beanspiller is in the worse state and is now frothing at the mouth as well as having loss a lot of weight, is reported to have horse fly maggots crawling within his body, is lying in his own feces and vomit etc having fallen ill first.
  Spotty-the-Fruit's subordinates began to attack him as he and Blastula_Beanspiller attacked Fruitcake when he fell ill.
Spotty-the-Fruit asked his subordinates to call an ambulance and hospitalize him but his subordinates refused and instead used him as a bargaining chip and hostage with Spotty-the-Fruit's father with the requirement that Spotty-the-Fruit's father be their servant before they allow Spotty-the-Fruit to be hospitalized. I suspect that they are doing the same to Blastula_Beanspiller.
  Meanwhile these same subordinates of Spotty-the-Fruit are trying to get their fathers be their frontmen in various "business" dealings and are using their father's unemployability and unemployment as a lever to force them into this position.
These subordinates are promising their fathers that they will be protected using their advanced computer systems access to weapons. It did however occur to these subordinates that the likelihood is that they may not be given the power to protect their fathers and hence will leave their fathers to be beaten up.
  These remaining "gametes" and Fruitcake's, Spotty-the-Fruit's and Blastula_Beanspiller's subordinates also exploded a bomb that was under the bedroom of a SKNF agent and NZ Police officer. He was saved from serious injury by the accident of being buffered by the cushioning of his bed mattress.
  It appears that the structure within Serial Killer's psyops department was Fruitcake was most senior second to Serial Killer and that Spotty-the-Fruit and Blastula_Beanspiller were both of equal seniority and subordinate to Fruitcake.
Another 'Lesson of the Nutcake'.

-Many kings and all their good people say that we will continue in the good strategy and do all good things. Depending on whether it is the best case scenario or worse case scenario we will need Kervorkian kits and to apologise and explain to some of the kings for saving their lives. This is what was said this morning SF time.
For instance the California kings need to regain their kingdom and not give the responsibility for this away to anyone but themselves.

-The activities of the gametes Idiot_Sons show publically what happens even if we get rid of the SKNF members. An important lesson that we must take onboard to ensure that the world is saved from destruction and instead grows prosperous perpetually.
  The gamete Idiot_Sons had a meeting that included quite a few of the less senior members of the Police force and psyops and quite a few senior members from other parts of the NZ security services and non-NZ security services. Their value proposition was that the gamete Idiot_Sons provide electronic support to these lower ranking members of the NZ Police force to undercut and take over all the "business" operations of their senior members and hence take over Auckland and NZ. The gametes' fathers being the senior non Police component of this backed up by Police and military members.
It has been agreed to that this would happen in the usual SKNF duplicitous way.
The foreign kings being used to support the gametes will also be used to attack their NZ based brethren kings and family members where they actually are members of the same team who are both under SKNF attack. Both of these king groups will be bent to fight each other.
  The recommendation from the kings including NZ based kings good people is to do all good things especially to strengthen their kingdom and their families, do the good strategy and depending on specific context provide Kevorkian kits etc.
The recommendation from the NZ kings good people is to deincentivize the opportunities for these kind of attacks and incentivize all the opportunities for themselves to become wealthier which includes the strengthening of their own security and family.
For this instance sweep the gamete Idiot_Sons out of the Elliot St buildings and prevent this negative opportunity to be under attack from blooming and get the buildings back to productive work.

-What was said this morning is that that the Earth will go through the worse case scenario being that the insane kings have full control over the advanced weapons and technologies and will not be doing what is fully rational.
The sane kings and all good people have already said that in this case we will continue in the good strategy and do all good things etc but all of us will need to get Kevorkian kits and everybody will need to adjust their plans to suit.
For instance the wealthy will need to have their own psyop commands and organize themselves collaboratively amongst themselves and under the sane kings. They will also need to have themselves made safe for instance by having their homes in population centers and not be a temptation to the SKNF in the palatial but isolated country homes.
Another for instance all good people will need to collaborate in an orderly way and eradicate poverty immediately so the SKNF are unable to grow their telepathic strength.
  The good strategy will also give time for the kings to straighten and strengthen their minds and selves against the SKNF enemy's telepathic and other brainwashing.
We can win. All good people must be united and eradicate evil.

-SKNF will go into secret atrocity and war mode and work on the 90% of the world's population which is poor to empower their telepathy and gain telepathic ascendancy. During this time there will be constant atrocities on the poor and opportunist atrocities against the wealthy.
The wealthy have the largest levers against the SKNF threat. They need to ensure their safety as priority, organize humanity, start in psyops and expand their strength outwards and put their strength to saving the world.

-I require immediate instructions please. I will need to have it confirmed by the agent sent here (SF) to retrieve me. Thank you.

  This chronological noting of the events of WW3 as observed by myself and reported as instructed by others, the SKNF threat and SKNF conspiracy, is now concluded.
To my mind WW3 which is the publicly observable ongoing over 100 year old war resulting from the SKNF threat is now in another quiet war phase of this ongoing threat and war.
The SKNF are using all their means to commit atrocity on and destruction of the kings and every other good person with the stated intention of "taking over" but the real cause being a self perpetuating self agglomerating evil insanity.
WW3 has now passed onto WW4.
  My notes regarding WW4 can be found here:
My first chronological record of WW4 starts at
  The second draft of this report was begun but had to be temporarily abandoned because the SKNF via the Idiot_Sons made it impossible to write. This second draft is more comprehensive, better structured and clearer as one would expect.
This abandoned second draft of this report can be found here:


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